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Hi my name is Chris, I'm currently 21 almost 22. I used to be very intelligent. In fact when I was 16 I had already graduated from high school and moved onto college. I don't have many close friends since im anti-social. I'm sure they wouldn't think twice about me if I vanished. I'm 6'2" with red hair and green eyes. This is a story of how curiosity killed the cat.

Six Christmases ago my life changed forever. I got a wonderful book as a gift, this book had loads of electronic projects my uncle Bernard and I were to do together. He also gave me a wonderful 200 dollar gift certificate to an electronic component supplier. One particular project I was dieing to do was a microwave cannon. This used parts from a microwave to fire "microwaves" from the cannon.

"NO, NEVER, we will NEVER make that project. im sorry but its never going to happen." Was the answer I got every time I asked. I spent all my winter break building with my uncle. It was a great bonding experience. My dad and I never got to know each other before he passed away. He was a long haul truck driver so at most he was home 3 weeks the year. Bernard was my role model. We spent well over the gift certificate over that month. Page by page we built almost every project in there. Homemade stun guns, electromagnetic disk launcher, and a motion sensing web camera security system were my favorite. But that last project is still eating away at me.

When I returned home my mother figure greeted me like I was gone forever. I say my mother figure because shes was a close friend to my mom. She takes care of me because my mom is very ill and constantly in the hospital. Becka was a great lady, she has no husband or children. She stood 5'9" with stunning red hair and the brightest blue eyes ive ever seen. She matched me perfectly, if I didn't know any better I would say she was my mom.

"My boy! I'm glad you are home. I missed you so much you have no idea." Becka exclaimed as I walked into the house. I had to admit I missed her quite a lot too. I was 16 at the time but I was very clingy to Becka, though I would never let my friends know. Becka helped me move all my gadgets into my projects room. It's a spare bedroom we always had so I made it mine. In there I had all my projects Ive made. Also it holds one of my fish tanks. I can spend hours looking at my fish.

That night my favorite movie was on the T.V. and Becka and I cuddled up on the couch to watch it. it was a long day and I was very tired. No more than half a hour into the movie I was out like a light.

"Chris, sweaty wake up and go to bed please." Becka whispered into my ear. She had the best way of waking me up without waking me up too much.

"hmmhm" was all I muttered. That night all I dreamt of was that darned microwave cannon. Ive never been one to take no for an answer. The smell of bacon woke me from a deep sleep. I came out of my room wearing the same cloths as yesterday.

"good morning Becka, that smells GREAT." I said to her.

"well tomorrow you start your next semester at MIT, today we need to hit the ground running." Becka replied.

"We need to pick up your books, extra school supplies, and visit your mom."

"Ya.... OK.... Let's just wake up first please?"

After that very filling breakfast I decided to go on a good morning run, since it was so early. I grabbed my zune and hit the street for a mile run. Takes about 15 minutes to run a full mile. This was supposed to be the time where I cleaned my head of my dreams, but that darn cannon remained. When I had returned Becka was almost ready.

"Get in that shower and be ready in 45 mins!" Becka exclaimed.

"Ya don't worry when have I ever been late?" I sarcastically responded. Even in the shower I couldn't stop thinking. When I got out I did the usual male thing and grabbed a random shirt, random pants, and whatever underwear didn't smell bad.

"Wow, that's a new combination.... Dress shirt and sweats....." Becka started to laugh at this point.

"fine ill change." I said as I headed back into my closet. I ended up changing my pants to some nice pair of black jeans that were next in my pile.

"I'm headed to the car to warm it up get out there soon and lock up!" Becka called out.

I got to the car to find that Becka looked a bit peeved.

"Ya know, any other person would have just changed their shirt...."

"But im not just any one now am i?" I snickered to Becka. We V-lined it to MIT to get my books. Since I spent all my break 150 miles out west im getting my books last minute. Becka HATED last minute things. When I got there almost all my books were gone.

"Boy that's a surprise." Becka states as she rolled her eyes. I ended up just having them order the books and be without for the first month of classes. The one book I did get was the first class I had tomorrow. Advanced circuit analysis, and that book made me so excited. Before I left the college I decided to see if my professor was in. Luckily he was. We started to talk about the cannon idea and Becka just tuned us out completely. 20 minutes later and I was ready to go.

