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Back in Time

Chapter 1

Nick has always had a feeling that he was not appreciated in his family, which was not surprising when you learn that his parents divorced when he was six. He had never heard from his father since then and had formed a loving bond with his mother who doted on him for the next eight years. Then there came an event that was to change his life, his mother met and married a man through a dating agency (or marriage bureau as they were called in those days) and he felt himself driven into isolation.

In no time at all his mother fell pregnant and at the age of 16 he was the brother to a little sister. His room all at once became the children's room, his cupboard space was halved and a lot of his personal things were either thrown out or relocated to the loft and in their place came a huge pile of nappies, plastic pants, baby clothes and cuddly toys.

His new sister Jessie became the total focus of their attention and Nick found himself feeling alone and unwanted. This is not to say that he did not love his sister, because he soon found himself cherishing her as a new friend. He envied her the attention she received but after a year he became the babysitter and live-in nanny.

One night as Nick was lying in bed listening to his sister making strange snuffling noises as she lay in her cot sucking her dummy fast asleep, he wondered what it would feel like to wear a nappy and suck on a dummy. The answer lay in the cupboard tempting him and he tiptoed to the pile of fluffy terry nappies and took one together with a couple of nappy pins.

It took no time to pin himself into the nappy and the softness immediately enveloped him. He then wondered how it would feel with baby powder and got up again softly and sprinkled a little baby powder inside and luxuriated in the fragrance that it gave. A spare dummy lay next to the changing mat and he popped it into his mouth. He sucked cautiously and found it soothing. He returned to his bed allowing the soft terry cloth to fondle him. He felt totally at peace for the first time in years and there was no way he could ignore the huge erection that had developed since he has put himself in a nappy.

He satisfied his guilty urge in an explosion of excitement that exceeded anything he had ever achieved before and almost immediately he drifted into a deep and fulfilling sleep. The only sounds to be heard were the two siblings suckling peacefully on their dummies.

The next sound Nick heard was his mother "What on earth are you doing?" she screamed.

To be continued......

Chapter 2

Nick almost hit the ceiling he was so startled.

"What are you doing sucking a dummy? Don't tell me you are turning into a big baby."

"I wondered what it would be like" stammered Nick clutching the sheet to his neck.

His mother grabbed hold of his bedclothes and yanked them back ferociously, with the other hand she pulled the dummy from his mouth. The nappy pinned about his waist and clearly stained at the front was immediately obvious.

"Are you wearing one of Jessie's nappies? What on earth is the matter with you big booby?" she bellowed reaching down and unpinning it.

"Lift up you big baby" she said trying to wrench out the nappy from under him, the pins gripped between her lips in an angry grimace.

"Don't you ever let me catch you doing this again" she warned looking at the dummy in her hand with disgust.

His stepfather who had been getting ready for work in the bathroom came in to see what all the trouble was about, because by now Jessie had started to wail and cry at the storm developing in the room.

"What is going on here?" he growled.

Nick was afraid of his stepfather, who terrified him at the best of times because in anger he was a fearsome bully who was quite capable of delivering corporal punishment that left marks on the skin.

"Nothing dear" said his mother, who was well familiar with the beating that could be dished out if she did not quickly defuse the situation. Satisfied that his thrashing skills were not required he returned to his shaving.

Nick thanked his lucky stars that his father was running late that morning and had no time for a row. He vowed that this was a mistake he would never make again. However, some pleasures are not easily forgotten and over the coming days his mind was tormented by the continual sight of the soft nappies that seemed to haunt him at every turn, in the airing cupboard, fluttering on the washing line, in his room and seemingly there was a nappy to be found in almost every room of the house.

He might have been able to resist the temptation were in not for a discovery while he was coming back from the station on his journey back from school. Just as he came out the back of the station onto the quiet road that led to his house he saw close to the wall a flash of pink. It was so bright that it immediately caught his eye and a second look showed that it was a toddler's dummy with a teat that was larger than his sister's soother. With a quick stoop he gathered up the dummy and put it in his pocket, his fingers exploring the outline of the ring and face plate, squeezing the rubber nipple that screamed out at him to take it out of his pocket and examine it more closely, to place it in his mouth and suck on it. He felt himself getting excited at the thought and arrived home to be greeted by his mother.

"Look after Jessie will you, I have to get a few things for tea"

Jessie was wearing a little red dress with matching panties that had a frill of white lace on the bottom. Her thick white nappy was poking out from the holes around her legs and Nick was filled with envy as he took her into his arms. She sucked contentedly on her dummy, a little white terry bib trimmed in pink gingham around her neck to catch her drooling. The dummy in his pocket seemed to be on fire and he felt himself starting to blush at the thought of it.

"Okay Mum, no problem" he said taking her in his arms.

The front door closed and Nick put his sister in her play pen, went to the kitchen took out a white plastic bin liner and cut out two holes. He then rushed upstairs to her supply of nappies, took one and pinned it on pulling the plastic cover over the top. He put his trousers back on, took out the dummy and put it in his mouth. As a final thought he took one of her bibs and tied it about his neck and then went to his bed to massage his aching desires. He erupted in no time at all and wiped himself clean and dropped the nappy into his sister's nappy bucket. He was a mixture of shame, guilt and delight. He realised he was still sucking on the dummy and before he could think straight he heard the key in the door, his mother was back!

He took off the bib, picked up the plastic bag and took out the dummy and in considerable haste put them under his pillow. He struggled to get back into his pants and replace his trousers and had just done up the belt when his mother came back into the room.

"What are you doing? Why aren't you looking after your sister?"

"I had to go to the loo" he lied starting to blush as he realised how close he had been to being caught out. His mother gave him one of her penetrating stares and her gaze moved to his bed, the pillow ruffled and the bed rumpled. In a trice she lunged forwards, her sharp eyes had spotted the pink ribbon tie to the bib trailing out from under the pillow.

"What on earth....?" She threw back the pillow to find the plastic bag, the dummy and the incriminating bib.......

To be continued

Chapter 3

"Why is there a bib under your pillow" she demanded holding the bib under his nose "and where did you get this dummy?"

"I found it" he said truthfully

"Why would you want it, your are a teenager, not a baby?" she retorted

"I don't know" he said wanting to be swallowed up and die

"What on earth is this bin liner doing here? Oh I see" she went to the nappy bucket and opened the lid, putting in her hand she pulled out one nappy "I just put all Jessie's nappies in the washing machine before I went out, how did this one get in here?"

"I changed her" he lied

"You didn't. She is a very wet little girl at the moment and it is you who is the big baby who wet this nappy, because these are your plastic pants, your dummy and these are the pins you used to pin it on" she said reaching onto his bed where he had left the pins on open view. Why have you done this?"

"I don't know" he mumbled in acute embarrassment "but I didn't wet the nappy honestly, I just got excited in it".

"You are disgusting" said his mother disdainfully "just wait until your father finds out about this."

Nick froze at her words "please Mum don't do that, I promise I won't do it again, He will only beat me up and I already know I have done wrong."

"We'll see" she said and left the room taking his newly found dummy with her.

Nick stood in the bedroom feeling wretched and fearful. Nick applied himself to his studies not daring to venture out apart from having tea with his sister, something he would normally never do. . His father came back from work and all evening Nick waited for the summons which never came. He worked beneath the anglepoise light sitting on his bed as his sister was put down for the night. Nothing was said and for that he was eternally grateful.

Life in the family deteriorated over the coming year, the rows became more intense and the beatings more frequent, Nick remained true to his word and despite the urges never borrowed his sister's nappies again, until on one horrific weekend the arguments reached such a fever pitch that mayhem erupted and finished with his stepfather storming out of the house. It turned out that his mother was not the only light in his life and that he had formed a deep and meaningful with another woman at work.

On the night of the separation Nick had comforted his sister now aged two and totally unable to understand what was going on. A few minutes after the door slammed with his father taking his suitcases and revving the car with a screech as he pulled off the drive. Jessie and Nick cried in each others arms as they comforted each other. Jessie worked on her dummy the face plate wiggling up and down rhythmically. The old feelings started to return and on the following day Nick plucked up courage to go into Boots and buy a pair of incontinence pants and a new dummy. He was thrilled to notice that the pants came in packs of three, which would save him the embarrassment of shopping again for some time.

He had never felt so embarrassed in his whole life, but once the purchase was made he felt elation and electricity run through his veins. He rushed home in almost a run. His mother had taken a part-time job to make ends meet and his sister was looked after by a neighbour who also had a similar job and between them they worked and looked after each others children. Today his mother was out and Jessie was with baby Cindy.

The beauty of this arrangement was that there were other nappies in the house that did not belong to his sister and because the neighbour's child was younger they were newer, softer and had a totally different laundered smell. The fact that they belonged to the attractive neighbour made the use of them even sweeter. The sister wore Harringtons, the neighbour had Zorbits.

He stripped off his clothes, dusted himself in baby powder and pinned himself into one of the Zorbit nappies and then pulled up the new plastic pants. The neighbour's baby also had some lovely thick large bibs and he tied one of these about his neck breathing in deeply the fragrance. Finally he removed the dummy from its packaging and put it in his mouth. He was in heaven knowing he had a whole day to luxuriate in his baby play.

All morning he had prepared himself to wet the nappy when he put it on. He delayed the moment for so long that it was impossible not to let himself go in the nappy. He dreamed that he was a baby doing what came naturally, allowing the warm feeling to run over the front of him and that this was the most natural thing in the world for a baby to do.

He sucked on the dummy deliberately dribbling to make the bib wet and so that he was fully aware of its presence. He touched its softness and inhaled its unique fragrance and in no time was transported to baby paradise. He slowly drifted off to sleep in the wet nappy, dreaming that his pretty neighbour would change him and cuddle him.

He was so settled and confident in his sleep that he never heard the key turn in the latch, he never heard Jane his neighbour slip quickly upstairs to replenish Jessie's store of nappies that had run out in her house......

Jane who was in her twenties and had the little baby next door called Cindy stood in amazement as she looked at the sleeping form of Nick on the bed sucking a dummy, dressed in a bib and clearly was wearing a very wet nappy covered in protective plastic baby pants. She frowned as she looked more closely, because clearly Nick had one of her baby's bibs around his neck and it was clearly wet from his dribbling. She quietly picked up the pack of plastic pants from the floor and examined them then took one of the pairs out of the pack and put it in the front of her apron.

The pants he was wearing were so transparent, that she could even make out the label on the nappy and it was quite clearly one of her baby's as well. She could not think what to do when suddenly she had a flash of inspiration. She reached into her apron, underneath the pants and pulled out an item that she gently placed on the pillow next to Nick's head......

To be continued

Chapter 4

It was only twenty minutes after Jane had left that Nick was awoken by something pressing into his ear. Lazily he reached up with his hand and was startled to feel what could only be a dummy. He sat up with a shock, his own soother was still in his mouth comforting him (much to his surprise). This was a smaller size than his own and clearly for a younger baby and like the one he had borrowed off Jessie almost a year ago.

He was in total shock "how had it got there and to whom did it belong?" he thought to himself. A warm stream flowed into his nappy as the fear slowly came over him, someone must have come in and left it on his pillow. It could not be his mother, because she was at work. Perhaps she had come home early, no that was not it as she would have gone ballistic. Who else could it have been? Slowly the realisation swept over him, the only other person who had a key apart from himself and his mother was Mrs. Corby from next door, the beautiful single Mum who shared babysitting duties. A new sense of fear gripped him and again he trickled helplessly into the sodden nappy pinned about him.

