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This story will develop slowly as I am very busy with a large project at the moment so please be patient.

Chapter 1

Janet and Simon were the marriage of opposites.

Simon was quiet, considerate and the dependable plodder. He was a University educated mathematician who had turned accountant. In the spare bedroom he had established an office in which there were two desks; one with a computer and all the peripherals you would need to run a tax consultancy and in the other corner an old antique desk that had been his father's which was set up with pin vice, mini lathe and other specialist equipment you would expect of a watch mender. On the wall a neat pin board had all the tools of this specialist trade affixed in tidy order with all of them silhouetted by a dark painted black line.

Janet was a high-flying marketing executive, who had sailed through University with a reputation of being able to out-drink the boys and party with the best of them. Her fees were high and her life style needed the six figure salary she commanded. She had a fancy studio that was a converted barn that stood the other side of the courtyard to the main house. A PA called Jean would arrive at 08.00 every morning and join them for breakfast in the large kitchen that boasted an old farm style table and huge black Agar that heated a large kettle for the morning tea.

If Janet was best described as bossy and forceful, then Jean was brash and quite vulgar. She delighted in being out-spoken and nothing made her day brighter than to embarrass Simon. Simon watched the two of them interact as they bantered over breakfast batting ideas back and forth like a rally in Wimbledon. His wife was dressed simply in a blouse and smart slacks that he knew had cost a small fortune. The white silk blouse was just thin enough to show the outline of her underlying lacy bra. Jean was dressed in a skirt that she had made herself from layers of lace and embroidered with small roses around the hem. She looked like a Spanish gipsy and for some reason this brought a smile to his lips.

Jean was no simple soul. She had a degree in psychology and had spent much of her spare time improving her skills as a seamstress and genius with fabric and thread. This had proved a huge success with the big PR push to land the special clients. She had made everything from curtains, bunting, promotional banners, dresses made in the company colours (for the female helpers and wine waitresses).

"What we should do Janet is theme it like F1 and have overalls with endorsements like the racing drivers" said Jean. Simon raised his eyebrows but continued to eat his eggs and bacon that Mrs Warrren their daily helper had just prepared for him.

"What do you think big boy?" she asked Simon.

Simon was momentarily startled and a drip of egg fell from his fork and hit the dazzling white of his polo shirt.

"I, oh blast it" he said as he dabbed at the yellow that trickled down his front and stood up to go to the sink.

"Bloody hell Simon! That is clean on today, how can you be so careless. My God you are more trouble than a baby" she berated him.

Mrs. Warren familiar with the noisy breakfast exchanges came forward with a soapy cloth to wipe off the mark and try to keep the peace.

"It is alright Mrs W it is too late for that. Simon take off your shirt and get a clean one. I will put that in to soak" said Janet shaking her head

Jean always eager to join in and add to Simon's misery chimed up "he ought to wear a bib at meal times. He is always dropping something down himself. Yesterday her dribbled tea all over his trousers, perhaps we need to get him a sippy cup as well".

There was no love lost between himself and Jean, as she always sided with Janet and there was a niggling doubt in the back of his mind whether she was "straight". As his relationship with Janet became more strained, he sensed that Jean and Janet became a little closer and a little more touchy feely. Perhaps Simon should have kept that fleeting thought in his head for a little longer and spent as much time analysing their relationship as he spent analysing their accounts.

Janet laughed "we could do it in our corporate colours"

"Yes, we could do it in white terry towelling with pink gingham binding and I could sew on one of those appliqué teddies we had for that cuddly toy promotion" jumped in Jean with huge enthusiasm.

"It would have to be plastic backed to stop anything going through to his clothes" added Janet enjoying the new brain-storm session.

Simon started to redden with embarrassment and stood up to leave the table and escape the cruel plans being made from him.

"Stop being so f'ing stupid" he retorted.

"And perhaps a nice dummy to stop baby from being such a foul mouth" shrieked Janet.

"Better than a sippy cup, we should get him a nice baby's feeding bottle with a nice rubber teat" added Jean ever eager to take things to extremes.

"Don't be so stupid, it was a simple accident" defended Simon desperate to escape this conversation. However, the women had smelt blood and were in for the kill.

"Perhaps Mrs W should spoon feed him" continued Jean. Mrs Warren failed to suppress a smile.

"You would have to pay me extra to be a nanny" she chortled.

The three women collapsed into helpless giggles as Simon wanted to curl up and die. Where would this humiliation all end?

You will have to wait until next time to find out!

Chapter 2

Simon managed to get through the day without too much further embarrassment. He noticed that Jean and Janet looked at him conspiratorially when he crossed the courtyard to their office armed with the end of month figures for their business. Jean put her thumb in her mouth and winked at Janet as he was about to enter the office and for a brief moment the two of them fought to regain their composure.

He felt distinctly like an outsider and the feeling was not one with which he was particularly comfortable. He dropped the memory stick and a sheath of paper printouts on Janet's table.

"These are the figures you asked for" he said looking slightly puzzled by the atmosphere.

"You need to sort out the expenses, because they are a bit of a mess" he continued.

Jean snorted and began laughing "a mess! Perhaps they need a bib!" Janet smirked in response and then started giggling.

"Grow up you two, you're like a couple of schoolgirls" he retorted

"Better than a toddler" laughed Jean

Simon turned on his heels and stormed out "How bloody childish, just bloody childish!"

The day continued without incident. Lunch was sandwiches and Simon took his outside into the garden with a glass of Coke and sat with Mrs Warren. The girls took theirs over to the barn and seemed more like schoolgirls than ever speaking in whispers and looking furtively over their shoulders. If something was going on then Simon had missed the signals.

"There are days Mrs W when those girls could drive me mad" he said with despair.

"Oh they were only having a bit of fun Simon, don't take it too seriously. They will have forgotten about it by tomorrow. You wait and see" she said. Simon shrugged and then nodded in agreement.

"I guess you are right Mrs W. I am too busy right now to have to play games like this" he explained.

The girls came back from the office with plates that were barely touched. Jean looked slightly flushed with a glowing décolletage and Janet was far from her normal crisp and beautifully manicured icon. Her hair was slightly tussled and her blouse seemed less crisp than it was at breakfast. The two of them continued to grin like Cheshire cats. They walked passed Mrs W and Simon who seemed quite deep in conversation and skipped on to the kitchen.

They all worked hard until late afternoon and Jean left with Mrs W.

"What shall we have for dinner?" asked Simon.

"Do you fancy a barbeque? We don't seem to have used it much this year and I could fancy a steak. We could sit out with a nice cold glass of rosé, followed by a nice bottle of red to go with the meat. What do you think?"

Janet smiled and took his hand "Yes that would be very nice and we have not done that for a very long time. It would a really nice change" she said. Simon looked her in the eyes for a millionth of a second, was she making a special effort for him? Did he in that split instance get a flash of pity, a pinch of guilt? Something inside of him rang a loud bell and it gripped him by the heart.

"You alright love?" she asked.

Simon pulled himself together "sorry, I was wondering what I had done with the barbeque tools".

The evening went really well, Janet was kind and attentive. There was no more teasing and no mention of the earlier conversation and by the end of dinner Simon was feeling quite passionate. They went to bed. Janet emerged from the bathroom in a white lacy teddy that showed her wonderful attributed to perfection. Simon was aroused to a maximum as the two of them had been so busy working that they had not been intimate for weeks.

Janet rubbed her breasts and put then in front of Simon's face.

"Suck them" she ordered gently easing one of her breasts from its lacy cup. Simon took her in his mouth and gently sucked her.

"That's a good baby, sucking nice and gently". Simon was happy with the infantile endearment; she had always called him "her baby". As he snuggled in to her breast she had worked her hand down to his erection and was gently exciting him to frenzy.

"I need you now" he said with urgency as Janet administered to his needs. In reality Janet had been more than satisfied by Jean in the office that afternoon and was in no mood for Simon's somewhat amateur and unsatisfying efforts at love making.

"No, please. I need you now."

Janet looked at him kindly "it's alright baby, you go in your pants. I will help you". She increased her attention on the front his boxer shorts and within seconds Simon was gasping and shuddering as his excitement flowed out of him.

"But what about you?" he asked, "you have not ..."

"I was not in the mood tonight Simon, it is not your fault darling we have been so stressed at work. I don't mind. Honestly. I do love you." She looked at the big wide wet stain on the front of his cotton boxer shorts.

"Looks like my baby boy has made a mess in his panties!" she mocked with tenderness.

Simon let it pass; he was already in the arms of morphia and dropping off in to a trouble free sleep.

Would he have slept so soundly if he knew what humiliation was to befall him tomorrow? You will have to wait for the next chapter to find out!

Chapter 3

Simon awoke later than usual the next morning. He could hear Jean and Janet downstairs in the kitchen and something was amusing them as Jean's horrendous cackle carried up the stairs and set his teeth on edge. Even Mrs Warren's normally soft laughter was noisier than normal.

He went into the bathroom and had a shave. His boxers had a large stain at the front and he peeled them off before diving under the shower and luxuriating under the soothing spray. In no time at all he was clean and refreshed and ready to face the day.

In the kitchen the three women were working hard to appear normal and the noisy laughter he had heard upstairs was quickly hushed down and had almost abated as they heard him coming down the stairs. Mrs Warren was putting the finishing touches to some scrambled egg and giving the baked beans a last stir before Simon took his place at the table. Jean had gone to the Welsh dresser to get some crockery and some cutlery. His wife sat demurely with a strange and somewhat silly expression on her face. Simon was on his guard and cocked his head at her quizzically.

"Anything the matter?" He asked as he sensed that something was going on.

"No, of course not baby!" replied his wife with a grin. Immediately Simon's suspicions were again kindled as she would never use that term of endearment outside of their own personal space. Mrs Warren brought over his breakfast plate, with bacon, scrambled eggs, baked beans and a grilled tomato that was cooked to mushy perfection.

"Thanks Mrs W" he thanked her "that looks wonderful". He picked up his knife and fork just as he felt somebody touch the back of his neck and the sound of a click. He swung round "What the hell are you doing" he demanded. The room erupted into laughter and for a moment he could not understand what the sudden merriment was all about. Then he looked down as the white square with a border of pink gingham unfolded in front of him. The bitches had put him in a bib! He was livid and put his hands behind his neck in an attempt to undo it, but they had thought this through and in the two Velcro tabs were metal eyelets through which went a small padlock. The innocent looking binding contained strands of virtually unbreakable nylon fibre.

The terry bib was firmly fixed and the plastic backing rustled as he dried unsuccessfully to wrench it from around his neck. The women looked on to see if it would resist his onslaught and smiled contentedly as he failed to make any impression on its release.

"We promised you a bib yesterday and now you have got one" said Janet "I have had enough of you messing your clothes up with your careless eating habits. Sometimes you make more mess than a toddler".

Simon was in turmoil, should he run or should he finish his breakfast when they would surely have to remove the babyish garment? As if reading his mind Jean answered his thoughts "if you get up from the table we will not take off your bib. If you get your bib dirty then you will wear a bib every meal time for the next three days until you can stay clean. If you are still acting like a big baby after a week, then you will be given a sippy cup".

Mrs Warren looked on with interest not wishing to take any sides. This family were kind to her and she needed the money. Janet and Jean looked victorious as the defeated and deflated Simon glumly made a start on his breakfast. His bib covered his shoulders and went down to his waist. He had no doubt that the talented Jean had made it in her sewing room. It was beautifully made and she had carefully sewn an appliqué of a plump fluffy brown teddy wearing a nappy onto one corner. In the centre he could see that she had carefully embroidered some writing in pink silk thread, but it was not that easy to read upside down. He looked in the mirror that hung on the wall and tried to read the reflection. In a moment he had translated the reversed text as "Our Big Baby Simon". Simon inwardly groaned.

The girls were fascinated to see his reaction as he slowly worked out the words, they watched as the realisation of it embarrassed him and watched as the colour began to rise in his cheeks. They saw his hopeless humiliation begin to dawn on him and his head fall as he could look none of them in the eyes. However, looking down and trying to eat at the same time is never a good idea. The tomato that had been grilled to sloppy perfection left the fork just as it was about to enter his mouth and a red splodge of tomato, Worcester sauce and a tinge of baked beans juice hit his bib just below the word 'Big'. The liquid hit the plastic backing and then wicked out slightly in a widening stain.

There was a moment of silence that seemed to last an eternity.

It was Janet who was the first to speak "There!" she said with almost unrestrained glee, "your t-shirt is still lovely and clean underneath. I am so pleased you agreed to wear your bib. Thank you for being a good boy".

Simon scowled, this was unbearable, here he was with irrefutable proof that he needed to wear a bib. How could he argue with his wife, she could see as easily as he could the evidence? A bib that he had worn for less than a few minutes already had the scar of his carelessness. He took another mouthful perhaps a little thoughtlessly and once again fate conspired against him and a few drips of orange baked bean juice joined the previous accident as they fell from his fork.

Jean was elated "what a messy baby" she chided "I can see you always wearing a bib from now on".

Simon had just taken a stacked forkful of scrambled egg just as the fury at Jean's word hit home. Like a wounded animal he turned on her.

"You mind your own fu..." but before he could finish the food he had just placed in his mouth went down the wrong way. He drew a deep breath and the food started its journey down his windpipe. Janet was up like a shot and grabbing the bib and putting it over his mouth began to slap him heavily on the back. Simon coughed, wheezed and spluttered into his bib. Jean passed him a drink of orange juice. He gasped for air and then coughed again just as the orange juice was in his mouth. Once again Janet caught the spray in his bib.

