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From Happy to Nappy

Best wear your thickest nappies or diapers when you read this episode and be sure all is carefully tucked into your plastic pants, because a disposable will not be enough. If in any doubt, may we respectfully suggest that now would be a good time to get your binkie, dummy, pacifier or comforter because you are in for a long ride.

Chapter 1 - Difficult times

Anne the Managing Director from Baby Dreams was with Jane (the Sales Executive) and Beatrice (who was the newly appointed Nutrition Manager and affectionately called Bea by her friends) in the meeting room at the Institute.

"We have to get extra lower management grades into our organisation" said Anne "the senior roles are easily filled by women, but there are more junior positions like line supervisors, QC staff and stock controllers which are not that attractive. A lot of women do not like working in such close proximity to our baby force".

"But do we want our babies in such positions of responsibility" asked Jane "it would mean that we have to induce a nappy dependence without reducing their mental state to slightly older than a toddler. Most of our creations are little more than babies mentally and are set simple manual tasks like sewing, embroidery, moulding, making up boxes, simple packing and strapping. We do not even have any workers that we trust to match up the label with the packed order - our processing seems to erase the basic skill of reading. Let's face it most of the workforce have trouble stringing a complete sentence together because they regress to the baby-talk they associate with their nappied condition".

"What would happen if we regressed them back to infantile status and then 'grew' them back up again but this time without any potty training? Why can't we make them nappy and dummy dependent and then let them learn to remember some of the skills they had before the treatment. We do not let them remember (or want to remember) that they do not need nappies".

"Can we do that?" asked Jane "We have never been able to give them that level of self-awareness such that they would not remember that they did not need protection and were quite capable of holding themselves together. If you see what I mean!"

"Yes, but what if they were regressed to the condition we need and then we 'damage them' a bit?" suggested Bea.

"Bea!" exclaimed Anne "we cannot deliberately maim them that would be dreadful".

"No I was thinking of a shunt in the urethra - a little valve a bit like a catheter that would prevent the muscle control to the bladder. Of course, we could always go back to the long dwelling catheters and keep increasing the size until we damaged the muscle with protein build up."

"I think that technique leaves the candidate with a 'fait a complis' rather than a genuine acceptance of their need", responded Jane.

"This is a backward step in our programming as far as I am concerned and I would propose that we need to build on our existing method that relies on praise and displeasure. This is the very techniques that the candidate would have received when undergoing their potty training. We are just applying the technique in reverse. Bea's team of wet nurses is definitely a pleasure enforcing part of the programme and we have seen close to 100% success with very few candidates needing to be put back through the process".

"We have not had any 'low grades' since the early days either" reminded Anne "those punishment techniques produced workers who were so infantile that they could barely thread a needle and it took us simply ages to teach them the most basic of tasks."

"We need candidates who understand how to look after young children and babies and are will understand of the mentality of nursery training and can see the situation from an infant's viewpoint" added Bea.

"Bea, you've done it again! That is exactly the right candidate, nursery nurses, nannies and paediatric nurses. We could recruit men and women, why should we restrict ourselves to men? After all our business will move into crisis if we do not increase our work force. To have price increases in these times of recession is not an option."

They all agreed to put a new plan into force.....

Chapter 2 - The plan

The following advert appeared in a number of relevant publications

"Are you a conscientious carer who wants to understand the care of infants and toddlers and improve your effectiveness?

The following topics will be covered in a one week workshop

<li class="MsoNormal" style="mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1; tab-stops: list .5in"> The psychology of very young children</li> <li class="MsoNormal" style="mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1; tab-stops: list .5in"> The use of praise in place of punishment for bringing up children</li> <li class="MsoNormal" style="mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1; tab-stops: list .5in"> Humiliation in place of pain</li> <li class="MsoNormal" style="mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1; tab-stops: list .5in"> Natural potty training and bladder control</li> <li class="MsoNormal" style="mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1; tab-stops: list .5in"> Developing well-adjusted children through loving tender care</li> <li class="MsoNormal" style="mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1; tab-stops: list .5in"> To dummy or not to dummy? Soothing with thumb or dummy?</li>

In addition the course will look at the physiology of the skin and treating rashes and irritated skin conditions, improving sleep patterns and setting up routines. This course is sponsored by the Baby Heaven Institute and places will be limited to the first twenty applicants. All fees and equipment will be provided free."

After two weeks the Institute was ready to start the course and dormitories were prepared for the male and female applicants. The first of the applicants started to arrive and were checked in at the impressive reception at the institute. They were somewhat surprised when their luggage was not taken up to their rooms but was taken by a porter for storage.

"The course requires the wearing of uniforms as a part of the psychological content of the training" explained the receptionist "please make your way to the changing booths where you will find a change of clothes that you should put on".

