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When we landed on the helipad the whole campus watched. They thought someone was being lifted out; it wouldn't be the first time. But we exited the helicopter like astronauts. I was able to wheel myself around in this chair. Becka looked like she was smuggling pillows in her pants, but she acted so cool about it.

"Becka, why don't you sit on my lap and ill wheel you around a bit."

"Nah maybe later, thanks though." We made our way to my class where no one else had made it yet. The only person in the class was Professor Chanley.

"You too go get situated, im going to go find our ride. It should be here any time soon. Ill meet you back here before long." Becka and I got a nice desk up front. Normally it would be one person per desk but 2 people could fit comfortably.

"Well Chris im glad you made it, did you hear the helicopter? I bet some first years stuck a resistor in another outlet." Professor Chanley said without looking up.

"Nope I think your wrong there..."

"oh and what did you hear?"

"Oh I heard some awesome student got helied in from the hospital." At this point Professor Chanley looked up.

"What in the world happened to you in less than 24 hrs?"

"Ah yes, you see..." I told Professor Chanley my whole story. Well minus the whole diapers.

"huh, you know you seem more like the person to electrocute themselves rather than fall..."

"yeah well, what can I say I like to think outside the square. Hope you don't mind ill have sit ins for the a while? They are my care takers until my spine is healed."

"Ah its no problem, we are at minimum seating at the moment so the extra butts would make us look better."

Jay scooted in 4 minutes before class started and got a seat next to Becka.

"WELCOME to Advanced circuits class. Here we will learn advance fundamentals to build off your last class. Here is the class syllabus." Professor Chanley handed out the syllabus and went over it with the class. It took about 30 minutes to get through.

"I want chapter one read by next class, class dismissed." It was odd for him to end class early, but I think since I was the only one in the class awake it was a good idea to end it.

"Chris next class after class you can start tutoring. I hope you are ready for it."

"You can count on me. But im gona get going im exhausted from being awake all night. Have a great night."

"Take care." I woke up Jay and Becka and Jay led us to the car we had there. I discovered the "car" Jay promised us to be a small RV.

"Well I think this was more appropriate for all our "doings" plus, you've been cleared for some sleep if you want."

"Sounds good to me... I need to be up at 3 for my next class though." Jay helped me to the chair lift and into the RV.

"The windows are tinted so no one can see whats going on in here as long as the front curtain is closed, and the walls are relatively sound proof.

Jay and becka helped me into the big bed. It had to be a queen size at least. They laid me on my back and instinctively checked to see how wet I was.

"Well you are only about a quarter full so ill just change you after your nap. But just in case I want those cloths off you, so you cant ruin them." jay made a good point so I started to strip down to my undershirt and diaper. I was too tired to be embarrassed as this point. I managed to pull myself into the bed the rest of the way and laid my head in the pillow.

"Becka, if you're tired too you can join me." I said as if I was begging her to sleep next to me.

"Sleep always sounds good to me and you know it." She also removed the majority of her clothing just in case either of us leaked. I noticed her diaper was a little damp, she was keeping her word to me. She climbed into be and hugged me good night before we both fell asleep.

When I woke up it felt like I was moving.

"JA..." I tried to call out but was choked. He was right behind me with a towel over my nose. I was propped up against his legs and torso. I could taste blood in my mouth and this scared me. I couldnt see much due to the towel.

"Chris, you've had a small hemorrhage in your head and its letting out threw your nose, dont try to talk just focus on trying to breath." my breathing was labored to say the least, but we made it to the hospital fast than I thought. I was rushed into the MRI to view the cause of the bleed. By the time I was done in the MRI I was almost done bleeding. I felt so woosy, I think lack of sleep had something to do with it though. They wheeled me into a private room this time.

"Chris, you are at a high risk of even more hemorrhages, we need to keep you here until they completely go away. Dont worry tho, Becka can stay here as long as she wants." It was Scott.

"I feel dizzy can I go to sleep?"

