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My name is Todd. I am now 18 years old, and this is the story of the summer I got put back into diapers again when I was 7.

First some history. I was only fully potty trained for a couple of years or so. Maybe from ages 3-5. I now know I had a condition encopresis. It makes it difficult to go no.2 regularly and makes you hold it in until it eventually comes out in an accident. We had never heard of this and when I was 5 my mommy got fed up with all the underwear we had to throw away and wash over and over again, so she bought me Huggies Pull-Ups. I told her I didn't want to wear them, but she said that I had too. She brought them home from Wal-mart and I was amazed with how cool the package looked. It had a cool kid in a cowboy hat, a blue shirt, a Pull-Up, and some cowboy boots. I opened the blue package and pulled out the first one. It looked kind of like real underwear but softer and more comfy .For some reason as time went by she stopped buying me them and it was back to underwear for me. I guess she thought dirty underwear would make me try harder to not have accidents. It obviously didn't work until. It all changed last last summer...


"Todd! I'm getting sick and tired of washing and throwing away your stinky underwear. I should have kept you in your Pull-ups. No, you know what? If you have one more accident then forget pullups. I'm gonna put you back in diapers the way a toddler your age should be." My mom was definitely angry. I don't know what started it, but something set her off. Well things went well until that evening. I was deep into a great episode of Invader Zim when I had to go potty. I really didn't want to miss it so I decided I would just try to hold it. About 5 minutes before it ended it got really hard. My mom who was sitting on the couch folding laundry saw my strain.

"Todd, do you need to go potty?" I replied, "No mom I just want to finish the show I can hold it until the end."

She kinda of gave me a stern look but I went back to watching. Well apparently I was wrong again, and some poo slipped out into my pants. After the show my mom asked me if I was going to go to the potty now. Needless to say I didn't need to anymore.

"No mom." I responded. But she would have none of it.

" Come on I'm taking you. You had a to go a few minutes ago so you can go now. I don't want you to have another accident."

"No mom it's ok. I don't need to anymore." I tried to reason. But she just looked at me with that look.

"No, Todd, your coming right now! Get up here!" She exclaimed. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bathroom and I began to cry.

When we got to the bathroom she told me to pull down my pants. I slowly pulled them down, making it plainly obvious what I had done.

"That's it Todd! I warned you. Take off you pants and get cleaned up. I'll be back in half an hour." With that she stormed out of the room. I heard her go into my room then slam the door and head out of the house. I got cleaned up and went to my room to get a new pair of underwear. When I got there I was stunned. She had taken all of my underwear. All my drawers were empty. To this day I dont know what she did with it. So I just grabbed a pair pf shorts and put them on. They were very uncomfortable with out my underwear. Then I went back to the living room and sat and watched TV again.

About 40 minutes later my mom came in with a big smile on her face."How is my cute little baby doing today?" she said in baby talk.

"Umm.....I'm fine mom are you ok?" I responded.

"Of course I'm okay sweety. But oh uh baby can't be running around naked. What if he goes oopsie all over? Oh no no no that would be a big mess. Come on baby lets get you dressed." She replied in the same babyish sort of way. Then she picked me up and carried me into my room. She set me on my bed, and dropped the bags she had wrapped around her arms. She then preceded to pull out a bottle of baby powder a disposable changing mat, a pacifier, a box of Pampers lavender baby wipes, and last but not least a purple bag of Luvs size 6 diapers.

"Mom...what are you doing...?" I asked nervously.

"Call me mommy from now on baby. Okay?" She replied.

"Um okay, mom...I mean mommy what's going on?" I asked again.

"Don't worry baby. I'm just getting you dressed how a baby of your age should be. You've shown me that you have never really been potty trained , and I don't know how I let your go without diapers for so long. You're going to be diapered all summer, and while at home treated like someone acting your age. Hopefully you will learn not to take you underwear for granted. When summer is over I will try to re-potty train you. Maybe then you will have learned your lesson. Now lie down and be quiet and don't give mommy any trouble, or mommy will have to spank you. Now we don't want that now do we?" I shook my head no.

"Good baby. Now just relax." she replied as she stuck the pacifier she had just unwrapped into my mouth.

Next she placed down the changing mat down onto my bed and lifted me on to it. I sat up, but she gently pushed me down saying, "Nuh uh uh, now don't give mommy any trouble."

She undid my shorts and slid them off. I immediately went to cover my private parts, when she slapped them away saying, "Don't worry baby, babies have nothing to be ashamed of."

Then opened the Luvs package and pulled out a diaper and slid it under me, and poured powder all over my soon to be diapered area. Next, she pulled the front up to my belly button and fastened the tapes.

"There, there all better. Now we don't need to worry about baby having ANY accidents." she said happily.

"What about my shorts?" I asked.