"Oh Chris, I forgot to mention, your application for tutoring was declined by my boss because you're too young. But if you are interested you can tutor in my class and ill pay you out of my pocket." Professor Chanley called out.

"Well sure that's great, Ill be by tomorrow between classes and we can talk more."

We headed off to staples for all the supplies for next semester.

"Here's 40 bucks, go get anything you need and meet me over at walmart, we need a new microwave."

"hmm sounds like a loosing deal for me. We split up I want at least 40 minutes in Aquaworld (a fish seller nearby)."

"Ya you got a deal." Said Becka, as she left me. At staples I almost ran through the store. I grabbed random pens, pencils, and notebooks. The only thing I paid any attention to was a USB flash drive. It was a clown fish and I fell in love with it right away. I checked out and ran for the car. Four steps away from the car and I slip on a sheet of ice. I slid into the rear end of the car and hurt my knee. After I put away my school supplies I limped over to walmart. When I found Becka looking at the microwaves she zoned in on my knee.

"What did you do !!!" she screamed.

"Slipped on a piece of ice outside no biggy."

"It might not be a big deal now but watch your step from now on..." I forced all my weight on my good leg to avoid any pain, before I knew it we were checking out.

As we headed for the car, I slipped on the same ice patch. This time I hit my head hard on the ground. I blacked out for a few minutes. Becka freaked out and called 911. I woke up to the paramedics checking me from head to toe.

"I'm fine really."

"Sir, I hate to tell you this but you have a concussion and blacked out long enough to wet your pants. We have to board you up and bring you to the hospital." The EMT claimed. So without any other word I let them do their deeds and I was soon in the ambulance. Becka followed the ambulance quite closely. I could almost see her digging her nails into the steering wheel because they were going too slow for her. When we arrived at the hospital the doctors were waiting and whisked me directly into an MRI.

"Hi Chris, I'm doctor Willows, you can call me Scott though. From the story Becka told me you seem very accident prone. How did you slip on the same ice spot twice?" asked Scott.

"Well shes didn't tell you im an over achiever now did she? The first time I only hit my knee, I knew I could do better than that." I said in pain.

"Ha! You sure did. Looks like you pinched a nerve in your back and tore a ligament in your right knee."

"funny Scott, how could I have torn a ligament when my legs don't hurt a bit?" Scott raised an eye brow at this statement.

"let's try an experiment shall we? Becka hold up his sheet so he cant see me down here." She did as instructed.

"Now Chris if you feel any poking you need to tell me, in fact tell me when I touch you."

"OK ..." I answered. Scott grabbed my left foot, and I said nothing. He squeezed it hard, "OK so your touching my left foot."

"Good." He replied. Then he picked up a syringe and stabbed It into my thigh, I said nothing. He did that twice in my left and twice in my right. Still I felt nothing.

"Interesting, how's the rest of your body?"

"well to be honest besides my legs the rest of my body is sore as hell."

"OK well, I got good news, bad news and worst news. What do you want first?"

"hit me with the good stuff."

"Your knee wont be bothering you for some time."

"cool, and the bad?"

"Well you defiantly tore your ligament pretty bad, and the worst news is your probably paralyzed from the waist down."

"NO WAY! Looks ill move my legs for you right now." Of course nothing happened when I tried.

"I swear ill move them." I spent the next 3 hours trying to move my legs.

I finally gave up and accepted my current state. Scott walked into the room and saw the tears in my eyes.

"You know, this might not be permanent. You were able to feel me squeezing your left foot, so MAYBE when your back heals you will regain feeling and movement. But you will get a better idea of how likely that is from a specialist."

"OK... Whatever it takes I guess, when can I got home? I need to get ready for class in the morning." I questioned.

"hmmm protocol is 24Hrs observation, when and where is your class?"

"Well first class is at 10Am at MIT, id have to leave here no later than 830 so I can be early."

"IF you don't mind a nurse with you, and IF you behave all night, im sure we can work something out for you. What time does classes end in the day?"

"I'm in class from 10 till 2, have a 2 hour work/break, then back to class till 6. I tutor students between classes."

