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Comfort and Security

Day 1: Shelter from the Storm

The storm was on its way, it was to be a massive tropical storm that would last at least three days. Lindsay and Taylor were out at their parent's beach house, watching the waves roll in as the storm approached. They had been playing on the beach and were intending to head back to their home that was a few miles inland before the storm became dangerous. Their mother was reluctant to let them even go there in the first place, but eventually agreed after much begging on their part. After playing on the beach, they were taking showers when the storm suddenly hit. No one expected it to start so suddenly. But as the wind and rain pelted the small house, they both knew immediately what was going on. No one else was around, so in their panic, they grabbed only a towel each and getting on their bikes, they pedaled home as fast as they could. Riding along small side roads and taking every shortcut they could, the two young girls were coming close to a large set of businesses that were only about a mile inland from the beach. In only a couple minutes, the wind and rain had begun coming with such force that they could barely keep their balance and both of them had lost their towels to the wind. Things were beginning to be thrown around by the violent wind and Lindsay knew they weren't going to make it home.

"Taylor!" She shouted above the gale, "We can't make it, we gotta find shelter now!"

"Where?" Taylor yelled back, "Everything is closed!"

"I don't know, Sis, keep going!"

So the two girls, now cold, naked, and scared out of their wits rode on as fast as they could. Coming along the corner of a building, they spotted a back door that was wide open and swinging wildly in the wind.

"Quick! In there!" screamed Lindsay. Ignoring all else, they made a mad dash for the door and once inside, bikes and all; they slammed the door behind them. Safe for the moment, both girls broke down in crying and shaking from fright and cold. Twelve-year-old Taylor clung to her fourteen-year-old sister and they both cried and shivered for at least two straight minutes.

"I'm scared, Lin." Cried Taylor, "What are we gonna do?"

"I . . . we . . . I don't know!" sobbed Lindsay, trying to regain her composure.

"We gotta call Mom. Taylor, your phone, do you have it?"

Still shaking, Taylor looked around.

"Um, my phone . . . I . . ."

"Well where is it!?" barked Lindsay in a hurry.

This caused a sudden onslaught of fresh tears and sobs from the younger of the sisters. Realizing her mistake, she hugged her little sister close saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." Wiping away her tears yet again, Taylor went to her bike basket; fortunately, the phone was still there and hadn't been lost in the rush.

"Here" She said, giving the phone to Lindsay.

"What about yours?"

"I left it at the beach house." She replied as she began to dial their parent's number.

Their mother answered in a panic.

"Hello? Taylor is that you?"

"Mom, it's me Lindsay."

"Where's Taylor?"

"Right here with me."

"Oh thank goodness. Where are you two?"

"I don't know, in a building."

Her mother began to calm down a bit.

"So you're okay?" She said.

"I was worried sick when the storm came and you hadn't showed up. I told you to come home early."

"Yeah Mom, we're alright now. We were in the beach house when we heard the storm all of a sudden. So we came riding home, but it was too crazy out there and we found this open door and ran inside and now we're here." Gushed Lindsay all at once.

"Where's 'Here?'" asked their mother.

"I don't know, probably one of the ones in the row of stores across from the mall."

"Okay, is it safe? Is it strong? Made of bricks or something?"

"I don't know Mom," said Lindsay looking around. There was only a little light from the crack under the door and the glow of her cell phone.

"It's like cinderblocks or something." She finally answered after examining the walls. Just then, the low battery sound beeped from the phone.

"Alright," Sighed their mother.

"As long as it's a strong place. You know the storm is gonna be three days long. Do you have anything to eat?"

"Uh, a few sandwiches we made." was the reply.

"Okay, look, don't you girls go outside till the storm's gone you hear?"

"Yes Mom."

"It's too dangerous outside, we can't come and get you either. As long as you stay in there where it's safe, you'll be alright."

The phone beeped again.

"Uh, oh," Lindsay said.

"The phone's about to die."

"You stay inside, do you hear me?"

"Yes Mom."

"I wanna hear Taylor say it too, put her on."

Taylor, was still right next to Lindsay, and said "Yes Mom, we'll stay right here."

"Okay, I love you girls."

"We love you too Mom" They said together.

"We'll come get you as soon as the storm clears up. I hate to just leave you two there alone, but we can't do anything in this storm."


"Goodbye, call me if you need anything."

"Alright, bye Mom."

She hit the "End Call" button. Then they were left with only silence, darkness, and the sound of the storm outside.

"We need some light," said Lindsay.

"I can't see anything."

"We need some clothes," said Taylor." I'm freezing, I'm gonna catch cold, and I gotta pee really badly."

The two girls poked around with the dim light from the phone until they found a bunch of switches. They found a few switches didn't seem to do anything but one of them turned on an overhead light.

"Phew, that's better." Lindsay grinned a bit. They were in a fairly large room, obviously a back room to one of the stores in the large strip-mall. There were garage doors at one end and a couple of big, swinging, double-doors at the other. There were boxes in all corners, some of them full, some of them empty and knocked down flat. Near one of the swinging doors there was a desk with a computer and papers all about, next to that was counter with a sink, a microwave oven, and a coffee machine. Taylor spotted a bathroom on the far side but found it locked. After beating and pounding on the door, she gave up in frustration.

"Let's go in the store and see what's there." said Taylor impatiently as she headed through the swinging doors. Lindsay following, they were greeted by a huge store. Only a few lights were left on as most stores do when they close up. At the front of the store, the windows and doors were all boarded up in preparation for the storm. However, between them and the front of the store were many aisles, shelves, and racks of baby products. Everything from baby food, to cribs, clothes, toys, and diapers was stocked throughout the whole store.

"Oh great," said Taylor, rolling her eyes.

"A baby store, just what we needed."

"Seems fitting, you're always acting like a baby anyway. Why don't we go get you some diapers?" teased Lindsay.

"Shut up, Lin." was all that came back. The mention of diapers reminded Taylor of her dire need to use the bathroom. The thought of diapers crossed her mind for just a second but she shook it off and giving her older sister a mean look, she resumed her now quite hurried quest to find a toilet. Seeing a sign for restrooms with an arrow, she headed in the direction it pointed. To her great distress, she wound up staring at a pair of locked glass doors. Beyond the doors was a play area for babies to the left, and a small eatery to the right. Directly across from her, however, were the doors to the restrooms. Taylor let out a few quiet sobs of defeat.

"Aww come on!" She pouted.

Seeing that there was no getting through, Lindsay stated, "I'm gonna go look through the store," and left her sister to ponder her quickly escalating predicament.

"Whenever you're ready, the diapers are over there!" She called back over her shoulder teasingly. Taylor was too focused on getting through the doors to bother replying to Lindsay's taunting.

"What's her problem?" She muttered to herself as she tugged on the doors.

"She acts like I'm the only one to ever needed to use the bathroom." She fumed as she slammed herself repeatedly against the doors. Now she was finding it difficult to focus on getting through and not on how great the pressure was inside of her. Removing her attention from the restrooms, she quickly glanced about the see where her sister had gone. After a moment of indecision and assuming Lindsay had gone toward the front of the store, she grunted a hushed "Fine!" and pranced across the store as quietly but as quickly as she could without letting herself go. At this point, she didn't care what she did as she ran down the aisle. She was hoping to grab something more dignified like training pants or nighttime underwear, but in her haste, she just grabbed the first package she came upon. This turned out to be a package of traditional disposable diapers, this one in particular was a rather small size too, but Taylor didn't care. She ripped open the package and snatched out a diaper. Unfolding it, she pulled it up between her legs and never even got to tape it up before releasing the flow she had been holding in with great difficulty. The slim, twelve-year-old let out a half-groan, half-whine as she emptied her bladder into the diaper that she was clutching tightly against her smooth crotch area. The pee came slowly for only a second or two, and then became a full-on torrent as the little girl fell to her knees in relief. The amount was so much that the small diaper could not absorb it as fast as it came and the last third of it found its way seeping out of the sides, trickling down her legs, and collecting in a puddle on the floor. Taylor finished off with a massive sigh as the last drops of pee came out. Only then, did she open her eyes and examine what she had done.

Before she could even think about anything, there was a bright flash from behind her. She froze in place; a second flash was preceded by her sister's voice saying "Smile." Taylor knew what was happening and that there was no point in running so she knelt there as her lip began to quiver.

"Oh, wow!" blurted out Lindsay as she circled the kneeling girl. Taking more pictures on the phone, she said, "I didn't think you'd actually go and use a diaper." Now, Taylor had fallen to a sitting position.

"And oh look, see what a puddle you've made too." Lindsay added.

"You know, I filmed the whole thing. I just can't believe you actually did it." She chuckled a bit at her. Letting go of the diaper, the embarrassed little girl wrapped her arms around her knees, which she had brought up close to her. Sitting in a diaper and a puddle of pee, she buried her face in her arms and started crying loudly.

"Waaaaaaaah! I hate you! Go away go away go away!" She screamed.

Lindsay suddenly saw that she had really hurt her sister and said "I'm sorry Tay, I-"

But she was cut off with Taylor's "No! Screw you! Get outta here!" as she got to her feet.

"Wait, sis. I didn't mean it. I'm-"Once again, Lindsay was cut off.


Taylor shoved Lindsay back against the shelves.

"Ugh," exclaimed Lindsay.

"You're all covered in pee!"

"Then get away from me!"Cried Taylor, shoving her again.

Lindsay ran away, almost crying too.

"I'm sorry . . ." She said sniffling as she ran to the other end of the store. Taylor didn't follow her past the end of the aisle.

"You jerk!" She said after her. But it was too quiet for Lindsay to hear as Taylor sat down again to cry some more. A few minutes later, both girls had calmed down. Taylor had grabbed a couple more diapers and tried to dry herself off with them. Then she laid some down on the floor for comfort and sat down to think about things.

Despite Lindsay coming along and ruining everything and despite the fact that she saw herself as a "big girl" and tried to act as such, she was having many thoughts about what she had just done. Normally, she wanted everyone to treat her as a grown-up or at least as though she was older than she was. She didn't like being the younger of the sisters and complained when her older sister got to do things and go places that she couldn't. Her Mother, as many mothers do, treated her as the baby just because she was the youngest. She completely overlooked the fact that this meant she usually got her Mom to take her side if the girls ever had a disagreement. She also overlooked the fact that this meant she had fewer responsibilities than her sister did. She only focused on the fact that sometimes she couldn't do things or go places when her older sibling could. Because of this, she always thought she was being treated unfairly. Often, Lindsay would tease her for being the "baby," but this teasing mostly came from her being sad that she didn't get special treatment herself.

Along with all this, Taylor was thinking hard about how she had just peed in a diaper. She knew she had felt great relief from releasing her bladder but there was something else. She knew as well, the satisfying relief that comes from relieving a full bladder under normal circumstances and she knew this was different. She felt somewhat silly thinking about it like this. On the one hand, she felt embarrassed for even doing such a thing at her age, but on the other hand, she felt this sort of naughty pleasure from it. Not in a sexual way, obviously she was too young to be thinking like that. But she got that feeling you get when you do something others disapprove of. Like intentionally getting really muddy after having been specifically told not to. Furthermore, she also felt a very comforting feeling. Although she couldn't put her finger on it, the feeling went right back to baby-hood when there were no responsibilities. The comfort that comes from knowing you don't have to do anything, not even have to worry about getting up to use the bathroom. Lastly, there was the feeling, the raw sensation of peeing in the diaper. Anytime she could think back to whenever she had wet her pants, she was only ever embarrassed because of what others would think of her. Though she would never say it, she actually liked the feeling of peeing in her pants and being wet. This had caused potty training to be somewhat more difficult for her, but no one ever mentioned it and she couldn't really remember back that far. With all these thoughts spinning around inside her head, she had entirely forgotten about where she was and what was going on.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Lindsay sheepishly came back.

"Here . . ." She said meekly, setting down a box of wipes and a blanket.

"Here's something to clean you up and keep you warm. I found some clothes over there that might fit you." Lindsay gestured vaguely in the direction she had come from.

"You can come on over and pick some stuff out whenever . . ." She trailed off.

"Look, Taylor, I . . . I'm-"

"Go away you creep" Taylor cut in without much meaning behind her words.

"I don't wanna talk to you."

She wasn't quite ready to talk to Lindsay again, not really very mad at her any more, but still grumpy.

A few moments of silence later, Lindsay hung her head and sighed "Okay." And she left toward the other side of the store once again. Taylor thought about calling after her, but didn't. She had turned her back on the peace offerings when Lindsay showed up but now she slowly went over to them. Opening the wipes, she almost got mad at her sister again, thinking for a moment that the wipes were another taunt at her being a "baby." But she thought better of it as she could tell from Lindsay's voice that she was sincere. Pulling out a few wipes, she went about cleaning herself up with them. This brought back more of those feelings of comfort and a little hint of naughtiness. Trying to get rid of these thoughts, she went about cleaning up what little was left on the floor. She also scooped up all the diapers she had previously used for wiping, carried the whole bundle over to a nearby thrash can and disposed of it. All the while, she was thinking about what she was going to do next. She had something in mind, but hadn't decided on it just yet. When she was finished with the clean up, her mind was made up as well.

"Why not? No one else is around, so I might as well. Lindsay is here but I've already embarrassed myself as much as anyone possibly could. Plus I've kinda wanted to try it anyway but never got the chance." Taylor thought to herself as she returned to the aisle.

"Now let's see here, which ones do I want?" She looked up and down and finally came upon one of the larger sizes of disposable diapers.

"Here we go." She had been contemplating training pants or something similar but decided against them.

"If I'm gonna do it, I might as well go ahead and do the whole thing." This meant to her that she might as well go with the traditional tape-up diapers rather than anything resembling normal panties. The whole thing was completely undignified so why bother convincing herself that any of them were more or less dignified than any other.

Pulling out one of the diapers and unfolding it, she laid it down on the floor. Fortunately she had some experience with baby-sitting, and knew how to handle a diaper. However, to be putting one on herself made her a little nervous for a few reasons. Stretching it out on the floor, she sat down on it and lay on to her back with the diaper underneath. She spread her legs a bit and made sure the tape flaps weren't tucked up under her. Then she leaned forward a bit to grab the front of the diaper and pull it up between her legs. Almost immediately, she felt that comforting feeling and a little bit of mischievousness. She continued by making sure she had positioned herself properly, and finished by taping up the sides, first the right, then the left. She lay there for a minute and took in the feelings of comfort from both the physical sensation of the bulk of a diaper between her legs and from the meaning of wearing one at her age. Thoughts came to her mind such as "Why is a twelve-year-old choosing to wear a baby diaper?" But she brushed them away by thinking "Who cares? This is actually really soft, comfy, and kinda cool." As she got up and grabbed the blanket, she noticed the unmistakable feeling of trying to move normally while wearing a bulky diaper. It was also impossible for her to ignore the loud crinkle it made with every movement. Even with a raging storm outside, the sound was enough that there was no hiding it from anyone in close proximity. After taking a few practice steps up and down the aisle, she found she had to waddle a little bit and this caused her to giggle at herself.

"Now to go make Lindsay laugh at me." She announced cheerfully to herself and all the inanimate objects that surrounded her.

Lindsay had run away after Taylor's sudden reaction to being caught and teased. Almost before she had made it around the end of the aisle, she had begun crying. Though not nearly as violently as Taylor had, she was a little scared of what she had done, and what it might have done to her little sister. She replayed the whole scene in her mind. At first, she had gone back after not hearing the door being slammed for a few seconds and noticed Taylor darting across the store. Not sure what she was doing, she followed her until she came to the aisle full of diapers. The older girl almost announced her presence right then, but slowly realized what her sister was about to do, so she waited.

"Oh my gosh." She gasped to herself.

"Is she really gonna? . . ." Quickly she turned the phone's camera on and was barely in time to record the opening of the package.

"No way!" Giggled Lindsay to herself as she filmed.

"She's gonna be so mad when she knows I recorded this." Then as the performance came to an end, she burst upon the startled younger girl and began to tease her by taking pictures. She figured Taylor would yell at her and run away, but was surprised when the only reaction was defeated sobbing, She was about to ask if she was alright when the loud howling started, followed by the assault and ending with the girls parting; tears on both sides. As she ran, she cried and wondered if she had really hurt her sister's feelings. Feeling helpless and guilty, the dark-blonde-haired girl could only wander the store aimlessly because she knew that they both needed to calm down for a while longer. During her wandering, she thought about her sister.

"Why did she do that?" She thought." I'd never do that. If I had to go, I'd go to a corner or something." The fourteen-year-old wondered what it must be like to do that, but pushed away the thoughts in favor of how to make her sad little sibling forgive her. Lindsay looked about until she found some wipes and thought they might be useful. Then she found some blankets and grabbed two. As the excitement wore off, she found herself very cold and knew that Taylor must be cold as well. So bringing her gifts to the end of the aisle where the young girl sat, still crying softly, she attempted an apology but was sent away again. Knowing better than to push things too fast, she left the gifts and went back toward the clothing section to try to find more things to wear than just a blanket. Searching through the racks yielded a jacket that was large for a toddler, but fit her quite snuggly. It was a light green jacket with a hood and long sleeves. It wasn't a full winter coat, but it was enough. The storm had brought a sudden drop in temperature, and the building was kept rather cold to begin with so the jacket was just what she needed. For her lower areas, she could only find what she considered "training panties" but were just cotton girl's panties with decorations on them. Disapproving of them for being too infantile, she reluctantly put them on and found some boys sleeping pants for her legs. The boys' pants were much baggier than the girls' ones so they fit better. Unfortunately, for any attempt at fashion, these ones had rocket ships and planets decorating them. Rocket ships, she decided, were better than racecars and motorcycles which were her other option.

"Why couldn't we end up in a designer clothing store?" She asked herself as she seized some fuzzy pink slippers for her feet.

"Well," she said as examined herself, "At least they're warm and cozy."