He took a deep breath, Janet let the bib fall; it was covered in breakfast.

Simon looked in the mirror and saw himself. It was not a sight that he was proud about. The girls looked delighted and this puzzled Simon greatly. What was going on? At least this bib was far too mucky for a second use and he would not be able to use it for his lunch. His breakfast was complete and he looked pleadingly at his wife. She looked back at him not understanding. A little impatiently he took hold of the bib and flapped it at her and she gave a nod of comprehension and moving behind him unlocked the small retaining padlock. With a sharp rasping sound the Velcro was parted. He was free of the babyish garment.

"There look at you, all lovely and clean and not a mark for a change" said Janet

"At least I will not have to wear one at lunchtime" replied Simon with just a touch too much glee.

"And why is that?" asked his wife

"Because this one is too dirty" replied Simon

The conversation was interrupted by Jean picking up a plastic bag in which were half a dozen different bibs.

"I made plenty because I knew you were going to be messy" she gloated.

"You have to make the choice, we can either lock you into your bib or we can do it on trust and you can have the straight forward tie on ones".

"And what if I was to fight you?" he said with a sneer, "what would you do about it, eh?"

"Why silly baby, we would show the video of you wearing and using your bib like a little toddler and publish all the pictures we have been taking using that web cam!" she said pointing to a mini-cam sitting on the windowsill.

Next time..... Simon's life continues to go badly wrong as the two girls have a really unique and clever plan in store for him. It is so dastardly I could hardly bear to write it down.

Chapter 4

The day continued in much the same way as they always did, except that at lunch time he had to wear another bib. This one was pastel yellow with frills all round the out side. Once again it was made of white terry towelling with a PVC backing that made him feel quite hot and sticky underneath. Janet stood in front of him as he sat down at the table. She showed him the bib so that he could see it for himself. He did not need to strain the writing embroidered onto the front as they took huge delight in reading it out to him.

"Sissy Simon is Soppy and Sloppy" said Jean admiring her handiwork.

"Lift up your head baby, let's put on your lovely new bib shall we?" she said tying the bib firmly and smoothing it done at the front so that it was completely covering his front "there doesn't my baby look precious? Now you do not have to worry about any spills do you? Look on the line - Mrs W has already washed your other bib and it has come up beautifully clean and soft". Simon looked on the line at the unmistakeable bib hanging upside on the line with the Velcro tabs flapping in the breeze.

The women all tucked serviettes into their necks, but Simon needed none of that with the large bib tied around his neck with the yellow ribbon that edged his new babyish confection. The looped bows stuck out from behind his neck for all to see. He honoured the agreement knowing that the release of the damning pictures and videos would bring unbelievable shame if they were ever released.

Simon mused over their choice of over-filled wraps for lunch that always fell apart when they were eating them. He had barely picked it up when the contents fell out of the roll and cascaded down his bib. Chicken, salsa and some sort of sweet sticky chutney adhered to the fine loops of the terry cloth.

"Baby boy has used his new bib already I see" remarked Jean "this was such a good idea, he really does not have to worry about making a mess anymore does he Rachel?"

"It has made more work for Mrs W" she replied looking over at her helper.

Mrs Warren smiled sweetly and said "but it is easier to wash a bib than it is to get the stains out of his shirts. I was always struggling to get his clothes clean, so this is a very good idea".

The meal continued with some Black Forest gateau which Simon added to his bib increasing the tally of stains. It seemed that the thing was a magnet for spillage and the more he tried not to spill anything on it the clumsier he became.

The girls collected up the plates and carried them inside. Simon sat outside on his own with his face to the sun. The stains on his bib were already drying and without a serviette he had not wiped the trace of chocolate cake from around his lips. It never occurred to him to wipe his face using his bib, however, Mrs Warren who had two small grandchildren automatically looked at his bib, looked at his face and took the bottom to wipe his face. She did not take it off, but let it drop down. Once again it was a collage of colours and shapes that would have been a credit to any baby learning the rudiments of self-feeding.

In the kitchen Janet and Jean were engaged in further mischief.

"Are you sure about this?" Janet whispered to Jean.

"Yes, we will feed him on a diet of testosterone and more importantly dehydrotestosterone. Every night you must make sure that he is pleasured and that he spends a lot of the evening in anticipation of his bedtime delights"

"Why? What is this going to achieve?" asked Janet

"We are going to aggravate his prostate to such an extent that it is going to expand. The more we turn him on the greater the demand for seminal fluid and the more his body will want to provide and that is going to require higher prostate activity. I have another experimental hormone that will accelerate the process which is a form of estradiol" explained Jean.

"Where did you learn all this stuff?" Janet asked

"I went out with a doctor who specialised in urology of course!" Jean laughed.

"Simon will find that as his prostate grows bigger that it will start to impinge on his urethra and when he wants to pee he will not be able to, and when he does not plan to go he will be gripped by a sudden urgency and find he has absolutely no control".

"How long will this all take" asked Janet gently caressing Jean's breast "since you mentioned the idea of making Simon our own baby I am becoming impatient! I can hardly wait".

"I estimate it will take about six months but we have a lot of things to achieve before then. We have to work on him psychologically and prepare him mentally for what is going to happen to him. Look at him sitting out there doesn't he look sweet in his bib? I want you to work on the oral stimulation exercises we discussed yesterday and there is no reason why you shouldn't start taking the first steps this week".

What will become of poor Simon. Does he realise what is to befall him? Does he stand any chance of fighting the change from hubby to bubby?

Chapter 5

Mrs Warren came in from the garden clutching the bib that Simon had worn for his breakfast.

"I love the smell when they have been sun-dried in the garden don't you?" she asked showing them. I love it when my grandchildren visit and I can do some of their washing.

"How old are they Mrs W?" asked Janet.

"Millie is twenty months old and Jessica is four months next week" Mrs Warren replied

"Aren't they lovely at that age" said Jean.

"Just wonderful" beamed Mrs W "my daughter decided to put them in terries and with both of them in nappies my line is frequently full when they come and visit. Oh! I forgot to tell you, Simon has fallen asleep in the garden. He looked so peaceful that I didn't want to wake him".

The girls trouped out into the garden and sure enough Simon had fallen asleep in the chair, his head slumped into his chest, his chin buried in the softness of his bib that held a full record of what he had eaten for lunch. The girls chuckled quietly knowing that the first stage of their plan for him had gone better than they could ever have expected.

"Shall I take off his bib?" asked Mrs. W

"No, leave him, it would be a shame to wake him" said Janet "last night must have been too much for him"

"If not that, then it might have been the Mogadon I slipped in his drink" whispered Jean into Janet's ear with a small laugh.

Simon slept and it was almost four o'clock when he eventually fought off the effects of the sleeping tablet and staggered out of his chair. He wandered into the office where the girls were deep in discussion. They stopped talking when he entered. In his semi-drugged state he was very groggy and had not realised that he still had his bib on. The girls sniggered.

"Hello baby" welcomed Janet "you really do like the bib that Jean made for you don't you? If you like it so much we can always put you in a nice clean one and give that one to Mrs W to wash. I am sure we have one just as pretty for you sweetheart."

Simon recoiled in horror, he had never meant to wear it.

"No, I er made a mistake" he stuttered "I felt so sleepy in the sun". Jean laughed "let me get you a clean one" she said as she reached behind him to undo the ribbons.

"Take this to Mrs W and ask her to put you on a nice clean one".

Simon fled to his office, throwing the dirty bib on the kitchen table as he passed through. Mrs Warren smiled. Those girls were being very naughty she thought as she hand washed the bib in warm water! She had unpacked the bibs, there were five of them left, and she emptied a small drawer in the dresser to hold them. Baby's bib drawer she thought to herself, who would have thought it?

Simon stayed out of the way until Jean and Mrs W had left. He still felt very groggy and the bib business was wearing very thin on his nerves but the fear of being exposed to the local community and his business colleagues and clients was too much to risk. He made the decision to be very careful for the next three days and win his freedom from the babyish garments.

Janet came upstairs as he was mending a fusée escapement pocket watch that he had found in an antique shop and bought for a song. It was at times like these that he really relaxed.

This was all to change when his wife appeared in the doorway dressed in a very revealing nanny's uniform. However, she was unlike any nanny he had ever seen and was a million miles away from being Mary Poppins. Behind the white bibbed apron her blue blouse was bursting open to reveal her breasts. Her skirt was short and revealed old-fashioned stockings and a hint of a suspender.

"How's my baby boy this evening?" she asked dropping the front of her apron.

Simon's eyes almost came out on organ stops and he was almost drooling with desire. Already the testosterone was having an effect on his desires and he was being driven by his urges. She teased him with erotic gestures and put her fingers in his mouth following the advice of her psychologist friend to encourage oral associations with his pleasure.

"Come on baby boy, it is time for our dinner" she said leading him with her finger which he was sucking quite willingly.

"I don't have to wear my bib when we are alone, do I?" he said expectantly

"Of course you do silly! We had an agreement and you certainly made good use of the two bibs you have worn already today. I'll let you choose one for tonight if you like" she said.

"I find it quite sexy in a strange sort of way".

Simon looked at her "Sorry, you find it sexy? What in earth could be sexy about a grown man wearing a bib?"

"It is the vulnerability and the fact you need me that is turning me on" she lied convincingly "I want you helpless baby". She gathered him to her and pulled his face into her bosom so tightly that he could hardly breathe. Once again he thought he was going to explode as she caressed him.

"No we must stop" she implored pushing him gently away "we must eat first you naughty baby".

In the kitchen she opened his special drawer and took out the five bibs.

"Choose away, which one do you want tonight?" He picked a pale blue creation which said "Janet's baby" in blue silk thread and had a picture of baby blocks running along the border. These must have taken Jean all night to make he thought; unless of course this was all planned a lot earlier. Janet smiled as she carefully tied the bib around his neck and smoothed it down.

"That is a very nice choice" she said.

"Why have you put it on so early, we haven't sat down for dinner yet?" whined Simon.

"Don't be silly, why does it matter?" she retorted "you are going to have to wear it sooner or later and it might as well be earlier". She looked a bit huffy and started to prepare the dinner with a great banging and crashing of pans.

When dinner came it was no surprise to see that it was spaghetti Bolognese; a dish that was almost impossible to eat with out some spillage. He sipped on the glass of Valpolicella, it seemed slightly bitter and he hesitated.

"Cheers" said Janet raising her glass and taking a gulp after they had clinked glasses. Simon took a deep draft and this time it seemed perfectly okay. He took his fork and wound the spaghetti around it like an accomplished Italian native. As he raised his fork to his mouth his hand had a tremor and at the same time his leg began to twitch. Simon was shocked as yet again his dinner ended up all down his bib and half of it was around his face. The tremor in his hands grew worse.

"Are you alright?" asked Janet with concern

"I've got the shakes" he replied sounding concerned as he looked at his hands. The drug continued to circulate and he was relieved to see that the effect was becoming calmer. He felt extremely at peace as the other drug in the cocktail slowly sedated him. He took another sip of his wine and almost missed his mouth and it ran down his chin and onto his bib leaving a deep splash of red.

"You are working too hard baby" she said softly "we will have an early night shall we?"

Simon finished off his dinner and Janet wiped his face with his bib. That will need a really good soak she thought with a smile. She took his hand and took him upstairs to their bedroom. Simon was as hard as a rock but becoming increasingly sleepy. Janet held him in her arms and put a breast to his mouth, he sucked with eagerness as she reached under her pillow and removed a towelling square which she pushed into the front of Simon's boxer shorts.

"You made a big wetty in your pants last night so Nanny has come prepared tonight baby boy"

Simon was on the edge of ecstasy and beyond caring, he fumbled at her underwear, but she gently pushed him away.

"It's alright baby boy you go in a nappy for Nanny". She increased the frequency of her administration until it was a frenzied attack on the front of his pants.

"Nappy?" Simon managed to splutter as he rose to new heights

"Yes baby boy" she said putting his thumb into his mouth and taking him to the point of no return "my baby boy is going in a nappy to keep his pants clean". Simon was past the point of caring and unleashed the full force of his passion. Janet slowly squeezed his rapidly shrinking member in the soft folds of the nappy that she had bought the week before. It would not be too long now before Mrs W would have a new line of fluttering nappies drying in the garden.

Simon continued to suck his thumb (something which she had caught him doing in his sleep on many occasions) and she was enjoying the bulge of the soft white fluffy nappy that poked out through the top and around the legs of his boxer shorts.

"You have had a very hard day baby boy and you haven't even had any time to take off your bib tonight. Look at you precious baby with a nappy stuffed in your big boy pants" she stroked his hair and he took a couple of sucks on his thumb "it shouldn't be too long before you're back in nappies and plastic pants because soon you will start to wet your bed again at night"! Janet giggled quietly to herself as she started to rub herself up into a climax thinking of her lover Jean and the new baby.

Can Simon break out of this chain of events? What evil plans are the girls going to unleash on this poor drug-dosed boy? How long before he is reduced to a dribbling idiot?

Chapter 6

Simon's 'training' progressed well under the guidance and instruction of Jean with her psychologist training. He now accepted the bibs at meal time to such an extent that half the time he wandered about during the day wearing one because he no longer really noticed it. Needless to say it was rarely spotless!