The male applicants found a pale blue tee-shirt, a pair of terry towelling underpants that appeared to have a plastic layer sandwiched between two thick layers of white terry towelling with elasticated legs and waist. Those who were already caring for young toddlers had no trouble recognising this garment as a pair of toddler training pants. They also had a pair of pale blue shorts with an elastic waist and made from a stretchy terry cloth. Plain white short socks and a pair of blue canvas sandals with Velcro straps completed the ensemble. The men put on the clothes and were confused by the thick padding of their underwear and resultant juvenile appearance.

The women had similar garments, but in place of the blue shorts and tee-shirt were given pink gingham dresses that flared out from just below their busts and came halfway down to their terry pants. They also had a matching pair of pink gingham knickers trimmed in lace across the bottom. A stretch bra made from soft terry towelling helped support them. They too had little socks and pink canvas sandals. Two pink ribbons and pink hair slides were made available with instructions on how to deal with their hair depending on length.

So it was that the twenty applicants made their way to training room and were greeted by Jane, Anne and Bea. The trainees looked around nervously and grinned as they felt insecure and ill at ease. None of the seated felt particularly comfortable at this time and several were already feeling the need to pee, especially those who had made long journeys. Those who had the foresight to ask for the directions to the toilet had been directed to a door that was locked and despite waiting until the last minute had been forced to rush to the lecture room to avoid being late. The instructions said in no uncertain terms that lateness would not be tolerated with such a full programme.

Chapter 3 - The execution

"Welcome to the Institute" began Anne "you may be wondering why you are dressed the way that you are? The answer is very simple, in order to understand the feelings of an infant charge, you have to experience the same feelings that they do. Never again will you have to guess, because this course is designed to allow you to experience all the uncertainties of a toddler and the emotions that they experience".

"Right now you are probably feeling uneasy, you have lots of questions that you would like answered and nobody seems to be answering all of them right now. Am I right?" asked Anne. All of the delegates nodded knowingly.

"Some of you are very anxious because you feel the need to go to the toilet and have a growing urgency. Some of you tried to get into the toilet but found the door locked and this just made the pressure even greater. Now you have a dilemma. You are all fairly competent carers of babies, infants and toddlers so you know you are wearing training pants that will cope with an accident, but you have been programmed not to use them. Already many of you are thinking what should you do? Do you put your hand up and draw attention to yourself and may be embarrassed or do you wet in your nappy pants? These are exactly the same problems that any toddler will experience in a crèche or small school. Do you put up your hand or do you let go a little?" Bea looked around and saw that all she had said was true, many of the delegated were starting to fidget as talk of the topic made them aware of their situation.

"If you go in your training pants, then you will be changed in private by one of our specialist nurses. If you ask for the toilet then you will be given a potty and be expected to go here and now in front of everybody present. Under your chairs you will find a small pager with a red button, press this and a nurse will come and a potty will be delivered to you." Anne explained this as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

"There will be supervised toilet breaks when you can potty at break times, but you will still have to use the potty and a nursery nurse will help you. You may even decide to go back into nappies and so avoid all the embarrassment, because in these cases you will be checked discretely at various times during the day and changed as required."

"You will all be sleeping in dormitories tonight, under your cots will be a potty that you can use before you retire and when you get up in the morning, but there will be no privacy. At night you will be fully nappied with plastic pants so that you can experience all the feelings and emotions that being a baby entails. We recommend that you fully participate in the programme without reservation so that you can experience all the feelings of an infant. Once you appreciate all the frustrations of a baby you will be far better equipped to deal with them in your day to day work. Nobody outside of the Institute will ever hear or see what you have been through and so you can totally rely on our confidentiality. What happens to you will also be happening to all of your colleagues and this will make it all seem more of a joint experience and experiment." Jane smiled as a nursery nurse took one of the male delegates quietly by the hand with a gentle look and led him out of the room. His slightly wide-legged gait advertised his recent release into his training pants. In about five minutes he returned grinning brightly and looked far more comfortable.

There were a number of uncomfortable looking delegates by the time of the first break and a lot of them looked very uncomfortable with their situation. The nursery nurses on duty in the toilets administered the potty supply and reported back afterwards that many of the training pants were quite damp and had to be changed for new pairs. The male who had volunteered to have his pants changed had been the first one to opt for a nappy saying that he really wanted to enter the mind set of his charges. He was taken from the toilet to the nursery changing station and was carefully shaved and coated in a zinc and castor oil nappy cream before being pinned into the largest and thickest white terry nappy he had ever seen. The nursery nurse praised him all the time that she was changing him "you are such a clever baby to go back into nappies because now you do not even have to think about anything or suffer the uncomfortable times that everybody else is going to be suffering. You can just let go and not think about anything else - and don't worry I will be making sure you are looked after and don't get nappy rash" she said with a lovely kindness as she flapped open a pair of transparent plastic pants in front of his face before threading his feet through the holes and pulling them up over his nappy and tucking everything in carefully.

"You look beautiful" she said patting the front of his pants and noticing with satisfaction that he was developing an erection "and I think you quite like the lovely softness of your nappy don't you?"

