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I'm writing this story locked in soggy attends diapers. I'm dressed in pink Lacey lingerie and under the complete control of my Mistress who has given me permission to share my journey from masculine mail to sissy slave.

I was a normal guy with a wife and career, I definitely wore the trousers in the relationship with my wife staying at home and looking after the house whilst I went to the office every day. I loved my wife but, with hindsight, treated her quite badly. I would often stay out late at night, getting drunk and sleeping with other women. My behaviour was no secret and, for many years, my wife accepted our relationship, after all she was a kept women, she should be thankful for the life I gave her....right?

One evening I came home late stinking of booze and cheap perfume, my wife had dinner waiting for me which I ate without even saying thank you and we went to bed. I woke the following morning standing in the middle of our bedroom completely naked and suspended by chains attached to my wrists and looped through a metal ring that had be fixed to the ceiling. I had no idea how my slender wife had managed to get me there but the fuzzy feeling in my head told me she had drugged me to prevent me from waking whilst she hauled me in to position. I struggled with my chains for a while but could not get free. I called out to Janet but there was no reply. I was now beginning to panic and, just as I thought no one would come my wife entered the room. She was wearing a black leather body with a thong back, long leather boots with stiletto heals and leather gloves. The leather hugged her perfect body and displayed her ample breast beautifully. She was the perfect dominatrix. In her hand was a black riding crop and without saying a word she walked up to me and slapped me hard across my naked ass. I yelped and asked her what the hell she thought she was doing, I was about to order her to let me down but before I could say another word she slapped me with the crop three or four times across my reddening ass.

Things are going to change around here, she said in an unusually firm tone. I'm tired of you treating me like shit and it's time you felt a taste of the humiliation you've been inflicting on me all these years.

I was about to protest but she grabbed my cock and balls firmly in her gloved hand and squeezed with all her might.

Were you about to say something bitch? She asked.! I stammered

With that she released her gripped and slapped me across my face with her hand.

From now on you will address me as mistress. Understand.

Yes, m..m..mistress.

She seemed pleased with my response and ran a finger down my chest, over my naval and finishing at my cock.

What a tiny little cock you've got, she mocked. How did you ever get laid by so many sluts with such a pathetic weener? You must have paid them for it! Tell me you've got a tiny itty bitty cock, she ordered.

I....I've got a tiny weeny itty bitty c..c..cock, Mistress, I said obediently.

She circled around me a few times mocking me with her eyes before leaving the room. I couldn't believe that I had let her break me so easily and made a decision that I would break free at the soonest opportunity and then she would get the beating of her life. She returned a few minutes later armed with a bottle of shaving foam and a razor and proceeded to shave my entire body paying particular attention to my groin. The attention to this area started to arouse me and before long I was fully hard and thinking of only one thing, my attention was soon brought back onto my predicament with a few sharp whacks across my throbbing ass.

Did I give you permission to get hard Bitch? She asked.

No Mistress, sorry Mistress.

I nearly bit my tongue for the speed and obedience with which I answered. She smiled at my answer and started to rummage through a bag she had brought in with her. She brought out a leather dog collar which she fastened around my neck and a ball gag which she forced into my mouth and did up tightly around the back of my head. I tried to protest to the object now lodged in my mouth but all that came out was muffled noise. Janet then walked slowly over to a chest of drawers in the corner of the room and rummaged around for a while before returning with a lacey black lingerie set which I had bought her and had often told her to wear for me. She picked up the skimpy thong and to my horror ordered me to step in to it. I did as I was told and she pulled it up my legs and over my ass, it was too small and needed some pulling to get it over my butt and cock but once it was in place she stepped back and admired me in my panties.

What a pretty little sissy you'll make, she mocked.

She then returned to the black pile of lace and dressed me in the garter belt and stockings. The bra would prove more difficult as she would have to release my hands and this would be my opportunity for escape. But she was one step ahead of me and she chained my ankles tightly together so that when she released my hands I fell to my knees and was unable to get back up. She wrestled the bra onto me and then fixed my hands behind my back with hand cuffs. I was face down and unable to stop her from returning with the crop.

How dare you try to resist me? She asked while repeatedly whip my ass.