When Taylor finally made her way across to the clothing section, she was a bit cold despite the blanket. Both girls were in a much better mood when they confronted each other but there was silence for a few awkward seconds as both girls looked down and tried to find the words to say.

Lindsay broke the silence with a loud inhale followed by.

"I'm sorry Taylor, I shouldn't have teased you."

"It's okay," was the quiet answer.

"Forgive and forget?"

"Oh I'll forgive you, but I ain't gonna forget." Taylor said with a smirk. Both girls giggled a bit.

"C'mon." Said Lindsay, trying to help lift the heavy mood.

"Let's find you some clothes. You must be freezing with only that blanket."

"It's not only the blanket."

"Huh?" Lindsay looked puzzled.

Taylor pulled open the blanket to reveal her entire body. Seeing the diaper, the older girl could only stare with her mouth open.


"Yup." Said the diapered girl, almost proudly. She was pleased with extracting such a response from her sister.

"What'cha gonna do about it? Are you jealous?" She teased.


"Why what?" Prodded Taylor, now quite enjoying showing herself off.

"Why are you wearing . . . that?" Lindsay felt uncomfortable saying the word in a serious manner.

"Why not?"

"There are other clothes here, you know. Plus uh . . . those are for babies." Pointed out the older of the two as she was now collecting herself after the initial shock of seeing her sister proudly wearing a diaper.

"So?" Taylor began to defend.

"I think it's comfy and soft. Plus everyone treats me like a baby anyway; I might as well get to be like on for a change."

"Right." Said Lindsay, returning to her usual self.

"And speaking of change, what are you gonna do when you need to . . . um, go?"

Taylor, in her excitement, hadn't put much thought into it. She now backed down a bit in her pride as she thought for a minute.

"I don't know." She said simply.

"Whatever, I'm gonna go find some stuff to wear. Why don't you go get our sandwiches, I'm starving." She wouldn't let her sister bring her down out of her high spirits.

"Fine, why don't you go find a pacifier and a rattle while you're at it." Lindsay was now back to teasing the younger girl.

"La la la! I can't hear you!" Sang Taylor.

"By the way, nice rocket ships." And with that, she crinkled away happily.

"Hmph, rocket ships are better than diapers." Grunted the older girl to herself. But the mention of food sent her in search of their bikes. On the way, she spotted a mini-fridge next to the sink in the back room. All that was inside was either way out of date, half-eaten, or completely uninteresting. She voiced a quick disapproval of the items and continued to the bikes. Upon finding them and inspecting the baskets, she produced two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in brown paper bags. They were quite soggy from their trip through the rain and were far from appetizing.

"Yech." Was the disgusted remark on the condition of the sandwiches.

"And this is supposed to last three days too."

A similar response was given when the sandwiches were presented to Taylor who had now found some clothes to wear. She had found something like a nightgown, which in fact, was a nightgown but for a much smaller size person. It was white and would have been rather loose fitting on the type of child it was intended for. But on this, larger child, it ended up much like a shirt, fitting a bit loose, and coming down only just past the waste. It in no way covered the obvious bulge from the diaper, which was now covered by a pair of tight-fitting, pink sweat pants. These only amplified the bulk around her. Contouring nicely to her slim legs, they showed off her shapely curves starting at just above her ankles and working their way up until they came past her thighs. It was here that the cushioned mass forced the tight yet stretchy pink pants to change their shape from what would have been a slim, twelve-year-old behind, to that of a much larger disposable diaper protruding greatly in front and back. Finally, she had adorned her feet with blue socks, the kind one usually wears without shoes and that have little rubber-like patches on the soles to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces.

"Aren't you a sight." Said Lindsay upon seeing the outfit.

"Two words Sis: rocket ships." Was the smart reply.

"You know what? Forget it." Lindsay was tired of hearing about her choice of clothes. She was well aware that they looked a bit ridiculous on her, but she knew defending her choice with reasoning would get them nowhere.




"So now what?" Inquired the young diaper-wearing girl.

"These are nasty; we can't eat 'em."

"I don't know. Maybe there's something else to eat around here."

"So go find some." Commanded the younger.

"Why only me? Why don't you look too?"

"I don't wanna." Replied Taylor childishly.

"Besides, I got other things to do."

"Like what?"

"Oh, just some things." She hinted.

"None of your business."

"Just don't do anything stupid." Said Lindsay in frustration as she headed off in search of something to eat.

"Wait, I want my phone back." Taylor stuck out her hand expectantly.

"Fine. Here you go." Said the older girl as she handed the phone over.

"Ha!" Exclaimed Taylor. She immediately began to search through its contents with the intent to delete all "incriminating" evidence from her phone.

"I'm gonna delete all these pictures you took."

"Don't forget the video too."

"As if . . . hey wait." Taylor looked up, wondering why her previous tormentor was helping her now.

"Wouldn't it be just awful?" Began Lindsay sarcastically.

"If I had sent all those to my phone."

With this new information, the younger girl resumed her task on the phone saying: "Sis, you're phone's probably in the ocean by now."

"Or is it?" Smirked the older one, and pulled from one of the other jacket pockets: her phone.

"What? How?"

"It was in a small pocket in the basket on my bike."

"Aw c'mon Lin, get rid of those pictures." Whined the flustered younger sister.


"Please!" She begged.


Taylor was defeated. She let out a big sigh and went off across the store. Lindsay too, headed off, but she went toward the food section of the store. There wasn't much that enticed her, but the feeling of hunger broadened her interest. There were jars of baby food and plenty of snacks like crackers and other small items. There were also boxes of powdered milk and baby formula. These she passed over, but collected a few boxes of crackers. Just then, her sister came by and held out a flashlight.

"Here." She said.

"I found these by the front."

"Gosh, do you have to take everything?" Asked Lindsay, who had begun to think about how they were just taking things from the store.

"Do you think we should really be taking all this stuff? Isn't it kinda stealing?"

"So what?" Remarked Taylor as she grabbed her own boxes of crackers.

"Lots of places get robbed after a big storm like this. Besides, it's an emergency and we need it. I'm sure someone will understand." She grabbed a jar of apple-flavor baby food and a box of baby formula. Lindsay finally accepted the flashlight. Despite the fact that there were still lights on, they were only the ones left on after store hours. Most of the aisles weren't lit up and those that were, still weren't very bright.

"Okay, I guess." She gave in. She had felt a bit guilty, but was looking for an excuse to cover it up. Her less responsible, younger sister provided the perfect reason to ignore her conscience.

At the back of the store, near the swinging double doors, there were more lights. After a while, the two girls had begun to create their own little piles of goodies. Lindsay had some boxes of crackers, a small chair, a lamp, a large fuzzy blanket, and a sippy-cup from which she had removed the top and filled with water at the sink in the back room. Taylor had also gathered a blanket and chair (though hers was almost a small sofa than a plastic one like what Lindsay had). She also had her own food items that now included some fully prepared baby formula in a bottle and she was using a small spoon to eat from the jars of baby food.

"It tastes kinda like apple sauce." She commented.

Exhibiting the tiniest amount of foresight, Lindsay had collected the largest bottles she could, filled them with water, and placed them in the mini fridge for whenever the power went out. Her phone had a full battery so her sister's was charging on the only charger that managed to survive the bike ride. They both had the same model phone so they often used each other's charger. Unfortunately, neither phone had any service by now. Power lines were down all over the place and many of the surrounding areas were without electricity. But for the time being, they still had power and running water in their personal little safe haven.

The desperation of having to pee followed by the relief of doing so had given Taylor quite a rush. Without really knowing why, she wanted to do it again. It wasn't really a conscious thought that led her, but after she had finished her baby formula which she didn't find all that pleasing, she refilled her bottle a few more times with water and drained it each time. Lindsay would have commented on this, but her mind was elsewhere. She wanted to get away, be alone, but knew that Taylor would be too inquisitive if she just went off by herself. While she was dreaming up excuses and trying them out in her mind, Taylor's attention span came to her rescue. The younger girl mumbled something about being bored and went off in search of entertainment. Lindsay lost no time in fleeing to the back room.

Once alone, she tried to convince herself that she was interested in what the weather was like. Upon reaching the door, she tried it. At first, it was almost impossible to open due to the wind, but once she had opened it a little bit, the wind grabbed it and nearly pulled Lindsay out into the storm. It was all she could do to hold onto the door and slam it shut once again. Outside, the rain had slowed for a short while, but the wind hadn't let up at all and had only grown worse. With her inquiries out of the way, she returned to the main reason she had come back here. Finding that the darkest corner of the room was the one by the door, she decided it was the best place to relieve herself. For a while now, and even more so after having a drink, she had been feeling her own increasing need to pee. However, unlike her sister, she had no intention of using a diaper like a baby. So, propping herself against the wall by the door, she lowered both the rocket-ship covered pants and the happily decorated panties beneath. It took a while for her to go. She wasn't anywhere near as desperate as her younger sister had been, and the uncomfortable situation she found herself in made letting go rather difficult. Nevertheless, she started peeing, slowly at first, but then the stream increased. It wasn't long before she was finished with the whole, unsightly process. Forgetting to bring anything to wipe herself with, she had to stay there and drip for a little while. At last, she was able to pull her panties and rocket-ship pants back up and cover herself. She let out a sigh of relief and inspected the puddle on the floor. It was barely visible in the dim light and had merged with the larger puddle of rain that was accumulating beneath the door. Pleased that she didn't need to do anything to hide her puddle, she went on her way happily.

She returned to find that her sister had dragged an entire kid's outdoor playhouse over to the light. The younger girl was now decorating it with all kinds of things. She pulled a small mattress from a crib, some pillows, more blankets, a kid's small side table, and a lamp of her own to furnish the new house. Lindsay didn't see that Taylor had also brought the remaining package of diapers, wipes, and now a changing mat which were tucked under the table inside the house.

"This is mine." She stated playfully.

"You stay out." Instead of voicing her thoughts on the silliness of the younger girl, she kept quiet. Lindsay was feeling a bit of jealousy about her sister's "house." Despite thinking that she was too old to be playing like this, she went away to make her own. Finding that there were no other toy houses available, she went looking in the back room. For her creation, the now giggling fourteen-year-old carried many large boxes and set them up as a perimeter. Then she laid out a large, flat sheet of cardboard as the roof. Though hers wasn't as impressive, it was larger than Taylor's house. The whole thing was finished off with similar furnishings to what had been done by her sister. Satisfied with her creation, she went inside to lay down for a bit. Neither of the girls were tired as it was still quite early, but they had been there for a few hours and were a little bored. Lindsay lay down quietly and played around with her phone, but Taylor was beginning to get fidgety.

The effect of all the liquids she drank was becoming evident. She knew she was going to have to pee soon, but she was nervous. She wasn't sure if she should do it or not, all the time she spent in indecision also made her need to go become greater and greater. The little girl tossed, turned, and moved all about in her house. Finally, the time came when she could hold it no longer and it was time to let it go. However, she wasn't comfortable doing it there, not with Lindsay so nearby. So with as much stealth as her crinkly diaper would allow, she crept out of the house with an extra diaper, the changing mat, and the box of wipes. Seeing that Lindsay hadn't budged from her dwelling, the desperate girl stole away to the protection of the clothes racks. Laying her items on the ground, she pondered for a moment whether to remove her pants in case of leaks. Her moment was cut short by her bladder finally giving in. She began to pee into the diaper and it only came faster and harder as she relaxed more. She had pulled up her shirt and tugged her pants only just past the diaper itself when she stopped suddenly to observe what was happening. She could only stand still and stare at her front while she relieved herself. As the liquid poured out of her, the awaiting garment absorbed it quickly. This diaper was much larger than the one she had used earlier and it had little trouble in soaking up the twelve-year-old's warm pee. With her legs spread a little, the diaper absorbed and expanded until all was finished. This left a slight yellow tint to the crotch of the white diaper. It also made its shape significantly larger and more bulky between the legs. No leaks were to be found and Taylor was content with wriggling back and forth to allow the diaper to absorb the last of the liquid. As it had been absorbed, it also spread until it had soaked from the front to the back.

Taylor now pondered all these new feelings, not bothered by interruption, she had time to fully evaluate the experience. First was the sudden surprise of wetting herself. She almost thought it was involuntary but her bladder had simply decided that enough was enough and it was time to go. Then came the active feeling of peeing, which was a mix of natural relief and the sensation of the warm liquid gathering around her crotch before being absorbed by the diaper. For someone who practiced the normal habit of using a toilet, there are always feelings of fright and anxiousness for fear that the diaper will simply leak. This fear passed quickly as the flow slowly faded to a trickle and other than being heavier and larger, the diaper seemed none the worse for it. Finally, the little adventurous girl was left with the new feeling of wearing a warm, wet diaper. She had grown ever-so-slightly used to the feeling of the diaper but now the extra weight and mass would not allow her to ignore its presence for a second. She had no feeling of disgust, instead she only found further comfort and thrill from wetting her diaper. Being in no hurry to do anything except enjoy the moment she took a long time before she finally did move. Replacing her pants and lowering her top, she quickly resolved not to change herself just yet. After squeezing her legs together slightly to test for leakage, she settled upon taking a stroll about the store.

Though it would appear outwardly that she was closely examining every item she came across, in reality, she was still drinking in everything her senses where telling her. Walking, waddling, sashaying, bending, crouching, kneeling, and every movement in between: it was all pure luxury to her. In her travels, she came to a mirror, which interested her greatly. Instantly she simply had to stare at what was right in front of her. Instead of what usually greeted her, her gaze was met with someone totally foreign. Looking back at her was what appeared to be a 4' 2" toddler. The face was the same, and so was the light blonde hair that came down about 6 inches past her shoulders. The slightly frilly white top stopped short enough to allow the tight pink pants to display their shape quite proudly. In the front was the unique bulge of her diaper, amplified due to its contents, tight pants that covered it, and only slightly negated by the fact that she was bending forward somewhat. When she turned to inspect her figure from the side, she found her rear end was even more noticeable than her front. As the line drawn by her legs came up, her thighs, instead of flowing into the shape of a small round behind, took a detour along the soft, squishy outline dictated by the rather soggy diaper that had replaced it. Not that there was a problem with anything that she saw, but she did feel the new shape of her rear end with her hands and attempt to flatten the bulk of the diaper. She also tried to remove the wedgie that had found its way between the cheeks of her bottom. This, she gave up quickly in favor of posing dramatically for herself. This even escalated into removing her pants and shirt entirely and performing such movements that would cause a less-knowledgeable person to think she was practicing some form of yoga.

The baby formula had done what it often does. On top of this, cooked apples or pears had the unfortunate effect of causing this particular little girl's digestive system to move along at an accelerated rate. As these had been doing their work in previous silence, they now began to take a more vocal approach. Her belly had rumbled a few times but she had taken no notice. Now though, she was pulled away from her ogling by a funny feeling in her gut. She tried to ignore it and return to examining herself but it only grew more evident and noticeable in a very short amount of time. It was only a matter of seconds before she identified what her body was telling her was about to happen. Wetting in a diaper was one thing, but messing it was totally different. Taylor was almost sure she didn't want to do that, but she knew she really needed to go. After putting on her clothes once more, she resumed her detailed inspection of the various items in the store in hopes that the feeling would subside. This was not to be the case however, and her bowels informed her of this by suddenly letting out a large amount of gas and a small amount of mess into her diaper.

"Oh no!" She gasped as she clutched at her backside. Not knowing what to do, she turned to run and bumped straight into a metal (though fortunately slightly padded by carpet) support pole. The impact wasn't very great, but the shock caused her to release control of her bowels, which in turn released their contents.

"Please no!" She whimpered silently as she bent down. Both hands were on her stomach as she clenched to with a futile attempt to stop herself. Unlike peeing, this movement happened quickly and began in full force. Her bowels had entirely let go and a slimy mess had forced its way between her cheeks and into the seat of her diaper. Starting with one large clump that made way for many smaller clumps and great amount of runny liquid, the thick, sticky mass quickly filled the remaining space in the back of her diaper. Only the loud sounds of gas escaping interrupted the short duration of her pooping. In only a few seconds, her inside had become completely empty and her diaper was now completely full.

When it was all done, she straightened herself slowly and very tenderly felt the back of her now very full and sagging diaper.

"Ugh." She exclaimed in a hushed tone at what she had done. But although she was slightly disgusted by it, she was once again met with the feelings of comfort and security. She didn't spend much time thinking about these feelings, however and turned her attention to removing the mess from her person. The smell had found its way to her nostrils and although she wasn't completely revolted by it, she certainly didn't welcome it either. Hurrying carefully for fear of leaking and that her sister might come looking for her; she dashed back to her changing supplies and quickly stripped off her outer clothes. Instead is taking the risk of sitting down and possibly causing the mess to squeeze out, she un-taped the diaper while standing. After delicately setting the messy garment down, she began cleaning herself with wipes. By now, all feelings of comfort were gone, instead, the responsibility of the clean up was left to her and it wasn't very enjoyable. After cleaning her diaper area to satisfaction, she decided that she needed some baby powder to avoid a rash. Naked, she ran across the store to acquire the powder. A quick glance in the direction of Lindsay's box house showed that nothing had changed and there was still light coming from inside. When she returned with her spoils, she applied it first to her crotch, then to the inside of a fresh diaper that she had laid out. Similar steps were taken to her earlier diapering as she positioned her bottom and pulled the front into place. Once the tapes were in place, she stood up and dusted off the excess baby powder than had escaped the confines of its target area. Though the powder helped, the smell from the messy diaper was still evident as she wrapped it and the wipes up in a bundle. Once the undesirable thing was disposed of, she clothed herself once more, collected her things and headed back to her little play house. She was feeling very happy to be once again, wrapped in the soft yet confining embrace of a clean, disposable diaper. Her intentions were to recline comfortably and study the new feelings in detail, preferably while snacking on something, though this time; she made it a point to avoid foods that would have similar effects on her digestive system.