"Oh well you won't need them they just get in the way of diaper checks, and plus you look cuter in just your diaper." she responded excitedly.

I looked down at my new "underwear". It had blues clues on the tape, which I happen to like so that was cool, but what amazed me was how well they fit. And how comfy it felt. I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. I wouldn't say I looked any older that 5.

"Alright Todd come and get me if you need a change. And Todd. You are not to mess with your diaper. Understood?" she said sternly, and I nodded. She left to go prepared dinner and I spit out the pacifier and stayed in my room and played with my legos. About an hour and a half later I needed to pee. I got up to go use the bathroom, but remembered what my mom, err...mommy said about messing with my daiper. So I got up and went into the kitchen to go find her.

"Hey mom?" I inquired.

"Yes Todd. What is it? And call me mommy." she replied.

"Uh.... mommy I need to go potty."

"Well baby you're wearing it what do you need me for?"

"Um... I need to go we we. Can you take my diaper off so I can use the potty?"

"Come come baby, your wearing you potty. That's what diapers are for. Now just come back when you need to be changed. Ok?" she responded.

"Um..ok I guess."I replied and sulked off.

I decided to hold it for a little while longer. But soon the urge became irresistible. So I decided to just let go. Only one problem. I couldn't go. You see I have never really had problems going potty with no. 1 only no.2. The pressure was starting to hurt. So I stood up and imagined I was in front of the potty. It took a sec and then it worked. I felt the front of my diaper warm up, then i felt the warmth spread in between my legs. 'This actually feels good.' I thought to myself. I enjoyed it so much I decided to just sit in it for a while. About thirty minutes later my mom came in shouting "Dinner's ready!" She picked me up to take me to the table to eat when she noticed that my diaper was wet."Oh my my is little baby wet?" she asked in a babyish tone as she stuck her finger into the leg cuffs of my diaper.

"Oh yes he is. Wow you really are a baby, Todd. You don't just wet your diaper and don't even ask for a change. Well dont worry baby. Mommy will take care of that icky diaper for you." She took me back to my room and laid out the disposable diaper pas onto my dresser and set me on top. She undid my tapes and wiped up my diaper area. She then lifted up my legs, rolled up the diaper and pulled out fresh one and slid it under by bum. she lowered my legs and threw away the diaper. She grabbed the baby powder and dusted my diaper area and pulled the diaper up and taped it snugly in place.

"There we go all dry." She picked me up and carried me to the dinner table.

At the dinner table I asked my mom if I could go swimming after I ate.

"Well," she replied, "I guess we could manage that. But I need to keep an eye on you. You can go swimming 30 min after you eat. I don't want you getting a cramp."

30 minutes after dinner I was ready with my swim suit in hand.

"Mommy can you take my diaper off so I can go swimming now? Pleeease." I begged.

"Ok just wait here." she responded and walked back into my room. She came back with what looked like a colorful pull up in her hand.

"Whats that" I asked.

"Why it's you swim diaper. It won't swell up and mess up our pool like your regular diaper will. What? You didn't think a baby could be trusted to go into a pull with out protection did you. No come here." She unfastened the tapes on my luvs and the diaper fell and she noticed a little of poo on it.

"Well well it's a good thing you had those on huh." she then reached over the the shelf grabbed a wipe and wiped me clean.

"Here we go baby step on in." She chided as she held open the little swimmer. I stepped in and she pulled it up to my tummy. I looked down and noticed it had cool finding Nemo prints on it. I reached to grab my swim trunks when my mommy stopped me.

"No no baby these work just like your swim shorts you don't need to wear any thing over them." 'I guess its no worse than wearing regular diapers with out any pants on.' I thought to myself. My mommy then picked me puts some water wienies on my arms and took me to the pool. I played and swam in the pool for about and hour or so, when I got out. My mommy then wrapped me up in a towel and carried me to the bathroom.

"Ok baby, lets get you ready for bed." she told me.

"But its only 8 o'clock,"I whined, " I don't want to go to bed yet."

"You don't have to go to bed right away, but I do need to give you a bath and get you into a real diaper." She consoled. Once we got to the bathroom she started the tub with warm water and added bubble bath to it. She ripped open the sides of my Little Swimmer and placed me in the tub with a few of my toys.

"Mommy, I can still bathe myself can't I?" I asked.

"No, no, no, honey, you know how this goes your a baby now, and babies aren't allowed to be in a tub by themselves. Besides, I want to make sure you are really clean. Tomorrow is church. So just play with your toys and let mommy take care of this."