The student shook his head "I only want to understand it from a baby's point of view you understand, I would never want to wear a nappy full time myself" he said laughing nervously "I mean I am potty trained, there is no need really, it is only for this course".

"You look really sweet and you must not think about anything, try and be like a real baby and just let go if you feel the slightest need to do a wee-wee" she said "there is nothing to feel embarrassed about, we all went through this training as a part of our own course before the Institute would take us on" she lied.

"The only trouble with wearing a nappy is that your shorts will not fit over the top, so I am going to put you in a little romper suit which has a nice big space to fit your nappy" she explained.

"It will make changing you much easier because I will not have to take it off like I did with those shorts".

The young man looked worried "It will be obvious to all the other students" he whined "I will stick out like a sore thumb."

"They will all want to follow suit now you have made the decision, sweetheart" she said putting her arms round him and giving him a hug.

"They will be suffering while you will be totally carefree. You mark my words" she said kissing him on the cheek "I will really look after you and you are going to enjoy your week finding out how babies feel". She went to the cupboard and took out a white garment with straps that went over his shoulders fixing to buttons on the waist band and that had silver poppers at the crotch. The fabric was covered in little blue teddies and dummies. He felt the brushed cotton and was amazed at how soft it felt beneath his touch. As he stood up he felt the weight and warmth of his nappy and his erection grew even larger. He ran his hand over the outside of his nappy and was amazed at how comfortable and reassured he felt. Far from being unpleasant, the feeling was as if a responsibility had been lifted from him. He would not have to think about where he was, what he drank or when. He immediately began to appreciate why potty training for some of his charges had been so hard.

"Now we don't go in for name badges here, so our student nurses have to wear one of these" she said "it may look a bit silly to begin with, but everybody will get one this break time." He looked down to see that she had tied a large terry bib round his neck on which was embroidered his name "Timmy" in blue to match the binding and long ties that were tied in a big bow about his neck. The nurse put his canvas sandals back on and firmed down the Velcro straps.

"There! You are all done" she said giving his well padded bottom a playful slap as he got down from the changing table "off you trot!"

When he arrived back in the room Timmy was not surprised to see all his colleagues wearing bibs with their names on, nobody it seemed had been brave enough to refuse the humiliation of wearing a bib. Indeed on the way back to the training room nobody had raised so much as an eyebrow at the sight of a fully grown man wearing a thick nappy and dressed as an over-grown toddler.

He was the only one who had opted to wear a nappy and he was filled with a tinge of regret that he had been so willing to be the first. The others smirked a little when they saw him, but one girl called Millie came up to him and said "I think you are very brave and I think I will opt for a nappy at the next break time"

The door opened and a nurse came in with a tray full of large sippy cups.

"Time for drinks" she announced and went round each chair and placed a cup on each tray that could be swung round in front of each of them to write on. Nobody up until that moment had realised how similar to high chairs these seats were in their construction.

They all picked up their cups and started to suck and the room was filled with the sound of gurgling and hissing as the liquid made its way through the non-drip valves in the spouts. The Ribena drink had been spiked with a gentle blend of relaxants and diuretics to help them adjust more fully to the course.

Anne came back in and pinned a large chart on the wall.

"Timmy is clearly winning and has a gold star on his chart for being a brave boy and opting to wear a nappy. Well done Timmy" she said beaming him a huge smile and handing him a small packet of chocolate buttons "you are really entering into the spirit of the course and are a very good boy aren't you?"

Timmy was too startled to reply and glowed with pleasure that he had made his tutor so happy.

"Those of you who had little accidents - and there were quite a few of you - have bronze stars. Millie you were the biggest accident and so we have given you a silver star, darling. There's a very good girl". Millie also blushed and warmed to the praise being heaped on her and accepted the packet of chocolate buttons.

"Eight of you have nothing on your charts and we are very disappointed that you do not think it fit to join in with the spirit of our course and so you have no stars". The rest of the class looked at the non-performers and looked smug.

Jane rejoined the room "I am pleased to let you know that the best performers will win prizes. First prize is one thousand pounds and a guaranteed job in the Institute, second prize is five hundred and a trial position and third place is two hundred and fifty pounds".

Bea who had walked in closely behind Jane "Come on babies, I want to see those drinks all finished up so that we can get going on the next part of our course before lunch! We are going to review changing time and how to make the whole experience less stressful for the younger baby." The room was again filled with the sound of sucking as each student drained the 500ml cup of blackcurrant juice. Each student was given a terry nappy and Bea began to explain the various folds that could be used from babies to toddlers and the benefits of one form compared to another depending on whether the baby was a girl or boy. The diuretics began to work their magic and in combination with the relaxing drug that helped to remove inhibition there were more than a few trickles in the group. Some with strong constitutions were already grabbing themselves to try and stop themselves from wetting their protection, but for Timmy it was not a problem and he just felt the need to go and released. The warmth of his pee spread quickly around his nappy and was speedily absorbed. The feeling was very pleasant and as he looked around the many pained expressions he realised he had made the right decision. Millie sitting in the chair next to him gasped and then blushed with embarrassment as she lost her grip. Training pants are only designed for moderate wetting and clearly Millie had exceeded its capacity and it was clear from the liquid dripping from the plastic chair cover onto the floor that she was in a bad way. She pressed the control button and almost immediately a nurse came in with a pink potty.