After two months of the special cocktail of supplements he was totally pumped up and the only thing on his mind was relief from his pent up frustration. In no time at all his special sessions with Janet had grown from once a night to three times a day. Janet only had to come to him holding a clean white fluffy nappy and he was ready for his stimulation. Like Pavlov's dog he associated the babyish protection with instant gratification. He had tried one day to satisfy himself, but Janet had found out and was so furious with him that she would never satisfy him again.

Jean and Janet were delighted with the progress Simon was making down his road of regression to eventual babyhood. In particular, the importance of suckling had taken a severe toll on Janet's breasts which were becoming very sore and tender with the continual attention that Simon was paying to them. His relief was not only dependant on the nappy, it was also on the need to have something in his mouth as he came to climax. The breast was best as they did not want to encourage his thumb sucking which was now becoming more prevalent as he slept and they had also seen him sitting at his desk with his thumb in his mouth.

The girls were in the office after lunch. Simon had gone back to his little office oblivious to the fact that he was still wearing a snow white fluffy bib that had unusually escaped his soiling due in no part to a lunch of non-staining chicken sandwiches! Nobody thought twice about seeing Simon in a bib and even Mrs W had fallen into a routine of washing his three nappies and three bibs each day and hanging them on the line when the weather was fine. Simon however, continued to see the washing line as a reminder of his weakness and humiliation.

"... but Jean, I am so sore" Janet explained "he is sucking me so much that it hurts to wear a bra. He is totally dependent on my breasts now, there must be something else we can do, because I don't think I can cope with very much more".

Jean picked her large brown leather handbag from the floor. Janet was always amazed at the seemingly infinite capacity of her bags and the amazing things she managed to pack in. She did not disappoint her on this occasion either and pulled out two boxes.

"Voila" she exclaimed with undoubted pride "I found these on EBay".

"What on earth..?" began Janet

"Dummies of course! I found adult dummies on EBay that are called NUK 5 and they are perfectly big enough for Simon. I even bought this pink one" she dug deep and pulled out a regular baby's dummy but with a huge rubber nipple.

"This is more than a mouthful for our baby boy".

Janet was clearly impressed and grinned from ear to ear. She walked round the desk and kissed Jean full on the mouth. It was all they could do not to satisfy their lust there and then.

"YOU ARE A GENIUS" she said emphasising each word one at a time "that is so amazing, how do you do it?"

Jean glowed with pride.

"How am I going to get Simon to take to his new toy? This is a really babyish thing to have and I am not sure he is going to want to suck on a baby's dummy willingly".

"Withdrawal of services my dear" replied Jean with hesitation "he is not going to want to give up his pleasures for more than a day or two. Give him a couple of days and he will be begging you for his dummy just like a seasoned toddler". She reached into her bag and came up with a cardboard carton.

Janet looked at the graphics on the carton and was none the wiser.

"What on earth is it?" she asked

Chapter 7

"That my dear is a CB-3000!" she laughed. Janet looked blank.

"It's a chastity device." Janet looked blank.

"It will stop him from playing with himself." Janet's face was glowing.

"It takes a bit of time to fit, but it is completely secure" she said holding up the small brass padlock.

"How am I going to get him to wear it?" asked Janet

"He is pretty naïve isn't he, so tell him it will improve his excitement by further stimulating him and he is bound to agree. Better still tell him to close his eyes and give him some oral stimulation down there."

Jean made a plan for the evening. As usual Simon was more than eager for his session with his nappy and was positively panting by the time Janet appeared with his favourite toy in hand.

"Tonight I am a little sore baby, so I am going to pleasure you with a new toy, but you must not look, so nanny is going cover your eyes with your nappy for a little while.

Simon's manhood was at best disappointing and the smallest setting of the base ring was quickly fitted around his 'tackle'. She licked him a couple of times and Simon performed on cue. As soon as he had finished he rapidly shrunk and Janet quickly fitted the rest of the CB-3000 assembly and fitted the padlock.

"What are you doing?" asked Simon, his eyes still obscured by the soft nappy covering his face.

"I am making your excitement even better" she replied "there you can have a look now" and pulled the nappy from his face. Simon looked down at the assemblage locked on to his miserable appendage and appeared to be confused.

"It is a CB-3000" explained Janet with apparent knowledge "it stops you getting excited until I say so. You have made me so sore darling that I need you to suck something else other than my breast."

Simon continued to look confused until Janet held up the large white dummy.

"Open up" she commanded "let's see how you suck on your new do-di." Simon wriggled and shook his head vehemently.

"I am not going to suck on a dummy like a little baby. I am not, no, never" he spat out the words with venom and anger. The little padlock rattled against the other plastic components and Simon grabbed the device and tried to pull it off, a task doomed to total failure.

"Why are you doing this to me?" he moaned "Why do you want to humiliate me with a baby's bib at meal times. Now you want me to suck on a dummy as well. It really is too weird and I am not going to do it he said throwing the nappy at her and getting out of bed. I am going to sleep in the spare bedroom" he said in a furious temper not improved by the realisation that he was still wearing the bib from dinner time.

"How can I take a pee with this thing on?"

"You might have to sit down to take a leak" explained Janet in a matter of fact tone.

"I am going to leave your dummy in this little plastic box with the Minnie Mouse on it. I have also put a nice pink one with a little fairy on the front in the box as well. When you want to be excited again you can come to me with your dummy in your mouth and we will see what we can do. I have just about had enough of your tantrums; actually you sound to me just like a toddler who needs his dummy."

Chapter 8

Simon strode out of their bedroom confused, upset and extremely angry. He could not work out what was going on, had Janet gone totally mad? Perhaps their inability to create a baby of their own had driven her to this queer mental state. He pondered his fate and explored the chastity device imprisoning his manhood, it seemed very well made and totally secure. The call of nature focussed his attention and he realised that standing up was not an option, so he sat as Janet had recommended. As he pulled up his shorts he realised that some of the urine had been retained by the device and had trickled into his underwear as he stood up. He shrugged and thought to himself that it was not his problem.

As morning dawned his desires were already at breaking pitch as he came down to breakfast. Mrs Warren immediately went to his special drawer as they called it and took out a bib. Already they were starting to show signs of wear where some persistent stains had refused to come out with a gentle hand wash. Mrs Warren knew that sooner or later she was going to have to do a boil wash and give all his bibs a good cleaning. She looked at the washing basket which being a Monday had nine white nappies and a similar number of bibs. This was enough for one big wash and she could give all her whites a good boil!

Simon cooperated as she tied his bib around his neck as it was second nature to him now. The girls had kept their promise and as he had not managed to keep his bibs clean now took all his drinks in a collection of sippy cups. The uproar had been colossal, but once again the threats of publishing the pictures had been enough to force the decision. The one of him waving the sippy cup at them in a tantrum was particularly effective, his new bib looked stunning in pink and the pile of recently laundered and folded nappies on the dresser completed the scene beautifully.

He sat quietly on his chair eating his toast and Marmite, the heat had melted the butter which mixed with the brown spread and had dripped onto his bib. He didn't care any more and could not even be bothered to wipe his face because he knew somebody would come and do it for him anyway. The new contraption pinned to his nether regions was causing him discomfort and every time the testosterone kicked in, he was wracked with the pain of its restrictions. He knew he was in a bad way when he found himself trying to be aroused by bossy Jean in her denim boiler suit.

The sight of Mrs W loading his nappies into the washing machine almost drove him crazy and once again the pain was so bad it almost made his eyes water. Nothing got passed Jean "Yes baby, Mrs W is washing your nappies for you, isn't she kind? Does it bother you?" she teased knowing the association that had developed in his mind "you like seeing nappies drying on the line almost as much don't you sweetheart?"

Simon let out a small gasp as the little plastic teeth embedded themselves in his tenderest spot. He could feel the dampness leaking from him. The continual excitement still made him produce a sticky mess in his pants. He had a momentary thought to get the dummy out of its box but dismissed it. He had to be strong he told himself. He took a long pull from the cup on the table and it hissed and bubbled as sucked his tea through the spout which had a valve that stopped spillage if he should drop it.

He got up from the table and went to his office to work on a number of figures and as was becoming the norm he went without having his bib removed. The girls smiled at each other.

For the rest of the morning Simon was tortured by his thoughts, by the CB-300 and by the stimulating hormones rushing around his body. There was no relief to the continual cycle of stimulation, restraint and associated stickiness. The added moisture trapped in the device when he went to the loo was further adding to his discomfort and he was horrified to see that on the front of his boxers were a series of superimposed concentric circles of his eliminations, some of which had dried and some which were clearly damp and recent.

Chapter 9

By the time it came to bed time he was quite soggy and damp. Janet told him to stop being silly and come back to their bedroom. Simon agreed and was about to remove his underwear when Janet came into the room.

"Good grief Simon" she exclaimed truly surprised "have you wet yourself?"

"No" retorted Simon "it is this thing you've put on me that stops me drying myself properly."

"Well you cannot carry on like this can you? Look it has even gone through into you trousers and left a stain on those as well. Are you ready to suck on your dummy like a good boy yet?" Simon shook his head.

"Then we will have to do something about your leaks because otherwise the bed is going to smell of pee. However, I have an answer to your problems" she announced.

"clearly stuffing a nappy down your underwear could be one solution but I think that might be a little cruel, so I thought this might happen and I bought you some new underwear that will protect your clothes." She opened a drawer and took out a pair of pants.

Simon looked at them with disdain. They were made of two layers of terry cloth in the style of a full cut pair of briefs. The waist and leg holes were lined with an elastic strip.

"Here try them on" she ordered opening them out so he could step into them. Simon hesitated, he had never seen a garment like this before but somewhere in the back of his mind was a voice that told him they were toddler training pants.

"Now" she ordered again.

"I don't want to wear them" he replied petulantly and with a definite pout.

"Now" repeated Janet looking more and more annoyed.

"We have no options do we? Do you want to stink of pee, do you want to smell like an incontinent baby? Or do you want to keep this problem a secret?"

"A secret" Simon admitted reluctantly. He lifted one leg and Janet guided his foot through the hole, he stumbled slightly as he lifted his other leg. He grabbed Janet round the neck and she hugged him close to her as she pulled the new pants up his legs and to around his waist. They were bunny soft and puffed out very slightly as he could have managed with a smaller size. The feeling on his skin was a thousand times more exciting than a nappy stuffed in his boxers and he doubled up in pain as the stimulation once again kicked in. The padlock chinked against the plastic as he held Janet still tighter.

"I will not suck a dummy, I am not a baby" he managed to squeeze out passed the tears of pain that had welled in his eyes.

"In your own time baby, in your own time sweetheart" said Janet with patience and softness.

Eventually Simon broke away and prepared for bed. As Janet removed his bib she was sure she could feel a definite dampness in the front of his nappy knickers.

Can Simon fight the inevitable? How much more pain and humiliation can the poor boy take? This torture is bordering on being wicked, how long before he cracks? Only the next chapter will tell.

Chapter 10

Simon managed to resist for nearly three months. His prostate was so swollen with desire and seminal fluid that it now pressed painfully on his urethra. He found that the sound of rain and running water was enough to send him scuttling to the bathroom, but when he got there he found that he could hardly go and even if he did manage to go he never managed to empty himself before everything locked up again. There were times when his bladder was so full that although he could not go, there would be an embarrassing release into his pants.

For a long time the two layers of towelling would be sufficient to cope with his release and by the end of the day his training pants would be very yellow with his constant dribbling. However, on this day he reached the lowest part of his life. He had been sitting at the breakfast table drinking from his sippy cup when he felt the characteristic spasm as his bladder voided a small amount of urine. He thought nothing more of it because this was quite commonplace now and he knew his pants were absorbent enough to take care of the problem. Besides, now Janet had bought more than a dozen pairs he usually changed into a fresh pair of pants after lunch. He stood up and a gasp went up from all the women.

"Simon! Have you wet yourself?" exclaimed Janet. Simon looked down at the front of his shorts clearly shocked by this revelation. Radiating out from the crotch of his beige shorts there was a definite dark ring of wetness.

"What a big baby" chipped in Jean "it is high time you put Simon back in nappies Janet."

"Shut up bitch" Simon responded

Janet took him by the hand "Come on baby" she encourage, "let's get you sorted out." She guided him into their bedroom.

"Do you want your do-di now while I sort you out?. You will feel a lot better if you have your dummy and I can make sure you are all nice and dry." Amazingly Simon nodded, he had had enough of the infernal restraint and now he had wet himself, it was so humiliating.

"It will be our little secret" she said lovingly taking the pink dummy out of the plastic box and popping it in his mouth. He sucked it experimentally and found it soothing. He thought that might be why in some places it was called a soother or pacifier. Janet looked fondly at him.

"Take off those wet pants and let's put on a clean pair". She opened a new plastic bag and took out another pair of trainer pants, but these looked slightly bigger and had an extra panel sewn into the front.

"Lie down on the bed and let's see how they fit. She threaded his feet into the holes.

"Lift up" she asked pulling the training pants around his waist.

"Perfect! Now let's take off that nasty device shall we?" She pulled down the front of his pants and unlocked the tiny padlock and removed the various components. Simon sprang up like a spring.

"One more thing" she added "you have to have some extra protection before we can be sure that you will not have any more embarrassing accident on show". She shook out what looked like a shower cap. Simon looked puzzled until he realised that they were plastic pants. He sucked harder on his dummy without realising.

"Lift up" Janet commanded and he complied what options did he have?

In minutes Janet had one hand inside his training pants while the other was rubbing the outside of his plastic pants. Simon lasted about ten seconds and erupted into his new protective clothing.

"That's a good baby and I bet you feel a lot better now don't you?" Simon could only nod in agreement and she looked down at him with a mixture of love and maternal affection as his dummy bobbed up and down as he sucked it with apparent enjoyment.

