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A Trip to the Gynecologist 2: East of Eden

This morning I awoke from the best sleep I've had in eons. Next to me was the woman whom I've crushed on since I was 16. The only thing uncomfortable was this soaked diaper. I looked over at this sleeping wonder. She cared for me so much and I loved her even more for it. Soon my stirring in the bed cause Jill to wake.

"So did you like my bed?" she asked me.

"Well yes it was quite comfortable. Thank you for spending the night with me too, I get scared in new places when I'm alone."

"Well it was a great night for me too. Do you want me to change you?"

"If you don't mind I would like to shower."

"Not at all the bathroom is just threw that door, I'll be outside on my deck if you need me."

Everything in this house was so nice I couldn't believe it. The bathroom had a Jacuzzi tub and a shower. Not wanting to be a liar I took the shower. The water was the perfect temp and stayed like that not like at my apartment. When I was done my shower I noticed a towel on the toilet seat that wasn't there before. If was so fluffy and pink. I wrapped myself in it and proceeded down stairs. Jill was sitting on her deck looking out at a beautiful view of the forest. Off to my right was a swimming pool. Also on the deck was a grill and loads of patio furniture. It was a rather cool day for summer but it was a good change.

"I assume your shower was good, hope you like the towel."

"Hmm I do it's like I'm being hugged by a giant teddy bear." As a looked around, I notice that there was no way the neighbors could see anything back here.

I was so taken back by the view I didn't notice Jill standing up. She stood behind me and wrapped her hands around.

"What would you like to do today? The day is young and I have no plans at all." I thought for a moment and said "why don't we go down to those clothes store and get the clothes we planned on last night?"

"Sounds good. I can cook up some eggs for breakfast and we will go from there." She went to the door and noticed I hadn't moved.

"Is there something wrong?"

"Well I started to leak again and I don't want to pee on your floor."

"Oh no biggy have a seat and I'll be back in a few moments." She disappeared again.

She returned with all the items she needed to diaper me up.

"Wait we are gona do this out here? Wont anyone see?"

"Crystal, just take another look around then ask yourself the same question." I answered my own question and laid the towel on the deck, then laid on it myself. When she was diapering me I just laid my head back to enjoy the sun on my naked body. I felt her put the cream on me and then some powder that smelt oh so sweet. I didn't even mention it at this point. Just before she pulled my diaper up I felt her stick her finger in my vagina. She moved her finger and that left something behind. Before I could mention it my diaper was all taped up.

"I think you left something in me..."

"Yes I did think of it as a present. Don't even ask cause I won't tell you"

"most people I wouldn't trust but you are different." She picked me up and I waddled into the kitchen with her. Every step reminded me of that item still in me. I'll just have to ignore it.

"Follow me up to my closet, I know I'm bigger than you but I think I have a smaller skirt that might be just big enough to hide your diaper.

" When we got up there I she threw what looked at a short dress to me.

"There you go, and here's a shirt that might be close to your size." It was a black dress that came up to just below my knees and a red shirt. They both were just a tad big but that helped to hide my diaper. I jumped into Jill's arms and hugged her for all she has done for me. She got dressed and joined me sitting on the bed. Her hair was left down and it seemed like a waste.

"Oh can I braid your hair, I haven't done that to someone else since I was 8."

"Only if I can style yours too."

She sat between my legs on the bed. I started with the basic braid. Her hair was so soft and smelt oh so sweet. First I brushed her long locks of hair to make sure there was no miss placed hair. Then I divided the hair into the 3 segments of the braid. This took some 20 minutes before I was finished. Her hair was quite long.

"Ok now it's your turn, turn around." I did as she said. Just like me she started by brushing my hair. Then she bundled my hair into 2 bundles on either side of my head. She turned both bunches in on themselves and twisted them around. She held them in place with pins.

"Look double hair buns, you look kinda like a bear teehee" I looked in the mirror and she was right.

"Well it's a bit silly but I'll try it out for you."

"Thanks *wink* lets head down stairs and make some breakfast."

She threw a bottle of meds at me.