"Ah very impressive, someone your age in a top technical college tutoring other students. I can't promise anything yet but ill let you know in the morning if you can go or not. The nurse needs to get you into proper attire for the night, if Becka would be kind enough to pick up your school things, just in case." Becka nodded.

"I will be back before you know it, I swear."

The nurse that undressed me was very nice, but I was expecting a girl nurse not a male. They got me into the shower for a sit down shower; of course I insisted on trying to wash myself and failed.

"Its not a weakness to ask for help." The Nurse said.

"Well im just not used to it im sorry." was all I could say. I have to admit having some one else wash you feels quite good, but im missing my independence already.

"Thanks for the help."

"Thats my job, and trust me I have worst patients." the nurse said.

"By the way, my name is Jay, and ill most likely taking care of you tonight, we cant allow you to sleep. If you do fall asleep then you might slip into coma, and thats not good."

"I guess im not gonna like you come morning then." I said with a laugh.

"yeah well you are gonna like me less when I give you your options for tonight; we can give you a catheter, or put you in an "adult brief." to be frank I would choice the brief, they aren't as bad as most people think and less risky."

"By brief you mean... a diaper im guessing?"

"exactly, we can try the cath, but since you probably wont feel it, it might cause permanent damage and you would have to wear a brief always. The choice is yours."

"Can I wait for Becka to get her input?"

"fine but ill have to put a pad under you."

Becka trotted into my room with a big smile on her face. She had a big bag with her.

"Ive only been gone an hour but I missed you so much!" she said as she jokingly pinched my cheek. Jay was not in the room.

"Becka I need your input... should I use a catheter or a diaper?" she giggled at the question.

"I'm serious, apparently the catheter might damage and cause me to always be incontinent."

"OH well.... your dead wrong if you think ill let you hurt yourself over a silly thing like this. You WILL wear a diaper, if I have to ill diaper you myself!!!!" she stated with vigor.

"yeah I kinda figured you would say that, so I guess for once ill listen to you. Oh and apparently I cant fall asleep tonight." at this point Jay walked into the room with a small trolley.

"I'm sorry but I was eavesdropping, this is everything you will need and I will instruct you until you are capable of doing it yourself." Jay handed Becka a razor and shave cream.

"first you need to shave him, to prevent rash." my first signs of adult hood would be lost now, I was not happy. But I didn't even argue and I leaned back tired of the long day that wont be ending any time soon.

Becka did a great job shaving me, apparently she nicked me a few times but I didn't feel it so I wasn't concerned. I was rolled over on my side and the diaper was laid next to me.

"Why can't just lift his legs like a..." thankfully Jay cut her off before she finished.

"Because that would put loads of stress on his knee, and back. Not a good idea." Becka nodded. They next spread cream on me and rolled me onto the diaper. I started to cry with embarrassment, but I don't think they noticed. At least they didn't say anything. After they rolled me onto the diaper Becka began to tape the diaper on.

"I like to do the bottom tapes up." Jay stated. Becka took his advice and was done diapering me in a few minutes. By that time I was able to suck it up and stop sobbing. After that they just laid my johnny back over me and put the sheets up.

"There you are all tucked away for the night." Becka said.

Jay had a pack of cards in his pocket, "here, this will help keep you awake, ill be in as frequently as possible." Becka and I started a game of War. Not even half way through it was dinner time. The nurse knocked on the door and poked her head in.

"Excuse me its dinner time, would you like fish or beef?"

"hmm beef sounds good I guess." I replied.

"and for your mom?"

"Oh umm ill take the beef too." she brought in 2 trays of food with B written on the tops.

"Is is possible for me to get some coffee? I cant fall asleep tonight and need some caffeine."

"hmm im not supposed to get patients things with caffeine in it this late. I could loose my job. But there is a dunking doughnuts down stairs open 24/7 and I only say this cause you seem like a nice person. But I do have orange juice and apple juice?"

"OH, I haven't had apple juice in ages, may I have that please?" of course Becka followed suit. Me and Becka talked about the plans tomorrow while we ate.

Just as we finished up dinner Jay hopped threw the door like a looney.