"Yes and no... we need to have some one watching you while you sleep so just wait for a nurse. Ill keep you company until then." I was handed a glass of orange juice.

"This will help with your loss of blood." I drank my orange juice like a good patient.

"Where's Jay?"

"Ah your favorite nurse? He needed sleep so I sent him home, im sure he will be back in a few hours, even if hes not on the clock."

We made small talk until Becka walked in with a giant bag.

"i think I got everything you need for a week or two." I was half awake at this point, "thanks Becka, your the best. How are my fish doing?"

"Well they are doing fine..." I could tell Becka was trying to say more but I guess I fell asleep on her. I was asleep for nearly 12 hrs when I finally woke up. I looked around the room and saw Jay snoozing in a chair and Becka dead asleep on the bed next to me. My right arm had an IV drip in it, and to my left was a nurse who was reading a book.

"The Odyssey? Are you a student?" the nurse almost jumped out of her skin.

"Just two seconds you sound asleep. Yea im a student at the local community college. How are you feeling?"

"Very thirsty. If I am to be honest."

"Well lets change that shall we?" the nurse poured me a glass of ice cold water from the pitcher on the table.

"My name is Debra, I hear you're the most polite patient on the floor. All the Nurses played rock paper scissors to decide who gets you. Of course Jay gets you anytime hes on duty."

"Well Debra is a nice name im glad to meet you." I looked at the clock, it was 4:30 am.

"Whoa I slept long huh?"

"yes you did, but thats a good thing." still groggy I sat in silence for a few moments trying to wake up.

"Oh, did Becka bring my laptop and phone with her? And or can I use them?"

"Well she said she has them but im not sure where they are."

"Eh no need to wake her... but im bored what can we do this early in the morning?" She looked at her school bag sitting on the floor.

"Hmm not sure, unless you want to help me in calculus." she laughed.

"Oh boy my favorite!"

"Yeah right... no one likes calculus and you seem too young to know it that well...."

"Lets see im 16, in MIT's electrical engineering program, and turtor calculus based circuit Analysis. I think I can handle basic Calc." She raised an eye brow to the idea of getting help in her worst subject.

At about 6:30 another nurse came into the room.

"Hey Deb, we are all going off to our lunch break in 20 minutes are you coming?"

"Hmm maybe, come and get me before you go please?"

"sure thing." she left as quickly as she entered.

"Want to come to breakfast with me and the other nurses? The breakfasts in the caf will be so much better than the ones you normally get."

"Sure, if you can help me into my chair..."

"Thats no problem for me." she said with a wink.

"Hmm while we are alone, I think we need to change you again. Jay let me in on your secret with him I hope you dont mind..." My face went pale "Don't worry, we are keeping it need to know."

"Well I guess you are right I probably need a change anyways, promise not to laugh?"

"I didn't laugh when I changed Beckas adorable Strawberry Shortcake ones so I don't think ill laugh at you."

"Ok I guess i'll trust you." the first thing she did was close and lock the door, so no one could easily enter. She then expertly removed my plastic pants exposing my diaper. I saw her smile a bit, which made me think she was going to laugh.

"Wow one more ounce in that think and im sure it would have exploded." she continued to remove the diaper and with a big THUD it hit the bottom of the pail. She wiped me up and said "Hmmm ill be damned, im sorry we dont have any of these same type up here. The only ones we have is Becka's, do I need to go ALL the way down to pediatrics right now or will one of these do?" I started to whimper a bit.

"A diaper is a diaper I suppose... this will be the only time though right?"

"Sure thing, ill have Jay smuggle a case or 2 of yours up here when he wakes up." She finished up diapering me as fast as she could. I was embarrassed to be wearing such a girly diaper. To my relief Debra put some pj pants over my diaper, this time no blanket would ruin me.

Debra had just started to move me onto the chair when her friend came in. without a word she helped Debra with me.