He quickly got up and stripped off the transparent plastic pants and sopping nappy and dropped it in to Jessie's nappy bucket, but this time he checked that it was not empty and that his discovery would go unnoticed. He took off the bib and realised that it was wet from his dribbles, there was no way he could return it to the baby pile from which he had taken it. He hid his own dummy and the new gift of one in his college bag and stuffed the damp plastic pants and damp bib with them. His mind was racing and he had almost broken out in a sweat with the worry.

Picking up his pants and trousers he got dressed. His babyish antics had gotten out of control and now he was found out. He could not imagine how he was going to behave in front of Mrs. Corby who came in frequently on many excuses, since his mother had said that she was very lonely and it must be hard for a single mother to cope with the isolation.

He double checked that everything was out of sight and started to think up some excuses for the thousand scenarios that he could imagine. He realised with a descending sense of gloom that he was doomed.

No sooner than had he gone downstairs when he heard the key in the lock. Once again his heart leapt into his mouth, was it his mother of Mrs. Corby? His heartbeat dropped a few percentage points when he recognised his mother coming through the door.

"Hello dear" she said cheerily "been home long?"

"Not too long Mum, I have been working on my revision. Like a cup of tea?"

"That would be lovely sweetheart, you get the kettle on while I go to Jane's to get Jessie back, or perhaps you would like to go while I get my shoes off?"

Nick froze with horror, "no it's okay Mum I will make you a nice cup of tea and cut you a slice of that nice cake you bought at the weekend" he said.

"No, you go" she said starting to slip off her shoes and starting to take over the tea preparation and getting out the mugs "I am too tired to walk another step and these shoes are killing me."

Nick realised that the moment of truth was upon him and hunched over, head down and in total dread made his way next door.

[To be continued]

Chapter 5

In less than a minute he was stood before the front door of Mrs. Corby's house and hesitated to ring the bell, but he needed to do nothing, because the door swung open and the beaming face of Mrs. Corby appeared before him. Today her blond hair, blue eyes and fabulous slim figure were lost on Nick. He only saw her pinafore apron with two nappy pins in the shoulder strap.

"It's my favourite baby boy Nicki!" she crowed "come on in little babykins. Do you want me to change you? I am just about to put a clean nappy on Cindy. Where's your bib, well actually what have you done with Cindy's bib?" she emphasised "and what did you do with her nappy that you wet?"

Nick wanted to dissolve or die on the spot as he followed Mrs. Corby into the kitchen. Cindy and Jessie were in the playpen playing. A changing mat was on the large pine table in the centre of the room with a clean white nappy, pair of pink plastic pants placed on top. A container of Johnson & Johnson baby powder and some zinc and castor oil cream were next to them.

She turned on him again "I asked you a question, what did you do with her nappy and her bib?"

"I put the nappy in Jessie's nappy bucket and I put her bib somewhere safe" he stammered.

"Well the bib was soaked with your dribbling wasn't it? So you had better go back right now and bring it back to me so I can wash it properly."

Nick hesitated

"Go and get it right now" she commanded.

He ran out of the house and rushed up to his room.

"Where's Jessie?" shouted up his mother

"Won't be a minute, just getting something for Mrs. Corby Mum" he replied.

"What are you getting?" asked his mother

"Oh nothing" said Nick rummaging in his college bag. He sorted past the plastic pants, and two dummies and his hand felt the terry cloth of the damp bib. He took it out quickly and stuffed it in his pocket, as an after-thought he put the dummy he had been given in his pocket as well. The sound of his mother coming up the stairs threw him into a new panic and he took out his calculator from another section of the bag.

"What are you rushing about at?" she inquired

"Mrs. Corby wanted me to work something out for her and I just came to get my calculator".

His mother did not look convinced as he continued on his mad dash, she caught the briefest glimpse of him as he tore past her and she could have sworn that dangling out the corner of his pocket were two ribbons. Fortunately for Nick she was tired and her normally astute powers of observation were jaded and she thought no more about it.

Nick arrived breathless and stood in front of Jane, sheepishly he took the infantile bib out of his pocket, the dummy she gave him clattered to the floor as he handed it to her. He looked at the changing mat, where there had been a pair of pink plastic pants there was now a much larger pair of clear transparent plastic pants.

"They are yours" she confirmed before he could so much as gasp "I want you to take off your trousers and pants and lie down on the mat like a good baby"

"But I can't" he said, his lip trembling as the enormity of the situation hit him.

"Do it" she growled "or else I can make your life a total misery". As Nick took off his clothes she folded the nappy into a kite shape.

"Lie on top of the mat like a good baby" she cooed with a smile best described as evil.

"What is all this?" she asked looking at his private region "oh no, that all has to come off, baby would never have all that nasty hair". She produced a lady's Philishave and within seconds the buzzing razor had stripped him of all his adolescent hair.

"Lift up so we can get your clean nappy on. That's a very good baby for Auntie, now let's put in the pins. That's it, one in, now two in. Lift again sweetie pie" she told him as she worked his feet through the leg holes of his plastic pants.

"Okay, stand up and let's make sure you are all tucked in". She inspected her handiwork and prodded pieces of nappy into the protection of his babyish panties.

"Please don't do this" said Nick as tears started to well up. Jessie looked up from the playpen and gave a little tinkling laugh as she saw her big brother standing up in his nappy.

"Nappy" she said

"Yes sweetheart, you brother is now a little toddler isn't he? He likes being a big baby and wetting his nappy doesn't he? Now what are we missing? I know, he hasn't got his dummy has he? Shall we give the baby his dum-dum to suck, because he looks like he will cry if we don't." She picked up his dummy off the floor, tied it to a piece of pink ribbon then pressed the teat to his lips, Nick resisted.

"You liked sucking on your doe-doe when I popped in this afternoon" she said with a voice as sickly as syrup. Nick let the dummy slip into his mouth and looked totally defeated, his head had dropped until his chin rested on his chest. Jane tugged his ear and he looked up to see her holding a large terry towelling bib with a plastic backing. It had pictures of teddies embroidered on one corner and was piped in a pink binding that became the ties. She tied it about his neck and pinned on the ribbon of his dummy.

"You can have this one as a present from Cindy, because it is a bit too big for her."

It seemed to fit Nick perfectly and Jane frowned as she examined him.

"Take off you shirt and socks Nick, baby does not want to wear big boys clothes does he?" Nick now beaten into submission did as he was told.

"Now get in the playpen with the babies while I go next door and tell your Mum that you are helping me out for a couple of hours. Play nicely and keep sucking your dummy or else I will have to spank." She scooped up Jessie onto her hip and hitched her up into a comfortable position. Jessie was now sucking on her own dummy, but wide-eyed at the sight of her brother sitting in the playpen dressed as a small toddler.

The stress of the encounter with Mrs. Corby had left him in dire need of the toilet and Nick was starting to squirm "Mitheth Corby?" he struggled to talk past his dummy but the only sounds that came out sounded infantile "I haf to go toilet".

[To be continued]

Chapter 6

Jane smiled at him sweetly "of course you can go to the toilet, just go in your nappy that is what it's for silly!"

Nick built up the cups for Cindy so she could knock them down, the two of them sat facing each other with legs wide apart and sucking passionately on their dummies. For a few minutes Nick fought the urges of his bladder, but the sound of the door opening brought fresh panic as he thought his mother might be coming back with Mrs. Corby. He was slowly losing his battle and as Jane came into the room she noticed Nick clenching to stop himself from wetting, but between his legs she noticed that the brilliant whiteness of his nappy was slowly yellowing as an increasing flow disappeared between his legs.

"There's a good baby boy, that's your second wet nappy today isn't it. Perhaps we should get your mummy to buy some of your own nappies so that you don't have to wear Cindy's, maybe when Jessie has been potty trained you could wear hers?"

Nick broke down and cried, he was totally humiliated and at the end of his tether.

"What are you going to do with me?" he mumbled past his dummy

"I am going to send you home of course, I already have one baby and I do not think that I could cope with two."

"When can I go home?" he asked with trepidation

"You can go home now Baby Nicki! I do not want you to miss your din-dins do I snookums?" she said picking up his clothes and putting them in her washing machine along with some of the baby dresses and other items of Cindy's clothing. She added a wash ball closed the door and started the washing machine. Nick spluttered in alarm.

"My cloves, you haf put my cloves in the washer"

"Of course I have, babies are always making their clothes dirty and my machine is on at least once a day. By the way your mummy wants to know how one of Cindy's nappies got into Jessie's nappy bucket? I was in there when she was loading her washing machine. I said that I had no idea and suggested that she might like to ask you to see if you could throw any light on the mystery!"

Nick froze again in alarm "You told her about me?" he asked

"No, I would not be that mean. Jessie was talking about you though and kept babbling away saying 'Jessie nappy', 'Jessie nappy' and then bursting into giggles!" said Jane picking up Cindy and placing her on the changing mat.

"I seem to have been changing nappies all day today, but I do not want to change yours again, so I think you had better go now and ask your mummy to change you." She said undoing the poppers on Cindy's Babygro and pulling down her nappy and pants in one movement.

"Go on now, climb out and go home Babykins"

"But I am wearing a wet nappy" he wailed spitting out the dummy and tearing at the bib

"You leave that bib on and keep sucking your dummy" she shouted "you have been a naughty baby and your mummy will no doubt punish you. Ask her to launder Cindy's nappy for me and then let me have it back when it clean."

Nick looked at despairingly as the tears streamed down his cheeks and onto his bib

"Go home you big booby" she instructed "Goooo"

He climbed out of the playpen, the nappy clung to him tightly with its wetness and he ran barefoot from her house to his. Luckily nobody saw him make the journey, but he had forgotten his key and would have to ring the door bell.

[to be continued]

Chapter 7

Nick heard the clatter of his mother's feet coming down the hall to the front door as he sucked nervously on the dummy. So great was his terror that he felt himself wet into Cindy's nappy again, but on this occasion it gave him no pleasure at all. He had tried the think of ways that he might have entered the house secretly, but the side gate was locked and in any case the back door came into the kitchen, where he knew his mother was making tea.

"That will be your big brother Nick coming back Jessie" he heard his mother shouting as she came to the door. The mortise lock turned, the door opened

"Here he is", and his mother gasped, there was a second's pause "What the hell are you doing? Are you wearing a nappy? Why are you sucking a dummy? Where did you get that bib from?" he eyes darted across his body as she took in more and more information "Have you wet that nappy? You big overgrown baby, what on earth are you playing at? Get in at once before the whole street sees you. Are you totally mad?"

She grabbed him by the hair and yanked him into the hallway. Nick was so battered by the barrage of questions, that he never once thought to spit out the dummy and a babyish memory caused him to suck it for comfort automatically. The saturated nappy unable to hold any more of his wetting had allowed a small amount of wetness to escape the confines of his plastic pants and a trickle had started to run down his leg. He felt himself being propelled into the kitchen.

"Your baby brother Nicky is home Jessie. Look at him in a wet nappy and sucking a dummy. He is no bigger than you is he, because he behaves just like a little baby, perhaps we will have to buy him his own sippy cup or make him drink from a bottle, because he has to wear a bib. Look at him". Jessie looked up from her play pen.

Nick bowed his head, the trickle had run down to his foot and was now starting to make a pool on the tiled floor. The assault by his mother had caused him to find an additional reserve of wetness that had flooded through the saturated fibres of the nappy and were now flowing down his leg onto the floor.

"So it was you who stole Cindy's nappy and put it in Jessie's nappy bucket wasn't it? You cannot know how embarrassed I was telling Jane, because we have a system. When she went back I searched your room and guess what I found? She directed her next remarks to Jessie "Do you know what I found Jessie? I found big plastic baby pants and a large baby's dummy. Where did they come from I wondered? Your baby brother had bought them for himself hadn't he? Because he wants to be a little baby boy doesn't he?