Mommy then scrubbed my down and gave me a few minutes to play with my toys. She then picked me up and toweled me off. She carried me to my room where she got out a fresh Luvs diaper. After she had diapered me, with a few tickles here and there and a bunch of baby powder, she found a loose shirt and put it on me. She then took me downstairs, gave me a bottle, and let me watch tv, where I fell soon fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a huge urge to pee. I started to get up when I remembered what had happened the night before. I debated about going to the potty to pee or just using my diaper. I knew that my mommy would be angry if I took my diaper off, and I was very tired. So I relaxed and let it all go in my diaper.


The next morning, my mommy woke me up saying, " Morning my angel. My my, some sure is wet this morning. It's a good this baby was wearing his diaper wasn't it."I just mentally rolled my eyes and nodded.

"Well," she continued as she untaped my diaper, " we have church in a couple of hours so let eat breakfast and get you dressed for the day." She then wiped me clean slid a fresh diaper under me, applied baby powder, and taped up the diaper. She took me down stairs where she made chocolate chip pancakes with syrup(one of my favorites). She also gave me a bottle with milk. After dinner she took me upstairs and dressed me in some nice slacks and belt with a blue button down shirt. She then left me to watch TV as she got ready.

I was nervous about going to out in public wearing diapers, but once we arrived at church I could tell that nobody noticed, even through my paranoia. I didn't want to go to children's church so I stayed with my mommy in the adult service. About maybe 20 minutes into it I had to pee so I just let it go into my diaper, after all the was no use in holding it.

"I'm wet. I'm gonna need a change when we get home." I whispered to my mommy.

"Already? " She replied, "I was going to take you to McDonald's after church, But I can't leave you in that wet diaper that long. I can either change you in the nursery or we can skip McDonald's and I can just change you at home. Your choice."

I thought about it. I really wanted to play at McDonald's, but I really didn't want any one at church seeing me get changed even more so I whispered back, "I'll just wait till I get home."

Unfortunately, my bowels didn't agree with me. About 20 minutes later I suddenly felt the urge to poo. I tried to hold it in, but of course I had an accident.

"Phew, Todd did you make a stinky?" my mom whispered.

"Yess mommy." I responded a little embarrassed.

"That's ok baby, that's what diapers are for." I smiled. It felt nice not having my mommy mad at me for my accidents, but then the continued, "but now I have to change here. I can't have you getting a diaper rash, and I'm sure the people around us wouldn't appreciate smelling your stinky pants."

"But I don't want anybody to see me getting changed." I responded.

"Todd, I can;t have you here stink up the pew. Besides the only people in the nursey at this time will be the attendant and the other babies. This also means I can take you to McDonald's now." She then grabbed her purse and my hand.

"Come on Todd, let's get you cleaned up." She whispered a little too loud for my comfort.

My mom was right, when we got to the nursery there were only, about 6 kids there between the ages of 1 and 4. But the attended was also there.

"Hey, Misses Caldwell, hey Todd," Carrie the attendet said. Carry was about 5'7" and around 17.

"What bring yall down here." She inquired.

I looked down ashamed.

"Well Carrie, Todd here has been having potty accidents. So i've put him back in diapers. He just made a stinky so I need to get him cleaned up. May I use your changing table?" My mommy asked.

"Aww, has somebody been having accidents?" Carrie asked me in a baby voice.

"Well don't worry lots of kids have accidents, your still cool in my eyes." She consoled.

" Sure Misses Caldwell, go right ahead use anything you want."

My mommy then unbuttoned my pants and belt, slid them to my ankles and lifted my shirt. She then layed me down on the changing table. She unfastened my tapes and let the front of my diaper fall. Then she wiped me clean folded the soiled diaper into itself and threw it into the diaper pail. She then proceded to powder and re diaper me. While she was doing I heard one of the little boys in the nursery who was around 4 ask Carrie.

"Why is tat kid still in diapees. Is he a babwe?"

Well, Ethen, some kids aren't very good and using the potty and still need diapers. Not like you. You're alost a big kid now."

"Thats wight miss Carrie. I wear Pull- ups, not baby diapers. Imma big kid now." Ethen spoke with pride.

After my diaper was on my mommy pulled up my pants and tucked my shirt in.

"Thak you for letting us use the table, Todd here, was getting a little stinky."My mom said.

"No problem Misses Caldwell. That's what it's here for. I was wandering...If you ever needed a baby sitter. I'd be happy to baby sit you little man here. I think he looks really cute in his little diapees." Carrie replied.

"Thank you, I may have to take you up on that offer, and thanks again for letting us use the nursery." My mom thanked.

No problem, anytime. Bye Misses Caldwell, bye Tood." Carrie waved.

After my change we decided that the service was almost over so we just left and went to Mcdonald's.

At Mcdonald's I ordered a Happy Meal. After I ate it mommy let me play on the playground. I was having a lot of fun climbing in the tubes and sliding down the slides that I really didn't give it a second thought when I had wet my diaper. Unfortunately, my diaper had leaked. Probably due the the pressure of the slide. I hadn't noticed anything, but to other kids about my age did.