She went into his wardrobe and took out a clean pair of shorts. He tried them on, but with the additional bulk of his new toddler nappy pants in combination with plastic pants they would not fit. He looked at her in despair.

"Not a problem" she said chirpily "I bought these when I bought the more absorbent pants" and produced a pair of blue terry towelling shorts. They were also fairly stretchy and easily fit over his new protection, but did nothing to disguise the fact that he was wearing more than straight forward underwear beneath. In reality he looked like an overgrown toddler at that stage where they are going through the lessons of potty training.

"They do not have a fly" he observed.

"How can I go to the toilet?"

"You will have to pull everything down silly!"

He looked at himself in the mirror and what he saw almost made him weep. Before him was an overgrown toddler sucking a dummy, wearing a bib and clearly not toilet trained judging by the large bulge in his babyish shorts. He was about to leave the room when he remembered the dummy. He took it out and handed it to Janet. It no longer occurred to him to remove his bib.

"Are you sure?" she asked him "you can keep it in if you want to, I don't mind".

Simon realised that he hesitated for a second. What on earth was he thinking about? At least the horrid device around his willy had gone and his new clothes were beautifully soft and comfy. He momentarily worried about what Jean and Mrs W would say when they saw him in his new terry pants and shorts. As he started off toward the kitchen he realised that these were not his only problems - the plastic pants crinkled and rustled very loudly. A trickle of urine escaped into the waiting thirsty cloth.

Chapter 11

Mrs W looked at Simon with her mouth open "my granddaughter Millie has an identical pair of shorts to yours Simon. Aren't they pretty? They cover up her nappy as well."

"I'm not wearing a nappy!" retorted Simon angrily "I am wearing some absorbent terry pants in case of accidents". Another trickle escaped him as he cringed with embarrassment.

"You look just like a little toddler" sneered Jean "all you need is a dummy and you would look the complete picture." Simon again tightened with fear as another though crossed his mind. Did she know about his new dummy? "Would this toddler like a dummy to suck?" she asked cruelly. More trickling and Simon clutched himself to stem what might be a flow.

"Do you need to go to the toilet?" Janet asked. Simon was hopping from one foot to another like a pre-schooler.

"Go on then, hurry up, off you go". Simon set off with urgency. The time he took to pull down the various items of clothing cost him some more trickling. Inside the plastic pants his trainer pants were positively wet. He did not know what to do. He could go to Janet and ask for a clean pair (assuming she had another pair) or he could hope that they would dry out. Once again he wanted to go, but could only manage a trickle before the stream dried up. He decided to do nothing and pulled up the various layers, washed his hands and went back to the kitchen.

Sadly for Simon he had not been very careful when he have pulled up his shorts. His t-shirt was tucked in his nappy pants and the plastic pants stuck up at the back for all to see.

Mrs W was the first to comment "Simon, are you sure you are not wearing a nappy, because I can see plastic pants sticking out at the back?"

Jean pounced on him in a trice and looked at Janet knowingly "You really are wearing plastic pants" she announced with delight pulling down his babyish shorts to reveal not only a pair of transparent plastic pants but a pair of yellow stained training pants beneath.

"You've wet your pants you big baby. You told me you weren't a baby but look at you you're sopping! I think we should get you out of these training pants and straight into a nice thick nappy."

"No please" pleaded Simon as the need to pee again returned. What was happening he asked himself, I have only just come back from the loo and I need to go again already. The sense of urgency came in a further stronger wave. He frowned, the girls watched with fascination as his frown changed to a grimace. He started to head off towards the cloakroom again but his little stretchy terry shorts were below his knees. As he bent down to drag them up again, Jean slapped his hand.

"And just what do you think you are doing?" she demanded "I thought I had told you that it was time to put you back in nappies."

"Please give me one more chance" he begged. He turned to his wife Janet and looked at her pleadingly.

"Please let me wear my terry training pants" he asked her.

Janet looked at Jean. The admission by Simon that he recognised and admitted that he was wearing training pants was a massive step in his regression training. It would be a mistake to take things too quickly and risk spoiling their excellent progress. In any case Simon was now in agony and would not be able to hear anything as his bladder was in muscular spasm trying to fight against the grip of his urethra and the swollen prostate. The cruel part of his fate had been decided by the large doses of potent diuretic, bananas rich in potassium and high volumes of liquids they had been feeding him.

"I thought you were going" chided Jean.

"But you said..." Simon faltered, he bent down to pull up his shorts once again. He had no sooner gained a grip on the soft waistband when he felt another drastic surge. He half pulled up his shorts and dashed off with his plastic panted bottom on full view for all to see. He reached the toilet just in time to have another major leak throttled by the last thing he would ever have expected - an erection. He lowered his pants and inspected the damage as he sat on the loo. The whole of the front of the terry cloth was now quite wet and had started to go down between his legs. He sat on the toilet contemplating his situation. He sat there for almost half an hour straining and almost praying to pee. Janet called to him through the door.

"You alright in there? You've been a very long time".

"Can I have a clean pair please" he asked

"If I give you a clean pair now, then you will have nothing to wear tonight" she explained.

"Well can't I wear an old pair of the thinner ones?" he reasoned

"No Simon, you can't because you know that they are not absorbent enough for you now" she argued.

"Well if I have the new pants now, what will I wear tonight?" he asked

"You'll have to wear a nappy of course silly" she said in a very matter-of-fact voice.

"So what do you want to do? Have clean dry pants now and a nappy later, or carry on in your wet training pants until bedtime?" Janet waited patiently for an answer, while Simon realised that she had him cornered.

"I'll keep what I have on now" he decided "they aren't too bad". Simon looked at the pants and they were far from okay! His bladder had given up all it was prepared to give up for the time being. He carefully pulled up the terry pants and then the plastic pants and then pulled down his t-shirt back and front and pulled up his little terry shorts. He felt the terry towelling cold and damp next to his skin and he knew he ran a very real risk of getting a rash.

At lunch time Janet took him upstairs for some of his regular stimulation to burn off some of his testosterone induced desire. Janet looked at his training pants through the transparent plastic pants.

"Simon you're really soaked, you can't stay in those darling baby you will get a dreadful rash" she explained as she put in his dummy and started to massage the front of his plastic pants while rubbing her breasts in his face. He began to orgasm almost immediately.

"You bad baby" she chastised him laughing "I think you like wearing wet trainers. Well it is no good, we are going to have to take them off, and you must choose between a nappy now or a nappy later?"

Chapter 12

Simon thought long and hard as Janet held a pair of thick trainers in one hand and a large white fluffy nappy in the other.

"Come on Simon, nappy or knickers? I haven't got all day".

"Knickers" he mumbled in embarrassment his voice barely audible and his dummy making his words slightly garbled.

"Speak up darling, knickers or nappy sweetheart?" she urged waving the garments in his face, and touching the two large nappy pins she had at some time earlier pinned on the front of her blouse.

"Knickers please" he said as his face went redder and a small trickle of spit escaped from behind the face plate of his dummy and ran down his cheek to drip on his bib.

"There, now that wasn't too difficult was it? Come on let's get that wet pair off you and change you. But first we must clean you up" she said bringing out a wicker basket that Simon had never seen before.

"Lie back and suck your dummy while nanny makes you nice and fresh". The sound of a shaver buzzing made Simon sit up.

"Uh uh!" she said putting a hand on his bib and pushing him back "you need to be smooth down there or else you will get a rash with all your wetting". Simon started to wriggle.

"Stop it or I will have to put you back in your special device". Simon was still.

Simon ended up as smooth as a baby and smelling of Johnson and Johnson's baby powder. He obediently lifted up his legs and she slid the clean trainers on to him and then lifted his bottom as she pulled them around his waist. Once again he repeated the process as she fitted his transparent plastic pants. He dutifully sucked his dummy and Janet took the ring and gave it a wiggle.

"There all fresh and clean. Who likes his dummy then? You have been such a good boy that I think you need a really good cuddle" she said putting her hand on the front of his plastic pants. Simon was already in a state of arousal and his dummy bobbed in and out as he grew excited with the anticipation. A trickle of drool escaped passed his dummy and ran down on to his bib. He was almost spluttering as he panted for breath and tried to suck on his do-di the same time as Janet snuggled his head close into her breasts whilst skilfully manipulating him. He came in seconds.

"There's a good baby, that didn't take long did it? You are sooo quick now aren't you? Did that take as long as ten seconds little one? She teased him giving him a sweet smile.

Simon ignored her taunts and gave his dummy an extra couple of sucks. She gave him a special last hug and squeeze "I do love my baby boy" she whispered in his ear.

"Let's go downstairs now shall we?"

He swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up, pulling down his t-shirt to just below his waist. His large transparent baby pants clearly showed the training pants beneath. Simon looked at Janet questioningly.

"Nanny forgot your shorts! Silly nanny" she chortled going to the airing cupboard and taking a pair of pink shorts off the pile of thinner training pants.

"Step in" she ordered as Simon steadied himself by holding on to her shoulders as he put in first one leg and then the other. Janet pulled up the shorts which were very aptly described since they barely covered his plastic pants. Bits of plastic covered training pants peeked out from the leg holes and waist band. Janet tried to push them under the pink stretchy cloth but her efforts just made them looked bulkier.

"They're too small" whined Simon his dummy spluttering and making his words sound very babyish as another dribble trickled onto his bib.

"They're fine" summarised Janet barely able to stop smirking, thrilled by the progress Simon was making down his path to being a baby again.

"Now let's go" she commanded.

Simon opened the bedroom door and because of the tight fit of his new shorts his slippery deposit in his training pants was pressed hard against him. He was on the verge of getting excited again. He went down the stairs and into the kitchen. His white bib trimmed in pink flapping as he took each tread of the staircase. Jean and Mrs Warren were clearing away the plates from the table.

Mrs Warren was the first to speak.

"Oh they're pretty Simon, are those new shorts you have on, aren't they a lovely pink and they match your dummy don't they. Are you playing dress up?"

"There, I told you he needed a dummy and now Janet has given him one."

Simon recoiled in horror, he had forgotten that he was sucking his dummy as he was so embarrassed by the very girly pink coloured shorts that he had not taken out his dummy. He spat it out and it bounced on the stone flag floor. Janet, who was behind him, picked it up and gave it to Mrs W who carefully washed it under the tap and dried it on one of the nappies she had just taken out of the tumble drier. She stood in front of Simon "Open up" she said and Simon who was very respectful of Mrs Warren did as he was told. Almost immediately he started sucking as if driven by reflex.

Chapter 13

The unlucky number of this chapter is also very unlucky for Simon.

Jean and Janet were once again in urgent communication. Simon had been fed three Mogadon in his afternoon drink and had fallen asleep on the couch in the lounge.

"What time is she coming?" asked Janet looking at her watch "he has been asleep now for fifteen minutes"

"Don't worry, I just got a text and Mary is on her way."

"You are sure she is alright about doing this?" Janet asked

"Don't worry, everything is going to be fine" reassured Jean. As if on cue the doorbell clanged loudly. A petite dark haired girl wearing a white overall over a white blouse and black pleated skirt stood before them.

"Hi Mary. Thanks for coming. You have what we asked for?"

Mary grinned "Yes, I have the piercing items you requested for Simon. I see you have him asleep. We might need to make sure he is secured so he cannot hurt himself." She opened her bag and took out some restraining straps which the three girls fitted to his wrists and ankles. They secured them to the feet of the couch.

"Is he wearing a nappy?" she asked incredulously "he seems very well padded down there".

"No not yet! We are putting him back into nappies this evening when he goes to bed" they said almost in unison. Simon stirred slightly as Mary wiped the skin over his hip bone with an antiseptic wipe. She took the gun and fired a bolt through the skin and quickly followed it with a gypsy-like earring that was an inch in diameter. Simon soon awoke and was just in time to see another hole go in his opposite hip and have a second ring fitted. The process was not at all painful as there are few blood vessels in that area and not many touch receptors either.

"Don't worry darling. Nearly finished now" Janet explained as Mary applied a very high amp electric current to first one ring and then the other so welding them shut forever.

"What the f..." he spluttered his dummy falling out of his mouth. He looked scared and confused. Janet was by his side and hugged him close as Mary applied disinfectant to the new punctures in his skin. Jean passed Simon's dummy to Janet who waved it in front of his face, in amazement she watched as his mouth opened to receive it. Simon quickly realised his mistake and turned his head, but he was too late and the rubber nipple was quickly inserted and the baby reflex cut in almost immediately. Simon was beyond reasonable thought; the whole situation was out of control and he did not seem to have any say in his part.

"What have you done to me?" he said struggling to sit up and view the rings in his sides "What are these rings? Who can see them so what is the point"? He spluttered and dribbled the words past his dummy.

"Oh do shut up Simon" was all Jean had to say on the subject "Just wait and see, it will be a surprise for you. Now suck you do-di like a good boy and give your voice a rest". Janet nodded at him as if to agree and made sure his trainer pants and plastic pants were pulled up to cover the new insertions. Simon exhausted by his recent exertions and still very much drugged by the sleeping tablets drifted off to sleep again.

Jean's mobile phone beeped and she dived for her handbag to read the incoming text message. She stared intently at the screen for a minute and then let out a great whoop.

"We have won the tender for the Bambi project!" she exclaimed with huge delight "they want us to make our first presentation to them in two months. Great, they say here that they have made all the samples we requested and can't wait to see what we come up with. Blah, blah, blah" she said skipping the less interesting bits "and they made up the things we wanted but did we really mean inches or should that have been in centimetres! To be on the safe side they made both. Wait! They hope to deliver today"!