"Hun, take your meds, only 1 now but remember at least 10 ounces of water with it."

"thanks." I took my medicine that I was told too without a second though. I drank 2 full glasses of water, though I was still thirsty. By the time I was done drinking she had already started on breakfast. She was making scrambled eggs and ham with some toast.

"Something smells good."

"Yeah my uncle works for a 5 star restaurant and thought me how to cook when I was young." Before I knew it breakfast was served. We ate it on the deck with a wonderful breeze. It was about 10 am by the time we finished.

"Ok let's get going. This way we actually make it to the store." She stated with a laugh.

At this point I felt my diaper; it was wet but could stand another couple of hours or so. As we got out to the garage I threw her my keys.

"You drive I have no idea where you want to go." I said. So she got into the driver side and I tried opening the passenger door.

"Hey can you unlock me?"

"Sure" she unlocked the door; just as I pulled the door she locked it again. She did this several times until I was able to get the door open myself. When I sat down she was laughing more than she should have been. I ignored it at this time since I was a bit peeved. We got maybe seven miles down the road when I started to get very thirsty.

"Hey pull over here I need a drink, want one?"

"Yeah sure, get me a sobe, nirvana if they have it or elixer please." When I got into the store there were several gentlemen standing around just shooting the shit. I found the refreshments no problem, 2 sobes for Jill one of each flavor and 3 larger waters and a coke. I figured I'd need the water as the day goes on since I have been drinking like a camel. As I walked out the door I heard the gentlemen laughing at me. I began to cry and swiftly walked to the car.

"What's wrong sweaty?"

"I think those men noticed my diaper and were laughing at me....."

"Well it could be that ... or maybe it was that big pig sticker on the back of your shirt?" I reached behind me and ripped the sticker off. It was huge! A pig head about 10 inches across.

"What the hell, you let me go out there like this!!!"

"I didn't notice it until you were half way in the store; I'm sorry next time ill beep and bring more attention to you..."

"Hmpr whatever ..." after I was situated in the car we drove off.

"Ugg these meds are making me so sleepy... is it much further?"

"No its some distance still, just lay your head back and take a nap."

We arrived at the shop around 1.

"Crystal wake up, sleepy cakes, COME ON!!!!! STOP DREAMING ABOUT ME!!!" At this point I woke up.

"Are we there?"

"Yeah, but I think we should change your diaper before we try on anything." I looked around "hey don't stay that word so loudly people might hear!!"

"Oh hush you are just being difficult there's no one around." We walked into the store and a very friendly cashier greeted us.

"Good afternoon Jill how have you been? And who's your new friend?"

"Oh I've been good, this is crystal she's a close friend."

"Well hello Crystal I'm Amanda glad to meet you." I slid half behind Jill "oh hi..." I said sheepishly.

"Sorry she is a bit shy."

"Not a problem. Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Well yes, can I have the key to the employee restroom? We both need to pee and I hate public restrooms."

"Well for a close friend of mine sure, here it is, yell if you need anything." She tossed Jill the key and we both walked to the back of the store.

As we walked into the bathroom she laid her bag on the ground and walked toward the toilet.

"Ok I really needed to pee so get the towel out of the bag and lay it on the ground while I pee." She pulled down her pants and panties and stat down on the toilet. Just seeing her loins turned me on. I was hypnotized and I think she knew it. I laid the towel down and then laid on it myself. I hiked my dress up so exposed my diaper for easy access. I looked back to watch Jill peeing. She was so hot and when she whipped I looked away so she wouldn't notice me staring.

"Ok it's your turn to get relieve, and my turn to look at your loins." She said with a wink. She undid my diaper and pulled it down. Then she wiped me all clean with wipes and teased me excited clitoris. The wipes went into the diaper and got rolled up and tossed in the trash. Finally she laid a new diaper under me. She started to finger me oh so gently. She was also messaging my clitoris. My hands found their way up to my breast and I stated to rub my nipples. Right as I was starting to enjoy myself she stopped cold. On went the cream and a few puffs of powder. Up came the diaper and a small whimper from me.

"Why do you have to be such a tease?"

