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Baby Erica's Potty Training

Part 7

This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to this please send an Email to

Erica stumbled along behind Karen as she dragged her reluctantly back on stage. The audience immediately took notice of the two woman taking center stage with Karen at the podium. Karen stood behind the podium with Erica behind her, Karen thought all eyes were on her but in reality all eyes were on Erica once again. The audience examined Erica who had changed from a schoolgirl dressed like she was four year olds now was wearing; nothing but a pink and white goodnight training diaper, a baby bib with formula stains that barely covered her cleavage let alone her breasts, a pacifier and her stilettos.

"Attention everyone, I would like to re-introduce our guest speaker Erica, please be gentle she's only 25 going on 2." Karen said giggling as she pushed Erica up to the podium.

"Oh I almost forgot," Karen said taking Erica to the side of the podium and pulled down her training diaper in front of the audience and turned on Erica's vibrator. Karen then pulled the training diaper back up and put Erica behind the podium again.

Erica stood in front of her audience and blushed at the thought of everyone seeing her naked even though they had already seen her in a puddle of shame without a diaper. She was about to begin speaking when someone shouted out from the back of the audience, "Why should I sit here and listen to a baby who can't control her own bladder and has milk stains on her baby bib?"

"It's baby Formula!" Erica quickly retorted after taking her pacifier out of her mouth, then blushed at her own childish counter.

"Regardless, we must get to the topic at hand, improving employee performance." Erica spoke for fifteen minutes, the hum of the vibrator bringing her close to climax, with Karen standing next to her when Karen stepped in front of Erica and slipped her hand down her training diaper. It was wet but only a small accident. Erica in the last two minutes had been very close to climax she had been breathing heavily and now she let escape a soft moan of pleasure. Having Karen's hand touching her pussy was too much. She gripped the podium tightly as waves of pleasure washed over her. She finally came into her training diaper which was soon followed by an accident. Erica kept wetting herself while trying to speak until her training diaper started to leak. That's when Karen cut her off.

"Everyone were going to take a five minute break to give Erica her bottle and get her a fresh diaper." Karen said smiling and completely serious. Erica was embarrassed at the interruption.

Instead of taking Erica back to the dressing room Karen set up her changing mat, baby bottle and other necessities for a diaper change as well as another training diaper. Much to Erica and the audience shock Karen sat Erica down on the stage in front of everyone gave her the bottle of formula and began changing her diaper. Erica was getting used to all this attention and was actually starting to enjoy herself. Once Erica was clean and fed she stood back up and finished her presentation. Erica and Karen returned to Sara's office after another diaper change for the both of them of course.

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