"So im guessing your bringing him with you? Well if hes as nice as everyone says, hes more than welcome." I smiled.

"My name's Chris, im glad to get out of this room."

"Well its nice to meet you Chris my name is Jillian, but Jill works for me." All three of us made our way to the cafeteria were the rest of their group was waiting. We all had some coffee, and I ate an egg and pancake breakfast. It was so good, I didn't even notice what the others ate. There was one nurse there that had a chip on her shoulder.

"SO DEBRA, how was baby sitting last night." the nurse called out from the next table over. I was about to tell this woman off but Debra beat me to it.

"Listen, just because you are lost all authority over me doesn't mean you have to be such a BITCH. My patient is sitting right here and he is a very nice person. If any one is acting like a baby its you! Do you need your pacifier baby?" Debra seemed pissed. All the other nurses laughed at her and she ran out.

"Who was that?"

"Ah, yes, she used to be my boss till you came along. The chief of medicine put me, jay, and another nurse as personal nurses to you. Apparently you have some godly health insurance." Everyone finished eating and went right back to work leaving Debra and I alone in the caf.

"I need to ask you, when you were changing me... you smiled... why?"

"Oh hun, its not what you think. I wasnt laughing, I kinda like to change diapers, as long as they arent messy. Especially for a polite person like your self."

"Oh, I see, thanks for watching me last night."

"You're welcome sweety..."

We hurried back to the room as I knew Becka would be awake soon. Half way back to my room my nose started to bleed a bit.

"Oh crap, here put this over your nose and lean your head back." she grabbed a clean towel off the linen trolley as we passed it. The good thing is by the time I got back to my room the bleed had stopped almost completely. Lucky Becka and Jay were still sound asleep.

"Lets get your face cleaned off so we dont scare them." she brought me into the bathroom and ran the sink. With gentle hands Debra cleaned my face of all the blood that manged to dry on. Then she held the moist towel over my nose and said, "take a deep breath and blow for me please." Of course I did as I was told but after she pulled the towel away I laughed.

"The last time I did that was ten years ago, when my mom was still semi available. I feel so childish now... but its not a horrible feeling. Thanks for caring for me."

"You're just too sweet. I think Jay has something planned for you today when he gets up so try not to go back to sleep." she said with a wink.

"Oh yeah just ruin my surprise for him why don't you." Jay called out from his seat. This caused Debra to flinch quite badly.

"PST if you stand very still he wont see you." I whispered to Debra. She didn't move a muscle.

"Hey! No fair I can't see people who don't move!" Jay yelled out. He reached down and picked up his clean socks for the day and threw them at Debra.

"Hmmm I guess that was a Trex, sorry I thought it was Jay...." we all had a laugh at this together. I was wheeled out of the bathroom and Debra wrote on my chart. I assume it was about my nose bleed.

"I still need to get ready for my shift, can you handle him for another hour or so?"

"yeah no problem. Oh before I forget, he is out of those diapers you brought up for him, can you smuggle a few cases up from pediatrics?"

"Yeah ill do it before my shift starts. Did you change him this morning?"

"Yes she did and she was very nice about it." I answered for Debra. The next hour flew by, but Becka still remained sound asleep.

"What time did she fall asleep last night?"

"Oh I think it was 2 am before she left your side to sleep." Jay said.

"we should let her sleep then." I said with a smile.

Jay had left to get those diapers for me and Debra was starting to fall asleep on me. Jay walked into the dead silent room with what looked like a ton of diapers.

"I think 600 of these things should do just fine do you? But I didnt want to blow out all their stock of one type so I got 5 different ones. Hope you dont mind."

"I will hate you if any of them are too girly, hope you know..."

"Nope I got those for Barba, she is adamant on using them as long as you need yours."

"if theres one person on this world who's stubborn its her. Hey I heard I had godly health care, whats up with that?"

"Well im not sure, but its paying for up to 7 years of hospital stay and personal aid when you need it. So until you are better im basically your slave." it was getting close to 10 so I thought I would wake Debra up and send her home. Jay started his shift so she could go rest.