Simon slept on, Mary and the girls joined Mrs. W in the kitchen for tea and cake. Mary looked around the kitchen and wondered what was going on in this household. A pile of half a dozen freshly laundered white nappies were on the dresser. On the draining board were a couple of toddler cups drying with their matching spouted lids. In a baby's steriliser were three huge dummies. A large pair of plastic baby style pants was hanging on the end of the radiator and two enormous bibs were draped over the handle to the stove. She looked through to the sleeping form of Simon on the chaise-long, his bib wet from the dribbling cause by constantly sucking a dummy which as she looked was bobbing in and out with perfect rhythm. She had seen the overgrown toddler pants and additional plastic protective knickers he was wearing. Perhaps he was retarded or maybe he had been involved in an accident. It wasn't her problem she concluded, she had been paid good money to make and fit the rings and she hadn't a clue why anybody would want to have rings there. However, who would want to see a navel ring either she argued to herself? Maybe they were just trend setters! One thing was certain; those rings were in for keeps!

Simon slept on. Mary went with a large cheque in hand. Mrs Warren had cleared away the tea things and had a pile of Simon's original training pants freshly dried in the tumble dryer.

"You can put those in the airing cupboard for now Mrs. W but Simon will not need them anymore as his problem seems to be getting worse and he needs more protection these days.

The doorbell rang.

Jean could not have moved any faster to answer the door. A man dressed in a smart overall bearing the logo of a small deer carried in a very large cardboard box. He went out and came in with another box, then another and then another. Janet signed for the three large boxes bearing the same logo and the word 'Bambi'.

"This is the new Bamboo fibre fabric" enthused Jean "it is said to be softer and more absorbent that normal cotton fibres".

The three women opened and unloaded the boxes. There were six packets containing a dozen nappies, pairs of single thickness training pants, double thickness training pants and very thick pants that were triple layered with an addition plastic layer within the sandwich of layers.

"These are wonderful" said Janet "fondling the thickest of the training pants aren't they beautifully made and all in Simon's size. He can wear a pair of these tonight."

Mrs. Warren pulled out a bundle of bibs all with a sweet cartoon deer in the corner.

"We needed these!" she exclaimed. Simon slept on.

Chapter 14

One month on and Simon had forgotten all about the rings placed in his side and there was never any pain and the body accepted the embellishments without complications. The girls encouraged him to suck on his dummy and even Mrs Warren had become quite used to giving him his do-di when he got on her nerves or was talking too much. She had also taken to rewarding his good behaviour with a small packet of chocolate buttons.

Since the Bambi goods had arrived Simon had continued to use his training pants, but increasingly he was having problems and on some days was very damp when his bladder was particularly throttled.

The girls were totally dedicated to the new commission and had spent a fortune on props and scenery which they had set up at one end of the barn that was rarely used. A huge partition had been set up to keep the area 'hush hush' and even Simon was not allowed to see what was happening. There had been deliveries, there had been the sound of a sewing machine running at full speed and the girls had worked long into the night. Jean had even taken one of the spare rooms in the house and had moved a lot of her belongings in, so that she could start earlier and work later. Simon thought that Jean and Janet were becoming very sisterly and touched and giggled together more than ever.

Simon continued to be 'serviced' three times a day and the cocktail of drugs ensured that every day he was completely under Janet's control. His conditioning was so effective that just changing his training pants and a few words were enough to set him off, like "is baby going in his nappy pants?"

The new triple pants had two layers of towelling protected by a layer of plastic and then were finished in an outer cover of terry towelling. Simon was introduced to them for the first time and Janet had to catch his explosion in a nappy before he spoilt them at the very start!

"There!" enthused Janet standing back to admire his new garment "no plastic pants, just training knickers".

"But they are so thick" whined Simon running his hands over the front and feeling the plastic layer beneath the outer towelling layer.

"Now do stop moaning, we have a lot to do today as we are going to shoot the Bambi promotion and I have the photographer coming in just over an hour's time" said Janet. She shook out a pastel blue t-shirt which said "Big Brother". Simon read the words and was puzzled. He waited expectantly for his dummy to be inserted, but Janet rushed him on to the kitchen and he realised that he actually missed the comfort of his dummy. He chastised himself for being so daft, how could he be missing a dummy? He was having the same sort of withdrawal symptoms as when he gave up smoking. Had he read somewhere that the reason for this addiction was because of the serotonin produced in the brain by sucking which triggered endorphins or 'pleasure molecules'? He took his place at table and found his eyes drawn to the steriliser with his dummies on the counter. Mrs. Warren noticed his gaze and went to get him one, but Janet shook her head and Simon suddenly felt very depressed as his yearnings increased. She went to his bib drawer and took out a very large bib indeed with protective arms and tied the two sets of ribbons needed to keep it in place.

Jean came in from her spare bedroom upstairs. Simon was intrigued to see that she was wearing a pastel pink t-shirt that said 'Little Sister'. He almost came in his knickers when he saw that she was wearing a pair of the single thickness training pants and just like him the t-shirt barely came down to his waist band.

Mrs W. and Janet both clapped in appreciation. They sat down to breakfast and nothing more was said as everybody seemed very eager to get cracking on the work of the day. Simon tried to ask questions but was told to get on with his food. The extra large bib was a sensible decision as Simon was exhibiting increasing loss of dexterity with the drug he was being given (based on a derivative of curare that dulled nerve responses). Janet had no idea where Jean had managed to find these supplies and all she knew was that they were looking at research into Parkinson's Disease to stop the shakes.

The photographer arrived. The women were like schoolgirls going to a party and almost dragged the woman and her photographic gear into the office. Indeed, the woman was rushed through so quickly that she failed to notice Simon having his faced washed by Mrs. Warren as she removed his large and messy bib. She flicked his hair out of his eyes. It had grown really long over the last six months or so and was now down to the nape of his neck.

Simon looked again at the box by the sink that contained his dummies and cursed his weakness. What was the matter with him? He tried to focus on something else and looked around the room taking stock. There was hardly a single surface that did not have a piece of his babyish paraphernalia in one form or another. His thoughts were interrupted by the girls coming back into the room.

"Come on Simon" beckoned Jean "time to work" she said. Simon felt uneasy, once again he felt as if he was being set up. The girls were too eager, too enthusiastic, too pumped up and that usually met a joke at his expense. He strolled across the courtyard to the barn and he was amazed by the thickness between his legs of the new triple thick potty pants and after a few paces he realised that he was walking in a bow-legged fashion, not helped by the effect that the extra soft bamboo fabric was exciting him to maximum effect. His pale blue t-shirt just rested on the toddler pants where they started to balloon out. They were at least two sizes too big for him and there was no way they could be mistaken for normal underwear. Jean leading from the front had very little of the puffiness in her training pants and they fit quite snugly.

For the first time in weeks Simon was allowed to go behind the partition that had been erected at the far end of the barn (an area they never used that much anyway). The whole area had been lit like a theatre stage and Simon's jaw physically dropped. The set was positioned on a step about two feet high. There was a beautifully painted backdrop of a nursery complete with cot, high chair and play-pen. He looked again, no these were real they had recreated the furniture in an adult size. Who did they think would model themselves in this environment? Simon went to run, but the two women had already grabbed his hands and were leading him forward. He wriggled and squirmed.

"Simon" berated Janet "we are about to make an absolute bomb on this campaign and all you can do is fight us. Try and be helpful for a change and let us have some photographs. Look Jean is happy to be pictured in the Bambi range and judging by the front of your potty pants you seem to like wearing the clothes as well. This promotion has cost a small fortune and our clients are hoping to get into the major retailers and stores. Jean and I have spent so much time working on this, please help us. It was our idea to use adult models because it is going to be eye catching and certainly raise more than an eyebrow" she said looking at the obvious bulge in his panties.

The photographers took the first set of pictures for the caption:

'When his little sister is potty training but her big brother still needs his nappies, spare his blushes with Bambi Potty Pants (total discrete protection)'

She had a triumphant Jean standing with her hand round a kneeling Simon who looked very glum. They had Jean standing on a podium that said 'winner' while Simon stood beneath her with his hand lifted above his head to hold hers. The camera clicked and whirred as the flash guns and umbrellas lights popped with explosive pulses of bright light.

Simon was escorted off the stage as Jean arranged the stage for the next set of photographs.

This set was to be targeted at the retailers rather than the mothers. The theme to this set was the caption.

'There is no profit in potty training. The longer they stay in nappies, the more they wet their beds, the more accidents they have, the more they need Bambi Potty Pants and Bambi Night Night Bedtime Pants.'

A large potty had appeared on the stage made of yellow plastic.

"That cost us £250" explained Jean to the photographer "we had it made in fibre glass. The good news is that it is like a plastic bath and virtually indestructible". Simon was pulling back.

"I am not sitting on a potty" spat out Simon "no way!"

"Then we will publish some of our pictures" said Janet opening her laptop "this just needs to be updated on our server". A picture of Simon sitting at breakfast wearing a dirty bib and sucking on his dummy was centre page of their web site opening page. 'We have discovered that one of our team has a fetish'

"That is blackmail" exploded Simon

"Exactly so!" smirked Janet "now can we get on. All you have to do is sit on the potty it's not rocket science is it?" She led Simon to the potty "could everybody turn their heads please and give Simon some privacy". She pulled down his potty pants and gently helped him to sit on the potty. The front had a large splash guard that came up between his legs and had a picture of Bambi on the front. His potty pants were round his ankles. Janet looked in her bag and pulled out his dummy.

"You can hide behind this sweetheart. It will be hard to recognise you now". The camera flashed and flashed as the photographer shot him sitting on the potty. They positioned piles of nappies, plastic baby pants and the full range of Bambi training pants around him.

'There is more profit to be made from him not learning how to use the potty'

'Imagine if he needed a second set of larger nappies'

The strap lines filled their creative minds. The photographer took another dozen pictures and was just showing the back of the camera to the girls in order to preview the photographs when the silence was broken by the sound of trickling. They were amazed. Simon had been unable to resist going in the potty, because the seated position had brought out an irrepressible reflex urge to use the receptacle for its intended purpose. From Simon's point of view it was a small act of defiance, a little bit of revenge, because he was not going to be the one who had to empty it.

"Simon" exclaimed Janet "how could you"? Inside she was absolutely thrilled, this was one of the most babyish things Simon had done to date and a glance at Jean confirmed that she too was thrilled with this development.

"Right then, please look away while I sort out Simon". She pulled off his potty pants and helped him to stand. On the floor was a large plastic changing mat decorated with little teddies wearing nappies.

"Lie down" she commanded, but Simon was not complying "I said lie down. We have pictures of you sitting on a potty, do you want us to put that on the internet?"

"Nobody will be able to recognise me" said Simon smugly "I was sucking my dummy". Janet glowed at the use of the words 'my dummy', Simon was coming along very nicely.

"And the pictures of you and Jean with your t-shirt saying 'Big Brother' will not be a clue?" asked Janet. Simon sat on the mat and Janet stripped off his t-shirt.

"Lie down" she said again "this is the last time I am going to tell you. Now lie down please." She picked up the largest nappy Simon had ever seen it must have been five feet square. She folded it into the kite shape favoured by most mothers.

"Lift up" she said sliding the nappy beneath his bottom. She picked up the talcum powder and dusted him thoroughly all over. Simon was almost crying with shame and embarrassment.

"I am not wearing a nappy" he stuttered as Janet pulled the large folded flap through his legs and took a large pin from her shoulder where she had four pins in readiness. She pinned the nappy on either side being sure to make sure they were neat and snug. She then shook out a pair of plastic pants which were covered in a pink cover with ruffles of lace running across the back. Simon again began to squirm, but Janet was insistent and soon had the plastic pants firmly in place. The pants had a wire that was embedded in the waist band and on each side were two eyelets. She secured the pants to the little rings on his sides with two small discrete padlocks before checking that the nappy was covered by the plastic pants. Simon was clearly upset and his dummy bobbed in and out rapidly.

"Sit up darling" she said kindly "you are doing just fine. There are not too many pictures left to go now. It will soon be over". She took a simple tunic like t-shirt off the hanger. It was made of pink cotton fabric with pockets on each side and an appliqué Bambi on the front. It was not tight fitting and when he stood up the dress fell to just below the waist band of his frilly rhumba pants. She adjusted the little puffy sleeves that were let into the shoulders and trimmed in pink lace.

"You look wonderful" she said with sincerity as she brushed his hair. She pulled his hair into two bunches high up on his head and tied them with pink ribbons.

"No! Please don't" said Simon with a hint of despair

"There, all done, now don't be silly and let us get this over with" said Janet "Stand up. Let's go. Sit in the play pen now and play with the toys please". Jean and the photographer were positively shocked when they saw Simon.

"He's gorgeous" said the photographer spontaneously "these pictures will be the best ever. What a brilliant idea".

Simon went through the little gate and sat in the playpen as the photographer took pictures of the front of his pants, had him stand up and bend over to show off all the frills of his hugely padded rear. However, the best pictures were of Simon looking with a degree of wonderment at the blocks that had all been beautifully sewn and constructed in his size. A favourite photographic moment was when he picked up the rattle and marvelled at the skill of the model maker who had made such a wonderful reconstruction in adult size. It was perfect in detail to the very last degree and even rattled authentically.

The morning session came to an end. Mrs Warren appeared at the doorway.