While dining on crackers, small wafers, and various flavors of jarred baby food, there came a light knock on her door. It was Lindsay who was bored and came over to visit. As the door was opened, the aroma of baby powder was the first to greet the visitor. This halted the pleasantries that were about to be exchanged and replaced them with inquiries into the rather obvious odor and its origins.

"What's that?" Said Lindsay as she sniffed deeply. She knew full well what it was, but asked anyway out of curiosity.

"What's what?" Answered the little girl, who began to search her mind wildly for an excuse or diversion.

"That smell." Replied the other, now peering around the small house.

"Is that baby powder?"

"What smell? No. I don't smell anything." Stammered Taylor, now desperately trying to avoid the oncoming interrogation.

"Oh come on Tay, the whole place reeks of it. Why on earth did you use baby powder?" The older girl's face broke into a triumphant grin as she put the pieces together.

"Oh I see now." All Taylor could do was sit there and meet her sister's gaze with an awkward, sheepish smirk.

"So you changed I assume. And that means you must have had a reason." Lindsay began to lay out the obvious as she tormented the embarrassed little girl.

"Did the baby go pee-pee again?"

"Maybe . . ." Taylor stuttered with an innocent smile, not as much ashamed of what she had done as she was of her older sister's teasing her about it.

"How would you know I wasn't sitting here the whole time?" Was her only attempt at defense.

"Well apart from that smell and the way you're acting, your pants are on backwards too." She pointed out.

With a gasp, Taylor looked down to find that what Lindsay said was true. Defeated, she could only reply, "Fine, I did. What do you want?"

"Only that you admit it. The way you're hiding it, I'd think you made a stinky too."

Had Taylor tried, she could have easily bluffed this one off. But it caught her by surprise and she let her expression give herself away.

Lindsay's eyes widened.

"You didn't, did you?"

No answer.

"You did?"

Still no answer.

"Oh my gosh, you did!" She exclaimed. Taylor remained silent and motionless. Lindsay flipped out, "Oh my gosh, I can't believe you . . . pooped . . . in a - a diaper! Ewww! That's so nasty, how could you? Why would you? Ewww!"

"So what?" Cried Taylor, not knowing what to do.

"I didn't mean to, it was an accident."

The little girl hung her head down.

"Fine." She said bluntly.

"I did it. I pooped in a diaper. That's why I smell like baby powder. Are you happy now Lindsay?"

"Well . . ." Lindsay stuttered, unsure how to handle this. She decided that what Taylor did was up to her.

"Okay, I mean that's really nasty but whatever.

Taylor didn't feel like explaining how it wasn't her fault.

"What do you want? Why'd you come here anyway?"

"I was just coming here to say hello. But then I smelled the baby powder and . . ." Lindsay trailed off for a second or two.

"Look, Taylor, I was just gonna say that I don't care if you wanna wear diapers. I think it's crazy but I guess it's up to you. If you wanna use 'em too, it's gross I guess but if you really want to. . ." Lindsay comforted her sister about her decision. Then she teased her a little.

"I hope you don't want to keep wearing them after we get out of here. I mean, you'll always be my baby sister, but that's a little ridiculous. And don't expect me to change you either." She said with a wink.

Both girls laughed. It made Taylor very happy that she could trust her big sister. It also made Lindsay very happy to see her little sister in such a happy mood. They just looked at each other lovingly and smiled.

"You're pants are still on backwards." Lindsay pointed out, breaking the silence.

"You sure you won't change me?" Implored little Taylor, stretching her legs out toward her sister.

Lindsay rolled her eyes.

"Fine, come here ya big baby." She said as she grabbed the younger girl by the legs. Taylor only grinned and sucked on her bottle as she was dragged out of her house on the padded seat of her diaper.

"Lift your butt." Commanded Lindsay and gave her sister a smack on the rear as she pulled her pants down by the waist. She tugged at them until they came down to her ankles. After removing the pants, she bunched the legs up shorter to make it easier to get them back on, over the feet. Making sure she had aligned them properly, she easily slid each leg of the pants onto the appropriate leg of her sister. Shifting her position to kneeling beside the girl who was lying contentedly on the floor, she began to pull the pants back on. Grabbing at the waist of the pants and shifting each leg as necessary, she worked them up from the ankles, along the legs, and up the thighs until she came to the diaper.

"Lift your butt." She commanded once again. As this was done, she slid the pink, stretchy pants up, over the soft white bulk until they covered all that they could.

"All done." She stated.

"Get up." But Taylor only held her arms out forward.

"Oh my gosh, you are such a baby." Sighed Lindsay as the pulled the now fully clothed girl to a standing position. Giving her a playful swat on the behind, she said.

"Grow up will ya?"

Taking no mind to this, Taylor embraced her sister and thanked her.

"Thanks, big sis." She said in a rather childish manner. With that, she returned to her house and relaxed. This left Lindsay alone and quite perplexed. Why did her sister seem so happy doing something so silly and childish? Did she really like it as much as she seemed to? How could a twelve-year-old girl enjoy wearing and even using diapers? Now she didn't even have any shame about it, she only liked it more and more. Lindsay was confronting feelings of her own, rather than feeling superior or victorious, she felt lonely and a little jealous. She was jealous of her sister's carefree attitude and blissful lack of responsibility. She was also lonely not just from Taylor leaving, but from not having someone to care for her and treat her as she had just done for Taylor. She greatly enjoyed being so motherly with her little sister, but there was no one to do that for her. She wanted to talk about it with Taylor, but when she opened the door a little, she found the girl fast asleep on the mattress. The bulge of her diaper was greatly evident in her curled up position. She looked so peaceful there, and Lindsay thought it best to leave her that way.

Checking the time on her phone, she found it was only early evening. There was no way to keep track of time in the dimly lit store. The lights had flickered a few times before, but now they shut off entirely. A few seconds later, and with a faint rumble coming from the direction of the back of the store, they came back on. This time, they were even more dim than before. They were the emergency lights, powered by a generator that had come on automatically when the power went out, but the young girls in the store didn't know this. One of them, in fact, was entirely unaware of anything as she was still sleeping soundly. With her little sister content for at least a few hours, Lindsay had nothing to do except wander the store with her flashlight and think to herself. The more she thought about it, the less she cared about why she felt this way, and the more she though on what to do about it. She wanted what Taylor had, that innocent happiness that she had just recently begun to exhibit. However, her mind couldn't, or rather refused to, connect Taylor's happiness with wearing diapers. As her eyes grew accustomed the new level of light, she turned off the flashlight. She didn't need it to see where she was going, and she wasn't actively inspecting anything she passed. The slow walking turned into pacing up and down each aisle. Each time she posed the question to herself, the answer was always the same. However, her pride as a young woman (or so she thought of herself) would not accept the answer, brushing it away as childish nonsense. Finally, the answer was staring her right in the face, literally. She had unknowingly found her way to the diaper aisle and was starring at the packages that reached high above her head. Lindsay flicked on the flashlight.

"No." She said aloud. But began to examine the packages that were adorned with pictures of happy babies. She grunted disapproval of these and moved down the aisle until she came to training pants. These she pondered for a long time as she turned the package over in her hands.

"Nighttime training pants for girls!" Was printed on the package.

"Can be worn discreetly in case of accidents."

"No chance of that." Scoffed Lindsay to herself. There were also packages of daytime, potty-training pants that claimed to "Feel just like real underwear." The diaper aisle was near the back of the store and this was too close to the sleeping Taylor for Lindsay's comfort. So, grabbing one package of the nighttime pants, and one of the daytime, potty-training pants, Lindsay headed toward the front of the store for some privacy. When none was found, she arranged various racks of clothes in a circle to create a small, private area for herself. First, she loosened her pants and let them fall around her ankles.

"I gotta find something else." She said, regarding the rocket ship covered abomination that she loathed so much. Stepping out of these, she proceeded to slide her panties down and laid them in a heap on top of the pants. Removing the jacket as well for convenience, she paused, naked, as she contemplated the packages before her. Making up her mind, she opened the package of potty-training pants.

"Feels just like real underwear!" appealed to her as she pulled one of the child's garments out and examined it in her hands. It was folded very flat, but she pried it open with her fingers. Reaching inside of it, she felt the slightly ruffled edges of the leg openings and noted the soft lining of the crotch area. On the outside were various decorations of princesses, fairies, and the like. These did not appeal to her tastes at all, but she deemed the whole thing tolerable. She stepped first, into the left leg hole, then the right. They made it just past her knees before beginning to become a little tight. Struggling somewhat, she managed to pull them all the way up but it wasn't a very comfortable fit and one of the sides had ripped slightly. Giving up on these, she pulled them back down, ripping them further. She kicked them off to the side before moving on to the second package. Since most potty training occurs at an early age, and bedwetting can continue into the teen years, the selection of nighttime pants included much larger sizes. To her joy, she found that these ones had no silly decorations and were plain white. However, to accommodate a larger person they also were larger in bulk to allow more absorbency. This displeased the teenage girl, but nonetheless she put them on. As before, she first slid her left leg through, then her right. Slowly she pulled them up past her knees and thighs. They came to rest right where they should be, encasing her front, back and between her legs with their soft, padded material. Right away, this sensation excited Lindsay and her bare nipples became hard from more than just the chill in the air. This wasn't a conscious sexual arousal for her, it was more her body's reaction to the soft yet bulky nighttime diaper making contact with her privates. She sighed pleasantly as she began to play around with her new article of clothing. Opening her legs, then closing, she felt the bulk between them and found it very enjoyable. Examining her front, she rubbed the outside of it gently. She ran her fingers along the leg holes, then grabbed the front tightly in her hand and let it go. She repeated this a few times until she was satisfied, then moved on to the rear. She was very proud of her shapely backside in general. The feeling of a bulky nighttime diaper pressing tightly against it interested her greatly. The garment made a slight crinkling whenever she moved around in it, but it was significantly less noticeable than the one that Taylor's true diaper made.

The fourteen-year-old put on her jacket and slid on her pants over the nighttime diaper. Instead of searching for other clothing, she found that the bagginess of the pants masked the bugle of her under-garment quite well, so she kept them. Now that she was in a diaper, all hesitation left her. She walked freely along, in her mind she was playing with all the sensations and feelings that came with every step, turn, rub, press, bunch, and crinkle that occurred. The nighttime diaper reflected the comfort of her jacket but contrasted the loose, bagginess of her pants. While one wrapped her tightly but softy, the other would float limply around her legs, gently caressing them as she moved. Her new diaper brought with it feelings of comfort and security despite the raging storm only just outside. The feeling for her was similar to wrapping herself in a big, fuzzy blanket, and snuggling up in front of a fire during a cold winter night. She remembered this immediately from when she was a little girl and her family had gone on vacation up north in the mountains. Though the store really wasn't terribly cold, all she wanted to do now was snuggle up warmly.

She had almost entirely forgotten about her diaper as she made preparations. Rushing through the store, she grabbed and put on two more pairs of baggy pants, not worrying what designs were on them. Then grabbing as many blankets and pillows as she could find, she piled these in front of her box house. Next, she moved her lamp from inside the boxes to out in front of the soft pile. Finally, grabbing a bottle of juice, (not cooled) and a bunch of snacks, she threw herself down in the mass of cushions and blankets. The end result, looked not unlike curling up in a sleeping bag beside a small campfire. A sleepy girl poked her head out the door, wondering what the commotion was. Lindsay only patted the space beside her. Quickly grabbing her bottle of milk, Taylor came crawling over and flopped down next to her sister. It had grown quite late and both girls were tired from their exciting day. As the girls snuggled, facing each other, Taylor laid her head in front of Lindsay's chest and placed her hand around her sister's waist.

"What's that I feel?" She mumbled as her fingers felt the bulk around Lindsay's backside. Lindsay didn't answer as Taylor had fallen back to sleep anyway. Pulling a few blankets over them, Lindsay munched on her snacks and drank her bottle of juice before joining her little sister in peaceful slumber.

Lindsay woke in the night by the pressure in her bladder. Some time had passed and the juice right before bed had only sped things up. Dazed, she glanced around. Nothing had changed except that Taylor had rolled over and she now had to pee urgently. Had she been fully awake, she would likely have gone to the back room to relive herself. However, since she was still very groggy and since her bedding was so comfortable, she didn't want to move and only closed her eyes again. While trying to relax and not being fully conscious, her bladder's control faltered and she began to pee. This brought Lindsay out of her stupor and she sat up, but it was too late now to stop what was happening. The warm pee came, and despite the frightened girl's best efforts, it kept coming until she was empty. Quickly spreading and soaking in, the warm liquid caused the nighttime diaper to increase in size and weight rapidly. Because she was sitting down, the pee had to seek out the furthest reaches of the diaper's front and back before settling in. Lindsay threw herself back and cried a little. She was a little scared from wetting a diaper, but more scared by wetting without really knowing it. After a minute or two, she calmed down. Thinking to herself that she would get up and change soon, she relaxed for a while, eventually falling back to sleep. <h1 align="center" style="text-align: center">Day 2: Changes</h1>

During the night, both girls dreamt of early childhood and a simpler time. Morning came, and although sunlight did not wake them, (there wasn't any) habit did. Thinking at first that it was still night, Lindsay simply lay in the dim light and tried to fall asleep again. Taylor had moved over in her sleep, and was now hugging her older sister around the middle. Not wanting to disturb her, Lindsay tried not to move. However, her initial stretch upon waking had jostled the young girl enough that she too, was brought to the waking world.

"Mmmm." She mumbled.

"Just a few more minutes." In a short time, however, she became more aware as she blinked her eyes and lifted her head. A little disoriented, she examined what she had been sleeping on.

"What" turned out to be "who" and that "who" was, of course, Lindsay. Noticing that her older sister was awake, she said "Morning sis, or is it morning?" And nuzzled against her some more.

"I don't know." Answered the older sister. She was still thinking dreamily and paid little attention to her surroundings.

"You make a nice pillow Lin." Taylor rubbed her sister's body up and down, mimicking fluffing a pillow. Her hand came to rest on Lindsay's crotch, but neither girl was really paying attention. Taylor patted the bulk sleepily, repeating "Nice pillow."

Slowly the sleepiness began to fade from both sister's and they became more aware of their surroundings. Taylor was the first to notice where her hand was resting. At first, she retracted it quickly, but then replaced it as she thought something didn't feel like it should. Inquisitively, she felt around, until she was sure of what she found.

"Sis?" She began.


"What are you wearing?"

"Just some ugly pants." Was the sleepy reply.

"What about under them?" Taylor had propped herself up and was staring at her older sister, awaiting an answer. The movement brought more sense to the yawning older girl and she began to sit up.

"What?" Asked Lindsay, who was now mostly awake.

"Under your pants." Posed the curious little sister.

"What are you wearing? 'Cause it feels like . . ."

Lindsay gasped as she remembered what she was wearing. Knowing she was caught, she only faced her younger sibling with a dumb look and gave no reply. A stalemate ensued, Lindsay not wanting to admit the truth, and Taylor not wanting to question further because she knew the answer already and wanted to enjoy to response. Lindsay made the decision to give up hiding it anymore and shrugged her shoulders.

"Well, what do you think it is?" She said, daring the smug little girl to be wrong in her assumption.

"It feels like a diaper." Taylor stated, calling her bluff.

"Alright, you caught me." Lindsay smiled.

"So what if it is?"

"You were making fun of me for it." Said Taylor, triumphant in her discovery.

"And now you're wearing one too."

"And?" Lindsay defended her infantile apparel.

"You get to wear one, why can't I?"

"I thought you were 'Miss grown-up and perfect'"

"I'm not that old." The older sister started getting up.

"Out of my way, I gotta go."

"Then just go."

Lindsay looked down; Taylor only smiled back with a mischievous grin. Forgetting entirely that she had already wet het diaper in the night, the older girl accepted the challenge.

"Fine, I will, if it makes you happy." And she relaxed herself as much as she could. First, a trickle, then a small stream of warm pee came pouring out of the young girl. It was only during the midst of the flow that she suddenly remembered her previous wetting. She could only continue peeing and hope for the best. Sadly, the best was not nearly enough for the large amount of liquid. Her nighttime diaper had nearly reached its capacity before, and this new dousing quickly escaped the confines of the absorbent material. Lindsay gasped and pressed her legs together, but this only squeezed more liquid out of the sides of her diaper and sent it running down her legs. The leaking began long before the flow subsided so the majority of her pee ended up soaking into the multiple layers she had put on over top of the diaper. When all was done, there was a large dark stain in all three pants which began at the crotch, made its way down the inside of both pant legs before ending in a sizable puddle at her feet. Taylor giggled the entire time as she found the performance greatly entertaining. Lindsay looked up when she heard Taylor say "Smile!" and immediately start taking pictures on her phone.

"I even got that on video too." She said cheerfully. Now it was Lindsay's turn to be humiliated. Try as she might, the dripping teenager could think of nothing to say or do, she simply stood there in her shame and wet clothes. Having no pride left to shatter, she began sniffling.

"Heh, I guess we're even, right?"

"I told you I wouldn't forget. Remember Lin?"

"Yeah . . . I kinda forgot I already went." Lindsay chuckled a little.

"I hated these pants anyway."

Both girls giggled a little.

"Anyway Tay, you should go somewhere else, I need to get out of these."

Taylor grabbed her box of wipes and a diaper from her house. Offering them to her older sister, she said, "Here, these might be handy."

Lindsay accepted the wipes but refused the diaper.

"No way, I'm not wearing that." She said.

"But you're already wearing one."

"No, these are different. They're nighttime pants, not baby diapers."

"Well look how good they did though."

Lindsay sighed.

"Fine, but those probably won't fit me. Anyway, I'm changing here; I can't just drip all over the store. You should give me some privacy."