"Tired as hell." was all I could say.

"Hey Jay, could you watch Chris for me, I want to go to a certain place down stairs to get certain beverages." Becka winked at Jay.

"ohhhh you naughty girl, you are just lucky that Scott cleared those things with me. Head on down, might want to get a box or 2 though, I think he will need it." Jay looked at me as my eyes started to close. Becka left for Dunkin and left me in the hands of Jay. He brought his face withing 2 inches of mine and screamed " OH NO YOU DONT !!!!!" he scared the crap out of me. I'm on my break so lets kick back and enjoy, talk to me." I started to explain my ordeal I went threw today, and most of the rest of my life. He was astonished I was in college and so young.

"So I guess Scott was right when he said you were an over achiever. Thats amazing but next time I think one fall is good enough don't you?"

Very shortly after Becka returned with all sorts of goodies from dunkin doughnuts. A big box of joe, a few doughnuts and a cup of chai tea. I didn't even see the tea but the smell is unmistakeable.

"YOU HAVE THE CHAI!!!!!" I called out when she walked in.

"do I?"

"Yes and I can smell it like it was in front of me. Please can I have it please please please !!!!"

"Jay? Did he behave for you?" jay smirked at this opportunity.

"No he was an awful person, and wouldn't do anything thing I asked him." jay jokingly stated. Becka knew he was playing around and gave me the amazing gift of chai tea. A smile came across my face that can only be described as childish. The two of them chatted it up when I was caught up in the bliss of my beverage.

"OH MY GOSH that was the best thing you could have brought me today, I love you sooooooo much!!"

"Yeah well how happy would you have been if I remembered your laptop?"

"I would be in bliss if you did..." Jay had to leave off to his rounds at this point.

We finished our card game and were about to start another one when Scott poked his head in.

"Well im glad to see you went along with Jay's advice about, well you know. Its end of my shift but if you need me Jay has my pager number. By the way, have you checked to see if he needs a change? Jay should be by soon to make sure."

"Have a good night Dr. Scott. When will you be back?" I said.

"Well around 7, my day doesn't start till 9 but thats too late to get you off to school so im coming in early."

"Thank you so much." Becka and I said in unison. Becka felt my diaper.

"Oh my you seem full. I hope jay is by before you leak." I was so embarrassed.

"I swear I didn't go pee on purpose." I said with a whimper.

"Hush now, its not your fault." Becka said trying to comfort me.

Soon enough jay walked into the room with the trolley.

"roller coaster detail coming in!" If nothing else Jay was full of energy and in a good mood.

"You got good timing, im sure he would leak if you were a moment later." Becka whispered to him. Together they removed my diaper and wiped me down.

"Lets bring Chris to the toilet to try to have a bowel movement. Trust me no one likes dirty diapers. I've never been in one but I cant imagine them being any fun." Jay stated to me.

"you grab his back and ill get his legs. I would give you the legs but I don't want his knee getting any more messed up. Be careful when we set him down too." together the pair lifted me like pros and I was soon on the toilet.

"Can I have some privacy please?"

"I can leave the room but you have to keep the door open deal?" Jay walked out of the door. I was able to completely empty my bowels in just a few minutes. It was odd, I hear splashing but I didn't feel anything. When I was done I tried to wipe myself. That was a mistake. When I leaned over I almost fell off the toilet. I grabbed onto the fall bars but couldn't pull myself back into place.

"Ummmm a bit of help please?" I called out.

"I'm glad are actually asking for help." Jay helped me back onto the toilet and helped to clean me.

"Thanks I really appreciate this."

"Again its my job, but polite people like you make it so much easier." The two of them quickly got me re-diapered and situated.

The sun was completely set by this time and I could see a full moon rising. Becka stared to yawn but the night was still young. I was loaded with caffeine and wide awake.

"Why not come up here with me, there's plenty of room for the both of us." I said to Becka. I scooted to my right so she didn't have to worry about my knee. She hoped into bed with me and we both started to watch some T.V. One hour and 2 cups of coffee later, Becka was sound asleep on my arm. Jay walked into the door and said "oh no, she fell asleep on you! We should wake her up so your not alone."

