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Sarah's Submissive Playtime

Chapter 4 - Candy's Punishment and Playtime with Billy

Together they walked back to Sarah's unit. Candy silently thought about how she was going to be punished for questioning her mistress but she really didn't know half of what was planned for the afternoon of playtime especially when Billy comes to play. And Sarah knew that the punishment that she had planned for Candy would be nothing like her new submissive expected. She walked along with a smile on her face, her pussy getting wetter under her diaper as she thought about the secret punishment.

The moment they walked back into Sarah's the punishment began. Candy walked in and stood in the middle of the room waiting. Sarah told her to slip out of her clothes but to leave her diaper in place. Candy suddenly had the urge to go to the bathroom but knew better than to ask and besides she was wearing her diaper just in case. The not knowing feeling of what was going to happen would heighten the feeling of having to pee. Sarah was rummaging around in her special cupboard and when she returned she led Candy to a wall that had a hook right in the middle of it. If anyone came into Sarah's at that moment they would see everything that was happening. Taking Candy's hand she first slipped one leather wrist restraint over her left hand followed by another over her right before clipping them together. She lifted her arms over her head and slid the restraints over the hook. The look on Candy's face was priceless as Sarah smiled at her submissive and kissed her. Her heart was racing and she could feel her petite tits jiggling as she shook.

"Candy... you look so cute... come on shake your tits for me. I want to see them jiggle." Sarah slapped her nipples back and forth until they turned red. Candy's breathing was almost like a gasping sound; she was shaking and she didn't know how far Sarah would go. She closed her eyes and was quickly told to open them... Sarah kissed her submissive, grabbed her tits and began pinching and pulling her nipples at the same time.

Pulling away from her, Candy thought her punishment was over, but it wasn't... it was only just starting. Sarah released the restraints from the hook...

"Turn around and face the wall Candy..."

Candy did as she was told and watched helplessly as Sarah slipped the restraints back over the hook. She ran her fingers up and down Candy's back until she reached her diaper. Sarah could feel the heat coming from the diaper and knew that Candy had wet herself. Smiling she felt for the tabs and released them slowly, one at a time... Candy couldn't do anything but stand there and let Sarah punish her.

Blushing... Candy could feel her face getting redder as she stood there. Time seemed like it stood still until a knock at the door made her blush even more. Her mind was suddenly aware of the time and that it was Billy at the door... oh ... it's Billy... he's early and he will see her naked. Her whole body started shaking.

Sarah invited him in and he stopped because in front of him was a beautiful submissive girl standing naked.

"Billy... you're just in time for Candy's punishment and then we can play. Is that ok?"

"Sure... is there anything I can do to help?" Candy couldn't believe he was actually asking to help with her punishment. But then she was beginning to realize that anything can happen as Sarah's submissive. She closed her eyes and hoped he wouldn't see how embarrassed she was.

Sarah went into the bathroom and returned with a bowl of warm water and a washer.

"Billy could you wipe her down for me... I removed her diaper just before you knocked and she was soaked. She needs to be nice and clean before playtime." Billy did as he was told. He wet the cloth and touched her ass cheeks so gently. Candy's heart was racing because this was the first time a guy had touched her, like this. He washed her cheeks and used his free hand to spread her legs a little. He was from front to back, making sure he cleaned her thoroughly. Sarah handed him the dry cloth so he could try her thoroughly.

"Now Billy before you join in I want you to watch me punish Candy... ok?"


"Ok... sit on the bed and watch ok... and don't say a word no matter what I do!" Billy sat on the bed and watched Sarah move over to Candy. He saw her rub her ass gently, almost like she was warming it up... he watched her move her hand out and then back. Her hand swished through the air and made a loud slapping sound against the flesh of Candy's left cheek. Candy cried out but Sarah didn't stop. She gave her six good slaps on her left cheek and then moved to her right cheek and slapped her six more times.

Candy was whimpering but at the same time she knew she would be punished. She kept thinking that after pain comes pleasure... and maybe Billy would give her some pleasure after the pain.

She closed her eyes to hide her tears and breathed deeply trying to stop her sobbing. Candy jumped when she felt Sarah touch her again. This time it was a little different. Sarah reached round and found her left breast, she pinched her nipple and with her other hand her fingers pressed into her wet pussy. She was dripping wet. Sarah was amazed that the spanking had turned her submissive on which means she could take her playtime further than she first thought.

Sarah pushed two fingers into Candy's pussy and began finger fucking her gently. Her whimpers were incredible, but she didn't want her to experience an orgasm just yet. Candy wasn't allowed to cum until she had permission to do so. It didn't stop Sarah from pumping her fingers in and out of her juicy pussy, harder and faster until she could feel Candy's thighs quivering... She pulled her fingers out and walked away from Candy.

Billy was kneeling on the floor with his mouth open waiting to lick Sarah's fingers clean.

Sarah was a little taken back because this was so unexpected but she couldn't turn down an opportunity to have two submissives. When her fingers were clean, she asked Billy to unhook Candy and take her to the bed. Billy's submissive training begins and he doesn't even realize it.

"Candy, lay on the bed with your arms reaching for the corners of the bed... that's good. Now Billy, fasten her restraints to the strips of leather on the corner posts. Hmmm good boy!" Candy had no idea what was going to happen but she knew she would be embarrassed with both Sarah and Billy playing with her body.

"Billy... I need you to watch carefully because I will only show you once how to do this... ok"

"Yes, Sarah... ok!"

Sarah moved between Candy's legs and asked her to lift her bottom off the bed so she could slide a clean diaper under her. She could see Candy's pussy glistening with wetness and knew she had to help Candy with that before continuing. She bent forward and her tongue caressed Candy's hard clit, her tongue finding different places to tease her. For a moment she stopped and looked at Billy. She could see his cock straining in his pants...

"Billy, you can take off your pants if you want. Actually you can get naked for me and when I lick Candy, I want you to stand behind me and see how it's done." It took Billy only a few seconds to free himself of his clothes; his cock now free stood out in front of him. He was hard and pre-cum was starting to drip as he moved behind Sarah to watch her lick Candy. Sarah's skirt had ridden high enough for Billy to see that she was wearing a diaper similar to the one Candy wore that morning. This turned him on more than he ever imagined. He was hooked and when Sarah bent over to lick Candy's pussy, his hand reached out and caressed her diapered ass.

Sarah knew he was hooked but as she licked Candy, she knew she was preparing Candy for her deflowering so they could take their playtime with Billy further. With her mouth over her pussy she thrust her tongue past her pink swollen lips till she found her virgin hole. Candy was dripping and Sarah knew she was ready. Kneeling up she looked into Candy's eyes and told her that her virginity was about to be taken by Billy; all she had to do was nod if she wanted it to happen. Candy was shaking... she wanted this more than anything and to share it with her Mistress would be so special. She nodded. Sarah looked at Billy and looked at his hard cock... licked her lips and asked Billy if he was ready to play.

Billy nodded and waited for Sarah to guide him.

To be continued... Submissive Playthings

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