Taylor shrugged and wandered off. Once she had gone, the older girl removed her soaked pants and tossed them in a heap. Then she slid down the greatly sagging nighttime diaper and threw it on top of the pile of wet pants. Her slippers were wet too so those followed the diaper onto the soggy collection of clothing. After wiping herself up and down the legs as well as the crotch area, she cleaned up the puddle on the floor. Then she carried the whole dripping bundle, clothing and all, to a trashcan, where she deposited it without discrimination. Finally, she wrapped herself in a blanket, grabbed a flashlight, and went in search of some new clothes.

First, she went to the diaper aisle. She wasn't entirely sold on wearing a traditional diaper, but the nighttime diapers just didn't do the job well enough. By now, she had concluded that future wettings were in order so reluctantly she searched for something that would fit her. There were only a couple packages of the largest size and they seemed to be some specialty type of diaper for very large babies. Dropping her towel, she snatched the package and tore it open. Because of the cold, she wasted little time in pulling out the bulky garment. Like her younger sister, Lindsay also had plenty of experience with diapers through baby-sitting. Spreading the towel on the floor, she stretched the diaper out as she sat down. Pulling the front between her legs, she then taped the sides up and checked to ensure that everything was straight before getting up. This new diaper was much more bulky than the nighttime one she had previously worn, it also crinkled loudly, much to her dismay. Gathering the package and wrapping up in the blanket, she continued in search of clothes.

While passing by the end of the aisle, she threw the package toward her box house for easier access in the future. Now shivering a bit from the cold, she hurried to the clothes racks. There were no more pants that would fit her though, as she had wet all of them simultaneously. She did however find some racks that held what appeared to be second-hand clothing. These included some items out of the usual range of sizes. Among this selection, she found a dark green dress that she slipped on after discarding her jacket. As with most of the clothes, it normally would have been worm by a smaller person. In this case, it ended just above the knees. It was quite frilly as well, the skirt portion was pleaded and the underside was white with many ruffles. Even the short sleeves had ruffles. She had to accept it though, as it was one of the few things that fit her. Some very long socks she found to cover her legs up to the top of her shins. She also managed to find a pair of shoes that fit. These were shiny black with gold buckles. Again, although she didn't like them very much, there weren't any other immediate choices. Finally, she grabbed her jacket and put it on over the dress to keep her arms warm. In the end, she felt rather silly. Most of the clothes could almost be part of a costume and they likely were. Her appearance became close to that of a schoolgirl in uniform. The most notable difference being the length of her skirt, any time she bent over, the back lifted up enough to display the white padding of a diaper underneath.

It wasn't long before Taylor showed up, she too, had changed attire. In place of the previous white top and pink sweat pants, she was now clothed in a pair of one-piece pajamas. These even had feet in them so there was no need for shoes or socks; they also had a zipper that ran from the neck, all the way down to the bottom of the right leg. The whole thing was soft, fuzzy, and was a pale yellow, similar to banana pudding. They weren't very baggy, though, and contoured to the body quite well. This of course, meant that the diaper underneath made its presence known by causing the soft fabric to protrude in front and rear.

The two girls giggled at each other's outfits, not knowing who's was more ridiculous.

"What a nice dress you have on today." Taylor teased in a false politeness.

"Why thank you." Lindsay played along and did a small curtsy.

"And may I just say how splendid your pajamas are as well.

"Thank you, I thought so too."

Wide grins turned into chuckling, and finally led to the girls being so overcome with fits of giggles and laughter that they could barely stand. Neither of the two worried about being silly as they were enjoying themselves so much. Play dress-up was something that they had not done for years. Now they could simply toss their cares aside and welcome their bliss without harsh opinions or judgments. The two sisters were now fully committed to wearing diapers and now eagerly looked forward to the next chance they would get to use them. Taylor had found after her first messy diaper that she very much enjoyed it. Despite the clean-up, she felt only an increased sense of mischievousness and silly fun from messing her diaper. Doing so removed any remaining thoughts of responsibility and the relived feeling in her bowels pleased her even more than peeing. Finally, the sensation from the mess in her diaper brought similar enjoyment to that of playing in mud or squeezing clay in her fingers. Lindsay was a little unsure about messing, but she was ready to try after finding that her initial disapproval, disappeared after wearing, and even wetting a diaper. The comfort from being clothed in confining, yet soft garments soothed her deeply. Moreover, the relaxation she could enjoy from being able to relieve herself whenever and wherever she needed was just too much to pass up. No storm outside, nor any thoughts of past or future could disturb the diapered girls. They were happy in their diapers and they were happy with each other.

"How about some breakfast?" Asked Lindsay.

"I've got something special in mind."

"Ooh! What is it?"

"It's a surprise Taylor, I can't tell you." The older girl winked.

"How about you set the table?"

"But we don't have a table."

"My point exactly."

Each girl headed off to her task. Lindsay first went by the food aisle and then disappeared into the back room.

"Don't come in, I'll come out when it's all ready." She said mysteriously. Taylor found a small plastic table that went with two bench seats. Only taking the table, she placed it near their source of light on top of a spread out blanket. Instead of chairs, she dropped a large cushion at each end of the table. She was finished, but her sister wasn't, so she went and found two appropriately sized bibs for them. Leaving Lindsay's next to her cushion, she then put hers on and sat down to await her sister's return.

"Close your eyes." Came from behind the doors. Taylor did so and fidgeted impatiently, waiting for permission to open them.

"Okay, you can look now."

There, before her, lay what looked like a proper breakfast, spread out on their little table. Each girl had a warm bowl of mushy, baby cereal that was more like porridge than anything else. They both had spoons to eat with, and Lindsay had prepared a two bottles of juice.

"Wow!" Exclaimed the younger girl.

"How'd you do all this?"

"Easy." Lindsay replied, as she sat down.

"Just mix it up, and microwave it."

"Oh. Cool."

"I think I'm gonna leave the bib."

Taylor pouted a little, "Fine, suit yourself."

"Well, eat up." Said Lindsay as she grabbed her spoon. Her younger sister followed immediately, and they ate their portions hungrily. Both bottles were refilled several times from the one of the jugs they had. Even after the porridge was gone, they continued to drink and snack on crackers. As both girls reclined, satisfied, they searched their minds for something to pass the time with.

"I'm bored." Said Taylor.

"What's the weather like outside?" Lindsay left to the back room and only returned to announce that the weather was still terrible.

Lindsay thought for a little while. Then let out a troubled sigh.

"What's up?" Inquired her younger sister.

"Oh well." Lindsay began, somewhat mournfully.

"I guess we'll have to go back to normal when we leave." Both girls sighed as they thought about this, neither of them wanted to go back. Not that their lives were bad or anything, they were just really happy the way they were right then. As much as they did want to go home, they didn't want to give up the fun they were having. Taylor was the first to push these thoughts aside.

"Whatever." She said cheerfully.

"We don't gotta worry about that for a couple days. Better enjoy it while it lasts."

Lindsay agreed with this.

"How about some pictures to remember this by?" She pulled her phone out.

"Sounds good to me." Taylor also pulled her phone out. They took turns taking pictures of each other. Many different shots were taken, some of Taylor with her thumb in her mouth, some of Lindsay lying back, drinking from a bottle, and some of them together. Taylor got up "Get some more of me." And the fuzzy, yellow shape began posing dramatically. Both of them giggled as the twelve-year-old took many different stances. Any pictures taken from the side captured the bugle at her middle with ease. Many rather silly pictures were taken of Taylor; sitting, standing, bending, laying, curled-up, stretched out, from the front, from the back, from the side, and even some where she imitated moves from pop singers to great effect. Now the older girl wanted to be in on the fun. Her revealing, short skirt was the main object in most of the pictures taken of the young teenager. These included bending over, kicking her leg up, lying on her back while tucking her knees up under her chin, posing like a model, and even some blatant lifting of her skirt.

"Get a video of this" Lindsay said and waited for Taylor to be ready.

"Okay . . . and . . . Action!" The younger replied as she began filming. Lindsay repeated some of her previous moves with much giggling. Then she started dancing and humming. Stripping her jacket off dramatically, her hips swayed back and forth, as she mouthed words to some currently popular song. Taylor was struggling to keep the phone still from all her giggling, so she propped it on the table and just watched her sister make a fool of herself. Lindsay was happily distracted with putting on a good performance as she swayed and twirled about. She spun around and even turned a few cartwheels, both of which had the desired effect of showing off her diaper. But this wasn't enough for her as she kicked off her shoes and removed her socks. All the while, moving her body side to side with the rhythm in her head, she grabbed her dress by the hem of the skirt and pulled it up until she had removed the entire thing. Then she twirled it around above her head before tossing it aside and continuing to dance, this time wearing only a diaper. Eventually, after shaking her rear end in front of the camera, she succumbed to the silliness of her act and collapsed with many loud laughs and shrieks into the pile of blankets. Taylor, also laughing, collected her phone and finished the film by facing it at herself and stating, "This has been my fourteen-year-old sister Lindsay, wearing a diaper, and dancing around like a lunatic."

Seeing that she had been outdone, Taylor stood up again and told her sister to get her phone ready for filming. When this was done and the phone placed on the table for stability, the performance began. Hers was similar at first, to the previous one. There were many poses and much swaying of the hips. The younger girl followed up with strutting toward the camera and doing an elaborate turn, mimicking runway models. In order to surpass Lindsay's routine, the little girl slowly unzipped her pale yellow, one-piece pajamas. Letting them fall at her feet, she stepped out of them and began doing some ballet stretches that she remembered from when she was younger. Most of the moves she altered by adding her own little twists; tossing her head about and letting her light colored hair fly, as well as grabbing around her diaper, and noticeably pushing her rear end out were some of the changes made. For the grand conclusion, she approached the camera leisurely and said, "Here goes." With that, she relaxed her bladder and slowly started to pee. For a short while, it wasn't noticeable, but it soon became clear. It was a large amount of liquid that filled the diaper; she hadn't gone since the day before and had drank several bottles of juice. First, was the quiet sound of her pee trickling, followed by the diaper beginning to expand and sag slightly. Eventually the front and underside took on a yellow hue, as the absorbent material grew larger and sagged even more. Taylor started laughing and giggling when she had finished.

"All done now." She sang. Lindsay collected her phone and made her own little speech.

"And this has been my baby sister Taylor, dancing and peeing in her diaper. Now that she's all done, I think she's very wet and needs to be changed."

"I do not." Said Taylor indignantly, placing her hands on her hips.

"Yes you do." Restated Lindsay, after putting her phone away.

"You just peed in your diaper."

"I know that." She said flippantly.

"It doesn't mean I need to be changed."

"But you might leak."

"I'll change before I go again. No reason to take it off yet though." Taylor began to put her pajamas on again.

"You don't want to?" Lindsay was curious.

"No way!" She said as she pulled the zipper up.

"My diaper is warm and squishy. I wanna keep wearing it."

"Oh." Was all Lindsay could say. Gathering her scattered clothes, she returned them, piece by piece, to the appropriate area of her body. Dressed once more, she did a quick tidy of their living quarters. Cleaning the breakfast dishes in the sink and placing them to the side for later use, straightening up the pile of blankets and pillows, and finally grabbing the package of diapers she had thrown earlier to put them in her box house along with some wipes and other changing supplies.

"Hey." Taylor said, when she saw the package of diapers.

"What are those?"

"They're my diapers of course."

Taylor rolled her eyes at the obvious answer.

"Well duh. But I mean, the package looks different than mine. What kind are they?"

"I don't know." Lindsay examined the package.

"It's the biggest size I could find. All the others probably wouldn't fit me."

"I wanna try one." Taylor begged in a childish whine.

Lindsay picked one out and tossed it to her sister.

"Fine, I thought you still wanted to wear your wet one though."

"I do." Taylor smiled.

"This'll fit over top."

"That's stupid."

"C'mon, why don't you put it on me?"

Lindsay wasn't about to give up an opportunity like this. Ever since fixing Taylor's pants, she had eagerly wanted to be able to change her as well. This wasn't quite the same, but she wanted to do it nonetheless.

"Alright." She agreed as she took the diaper. Taylor stood still as Lindsay tugged the zipper down and slid the shoulders of her pajamas off. After pulling each hand out of its sleeve, the one-piece fell into a heap around her ankles.

"Now lie down." The older sister commanded. When this was carried out, she stretched the diaper out and placed it on the floor between her sister's legs.

"Lift your butt." She commanded next. Taylor only gave her a babyish, yet defiant grin. Lindsay stopped, "So that's how you want it?" She quickly grabbed the feet of the pajamas and gave them a tug, tossing them aside when they were off. Using her knowledge of how to change a baby, she grabbed both of Taylor's legs in one hand and lifted until her bottom was off the ground. Instead of proceeding with the diapering, she delivered three quick swats to the exposed rear end.

"Bad baby." She scolded.

"This'll teach you to cooperate. She knew it wouldn't, but she continued with process anyway. Still holding Taylor by the legs, she placed her other hand flat into the seat of the diaper and slid it into position. Then she lowered her hold until the already diapered backside came to rest and then let the legs returned to their original position. She had to spread them slightly to allow her to bring the diaper's front up and into place on top of the wet one. Taping first one side, then the other, she finished by running her finger along the ruffled lining at each leg hole to ensure that they were aligned properly and had no gaps. There was a bit of a struggle to get the pajama feet back on. This led to the legs being pulled up and five more swats being applied to the padded behind.

"Lucky you're wearing a diaper." Lindsay warned as she stood the twice-diapered girl up on her feet. Taylor liked the spanking so she also put up some resistance while getting her hands through the sleeves. This time Lindsay grabbed the young girl and throwing her over her knee, brought down ten hard swats upon her backside.

"You know this doesn't count." She said as she spanked.

"I'll get you later." Taylor was unconcerned and at long last, Lindsay was able to bring the zipper up, along its path, and into place.

The massive bulk of two diapers made walking, and even standing normally impossible. Her legs were forced apart constantly and she had to waddle significantly to get anywhere. The stacked garments also compounded the projection at her front and back. Taylor found the knees of her pajamas to be slightly padded. This made crawling on the hard floor much easier and it became her primary method of transportation over short distances. Even still, the generous stuffing made her need to crawl with her legs spread. The outcome was an enormous behind that waggled back and forth very much at all times. In her padded state, little Taylor preferred lying down to sitting. From then on, she spent a lot of time on her back, with her legs spread apart.

It was in this exact position that Taylor posed a rather blunt question.

"So when are you gonna pee?"

Lindsay was staring off into space and this caught her off-guard.


"When are you gonna pee?" Taylor repeated.

"You gotta go sometime. I know you drank as much as me at breakfast too."

Talk of diapers and using them was become a common topic between the two. Somehow, they would never talk to each other about using the bathroom normally, but when it was in a diaper, it didn't seem to matter.

"Soon I guess." Lindsay wasn't lying, but her bladder wasn't the only thing that was beginning to need relief.

"Anyway, I'm gonna take a walk around the store to stretch my legs. Wanna come?"

"Sure." Taylor and climbed to her feet.

The younger girl grabbed her sister's hand for stability and the two set off. Lindsay knew the time was close, but she didn't want to try and go. For now, she was waiting until she couldn't hold it any longer and she could just let it come out on its own. Walking helped to get things moving more rapidly than had she just sat around and waited. So she walked along, her sister waddling beside, and they made several trips around the store. Slowly her need increased, eventually she began to walk differently to control it, and finally she could hold it no longer. She was twisting and turning with her arms around her stomach, desperately trying to hold in the massive force in her bowels. Taylor couldn't help but notice and asked "Are you trying to hold it? Why don't you just let it go?" However, instead of just letting it go, Lindsay assisted herself in relief. All at once, she changed from clenching her muscles to pushing very hard at her back end. For half a second, nothing happened, then everything happened all at once. It wasn't runny at all, but the sticky mush came quickly regardless. A large, single mass forced its way past her cheeks until it encountered the seat of her diaper. Not being able to go any further on its current path, and with a lot more still waiting to come, the mass pushed as far as it could before spreading in all directions. By the time that the trailing end exited and the outlet closed, the squishy poop had packed the seat of her diaper from top to bottom. Some had also molded into the space between her cheeks and spread up and down its length. No sooner had this ended than a new substance entered the garment. Toward the front, she had begun to pee just as she finished pooping. This also began as a surge, and only continued until the full amount had been dispensed. It came so fast that Lindsay flipped up the front of her dress, pulled out the front of her diaper a little, and watched the liquid level rise almost to the brim. She had been pressing her legs together, but now slowly opened them to allow the diaper to fully absorb her pee. The yellow fluid trickled into the lowest part of her crotch and sloshed around a little before ultimately soaking into the diaper's absorbent material.

With the insides of her body relieved from the chore of containment, the job now fell to her diaper. Not content with simply having pooped and peed, Lindsay now began to study herself. Her hands, already at her front, began testing the diaper. Gently at first, poking harder, squeezing tightly, pressing firmly, and finished by giving it a few light pats of approval. Her probing fingers then traveled to the back and inspected what they found there. The padding in the seat of her diaper no longer crumpled easily as it had done. What used to give way softly at a touch and would allow the smooth curves of her behind to be felt, was now firm: packed with its new contents, it hid the shape underneath.

Lindsay had only lightly run her fingers over her bulky backside, not wanting to apply pressure to it. Taylor didn't however, she gave her sister a hard slap and squeeze on her bottom, smearing around the mess inside. Lindsay jumped forward with a gasp as she felt to impact.

"I guess someone made a stinky." Taylor prodded.

"And a big one at that."

"Oh" Lindsay groaned, and tugged at the poopy wedgie she now had.

"You're gonna pay for that."

Taylor only laughed and waddled away toward their stuff.

"Would you like to be changed?"

"It's gonna be a big mess." She tried to discourage her.

"Are you sure?" Lindsay really did want a change. In fact, she wanted to be changed rather than change herself. But she wasn't sure if she wanted her little sister to do it. When she did the changing, she felt superior and motherly. The opposite of that would be inferior and babyish. While she wanted that as well, she didn't know if she wanted her sister to be the one to assume the superior, motherly position over her. Since she was the older and Taylor was the younger, it just didn't seem right.