Nick looked down and noticed with horror that he was now wetting the floor. His eagle-eyed mother was quick to follow his glance and the outrage to her kitchen floor was an explosive addition to their debate.

She grabbed him by the hair and propelled him towards the stairs "Get up" she yelled

"I am sorry Mum" he wailed from behind his dummy

"It's too late for that, get up those stairs immediately. No not that way, get in the bedroom and lie on Jessie's changing mat." Nick was filled with joy and horror, because this was a dream and at the same time it was his worst nightmare. He did as he was commanded.

"Did you put this nappy on? Lift up baby" she talked to him as she dragged off his wet plastic pants.

"This is another one of Cindy's nappies, who put this on? Did you? Did you steal this one as well?"

Nick looked at her waiting for a chance to speak, his mother paused for breath "Mrs Corby put me in this nappy because she found out that I had borrowed one of Cindy's nappies. She told me I had to bring the bib back that I borrowed and then she put me in this nappy and gave me a bib that Cindy did not want. She also gave me this new dummy."

"So she knows, you little twerp. She knows that I have a pervert for a son who wants to dress up in baby clothes. Well you are going to get your wish and from now on you are going to wear a nappy all the time". She unpinned the very wet nappy and gasped.

"Where has your hair gone?"

"Mrs Corby cut it off with her razor, she said babies do not have hair down there." The answer made his mother smile as she worked the pins out of the wet nappy "she made me wear this nappy and gave me a bib and dummy as well".

"Lift up" she commanded as she pulled the wet nappy out from under him and placed it over his face "isn't it disgusting? How old are you? Sixteen? Yes 16 months. That is how old you are from now on."

Nick inhaled the wet nappy, the smell of Mrs. Corby's washing powder had gone, the smell of the baby powder had also been eliminated by the pungency of his wetting.

"I am not going to clean you up. I am just going to put some baby powder on you to hide the stink, hopefully you will get a bad case of nappy rash. Lift up again". She slipped two of Jessie's nappies under him and took the safety pins from her lips and pinned him up.

"Lift again, let's put your nice new plastic baby panties on you which you bought yourself. That's a good baby, all safely back in nappies again. Let's have this dummy out and let you have the one you bought. There, you might as well keep your bib on". His mother stopped to pause for thought.

"You will get cold if I do not put something on you, so you might as well wear a plain t-shirt. Now hold still while I pin your doe-doe to your shirt with this ribbon. Now get down".

He jumped down, the nappies were very tight and forced his legs apart, making his normal walking stance impossible. His mother smacked his bottom almost playfully and picked up the wet nappy and plastic pants.

They went down to the kitchen, where Jessie had been playing patiently.

"look who it is! Baby Nicki has come to play!" She looked at him sucking his dummy and wearing a bib with wide eyes.

His mother put the nappy and plastic pants in the sink and started to wash both by hand. She shook out the pants and handed them to him.

"Hang these on the line".

"But all the neighbours will see them" he exclaimed "and I cannot go out dressed like this, everybody will see me wearing a nappy".

"Hang them on the line, we put all Jessie's plastic pants and nappies on the line and we shall do the same for you. Do as you are told". Nick went out the back door and again he felt his bladder trying to send a message. Lucky was not the way you would describe the way that Nick's day was going. He spat out the dummy and noticed with disgust that it dangled by the ribbon pinned to his t-shirt. He also noticed that the plain white t-shirt was an old one and had shrunk so that is came to just below his waist and allowed most of his nappy and pants to be easily visible.

He came to the rear of the house and the washing line stretched out to the back of the garden. He walked to the middle on the line where it was lowest and was about to take out two pegs from the container on the line when he saw Mrs. Corby. He froze, but there was no chance that she could avoid seeing him.

"I see Mummy changed you then Babykins" she said pinning out a series of bibs on her line "is Mummy washing Cindy's nappy or are you going to do that later?"

"Mum's doing it" he mumbled as he fumbled to pin his plastic pants to the line. Just then the neighbour on the other side of him entered the garden unseen by Nick.

"Hello Mrs Morris" welcomed Mrs. Corby shouted Jane past Nick "how are you, how is Marianne?"

Nick spun round and gawped in horror

"Are you wearing a nappy Nick?" asked Mrs Morris incredulously

Before Nick could utter a word Jane was quick to reply "He started wetting himself today and had to borrow one of Cindy's nappies, so I put him in a clean nappy when he came round and now his mummy has had to change him again". Mrs. Morris looked doubtful at this information.

"Look if you don't believe me there is Nicki hanging out his plastic pants right now Mrs Morris, I am not making it up and you can see he is wearing a bib and now he even needs a dummy." Mrs. Morris saw the dummy bounce on his chest and started to laugh.

"I must tell Marianne, perhaps she could make some money baby-sitting him" she laughed heartily and Jane soon joined in as she started to pin out a long line of white nappies.

"I hope Nick's mummy has a long enough washing line with two children in nappies" she chortled

Nick decided that he could take no more and without a word dashed back into the house leaving his plastic pants blooming in the wind and the two women sniggering and laughing at the sight of his nappied rear running down the garden.

He arrived back in the kitchen breathless..

"Having a nice chat with the neighbours dear?" smirked his mother.

"now take Cindy's nappy and pin it on the line, I have washed it for you"

Nick took the nappy and went back into the garden where to his disappointment the two neighbours were still talking across his plastic plants next to which he had to hang out the nappy as well.

"Is that the nappy you had on Nicki, please show it to me" said Jane

Nick walked over to her and she lifted it up and held it to the light.

"Yes that is the one you had on and it is now lovely and clean". Mrs Morris listened with her jaw dropped.

"Don't you want to hang it with your nappies" he asked hopefully

"No Babykins you hang it next to your plastic pants" she said "as you liked it so much you can have it as a present."

He walked to the line and was facing Mrs Morris "It was an accident" he stuttered "I had an accident" he explained as he pinned up the nappy next to the pants.

"You look cold" said Mrs Morris "you cannot walk about just in a nappy and a t-shirt". Suddenly, she became animated "I have just the thing" and in a trice she was gone. Nick took the opportunity to dash back inside.

Chapter 8

His mother was just about to finish making the tea. Jessie was in her high chair and tapping the little wooden tray with her spoon.

"Sit down Nicki" she said and tied a bib round his sister's neck, "You are wearing your bib already aren't you baby boy" she sneered. Nick went to reply, but thought his best route was to remain silent until the whole nightmare was over.

He looked down at his place setting and was disappointed to see that in place of a knife and fork there was a rubber spoon and a red plastic dish. His mother smirked to see the look of disappointment on his face and spooned in some baked beans and chopped sausages. She gave Jessie the same and watched as her little daughter attacked her supper with relish, sometime using her little spoon and sometimes her fingers. In no time it seemed that there was as much dinner on her face and bib as there was left in the dish.

She sat down to start her own supper, eating daintily with knife and fork, while Nick struggled with the toddler spoon that was like a one of the plastic spoons you used to get with an ice cream, but a lot bigger and thicker. It was almost flat and unlike a teaspoon seemed to hold nothing. In no time at all he had dropped sauce covered beans all down his bib, the smirk he detected on his mother's face cut him deeply.

For desert his mother had brought a chocolate mousse from Marks & Spencer, she cleared away his dish and spoon and replaced it with his pudding. She gave one to Jessie and gave her a spoon out of the drawer. Nick looked at her.

"Please may I have a spoon Mum?" he asked

"No I only have three baby spoons and Jessie has the last one. I am not washing up one especially for you, so you had better eat your pudding with your fingers baby boy".

Nick shrugged and stuck his finger in the pot and lifted it to his lips, some fell onto his bib. He tried using two fingers as a scoop and this time got most of it in his mouth but some dripped onto his bib and some got smeared about his mouth. He looked quite a mess by the time he was finished and despite running his tongue over his lips there was a large amount he had missed. Jessie picked up her dummy that was resting on her tray and popped it in her mouth. Nick's mother lent over and picked up his dummy and forced it to his lips.

"Suck your dummy now Nicki, while mummy clears away the tea things"

Nick hesitated

"Suck or mummy smacks and don't you dare take it out unless I say so" she said menacingly.

Nick's dummy slipped between his lips and almost without thinking he took a few sucks. His mother once again gave one of her curious smirks.

There was a knock at the door.

"I wonder who that can be" said his mother "sit still Jessie or you will fall out of your high chair. Nicki don't you move until I have cleaned your handy pandies".

She went down the hall and opened the door "Hello Jane, come in, I want to have a word with you!" she said.

Nick thought that his mother would have something to say about what Mrs. Corby had done to him wouldn't she? Jane came into the kitchen carrying a baby monitor and was surprised to see that Nick had made full use of the bib she had given him and was openly sucking on the dummy that was in his mouth.

"I see you have put my Nicki back in nappies and I want to give you a piece of mind."

Nick had his turn to smirk behind the mouth plate of his dummy

"You did exactly the right thing and I have decided to show him what it is really like to be a baby for 24 hours a day."

"I cannot stop long because I have only just put Cindy down in her cot. I only wanted to say sorry for what I had done, but finding your son in one of Cindy's nappies and wearing one of her bibs somehow upset me".

"No dear you did exactly the right thing and I want to get Nick out of this behaviour once and for all. College breaks up at the end of this week and I have decided that he will spend the whole of his holiday as a baby."

Nick tried to complain but his dummy made his comments unintelligible. He desperately wanted to spit out the infantile object, but his mother's stern warning was still ringing in his ears. Jessie laughed at his efforts to speak around his dummy.

"So you are going to put him to bed early, that sort of thing?" encouraged Jane

"Oh no, a lot more than that! I am going to keep him in nappies the whole time and am going to make him and Jessie some matching outfits.

"What about nappies and things like that? They cost a fortune and the ones you have for Jessie will not be enough."

"I thought that instead of paying Nicki to help me out while I am at work by doing jobs that he could pay me back for his own baby clothes. I am quite useful with a sewing machine so I should be able to save a lot of money by making some of his things myself. How many babies do you know that have pocket money" they both started to laugh and Nick looked as black as thunder.

Maybe it was the anger, but the niggling bladder was now becoming a major contender in his thoughts, but how was he to get the attention of his mother? Like a toddler he tugged at her apron from his seated position, but she chose to ignore him as she laughed and chuckled with Jane. He pulled at her apron again and this time got her attention.

"What is it?" she said almost kindly

"Wanfa go poilet" he stammered around his dummy. This made both of them laugh even louder.

"Need go poffy" he said copying the words his sister would have used to call for her potty, because she was just starting her nappy training albeit unsuccessfully. He pointed down at his nappy and plastic pants.

"I think he wants his potty" said Jane cruelly and his mother laughed some more.

"Do you want to do a wee wee baby boy?" she asked mockingly. He nodded enthusiastically.

"Well aren't you a silly baby! You can go anytime you want sweetie, you don't have to ask, Does he Jane? She addressed her friend encouraging a reply.

"No of course the poor baby does not need to ask..." Nick started to get up from his chair but his mother pushed him down "... because babies go in their nappies don't they silly" said both women in perfect unison and resumed their laughing.

The door bell rang and Nick's mother went down the hall again

Chapter 9

"Glenda, what a surprise come on in. It's Mrs. Morris Nick. Say hello!"

"Hello Mrs Morris" said Jane

"Call me Glenda dear!"

"Hello Nick" said Glenda looking at the chocolate-covered face of Nick and his dirty bib.