"Nah don't bother nothing shy of a nuke or me crying will wake her up."

"Well Ill call in a favor and spend the rest of the night with you. What do you want to do?"

"Well, if we can take a ride outside? I love the moon and I need some fresh air."

"Hmmm no dice the front doors are locked, but I think we can get on the roof?"

"Thats fine with me if its not too much trouble."

Jay skipped out of the room and came directly back with a wheel chair, and a friend to help move me.

"Top floor moon roof all aboard." Jay called out as we started to go. The night air was so cold and so crisp. I loved every breath of it. Up there was 2 other nurses on a cigaret break and they were very talkative. We started to talk about bosses, and jobs. I related all this to school and teachers.

"Gosh I wish I stayed in school. I'm glad you are in college. How old are you?" one of the nurses asked.

"well I just turned 16 in October."

"16? no chance, stop lying."

"im serious check my charts if you want. I was passed on early in high-school and got into MIT early." these stories led to my winter break adventure and then back to the microwave cannon. Ive been able to block it out of my head till now. 30 minutes later Jay whispers to me, "Hey, your leaking, I just saw some fall. Lets get you inside and changed up."

"Well sorry to cut our talk short but apparently the president wants me on conference in my room." I said with a laugh. We returned to the room around 10Pm and he escorted me to the neighboring bed.

"ill change you here and you can go back with Becka if you want?"

"Nah I can stay here thanks though."

"I have a feeling you are gonna go threw loads of these briefs. Would you mind using a pediatrics diaper? They can hold so much more, but they are thicker and well... look childish."

"I'd rather not."

"please? It would make this night better for the both of us and I promise the only other person to even know might be Becka."

"Fine, ill submit. But I'm only doing this cause you brought me outside."

Jay had to go get the other diaper trolley, "you had better stay awake while im gone."

"Sir thing..." when he left I tried to move my legs again and had no luck at all. I reached into my bag Becka set between the beds and pulled out my zune. I started to listen to music, leaned my head back, closed my eyes, and hummed along to my music. I got so caught up in my music I didn't even realize Jay was back and was taking off my soaked diaper. When he pulled it out from under me I felt my back slide a bit and snapped out of my trance.

"Damn your scared me!"

"Sorry I wasn't trying to disturb you." I laid eyes on the diaper on the trolley. It was mostly white but had teddy bears and balloons all dotted all around it. Also it seemed ridiculously thick.

"Gggggrrrrrmmmmm those are the new diapers?"

"Yes and don't start complaining now or else I wont give you your treat."

"just get it over with, can we cover it some how?"

"With a blanket is all right now. If you go to school we will give you a pair of plastic pants so you can't leak, and you will wear your undies over it all. When you are in your chair no one will be able to notice. But im guessing you will be needing a few changes during the day." now I wasn't looking forward to school at all.

After that horrible diaper change Jay disappeared around the corner to get my treat. Before he turned the corner into the room I knew what it was.

"HHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMM chai tea. Thank you so much Jay."

"You are welcome, not many people would be so compliant with those diapers. Lets play some cards to pass the time."

"Do you know how to play rummy 500?" I asked Jay.

"Nope but I can surely learn." We passed many hours playing many games of rummy. The sky turned to twilight before we knew it.

"Wow we made it threw the night, but you are out of coffee, do you want another box?"

"Sure, but can I come with you? I'm getting restless in the bed."

"Yeah not a problem but lets check you so we don't have another roof incident." he felt my diaper.

" Wow you soaked this one already good thing we used these or you would be floating right now. Ill change you and we can get going." im starting to get used to having my diapers changed but those kiddy diapers are still killing me.

He finished my diaper change and we were off to the Dunkin doughnuts. Jay draped a blanket over my legs so my diaper wouldn't be on display for everyone. We swiftly scooted threw the halls and down to the bottom floor.

"Well good morning cutie, what can I get you today?"

"odd shes treating me like a kid but thats no biggy, she cant see what im wearing right?" I thought to myself.

"ill take a box o' joe to go and a bagel please. Would you like anything Jay?"

"nah im fine." it took about five minutes to get the coffee and bagel ready.

"here you go sweety pie, its on the house."