"I have wet my panties" she said almost in tears

"Don't worry little one" said the nurse sweetly "you are wearing your training pants and have had an accident, it doesn't matter". The rest of the class looked on in horror as Millie was taken out by the nurse who had put her arm around the girl and was giving her a huge hug and lots of little kisses on her head. The horror was replaced by a feeling of envy as one by one they had little dribbles of their own. One particularly macho male called Harry suddenly made a dash for the door but was horrified to find it locked.

"I've got go" he shouted.

"I've got to go now" he said urgently clutching the front of his terry shorts.

"Press your button you silly boy" said Bea "and a potty will be brought to you". The man pushed his button and a nurse appeared from the other end of the room with a blue potty with a splash guard at the front.

"I have got to go to the toilet" he exclaimed "I cannot go here, I just can't". The potty was placed beside him and the nurse tried to pull down his shorts and training pants.

"I can't, I really can't I am sorry but I can't" he kept repeating. Faced with the choice of doing his wee-wee publicly in the potty or going in his pants, his subconscious made the decision for him and a flood was delivered into the soft terry towelling.

"What a good boy" said the nurse giving him a cuddle and picking up the potty "let's go and get you changed shall we?" The man clearly defeated, held her hand and was taken out the room totally ashamed. The nurse's reassurances were soft and gentle and could be heard all the way down the corridor as she took a dripping Harry to the changing station.

Jane was quick to use this as a chance to reinforce the benefit of the situation "see, it really doesn't matter and yet so many parents and carers would chastise and belittle their small ones for this minor accident. See how with a little love and encouragement we have made light of this accident and how Harry was spared any humiliation?"

The class all nodded in agreement and a few decided there and then to end their misery and follow Harry and Millie in their decision. The lights all lit up in the nursing station and a whole team of them left clutching potties for the class. All had decided that it was better to go in their pants rather than use the humiliating potty in front of their peers.

Millie came back dressed in a very babyish pink dress and covered in frills and ribbons. Her nappy could be clearly seen through the transparent plastic pants and she walked with quite a babyish gait as the thickness of the nappy forced her legs apart and made her steps difficult. At one point she almost fell back on her bottom and was forced to stagger a little.

Harry returned and he too had decided that it was easier to wear a nappy than suffer the pain of waiting for the potty breaks.

Timmy's own nurse came into the room and took him by the hand to a corner of the room where she discretely put a finger inside the leg of his romper suit to see if he was wet (which he was).

"There's a very good baby boy" she cooed "you have been in your nappy like a very good baby haven't you? That is what your nappy is for isn't it? You have been very good haven't you and wet your nappy?" Timmy seemed to smile with pride as the pleasure and praise was heaped on him.

Bea was adding gold stars to the chart of Harry and Millie. She also made a point of adding another gold star to Timmy's name.

"It looks like we are fast developing a leader here" she announced. The rest of the class looked on enviously and a few more decided that maybe a week of cooperation could be very profitable.

By lunch time there were five of them agreeing to nappies and the unaccustomed bulk made them all swagger as they walked to the refectory. Once they got there they were surprised to see 20 large high chairs all lined up in rows on either side of a long wooden table at which was strategically placed a nursery nurse.

"You are now going to experience mealtimes for a toddler. Now to make the exercise more realistic we are going to ask you to put on some special mittens. These will restrict your hand movements, but the tips of your fingers will stick out the ends so you can still feel and touch your food. Your four fingers will all be linked together so you can just about hold a spoon, but it will be a lot easier to pick it up in your fingers. This is exactly the choice that a toddler would have. The mittens are made of rubber and plastic and they will not hurt or be uncomfortable and of course, they are completely washable. You will keep on your name bibs, but we will put larger plastic backed terry bibs on over the top to keep them clean. Now remember little ones enjoy the experience of touch and feel so you should do the same. Do not be embarrassed about getting messy, because whatever you do can be easily cleared up and we will certainly make sure you are totally clean at the end of the meal. If you cannot cope with the restrictions of the special 'handy pandies' as we call them, then nurse will help by feeding you. You must try and enjoy this new freedom, most of the people who have tried this style of eating have thoroughly enjoyed it. Many babies like wetting their nappies as they eat and a few of you can see if they can understand why this should be."