"Shall I bring in lunch?" she enquired her gaze captivated by the sight of Simon sitting in the play pen wearing a huge nappy and plastic pants with a baby's rattle in his hand.

"I have err, why, oh my, that is amazing!" she babbled.

"Is that really Simon in there? He looks, well he looks - perfect. Yes he looks perfect" she managed to get out the words eventually.

Simon spotted Mrs Warren and became agitated, in his distress he suddenly felt an urgent need for the toilet and stood up, but the gateway into his playpen was locked and the bars were almost five feet high. He rattled the bars and they were perfectly secure. The four women all looked at Simon who stood bow-legged with his huge nappy, rattle in hand and dummy in mouth.

"I need to go to the toilet" he spluttered past his dummy. He had already dribbled quite a lot and the neck of his tunic dress was starting to look wet. He clutched himself in desperation as his tortured bladder started to press hard. The nappy was so thick that he could barely feel himself, let alone apply any meaningful pressure.

Janet unlocked the little gateway and opened it for him.

He stooped to get through and realised that he was never going to make it to the toilet in time.

"Help me" he gasped. Janet helped him through the gate and he dashed off to the toilet at the other end of the barn. His bottom wiggled comically and the ruffles danced to the rhythm of his running. He dived through the door and lifted up the dress. He took hold of the plastic pants and tried to pull them down, but they tugged at his waist, not only was the waist too narrow to slide down his hips but the pants were physically connected to him. He could not believe she had made his protective pants an integral part of him. He flustered around the leg opening and tried to find a way to squeeze through the leg opening, but Simon was not hugely endowed and the wretched thing was just too small to get by the thickness of his protection.

He dived out of the loo and ran back to the staged area. The girls were in a huddle and Mrs Warren had returned with a buffet banquet laid out on a huge trolley.

"Janet!" he gasped "why did you lock me into my nappy? I cannot get out". He clutched at himself again as Janet looked in her bag for the keys.

"Hold on" she said trying not to laugh as Simon did an increasingly frantic potty dance. She fumbled about in her bag but was increasingly distracted by his gyrations. She found the keys. He snatched them from her hand impatiently and tried one key but it was unfortunately not the right one.

"You might find it quicker to use your potty" she said helpfully "because it is quite a long run to the toilet darling". Simon continued to fumble with the keys and in his haste dropped them. Jean went to help and accidentally kicked them and they shot across the floor and under the staging. The fight went out of him as he realised that he would never find and use the keys in time.

"Or you could go in your nappy" said Jean helpfully. Simon dived for the stage and fell to the floor, but it was too late he was already flooding his terry protection.

They started to lay out the food on a trestle table erected on the stage. Folding chairs were opened and placed around the table and in the middle the replica high chair was positioned. Simon had no need to ask for whom it was intended. The photographer was already changing lenses and getting ready to shoot again. Simon sat in the chair and the tray was fitted across the front of him. Jean, always happy to go just one step too far had slipped his arms into a blue webbing harness that went across his chest and secured them to the d-rings at the back of his seat. She heaved on the straps and Simon was pulled back into the chair unable to get up or move. She pulled a lever at the back and his seat folded backwards lifting his feet off the ground so that they swung in mid air. Mrs Warren came in with one of the new bibs and tied it around his neck. His wet nappy was pushed into him by the straps that retained him.

All the sandwiches were cut into fingers, little sausages coated in tomato sauce, there was jelly with hundreds and thousands, chocolate biscuits shaped as teddies, and everything a baby could ever have wanted. The women all ate smoked salmon bagels washed down with champagne. Simon was eating with great care, he know the plan! Suddenly the girls shouted "food fight" and took Simon's lunch and all tried to force feed him his infantile lunch. Sandwiches were mashed into his mouth as he spluttered and fought against the straps that secured him to his chair. Ten chocolate fingers were crammed into his mouth all at once and his bib took the full brunt of their onslaught. They stood back and the photographer moved in. Simon was shell shocked, his tray was covered in pieces of food, his dummy was immersed in jelly and custard and he had food all over his mouth and even some in his hair.

"A Bambi bib can take the full force of whatever the messiest baby can throw at it"

Simon looked around for his drink as one of the sandwiches had been laced with mustard, horseradish and salt. He was desperate for a drink. He looked first left and then right. He was so restrained in his high chair that he could hardly move. Mrs. Warren appeared with a baby's bottle filled with orange juice.

"No!" Simon shook his head vehemently "no, no, no". The mustard started to sting and his eyes were watering with the heat of the horseradish. He took the bottle and gratefully sucked on the teat. The tears had just started to trickle from his eyes as the heat reached its peak. The photographer shot her pictures in rapid sequence one after the other.

"Sometimes only a Bambi bottle will do when they are really upset. Let them be a baby for just a little while longer!"

Mrs Warren wiped his face with a new flannel he had not seen before

"Bambi flannels are perfect for cleaning up the biggest of babies"

The photographer captured the full event in glorious Technicolor.

Eventually the bib was removed, the straps were unclipped and the tray removed. His seat was returned to the upright position and he was helped out of his high chair. His embarrassment was immense; his humiliation could not be any worse.

He stood up and his nappy sagged appreciably tugging at the pins securing it to his waist and also sagging into his plastic panties that also helped to carry the weight.

"I think I need to go to the loo again" he said.

"You lost the keys remember" replied Janet who was more interested in looking at the pictures that had been downloaded by the photographer onto the computer.

"Oh that is lovely! Doesn't she look sweet?" Simon tugged her sleeve in impatience.

"What is it now Simon? For goodness sake find the key or better still go in your nappy, it is already damp and will easily take another wetting. That is what nappies are for!"

Simon dropped to the floor to look under the staging in the hope of finding the keys, but Jean had picked them up after the food fight and put them in her purse. After twenty minutes of fruitlessly scrabbling about Simon had to admit defeat and wet his nappy. Jean nudged Janet as the photographer started to pack away her equipment. Simon was standing and leaning on the high chair, a look of relief crossed his face as he allowed himself to release. His nappy seemed to sag further in his plastic pants. He waddled around looking for a drink, his nappy was very wet and uncomfortable. All the water had gone and the only drink that was left was in the baby's bottle. He picked up the bottle and started sucking it down. Jean's camera flashed, but Simon was beyond caring.

Chapter 15

Janet asked Mrs W to clear away the food and debris and took Simon behind a screen where to his amazement there stood a changing table in his size. In the side were fitted shelves stacked high with terry nappies and at least a dozen packets of plastic pants that were unopened. The top had a yellow plastic padded changing mat decorated with little bunnies dressed as babies. On one corner one of the mat a nappy had been folded into the traditional kite shape and had a pair of pink plastic pants fluffed out and ready for use placed on top.

"Up you go" Janet ordered in a matter of fact tone. Simon hesitated.

"For goodness sake Simon. Look at you, your nappy is soaked and on the verge of leaking" she implored clutching his crutch and feeling the weight of the soaking cloth. Simon took a few sucks from his bottle which was now virtually empty.

"The photo shoot is almost finished now, we just have two more scenarios." She explained encouraging him to get on the changing table.

Simon looked indignant "I have had enough of this" he retorted angrily "look at me, you have forced me to be a baby and I am not having any more of it". He shook off her hand from his arm, and launched the bottle against the screen where it bounced off (flash of a camera) and clattered on the floor.

"Bambi bottles are virtually indestructible"

The photographer withdrew silently. Her picture of a toddler having a major 'terrible twos' tantrum had been clearly captured.

Simon stripped off the pink tunic which despite the ample bib he had worn was splattered in places with food. He threw this against the screen and once again there was a flash as the lens of the camera peaked around the side. The tunic dress lay against the bottle. He took hold of the plastic pants and then realised with despair that they were firmly locked to him. He tried to tear them down but the restraining inserts complained. Janet watched saying nothing. Simon looked at the sagging state of his nappy and realised he was beaten. He lay on the changing mat and opened his legs wide.

Janet had the key on a belt around her waist like an old fashioned housekeeper would keep her house keys dangling for all to see like a badge of office. Simon thought about making a dash for it once the pants and nappy were removed, but he realised he had no alternative clothes to wear in the office.

He lifted and turned as Janet removed a very wet nappy and dropped it into a large bright yellow nappy bucket then cleaned him up with an endless succession of baby wipes both front and back. He winced as she took a large pot of nappy rash cream and started to rub it over his hairless bits and pieces. In no time at he had a raging erection which she ignored and covered in a cloud of Johnson's baby powder. Once again she asked him to lift up as she pinned him into a warm, soft, fluffy white nappy, which to his horror he noticed she had inserted a nappy liner before pulling on a pair of transparent plastic pants to cover it over.

"There you are, baby is all safely protected again" she said with almost maternal warmness.

Simon was beaten and defeated as the little locks once again locked nappy and pants to make them an integral part of him.

"Sit up" he heard "arms up" he complied and "over your head, lift up, left leg up a little, right leg. That's it. Hold still" he heard and felt the metallic click of little metal poppers being closed. He raised his head and was shocked to see that his whole body was encased in a soft white terry cotton suit that not only covered his feet, but also enveloped his hands. Between his legs he could see the poppers straining as the clear plastic pants full of white nappy tried to push their way out between the gaps. She produced a large white bib that matched the 'Babygro' and also had the matching Bambi embroidered into the fabric. She took a length of white ribbon bedecked with little Bambi figures and pinned it with a nappy pin to his bib. On the end was a new pink dummy, which she offered to his mouth and which he accepted, because it would have been futile not to. As he took the dummy into his mouth he started almost instinctively to begin sucking. Janet smiled at the speed with which this childish reflex had re-established itself. She reached behind his neck and Simon looked startled, but she simply pulled up the hood and adjusted the front. She was grinning like a Cheshire cat and Simon was not sure he liked that.

"You can get down now" she said and Simon slowly rolled over and eased himself off the changing mat. The babyish garment fought gravity and pulled the soft nappy into him so that it was a constant reminder of his infantile state. The shear volume of the nappy made him walk slightly bow-legged and it made his bottom waddle as he walked.

He emerged from behind the screen and a gasp went up from Jean, Mrs Warren and the photographer.

Simon was blinded by the flash guns going off, but as his eyes recovered from the intense light he caught sight of himself in the full length mirror - an over-grown toddler, dummy in mouth, wearing a large night time nappy and a baa lamb night suit was clearly ready for bed.

Ahead of him was the giant white cot with a huge picture of nappy clad teddies on either end of the headboards. The railings were down and a step had been placed so he could climb into it. He shook his head. The girls all giggled and encouraged him to climb aboard as they pushed and shunted him in. He tumbled and the side rail was raised and closed with a "click". There was a whirring noise and he felt the mattress drop by a couple of feet and a bumper appeared all around the sides of him. He stood up, his legs bowed and his nappy puffing out. The cameras clicked. The bars were above his armpits.

It would be a huge effort to climb out and with his hands and feet encased in soft cotton he doubted that he would be able to get enough purchase to climb out anyway. He continued to suck furiously on his dummy and the photographer took endless pictures.

He slumped into the cot. He lay down with his back to the camera and still the flashes continued (the baa lamb tail was so sweet). The mattress was covered with a crinkly plastic sheet and had a soft cotton fitted sheet. There was a soft white cellular blanket and a beautiful brightly coloured quilt with a huge clown. They had put a couple of nappies on the mattress where his head should be to act as a pillow. Soft cuddly toys were piled up at the bottom and a large fluffy pink rabbit with floppy ears was next to his head which they had thoughtfully dressed in a nappy as well.

He closed his eyes and tried to hide his head under the quilt.

"A Bambi cot is the last place your baby wants to be"

It was certainly the last place that Simon wanted to be as he struggled to find a way out of the entrapment.

Chapter 16

It was late afternoon by the time Simon had woken up. As the girls had said, he had had 'a very long day'. He was let out of the cot and was not too surprised to realise that his dummy was still in his mouth, after so much time with a dummy as his constant companion it was not only a habit but now a psychological dependence. His afternoon of sucking had left his bib very obviously damp from the constant escape of drool from behind the guard on the dummy.

Janet handed him a baby bottle of cranberry juice.

"I want my cup" he complained in a muffled tone from behind his dummy "I don't want to use a baby bottle"

Janet looked back at him crossly "You used it yesterday in fact you used it long after we had finished taking the photographs".

"But there was nothing else to drink" began Simon.

"Then why didn't you ask? You have a tongue in your mouth don't you?" she said clearly annoyed.

"Take it or leave it, I haven't got time to go back to the kitchen and make you another drink"

Simon took the bottle in the slippery cloth mittens built into his lamb suit and realised with shock that dressed in this garment he would not be able to hold his sippy cup anyway. He looked about him not sure where to go. The baby furniture was being broken down and taken away by Jean and Mrs Warren.

"Go and sit in the play pen and keep out the way" Janet dismissed him "then I will sort you out". Simon was fed up with the restrictions of his new clothes and decided that to comply was the best choice he could make at this time. The photographer had downloaded the day's pictures onto the hard drive of one of the office computers and had hooked up the projector. The nursery backdrop had been taken down and in its place was a white screen. The pictures came and went in endless succession. Even Simon had to admit that the quality and the scenes that had been framed were superb. When the pictures of Jean dressed in training pants came up he clenched his bottle teat between his teeth and clapped his hands silently, his bottle swaying in his mouth as he did so. A camera flashed, Simple Simon had been caught again playing the perfect baby.