"Ha ha, he wet his pants!" One kid laughed.

"No, I...I sat on some spilled water I tried to lie."

"Oh really. My little brother wears Pull-ups and when they leak it makes to wet lines on on his pants just like you have. Let's see." The other bigger kid said as he grabbed me and held me down. The other kid the pulled the front of my pants back to reveal my Luvs diaper. Blues clues showed for the world to see.

"Ha ha ha! He's not even wearing Pull- Ups. He's wearing a baby diaper! Ha ha!" The big kid laughed. I shook free and ran crying to my mommy. I told her every thing that had happened.

She picked me up and patted my pack."Shh shh shh, don't worry baby." She consoled.

"You two should be ashamed of yourselves!" She chided the to boys.

"I bet you have occasional accidents too."

Both boys looked down ad said "I'm sorry."

"You should be." She responded and carried me back home.

When we got home she took my clothes off and threw them into the washer. She then changed my diaper and made a call.

About 40 minutes later there was a knock on the door.

"Hell Carrie," I heard my mom say from the door, "Thank you for coming on such short notice, I have a few errands to run, before I take my baby out again."

"It's not problem Misses Caldwell." Carrie responded as I walked to the hallway and hid behind my mommy's leg, "I love babysitting children, especially ones as cute as little Todd here."

"Well OK then. I'll be back in a few hours. If Todd needs a change while I'm gone his diapers and supplies or in his room down the hall to the right. If you need anything, or Todd gives you any trouble, don't hesitate to call me."

"No problem Mrs. Caldwell. Well be just fine. We're going to have fun. Right Todd?" Carrie said.

I just looked down as my mommy pulled me off her leg and walked out the door.

"All right then, Todd, be good for Carrie. I love you baby. Bye bye." She waved as she walked toward the car.

Carrie closed the door and turned to me.

"All right Todd, what do you want to do kiddo?".

I just looked down as tears started filling my eyes. I was embarrassed and scared of having a near stranger know about my potty problems. She must have somehow read my mind because she then continued, "Todd what's the matter kiddo? Are you sad because I know about your diapers?" I just nodded.

"Don't worry about it. I don't think of you any less. In fact I think your strong for taking this so well. Do you wanna know a secret?" I looked at here and nodded my head.

"You have to promise not to tell anybody, okay?" Again I nodded.

"Well I used to have to wear protection at night until I was around twelve because I used to wet the bed."

I looked at her, "Really, you wore diapers at night until you were twelve?" I questioned.

"Not exactly," She responded, "I wore something called Goodnites. They're a lot like Pull-Ups, but for bigger people. I was upset when I fist had to wear them. I thought that I was the only girl with this problem. But I soon realize that I couldn't be. I couldn't be the only one of they made Pull-Ups in my size. I also felt better about it when I started waking up in the morning with out a wet bed. In fact I started to like it knowing that I didn't have to rush to the bathroom in the middle of the night if I did wake up. I could just go then go right mack to sleep. Sometimes I wish I had never stopped wearing them. I'm sure you like not having to worry about making it to the potty on time don't you?" I just nodded and smiled.

"So kiddo what do you wanna do?"

"I don't know?" I shrugged.

"Well," She looked at me with a mischievous gleam in her eye.

"How about I just tickle it out you." She approached.

"No no no." I grinned. She didn't listed she pinned me down and launched a crazy tickle attack .

"Ha ha ha ha, stop, ha, it!" She continued, "Ha ha ha, I can't, ha ha , take, ha, it, ha ha much more, ha ha ha, I'm gonna pee!"

"That's okay kiddo, go for it, your not getting out that easily." she continued her brutal attack until I soaked my diaper. She didn't stop until I told her that I couldn't breath.

"Okay kiddo," she said between breaths.

"Let's get you changed and decide what we are going to do, okay?" It was more of a command than a question. but I nodded anyway. When we got to my room she found the supplies at laid me on the changing table. I was beet red from knowing a pretty girl was about to see me in my birthday suit. I hadn't been wearing any pants, just a shirt so that made it easier. Carrie lifted my shirt and untaped my diaper. As she brought the front down I instantly through my hands down to cover myself.

" Now now, how am I supposed to get any work done with your hands in the way, huh?" Se asked.

" Just but them behind your head and let me do what I gotta do." I reluctantly moved my hands as she continued, "Don't worry, I change little boys all the time you aint got nothing I haven't seen before." With the speed and fluidity of an expert she wiped and powdered me in no time. I was taped up and in my new diaper in under a minute or so. She pulled my shirt down and asked, "so do you usually wear pants over you diaper while in the house?"

"No, mommy says the just get in the way of diaper checks and changes."I told her.