One by one the students were helped into the high chairs and a harness was fitted round them and they were secured to the chair. One by one there was a click as the trays were swung round in front of them and secured in place. The 'handy pandy' devce made it impossible to open the catch. The nurses walked round the back of their charges and with almost military precision tied the large terry bibs around the necks of their charges and came round to smooth them at the front. They all looked in a state of shock, those that had nappies on were quite relaxed when a big sippy cup of orange juice was put before them, Those still in training pants (many of which were already quite damp) were already starting to count the minutes to when the next scheduled potty break was coming.

"Come on drink up your orange juice. It is vital that a baby is kept fully hydrated to get those livers and kidneys working properly and to keep young bladders active" said Jane, fully aware that this drink was packed with more diuretics and a sleeping draft that was bound to have them dropping off into a sweet deep sleep before the time they had finished their dinners.

The nurses all went to the serving hatch and returned with sausages and beans in a large plastic baby dish, which they then cut up into suitable bite sizes. They put a rubber spoon with a large bulky handle next to each dish on the high chair tray. All of the students tried to use the spoon, but the lack of dexterity meant that most of the food loaded onto the spoon fell off and onto their bibs. They were all horrified, but some started to laugh as they looked around at their messy colleagues. Soon students and nurses alike were laughing as one by one the visitors decided it would be quicker to eat with their fingers. In no time at all faces, necks and bibs were covered in the orange sauce of the beans and little fingers stained with tomato sauce.

Anne, Jane and Bea surveyed their class from their vantage point at the top of the table and were delighted with the rapid progress of their new intake.

"This is fantastic" said Jane "we have never made this much progress in one day". Anne and Bea agreed as the infantile performance gained momentum.

The appearance of a chocolate pudding was met with resistance from the figure-conscious girls, but the nurses charged up the spoons and started to force feed the unwilling girls with their desert. The boys were far less reticent and soon were digging in with their fingers causing even more mess to spill over their bibs and smear around their faces.

Another sippy cup filled with warm milk was delivered from the kitchen and as the students began to drink one or two of them started to nod off as the strong sleeping potion began to work its magic. Heads began to slump forward. Sippy cups were dropped and Timmy, Millie and Harry all wet their nappies knowing that they were well protected and deprived of most of their inhibitions found it easier to let go than look for an alternative path.

Some of those in training pants wriggled and fidgeted for a short while before dozing off and allowed a little pee to escape while they had a waking moment, only to suffer a catastrophic failure once they had slipped into the arms of morphia. One by one, they fell asleep and one by one they made good use of the protective pants supplied to them. Under many of the high chairs, were little puddles as accidents overflowed into major crisis wetting.

Chapter 4 - Night must fall

After half an hour the students were gently roused and half-led half-carried to the changing stations where they were all put in nappies and plastic pants before being placed in their individual cots having had little hands and faces cleaned with soapy flannels. Handy pandies were removed. The lights were dimmed. Timmy was sucking his thumb. They were allowed to sleep around the clock, a further sleeping draft being given to each of them under injection at around midnight. One by one they were all changed and sleepy arms and legs were manipulated into soft white footed sleep suits with integral mittens. The popper were secured at the crotch to fasten in bulky nappies and then poppers done up to their necks. Clean name bibs were tied in place and teddies placed beside the sleeping forms as warm cellular blankets were pulled up over them.

Around about 8 am the first of the students started to wake up. Many of the students were horrified to discover that in their extended long sleep they had lost control and peed in their nappies which now sagged as they peered over the rails of their cots.

Timmy was still asleep and happily sucking his thumb and happily cuddling his teddy as he snuggled beneath his white blanket. The nurse lowered the side of the cot and pressed a button on the top of the rail guide. There was the sound of an electric motor and the base of his cot mattress slowly came up from the pit in which it was housed until it was at the same level as a normal baby's crib. Timmy stirred, he knew he was wet because he could feel the sogginess of his nappy and he also felt that the sheet protected by a plastic sheet was also very wet where he had leaked. As he slowly came to his knees he felt the sticky mess in the back of his nappy. The smell started to waft up to the nurse who immediately began to carry out her instructions in such an event.

"Timmy, you good good baby boy. You made a dirty nappy just like a real baby. What a good boy you are" she praised hugging him and kissing him on the cheek. Timmy was barely awake, still trying to shake off the drug-like stupor from which he was struggling to recover.

"You really are a good baby trying to experience the full effects of this course. I am going to give you two gold stars for doing a poo-poo in your nappy. You are such a goooood baba and I am going to hug you to pieces" she continued enforcing the message as she was taught in her course. She called over to Matron who rushed over to see what all the fuss was about.

"Matron, Timmy has a wet and dirty nappy this morning, isn't he such a good baby. Only one day here and he is already behaving just like a real baby".