"Doesn't bother me." Came the reply.

"I've dealt with messes before."

Lindsay gave in.

"Okay, you can change me."

As they returned to their houses, Taylor laid out the changing mat near the light.

"Alright, lie down."

Lindsay promptly obeyed but forgot to be gentle with her rear. She came down hard, further spreading the gloppy substance around her bottom. As she reclined to a lying position, she squeezed the mush all the way up her crack, nearly escaping from the top of her diaper. The dress she wore made the preparations for changing easy. Taylor simply slid it up until she tucked neatly under the armpits. Then she unfastened the tapes and pulled down the front of the diaper. As had been done to her earlier, she grabbed both of Lindsay's legs in one hand. Sliding the messy diaper aside, she commenced with wiping. She had to dig deep into her older sister's crack to remove all of the brown sludge that had become lodged there. Despite her initial uneasiness and discomfort at having her privates probed like so, Lindsay lay still and was cooperative during the whole procedure. Once all the filth had been removed, her legs were lowered as Taylor grabbed the fresh diaper.

"I should probably use powder. Is that okay?" The younger girl asked. Lindsay nodded silent approval and her sister continued with her work. Shaking plenty of powder around the crotch Taylor lifted the legs up once again and tossed some more onto the rear, making sure to spread it around properly with her hand. A small dash was sprinkled on the diaper itself before being slid into position. Lindsay's behind was then rested on the diaper and her legs were spread apart on the mat once again. Taylor lifted the front of the diaper and pulled it neatly over her sister's crotch, securing it with the tapes on either side. Finally, Lindsay was permitted to move and she hopped to her feet, her green dress once more falling to just above her knees. Taylor bundled up the messy wipes and diaper saying, "See. Was that so bad?" The older girl, despite feeling almost violated, and by her little sister too, admitted that it wasn't really that bad at all. She was more than happy to be dressed in a now almost wispy feeling, clean diaper. Being exposed to and touched by almost anyone else except maybe her mother, Lindsay would have considered it an intrusion of her personal space. But with her sister, it was all right. Giving up control and privacy also took away any shell of pride or superiority. She felt naked, and not just in a physical sense, but instead of being ashamed by it, she just enjoyed having her every need taken care of by someone else. Taylor also cherished the experience, as her older sister gave up her arrogance, she became the baby and the younger girl could take over. With their positions switched, Taylor was able to treat the older girl as a baby, both physically and expressively.

With her bowels and bladder emptied, and with it being early afternoon, they were hungry again. Lunch was simple; both girls ate mostly crackers and small snack foods as well as several bottles of juice each. Lindsay had changed her choice of beverage to apple juice and also ate a couple jars of the cooked apple baby food. Her reaction to this would be the same as her sister's, but she didn't care. She hadn't known that it was the cause of her sister's messing but she knew what would happen to her if she ate it. Taylor had brought back some baby toys and was playing with the absently during lunch. Finished, she now crawled around on all fours, wagging her backside as she went. The various toys were placed far apart simply for this purpose; she enjoyed crinkling about in her two diapers and comfortable pajamas. Lindsay was just getting up to leave when Taylor stopped abruptly.

Clenching her fists and pushing her padded behind out even further, she began to make a few grunting sounds. The older girl also stopped to observe the spectacle. The poop came quickly, driven on by the little girl's pushing. The soft clumps slid out into the seat of her diaper where they were they squished against its inner lining and changed shape. Several lumps amassed there, pressing each other until they became one sticky mess. Seconds later, she began to pee as well. The first diaper had already been near maximum capacity and the new stream of liquid quickly filled the little amount of room left. With the diaper full and more pee still to come, in made its way out the sides and overflowed into the second diaper. Luckily, the second diaper was easily able to handle the volume of warm fluid. Taylor felt quickly for leaks, when she found none, she carried on with her crawling and playing as if nothing had occurred.

"Want a change yet?" Lindsay asked innocently.

"Nope, I'm good." Taylor seemed enraptured by her toys.

"Okay then, but I'm not gonna let you start leaking everywhere. You gotta get changed sometime."

"Uh huh." Came the reply.

Lindsay was still waiting to be able to change her little sister. At the moment, she was looking for a way to pass the time until that opportunity arose. Not interested in toys, she wandered the store aimlessly. She found strollers first, and grabbed the largest one on display. Parking it back near their houses but still out of sight of Taylor, she set off again to find more stuff of interest. She found soap and other cleaning products, but with no bathtub of shower, they seemed useless. Eventually she wandered into the health section. Thermometers, droppers for medicine, and other things of that sort lined the shelves. Further on, there were bottles of cold medicine, flu medicine, rash ointment, vitamins and so on. She was about to move on when something grabbed her attention. There were a number of boxes containing laxatives. She grinned mischievously, now here was something to do. There were plenty in pill form but those were too obvious. She took a couple boxes, one of liquid to be added to drinks, the other looked like a chocolate candy bar; probably to make it easier to give to young children. Suddenly remembering about candy, she went to the front counters where the registers are. Sure enough, there was an assortment of various types of candy. Picking out a chocolate bar that closely resembled the laxatives, she headed back to enact her scheme. On the way, she read the label, "Works quickly to relieve blockage! As fast as twenty minutes!" Opening both items, she first took out some of the real candy and replaced it with the laxative imitation. Then she hid both of the laxative boxes in a nearby spot, she didn't want Taylor to see them and figure it out.

When she arrived, her sister was still on her hands and knees, playing with blocks and cars and rattles; though she didn't seem very concerned in them anymore. Lindsay sat down near her and began eating the chocolate openly.

Taylor looked up quickly."What's that? Where'd you get it?"

"Just some candy from the front of the store. You want some?" She held out the candy bar.

"Oh boy!" Taylor plopped down on her bottom, flattening the mess inside.

"Of course I do!" She snatched the package and dumped some out in her hand. Only the laxatives came out, the unbroken real candy remained inside; fortunately, Taylor didn't notice a difference. She handed the rest back to Lindsay as she popped the pieces into her mouth. Her plan had worked much better than expected, Taylor had unknowingly eaten all of the laxative replacements and handed the rear chocolate back; Lindsay smiled with satisfaction. When the imitation chocolates were all gone, Taylor rolled onto her back and washed them down with some powdered milk that she had mixed up in her bottle.

"Don't look, I've got something else for you." Lindsay said as she got up and walked away. Taylor closed her eyes as her older sister disappeared around a corner.

Lindsay came back with the stroller.

"Okay." She said.

"You can look."

Taylor sat up.

"Oh cool." She said excitedly.

"C'mon, I'll push you around for a while." Lindsay beckoned to the stroller.

The younger girl quickly crawled over and climbed up into the seat. It was a reclining seat and was plenty large enough for her to fit comfortably. With the seat in an upright position, Lindsay came around to inspect.

"Let's buckle you up. We don't want you falling out do we?" She clicked the seatbelts in place and they went on their way, little Taylor happily sucking away at her bottle. Around and around the store they traveled.

"Maybe we could play dress-up." Taylor said as they passed the racks of clothes.

"Maybe later." Lindsay said, anxiously waiting for her trick to show its effects. Seventeen minutes had gone by when Taylor started feeling different. First, her stomach started to rumble, then she began to pass gas frequently. Another five minutes, and she was squirming and wriggling in her seat.

"I feel funny." Taylor complained as she unbuckled in hopes of relieving the building pressure inside of her.

"Maybe you should lie down." Lindsay offered, and tilted the seat as far back as it would go and propped up the footrest. Taylor wiggled more and more, it was more difficult to break wind with a mess already pressed into the crack of her backside. Her gut bubbled and gurgled as she continued to struggle for another minute or two. Inevitably, she had to release and did so with much evidence. All at once, the mess exploded from her bowels. In the form of chunks and liquid, it burst out. Into her already crammed diaper, it poured quickly and sloshed around until it was squashed into every available spot it could find. A lot of gas escaped as well, and this made loud, bubbling and gurgling sounds as it pushed its way through the gooey mass and fluid. As the last of it piled onto the already massive volume of sludge, she had lifted her legs up and was trying not to put weight on her backside. She also let a small amount of pee out as well which further inflated both of her soaked diapers.

"I think I need a change now." She chuckled sheepishly.

"It sure sounds like it, let's take you back and get you out of your dirty diapers."

When they got back, Lindsay laid out the changing mat, opened the box of wipes, and prepared a fresh diaper. Not wanting to smear around her mess too much for fear of it bursting, Taylor just stayed in the stroller, on her back.

"Pick me out of here." She said.


Lindsay, with some difficulty, lifted her little sister out of the stroller, carried her over, and set her down on the mat. She was just about the take her arms out from under Taylors back when she remembered.

"Oh yeah, this has gotta come off first." She tugged at the yellow pajamas with one hand. Before Taylor could do anything, Lindsay had let her back side go, dropping it onto the mat and squishing everything inside. She rocked the little girl into a sitting position, spreading the goop from back to front. Then she unzipped the pajamas and slid each arm out of the sleeves. With the top of the yellow one-piece down around the waist, she laid her sister back down, further smearing the mess around inside. Lifting her legs up, she pulled the pajamas out from under her and slid them off her feet placing them aside for the moment. Then in one quick motion, she rolled the unclothed girl onto her belly and picked her up over her knees.

"This is for earlier." She started patting lightly but firmly, Taylor wriggled and kicked.

"Let me go." Lindsay had a firm hold of her. Now she was bringing her hand down firmly onto her sister's twice diapered and very messy back end. Most of the swats ended up with her hand pressing down strongly rather than striking sharply; smashing the mush as flat as possible for its size. Lindsay stopped and Taylor onto the mat again. The large mushy poop had been smeared into her skin and lined every curve inside her diapers. The little girl didn't mind too much, she liked the feeling of the stuff molding against her. But she was even more than ready to be changed now. Despite the spanking, Taylor was still rebellious and continued to fidget. This form of discipline hand no effect it seemed. Regardless, the changing continued as usual. First, the outer diaper was untapped and pulled down in front. It was quite wet from the other diaper leaking into it. The second diaper was drenched from being wet on three occasions. The backside was completely soiled and was severely stained with the brown load that it contained; some of which was even beginning to ooze out of the edges. Not wanting to lay this mess down on the mat, Lindsay untapped the inner diaper and laying it in the larger one, pulled them both aside as a whole. Then, with the legs held up by one hand, she wiped up her sisters behind energetically. It took many wipes to accomplish this as the brown goop was smeared into her crack, all over the round surface of her butt, and had even begun to come forward, between her legs. Taylor kicked and wiggled as a wipe was plunged deep between the gap in her cheeks and run along its length.

"Do you have to touch me like that?" Grunted the younger girl.

"I gotta get you clean. Maybe if you quit wiggling, this might be easier." Replied Lindsay as she wiped. With much effort, the mess was cleared and her smooth bottom was clean once more.

Lindsay didn't waste any time flipping the naked girl over her knees for another spanking. This time, Taylor really fought and squealed as six hard smacks were laid across her bare bottom.

"Stop it, stop it! Let go of me!" She yelped.

"Not until you learn to behave properly." Lindsay teased, and followed up with six more slaps.

"Fine, fine, I'll behave." Taylor pleaded and struggled.

Lindsay only kept spanking and said in a singsong voice said.

"You're still squirming."

Finally, Taylor gave up the fight and lay still in defeat. Three last wallops came down and she was let go.

"Oww." Moaned the little girl as she rubbed her red bottom.

"What'd ya do that for?"

"For earlier I said." Lindsay pointed out.

"And because you're such a fidgety baby."

Taylor only groaned and rubbed her behind some more.

"Are you done?" Lindsay asked.

"Or do you need some more?"

Taylor quickly answered that she had had enough.

Returning the beaten girl to lying on the changing mat, Lindsay picked up where she left off. Applying powder evenly to the appropriate area, she hoisted the legs up again and slid the diaper underneath. Taylor's bottom was brought down onto the diaper and the front was pulled between her spread legs. After taping up the sides, Lindsay reached for the pajamas.

"No!" Taylor protested.

"Another, I want one of yours too." Rolling her eyes, Lindsay laid the yellow one-piece down and reached for one of her diapers. Spreading it out, she repeated the process until her little sister was once again clad in not one, but two layers of diapering. With the lengthy procedure completed and Taylor sporting her yellow pajamas, Lindsay went over and sat down in the stroller.

She kicked her legs and looked around impatiently, hoping for a ride. Taylor was in the back room, mixing up another bottle of powdered milk. All the baby food and apple juice she had drunk earlier had begun to take effect while she changed Taylor. Now it was all ready to come out and Lindsay just smiled. First, she peed. This was slightly harder while sitting down and applying pressure to that region. After a minute of relaxing the slow trickle began and expanded to a fast stream. Taylor walked in just then and noticed her sister's vacant expression. With the front of her diaper saturated, she began work on the back. This also came out in a liquid but was a bit more tricky to accomplish as the force from the diaper and her sitting pressed her cheeks together and restricted its flow. With some help, it made its way out. Lindsay would take a deep breath and push the runny slop into her diaper. However, in her seated position, the flow would halt each time she stopped pushing. Lindsay had to keep forcing it out between her pressed cheeks and each time, she did it came oozing out accompanied by loud sounds of gas and gurgling. This process was repeated until the final few drops were squeezed into her diaper. Her diaper had changed tone from white all over. The pee had darkened and yellowed the front, while the runny poop had soaked the back until even the outer layer had brown pressed up against it from the inside.

Lindsay leaned back and with an innocent grin said, "Oops."

Taylor just put her hands on her hips and sighed.

"Are we going to spend all day changing each other?"

"Nope, I'm good for now." Lindsay shifted a bit in the stroller until the contents of her diaper had sloshed into an acceptable position.

"So how about a ride?"

The younger girl just thought for a moment.

"Fine, I'll push you around for a while." But you gotta close your eyes for a minute. I have something for you now." Lindsay shut her eyes and Taylor dashed off into the store for a moment. She came back quickly and the command was given to open her eyes. As she did this, a pacifier was thrust into her mouth. She immediately spit it out but it was put in again with her sister saying.

"I'm not taking you anywhere unless you use this." Lindsay consented. Taylor also produced a frilly bonnet and said, "You have to wear this too." The older girl just shrugged acceptance. When this was fastened onto her head, Taylor whipped out her phone for a few quick pictures.

"Aw, you look so cute." Lindsay didn't say anything and just relaxed. The younger sister waddled around to the back and began pushing the stroller. The double padding made walking a little difficult, but she pushed her big sister around the store a few times, waddling as she went. Lindsay ended up needing to expel more of the dribbling mess into her diaper. During their travels, there were several instances of grunting, some gurgling, and occasionally the loud burst of gas escaping as well.

For a while, the infrequent sounds of Lindsay pooping and the occasional giggles that followed, were the only thing to be heard over the howl of the storm going on outside. Suddenly there was a splintering crash from the front of the store. The two girls jumped and gasped as a new source of light poured in. One of the boards that covered the windows had succumbed to the violent attack of the wind and had been torn off. With only a few shredded corners left, the girls could now look out into the tempest. Taylor suddenly noticed that she was peeing. The stream was just finishing up when she became aware of it. She had started wetting when she was startled by the loud crash. Careful not to get to close to the unprotected window, Taylor parked the stroller a few yards away and sat down next her sister as they marveled at the sight before them. Outside, they could see into the parking lot, across the street, and the stores on the other side. Trees were bent over; shopping carts were wrapped around light poles, a few cars were flipped over. The entire street and parking lot were a raging current; fortunately the building they were in was built on a higher foundation and hadn't flooded. The rain still came down in sheets, but the wind was causing the most damage. Any traffic lights that remained were swinging wildly and many objects, large and small, went flying past, colliding brutally with anything in their path. Everything was gray and it seemed like nighttime even though it was only late afternoon. The sun was still up, though it was just beginning to set, its effect was mostly blotted out by the dense clouds.

After a while, Lindsay discarded the bonnet and pacifier, climbed out of the stroller and ran to the back of the store, moments later returning with the small cushioned chair and a couple of blankets. Taylor helped next and together the girls brought many of their supplies to the front. The chair was faced toward the window and some pillows were set in front of it for their feet. Before they settled in, Lindsay asked to be changed. Her sticky diaper had been clinging to her backside and Taylor had noticed her tugging at it a few times.

"Can I get a change before we sit down to watch?" She asked her younger sister who was only anticipating the question.

"Sure thing sis." Taylor said and laid out the mat on the floor.

"Not here."

"Why not?"

"We're right in front of the window."

"What? You afraid someone is gonna see you?" Taylor laughed.

Lindsay felt stupid; they were far enough away from the window that they didn't need to worry about it bursting in on them, but just the fact that the storm was looking in made it seem less private. Sighing, the older girl lay down and gazed toward the window as she was changed. For some reason she almost expected someone to come along at any moment and see her getting her diaper changed. Her dress was lifted and tucked under her arms. She spread her legs automatically and felt a breeze on her privates as the front of her diaper was untapped and lowered. Still gazing out the window at the destruction and receding light, her legs were brought together and they lifted her until her bottom came off the ground. Next, she felt the cool damp sensation of wipes against her skin as she watched a few branches break loose from a tree and sail away in the wind. Suddenly the sting of many sharp smacks on her behind ripped her attention away from the window.

"Hey!" She gasped and tried to break free. Taylor only clasped her legs with both hands and lifter her further, until she was almost completely suspended.

"This is for spanking me earlier. I'll put you down if you'll take your spanking quietly." Lindsay thrashed about for a few seconds before giving up.

"Fine." She sighed, defeated.

"Spank away." Taylor lowered her somewhat and with her legs still held up, delivered five more slaps to her bare cheeks.