I tried to beg her to stop but my cries were lost in to my gag. Eventually she stepped back and looked down at her pathetic slave dressed in her lingerie, bound and gagged. She walked back over to me and released me from the gag. I laid there quietly, unwilling to say any thing for fear of upsetting my Mistress.

Are you going to be a good girl for your mistress? She asked mockingly.

Yes Mistress, I'll be a good girl, I replied.

She released my hands and legs from the cuffs and stepped back beckoning me to my feet. This was my opportunity to escape but I decided to be obedient for fear of another whipping. She led me over to her dressing table and told me to sit on the stall, she then made me up in her make up and placed a long black wig on my head. She produced a pair of silicone prosthetic breasts from a box in her wardrobe and placed them in to my bra, they were heavy and large and filled my bra to give me a very feminine shape. Hanging in her wardrobe was a black french maids outfit which I liked Janet to wear for me sometimes whilst cleaning the house, little was I to know that very soon I would be the one wearing it with my wife giving the orders. She stood me in front of the full length mirror and I was shocked to see the attractive, feminine woman staring back at me. The sight of myself dressed as a maid had an unexpected affect on me as I began to get incredibly turned on and the short skirt of my dress did nothing to hide my growing erection. My wife began to laugh at me and poke fun of my cock poking out of my panties.

I didn't know you were such a pervert, she mocked. You clearly love being forced to dress up in my clothes which is just as well because that's all you'll be wearing from now on!

She walked up to me with a dog's leash and clipped it onto my collar giving it a good tug just to prove her control over me. She then bound my hands and legs with shackles and ordered me on to my hands and knees and then lead my around the room for a while.

You're my little pet, she said. You'll do exactly as you're told and I'll give you more and more degrading and humiliating orders. Do you understand?

Yes Mistress, was the increasingly automatic answer from me.

She looked down at her sissy slave and ordered me to lick her boots, I obeyed without question. Once her boots were as clean as I could make them she removed her leather body to reveal her shaved pussy and perfect breasts in all their glory. I was getting increasingly excited and was eagerly awaiting the order to lick her pussy. I didn't have to wait long before she pulled my head in between her legs and gave me the order to lick, it wasn't long before she was moaning as I licked up her wet juices. She pushed me on to my back and lowered herself onto my face grinding her wet lips back and forth over my hungry tongue. Once she was finished with me she turned her self around and placed her tight ass hole over my mouth, I didn't need to wait for the order as I began probing her butt with my tongue.

Good girl, she praised. You like worship your mistress' as hole don't you!

She stood up after a while and I gasped for breath. She walked over to her bag and returned with a large strap on dildo which she placed over my mouth and did up tightly behind my head.

You're going to be my human dildo, she said mockingly. That's all you're good for and this is the only cock you'll be putting in me from now on!

On my knees I shuffled over to my mistress and she guided to cock into her pussy and pulled my head in to her crotch ordering me to pound her wet pussy until she came within inches of my face. Once she was satisfied she removed the dildo and placed it over her crotch doing the straps up behind her back.

I want you to give me a blow job, she commanded. Suck all of my cum off of my hard cock like the little bitch that you are.

I did as I was told and swallowed the rubber cock, the taste was a strange mixture of my mistress' cum and rubber. I knew what was coming next; I would often subject Janet to anal sex and I was about to get my comeuppance. I was ordered onto my hand and knees and my ball gag was replaced, I was about to have my virgin ass hole raped and I was completely powerless to stop it. Sure enough my mistress guided the massive cock into my tight hole and began to pound me harder and harder deeper and deeper. I moaned through my gag, partly through discomfort, partly through pleasure and when my Mistress grabbed and my stiff cock it was only a matter of seconds before I had the best orgasm of my life. I was expected to be released now that our 'game' was over but, to my horror, I was ordered to spend the rest of the day cleaning the house with my Mistress mocking and teasing me. That night I was ordered to lie on the bed and was tied spread eagle on my back where I was to spend the night with Janet laying on top of me.

I awoke next morning a little unsure of whether the events of last night was reality or a dream but was soon assured that it really happened by the sight of myself dressed as a maid in the ceiling mirror I had had installed some time ago.

Come on, time to get changed for work, said Janet as she untied me.

