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Thoughts and Dreams of a Closet Adult Baby

Introduction/Disclaimer: I wrote this story while on night shift as a security guard. Sitting a car for 12 hours with only cows, sheep, goats and possums for company allows a lot of time for writing. This is a fictional story based on my thoughts and feelings as a closet Adult Baby. None of the events in the story have happened to me or anyone I know but I can hope and dream.

He unlocked his door, stepped over the threshold and switched on the light. Closing the door behind him he turned the lock on the door hearing a loud satisfying click thus ensuring him complete and utter privacy. He Kicked off his shoes and threw his bag into the corner he stretched, his muscles aching from lugging books around on his back all day. He walked over to his bed and sat down savoring the freedom of his last exam and the knowledge that he had the place to himself for three weeks.

Wanting to get started he reached underneath his bed pulling out an old battered suitcase with combination locks. Checking again to ensure the door was locked and the curtains pulled he dialed in the combination and heaved the lid of the old battered case open. Inside lay a plethora of Infantilist paraphernalia. Folded and stacked neatly in the main compartment were a selection of clothes, cloth diapers and plastic pants as well as a selection of bottles and pacifiers. In the underside of the lid were stacks of disposable diapers and changing supplies. The outside pockets of the case contained an assortment of food cutlery and crockery. Making his selection (one-piece footed sleeper with a thick disposable diaper and a Winnie the pooh bottle and pacifier), he laid out his changing mat, gathered his changing supplies and started to undress.

As he shed his "big boy" clothing he felt himself entering a state of infantile bliss. Standing there naked as the day he was born he lowered himself onto the pad and began the transformation to babyhood. Unfolding the diaper he lifted up and slid it under his but. he spread cream all over his diaper area then rubbed in the sweet smelling baby powder he Imagined that it was a woman (his mommy) doing this to him while talking sweet baby talk to him. Sufficiently creamed and powdered he wiped his hands off on a baby wipe before pulling the diaper up between his legs, over his stomach and fastened it tightly at the sides. Standing up he admired himself in the mirror hanging on the inside of his wardrobe door. The diaper fit him snugly round the hips the pictures on the front conjuring memories of days long gone by. Turning away from his reflection he picked the sleeper of the floor stepped into it feet first before zipping it completely shut. Turning back to the mirror he saw he looked 18 years younger, the perfect image of a little toddler about to be put to bed. The bulge around his middle left no doubt as to what he was wearing under his pj's the purpose of the steel poppers in the crotch crystal clear.

Picking up his bottle he walked over to the fridge in the corner and filled it with milk which he then preceded to place in the microwave. Crossing the floor he pulled from the suitcase his favorite bowl, spoon and bib (all patterned with little diapered teddies on them) and poured three jars of baby food in and mixed it with the spoon. He extracted the bottle from the microwave testing the warmth of the milk on his arm. He then tied the bib round his neck sat down on the bed and proceeded to spoon-feed himself the baby food. As with any other baby only ¾ of the food made it into his mouth the rest covers his face and bib.

Cleaning his face off his face and hands with a clean part of the bib he crawled into bed, inserted the bottles nipple into his mouth and began to drink the warm milk. Lying there on his back he imagined he was laying in his mother's arms being fed from her breast all the while being cuddled and rocked as she coos to him in the sweetest baby talk.

Nearing the end of the bottle he fells a growing pressure in his bladder and bowels. Without even pausing in his bottle nursing he lets go filling his diaper at both ends. Finished with the bottle he reaches down to the floor form his pacifier. Placing it in his mouth he puts a hand on the front of his diaper savoring the warm, wet, squishy feeling both inside his diapers and out. Suckling on his pacifier his eyes begin to close, he gently rubs the front of his diaper felling himself slip slowly yet surely into unconsciousness.

End of First chapter second chapter pending on response to first. Feedback can be sent to me via email at

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