"Happy now?" Lindsay asked as she resumed watching the through the window to the wreckage that was unfolding. A light dusting on powder brushed against her. Then, the crinkly texture of a fresh diaper met her soft skin as she was lowered onto it.

"Yes Lindsay, now we're even." As the rest of the diaper enclosed her front. The tug and pressure of tapes being pulled and stuck into place signaled that she was finished.

Taylor was gathering the messy items when Lindsay arose, letting her dress fall into place.

"I'll take those." She offered.

"Okay." And the bundle was handed over.

Lindsay dumped it in a trashcan and returned with another couple chocolate bars for them to munch on. These were both real with no trickery involved.

"Are you okay? Or do you need a change too?" Lindsay asked her sister, handing her one of the candy bars.

"I'm fine for now."

"Then move over." And Lindsay sat down on the small couch next to her little sister.

Gazing out into the growing dark, the two began to feel lonesome. With not a single indication of any life outside, the young girls felt as if they were the only people left on earth. They trembled a bit and curled up close to each other for encouragement. Snuggling under a big blanket, they were comforted by each other's presence. They were surrounded by devastation and cut off from anyone else; but with each other for company, they were reassured in their feeling of security. And so, after eating and drinking to their liking, they watched the ruin that continued outside for some time. Eventually, it got too dark to see anything outside, but they remained there, embracing one another closely for a while longer. Soon, Taylor sighed pleasantly and let a trickle of warm liquid empty into her diaper. Over time, their position reclined further into almost one of lying down. The small couch didn't have enough room for either of them to stretch out. They slid giggling together onto the floor and dragged all the cushions with them.

Lindsay asked if Taylor needed a change yet.

"Still clean in there?" She asked, rubbing her hand gently over her sister's backside.

"Only wet." Taylor replied sleepily.

"You should be changed, you don't want a rash do you?"

Not wanting to move, Taylor argued.

"I'll be fine, leave me alone."

"No, I'll change you, just lay here."

"Whatever, just don't disturb me." Taylor was beginning to get quite tired.

Without getting up, Lindsay rolled over, nabbed two new diapers, and a couple wipes.

"I can't see anything; I'll just do this by feel." Taylor only mumbled in return and rolled onto her back. Lindsay felt around for the zipper and pulled it down. Parting the sides, she then ran her fingers back up the legs until she found the soft crinkly material around the crotch. It was cramped and there was very little room to move around inside the pajamas. Things would have to be pulled hard to be removed as the lower body and legs of the twelve-year-old pinned them in place.

"This would be easier if you didn't wanna wear two diapers." She commented as she untapped the first one and pulled it away. Then, still without lifting her sister, she released the tapes on the second one and yanked it free. A swift wiping occurred next. After Lindsay verified which end was which, she placed the first clean diaper down with her palm and shoved it under Taylor's crotch and backside. With the older girl's hand driven between her legs, Taylor lifted slightly as she her crack was resting on her sister's hand and wrist.

"How about a little warning next time." The drowsy girl whined. Ignoring this complaint, Lindsay drew the front of the diaper up into place. The was made more difficult because Taylor's legs weren't spread much, but finally the tapes were in place. The second diaper went on with much more ease, the soft material of the first one assisted when sliding it underneath, and the extra bulk spread the legs a bit and made more room for pulling the front up. Lindsay probed around in the dark to feel that everything was in place. Satisfied, she zipped the pajamas back up and patted her work lightly.

Tossing the old diapers off into the dark, she said teasingly.

"I hope I didn't bother you too much with that."

Taylor rolled over and curled up, replying in a sarcastic tone.

"Only the part when you shoved you hand up my butt. Everything else was fine."

Lindsay rolled over as well and bent her figure to match that of the younger girl.

"You could try moving next time." She laughed. Now they were curled up together with Lindsay's front against Taylors back and her arms wrapped around her.

"Mmmm, too much work." Taylor mumbled.

Lindsay reached back and dragged a couple blankets over them.

"Good night little sis." She said sweetly and kissed her on the back of the head.

"Good night big sis." Taylor replied.

"Whoever is wet in the morning has to wear diapers for a month after we go home.

"You wanna bet?" Lindsay laughed.

"You're on."

"You gotta use 'em too." Taylor upped the ante.

"Pssh." Scoffed Lindsay, now trying to go to sleep.

"Piece of cake."

Together they drifted off peacefully. Wrapped in soft blankets and each other's warmth, not even the terrible wind and rain that pounded away outside could disturb them from their tranquil slumber.

<h1 align="center" style="text-align: center">Day 3: Amusement</h1>

They woke slowly the next morning as the gray light poured in on them. Taylor was the first to wake and she only lay there for a while and blinked her eyes. Feeling the need to pee, she began to relax but stopped quickly. She had remembered their bet from the night before and grunted a complaint against herself. Then she pulled her right arm in from its sleeve and began to feel down inside her pajamas toward her diaper. After testing the inside and confirming it as dry, she let out a sigh. It was one thing to wear diaper in secret, but it was another to have to wear one around the house and especially in public. No one ever backed out of a bet in their family and whenever they made or accepted one, they essentially swore solemnly to uphold their end.

Taylor rolled over onto her back and then turned her head farther to look out the window. The storm hadn't changed much since yesterday, only the rain had slowed somewhat. This movement disturbed her sister who turned until she faced away before speaking some incoherent disapproval and pulled the blanked over her head.

"C'mon Lin, wake up." Taylor nudged her older sister.

Grumbling, Lindsay asked.


"I gotta pee."

Flustered at this ridiculous reason for her inconvenience she snapped.

"You got a diaper on, use it."

"Remember our bet?" Taylor explained.

"I'm dry now, what about you? Once I see if you're dry or not I'll be able to go. You'd think I went in the middle of the night if I went right now."

Lindsay's eyes popped open when she remembered their agreement last night. Suddenly she knew that something didn't feel right. Fearing the worst, she carefully slid her hand under the covers and lifted her dress. Touching the outside of the diaper, it was bulged and squishy instead of light and crinkly. Feeling the inside only verified its wetness. Lindsay began to panic as she rolled over to face her younger sister.

"Of course I'm not wet." She lied, desperate to find a way out of this.

"You can pee now." Lindsay hoped this would make Taylor let it drop.

However, her sister was not to be fooled.

"Oh no, you gotta prove it."

Frantic, the older girl was now just buying time.

"What about you? You gotta prove it too."

Taylor was sitting cross legged, "Go ahead." She unzipped her yellow one-piece.

"I'm dry as a bone, go ahead and feel it."

Lindsay was trapped, but she hadn't revealed anything yet. She reached forward slowly, hoping against hope that what she found would magically be wet.

"Come one, don't be shy." Her sister teased.

"Just stick your hand in and feel it."

As expected, the only thing to greet Lindsay's fingers was smooth skin and the inside of a dry diaper.

"See?" Taylor said proudly.

"Now your turn."

Lindsay just sighed and lay there.

"Go for it." She said, sounding a bit depressed as the blanket was pulled back and her skirt lifted. Somehow, Taylor hadn't figured it out yet with all of the reluctance and stalling from Lindsay. Perhaps it was because her sister was often grumpy in the mornings; perhaps it was because she was more interested in being free of the bet and able to pee again. Either way, the younger girl was completely surprised after lifting the dress to find a bulging, darkened diaper around her sister's crotch. Still holding the skirt, she looked up to see Lindsay's face. The older sister still just lay there and returning Taylor's gaze she only replied.

"Feel it." The little girl did so and her hands felt the dampness on the inside; proving completely what she was finding hard to believe.

"You're wet." Taylor exclaimed, half stating the obvious and half questioning.

"I guess I am."

"You remember our bet, don't you?" Taylor's face broke into a triumphant grin of satisfaction.

"Yeah." Lindsay stared at the ceiling.

"Oh yeah, what is it?" Now she was just having fun with this.

Lindsay quoted.

"That whoever was wet in the morning has the wear diapers for a month."

"And . . .?"

"And use them." Was the reluctant response.

"Uh huh." Taylor acknowledged.

"And you're wet. So that means . . .?"

"It means I have to wear diapers for a month."

"And use 'em." The little girl reminded cheerily.

"Aww come on!" Lindsay sat up and clasped her hands.

"Please. Can you let me off this one?" She begged.

"Nope." She shook her head.

Lindsay threw herself back in frustration.

"Wait a minute." Said Taylor curiously.

Hoping for a way out, Lindsay looked up.


"You were wet in the morning when you woke up right?"

Lindsay threw herself back again and droned.

"Yes I was. I thought you figured that out already."

"So did you pee before you went to sleep?"

"No." Lindsay said; a little annoyed to be pressed with all these questions.

"Then that means you peed while you were asleep."

Lindsay already knew this, but Taylor stating it again reminded her. She was sad and a little scared of wetting in her sleep, it made her feel kind of helpless and more like an actual baby. Playing was one thing, but not being to be able to control herself was a frightening thought. As she thought about this, she imagined what would happen in the next month. While wearing diapers the whole time, she might lose control completely and never get it back.

"Now that we're done, can I pee now?" Taylor asked, heartlessly unaware of the older girl's anxiety.

"Yes, Taylor, you can pee now." Lindsay rolled over and began to cry.

"You can pee all you want." She sniffled.

The little girl was kneeling with her legs spread. She noticed her sister's sadness as she started peeing.

"It's okay sis." She comforted. A steady stream was pouring between her legs.

"It's only a month. And besides, I thought you like diapers." Her own garment was heavy with saturation, but she wasn't finished going.

"Yeah, but not when other people are around." Lindsay sobbed into her pillow.

"Everyone's gonna laugh at me."

Taylor was soaked now, her inner diaper was almost to the point of overflowing as she finished. She waddled over to her tearful sister and gave her a hug.

"A bet is a bet sis. But come one, everyone else will get used it or get over it. And when it's done, no one will remember."

This empty promise wasn't comforting and Lindsay continued to cry.

"Okay fine." Taylor couldn't be so harsh when her sister was in such distress.

"One more chance."

Lindsay's sobs slowed.

"Really?" She sniffled.

"Yeah." Taylor explained.

"If you want, I'll let you make the same wager as before."

Lindsay was confused.

"Whadd'ya mean? Whoever's wet tomorrow morning has to wear diapers for a month?"

"Yup." Taylor grinned.

Lindsay was still skeptical.

"So if I'm dry, I don't have to wear diapers? That's awful nice of you."

"Not quite. It'll be the same for me as before, if I'm wet, I have to wear them, if not I don't. For you, if you're not wet, you still have to wear them for a month, but if you're wet again, you add a month on top of it, plus I get to change you."

The older girl thought about it for a bit, evaluating the risks. Either way, she had to wear diapers for a month at least, but if Taylor was wet and she was dry, they would at least be even. However, if she wet again, she'd be using diapers for two whole months, regardless of whether her little sister did or not. She couldn't make up her mind.

"How about we put it back to the way it was at first? She said, whoever wets, has to wear them for a month, nothing else? Besides, it wasn't really fair 'cause you had just peed before we went to bed."

Taylor said nothing as she got up and went to one of the checkout counters. She opened a donations jar and came back with a coin.

"Look Lindsay." She said sternly.

"You lost the bet, you're lucky I'm offering anything at all. I'll flip a coin on it. If I win, we do it my way. If you win, we do it your way, but you still gotta use diapers for a week. That's the only offer I'll make."

Lindsay hesitated for a second, this wasn't quite what she wanted, but it was all she could get.

"Okay, it's a deal." She figured she wouldn't wet again anyway.

"You sure? Whoever wins the toss is what we're going with, there's no backing out."

"Yes I'm sure."

"Here goes." Taylor flicked the silver coin spinning in the air.

"Call it."


When the coin came back down, Taylor caught it in her right hand and slapped it over onto the back of her left hand. Both girls looked on anxiously as she lifted her hand. An engraving of an eagle was facing up. Taylor flipped the coin over to reveal George Washington's head.

"You can never tell with all these new coins everywhere." Taylor said.

Lindsay tossed herself back into the cover's once again, she would still be wearing diapers for a month, no matter what happened that night.

"Well of course it's him, you flipped a quarter. And of course I'd pick heads too." She said gloomily.

"Yep, so it seems we're doing it my way. You'd better not wet again or you'll be wearing diapers to school for a while." Taylor teased.

This was true; school would be starting in just over a month. The older girl's eyes widened with horror at the idea of wearing and using diapers in public school. She felt even more hopeless now.

"Oh well, it'll be totally fair this time." Taylor pointed out with optimism.

She knew Lindsay was probably not going to wet again, but she would be in diapers if she did or not. The younger girl was hesitant to risk the possibility of being bound to a month in diapers as well. She was also scared of what people might think. She wanted to be able to wear them some more, but was too frightened to make the choice herself. If she was forced to, she figured that would be a good excuse to people that asked and that seemed better somehow. Plus, there was the good chance that she wouldn't be wet and didn't need to worry in the first place, and if she did, she wouldn't be alone as her sister would be in diapers no matter what. Overall, she concluded that the risk was more than worth the chance to see her older sister at school in diapers; that was simply priceless.

Lindsay brightened at the mention of a fair chance. She would also feel much better about her sentence if her sister was in diapers as well. With hope, the best outcome for her was that both of them would only be in diapers for a month. They'd be together in their embarrassment at least, and she would be able to get out of them in time for school.

Whatever the outcome of their wager, it was not to be decided until the following day. It was only morning now and both sisters were thinking about how to pass the time. The girls propped themselves against the small couch and watched the storm outside while they had a lazy breakfast of crackers, juice, and some jarred baby food. The weather was beginning to improve, but only slightly; the girl's hardly noticed any difference. Lindsay, even after waking up wet, had the need to pee after they were eating. She did this almost involuntarily and further soaked her diaper to the point of almost leaking. She only really took notice when she felt the warm fluid freely sloshing around her crotch. It was necessary for her to lean forward and back to allow the liquid to drain to an area that still had some absorbency left.

Taylor giggled at her sister's squirming and tilting.

"Gosh Lin, could you be any more obvious? That must be an awfully big mess you're making."

Lindsay tugged at her diaper as the last drops found their place.

"I'm not making a mess, It's just really wet."

"Wow, it must be about to burst then. You should get changed before it leaks." Then she leaned back, patted her crotch area and said with an arrogant tone.

"Or you could just be smart like me and wear two diapers."

Lindsay acted as though she had taken great offense.

"Why you little-"

The older girl jumped upon the offender and they began to wrestle playfully.

"I'm gonna wipe the smug look off your face." Lindsay threatened as the two grappled. Giggling and yelling loudly, they tossed and threw each other around on the soft pile and bedding. They carried on like this for a while as the two hooted and laughed. It wasn't too long before the pillows were brandished as weapons and they walloped each other back and forth. Taylor swung at Lindsay who avoided the blow; this sent the younger girl off balance for a second. The older girl saw and opening and dropping the pillow, lunged forward and tackled her sister to the ground. With Taylor pinned underneath her, she poked her fingers into the helpless girl's ribs and under-arms. The tickling continued furiously as the victim chuckled and shrieked.

"Help help! I give up I give up!" Taylor surrendered.

Lindsay paid no attention, but kept tickling her victim.

"Let me up!" Taylor gasped between fits of laughter.

"I gotta pee."

"Says the girl in a diaper. What a genius excuse." Lindsay said sarcastically, not letting up in her assault.

Taylor fought and squirmed in a feeble attempt to free herself. She managed to get her hand under her sister's dress and ripped the soggy diaper from around her waist. This surprised the assailant enough to allow a momentary escape. Taylor kicked and wormed her way off the blankets and was trying to get up when Lindsay was upon her again.

"Take my diaper off? We'll see how you like it."

Lindsay yanked down the zipper and started tugging at the outer diaper. The younger girl tried to protect herself but Lindsay only tickled her some more and she was paralyzed by giggling once more. With the outer diaper torn away, the older sister pulled hard on the second one. Taylor once again, tried to prevent this, but was unable to do anything in her vulnerable state.

"No, please no!" She begged as the second diaper was forcibly removed.

"Not so funny now huh?" Lindsay teased as she started to slow her tickling.

"Hee hee! I . . . I . . . need." Taylor wheezed.

"No! Let . . . me . . . I gotta." The little girl lost control completely as she squirmed from laughter. She started peeing and couldn't stop. Tears were in her eyes as she begged and surrendered, but her forced smiling and chuckling only encouraged her assailant. She was trembling and crying as she soaked the yellow one-piece. Lindsay backed off finally, but it was too late. Her younger sister could only sit up and watch the dark spot at her crotch grow larger.

"Look what you made me do!" She whimpered. The pajamas were now drenched all around the backside and legs.

Lindsay could only laugh awkwardly.

"Oops. My bad."

Taylor got up and stepped out of the dripping clothes.

"At least go and get me another diaper from the couch." She barked angrily.

Lindsay was laughing exhaustedly as she crawled over to the couch. She was still snickering as she leaned over the arm and reached for the package of diapers. Once she had one, she reached back with one arm to pull herself up. Taylor grabbed that arm, pulled it behind her back, and pressed her into the sofa. Lindsay couldn't get free and started kicking wildly as her dress was flipped up. With her older sister's bare bottom exposed, the younger girl began her revenge.

"Doesn't feel good to be pinned down, does it Lindsay?" She asked ironically and slapped her sister three times on the on the rear.

"How many would you like?" She continued to smack, five more blows fell upon the unprotected behind.

"No more please!" Lindsay shouted and wriggled. She was struck ten more times before her conqueror replied.

"That's no good. Not enough to teach you a lesson." And hit three times before pausing.


"Let me go!"

"You didn't answer me yet." Taylor resumed with five slow and deliberate slaps.

"How many would you like?

"That's enough, I've learned my lesson." Lindsay was beginning to cry.

Taylor stopped for a moment to sigh loudly.

"Not gonna work. How many would you like?" And applied another five hits.