Matron moved closer to Timmy "What a very good boy you are Timmy sweetheart" she said in a motherly way "it isn't easy to go in your nappy, but you have been a perfect baby student and I am going to give this big baby boy a giant kiss". Timmy looked slightly shocked, but started to revel in the praise being heaped upon him. Jane and Anne were soon in on the act and came down to add praise on Timmy who slowly realised the degrading act he had committed during the night. Tears came to his eyes as he thought how babyishly he had behaved and yet the whole Institute seemed to have turned out to tell him how wonderful he had been to wet and soil his nappy. In 24 hours he had been turned from a perfectly continent adult into a bed-wetting baby who even lacked enough control not to go poo in his nappy while he was asleep. His emotions swung like a pendulum. The other students appalled by their wet nappies were only too grateful that they were only wet, however, although they were praised for being wet, it was nothing compared to the attention being given to Timmy who was being treated like the king of all babies. Many of them began to get a little resentful and subconsciously determined to make themselves the centre of hugs and kisses attention in the not too distant future.

Matron helped him to his knees and massaged his bottom through the dirty nappy. Timmy responded with a huge erection as the mess stuck to him. Matron knew that the importance of feeling good was important if they were to keep him on his path of regression and any regrets had to be eliminated straight away. The nurses pulled the screens around his cot as matron administered pressure and skilful manipulation to both the front and back of Timmy's nappy. In no time at all Timmy was in total spasm as he was made to produce another but different elimination in his diaper. The sensation of a dirty wet nappy and sexual excitement was now complete and Timmy was quite certain that this experience was one he did not want to forget and the pleasure was firmly imprinted in his mind.

Chapter 5 - The rise of a new dawn

The students were all changed and there were only a couple who opted for trainer pants. The other members of the class started to distance themselves from the non-conformers and herded towards those who were dressed as they were.

Timmy was dressed the same as all his colleagues with one important difference, he now had a bigger bib that now said "Baby Timmy" and Matron had her arm round him.

"Well students, you can now see what it feels like to wake up wet. Your nappy not only feels cold and clammy but it is also remarkably heavy doesn't it?"

The students all nodded knowingly.

"So you can understand why a baby is very happy to be changed swiftly into a clean soft dry nappy after being completely cleaned up. You might also have noticed that you seem to feel the cold a lot more when you have been in a nappy all night, so a warm wash should be quick and effective without too much hesitation or else you are going to be dealing with one cranky very baby!"

"Now Timmy here" she explained giving him a warm squeeze "was the best baby ever and managed to completely wet and mess in his nappy" she looked at Timmy "didn't you sweet baby boy?" Timmy wanted to cringe, but inside he was almost proud that for the first time in his life he had been the best at something.

"Timmy now remembers how delightfully sticky and beautifully messy a dirty nappy can be don't you cupcake?" Timmy nodded with pride.

"It is so lovely that many babies do not even want to be changed. However, I have to warn you that being left in a dirty nappy for any length of time is very bad for baby's bottom and will undoubtedly lead to nappy rash. Now I am hoping that Timmy will soon soil his nappy while he awake so that he can savour the wonderful effect that this has on his prostate. Many babies deliberately try and soil themselves just to experience this feeling - don't they sweetheart?" she looked directly at Timmy who blushed at the thought of his recent masturbation.

"Now let's go eat".

They all trooped into the refectory and sat in their chairs without any instruction, lifted up their hands for the 'handy pandies' to be fitted and even looked up so the nurses could secure their bibs easily. The trays were swung across and secured.

"You can see already that the provision of a routine makes life easier for you. You all know what to expect and you know what to do. Look how quickly you got ready for your meal compared to yesterday lunch time. Bring out breakfast please nurses".

The place erupted into movement as bowls of some mushy cereal, probably oatmeal was brought to the trays of the high chairs. The big rubber spoons were left next to the dishes, but the students could not eat this with their fingers no matter how hard they tried. They were all hungry because they had not eaten for almost twenty hours and so struggled to eat with the spoons. There were a lot of very messy faces and bibs by the end of the first course. The next offering was a boiled egg with toast soldiers. The mess was so horrendous that it is best left to the reader's imagination, however, to the students working hard to break from all their preconceptions and inhibitions this was a time for discovery. The textures of food hade been almost forgotten, the feel of food on the face and in between the fingers in the 'handy pandies' was almost hypnotic. Food is squishy, you can paint with it, lick it, suck it or smear it.

The students were presented with their sippy cups full of warm milk and once again were subject to sedating drugs and diuretics. Again their inhibitions were eroded by a trace amount of a drug more at place in the rave or disco. Many of them had forgotten that the next event was potty time and had wet their nappies. What would have been hell yesterday was so much easier this morning as they thought back to awakening with wet nappies. Nurses checked them before cleaning them up.