"Just as well he had that bib on! Is he regressing? I thought it was odd when I saw him in the garden hanging up his plastic pants and a nappy. I see he has got his dummy back, I thought you took that away almost fourteen years ago." Glenda Morris had been a neighbour ever since they moved in over 20 years ago and saw the arrival of Nick and watched his development from baby to teenager.

"He seems to have gone from teenager to toddler very quickly Elaine".

"Yes, I am not sure what happened, yesterday he was almost a man, and then I came back today to find him standing on the doorstep in a wet nappy and looking the perfect baby. Jane found him in a nappy earlier in the afternoon and was kind enough to put another one on him in case of an accident and he wet that one before he could get home and take it off.

Nick cringed and sank lower in his chair, he was now busting to go and despite his fidgeting and squirming he was losing the battle as little squirts escaped into his nappy. Each time he lost a little, the harder it became to apply the brakes.

Glenda said "I saw him in the garden and remembered that I had something in the attic that might be useful to you. You may remember that before Arthur my husband was taken from us that he was totally bedridden and needed some special clothes, well he never got much use out of those things and I carefully put them away". She opened up the large bag she had brought in with her and took out a large terry square "I have more than a dozen of these, the hospital gave them to me. I also have a whole box full of plastic pants. He got very restless in the end and was always trying to take off his protection, so the hospital gave me a few garments that look like a vest but have snaps that do up at the back. They are not very glamorous because they are cream coloured but you could always embroider them or maybe even dye them a prettier colour".

"Wonderful" said his mother realising that this would reduce her expenses considerably

"can Nick come and collect them?"

"Yes he can come now, the loft ladder is down and everything is very accessible, please take it all. I am not really sure why I have kept it all these years, force of habit I guess" she smiled.

Jane was washing Jessie's hands and face with a warm flannel while Glenda and Elaine talked about the clothes in the loft. She rinsed out the flannel in the warm water and wiped down Nick's face and then washed his hands as well. He was now in agony with his urgent need to wet himself and the little spurts he had allowed to release were just about enough to show through his transparent plastic pants.

"Go with Mrs. Morris Nicki and bring back the things she has given you. Come on be quick about it" she barked. The sudden movement from the chair made him lose more wetness than he had intended and he suddenly realised that he had finally lost the battle. The flow was now unstoppable and the front of his nappies became visibly yellow.

"I think Nick has wet himself again Elaine" said Glenda

"Nick you naughty baby, I told you to tell me when you wanted to go to the toilet!" she admonished him "Just as well we are going to have lots of nappies for you, thanks to Mrs Morris's kindness. We might still need to buy you some more the way things are going!"

Nick looked tearful at the unfairness of her remarks, he had asked to use the toilet and they had told him in no uncertain terms that he had to go in his nappy. Now Mrs Morris honestly believed that he needed to be in nappies.

"Come on Nicki let's go and get these things for you" said Glenda. Nick looked down at his nappy.

"I'll change you later" said his mother seeing the distress in her son's eyes. The thought of being changed only served to increase the stress he was feeling.

Chapter 10

Nick had to make several trips in order to transport the boxes of things that Mrs Morris had in her attic. Some of the boxes appeared brand new and had the original tape still in place.

While he was going back and forth from Mrs Morris's his mother put Jessie to bed in her cot.

Jane popped back to check on Cindy, but the monitor was working perfectly well and she had nothing to worry about. This was far to exciting to miss. The humiliation of Nick was somehow exciting her and in a strange way she found herself becoming sensually aroused by the events unfolding.

Jane, Glenda and Elaine opened the boxes and pulled out nappies, plastic pants and the promised sleep suits (which looked like giant BabyGros or onesies) with a line of six snaps at the crotch.

In one of the new unopened boxes they found some woollen socks.

"They look like booties" said Jane

"His circulation was so bad that he felt the cold" said Glenda "but I used to give him a hot water bottle to keep his feet warm".

Digging deeper they found some curious gloves without fingers or thumbs

"And these look like mittens" said his mother

"I think they were to keep his hands warm and at the same time discourage him from taking off his protection" explained Glenda

"Oh how sweet" said Elaine taking out a little woollen cap made of wool. She took one of each item and put it in a pile. I will wash everything tomorrow, but Nicki will just have to wear these things tonight as they are. Time for bed now darling".

"Ith only theaven o'clock" grumbled Nick who had been sitting on the floor watching with disbelief as the boxes were unpacked.

Elaine went upstairs and came down with Jessie's changing mat. The three women gathered round as she pinned down the complaining Nick and started to strip off his baby pants and wet nappy. She undid the ribbon securing his dummy took off his messy bib and removed his t-shirt. He was as naked as the day he was born.

"Not very well developed is he" said Glenda as a matter of fact, looking at his little shrivelled member "he is probably better off using it to wet his nappy, because he would never satisfy a woman with that poor excuse of a thing." Once again the three women howled with laughter.

The nappy donated by Glenda was huge and Elaine soon had it folded into a kite shape.

"Right we are baby boy let's get you into a clean nappy" she said

"Aren't you going to give him a bath or give him a wash" asked Jane

"No" said Elaine, "I want him to get a good dose of nappy rash first, so he realises how uncomfortable it can be for a baby, so I am just going to powder him! Lift up like a good baby" she instructed slipping the thick nappy under him and pulling it up between his legs, after applying a liberal coating of baby powder.

She took two nappy pins that she had in her pocket, opened them and held them in her lips. The two other women pulled the two sides of the nappy together so that Elaine could pin them together. Nick closed his eyes and tried to endure this intense humiliation. He now sucked on the dummy almost by reflex and was beginning to stir up old forgotten memories as to how comforting it could be. His mother pushed the protective covers over the heads of the pins to stop them opening accidentally. She shook open the plastic pants which were far bigger than the ones he had purchased and seemed far more durable and thick. They crinkled terribly as she fitted them over his feet and started to pull them up his legs, maybe because with age they had lost some of their plasticity.

"Lift up baby, nearly done now", she said as she fitted the pants over his bulky nappy and tucked in the pieces of nappy that poked out.

Glenda had been opening one of the packets with the special vest and had opened up the shirt ready to slip over his head.

"Sit up" she said sweetly "so we can put on your little night vest". She pulled it over his head and down his torso.

"Now lift up again so we can do up the snaps" she ordered. Nick complied, his spirit broken, as the three women fought to do up the six silver poppers that connected the front of the garment to the back, pulling hard to get the back section nearer to the front poppers. There were six distinct clicks and Nick felt the garment relax and the newly fastened poppers slipped between his legs to become unreachable as the came to a rest on his bottom.

"Handies" said Jane, as she slipped the mittens over his hands and tied the ribbons.

"Tootsies" said his mother as she tied on the woollen booties.

"Woolly hat" said Glenda pulling the knitted hat over his head.

Nick sat with his legs spread apart from his large nappy, he could not bring his legs together because of the thickness. He sucked on his dummy wondering how on earth he was going to get out of his situation.

Meanwhile the women had been doing more rummaging in the boxes and found some giant white terry towelling bibs and a large brand new polythene sippy cup specially designed for geriatrics.

His mother took the sippy cup, washed it and filled it with milk, while Jane tied one of the bibs around his neck. It was so large that it came down to below his waist and sitting on the changing mat it rested on his legs.

"Up to bed now my big boy" she said, beginning to enjoy having her baby son back again. Nick got up with difficulty, the weight and thickness of his nappy made him waddle like a toddler. As he wobbled past the hall mirror he could not help but notice that dressed all in cream and white he looked like a very young baby.

He lay down in his bed as his mother pulled the covers over him and gave him the two-handled cup which he could barely hold in his mittened hands. The two neighbours looked on triumphantly as his mother slipped out his dummy and helped him feed from his cup. They stood in silence as he slurped on his cup and slowly drained it. His mother wiped his face with the end of his bib.

"I will leave him in his bib in case he dribbles" she explained popping his dummy back in "and I think I will tie his dummy in so he does not loose it" she said tying the ribbon round the back of his head and pinning it to the little woolly hat.

Nick started to well up with tears and began to cry and splutter.

"That's alright baby, you suck your doe-doe and go sleepy byes" said Elaine

"And don't worry about anything. Aren't you a lucky baby boy, you will not have to get up if you need to go potty during the night will you? You can just go in your nappy" comforted Jane.

"I expect you will wet your nappy in your sleep without it waking you up after a while" explained Glenda "but it doesn't matter if you go back to being a bed-wetter, because that's what all babies do isn't it? You might even wet yourself during the day as well without thinking about it by the end of your holidays."

They all wished him sweet dreams and filed out of his room. Nick lay in his bed and tried to remove his mittens, but they were tied too well. He would have used his teeth, but he couldn't spit out his dummy. He wriggled and writhed to try and undo the poppers, but try as he may he could not reach them let alone undo them with his mittens in place. The vest pulled the nappy close to him and every move made his plastic pants crackle. He could not get comfortable, the only way the nappy did not restrict him was if he lay on his back and allowed his legs to spread open, and so it was that this was the way he fell asleep.

The ladies dispersed shortly after Nick had been put to bed, when Elaine looked in to see how Nick was coping at eight o'clock she saw he had kicked off his covers and was lying with his legs apart and sucking heavily on his dummy. She looked across at Jessie and saw that she was in an identical position. A small smile of contentment crossed her face, because she had her two babies safely in bed. The next few months might be a lot of fun she thought.

Chapter 11

Nick awoke at around 3am in the morning as the big sippy cup of milk had worked its way through to his bladder but he needed no reminder that he was wearing a nappy and decided that he had no option but to let go. He felt the nappy warm as he released and almost immediately slipped back to sleep. He awoke at 7 am and again let himself go. The huge nappy seemed to have an infinite capacity and easily held all his wetting. Jessica stood at the bars of her cot looking at her brother who now looked like a big baby.

At eight o'clock his mother came in and lifted Jessie out of her cot.

"Come on let's get you changed little one" she said and set about putting Jessie n a clean nappy and pants.

"Nicki, your nappy should be okay until after breakfast, I will change you then."

He waddled down to the kitchen and his mother untied and unpinned his dummy putting it on the table beside his dish. She took it out and gave him a sippy cup of orange juice. The mittens were taken off so he could have breakfast. He drank it and wet his nappy, he didn't really need to go, but he gave in to the slight pressure anyway because now he was wearing a nappy it didn't matter when he went. It was all very simple his brain decided.

The warmth was quite comforting, but he noticed that there was more than the warmth he was starting to feel a bit sore where he had been shaved almost like a chafing. His mother gave them both some porridge like goo for breakfast, but told Nick to eat it with his hands. It was impossible and once again his face and bib were covered in this oatmeal concoction. His lips felt a bit sore from his unfamiliar dummy sucking all night.

She took away his dish smiling at his messy state and replaced it with a plate of marmite bread fingers which she had thoughtfully buttered on both sides. He was in a filthy mess by the time he had finished and looked the perfect toddler covered in oatmeal and marmite. Jessie by comparison had not a single mark on her bib and her face was almost clean.

Nick had had enough and stood up.

"I am not playing this stupid game any more "he shouted and tried to reach beneath his legs to get to the poppers that were holding the heavy wet nappy close to him. The effort was futile and his mother laughed at him.

"Sit down, you are upsetting Jessie" she said "now hold up your hands so I can wash them". Nick held up his hands and his mother slipped a pair of mittens over them and secured them to his wrists.

"Now you can sit in your wet nappy until lunch time" she said "I will not have this type of behaviour".

Nick thought how uncomfortable his nappy was becoming and started whining to his mother in an almost infantile way "Please Mum, I'm sorry, please change me. Pleeease, pleeease."