"Okay, makes sense, then no pants for you. But that's okay, you look cuter in just a diaper and shirt." She winked, while I blushed. We went into the living room where we decided to watch Finding Nemo while we played Monopoly. As you know Monopoly was a long game and by the time we had finished we just watched TV until my mommy had gotten home.

She walked in the door and asked if everything was went all right. Carrie and I both said we had fun. My mommy talked with Carrie for a few minutes while I went back to watching TV. After Carrie ha left my mommy came into the living room to show me some of the things she had bought. She bought a couple of packs of diapers, wipes, and other changing supplies. She bought a waterproof mattress cover and a small camouflaged backpack.

"That's a cool backpack mommy. What's it for?" I asked.

"It's to carry an extra change of clothes and diapers for you, honey.We can't keep going out with out some back ups. We don't want another McDonald's situation to happen now do we?" I shook my head no.

"I thought you'd this one better than a babyish diaper bag."

"Thank you mommy," I said as I hugged her.

"No problem baby. Now do you need a change?" She asked

"No mommy, I'm clean." I responded.

"Okay then, let me just check." She said as she pulled the back of my diaper back and then stuck her fingers inside my leg cuffs.

"I said I was dry mommy, why did you check? You don't believe me?" I whined.

"Don't give me attitude Todd." She said a little forcefully.

"Your diapers are very absorbent , you may not even feel it if your wet."

"Sorry mommy." I apologized. I knew I hadn't had an accident, but I knew it wasn't in my best interest to argue with her.

"It's ok dear. Just remember mommy knows best." She chided.

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. Mommy made dinner and put me to bed. Life was like the most of the summer. On week days Carrie would bring another baby over and watch both of us. On weekends my mommy would do fun stuff with us.


One weekend in July my mommy was taking me to Six Flags. I was excited because I love going to Six Flags and besides the fact that I had to wear diapers, I was treated like any other kid my age was treated. That morning we woke up early and mommy changed my diaper, dressed me in some shorts and a tee shirt. She then took me to the kitchen and fed me breakfast, and we were on the road. Six flags is about an hour or so away, but when your a kid it seems like an eternity. We finally arrived, with out any accidents on my part I might add, And into the park. There was so much I wanted to do. I wanted to ride the roller coasters, play games, and go to the water park. We rode some rides for the first hour or so.

At one point we were waiting in line for a roller coaster when I really had to pee. We had been waiting for like 30 minutes and we were very close when I wet my diaper. I really didn't want to get changed at the park but I knew it was inevitable, I had just tried to put it off as long as possible. I had decided not to tell here and see how long I could go with out a change. After we got off the ride my mommy said.

"Gosh I've had to pee since the beginning of that line. I kind of wish I had a diaper on so I wouldn't of had to hold it that long. Besides you're probably in need of a change yourself aren't you baby?"

"Moooom" I whined. I was nervous other people would hear her.

"Well do you need a change?"She asked.

I just stayed quiet. I really didn't want a change her. But I guess she got impatient for an answer. She checked my diaper right there. I could of died. But in hindsight I should realize that no body was paying attention.

"Todd, you need to tell me when your wet. I don't want you getting a rash. Okay honey?" She chided.

"Yes mommy." I responded.

We started to head to the family bathrooms, when I asked, "Mommy, can we go to the waterpark next?"

"Of course dear." She said.

When we got to the bathroom she left me out side the stall and used the potty. When she was done she took me to a diaper changing station and picked me up and put me on the folding changing table. I was a little embarrassed as there was another woman in the room changing her real baby. She also had her slightly older daughter, maybe 6, in there with her.

"Mommy," she asked, "why is that boy wearing a diaper. Is he a baby?"

"Shhh. Sarah!" The woman whispered.

" It's not nice to point. He may have some medical condition. Now be nice."

"Sorry mommy." the little girl said.

My mommy had finished cleaning my up and had me stand up as he took a Little Swimmer out of my backpack. She had me step into it then she pulled up a bathing suite she had also grabbed from my back pack. I felt a little nervous. Since I wasn't wearing a shirt you could see the top of my Little Swimmer peeking out of the top of my bathing suite. We then left the changing station and walked to the water park.

"Todd." My mommy said.

"Try not to go we we unless your in the water. These swim diapers aren't very absorbent and you'll probably leak everywhere. If you need to go and you are not in the water please let me know I will take you to the potty. Okay?"

"Okay mommy. Let go go!" I yelled excitedly as I pulled her to the water park.

Once we got to the park I played in the wave pool for an our or so, and me and my mommy when on some tube slides.

When it was time to leave mommy took me back to a change station. I had pooed a little so she had a slight mess to clean up. She changed me back into my Luvs and put my shorts back on. We rode a few more rides and then we went home. It was a fun day.