Lindsay's backside was stinging by now and she was sobbing loudly.

"Five!?" She answered.

The younger sister thought about this for a moment and drummed her fingers on her older sister. Then she began again.

"Way too little." She said calmly and smacked the red behind five more times.

Lindsay was desperate.

"Okay, how about twenty? Please Taylor!"

Taylor accepted this and said.

"Twenty sounds good."

The spanking was finished with the allotted number of swats but the recipient wasn't released yet. Taylor still held her down with her arm pinned. Lindsay only lay there and sobbed weakly.

"Had enough?" Taylor questioned her victim as she rubbed her red cheeks gently.

"Yes." Was all that came back.

"Good." And the older girl's arm was let go.

Lindsay got up slowly.

"C'mon sis, I'm sorry." She held out her arms.

Taylor accepted the invitation and embraced her older sister.

"It's okay-"

She was cut off by being spun around and thrown across the sofa arm. She tried to get up but her arm was yanked behind her back and she was pinned down.

"Oh no!" Gasped the naked girl. She was now thrown into the exact same position that she had pinned her sister in seconds ago. She knew what was coming next.

"Oh yes! "Lindsay said malevolently.

"Should I bother asking you, or should I just do what I feel like?"

Taylor was defeated and she knew it. She only went limp with anticipation of the inevitable.

"Just do whatever, you're not gonna listen to me anyway." She sighed.

"What? Oh you mean like what you just did to me?" Lindsay slowly ran her hand up and down her sister's legs. However, she wasn't bent on simply revenge, she wanted to end this pointless conflict. It had only begun as playful wrestling but had turned into anger and bitterness.

"This has to stop right now. We can't keep on fighting. Look, I'm sorry I tickled you too much."

Taylor was eager to try to get out of the pinch she was in.

"I'm sorry I spanked you. I was only trying to get even though; maybe I went a bit too far." She laughed guiltily, hoping her sister would forgive her and let her go.

Lindsay answered in a very matter-of-fact way.

"Yes you did. My butt is still stinging; I was crying and screaming because you hit me like a hundred times."

Taylor lost all hope, knowing her sister wanted to even the score, she braced for the worst.

"How many would you like?" Lindsay said, mimicking Taylor's manner and words.

"Come on, I'll give you one chance to pick a fair amount. And it better be good or I'll just do what I like." She followed up.

Taylor thought for a minute, if she picked too low, her sister would ignore it, but she certainly didn't want to pick too high though. She couldn't remember how many she had given Lindsay, the only thing she knew was that it was more than twenty.

"Thirty?" She said hopefully.

Lindsay pondered for a second.

"That seems fair to me. How about you?" She leaned close to her sister's face.

"If I spank you thirty times, will we be even? I really want this to end after this." She said seriously without sarcasm or taunting.

"Yes, thirty is fine." Taylor said.

"You're absolutely sure about that?"


"Good." Lindsay leaned back to her original position. Taylor prepared for the onslaught and shut her tearful eyes. The first few slaps hit hard and made her gasp in pain. She started crying as the spanking continued. Lindsay was unaffected by the sobs and cries as she only hit harder and harder. Finally, the little girl was wailing uncontrollably as the last ten swats stung her already throbbing bottom. Her arm was released and she was lifted to a standing position. Lindsay turned her around and took her by the hands.

"Was that fair?" She looked her little sister in the eye.

"Because I'll get down and let you spank me some more if you think it was too many."

Taylor, still tearful at the aching in her rear, burst into sobs again; confused by the sudden kindness of the offer. Lindsay was sincere about wanting to end their fight; so much so that she was willing to receive another spanking if that's what it took. The two girls hugged and Taylor cried for a while longer.

"No, it was plenty fair." She sobbed.

"If anything, I'm the one that deserves more."

"How's this?" Lindsay patted her little sister lightly on the backside.

Taylor couldn't help but chuckle.

"Yeah, that's fine. I'm all punished now."

"In that case, let's get you some new clothes." Lindsay gave her one last squeeze before releasing her.

The younger girl had cheered up now, drying her last couple of tears she laughed.

"Yeah, I was tired of those pajamas anyway."

"Oh good, then how about you pick something that's easier to change you in."


"I mean, those pajamas were annoying to have to take off every time you had changed. With my dress, all you gotta do is lift it up." Lindsay explained.

"Oh, alright." Taylor smiled.

"Some fresh diapers first maybe?"

"No problem, go lie down."

"You first, I insist." Taylor gestured to the changing mat.

Lindsay smiled.

"Aww thanks."

Since her diaper was already gone, Taylor only needed to lift her skirt and give her a quick wipe. Lindsay gazed toward the window as her legs were lifted.

"Having second thoughts about spanking me?" She tempted.

"Maybe a little." Taylor smiled.

"Go for it." The older sister offered. She shrugged and raised her eyebrows to indicate that she didn't care.

"I'll pass." And she lowered Lindsay onto the diaper. She pulled the front into place and taped it securely. Lindsay sat up and pulled her dress down somewhat, but it didn't really cover much as she was sitting with her legs spread apart.

"You'd better diaper me soon." Taylor said as she exchanged spots with her sister.

"I'll probably have to go soon."

"But you just went . . . twice." Lindsay commented, wiping the little girl thoroughly.

"Yeah, I peed." Taylor was staying still.

"Don't forget to wipe all around my butt; I got soaked all over."

Lindsay prepared the diapers before lifting up the legs to wipe.

"Oh." Was all she replied, concluding that her sister meant she needed to poop. With the wiping completed, she lowered her onto the diaper, pulled the front into place, and stuck the tapes down firmly.

"Should I bother with a second one right now?" Lindsay asked before proceeding.

"Yeah, I know it's coming, but it might be a little while." Taylor replied.

Lindsay shrugged and put the second diaper on with the standard routine. With the girls now changed, they got up and went about collecting the scattered diapers; both from the night before, and from during their fight. Bundling it all up, including the wet pajamas, they dumped it in a trashcan on their way to the back of the store. Taylor, apart from her diapers, was wrapped only in a blanket. They were going to find clothes, but their fight had taken a while and now they were hungry, so that came first. Quickly they replenished their drink supply and gathered all the boxes of crackers and snacks they could. Returning with their items to the front of the store, they dumped most of them in a pile by the sofa. Taylor suggested they eat as they looked for clothes.

"And how about I get a stroller ride? Since I don't have anything on my feet." She asked.

"Sure thing Tay."

Bunches of items were loaded into the pouch in the back of the stroller and Taylor climbed into the seat. Bundled up in a blanket, they traveled around in search of new clothes for the younger sister.

"What about playing dress up?" Taylor reminded as they browsed the selection of things to wear.

"Oh yeah." Lindsay said.

"Let's get you in something other than just a couple diapers though."

So they looked among the racks until they found a light blue denim dress. It was just like a pair of overalls except it came down past the waist as a skirt rather than pants. To go with it, they found a red turtleneck with long sleeves. Taylor picked out a pair of sneakers with Velcro instead of laces. Lastly, she picked out a pair of light pink pantyhose to help keep her legs warm. Lindsay argued these though, saying that they would make changing more difficult. Taylor held them out, revealing that they were separate for each leg. At this, Lindsay abandoned her claim, and the younger sister put them on, followed by the shoes. At last, Taylor was fully clothed again. The denim mini dress hung loosely on her slim build and flared out slightly as it came past the waist, aided, of course, by the bulk of two diapers. It came down and barely met the knees, but the pantyhose made it all the way up her legs and stopped right before the diaper.

Taylor spun around a bit, and checked how much would show if she bent over. Not much showed if she only leaned a little. However, the diaper's extra girth pushed the dress out and up so that it was almost entirely exposed if the touched her toes. The looseness and flaring meant that it would easily fly up if she spun around quickly or ran. This amused Lindsay who reminded Taylor that she had already been dealing with a light dress herself. She also pointed out that it didn't matter anyway as they saw everything when they changed each other. Taylor sat down on the floor to eat the rest of her snacks and finish her powdered milk.

This brought a question into Taylor's mind that she voiced.

"Lindsay, why don't we seem to care if we see each other naked and even wipe each other? I mean, normally I'd be embarrassed to be seen naked. I'd be scared to have someone touching me privately too, but I'm not for some reason."

Lindsay thought about this.

"I don't know. At first, I was embarrassed to wear diapers, but you were already wearing them so I figured you wouldn't care as much. Remember how we would take baths together when we were younger? We just didn't think about seeing each other naked. We even helped wash each other and that didn't bother us either, we just didn't think about being naked at all. And when I'm getting changed, it's kinda like that we can always trust Mom with anything, when I'm getting changed, you're in Mom's place."

"Hmm, I guess you're right." Taylor pondered.

"I don't know how to say it, but I'm just glad to be a baby again and not have to worry about a single thing. Oh, and I hope you don't mind if I enjoy changing you a bit." She finished with a smirk.

"I don't mind, I like getting to change my baby sister too." Lindsay teased.

Taylor looked shy for a second, then changed her attention. She shifted her weight a few times and her face scrunched up.

"Mmph." She grunted and leaned forward a bit. Slowly, a large soft lump poked its way out of her bottom. As she rocked forward, a little more came out, only to be squashed under her weight as she rocked back. This continued until the big flat mess coated the inside of her diaper. With an enormous mass crammed in there, she planted herself and pushed out the last sticky lump. This one was larger than what was already out and its size lifted her up slightly before it was compressed when she came back down. With such a great quantity stuffed into the seat of her diaper, she had to sway around on her backside until she had flattened it completely. When she stood up, it was packed into every nook and cranny and didn't allow smooth movement. So she pressed it from the sides with her hands until it suited her. It was a sticky mess, but was quite solid and would retain its shape unless it was pressed hard. There was simply too much to fit properly, it either was flattened or it stuck out greatly. But Taylor resumed what she was doing, disregarding the load in her diaper.

Lindsay raised an eyebrow.

"All done?"

"Yep." Taylor was trying to ignore the lump that had shaped itself into her behind. She was also attempting to make going in a diaper more common, almost something that they would take for granted.

"Anyway." She said, giving her rear a squeeze.

"Can we play dress up now?"

"Oh yeah, but you just got dressed."

"I got an idea." Taylor said.

"How about we get a whole bunch of clothes, and try them all on, over at our stuff? You know, put on a fashion show."

This idea delighted Lindsay, and they ran about collecting any and all clothes that they thought would fit. When these were all piled where they wanted, Lindsay moved some of her boxes from the back of the store and set up a changing room. It was positioned between the sofa and the window, but off to the side so as not to block the view. When one of them came out, they would walk toward the sofa where the other one was filming. Then they would do a little turn or pose, the other would critique their outfit and they would return to the changing room.

Taylor was the first to go. It took a few minutes before she came out though. When she did, she was wearing a light purple ballerina outfit. There was a pale, tight, one-piece top that she had to remove one of her diapers to fit into. It also had a ruffled, lacy skirt that went out more than it came down. Lastly, there was matching hose for her legs and some ballet shoes that were only slightly too small for her feet. When she came down their "runway", she did so very deliberately. With her arms out to her sides, curving downward, she moved slowly, crossing her legs slightly with each step. This was difficult to accomplish while wearing a diaper that was crammed full in the back; but she managed admirably. Taking a bow, she then performed some ballet techniques that she had learned when she was younger. First some steps and poses, followed by a few leaps where she kicked her legs out back and front. Then came spins, twirls, and lastly she tiptoed along swiftly on the very point of her toes. She almost lost her balance and this made her backside jiggle rapidly from side to side. When she was done, she took a bow and Lindsay clapped energetically.

"Encore! Encore! Great show!"

Taylor tossed her hair back as she stood up.

"Was it really any good? I haven't practiced ballet in years, and this messy diaper makes things difficult." She attempted to adjust the contents to a more comfortable shape.

"Honestly, it was good." Lindsay praised.

"Would you like a diaper change before we go on?"

"Yeah, it's only messy though, but it's big and hard and I can't move easily."

Her shoes were unlaced and kicked aside, then she stood there as her sister pulled down the skirt and hose. Stepping out of these, the one-piece was pulled off her shoulders and slid down.

"Looks wet to me." Lindsay remarked as the diaper was exposed.

Taylor looked down in surprise. Her diaper was indeed wet, and the front of it was stained yellow. She didn't say anything, but she couldn't remember wetting this one. In fact, she didn't even notice it was wet until just then. She lay down and waited as her older sister changed her. The routine went as usual, except Lindsay only had to remove one diaper instead of two. When this was pulled away, the mess inside was still molded to fit the cheeks it had previously been pressed between.

Before she was diapered again, she told Lindsay to stop.

"Hold on, go get some nighttime diapers instead."


"They're smaller, so I can fit into things easier. And they just slide on and off."

"Alright, whatever you say." Lindsay quickly fetched the requested garment. Taylor stood up and stepped into the leg holes before sliding it tightly into place.

"There." She said.

"This'll be easier for now."

"But it took longer to go get it than it would take to put both diapers on you."

"Whatever." Taylor ignored this logic.

"How about you, need a change?"

Lindsay only had a slight awareness to her wet diaper. She had gone sometime around when Taylor was picking out clothes. However, like her sister, she was beginning to find it easier to let it go and ignore it.

"It's only a little wet." She lifted her skirt as proof.

"Okay then, who goes next?" Taylor got up.

"How about you, since you have no clothes on." Lindsay laughed.

Taylor ran off to put on another outfit. She was trying to suppress her giggles as she came out of their makeshift dressing room. This time she hopped, both feet at a time, toward her sister who, upon seeing her, was overcome with laughter. The little girl was wearing a full-body, bunny costume. Complete with ears, mittens for the hands, bunny feet, and a cotton-ball tail; it made her look like a six-year-old on Halloween. It was gray with a white belly and very fuzzy. She hopped along and waggled her tail playfully. Because it was small, she had to shake her hips a lot to make it move. This caused both girls to double up in fits of hilarity. Finally, she managed to compose herself long enough to hop away and reappear shortly, wearing her denim mini dress, red turtleneck, and pink hose.

Lindsay had calmed down.

"Well I wasn't expecting that! I don't know if I'll be able to beat it."

Taylor only grinned and sat down as her sister got up to head for the dressing room.

"Man, you wouldn't believe some of the stuff they have here. I guess a bunch of people gave away their old stuff." Said Lindsay as she rustled behind the boxes.

"All I found was new stuff." Taylor said.

"Oh, the second-hand stuff was over to one side. They even had costumes, but they were too small."

Suddenly, Lindsay turned a cartwheel as she emerged. She was dressed in a two-piece cheerleader outfit. The color was red all over with all edges lined in sparkling gold. It also had the emblem for some school team on the front. The top was little more than a very short, very decorated midriff t-shirt. It had very short sleeves, barely long enough to make it past the shoulders, and it only came down a couple of inches below her petite breasts. The skirt would have been longer, but she had hiked it up to cover the top of her diaper, so it only came down to between her diaper and her knees. There were no shoes, so she just went barefoot. But there had been matching pompoms that she rustled about with her movements. She came forward with her hands in the air, shaking the pompoms vigorously. Then came what she could remember of the routines she had practiced when she did cheerleading a couple years ago. It wasn't anything much, she would rustle the pompoms in front of her, then throw her hands into the air, one after the other. A few more moves where she would almost march with her legs spread and clap to a rhythm were followed by some kicks and more claps. Lastly, she planted her legs apart and threw both of her hands into the air.

She held this stance for a moment before letting her arms fall to her sides.

"I stink, don't I?" She asked.

"How would I know? I'm not a cheerleader." Taylor laughed.

"Well, I never much cared for cheerleading anyway." She put one hand on her hip and leaned on one leg."How does it make me look?"

"Well, I could see your diaper when you did a cartwheel and a kicked."

Lindsay just rolled her eyes at this.

"Come on now, be honest. Does it fit right? Do I look fat? Do I look any good in this?"

"I guess it's a little tight on you; your boobs kinda stick out somewhat."

"Are you kidding?" Lindsay wasn't sure if Taylor was ignorant or joking.

"My breasts stick out because they're bigger than yours because I'm older. And don't call them 'boobs,' it sounds wrong that way."

"Gee sorry, I didn't mean to tick you off." Taylor retaliated.

Lindsay only smiled sweetly.

"It's okay Taylor, in a few years, you'll learn." She was beginning to grow into a woman, her breasts were only quite small then, but noticeable. She was quite proud of them, almost reverent, she occasionally wore a bra too, and this made her feel very grown-up.

Lindsay trotted off to change into her next costume. No theatrics this time, she simply walked out and down the "runway." She was sporting a white-on-navy blue sailor outfit. This was a one piece garment that came down to above the knees as a short dress. It had white fabric for edges and linings. Around the neck was a diamond shape with on corner pointing down in the middle and two more at her shoulders. This was a thin line of white just in from the edge of the fabric. The outfit was also adorned with nice white buttons along the front. She had pulled on some appropriate, medium length socks with two thin bands of dark blue near the tops, and she had put on her black shoes with gold buckles. On her head, she wore a matching sailor hat with a ribbon that wrapped around and tied in a bow at the back. In a very stately manner, she came forward, stopped, and saluted. She didn't do much of a performance, just posing from all sides so her audience could admire her properly.

"I'd love to see you trying to sail while wearing that." Taylor poked fun and clapped.

"I don't know how to sail in the first place." The sailor girl pointed out.

"That's the whole point, plus the wind would blow that up in the air and everyone could see underneath." The spectator continued to giggle at the thought of this.

"Oh, thanks. It's nice to have someone like you looking out for me." Lindsay smiled and teased back.

"I think this is shorter than the dress I was wearing, what do you think?"

"It's definitely shorter alright. It makes your legs look really long." Taylor pointed out.

"Oh, and from down here, I can just see the bottom of your diaper." She finished with a big smile.

"Oh please. You just can't ever be serious for two seconds can you?" Lindsay went to change back into her usual clothes.