He spat out the bottle which was almost empty and was cross for allowing such an infantile pose. Jean laughed and laughed. Simon stood up with some difficulty because his feet slipped on the shiny plastic padded floor in the play pen and clutched at the bars. He tried to open the little gate through which he had gained entry into the pen and now realised that getting in had been easy, but getting out required some dexterity with the catch that these mittens did not afford him.

"I need to go to the bathroom" he demanded "please call Janet to help me out of these things"

"You don't need a bathroom Simon, you are wearing all you need. Just be a good baby and go in your nappy".

"I want to get out of these things and go to the bathroom" he insisted his dummy swinging violently on the ribbon pinned to his bib "and I want to be changed NOW". Jean grinned at his use of the word being 'changed'. Simon grappled with the catch to the little door of the play pen, but his efforts ere futile. He tried to haul himself over the bars, but the fabric was too slippery and neither his hands nor his feet could get a grip and Simon was unfit and no athlete. Jean walked away.

"Come back here" barked Simon "don't you walk away from me you lesbian bitch".

Jean turned walked to the yellow potty, picked it up and turned to face Simon.

"And guess which lesbian is coming to move in tonight with Nanny and baby Simon? Who is going to sleep in their new cot while his Nanny and Aunty Jean sleep in his side of the bed? Who is going to sit in his cot wetting his nappy while Aunty Jean wets herself in anticipation?" She threw the big potty over the railings.

Simon sat it upright and tried to undo the snaps on the 'Babygro', he pushed back on the hood and managed to get the bursting poppers at his crotch to open. He fought to undo the poppers than ran down the inside of each leg. His nappy was now on full view through the transparent plastic panties. He knew that he could not get them off, so he tried to reach inside one of the legs to grab himself. Time was running out as he built up a 'head of steam', but his mittened hand was useless. He tried sitting on the potty and then tried to push the bulk of his nappy and pants to one side, but it was all too much and the splash guard on the front kept exploring fingers out the way. He decided to kneel by the potty and repeat the plan, but he could not get a grip.

Janet joined Jean by the side of the play pen.

"Didn't Simon ask to be changed?" she asked Jean.

"No. he said that he wanted to try and use his potty like a big boy" she lied.

"But he cannot take off his nappy by himself" explained Janet as Simon groped and fumbled with his plastic pants.

"He will never manage with his hands in mittens and his plastic pants locked on". Simon groaned and then let out a heart-wrenching sob. The girls watched with glee as a large yellow stain grew over his nappy.

"You didn't want to go in your potty then?" taunted Jean

"Simon why didn't you ask me to change you sooner?" asked Janet

"I think he secretly likes to go in his nappy like a baby" suggested Jean holding Janet's hand "I told him about our new sleeping arrangements and then he wet himself, so I think he is thrilled with the idea and wants to play his part".

"I did ask to be changed, I am not a baby she made me do it. I can't believe you want to sleep with HER" he spat out venomously as he got to his feet.

"I am not going to sleep in a cot either. This has all gone too far. You are mad, we only did this for business". Janet took hold of his dummy and touched it too his lips. Automatically Simon took the teat in his mouth and started to suck. As a second wave of baby wetting entered his nappy.

"It doesn't matter darling, I don't mind if you wet your nappy, because that is what nappies are for and today I have loved having you as my baby". Simon looked at her with a touch of despair.

"I don't want to be a baby" he pleaded.

"Just a little while longer darling until this campaign is finished, do it for me, please" she said softly. Simon looked defeated again.

Janet changed his nappy and plastic pants and put him in a pink sleep suit complete with built in matching pink panties that secured between his legs with three lines of lacy ruffles across the seat. This time he had not only his night time nappy but a thick soaker in the front. It was really huge, especially as she also included a thick muslin nappy at the back to act as a liner.

They went in to the kitchen and there at the table was the high chair complete with blue webbing straps to anchor him safely.

"Ups-a-daisy" she encouraged him as Jean quickly fitted the straps and pulled them tight, making sure the one at his crotch was particularly secure. Once again he was helpless as they tied the bib about his neck and attached his dummy to it. His hands and feet were once again completely encased.

They fed him beans and sausages with a poached egg. They fed him using a large serving spoon and it went everywhere on his face and bib. They finished off by wiping his face and giving him a bottle which he threw against the wall.

Janet whispered to him "Do you want Nanny to play special games tonight baby? Does Simon want to go squirties in his nappy for Nanny". Simon fell into the trap and allowed himself to be led to the bedroom.

"In you get" said Janet motioning him to climb into the cot.

"I don't want to" whined Simon "I am not a baby"

"Look Simon you have worn nappies and used them all day, you suck on a dummy all day, you wear a bib all day, you had dinner in a high chair. Now you tell me you are not a baby!" she admonished him in a happy way.

"Come on, let me feed you your bottle and make you a really happy baby"

Simon rebelled and pushed Janet away. She jumped out the cot and pushed the button that dropped the mattress. Simon caught by surprise slipped on the sheet and sprawled face down on the cellular blanket. He tried to stand up but kept slipping. Eventually he managed to kneel at the bars of his cot and look through as Janet stormed out of the room. He looked at the bottle and picked it up. He lay down and sucked on the bottle. It was packed with drugs and relaxants that were hidden from taste by the sickly sweetness. He had almost finished the bottle when he fell into a restless doze.

He was awakened by the sound of Janet and Jean coming back into the bedroom. The two of them did a slow and deliberate striptease as they removed first blouses and then skirts to be left in just bra and pants. Jean kissed Janet through the lacy fabric of her bra while Janet slowly caressed Jean though her knickers. Simon slowly opened his eyes as the show began. In no time at all Janet and Jean were touching and rubbing as if there were no tomorrow. The two of them kissed and tongued each other on the bed in a frenzy. The underwear was soon lying in a heap on the floor.

"Shhh!" said Jean as Janet moaned in ecstasy "you'll wake the baby"

Simon kneeled in the cot peering through the bars.

"Looks like baby is already awake" laughed Janet spying Simon rubbing the front of his nappy with his mittened hands.

"Is baby having a fun time with his Nanny and Auntie?" asked Jean laughing "is Simon trying to have a baby thrill in his nappy then". Simon was rubbing himself frantically, but having been put in large night time nappies and with the additional triple layer soaker in place he could hardly feel himself down below.

The sight of Simon watching them spurred the girls into an additional frenzy and they licked and fondled themselves into new heights of passion. Simon bounced up and down at the rails of his cot rubbing furiously without any success. He was dripping with sweat, his dummy sucking had made his bib wet but his nappy was as dry as a bone and his passion was unsatisfied as the two women wailed in pure delight with their efforts. The noise of their passion filled the room as Simon realised with horror that he was going to wet his nappy.

"I need to go to the toilet" shouted Simon as the two women turned on some vibrating toys to further heighten the pleasure of their evening. His pleas seemed to further excite them "I don't want to go wee wee in my nappy" he said childishly. This further increased the pace of the women who inserted the toys into each other.

"Go in your nappy" grunted Janet on the verge of another climax "go in your nappy like a good baby. Go on do your wee wee in your NAPPY like a good baby" she emphasised.

"No" pleaded Simon "I don't want to. Please" he begged them, but the more he begged the more it seemed to encourage them.

"Do it you little piddler, you are wearing a nappy so damn well use it" commanded Jean her own climax imminent.

Simon gave up and he felt his huge nappy begin to fill with his baby wetting, but as one thing finished and as the girls were reaching their zenith, another thing started. Simon had been constipated for days and at this very moment he suddenly felt an undeniable and unrelenting urge.

"Please, I need to do a poo-poo" he screamed.

The girls went mad, the crescendo of their love-making was unbelievable as Simon was bent double with pain as he fought to hold back. He knew it was hopeless. The girls watched him in their last moments of need as Simon's face slowly reddened pressed tight up against the bars of his cot. He slid down the bars until his face was at mattress level, his bottom still high in the air.

The intensity of the buzzing increased as the girls whipped up the tempo. They hugged and kissed as Simon's grunting grew louder and louder. He looked at them both and then turned around in shame to face the wall no longer able to look them in the eye. The sight of the growing swell in the back of his nappies was the icing on the cake. Their new baby was performing its role perfectly and almost to cue. He had not only wet his nappy but here he was filling his nappy like a real baby and they were watching him do it. Simon forced more and more, it felt hot and heavy as it plopped into his nappy. With horror he realised his raging erection was back with a vengeance, he turned to look at the girls who were kissing passionately and fondling each others breasts while the buzzing continued.

He felt the weight in his pants, he was in the middle of another push when he felt the need to rub the front of his nappies again. This time with his bottom full and the sights in front of him he set off with new fervour. Sucking on his dummy, writhing on his bottom with its unfinished business was all too much. He groaned and erupted in the best orgasm of his life. In a matter of minutes he had filled his nappy with every elimination his body could produce.

The girls were coming down from their own heights.

"Simon what have you done?" asked Janet

"I done a poo poo in my nappy" he said childishly as a tear ran down his cheek.

"That's a very good baby that is why you have to wear a nappy" replied Janet "You are a real baby now". Simon shuddered as the last part of his toilet entered his nappy. Janet spotted his discomfort.

"All finished now. You hadn't finished making nanny a poopie nappy had you?"

"I'll change him" offered Jean removing the buzzing toy and turning it off.

"No, I want Nanny to, I mean I want Janet to" he stumbled and spluttered over his words. His dummy was making speech difficult. The mess in his nappy suddenly slumped deeper and he felt himself wet a little more.

"Please I want Nanny".

Jean got back into bed.

"Night night baby, sweet dreams.

Janet's buzzing stopped and the two women embraced and turned out the light. Simon was left kneeling at the bars of his cot in his filthy nappy. Clearly nobody was going to change him now. He lay down in his cot and snuggled up to the pink bunny. His nappy was very uncomfortable and he felt ashamed. He sucked on his dummy and slowly drifted off to sleep like all good babies should.

Chapter 17

The next day Simon woke up feeling very sore, although to be fair everybody in the bedroom was feeling sore after the night before. Simon had nappy rash and he had it badly, because his skin was not used to the attack by the contents of his nappy.

"He will get accustomed to it eventually" said Jean cleaning him up "the skin will develop its own microflora to deal with the organisms as they occur. In a few months time a wet or dirty nappy should not cause him any problems as long as he has plenty of nappy cream put on at change time."

Simon was aghast. In a few months time, what had these mad lesbians got in store for him?

After his shower Simon was returned to his cot and the sides pulled up. He shook the bars and grunted through his dummy.

"Bweakfast, I want my bweakfast" he stuttered and spluttered past his dummy.

Janet and Jean hugged each other and looked at the forlorn figure of Simon just dressed in a nappy and wearing transparent plastic baby pants that were so clear that you could clearly see the pink tipped pins holding his clean terry nappy.

"We are going downstairs to have a quite breakfast, you will have to stay in your cot until we are finished. You should take a little nap and suck on your bottle until we are ready" said Jean feeding the bottle of milk through the bars.

Simon shook the bars of his cot almost knocking his bottle onto the floor.

"Now stop that" ordered Janet "or else baby is going to have a spank". Janet could hardly prevent the smirk from crossing her face. Simon spluttered behind his dummy.

"Not a word" commanded Janet "not a word". She hugged Jean closer and said in a low voice "I do not like our baby jacking himself off when we make love, can we put him back in his device sweetheart? It does not seem appropriate for a young baby to watch us and play with himself at the same time, what do you think?"

Simon looked at his wife with fear in his eyes and looked pleadingly at her over his bobbing dummy which he was now sucking with total fervour. He shook his head.

"No let him be" she replied softly looking Simon in the eyes. Simon visibly heaved a sigh of relief.

"We can sort him out later". Simon almost had a fit.

"Come on let's have our breakfast and leave baby to have a tantrum". They left Simon fuming.

He tried to remove the protective mittens but it was impossible. He tried to climb out of the cot but the woollen booties on his feet prevented him from getting any grip on the bars of the cot. He tried to find the button that controlled the base of the cot to see if he could get it to rise, but it was well out of reach. Despite the fact he was uncovered apart from his hands, feet and nappy, he had worked himself up into such frenzy that he was covered in sweat. He picked up the bottle lying in his cot and lay on his back to take a drink. His dummy fell through the bars and onto the floor. Simon had a twinge of panic like a quitting smoker who had a twinge of need but realised had no cigarettes. It was a powerful and empty feeling that made Simon realise that he had become totally addicted and dependant on his dummy. He tried to reach through the bars but it was just out of reach, he held the bottle in his mouth by the teat. He then remembered that he sometimes had a spare dummy in his cot for just such an emergency. His frantic search found one under his little pillow. He sighed a huge sigh of relief and lay back to have his drink.

The girls watched his performance through the web cam they had implanted at the end of his cot and replaced one of the eyes of the pink teddy that looked at him with a dark brown eye. The drugs in the milk very quickly had Simon in the arms of morphia and his arms slowly collapsed with the bottle slipping from his lips. They quickly put their plan into action and dashed back to his cot.

In no time at all they had unpinned his nappy and man-handled him into the CB3000 chastity devise. The little padlock closed with a satisfying click and they re-pinned his nappy and plastic pants onto the rings on his hips. He groaned in his sleep and put a mittened hand down to his crotch, even under the powerful sedation his eyes flickered as he realised he had been neutralised once again. A small tear trickled from the edge of his eye as Jean put his dummy back in his mouth.

Simon deep inside took that giant leap when he accepted the situation was hopeless. As his dummy began to move back and forth with rhythmic pulses he felt a gentle warmth as he wet his nappy. The two girls watched with a certain thrill as the sparkling white terry nappy slowly radiated out to a dull yellow as Simon did what all babies do without a care in the world.