His mother picked up the dummy and stuck it in his mouth again "and make sure it stays there unless I tell you otherwise" she commanded.

"In future I think you should call me Mummy, do you agree?" He nodded his head in agreement.

"Then I will change you in an hour for being a good baby" she said "now get in the play pen while I get Jessie ready".

Nick got down from the table almost slipping with his booties on the tiled floor and fell to the floor. He crawled the remaining distance to the pen with his nappied bottom wobbling in the air and got in. His mother watched with delight, he was quickly accepting his babyish conditions and she was enjoying every minute of it.

The toys in the pen were dull and Nick curled into a ball and covered himself with the baby blanket. Within minutes he felt an urgent need to go to the toilet again and he fought hard the spasms that encourage him to soil his nappy.

"Mummmnggy! Munnnngy!" he cried as loud as he could through his dummy.

"Muuummngy, go poffy, go poffy" he wailed knowing his mother was more likely to react favourably if he sounded babyish. His mother came in and looked down at him as he went red trying to hold back the forces of nature. It was a face she remembered from the past, and it needed no explanation.

"Do you need to go potty baby"

"Mmmm" he said nodding vigorously

"Do you mind going on Jessie's potty sweetheart, because a baby boy cannot go on a grown up's toilet can they?"

"Poffy, Poffy pwease" he pleaded with the teat in his mouth making him lisp. At this stage anything would do, but he did not want to soil his nappy under any circumstances. His mother looked at him thinking back to when he was a toddler sitting in the play pen in his babygro sucking on his bottle and straining into his nappy. It seemed like only yesterday and now here he was reminding her of the lovely days when he was her loving baby.

"Mummmmmy, Mummmmmy poffy pleeeease" he said with urgency as the battle with his sphincter was being lost.

His mother delayed slightly "and you are sure you don't mind using a baby's potty, you can go in your nappy if you want to, it is probably wet already isn't it?" she asked teasingly seeing Nick struggling and beginning to sweat at the effort. His dummy was in danger of being sucked to death and his face was so red that she thought he might burst a blood vessel. He nodded frantically in an attempt to hurry his mother along, but she seemed intent on making him suffer for as long as she could.

Chapter 12

"I would go in your nappy baby, it is so much easier for you, don't you think so? Nick shook his head vehemently and felt the first stages of release. He groaned and then realised he had passed the point of no return. He rolled on to his knees and his brain instructed him to push. His mother watched with nostalgia as he re-enacted the way he used to soil his nappies when he was a toddler.

"Do you want mummy to rub your back baby" she asked as she realised he was a little constipated. She did not wait for a reply but started to press down at the base of his spine like she used to do when he had this problem. Nick grunted and pushed as he soiled his nappy, his mother continued to rub his back as he forced out some more.

"What a good baby you are Nicki" she said rubbing and patting his bottom and feeling the results of his efforts.

"Now you are really my baby again doing a big poo-poo in your nappy for Mummy."

Nick burst into tears.

"Don't cry baby, Mummy isn't cross, that is what nappies are for and it doesn't matter that you didn't want to wait for Mummy to get your potty."

Nick cried harder, this was so unfair, because he had asked to use the toilet, the potty, anything rather than have to soil his nappy.

His mother left him sobbing and went back to dressing Jessie who she had put in her cot while she saw what Nick was fussing about. She came down with Jessie who wrinkled her nose "Nicky gone poo-poo" she said with authority.

There was a knock at the door and Elaine put Jessie in the pen with Nick as she went down the hall. It was Jane with Cindy, because it was Elaine's turn to babysit today.

"How's Nicki today?" she asked

"Good as gold" said Elaine tickling Cindy as they went into the lounge.

"I think Jessie needs changing!" said Jane sniffing the air.

"No actually it is Nicki. I asked him if he wanted to go in the potty but before I could get it, he decided to soil his nappy. I will change him a bit later because he has to get used to wet and dirty nappies. He wanted to be a baby and I want it to be realistic. In any case his new nappies are in the washing machine and will not be ready for at least two hours by the time I have tumble dried them. There were two dozen in total, which is the same number I bought when he was a baby, Glenda was so generous.

As if on cue the door bell rang and it was Glenda who had popped in.

"I just wanted to see if all the clothes were useful" she said "somebody needs a clean nappy I think girls!" she said wafting the air beneath her nose with her hand.

Jane pointed at Nick in the play pen "Nicki has just done a number two in his nappy because he did not want to go in the potty like a big boy".

"He really looks and smells like a little toddler today. Look at his bib covered in breakfast and he even has managed to get it in his hair!" said Glenda "I suppose the nappy held everything?"

"It seems to have been very effective, but as I said, he will have to wait until the washing is done before I can change him" explained Elaine taking Jessie out the pen and balancing her on her hip..

Glenda walked over to Nick "Did the baby boy do a poopy in his nappy this morning? You really are going back to being a baby aren't you? Yesterday morning you were a big boy in trousers and boxer shorts and today you are sitting in a wet and messy nappy, dressed like a baby, wearing a bib covered in your breakfast and sucking a dummy. Why did you want to be like this?" Nick shook his head unable to give an answer.

Jane handed over Cindy's changing bag and bottles.

"Perhaps you should get Nicki a bottle so that he can be a little younger than Jessie" she suggested "you must be able to get suitable teats to fit, I will look on the internet for you."

Nick wet himself and to his horror felt the need to further soil his nappy. He decided to try and go quietly while the three women were swapping tales and playing with the girls and paying him no attention. He got on his knees and pretended to play with the blocks, his face going red with the effort of pushing. Another hot load went into the back of his nappy and he felt it slip down. The act was almost pleasurable and he allowed himself a smile behind his dummy, as he looked up he saw the three women and the two babies looking at him.

His mother looked at him with an expression that was resigned and had accepted the situation "he can't even be bothered to ask for his potty. It is just as I told you earlier, he would rather go in his nappy than ask for the toilet". She gave Jessie to Glenda and walked over to the kneeling and embarrassed Nick.

"And who's a little baby boy for his mummy by making a mess in his nappy?" she said patting his bottom and being surprised at the obvious bulge in the back of his baby pants. Nick found the feeling of his mother lightly patting the back of his nappy most comforting, especially with a nappy so full. It was almost as if his inner being had subconsciously remembered the infantile pleasures of having his bottom patted. He felt himself getting an erection.

The women left his mother who finished washing his nappies and dried a few in the tumble drier. She had washed all the plastic pants and hung the rest of the nappies on the line in the garden after bringing in Cindy's nappy and his plastic pants. The sign of so many larger nappies, an almost equal number of plastic pants and fluffy white giant bibs running the entire length of the garden had many of the neighbours curious. In fact the coffee circle in the house that backed on to Elaine's could talk of little else. They wondered whether a retarded child had moved in, or if Elaine's son had had an accident. They would soon know the truth.

Chapter 13

Elaine put Jessie and Cindy down for a nap at 11 o'clock. Nick sat watching the Teletubbies on the television in his dirty nappy. He found it difficult not to wriggle about as the soreness of his new developing nappy rash started to cause him pain. His mother came down and stood in the doorway watching her teenage son as he sat on a childishly decorated quilt watching a programme made for toddlers. As instructed he was still sucking on his dummy and the pink face plate and ring wiggled back and forth beneath his nose as he nursed without a second thought.

"Come on my big baby, let's get you changed" she said having gone into the kitchen and picked up one of his huge nappies and a pair of translucent plastic pants.

"Look what Mummy has done" she exclaimed opening up a vest that she had dyed a hideous pink "I found some dye left over from when I had to dye one of Jessie's vests when she spilt some Ribena over it. Isn't that pretty?".

Nick said nothing he just wanted to be out of the heavy, sticky, smelly wet nappies and would have given anything to be back in his underpants and trousers. Clearly his mother was going to have none of it because she was enjoying his new role as the new baby in her life. With practiced efficiency she changed and put him in a clean nappy and plastic pants. She did not mention the horrendous stink once, nor did she chastise or bully him, but kept up a happy dialogue the whole time.

"You have a nice case of nappy rash just like a real baby, but mummy will not put on any cream so you know how nice it is to be a real toddler. There that's better isn't it, a nice clean nappy for big baby boy?. Who's a lucky baby in his nice soft nappy then? All safely tucked up and my baby is ready to go" she said snuggling the pants over his nappy and rubbed the front of them. She shook open the vest and pulled it over his head.

"Stand up sweetie pie" she asked him catching hold of the snaps and pulling them through his legs and fastening them one by one with a click. She tied a clean bib about his neck, which had also been dyed a delicate shade of pink.

Despite the softness of his nappy, he still felt sore. He glanced at the reflection in the large mirror that hung on the wall, he stood legs apart trying to minimise the pressure of the fluffy towelling between his legs where the soreness was at its worst. He looked like an over-grown infant with the huge bulk of his padded bottom straining against the large BabyGro. He could see the plastic pants poking out through the leg holes clearly enveloping a thick nappy.

His mother told him to sit down and tied a large towel around his neck. She produced a pair of scissors and started to cut his hair.

Nick started to squirm, but his mother raised her hand and threatened to give him a slap. He stopped immediately.

"You have to have your hair cut. Look at it" she said snipping and thinning his hair "a baby your age would never have hair this long." She continued to cut and thin out his hair and the towel became coated in more and more of his dark locks. She seemed to take hours preening and fiddling with a small cut here and a little snip there. Eventually she took off the towel and stood back to admire her work.

"Perfect, we just need one more thing" and she went to her needlework box and took out a short length of pink ribbon which she tied onto a tuft of hair she had left in the centre of his head.

"I'm not a toddler mummy" he whined

"Look at yourself" she said

Nick looked across to the mirror and gasped through his dummy as the caricature of a six month old baby stared back at him, the little tuft of hair tied in a pink ribbon was a master stroke of humiliation.

"You are not a toddler any more are you? You are a proper little baby now" she said with a loving smile "and you are going to be like this for the whole of your holidays won't that be lovely?"

She went upstairs and came down with a razor and some shaving foam.

"Now mummy is going to make your legs and arms nice and smooth just like a real baby". She started to shave him as Nick began to cry, the tears running down his face to join the dribbles from his dummy sucking.

Nick grunted and sobbed as she finished her task.

"I think you need to go down for your nap now" she advised, "up you go the wooden hill to Bedfordshire."

Nick stood up and could not bear to look at his image in the mirror. He went up to his bed and his mother pulled back his covers. The two girls were sound asleep in the cot sucking their dummies. She took a pair of his booties and tied them to his feet, then fitted a new pair of mittens which she had also managed to dye pink. The events of the morning had drained Nick and he realised that he was tired especially as he had not had a proper night's sleep with the thickness of his unaccustomed nappy. He lay on his back and in no time at all drifted off into a fitful sleep. When his mother looked back ten minutes later he was lying on his back and nursing confidently on his dummy every bit as proficiently as the two sleeping babies in the cot.

In his dreams he saw himself at college, he was in lectures then in the refectory having a light lunch, then walking down the corridor. There was something that concerned him, because it seemed that although he was in amongst familiar faces they were all staring at him and he felt alone, he was somehow different. He looked down at himself and saw he was all dressed in pink, he had walked into the men's toilet and realised with horror that he had no fly and there was no way he could get to himself in order to use the urinal. The others in the loo were staring at him and beginning to laugh as he clutched fruitlessly at his clothes, despite clutching at the leg of his babyish garment he could not get to himself totally cocooned in the thick nappy he had on. He felt the release and looked into the bowl of the urinal, but he could see nothing splash against the white porcelain, instead he felt warmth that spread between his legs and towards his bottom. He awoke with a start and realised with horror that he had just wet himself, just as his mother had come into the room.