"Serious?" Repeated the younger sister.

"We're playing dress-up, how's that serious?"

Lindsay had no answer to this. As she returned to her seat, she passed Taylor who was getting up to display another costume.

"Fine, your turn to dress up then." She said, giving her little sister a whack on the behind. Taylor had grabbed a bundle of stuff and headed back behind the boxes to change. Lindsay was curious, but said nothing. After a minute or two, Taylor came back out. She was wearing a light yellow dress that was ruffled with white lace at the edges and had little flowers printed all over it. It had a high waistline before it spreading out greatly. The sleeves were short and puffy, also laced at the edges. It also had a lacey white collar and small buttons down the front until the waistline. It would have come past the knees on the right size person, but on Taylor, the bottom edge was a few inches above the knees. She was also wearing a similarly patterned bonnet and had light, lacey booties on her feet. Lastly, she had a pacifier in her mouth and held a rattle in one hand. She just stood there with her feet pointed in while Lindsay inspected her. The older girl noticed that the dress puffed out not just because of its design, but also because of something under it that was pushing out.

"Why does it poof out so much? What's underneath?" She asked.

Taylor tilted her head to one side shyly and pulled the front of her dress up with one hand. Lindsay saw only a diaper, but it was much larger than usual.

"What on earth?"

Taylor laughed.

"I've got four diapers on."

"What?" Was all Lindsay could say.

"Yup, first the nighttime one, then on of mine, then two of your size." And patted the soft bulk at her front. Her legs were spread wide by the huge mass between her legs.


Taylor laughed again.

"I don't know, this dress seemed like a baby's dress. So I tried to look as much like an actual baby as possible."

Lindsay smiled.

"So do you have any more costumes . . . little baby girl?"


"I guess were all done then. Go on and change, then we'll get some food."

"But I like this." Taylor protested.

"I'm gonna keep wearing it."

"Fine, but I'm not putting four diapers on you every time." Lindsay said.

"Okay, but I'll wear them until I need to be changed."

"Suit yourself, I'm gonna make up some porridge for us."

Taylor pointed to the stroller.

"Can I have a ride?"

Lindsay just smiled and shrugged.


Taylor grabbed a bottle and climbed into the seat. She just lay the contentedly drinking from her bottle while she was wheeled around. When they got to the back of the store, the light was dimmer than close to the window, but there was still some light from outside adding to the emergency lights. Lindsay warmed up two bowls for them. It was mid afternoon, sometime between lunch and dinner, but they didn't need to stick to any schedule so they just ate when they felt like it. Lindsay came out with the bowls and bent over to set them down. But just as she was doing this, she let some poop slip into her diaper. She didn't really notice at first, she thought it was just gas for a second. Then as she straightened up, she felt the small lumps more distinctly. Reaching back, she felt the seat of her diaper. Sure enough, she could feel some lumps in it through the padding. Ignoring it for the moment, she went to the back room to grab some more bottles for juice. As she bent down again to get in the small refrigerator, she let some more poop out; this time she noticed. It wasn't runny, but it was small and slippery so it came out easily. She didn't really feel any pressure inside until she was just about to sit down with the bottles of juice. Without putting much thought into it, she pushed lightly as she sat down. A large number of small, soft lumps slid out and collected into the back of her diaper. As she was just beginning to squat down to sit, she didn't feel their presence other than the faint sensation of them coming out. When her rear was finally planted on the ground, a fairly large mess had piled up. It surprised her to feel so much of it in her diaper as it was squished flat by her weight. Had she not sat down, it probably would have been a few minutes before she really knew she had pooped.

Regardless, they ate their late lunch happily. They were both quite hungry so Lindsay made a second bowl of porridge for each of them. After this, they were satisfied and got up to leave. Taylor had some difficulty standing up with all the bulk so she just crawled over to the stroller and climbed in. They travelled to the front of the store, Taylor stayed in the stroller drinking from her bottle while Lindsay rearranged things so they could sit and watch out the window.

As she finished, Lindsay said.

"Come on Taylor, I know you want to be a baby, but you gotta get out of there now."

"Why? I can see fine from here." Taylor pouted.

"Because I need a change." Lindsay smirked.

Taylor sighed, climbed down, and crawled around to collect the changing items. She had to kneel with her legs wide apart to change her sister. Lifting her dress, she untapped the front and bulled it down.

"Oh, there's a mess in here too." She exclaimed.

"Why did you think I needed to be changed?"

"I don't know, too wet maybe. But I didn't know you pooped in your diaper. I never saw you do it."Taylor had pulled away the messy diaper now and had begun to wipe her clean.

"I went right as I was sitting down for porridge." Lindsay informed.

"How did you make such a mess without me noticing?" She asked as she finished wiping and powdering her older sister,

"I don't know if it all came out then. I felt something just before that, but suddenly sat down on a mess. Just change me and stop asking questions will ya?" Lindsay laughed, but wasn't joking.

Taylor chuckled.

"Alright, alright." As she slid the clean diaper underneath. Then, laying Lindsay down, she brought the front up between her legs and taped it into place. When this was done, Lindsay hopped up and sat down in the sofa while Taylor threw away the dirty diaper and wipes. When she waddled back, Lindsay patted her lap.

"Come on, have a seat."

Taylor obliged and sat down sideways on her lap. Lindsay leaned her back and cradled her in her arms.

"I hope you don't mind." She said as she popped the bottle into Taylor's mouth.

"If I treat you like a baby for a while."

Taylor only closed her eyes and sucked on the bottle happily. When it was finished, she burped loudly. Then she turned her head toward the window and the two of them stayed there for a while, watching the storm. It was significantly less violent now. The rain was much lighter and the wind blew slower. But it was still much more powerful than normal storms.

"Maybe it'll be gone by morning." Taylor suggested.

"It should be." Lindsay replied.

Slowly, the light began to fade outside. A couple of hours later, it was almost pitch black. The girls had a light dinner of crackers and snacks with juice.

"So." Taylor was curious."Other than tell everyone you're gonna wear diapers, what are you gonna do first when you get home?"

Lindsay picked up her sister's legs and gave a quick swat to her padded backside.

"I'm gonna take a shower first thing. I haven't washed since we were in the beach house."

"Well at least you did. I didn't even get a shower before we had to leave." Taylor said.

"I wish I could take a shower now."

"What about a good sponge bath for the baby?" Lindsay teased.

"Really? I hadn't thought of that." Taylor looked excited.

Lindsay looked at her with a questioning expression on her face.

"I was kinda joking."


"But . . . If you really want one, I might be able to warm up some water and give you one before we go to bed."

"Would you? Really?" Taylor grinned and looked hopeful.

"Sure, it's getting late anyway. Let's grab your normal clothes and go now."

So they packed up the appropriate changing equipment and clothes and headed toward the back of the store. On their way, they collected a soft sponge, a few washcloths, a large fuzzy towel and a bottle of baby soap. When they arrived, Lindsay began stripping down her little sister. After her booties and bonnet were removed, the dress was lifted up over her head and tossed aside. Two diapers were taken off before Lindsay noticed wetness in the third. After this was peeled away, the last one was completely soaked and it was slid down and tossed in a pile with the others.

"Wow, you really were wet." Lindsay commented as she warmed the a bowl of water in the microwave.

"Huh? Oh I guess so, didn't really notice." Taylor remarked.

"Anyway." Lindsay went on." We're almost out of water now. But we should have enough for now. We'll just have juice tomorrow."

"What about the sink?"

"It stopped working yesterday." Lindsay answered as the second bowl was finished warming.

Lindsay added soap to the first bowl and dipped a washcloth into it.

"Okay, stand up." She ordered as she squeezed the cloth until it didn't drip so much but was still quite wet. Then she began to wash Taylor all over, every now and then, stopping to dip the cloth in the soapy water again. She started at the top, wiping gently around her sister's face and neck. Next, she rubbed her arms up and down before getting her upper body. Rubbing the cloth around her chest and belly, then tickling her a bit as she moved around and got her back.

"Don't mind me." She chuckled as she moved further down. Re-wetting the cloth, she rubbed lightly over Taylor's bottom and upper thighs, making sure to get between her cheeks.

"Hey now!" Taylor exclaimed.

"Don't fuss, you wanted a sponge bath, I'm giving you one."

"You're not even using a sponge though." Taylor teased.

"Fine then, I'll use the sponge." Lindsay rolled her eyes.

She wrung out the cloth and set it aside before picking up the sponge and getting it wet.

"Keep your hands away and just let me wash you here." She said.

Carefully, so as not to seem invasive, she came around to the front and wiped lightly around her privates. First, she rubbed around her waist, then between her legs and around them as she worked her way down. Finally she rubbed the soapy sponge all the way down her legs and cleaned her feet; having her pick up one, then the other to get the undersides.

"Alright, lie down and hold this over your eyes." She handed Taylor one of the dry washcloths. When she did this, Lindsay stroked all of her hair backward. With one hand, she held her head up and slid the bowl over with the other.

"Keep your eyes shut and tilt your head back." She said as she scooped water over Taylor's hair repeatedly until it was all soapy and wet. Next came the clean up, she moved the bowl of soapy water away and brought the one with clean water over.

"Stand up now." She said after wringing the hair out as much as she could. Taylor stood and was wiped all over from head to toe with clean water to get rid of the soapiness. When this was done, she was instructed to lie down again. Then Lindsay poured the clean water over her head several times. Finally she dumped out the soapy water bowl and used it to catch the water as she poured the entire second bowl over her sister's head.

"All clean." Lindsay said.

"I feel much better too." Taylor said.

Lindsay grabbed the towel and rubbed her crotch area until it was dry. Then she lifted up her legs and slid a diaper underneath. Taping it up, she followed by lifting her up again and sliding the second one under before taping that shut as well. Next, she stood her up and rubbed her all over vigorously with the towel. Lindsay made sure her hair was as dry as they could get it before she slipped the turtleneck over her head. Once her arms were through the sleeves, she put the denim dress on over it and sat her down. She slid on one leg of the hose, then the other, then put both shoes on before declaring her finished.

It was yet another unique experience for both of them. For Taylor, she got to relax and enjoy being bathed. Once she gave up her uncomfortable feelings, she liked being wiped all over and then dried off with a big fluffy towel. Lindsay got to treat her little sister with gently and softly, like a mother would. Rubbing her up and down, she took the utmost care to clean every part of Taylor's body. The two girls were very happy and felt closer to each other after they were done.

When they got back to the front, Lindsay requested a change before bed.

"Then we'll both be dry. We'll see who's wet in the morning."

Lindsay lay down on the changing mat to be changed. Taylor lifted up her dress, untapped the diaper and slid it away. Then she wiped her clean and slid a dry diaper underneath. Lastly pulling the front up and sticking the tapes onto it firmly.

They could no longer see anything outside as it was completely black. The both pressed against the window and shone their flashlights out through it. With difficulty, they could still see the rain coming down and small streams gliding along.

"Ah well." Said Lindsay cheerfully as they found their way back to the bed of pillows and blankets.

"It'll be all gone in the morning."

This time, they stripped off everything except their diapers before climbing into bed. They had plenty of blankets, so why bother with clothes. They lay down and snuggled close to each other. Both were already feeling somewhat sad to have to leave this place. However, they said nothing for a few minutes.

"At least, I get to spend one more night cuddled up with my baby sister." Lindsay stroked her sister's still slightly damp hair.

"What? Like we can't cuddle up at home?" Taylor asked mournfully.

It dawned on the older sister.

"Oh, duh. It's just that we didn't do this before."

"Well we should."

"You're right sis." Lindsay smiled in the dark; she knew Taylor was smiling too.

"Here's to a fair bet." She said.

"See you in the morning."

"Yup." Answered Taylor sleepily.

"Don't bet on much though."

"Too late then."

They both laughed quietly. As they closed their eyes, they forgot about any sadness from having to leave. They only thought of each other and their happiness as they listened to the rain stream down outside. But not even the sound of so much pouring water could disturb these two. The slept soundly through the night and didn't wake until morning.

<h1 align="center" style="text-align: center">Day 4: Going home</h1>

As the sun beamed in the window, it cast its warm glow on the two, peacefully sleeping girls. Several minutes passed after the golden light had hit them before they awoke. They both lay there for a while, facing each other and smiling, they saw no reason to disturb such a happy moment. Lindsay grabbed the blanket and they wriggled down farther into them. Outside, the storm had finally passed in the night. There were still clouds here and there, but it was sunny again and no longer raining. Everything made them happy, the sun, the soft blankets, their snug diapers, each other; they just lay there and enjoyed it for a long time.

Eventually, they had both fully awakened. Lindsay was the first to speak.

"Good morning little sis."

"Good morning big sis."

Lindsay eventually remembered their bet and slid her hand down to the front of her diaper. To her dismay, it felt the same as when she woke up yesterday. Feeling inside it confirmed that it was wet, very wet. Taylor also remembered their bet. When Lindsay moved around down under the covers, she decided to check as well. Before even reaching her hand under the covers, she could feel the dampness against her skin. Hoping it was sweat, she pressed the front of her outer diaper. She was soaked to the point that the inner diaper had leaked and the second one was wet too.

Both girls looked at each other, knowing what they were doing.

"Are you wet?" Taylor asked.

"Are you?" Lindsay replied.

"You first."

"No you first."

At the same time, they asked each other.


They chuckled and then each gripped the top edge of the blanket.

"On three." Lindsay said.

"One, two, three!" They both threw the blanket back.

They were both so wet that there was no need to feel. Just looking at each other, they both knew they were wet.

Lindsay rolled onto her back and pulled the blanked back up.

"I don't suppose you'd let this slide?"

"Only this bet." Taylor answered.

"You still gotta wear them for a month."

"Then I'm not letting you off either." Lindsay stated.

Taylor grumbled.

"Have fun at school in diapers."

Lindsay sobbed a little.

"Guess there's nothing to be done. Let's get changed and dressed." She threw the blankets back, got up, and gathered their changing equipment.

"Come on you." She patted the mat.

"But I'm cold." Taylor protested.

"Then hurry up and it'll be faster."

Taylor crawled over to the mat and lay down. Lindsay untapped both diapers, then lifted up her legs and pulled them away. Next, she wiped her up before putting two more diapers on her.

"You sure you want two?" Lindsay asked as she stood her sister up.

"Yeah, this is probably the last time I'll wear two at a time though." Taylor answered as the turtleneck was slipped over her, followed by the denim dress. When her socks and shoes were on, she switched places with her sister and started to change her. Lifting up her legs and removing the soggy diaper, she wiped her older sister clean and slid a fresh diaper on her. Next, her socks were pulled on and her shoes were buckled. Then Lindsay stood up and Taylor slipped the green dress over her head. Lastly, she put on her jacket and they got some food ready.

They ate crackers and snacks with some juice. Lindsay went to the back of the store for a refill, on the way back she dripped some of the laxatives into Taylor's bottle. Then she grabbed some of the chocolate laxatives and a candy bar before returning.

"This'll make sure she's messy before we get home." Lindsay chuckled to herself mischievously.

She handed her sister the candy as before but Taylor said.

"We're about to leave, might as well have a whole bunch."

Lindsay went off to grab several more types of candy. Taylor picked up the bottle and started drinking. Lindsay hadn't given her either bottle, but had just set them down. Taylor grabbed the normal one, leaving the one with laxatives for her sister without knowing it. When she came back, she didn't think about it, assuming she had handed the right bottle to Taylor before she went to get more candy. As they munched and drank, they saw lots of trucks and workers out in the streets. People were just starting with the clean up and recovery.

"I sure am gonna miss being here." Taylor said sadly.

"Me too." Said Lindsay.

"But I guess we gotta go home now."

"I thought we were gonna wait here for Mom?" Taylor asked.

"Well, we could, but there's really only one way from here to our house. If we stick to that road, we'll see them if they come for us. Plus, there are probably trees down and they'll be a while." Lindsay reasoned.

"Sounds good to me." Taylor agreed.

"Should we take some stuff with us?"

"Good idea Taylor. Let's take some wipes and diapers for you and me."

"And some candy and drinks." Taylor added energetically.

"Right, that too."

They went about gathering what they wanted and headed to the back room to collect their bikes and load their stuff into the baskets. The two of them paused before the door; something made them want to stay there. They felt safe and secure inside. They knew they were both feeling the same way when they looked at each other. They had gotten so used to the place that it felt like they had lived there for years. Both of them were sad at having to leave so soon, even if it was just a baby store.

"What if someone sees us?" Taylor was anxious.

"What are we gonna say?"

"I don't know." Lindsay was a little nervous herself.

"People are gonna have to see us sooner or later. If anyone asks, I guess I'll let 'em I lost a bet." She winked at her sister.

"You're right I guess." Taylor was still uneasy.

"What about Mom and Dad? What are we gonna tell them?"

The older sister sighed.

"We'll just have to tell them the truth, there's nothing else to tell them."

"But everyone's gonna laugh at us." The younger girl moaned.

Lindsay smiled to comfort her sister.

"You know what Mom says: If you don't act embarrassed, you can't be embarrassed."

"Yeah . . ." Taylor brightened up and smiled.

"But this is a bit different; I'm twelve and wearing diapers."

"So?" The older girl retorted.

"I'm fourteen, plus you did it first so it was your idea."

"Yeah, pin it all on me. Thanks." Taylor said sarcastically.

They hesitated for a minute before Lindsay broke the silence by calling back into the dark.

"Goodbye baby store, thanks for letting us stay." She laughed.

Taylor laughed too.

"I hope you don't mind the mess we left."

They both looked at each other happily. They knew it wasn't the store that made them feel secure, but each other. Even having to spend the next months in diapers publicly, they didn't seem to care. As long as they were together, everything would be alright.

"C'mon sis." Lindsay smiled and grabbed her sister's hand.

"Yeah." Taylor sighed and turned toward the door.

They opened the door and went out, hand in hand; they stepped into the light and headed for home.

The End.

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