"Thanks so much miss." at that moment I placed the box on my lap and noticed something wasn't right.

"Jay, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me im imagining my legs being bare right now...."

"UH OH." my diaper was on display for everyone we passed for god knows how long. I covered my face in shame and started to cry into my hands. I can't believe this has happened to me. No wonder why she was so nice to me. She must have thought I was some child or something.

"Jay get me the heck outta here asap!" We both shot into the nearest linen closet to get a new blanket. This one I held onto with dear life.

When we got back to the room Becka was waking up.

"Hmmm good morning Chris." Becka said in a groggy voice. I was still crying quite badly.

"Whats wrong hun?"

"I... And the blanket... and I... I...I" I broke down into incoherent babbled after that.

"Well here's the story..." Jay started.

"He was going threw the normal adult diapers like oxygen, so I talked him into wearing thicker and more absorbent pediatric diapers. They are also very childish in decor. Well after I changed him into these we headed down stairs to dunkin to get more coffee. Some where down the halls we lost the blanket that covered his diaper. The lady and several other people saw him in this state."

"Well that explains it. Bring him to me please so I can hold him." Jay helped me up onto Becka's lap. I spent the next few hours crying in Becka's arms.

Scott came into the room at 7:30 close enough to what he promised.

"Hey champ, are you still up to going to school? I think I found the perfect person for you."

"sniff, sniff. Yeah a change of scenery is what I really need right now, who did you find to come with me?"

"Well I was going to have my morning nurse go with you but Jay insisted that he go. He said he owed you big time. So get ready, im going to check in with Jay before you get going though. No rush." Scott disappeared again.

"Becka, can you change me before I go off to school? Jay left a bag for the day with plenty of these diapers in it."

"Sure sweety. You know id do anything for you." Becka was getting almost as good as Jay at this.

"Ya know what, I think you look good in these ones. You shouldn't be so embarrassed."

"Ya? Try wearing these and then tell me how it feels." she finished up the diapering, this time she used some baby powder.

"Are you trying to get me caught wearing diapers Becka?"

"Thats just to keep odors down. If anyone says anything say you have a heat rash from a awful sweater I knitted you. Besides under these rubber pants you wont be able to smell anything." She slipped the rubber pants up my legs followed by my boxers. To top off my bottom she put on socks and some jeans.

Jay was watching her the whole time.

"That was very good, I didn't even have to correct anything. Lets get Chris into his wheel chair, im sure he can finish getting ready himself." They put me into a more sophisticated wheel chair than the average one. It was bent slightly back to avoid too much strain on my back. It had a padded seat as well and all sorts of bells and whistles. But the best thing was it was in blue, my favorite basic color. I set off into the bathroom to put on my shirt and comb my hair. When I came back I saw Becka laying on my bed and Jay was no where to be seen.

"Still tired?"

"Nah, jay is gonna diaper me in the babiest diaper they have. I heard he might be able to find me strawberry shortcake ones, or even blues clues."

"You're doing that for me?"

"Yes I told you I would do anything for you, ill be hanging out with you and jay all day and ill use my diapers just like you. Then ill be able to tell you its not the end of the world." I hugged Becka the best I could from where I was seated.

"Well well we had Strawberry shortcake ones for you. Now are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yep, diaper me Jay." Jay removed her pants and panties. I tried to look away to give her privacy but curiosity got the better of me. He grabbed a razor and made quick work of Becka's well groomed mound. He lotion-ed her up and added some powder. Finally he sealed her in the diaper. Last but not least was the plastic pants. All and all she looked happy.

"You see, im still alive." she said to me.

"yep, these jeans are no good with these diapers, I will defiantly need to change into my dress." Soon she was dressed and ready for the day. Jay had packed 2 diaper bags one for each of us, the box of coffee and anything else he thinks we might need.

"Damn its already 8:45. I don't think we will make it on time for my first class." Jay laughed at that statement.

"MIT has a helli-pad and we aren't using the chopper right now. My co-worker is driving a car out for us. Ill get you there in 20 mins." we hurried out to the chopper and were off to MIT, in the coolest helicopter ever!

To be continued. Please feel free to email me at Comments, complaints, ideas are all welcome.

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