She looked at him "time to wake up Nicki" she said putting her finger into the leg hole of his plastic pants "have you just wet yourself during your nap?" she asked sensing that the warmth was fresh. Nick looked glum and his silence was an admission of his guilt.

"You are turning into a baby a lot faster than I ever expected" she said with a sense of maternal pride as she realised that she was getting her baby boy back a lot faster than she could ever have expected.

"Come on baby boy. Let's go and get you some lunch, shall we? That would be nice, some yummy din dins!"

He walked downstairs, the cooling wetness was starting to irritate his skin and he grimaced as the wet nappy clung to him. As they got to the bottom step of the stairs the door bell rang. It was Glenda come back.

"Hello Elaine" she started and then saw Nick, his nappy straining against the pink vest he had on with is hair tied in a little pink bow "my God the baby looks gorgeous, look at his hair" she exclaimed. Elaine glowed with pride at the compliments for her new look son.

"He has just had a nap, so he is a bit cranky at the moment because he wet his nappy while he was asleep and I don't think he meant to!"

"I told you that he would probably be a bed wetter in no time at all, but I have to say that I thought it would take longer than one day" chortled Glenda.

"Do you have time?" she asked "I was in town and I saw this and thought you might like it for Nicki". She held up a plastic bag from the local baby shop and handed it to her.

Elaine peered into the bag and let out a gasp "Oh it is wonderful, Nicki will love it won't you darling. Look sweetie pie, it is a beautiful rattle". She said pulling the large rattling bauble out of the bag and putting it between his mittened hands.

"There are not many things you can play with now your little handy pandies are all wrapped up, but this will be fun for you won't it?"

Nick threw it with disgust on the floor, Glenda looked disappointed and his mother's face looked like thunder.

"You ungrateful little baby" she said retrieving it from the floor and placing it in his hands again "if you do not play with your rattle, then I will not change your nappy for hours and hours, do you want that?"

Nick shook the rattle and the two women clapped their hands with obvious delight.

"There I knew you would like it, what do you say?"

"Fank you Mitheth Mowwison" he tried to speak from behind his dummy.

"Call me Auntie Gwenda" said Glenda

"Fank you Auntie Gwenda" he mimicked. His mother beamed.

"That was so considerate of you Glenda, do you want to help me feed the babies their lunch, because we are going to have a picnic in the garden today? I don't hear that rattle baby" she snapped glaring at Nick. In no time at all the only sounds to be heard were Nick shaking his rattle.

They went into the lounge where the two girls were playing on the floor. Glenda checked their nappies and reported back to Elaine.

"Cindy is a wet little girl" she said "and Jessie is a big girl and her nappy is still lovely and dry."

Nick shook his rattle as he realised that he and Cindy were at the same level of development, except that Cindy would not have found any pleasure with a rattle which was too juvenile for her.

Elaine scooped up Jessie and Glenda took Cindy as Nick followed them bow legged and in some discomfort into the garden. He looked in amazement at the line of fluffy white nappies fluttering in the breeze down the whole length of the garden. On the second line that ran across the garden at a different angle were his puffy globes of plastic pants, then a line of bibs followed by half a dozen of Jessie's nappies and then some bibs and protective panties.

On the lawn were two large tartan blankets laid out for a picnic with plastic dishes and plates. Two chairs were placed at each corner for the adults. Nick went to sit in the chair, but his mother shooed him away and pointed to the floor.

"Your place is with the other babies" she informed him.

They tucked in with gusto to the open sandwiches, and the three sippy cups were quickly drained. The tomatoes squished and split open with the juice spilling down the three bibs. Tomato sauce in the little cheese sandwiches also spilled out and added to the mess. Chocolate biscuits and cake that had been left out a little too long went soft and sticky, and Nick got in to a horrible mess and soon his mittens were covered in tomato sauce, chocolate and other food which transferred to his face, bib and even onto his legs and arms. Even his dummy dangling on its ribbon had not escaped the piece of falling cake and he put it in his mouth to clean off the delicious chocolate that had adhered to it.

The two women stared at him in amazement, it seemed as if he had finished his picnic dinner and willingly put his dummy back in his mouth without being ordered. Nick caught their stares and realised his mistake and spat out the dummy almost immediately, but in that flash they had resumed their conversation and the damage had been done.

Chapter 14

Nick looked at himself in disgust. He was covered in food and even dirtier than the two girls who shared the blankets on the grass with him. Cindy and Jessie played with a few of the dolls, but Nick was bored to death and ignored their invitations to join in. He threw the offered cup of tea in the dolly's tea set on the floor and growled at her to go away and leave him alone. Jessie burst into tears, which started Cindy to wail which drew the attention of his mother which got a reaction that he did not want.

"Bad boy Nicki, look how you have upset your sister" she said jumping up out of her chair and smacking the legs of her teenage toddler son. She got hold of his dummy and put it to his lips which were still covered in chocolate and other food, but Nick refused to open his mouth. His smother slapped his bare legs again and as he opened his mouth in surprise the dummy slid in.

He stood up and spat out the dummy.

"This has all gone far enough" he shouted at everybody in the garden and stamped his foot in total frustration. He looked a "proper little madam" stamping his foot like a baby having a "terrible two's" episode. The two women looked at him and then howled with laughter. Glenda laughed so much that big tears streamed down her cheek. Nick bent almost double trying to undo the snaps to his onesie and despite a huge expenditure of energy only succeeded in transferring much of the mess on his mittens to the nether regions of his baby vest. The laughter spurred him to even greater heights of frustration and he put one of his mittened hands beneath his arm pit and tried to pull it off but to no avail. He tried to undo the ribbons with his teeth and still was unable to remove the protective garment. He waved his arms and stamped his feet but nothing would stop them laughing at his strange antics. The two babies were so enthralled with the theatrical show before them, that they stopped crying and sat back to watch Nick.

"Please let me put my own clothes on" he pleaded "I don't want to be a baby any more. I have learnt my lesson and don't want to wear nappies and baby things".

"You made the choice Nicki and you cannot go back on those choices now. Besides which you now seem to need to be back in nappies because you wet yourself during your nap this morning and soiled yourself yesterday without waiting for me to get your potty."

"That's not fair" began Nick "get me out of these things. I don't need to be in nappies"

"No" said his mother firmly and showing no compromise "suck your dummy or I will put you back to bed for another nap". Nick stared at her and realised he was beaten, his hands were rendered useless by the mittens and he would have to think very carefully of a plan that would help him escape from his infantile prison. However, fate was cruel and his mother had no sooner put his dummy back in his mouth when he felt a pain in his stomach. He went to take out the dummy, but his mother said "Don't you dare take out that soother."

"Poffy" he mumbled, "poffy" he said with more urgency

"Babies don't drink coffee silly baby!"

"Poffy" he screamed at her past his dummy

"I think he wants a toffee" offered Glenda "but he has had enough to eat, what do you thinks Elaine?" she asked

"Poffy, Poffy, Poffy" screamed Nick

"Shouting won't help Nick, nobody likes a noisy baby. Now tell me quietly what you want. Do you want your lovely rattle?" she asked rattling it in front of his face.

"Pweeeeease poffy" pleaded Nick as once again he felt himself losing the battle with his sphincter.

"Oh you want your potty?" she asked smiling knowingly at Glenda "why didn't you say so? I will go and get it while you talk to Auntie Glenda and shake your new rattle. I said shake your rattle like a good baby."

Nick tried to stand straight and force his knees together to stop the forces of nature playing out their roe behind him. The problem with wearing a very thick nappy is that applying these pressures is almost impossible with such a bulk of nappy between your legs which greatly reduces control.

Elaine was looking at him from the bedroom window as he started to writhe and wriggle in his attempts to stop himself from soiling his nappy. He wrapped his arms about his stomach and bent almost double as he tried to stop the pressure. She saw him fall to his knees and knew from the redness in his face and the familiar posture that he adopted when he was an infant, that the inevitable was about to happen. She picked up the pink potty and shouted out the window "Mummy's coming sweetheart"

Nick groaned in pain and felt the beginnings of another infantile disaster. His mother arrived with potty in hand.

"Ups-a-daisy!" she commanded, let's get those snaps undone and pull your nappy and plastic pants down shall we?

Her hands went to the snaps, but Nick had lost the fight and fell back down to his knees.

"Nicki" she exclaimed "you little horror. You really wanted to go in your nappy rather than use your potty, didn't you? What are we going to do with you? You asked Mummy to go and get your potty and then you made a dirty nappy on purpose. I don't know!" she said with mocked despair.

"What should I do with this baby boy Glenda?" she asked drawing her into Nick's deeper humiliation.

"It is very difficult Elaine. Nick told you that he didn't need to wear nappies and yet here he is only five minutes later having done a poo in his nappy despite you rushing to get him his potty.

Nick sat back on his dirty nappy and too his horror felt himself getting an erection. The shame of this feeling temporarily demolished his stiffness only to be replaced by a need to wet his nappy. He thought about fighting the urge and then realised that there was no point in resistance.

The two women picked up Jessie and Glenda.

"Let's get you two changed shall we? Nick you play out here and I still want to hear you shake your new rattle". Nick looked between his legs as he let the flood gates open and the warmth spread rapidly around his nappy. He shook the rattle with increasing tempo, not realising that the speed of his shaking was increasing as rapidly as the stiffness returning. He rocked back and forth on his bottom and felt himself thrusting into his nappy. He sucked on his dummy frantically and rocked back and forth with greater urgency shaking his rattle. Back and forth he went with increasing fervour and he began to grunt into his dummy.

He might have been a little more cautious had he known who was watching

[to be continued]

Chapter 15

Glenda's daughter Marianne was looking over the fence. He came with a stupendous explosion that shook him the very core of his being.

"Did baby enjoy humping in his nappy?" asked Marianne

Nick swung round in utter shock. Marianne had seen everything. The girl who was only a year older than him and on whom he had a massive crush had seen him exciting himself to climax in a baby's nappy. Little did she know that all of his eliminations were in his nappy.

"My goodness" she said running her eyes the full length of the garden and scrutinising the array of nappies, plastic pants, bibs and other baby paraphernalia "is this stuff all yours? Mum said you were having regression problems, but I didn't believe her. Now I see you sucking a dummy and clearly dressed up in a nappy I can see that she was telling the truth. You don't actually use your nappies do you? I mean you don't go in your nappy like a baby, or anything like that? This is just your Mum trying to teach you a lesson or something isn't it?"

Nick looked embarrassed and started to go bright red. He sucked on his dummy in an effort to hide his embarrassment.

"They make me use them" he spluttered past the dummy.

"Make you use them? You mean force you to be a baby?"

"Yes" he said

"Well if they force you, then why are you sucking on that dummy and why are you shaking a baby's rattle. Nobody is making you do either of those things are they? It appears to me that you enjoy your new clothes; especially when I saw how much you were getting excited just now. How gross!"

Glenda came into the garden carrying Cindy.

"Hello Marianne, what are you doing home so early?"

"My class was cancelled and I had a few assignments to finish off, so I thought I would do them on the computer at home" she replied "I saw Nick sitting in the garden and thought I would come and say 'Hi', but he was too busy being a naughty baby in his nappy to notice me".

"What do you mean? He has already wet and dirtied his nappy a few moments ago, he can't have been again so soon" explained Glenda.

"He was getting excited and went spurties in it" sneaked Marianne

"He did what?!"

"You know, he went spurties; he got sexy in his nappy and excited himself"

"That is disgusting" said Elaine who had heard the conversation as she brought Jessie back into the garden.