Chapter 18

Life for Simon went into freefall for the next three months. Bambi products went from strength to strength and every product they wanted to sell was made in "Simon-size" so that he could promote it on their behalf. Janet and Jean became extremely rich on the proceeds with Simon's wardrobe and cupboards full to busting with baby clothes in his size. However, it did not stop there, because he also had teething rings, dummies in all shapes and sizes, rattles and other toddler paraphernalia produced for him to promote.

He was used to test different fabrics for their softness and wearability. Nappies both disposable and washable were made for him to try and evaluate because unlike a baby he could talk and tell the producer where a product succeeded or failed. However, as time went on Simon was less inclined to struggle talking past his dummy and his speech had deteriorated to short sentences and sometimes simple grunts.

"Simon?" asked Jean

"Mmm?" he replied past his dummy playing with a new type of Lego for toddlers that a supplier had wanted tested and promoted.

"I'm bithy" he lisped past his dummy

"Simon, we have decided to get you a full time nanny" she informed him.

"Janeth ith my nanny" he mumbled, a line of drool running down on to his ever present bib, no longer pretending that she was his wife any longer.

"No, Janet is going to become your new Mummy" she explained.

"My Mummy ith dead" he looked up crossly "died in cwash"

"So you are going to have a new Mummy and a new nanny - won't that be lovely for you poppet?"

"No. I don't want new nanny" said Simon starting to get agitated.

Janet came into the room.

"here's Mummy darling"

"Thath nanny" he screamed pointing at Janet

Another woman had followed Janet into the room. She was a person you would describe as imposing, some might say that her physique approached the masculine because she stood a full six feet plus and seemed to be constructed of pure sinew and muscle. However, this was a person with soft eyes and gentle smile. Her penetrating dark blue eyes contrasted with the dark raven hair that came to her shoulders. She was wearing a dark blue nurse's uniform with a crisp white pinafore apron and a small fob watch pinned to her blouse.

"Here is nanny" exclaimed Janet and Jean in unison pointing at the new arrival.

"This is Annie your new nanny and she is going to look after you when Auntie and Mummy are busy. Won't that be lovely?"

Simon spat out his dummy and it bounced against his sailor suit and was held by the blue tether clipped to his terry bib.

"I don't need a nanny, I am a grown up" he exploded in the short clipped sentences that had become his style of late.

Nanny Annie quickly moved into position between Simon and the girls to diffuse the situation. She dropped down onto one knee so that she could be on the same level as Simon sitting in front of his Lego. She looked him over closely and straightened his bib. Brushing his hair out of his eyes and giving him a smile that would melt a snowman in seconds - she rubbed him gently on the cheek.

"You are gorgeous" she exclaimed "aren't you the most precious baby". Simon felt the colour rise into his cheeks until he was blushing profusely.

"Now where is your dummy?" she asked fiddling to the end of the blue tether that ran from his bib "here we are then". She rubbed the teat from his cheek across to his lip and the infantile reflex that had been dormant for so long now made him accept the babyish pacifier. He started sucking immediately with obvious enjoyment.

"Not a baby" he mumbled.

She ran her hand down his bib and onto the blue rompers that enclosed his thick terry nappy.

"Are you still in nappies?" she asked incredulously looking towards Janet and Jean for confirmation. Their grins were all the answers she needed.

"But he doesn't 'go' in his nappy does he?" she continued and once again the grins answered her question.

"Surely he doesn't do everything in his nappy does he?" the girls continued to look like Cheshire cats.

"I'm not a baby" Simon whined "they make me wear nappies"

"It doesn't matter sweetheart, if you like going in your nappy instead of being a big boy and using the potty, then nanny is here to look after you". The embarrassment caused Simon's now almost non-existent control to leave him and without thinking he wet his nappy just at the moment that nanny was feeling the front of his rompers.

"That's a good baby, go in your nappy so nanny can change you and we can get to know each other better."

The two girls dropped the pink changing mat next to where Simon was sitting and gave his new nanny a thick terry nappy and a clean pair of plastic pants. She undid the silver poppers between his legs and peeled back the romper. His nappy was soaking and she undid the pins that held his nappy and pants to the silver rings on his hips. She then marvelled as without any instructions he lifted his bottom so she could slide the ensemble down his legs and pull them off in one go. She let out a little gasp when she saw the CB3000 chastity device.

"This is awful, how long has he been restrained like this?" she demanded of the two girls. Simon's face brightened considerably as he thought that at last he had a friend who would take the uncomfortable restraint off him.

"Twelve weeks now" gloated Janet "we got fed up with him masturbating in his nappy as we made love to each other."

"This is inhuman what you have done to Simon" she berated them. Simon was glowing with anticipation.

"You must give me the key so that I can take this off". The girls looked at each other and both fingered the necklaces around their necks which each had a golden key to Simon's prison. Janet gave Annie her necklace. Simon sucked his dummy with even greater enthusiasm as he relished the thought of playing with himself again after such a long time in confinement.

"I need pliers and snippers, the box this thing came in and some nappy cream please". She unlocked the padlock and removed the penis tube. Janet passed her some wire snips and Annie cut the pins, she then removed the ring from around his scrotum and put it in the box taking out a smaller one.

"Whoever put this on him has completely bodged it up, the scrotum ring is far too loose and the spacer bar far too long. He could fall out of this it is so sloppy and loose!"

The three of them burst out into laughter as the new nanny closed the correctly adjusted device and sealed it once again with the padlock. She applied zinc and castor oil cream to his skin and dusted him with a generous sprinkling of talcum powder. Simon let out a pitiful cry or frustration and sobbed round his dummy with his nose running and blowing bubbles as tears streamed down his face. Nanny held up a large terry nappy and he lifted his bottom so she could slip it under him and pin it in place, then she fluffed out his plastic pants and once again he lifted his bottom so that they could be slid over his nappy and any stray edges were carefully tucked in. She snuggled the front of his nappy to make sure it was comfortable. Once again he lifted up so that the romper could be pulled through and secured with the six silver poppers.

The device now felt very snug and secure and he could feel its presence at all times whereas when it had been loose he barely knew it was there. He looked at his new nanny as she pulled and adjusted his rompers, fiddling around the legs and adjusting his babyish attire. Momentarily he had a flutter of an erection but whereas before the sensation had been uncomfortable, now the device was fitted properly the pain was excruciating. He pulled his legs into his chest to minimise the effect.

"Has baby got windies?" asked nanny as Simon writhed on the floor knocking over Lego and baby powder. In no time at all, his body had the excitement under control and his disappointing member dissipated into a limp noodle that flopped uselessly in the confines of his nappy.

"Oh you were having bad thought weren't you babykins?" she said "don't worry sweetheart that will pass in a few weeks and all your little thing will be good for is wetting in your nappy like a little baby".

The girls looked thrilled.

"Now I want little one's cot moved into my room, it is not right that he should disturb your sleep. I can keep any eye on him and make sure that he is alright."

"Thith ith my houth" spluttered Simon indignantly "I thleep where I want".

Later that night dressed in his pink Babygro and a double thickness nightime nappy (new bamboo fibre trial); he looked across at nanny through the bars of his cot as she sat up in bed reading her book with a cup of cocoa. The more he looked at her the more he thought he was falling in love. He sucked on his bottle of warm milk as nanny looked over the top of her book at him with a loving smile. A fluttering thought ran threw him and was quickly shut down as the pain struck. He winced and stopped sucking his bottle.

"It won't be long babykins" nanny said to him quietly "soon you will find pleasure from filling your nappy and those naughty thoughts won't bother you any more. Do you wet your bed now or do you know when you are doing a wee wee?

"I think I am a bedwetter now" he replied "my nappy is always wet in the morning and most of the time I do not remember doing it during the night."

"That is normal sweetheart" she said kindly "do you know when you have wet yourself during the day?"

"Yes, of course" he retorted "I sometimes cannot help wetting a little when I am startled or frightened. They won't let me go wetties in my potty so eventually it is easier to go in my nappy than hold it in."

"That's very good" exclaimed nanny "in a few weeks you will start having accidents without even knowing it and by the time you have been in nappies for six months you will be completely incontinent like a little toddler". Simon looked shocked and took a deep suck on his bottle.

"I will start using special nappy liners so that you will not get a rash, the only downside is that it makes it very hard for you to tell when you are wet."

"What about number two" she probed delicately "do you go in your potty?"

"Yes, but sometimes they are cruel and make me soil myself. Sometimes they make me constipated so I cannot go at my usual time after breakfast, then I have to use my nappies later in the day". He took another big suck on his bottle.

"It doesn't matter little one, one night you are going to have a night time accident and wake up with a poo in your nappy. This will let nanny know that it is time to throw away your horrid potty for good. Sleep tight little one, I will check your nappy during the night and if you are wet I will change you.

"Fank you nanny" he said slowly falling asleep as the last of his bottle was sucked through the teat.

Nanny smiled, took the bottle from his lips and gently put in his dummy, This baby was adorable and she was already forming a very close attachment to her new charge.

Chapter 19

It has now been six months since Simon was introduced to nappies and in that time his inactive member has shrunk to a very small and dismal size. The chastity device in this time has been so effective that the most exciting thoughts have no effect on him and his little noodle remains soft and pliable in the softness of his terry nappy prison.

As nanny had explained he was now finding huge enjoyment in wetting and luxuriating in his nappy, so much so that he was far from eager to have his nappy changed and would do anything he could to avoid nanny. She was the font of all knowledge and Simon was totally fixated on her. At first he had the odd accident, but as nanny had explained he was always going to be in a nappy so why fight it? He might as well "go with the flow" and this is what Simon did. If he was busy doing something then he would be wet without realising it (until things grew cool) and then he would wriggle about enjoying the feeling. Sometime when he was bored he would knowingly wet himself and revel in the feeling as his warm wetting flowed over his limp member.

However, the major change was that he no longer asked for his potty and just as nanny had predicted there came the night when he felt a pressure in his stomach rolled into a foetal position and just allowed it to plop out into his waiting nappy. He woke up just as the act was finishing and realised that it felt wonderful to have this warm mass in the back of his nappy. He contemplated waking nanny but decided to leave it a while.

Nanny had a very experienced nose and within minutes had Simon stripped down, cleaned and back in a clean new fluffy terry nappy.

"That is a very good baby to make nanny a dirty nappy. I told you that would happen didn't I? Now if you start making dirty nappies every day I will take off that nasty restrainer. Would you like that babykins? I think that now you are almost a proper baby that soon nanny had better start feeding her baby his bottle more often - what do you think?"

Simon sucked on his dummy and nodded. The chastity device had been on for so long and he had not had an inkling of an erection in all that time so that now it was hardly an issue for him. Although it was mildly discomforting at times it would be nice to have it removed.

Simon slept for a further two hours until it was time for breakfast and was surprised to find that even in that short time he was wet. Nanny was dressing and Simon admired her rich full-breasted figure as she put on her lacy bra. She looked at him a smiled knowingly, Simon found himself wetting himself again and luxuriating in the feeling. It seemed that this now replaced the sexual feelings of satisfaction he used to enjoy. His limp penis was bathed in his wetness and the feeling was good.

In the high chair he ate his food slowly and with relish. They had stopped using the mittens many weeks ago and he happily used his fingers to eat his food despite the fact it went all over his face and dripped down his bib.

Nanny always sat by him and encouraged him to be a bigger baby than he had already become. The girls were only interested in what they were doing and left Simon to nanny Annie's care. They had more or less given up taunting Simon for the time being and concentrated on the successful business growing across the courtyard.

Mrs Warren and nanny had formed a close relationship with much time spent discussing menus for the new baby, washing his nappies and baby clothes and helping each other to hang them on the line to dry. Simon sometimes felt left out.

It was on one such occasion a few weeks later that Jean and Janet had gone across to the office while nanny and Mrs Warren were talking about what to buy for the week's coming meals.

Simon sat in his high chair, kicking his legs and drinking his bottle. He was becoming bored and the lack of attention was beginning to annoy him because he had become used to being the centre of attention. He threw the empty bottle on the floor and put in his dummy.

"Mmmmph!" he sounded through his dummy, his face started to go red as he became more and more annoyed. He kicked his legs more furiously and made the loudest noise he could and at the same time strained into his nappy. He felt the start of something coming and continued to push and strain. He tried to raise his bottom but the straps kept him tied in tightly and closely sat in his seat. The more he pushed and struggled the more the visitor in the back of his nappy wanted to come out.

Suddenly it was inescapable he strained and pushed with urgency as he had to go.

Mrs Warren and nanny looked at him creating a commotion. Simon was a bright shade of crimson, his face contorted and yet almost in ecstasy as he fought to soil his nappy. He bounced and bounced as far as the straps would allow with his arms waving up and down to try and get some momentum. Then it was happening; he had past the point of no return and the slow push squeezed into the seat of his nappy giving him an immense pleasure that he could not explain. Just as he thought it could be no better his bladder released and he luxuriated in being a complete baby.

Jean had come in for some coffee and saw nanny and Mrs Warren in awe of the sight before them.

"Mamma" cried Simon in excitement. She beamed as this was the first time Simon had accepted his role in the family.

"What is it baby" she asked

"He just became our real baby boy" explained nanny "he has showed the behaviour that would not even befit a toddler and soiled his nappy even though we were all here and could have given him his potty".

Simon looked at them all and knew he had arrived at his final destination. Inside he rejoiced.

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