As the summer went by I had my birthday. I turned eight, and was being treated less and less babishly. It was the Saturday before school started again, and I was getting worried what that I would have to wear diapers to school. That afternoon we were shopping at the grocery store all was normal until we reached the diaper aisle.

"Mommy am I still going to have to wear diapers to school?" I asked worryingly.

"You'll see honey." My mommy responded. At the diaper aisle mommy picked up some more wipes and changing supplies. This time instead of Luvs she grabbed a pack of Pampers size 7.

"I've noticed that your starting to get a little big for you Luvs. So we're going to try these size sevens. Ok honey"

I was worried that means more diapers. She then walked over to the Pull-Ups and grabbed a pack of the large size with the disappearing stars. I breathed a little bit of a sigh of relief but I was still upset. At least they weren't baby diapers."You are going to wear these to school honey. They are thinner so they probably won't be as noticeable."

"But what if someone finds out?"

"You made it through first grade while having accidents in your underwear, but somehow you usually managed to evade detection. If anything this will make it easier to hide your accidents."

"Okay I guess mommy." I sucked it up and continues on.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. When we got home my mommy explained to me how the Pull-Up situation would work.

"Honey while you are wearing your Pull-Ups, I want you to try to use the potty in the potty as much as you can. If you have a really bad accident in school go to the nurse. I'm going to send her a letter explaining the situation. She probably will remember you from a few of your accidents last year. So don't be afraid to go to her for help, I will put an extra Pull-Up in your back pack just in case. Same goes for your daycare after school. Just tell the teacher that you need a change. They will help you in the nursery. Otherwise, if you are messy when you get home I'll just change you into your diaper for the night. If you are clean then you can keep your Pull-Up on until you have an accident, then I will diaper you. Okay honey?"

"Okay mommy, but why can't I just wear Pull-Up at night too? Why do I still have to wear a diaper at night?" I inquired.

"Because honey," She explained, "while Pull-ups are cheaper than throwing away underwear, they are still more expensive that diapers. So while your home it's cheaper to throw away diapers. When you are in diapers it's okay to just use them for both number 1 and number 2. I don't want to bother with trying to re-tape them back up. Do you understand?" I nodded. It made sense to me.

The next day was Sunday morning. While getting ready for church my mommy slipped a Pull-Up on me instead of a diaper.

"Okay honey let's see how these are going to hold up for school. Your going to wear these all day. Remember try not to wet these use the potty if you have to."

"Yes mommy." I replied. I was actually kind of proud to be trusted with the use of the potty again.

When we arrived at church my mommy dropped me off in the nursery. Ever since the start of the summer my mommy has let me stay in the nursery during service. Officially, I was there to help Carrie watch the babies. Unofficially, I was there so I wouldn't stink up the pew if I had an accident, and it was easier for me to get a quick change from Carrie.

At the nursery I had fun playing with the babies when I felt the need to peeI almost just let it go out of habit, but I remembered what my mommy told me. I was pretty relaxed about it though because I used to be able to hold my pee for a long time before this whole diaper situation. I held it in for a few minutes as I continued to play. Then it really hit me. I got up and danced my way to the door that led out of the nursery. I tried to open it but I had no luck, those baby proof door knobs always got me. Carrie saw that I was trying to get out and asked me, "Whoa kiddo. Where are you off to in such a hurry?"

"I have to go to the bathroom really really bad and I can't open the door!" I exclaimed as I did the potty dance.

"Well just go in your diaper and I'll change you. That's why you're wearing anyway, isn't it?"

"I'm not wearing a diaper! Mommy put me in Pull-Ups today! She told me to try not to" I kind of relaxed the last part as I filled my Pull-Up. I was too late.

"Okay, okay," Carrie said as she walked to the door to let me out.

"It looks like Todd is a big kid now!" She joked. As she opened the door. I just stood there with a down cast look.

"Shouldn't you be going? I thought you were in a hurry?" she prodded.

"I...I..had an accident. I didn't...sniff...sniff...make it." I started to cry.

"Aww don't cry kiddo. These things happen, that's why Pull-Ups are absorbent. Come over here and lets get you changed." She then placed me onto the changing table. Pulled off my pants and ripped the sides of my Pull-Ups. I noticed that the cool little designs that had been there where now gone showing to the world what I had done. Carrie then cleaned me up and reached into my diaper back pack and pulled out a fresh Pull Up. She had me step into it as she pulled them up. She then had me step into my pants and pulled them back up as well.

When my mommy came to pick me up Carrie told her about my little accident. My mommy responded, "Well at least we know they won't leak if he has another one at school. Todd what happened? I told you to try to use the potty for number 1." She asked me.

"I'm sorry mommy,"I sniffed.

"I just didn't make it I'll try harder next time."