"Cheryl is a good girl and has a wet nappy, well done sweetie pie, you are a very good girl to wet your nappy and I am going to give you a gold star baby girl". It seemed that almost everybody apart from the training pants brigade had wet their nappies. They were all released from their high chairs and trooped off to the changing stations where they were stripped and set down on their potties. The diuretics had stripped them of so many fluids that they were all becoming constipated and had no urge to go. Nobody did a thing and the nurses started to praise them "Your potty is a horrid thing isn't it? You were such a good baby to pee in your nappy and not save it up for that horrible old potty weren't you? You are such a good baby to use your nappies and not want your nasty potty that I am going to give you a whole gold star. I don't expect you will want to sit on your potty at lunch time either will you? A nappy is so much easier for you and for nurse isn't it? It is so easy to go in your nappy, you much prefer it to that dirty potty, don't you? What a good baby". The same story was told to most of the group, only those in the training pants had done a wee in the pot and they were being told off in no uncertain terms.

"I really do not understand why you have to be different. Look how humiliating it is to wear training pants when you could be like everybody else in a nappy. How can you expect to have all the baby experiences if you are not prepared to join in with the experiment? You wet yourself last night, so I cannot see why you have to be awkward. There will be no stars for you today and any chance of a reward or a job with the Institute looks quite bleak as far as you are concerned.

The students were all shown back to the training room where Jane, Bea and Anne were waiting.

"Now today we are going to take you away one by one and allow you to feel some of the frustrations that a baby will experience. You will all get a turn, but in the meantime you are all going to experience what happens when you are dumped in front of a TV or left to play for hours in a play pen on your own. To make the experience seem more realistic we are going to ask you to wear these ear pieces that make our words sound like a foreign language. All speech is sent through a speech recognition programme that distorts all the difficult words but allows the words that might be understood by a toddler. So words like drink, sleep, play, nappy, baby, bib and other infantile words you will hear perfectly clearly but all the other words will sound like a foreign language. To stop you taking out these hearing devices we are going to put these woolly bonnets over the top to stop you touching them and you will notice that the ears are covered by a thicker layer of wool to help insulate out the external sound." The students looked worried by this new event but all complied. The nurses tied thick woolly mittens on their hands to make sure that any interference was totally impossible.

"Can you all hear me?" asked Anne

The students all nodded,

"I have not turned on the filters yet, but you will notice that your frustration is increased by these mittens which severely restrict what you can do with your hands. You will also notice that when you speak you will only hear the baby words that you know and all other words will be fed back to you as rubbish. You may find that the best way to deal with this situation is to speak in a babyish way and try to put your thoughts at the same level as a baby. If we do not understand you we will not do anything and you must keep trying until you are successful. I am now turning on the filters. Caf you unverwindle me baby? Do you make anty gest of whag I am sanding?" There were a lot of puzzled faces in the room.

They were led into a huge hall in the Institute that was filled with play pens. The students tried to cuddle the dolls, teddies and other cuddly toys in the play pen, eventually they even shook the babyish rattles and teething rings that were in every pen.

Timmy wet himself and enjoyed the feeling his warm pee made in his nappy as it ran across and down the fabric. It was almost an hour later when it cooled and started to sting his skin that was beginning to react to being wet. He looked out for his nurse who was sitting with a group of other nurses and decided to shout "nurse, nurse, can you change me please?" He was startled when all that came back through his ears was total gibberish.

"Nappy" he shouted and was surprise to hear his shout come back as "Naffy". He shouted out "naffy" and in his ears came back the word "nappy" and almost immediately he had the attention of his nurse who came over to him.

"What's up baby" she said, but all Timmy really understood was "baby".

"My naffy is wet" he said and all he managed to convey was "nappy" and his nurse repeated "nappy" and began to walk away. Timmy looked worried and shouted out "Me go wee wee naffy Nana" and he repeated himself four time in quick sensation. His nurse turned round beaming.

"Good baba" she said "good baba"and Timmy glowed with pride at his success as she slipped a finger inside his romper and into the wet confines of his nappy.

"Come on baba" she said leading him to the changing mat and undoing the snaps to his romper and pulling down his wet plastic pants and soggy terry nappy. She cleaned him up quickly and carefully with baby wipes and pinned him into a new warm fluffy nappy. Timmy could not remember ever feeling so relaxed or content as she pulled up a new pair of plastic pants and snuggled him in to them. He lifted up his bottom so she could pull the flaps of his romper together and snapped them shut. The nurse took him over to the star chart as she put another gold star next to his name. She took him back to his play pen and he felt the urge to suck his thumb as a feeling of tiredness suddenly swept over him. He took the soft blanket next to him and pulled it over him and drifted off to sleep.

Throughout the hall students were learning how to talk like toddlers and were reaping the benefits of babyhood. Those in training pants were really struggling and although extremely wet were unable to summon any attention.

Millie had been silently thinking and listening to all the other big babies and was just thinking about joining them in slumber when she felt a huge pressure build up in her tummy. She realised that she was in urgent need of the potty but the controller was not in her possession. She rattled the bars of the play pen as she realised that she was about to lose total control "Potty" she screamed as she felt herself losing control. The nurses ignored her.