"Hey Debra, wake up I think you should go home for some sleep."

"Huh? Oh crap I fell asleep im sorry, are you ok?"

"Yeah but I think you should go home and sleep. But before you go, can you change me please?"

"You got it hun." Jay was out punching in so Debra locked the door again so he wouldnt walk in to see me in this diaper.

"lets see here, looks like there is 4 types for you and Becka's. Would you like: race cars, teddies, bikes, or just this design." she held up each one for me.

"hmm why dont you surprise me, ill close my eyes." to be honest they were all really childish so I wasnt too picky as long as it got me out of my Strawberry Shortcake diapers. She was as gentle as always while she was changing me. The smell of the cream seemed different this time, but I wasnt going to complain I liked it. Just before she was finished Jay started to knock on the door.

"hold your horses we will be done soon." Debra called out. She threw the other diaper into the pail and kissed me on my cheek.

"Can I have a hug too, I would really love one about now..."

"Sure thing hun, I chose the teddies for you, I think you looks really good in them." she gave me a big hug and left. I started to cry, wasn't sure why but I was just upset. When she walked out she whispered into jays ear "Those meds are making him very sensitive, I think more than he usually is. Keep a good eye on him."

"You got it, have a great sleep ill see you later." jay called back.

"Hey kiddo, whats wrong?"

"Snif, snif, I don't know. Im just really sad right now..." Just like clock work Becka woke up with the sounds of my sobbing. With out a word she jumped out of her bed and right into mine. She hugged around me and let me cry it all out. Jay decided to give us some time alone and checked in with his other patients that already missed him. He was gone a good half an hour and when he got back I was happy once again.

"Ah there we go a good smile makes every one happy."

"Yeah Chris is happy again, but you know what would make me happy? I need to get my diapers changed again. Would you mind changing them for me?"

"Sure will, hope you didnt leak any..."

"Chris... you dont mind if I use the toilet for a bowel movement would you? I kind of have to go..."

"Nope, dont mind at all, but you really dont need to be diapered like me. I swear Ill be fine."

"Yeah I know, but Ill still feel bad." Becka ran off naked from the waist down into the bathroom to do her business. Soon enough Becka was out of the bathroom and laying on her bed waiting for Jay to put her diaper on.

She looked so innocent with that diaper on, I just wanted to curl up in her arms and sleep the rest of the day away. But for now at least I wouldn't be able curl up for any one. These thoughts came flooding into my head and I broke down in tears again.

"Something wrong?" Jay questioned.

"I... it's just... what if... what if I can't ever walk again..." I said between my weeps.

"Yeah its possible but just look at what Becka is willing to do for you now. We all will cross that road if it comes to it. Now try to stop crying or else we will be late for your surprise." It took some time and a big hug from Becka but eventually I stopped crying.

"Ok off to this surprise. I know you will like it." Watching Becka walk away from me made me smirk. She wasn't really walking but more waddling. Becka decided to take me up on my offer to ride on my lap, I think she knew she was waddling a bit too much.

"Ok every one close your eyes as we get closer.... ready? Ok open them." Jay had brought us to the hospital's very own salt water fish tank. It was humungous!!! and a verity of fish to look at. I was hypnotized by all the fish in the tank. Hours could have gone by and I wouldn't have even noticed. Suddenly I felt like I was drowning. The room started to fill with water. Not wanting to die I shoved my self off my wheel chair and tried to swim to the surface. No dice, I couldn't move from the floor. Maybe if I could get to the door I would be able to empty the room, oxygen was getting low. I started to crawl to the door with all my might, having no movement in my legs made this trip nearly impossible. I was four feet from the door when my vision started to blur. With my last breath I screamed out.

"Why did you leave me!!!!" then complete darkness took over my mind.

To be continued. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]. Comments, complaints, ideas are all welcome.

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