"It's okay dear. Just try harder, If you keep having wet accidents then you're definitely going to have to get changed at school. These Pull-Ups aren't as absorbent as regular diapers."

"No mommy, this won't happen often it really was an accident." I explained more to myself than her.

"Okay dear we'll just have to see."

The rest of the day I really do make it to the potty every time I had to we we, I still had my poopy accidents though. That night mommy changed me into my last Luvs size 6 and kissed me good night.

Chapter 5

The first few weeks of school were uneventful. I had managed to get used to wearing my Pull-Ups at school and dealing with my accidents. It was definitely easier at hiding them than last year. About every week or so I would still have a wetting accident, mostly because the teachers wouldn't let me go to the potty quick enough. But that was ok the Pull-Ups did their job.

I even met two friends. One was a boy who was eight and a half, his name was Kevin. The other was a girl just about my age, but a little taller. Her name was Meagan. We always played at recess together and went to the same daycare. Some times we would go over to each other's house after school and play for about an hour. The first time they came over to my house everything went just fine. My mommy had put most of my changing supplies up so no one would know. The only thing that could have given me away was the plastic under sheet on my mattress and the slight smell of baby powder that my room constantly had. I think Meagen suspected that something was up because she kind of had a pensive look when she sat on my bed and heard the slight crinkle of the mattress protector. But she never said anything. I think Kevin was completely oblivious.

One day however we were playing at school and I guess I bent down just right and my shirt came up and Kevin caught glimpse of some the blue plastic of my Pull-Up peeking out of my pants. He came over to me, "Dude what are you wearing? Are you wearing a diaper?"

" of course not!" I replied terrified.

"Then what are you wearing," he asked as he tried to get to the back of my pants to look. I kept turning. He finally managed to get around and started laughing.

"Dude you are wearing a diaper! Ha ha!"

"Leave him alone!" Meagan spoke up.

"You embarrassing him!"

"It's a Pull-Up, and please please please on our friendship don't tell anybody." I begged.

"Ha ha ha, okay I won't, but dude why are you wearing a Pull-Up?" he asked.

"I...I sometime have accidents so I need to." I replied ashamed.

"So that's what that smell is. I thought someone had gas." He giggle. I guess he could see how upset I was because he continued.

"Dude it's okay I won't make fun of you any more. Your still cool. But is why we can never have sleep overs?"

"Yeah, I didn't want anybody to find out. I have to wear protection 24/7." I explained.

"Well now that we know you have nothing holding us back let have a sleepover this Friday!" Kevin exclaimed.

"Okay!" I said excited, "sounds good to me. What do you say Meagan?"

Meagan looked a little nervous as she replied.

"Well okay I guess. I guess that since we all know about Todd's little problem I should tell you about mine."

"You have a secret too!" Kevin interjected.

"Y..yeah," Meagan drew on, " I wet the bed at night, so I have to wear protection at night too. I wear Goodnites to bed. I don't wear them all day but I know what it's like to be afraid of someone finding out. That's why I didn't want you making fun of Todd. But now that it's out there. Let me ask my parents."

"Awesome then let's all ask our parents. It's gonna be soooo cool. We're going to play games all night!" Kevin said excitedly.

Chapter 6

Our parents were glad that we were getting more social interaction, and we were still at that age that not much was though about letting a girl spend the night with two boys. After school we went to daycare like normal, then we all got picked up by my mom. Mommy made us all dinner and we had fun. After dinner I left my friends in the living room while my mommy took me to my room to get changed. She removed my soiled Pull-Up and put me in a fresh Pamper. She then let me wear my PJ's for the rest of the night. My friends, especially Kevin, were a little surprised, and I was a little embarrassed, when I walked back into the living room with and obvious bulge and diaper line viable through my PJ's. My short was also pretty short so you could clearly see the top of my Pamper sticking out of my PJ pants. Keven kind of stared for a minute, then Meagan asked me, "I thought you only wore Pull-ups. It looks like your wearing a baby diaper like my little brother."

"Well I do wear Pull-Ups to school, but at home its cheaper for me to just wear a diaper."I explained.

"I get embarrassed that I have to wear Goodnites, don't you feel bad wearing baby diapers." she asked.

"Well guess at first, but they're actually a lot more comfy than my Pull-Ups. Plus now I don't have to stop playing if I need to go we we. It's kind of convenient." I continued.

At about 9 pm, my mommy came down stairs and told the my friends to get ready for bed, while my mom took me to my room for a change. After every body was ready for bed, ie. PJ's for Kevin, PJ's and a Goodnite for Meagan, and of course PJ's and a Pamper for me, and we all had our teeth brushed, we went to my room and played some more games. My mommy went to her room and told us to come get her if we needed anything.

"So.. how does it feel to wear those?" Kevin asked me and Meagan.