"Nana poffy" she screamed and the translator repeated her words in her ears. The nurses looked up and her nurse went out the room to get a pink potty for her, but it was all too late and in the best toddler tradition she felt the beginnings of a poo starting to edge its way slowly and deliberately into her nappy. She clenched as hard as she could sitting down on her bottom in the hope that she could prevent the act. The pain level became almost too hard to bear as the forces within her with an inevitability started to squeeze out of her with almost exquisite pain. The nurse wandered over slowly with the pink potty.

"Baba want poffy sweetheart?" she heard her nurse ask, but her mind was so engrossed in her struggle that she could hardly utter a word. A mixture of anger, pain, frustration and a high degree of inexplicable pleasure started to run through her. Her brain was so totally overwhelmed that all she could do was let out a wail. The nurse put down the potty and climbed into the play pen with her and gave her a huge hug. She pressed a sequence of buttons on her translator to disable it.

"What a good baby. Are you doing a poo poo in your nappy for Nanny sweetheart?" she asked Millie who had a bright red face and was gritting her teeth.

"You didn't want that nasty potty did you darling, you wanted to wait so that you could go in your nappy like a really good baby girl didn't you?" she continued as Millie fought with every last ounce of effort to stop the new intruder from soiling her nappy.

"I don't want to be a baby Nanny, I am a big girl" she grunted with despair as she continued with her desperate struggles. The pressure grew still further and once again Millie struggled to remain seated, but the pain increased to such a pitch that she knew she would have to change her position and within that split second the intruder would break out of her and make its way into the seat of her lovely clean fluffy nappy.

Her bladder chose that moment to join in the conspiracy and now she battled to stop herself from wetting. She weighed up the gravity of the situation. She had already wet herself during the night and this was a minor regression compared to actually soiling herself. Perhaps if she let herself pee a little in her nappy that this would give her time to force back the most babyish act of all and she could buy some time to use the potty which was within easy reach.

"Go in your nappy" said her nurse "go in your nappy like a good baby" she said sweetly rubbing the front of her nappy. Millie started to tingle with the unexpected touch in her most sensitive of places. For the briefest moment she allowed herself to let go of her bladder as the nurse rubbed her faster and faster. The feeling of relief from her bladder was replaced by an increasing need to orgasm. The nurse feeling her warm pee heat the front of her plastic knickers increased the tempo of her massage. Millie let out a gasp of total pleasure that resonated through the room as she lost all the battles and a solid heavy mass eased its way into the seat of her nappy as she fell over onto her side in ecstatic convulsions.

"What a good baby girl to go poopy in your nappy. You liked making Nanny a dirty nappy didn't you. I think you liked doing a poopy so much that you got really excited didn't you. Wasn't that fun? You can really enjoy your messy nappy now can't you?" she said rubbing Millie's bottom with slow deliberate strokes. Millie started to get hot again and before she could help herself nurse had put her hands inside her nappies and encouraged her to rub herself into an orgasm the likes of which she had never experienced before. She revelled in the warmth and wetness gyrating and rocking back and forth in her recent acts of total babyish behaviour. Anne and Jane had come to watch as Millie revelled in her dirty nappies, the little pink frilly dress had ridden up to her terry bra to reveal a very wet and messy diaper which was clearly visible through her transparent plastic panties. They knew as did Millie that this was a moment that would decide Millie's total conversion to nappy dependency.

"You good girl Millie" said Jane "look how she enjoyed going in her nappies like a little toddler. You are such a good girl Millie that I am going to give you two gold stars. Even though you could have easily gone in your potty you chose to use your nappies instead, what a clever girl you are. I am going to put your potty away for ever and make sure you have only the softest of nappies from now on."

Millie was so disgusted and revolted at what she had just done that she burst into tears. The nurse clutched her close to her breast and in a slow moment had released one of her breasts from the lacy bra and slipped her nipple into Millie's mouth. Millie was so disoriented and uninhibited from the drugs that she latched on almost at once and needed very little encouragement to suckle. The relaxing medication coupled with the comfort of sucking lulled her into a warm sleep. Her dirty nappies were forgotten as she just enjoyed their warmth and snuggled close to the comfort of the breast. She took the sweet milk and she knew exactly what it was like to be a baby again as she allowed herself to wet her nappy once again.

The two women looked at the nurse who was taking a great deal of sexual pleasure from Millie's sucking and was quite glassy eyed. The three of them looked down at Millie who without doubt was now theirs to manipulate and mould as they saw fit.


This is a short story but it is a part of a sequel that will run on to a conclusion. The cliff hanger will be what happens next. The first twenty four hours have now been completed, Timmy and Millie have started on their paths of regression to nappy dependency. There are eighteen left, how many will succumb to the dummy training planned for the next day. How many will be affected by the day spent in the isolation room and end up pleading to be reduced to babies. Perhaps the minority will be convinced by the converted to join their ranks, especially if it will affect their future. 2009 will be a time of discovery and babification - you have been warned!

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