She laid out some pink lingerie on the bed and ordered me to put them on, they included pink stockings, a garter belt, thong, bra and bay doll. I put them on as ordered and was then put in chains and a pair of high heels and led out of the house to our car which was thankfully parked in a private drive. My heart was beating as we neared the office, I had hand picked my staff and all were young attractive women and the thought of them seeing me like this horrified me. As I was lead into the office crawling on my hands and knees I was met with cheers and claps as the woman laughed at my predicament.

I'm taking over the company now, Janet announced. And my slave will be addressed by her new name which is Sissy.

None of the women seemed very shocked by this and I would later learn that they had been planning this with my wife for some time. I had inadvertently signed over the company to my wife as I'd been more interested in the cleavage of my secretary than the paper work she had been placing in front of me. It seems she had deliberately been wearing revealing dresses in order to distract me. It had worked. I spent the day being lead around the office on my leash by my former employees and being put over their knees and repeatedly spanked. My new role as the office sex slave was made clear to me as I was made to give each of the women oral pleasure as they worked at their desks.

Pretty soon you'll have to use the bathroom, said my wife, loud enough for the whole office to hear. Call me when you need to pee and I'll help you out.

I couldn't work out what she meant, I knew how to pee and certainly didn't need any help. Before long I felt my bladder become full and called my Mistress to inform her I needed to go.

From now on you are banned from the bathroom and will only pee in a diaper, she announced.

What? I protested. I'm not using a diaper.

I was expecting a whipping but instead she just turned and walked away.

Call me when you're ready for your diapering, she called over her shoulder.

I held out for about another hour until I was absolutely desperate to pee, I called my mistress and informed her that I really needed to pee urgently.

Beg me to diaper you then, she said.

P...please diaper me mistress.

Within seconds I was placed on my back, my panties were removed and an extra thick disposable diaper was placed between my legs and secured tightly by sticky tabs either side. A pair of noisy plastic pants with laces and bows were pulled over the diaper to complete my humiliation.

Now beg me to let you piss in your diaper like the sissy baby slave you are, my Mistress ordered.

Please let me piss my diaper, I whimpered. I am a sissy baby slave and need to piss myself.

The whole office looked on and laughed at me as I released my bladder and flooded into my thirsty diaper. The feeling of the diaper swelling and becoming heavy between my legs and the taunts of the women looking on became to much and I began uncontrollably crying.

Ahh, pwoor babykins, teased my wife. Has she done a pee pee in her diapey?

A large pacifier was them pushed into my mouth to muffle my crying and was tied in place by a length of pink ribbon tied around the back of my head. I was then left to contemplate my predicament as the women went back to the job of running the office. After a while their attention turned back towards me as it became obvious that I had to do more than pee, my stomach felt uncomfortably full and I was going to have to fill my diaper with poop very soon. I pulled my knees up to my chin to try and relieve the pressure but it did little to help as I had no choice other than to fill my diaper with smelly brown poop.

Smells like someone did a poopy, teased one of the women. What a dirty little baby!

My mistress looked down at me looking very pleased with her self as she had managed to humiliate me completely and was now in complete control over me. She knelt down and patted the back of my diaper firmly causing all the mess inside to shift around and smear all over my cock and balls. Despite the desperate situation I was in, being rubbed by the hand of my Mistress was really turning me on which was made very obvious by the bulge that had formed in the front of my diaper.

Well well well, what do we have here? Said Janet. It looks likely Sissy is enjoying her humiliation.

She began to rub the front of my diaper making the plastic pants make a loud crinkling noise, this really turned me on and I soon filled my diaper with come. I was left in my mess for the rest of the day and wasn't changed until we returned home that evening.

I've now been a diaper slave for over a year and wouldn't change one thing about my life. I no longer have any control over my bladder or bowel, I don't know if this is psychological or as a result of all the laxatives and diuretics I have been forced to take but the fact is that I couldn't go back to my old life even if I wanted to as I'm totally diaper dependant. My prosthetic breasts have been replaced by a real pair following months of hormone treatment and I'm now a well proportioned 36 DD. I spend most of my time diapered, bound and gagged and am unable to ask my mistress to change me so have to wait for her to check me but I enjoy being at the mercy of her whims. When I am a bad girl I am punished and humiliated in various ways but when I am a very good girl I am rewarded with the ultimate privilege of being allowed to cum in my mistress' pussy.

I am a diaper slut and happy to please my Mistress in any way.

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