Well as I said before its very convenient, and they are actually very soft. It's like sitting on a pillow all the time."I started.

"Plus, it's nice not having to worry about waking up in a wet bed." Meagan finished.

"You know, Kevin," I prodded, "You're actually the outsider. You're the only one here not wearing some sort of diaper of Pull-Up."

"What are you getting at?" He asked.

"Well if you wanted to try it, or I don't know fit in. Then we wouldn't hassle ya about it." I said.

"But why would I need to wear one." He asked.

"You don't but it would be fun." I emplored.

"Well I guess I could try one, but I don't have any." He bluntly stated.

"You could borrow one of mine. Here." I said as I walked to my drawer and pulled out a Pull-Up. He held it and looked at it, interestedly.

"Just slip it on like normal underwear with the picture of the fly to the front." I informed.

He then took it with him to the bathroom and came back with his underwear in his had.

" Your right it is soft."

We then continued to play for another hour. We all had a lot to drink so we all had to pee pretty relatively quickly. I just went in my diaper, so Kevin was the first to get up.

"Where you going? We're in the middle of a game." I asked him.

"I got to pee. I'll be right back." he said.

"Whoa whoa hold up! Just go in your Pull-Up. You've got to see what it's like. Plus we're in the middle of a game." He considered it for a minute before conceding. It took him a minute with some struggling.

"I had the same problem when I started," I told him, "just pretend your standing in front of the toilet."

After about a minute or so he relaxed and finally let him self go.

"Wow that feel weird." was all he said and we continued like nothing had happened. Meagen got up to go to, when I tried to stop her.

"Just go in your Goodnite." I advised

"No no. I only brought one, and I don't think I'd fit into yours. Don't worry it'll be wet in the morning." she explained.

About 20 minutes later me and Kevin were still sitting in our wet diaper and Pull-up playing our game. When my mommy walked in.

"I'm about to go to bed." She said "Do yall need anything before I do?" We shook our head no.

"Well do you need a change Todd." I looked down and nodded. She walked over to me and picked me up. She then noticed that Kevin was wearing a Pull-Up.

"I knew that Carrie wore protection, I didn't know you did too." Kevin just blushed.

"Well are either of you two wet?" She asked.

Kevin blushed and said, "I am Mrs. Caldwell."

"And what about you Meagan." She continued.

"No Mrs. Caldwell, I used the Potty when I needed to."

"Very good Meagan. Kevin did you bring anymore Pull-ups?" I guess she didn't realise that they were mine.

"Um no." Kevin replied.

"Well I don't want to waste ours. After I change Todd, I'll just change you into one of his Pampers too. Meagan could you be a dear and please just step out of the room while I change these two boys.

"Yes maam." Meagan replied.

"My my I'm glad I came in here to check on yall, I bet yall would have stayed in these wet diapers all night if I hadn't. Tshh, littly boys too busy to be concerned with potty matters." She said as she put me on a changing mat on my bed.

"There we go all done in a fresh clean diaper. Ok come on over here Kevin dear." Kevin was nervous about having someone else see him naked. He hoped up onto the bed. My mommy the pulled down his PJ pants and commented, "My my, this Pull-Up is soaked. I can't believe it didn't, It's a good thing your going to be in a diaper. You really should consider getting your parents to put you in diapers or Goodnites for bed." Kevin just nodded in a dazed state. Then when my mommy ripped the sides of his Pull-Up off, his hands shot to cover his boyhood.

"Now now don't worry I change one little boy all the time there's no need to be ashamed." I goggled while he shot me a death glare. My mommy then proceeded to clean him up and apply a fresh Pamper.

"There we go. Now that wasn't so bad now was it?" She asked.

Kevin just blushed.

"Okay Meagan, you can come back in now. Well I'm going to sleep, don't stay up too late now , okay kids." My mom said as she left.

"Yes maam/mom," we all said in unison.

The rest of the night was fun. We woke up wet with the exception of Kevin. Since it was Saturday I was changed back into a Pamper, while my friends put their underwear back on. We played for a few more hours until my friends parents came to pick them up.


We had a few more sleep overs, where Kevin would wear a Pull-Up for fun he usually would wet it though. One week he did and it leaked. His parents found out when my mommy told them they really should give him something else at night. They were shocked of course but weren't too upset. The rest of the school continued like this. By the start of the next school year I had grown too big for Pampers and Pull-Ups so mommy started buying me Goodnites. Since I out grew those I also outgrew Little Simmers so mommy bought me one pair of reusable youth swim diapers. I wore the goodnites 24/7 until I finally outgrew my problem at around 13. Me, Meagan, and Kevin stayed friends for many years. I even started dating Meagan. Sometimes we look back and remember our diapered days. Some we would buy a pack of Goodnites and wear them just for fun. But that is the story of how I got put back into diapers. So long.

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