"You are a very naughty dirty baby Nicki, so I am going to let you sit in that nappy until tea time now. Your nappy rash is going to get very painful today". She fitted little sun bonnets to each of the girls and rubbed on copious amounts of sun cream that left them looking white.

Nick paled as the soreness suddenly started to flare up again. He shook his rattle in frustration and embarrassment and took a few nervous sucks on his dummy. Marianne decided that it was too good an opportunity to miss and that it would be more fun to play with the big baby than do her assignments.

She came through the side gate and felt the nappies to see if they were dry and then collected them up and dropped them on a the rug in a huge pile. She started to fold them neatly.

"These are baby Nicki's nappies aren't they? They are much too big for you little girls?" she explained folding the squares in quarters. She pressed one to her face "don't they smell lovely when they are dried in the sun" she said to nobody in particular, rubbing them against her cheek.

Nick felt a stirring in his loins for reasons he was unable to explain.

The pile was complete and she got up and unpinned the plastic pants "these are huge aren't they? They will keep a big boy nice and dry" she said smelling them "I love the way the plastic absorbs the fragrance of the washing powder, don't you Nicki?" she scorned, folding them in half and adding them to the pile. She then unpinned the bibs and folded them in quarters as well "these will keep a messy baby nice and clean won't they Nicki? I am not sure we will ever get that bib as clean as these will we?" she asked scrutinising the very stained bib about his neck.

Nick felt himself becoming aroused again and hated himself for this unexplainable arousal.

Marianne took the pile into the kitchen and came back with a bowl of water and a flannel. She took out Nick's dummy and started to wash his face. She washed the chocolate that was still on the handle and put it back in his mouth. Nick was so erect that he was in pain. She rinsed out the flannel and set about cleaning his arms and legs which had become splattered with his dinner. Her gentle caress was sensual and having a very bad effect on Nick who was in turmoil. She surreptitiously dropped her hand onto his crotch. The front of his vest felt firm and hot.

"Baby boy seems to like Auntie Marianne cleaning him up doesn't he?" she whispered close to his ear.

Nick could only let out a groan.

"What are doing Marianne?" snapped her mother suspicious of their whispers.

"Cleaning up the baby Mum and checking if his nappy is very wet", she said sticking a couple of fingers into his vest and into the warm confines of his plastic pants and nappy.

"He will last a bit longer yet" she reported as Nick almost shot into the air at the shock of her invading his most private of places.

"Good girl" approved his mother, "but he will have to sit in his mess for at least another hour".

The three women chatted on about the wonders of motherhood, Nick with nothing to do and nothing to say dozed off in the warm sun, uncomfortable and immensely sore. He lay on his back with legs splayed. The sun continued to shine and his face became redder and redder. He awoke as a new voice joined the conversation. It was Jane.

"How's the new baby today?" she asked Glenda and Elaine, mouthing a "hello" to Marianne.

"He has been a very naught little baby today, he screamed and screamed for his potty and then as soon as Elaine brought it down for him, he went in his nappy anyway. Then just to be really naughty Marianne found him rubbing himself in his nappy to get excited. I don't know what to do with a naught baby like that, so he has spent all afternoon in his dirty nappy as a punishment" Glenda updated her neighbour.

"Well I might not give him his present then" said Jane opening her shopping bag.

[to be continued]

Chapter 16

Nick looked at Jane as she opened up the bag and pulled out a large baby's feeding bottle.

"I found this in that little chemist shop round the back of Fore Street, have you ever seen one as large as this? Look at the size of the teat!" she exclaimed.

"I think this must have been a display model or something".

Glenda and Elaine took it in turns to examine the bottle.

"It looks just like Jessie's bottle only a lot bigger" she said "although Jessie does not use hers any more".

Nick took one look at the bottle and started to protest. He spat out his dummy and started shouting "I am not using any bloody bottle, I am not a baby, you are all sick making me like this."

"Then why are you sitting in a dirty nappy then?" demanded Marianne.

Nick lunged towards her to give her a shove, but his Mother quickly intervened.

"Enough" she said "I have had enough. I am going to clean you up and then I am going to sort you out. Now get upstairs right now." Nick lifted his bottom and was disgusted at the filth that clung to him.

"Crawl" ordered his mother.

Glenda, Marianne and Jane played with Jessie and Cindy as Nick disappeared with his mother. It was after about twenty minutes that they were disturbed by the sound of Elaine shouting.

"That's it! I have had just about enough. Now get over here this minute, that's right over you go, now. The air resounded with the sound of slapping. Slap, whap, smack, slap, slap, whap! The sound of skin being hit hard and firmly with something hard and unforgiving escaped through the open window. Nick began by swearing and cursing his mother, but after the first ten spanks he began to whimper, after another half a dozen he was pleading in tearful sobs and as the number reached fifty he started to emit a continuous wail as his spirit was broken.

There was an embarrassing silence in the garden as this punishment was being delivered, the babies had stopped playing and looked nervously from one adult to another as they tried to assess the situation.

Elaine came down alone.

"Nick has gone to bed now. I have just about had enough of his behaviour". The women all nodded in agreement.

"I have heard that there are a couple of other big babies who are in the area and I am going to see how their mothers dealt with the situation".

"Who are they?" asked Glenda "are they far away?"

"No, I think they live about ten miles away. Mrs. Prim and her son Neil are close to where I used to work and then there are Mrs. Godfrey and her son Tim who live quite close by as well. They share a very good nanny called Mrs Tibbs who has been an absolute god-send by all accounts. I got to meet their nanny at the last meeting of the WI and I have to say she is really a no-nonsense lady. She looks after the two big babies twice a week and seemed quite eager to come and look after Nicky. She is coming to see me tomorrow.".

The women all nodded in approval as the scheme started to unfold. They talked about how the nanny might improve Nick's difficult behaviour and became quite animated as they thought of the possibilities. The group split up after an hour and left Elaine to her thoughts as she got Jessie ready for bed. She looked at Nick in his cot. She had bound his hands in duct tape and put the mittens on top, effectively making his hands totally helpless. His dummy was tied with a large ribbon behind his head and she smiled as she saw him sucking it in his sleep. He had turned on his front and had his legs pulled up in an attempt to ease the pain in his beaten behind.

She fed Jessie and put her to bed. Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day.

Chapter 17

Mrs Tibbs arrived bright and early the next morning. Nick was changed into a clean nappy and had on one of his vests. His mother had fed the two of them and left Nick with his dirty bib still tied around his neck covered in spilt rusk and blackcurrant juice. His dummy had been tied back in place and he sat in the chair totally unaware of the day's events.

The door bell rang and she hurried to let in her visitor

"Hello Mrs Tibbs, how lovely of you to come. Let me offer you a cup of tea".

"Thank you dear, in the meantime where is your little boy? Nicky wasn't it?" she said breezing into the kitchen her blue uniform ironed and crisply starched. Nicky looked wide eyed at the authoritative woman standing before him. Mrs Tibbs went to him and without a second's hesitation ruffled his hair with the little tuft in the centre and put a few fingers in the leg hole of his vest and into his nappy to see whether he was wet.

"Still dry after your breakfast I see" she said with a knowing look.

"Put them both in the play pen and let's have a chat my dear" she said to Elaine.

She sat with her cup of tea and the two women sat across the kitchen table looking earnestly at each other.

"Now what seems to be the problem?" asked Mrs Tibbs.

"I caught him wearing one of my next door neighbour's daughter's nappies, but before I knew it I had put him in nappies full time because he was so disrespectful and naughty. He seems to become sexually excited when he is dressed as a baby and I thought it would be a good idea to teach him that wearing a dirty nappy is not fun or at all exciting" she said "but he has now become very unpleasant and is often abusive. I want to teach him a lesson and make him need his nappies and use them just like a baby so that he becomes dependant so that he won't be so nasty to me."

"That is easy dear" said Mrs Tibbs "I have two other babies just like Nicky who are now totally nappy dependant and have completely lost control of their toilet training" she said pushing a stray hair back into the tight bun tied at the back of her head.

"They are such little angels now."

"Did you have to punish them Nanny?" asked Elaine "I don't want to hurt Nicky, although I did have to give him a severe spanking yesterday"

"Not at all dear. I use the punishment step method, so that when he is naughty he has to go and sit on the bottom of the stairs for one minute for every year he is old. And how old is Nicky now?"

"Seventeen" answered Elaine

"Then he will sit on the stair for seventeen minutes until he has behaved himself. I do not believe in violence, it only breeds violence in my opinion" continued Mrs. Tibbs "I do believe that we have to help him to use his nappies and there are a few special ingredients that I will add to his bottles to help him".

"Are they safe?" asked Elaine

"Yes, of course. They are simple things like diuretics and natural laxatives to help him digest his food better, that's all. In no time at all he will be falling into a simple routine and we all know how important it is to have a proper routine don't we?" she said giving a knowing smile.

"My suggestion is that Nicky come and stay with me for a couple of weeks so that I can assess him properly and begin his training. This will give you some breathing space and allow you to decorate the spare bedroom as his nursery.

Nick was listening intently form the play pen and started to complain.

"I wanna be big boy" he struggled to say past the dummy strapped in his mouth. The two women looked puzzled unable to understand him and laughed.

"I think he wants his bottle Elaine" said Mrs Tibbs "let me make him some formula". She opened up her large cavernous bag and removed two medicine bottles "one for the front and one for the back" she tittered as she measured out two doses of liquid into the bottle she had also produced from nowhere. A large tin of SMA powdered milk also came out and she used the plastic spoon to measure out the correct level of the powder. She filled the large bottle with water and screwed on the teat before shaking it vigorously.

"Three minutes in the microwave should be enough" she said.

"Wanna thippy cup" wailed Nicky, but nobody was listening to him. Elaine poured some juice into a sippy cup and Nick put up his mittened hands to take it but she brushed him aside and gave it to Jessie who started to suck enthusiastically. Nick looked on enviously, but his attention was quickly diverted when Nanny undid the ribbon, removed his dummy and quickly replaced it with the freshly prepared bottle. He struggled briefly, but a withering stare from Mrs. Tibbs quickly ended his protests.

"Good baby" she said with practiced satisfaction making Nick sandwich his bottle between his thickly mittened hands.

"You are going to come home with Nanny aren't you baby? And let your mummy have a bit of piece and quiet for a while. When you come back mummy will have got rid of all your big boy things and you can be the baby you always wanted to be, can't you?"

Nick looked startled, even his mother looked quite shocked at the rapid way in which events were moving.

"Mrs. Tibbs..." she started

"It's for the best dear, Nicki is quite clearly not a happy baby and we need to make that right don't we?"

"But..." stuttered Elaine

"When Nicki has been with me for two weeks he will be a properly adjusted little baby who loves his mummy, is completely nappy dependant and who behaves like a real baby. I am going to take him with me today, so please get his nappies and baby things packed up and we will get going. The longer we wait the more distressing it will be for the two of you."

Elaine went upstairs and could be heard moving about as she packed Nick's bag. Nick took the bottle out of his mouth and stood up in the play pen "I am not a little baby" he said "I am seventeen years old and my mother made me dress up in these silly clothes. I am not going away with you and I am not going to play this stupid game any more". He had just finished delivering his piece when he slowly sunk to his knees, the sudden outburst has seemed to drain him of any energy. Nanny took his dummy and offered it to his lips, which parted as he gasped for breath. He sucked once or twice then his eye lids fluttered as the medicine Nanny had put in his bottle quickly took effect. He fell back onto his bottom, Jessie chortled as her brother slowly collapsed. Nick felt the front of his nappy warm and realised that at that moment he could do nothing about it. He was drifting away without a care in the world and seemed as helpless as the day he had been born.

Nanny steadied him and he slumped over on his side his dummy moving in and out rhythmically. Elaine came downstairs bearing a large canvas bag, the zip was open and fluffy white terry nappies and plastic pants showed through the gaping hole. She gave a slight start when she saw Nick lying prostrate on the floor.

"Don't worry dear, he just dropped off for a little nap, they do that when they are young babies don't they?" she said smiling sweetly.

"It seems a shame to disturb him too much, so I will change his nappy when I get him home. Now give me a hand to my car and let's get him strapped in shall we?"

Jessie watched on sucking her sippy cup as the two of them manoeuvred a very dazed and dopy Nick out of the play pen. Mrs. Tibbs went back to her voluminous bag and pulled out a handful of leather straps which she fitted about his chest and buckled them at his back as he sat on the floor. The little bells on the pink breast plate tinkled merrily and announced that the owner was "My Little Baby". Nanny tugged on the leading rein "Upsa-daidsy!" she said happily to her new charge. Nick fell to his knees and started to crawl after Nanny with his large nappied bottom sticking up in the air as she dragged him behind her. His mother could only watch in dismay as he was fixed into the back seat of Nanny's car with the "D" rings on either side of his harness.

"Don't worry dear, I will have him back in a couple of weeks better than new. Just do all the things on this list" she said passing over a white envelope "and little Nicky will be a very happy baby".

In a trice her car sped away leaving Elaine looking more confused than anything else.

Chapter 18

Nick came around in a pink cot that was painted at each end with little fairies and teddies wearing nappies. Everything seemed to be pink, the walls, the carpet, and all of his bedding. The only white things were the paintwork and the chest of drawers piled high with freshly laundered terry nappies, baby toiletries and a stack of plastic pants. His own bag remained on the floor and unpacked. He tried to sit up but was restrained by the harness that was firmly affixed to the sides of the cot. He realised with disgust that he was still sucking the dummy placed in his mouth and spat it out. He went to unclip his harness but with his hands incapacitated in the mittens this was a futile effort. He lay back confused and uncertain what to do next. His nappy was cold and wet. A feeling of total helplessness washed over him and for the first time in his life he felt vulnerable and scared. A few tears started to well up in his eyes as he realised the stupidity of the actions that had put him in this position and he bit his lip determined that he was going to fight this situation and get back to the young adult he really was.

The drugs were still coursing through him and with despair he realised that he was slowly falling asleep again as he became bored with both his surroundings and the total inability to move. He slowly nodded off again.

It was another hour before he awoke again. Nanny had lowered the side of the cot and started to undo the poppers of his vest at the crotch. His nappy was sopping wet and he realised that he had probably wet himself again in his drugged sleep.

"What a good baby to go in your nappy" praised Nanny "I will have to do something that makes this little baby happy won't I?" she cooed. He felt the front of his nappy being slowly rubbed and he felt himself becoming harder and harder within the confines of the wet terry towelling. He felt himself coming to a climax and then Nanny stopped.

"If baby is really good over the next few days then Nanny can make baby really happy" she said emphasising the "really".

"Lift up" she said undoing the pins and pulling on the nappy and plastic pants in one go. He lifted his bottom and she slid the mass down his legs and over his feet. She wheeled a little trolley over to the side of the cot on which there was a bowl of warm water and soap. She soaped up a flannel and gently cleaned him. She picked up his dummy from the flannelette cot sheet and put it to his lips and he took it without comment. He did all as he was told, his erection had disappeared as the concern he had for his situation returned to haunt him. She applied cream and powder then folded a clean nappy into a kite shape and told him to lift up again and slid it beneath him. Unlike his mother Nanny had a cool and professional style that fitted the nappy tight and firmly about him. She shook out the plastic pants and slipped them over the nappy, being careful to ensure that the nappy was securely contained within. This nappy was soft but extremely thick and his legs were pushed wide apart in order to accommodate the bulk.

Nanny turned her back to him and there was the sound of metal clinking on metal and when she turned round he was horrified to see that she held a small old-fashioned hypodermic syringe in her hand and was expelling the air through the needle. He felt a small spray of droplets hit his leg. She swabbed the top of his arm and inserted the needle, he wanted to resist but she was so fast and he was so restrained and numb that he could do little to resist in time. He felt himself going floppy again.

Nanny was smiling broadly as she unstrapped his harness "You are being such a good baby aren't you" she said, not really expecting an answer "look at you in your nice clean nappy, aren't you a cutie pie? Nanny could eat you all up couldn't she? My little Munchkin." She removed the harness and then started to ease off his vest. He was left wearing nothing but his dirty damp bib and his nappy and plastic plants. Nanny looked at the bib and said "that will never do will it? What a messy baby we have here don't we?" she continued asking questions which he could never answer.

Nick felt warm inside. Nanny was reassuring and gentle. He felt a caring and softness that was washing over him in soothing waves. The drug making its way into his blood stream was making him feel soft and fuzzy. Nanny told him to lift up his arms as she slipped a new vest over his head, but this one had a little white ruffled skirt that came just above his tummy button and did not have any snaps. He looked down and could see the hem of the dress just rested on the transparent pants through which he could clearly see his white nappy. Nanny was fitting the softest pair of white woolly booties onto his feet that she tied with the white satin ribbons.

"Now you look like a beautiful baby don't you sweetie" she purred. She shook out a white bib which was edged in white satin and tied it about his neck with the long satin ties. He felt it soft beneath his chin and a little dribble of drool escaped past his dummy and slid down his chin and on to his new bib. Nanny smiles at him sweetly "You love your dummy don't you precious one? Your dum-dum makes you feel safe and secure with Nanny doesn't it sweetheart? Nothing can hurt you when Nanny is looking after you and you are sucking on your dummy can it?" she intoned with a soft and gentle voice. Nick in the gentle embrace of the powerful medication slowly absorbed these messages and slowly drifted down the slope that would lead to his final regression to total babyhood. He slipped in and out from a series of naps and when his dummy slipped out, Nanny was always there to replace it. In one waking moment he realised that he was being fed from a bottle, in the dim mist of this new netherworld he found himself eating something soft and mushy from a red plastic spoon. He never seemed to leave the cot and lost all track of time and whenever he awoke it was to the smiling softness and gentleness of Nanny saying something soothing and comforting.

The process went on for what seemed like ever. Nick always seemed to be clean and dry, enveloped in soft satins, wools and fluffy nappies. When he wet his nappies he was always praised for being a good baby and if his nappy was dirty then he was hugged and caressed and smothered in little kisses. If he awoke and was still sucking his dummy, then she would give him a few chocolate buttons as a special treat.

He awoke one morning (it could have been the middle of the afternoon because he had no idea of time anymore) to hear his mother talking to Mrs. Tibbs.

"How is Nick?" he heard her ask

"It isn't Nick any more dear, we call her Nicola now. She is doing wonderfully well. I stopped giving her the back and front medicine ages ago because she really did not need to take them after a couple of weeks. I am so glad you decided to sign up for more time because it has been so worthwhile. She is such a lovely baby now and totally nappy dependant you will be pleased to hear.

Nicola lay in her cot not really understanding what was going on. She wondered who Nick might be, it sounded a bit like her name. She sucked nervously on her dummy which seemed to make the uncertainty less unpleasant and once again a thin stream of drool ran down onto her white terry bib trimmed in delicate pink lace. She was vaguely aware of warmth below as she wet her nappy and smiled briefly at the pleasure. Nana would come and make her nice and soft again. She lay on her back and played with the line of brightly coloured balls and figures that were strung across her cot. She tried to kick them with her feet that were wearing little pink booties, but could not see them for the froth of frills on her pink dress and many petticoats. She gurgled in delight as she banged one of the spheres to send it rattling and spinning about the elastic.

Elaine stood in the doorway in a state of total shock.

"Does she know who I am?" she asked

Nicola looked round and saw her mother and squealed "Mum-mum!"

"What's happened to his voice?" she asked

"We changed it with some injections" said Mrs. Tibbs "it wasn't at all painful and it sounds so sweet now doesn't it?" She walked over to the cot and helped the sissy to sit up.

"Why can't he sit up on his own?" asked his mother

"It is she dear, not he. I gave him some injections and they shrank away. After six months lying down in her cot a lot of her muscles wasted away, so she really is a big baby now, aren't you my little babykins?" she said tickling the pink sissy. She put a finger under the baby's plastic pants "There's a good baby to wet your nappy".

"Doesn't she let you know when she's been?" asked Elaine

"She doesn't know anymore, she goes when she goes and she never really knows when she is doing it. She sometimes wets while I'm changing baby's nappy."

"Naffy" gurgled Nicola around her dummy "Ba Ba naffy"

"Why does she speak like that?" demanded his mother

"She's a baby, how would you expect her to speak? Her tongue had a huge collagen injection so she tends to lisp a lot and she is never without her dummy because this baby just loves her dum-dum doesn't she? Nanny giggled as she blew kisses into the bare midriff between baby's short dress and the top of her plastic knickers.

"Nicola knows that I will feed her, change her and play with her, so she does not need to talk very much and I always rewarded her for being a good baby in all things and that included baby talk".

Nanny helped the sissy baby out of her cot and on to her changing table.

"Let's get baby into a nice dry nappy shall we and show Mummy what a good little girl you are when you have dindins? What a good baby you are to do wee wee in your nappy." Nanny continued reinforcing her message at every change.

In a clean fluffy nappy and fresh plastic pants Nicola bumped down the stairs on her bottom and crawled to the kitchen where a large high chair sat by the table. Nanny helped her in and strapped her in before slipping the tray across that made sure she was totally secured. She gave Nicola her bottle which she held in her hands.

"She is not wearing mittens any more" exclaimed Elaine, "why doesn't she just escape and take off all this baby nonsense?"

"She doesn't want to Elaine, she needs her nappies now and deep inside she knows that. I have spent every change praising her for being a baby and going in her nappies and I have been very cross if I ever checked and found her nappy to be clean and dry. She now loves using her nappies."

Nicola looked at the two women hardly understanding what was being said, she had become accustomed to baby talk and a life of care-free tranquillity. The conversation was starting to upset her and she stopped sucking on the teat of her bottle and started to wail, the tears running down her face and onto her bib. Nanny rushed over and started to give hugs and kisses to comfort the over-grown sissy. Nicola resumed her sucking and quickly devoured the contents of the bottle just in time for Nanny to feed her lunch.

Elaine watched in total amazement as Nicola tried to play with her dummy, grab the spoon and caused mayhem like any small toddler. As they cleared away the plates and wash up Elaine turned to look at Nicola. Her face was bright red, her eyes fixed straight ahead and her cheeks puffed out.

"What's the matter with Nicola?" she exclaimed to Nanny "She is having a fit or something?"

"Don't be silly Elaine, baby is doing a poo poo and making Nanny a dirty nappy, aren't you sweetheart? Is baby making a poopy nappy? You are a good baby aren't you? You know that your nappy is for going potty don't you."

Nicola grunted as she forced into her nappy, the feeling was every bit as wonderful as Nanny had brain washed her to believe. It never occurred to her any longer that it belonged in any other place than her nappy. Sometimes she woke up with a dirty nappy and if Nanny had cooked something a little bit spicy then it just used to arrive in her nappy unexpectedly. Today she has not had as much fruit juice and vegetables and her system was a little sluggish so she enjoyed the tight feeing in the back of her diaper.

Elaine burst into tears as Nicola said "Poo-poo" and rushed over to hug her totally regressed son who now had started to wet his nappy and was clapping his hands together and kicked out his legs in excitement as he realised that Nanny always rewarded a dirty nappy with chocolate buttons.


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