"It's more fun this way." She answered. She gave me a pat between my legs and I was all done. We both washed up and exited the bathroom.

Jill went up front to return the key and I started to look at dresses that would hide my diaper. Jill returned with Amanda.

"How can I help you?" asked Amanda.

"Oh I'm just looking for some dresses I can wear around." Then I felt it, a small vibration coming from within my vagina. It made me shutter but I had no clue where it came from. As fast as it came on it went off, it was just enough to keep me excited.

"Well over here is our selection of dresses, we might not be able to find your size. Would something bigger be ok?" With blushed cheeks I just nodded yes. Before I knew it I had 7 or 8 dresses draped over my shoulder and I was being pushed to the fitting rooms.

"Try those on and tell us what you think, there are 3 full sized mirrors in there so u can get a full view." Amanda stated.

The first dress I pulled out was a light blue one with floral décor all over it.

"I don't think floral is my style." I called out.

"Non-sense, try it on and come out to show us." Jill called out. So I did as she said and looked in the mirror. Even though I didn't like the floral the dress did pull attention away from my diapered butt. I came out and gave a quick spin around. They oowed and awed and I went right back into the room.

"Jill? Can you get me a water from the car I'm very thirsty?"

"Sure thing sweaty. Try on the next one but don't come out till I get back I wana see it." I picked up the next one and it was deep maroon with transparent black nylon cover. I quite like it. Just as I got it on that vibration started again, this time it was stronger. I let out a small cry of pleasure.

"Crystal are you alright in there?" Amanda called out.

"errm... yeah... I'm... justa... bit light... headed is all..." I started to push against my diaper maybe to get some relieve. As soon as I did that though, it stopped cold. I sat down on the bench to reclaim my posture.

I just had enough to time get my composure back when Jill called out.

"Ok I'm back come out with the next dress and I'll give you your water." I came out of the dressing room and did a small twirl to show off the dress.

"I really like this one." I said as I leaped at Jill. She caught me in her arms and I just hung there a moment.

"Geeze I didn't think I was gone that long." Jill said.

"I'm just thankful for the water, I was getting dizzy."

"It's true I think she needed the water more than she thought." Stated Amanda. The bottle was a hefty liter and I nearly drank it all.

"Put that dress in a keep pile, I think you should keep the blue one too, but I won't force you." When I got into the fitting room again I decided to make 3 piles; the maybes, the yeses, and the hell nos. the last dress went into the yes and the floral went to the maybe. The next dress was an awful zebra print.

"I don't want to try this one on its UGLY." I called.

"We won't criticize just come out with it." Said Jill.

"Ugh but its ugly!!!"

"I don't remember picking out any ugly dresses; if you don't try it on you will be insulting my tastes." Amanda called back.

Against better judgment I put on the dress and walked out of the room. Jill hit the floor laughing so hard. Amanda looked puzzled at first and started to laugh.

"I told you!" with a tear in her eye from trying to not laugh like Jill Amanda said "Hun seriously I don't remember putting that in the pile. Can we get a picture though?" Before she finished her sentence I was in the room with the door locked.

"I'm guessing you had something to do with that dress?" Amanda quizzed Jill.

"yes I wanted to see if she would come out in something that funny." Jill responded still laughing. Amanda glared at Jill.

"Ok Crystal if there's anything else you don't want to try on just toss it out and ill make a judgment." Of course this dress went into the hell no pile. The fourth dress was a very simple black dress. Without hesitation I put it on, walked out and twirled. Tossed it into the yes pile and went to the next dress. This was a white one with blue Hawaiian flowers on it.

"This Hawaiian one will be a no but I'll try it anyways." To my horror the dress made my diaper almost clearly visible.

"I don't want to offend you Amanda but could you cover your eyes for this one please?"

"Don't worry Hun I'm holding her eyes come out. Yeah I can see why you don't like go ahead and toss it in the no pile." Said Jill. Being mostly white my purple diaper was on show to anyone who saw my dress. Obviously that went into the hell no pile.

I grabbed the next dress in line. This one was black with white diamond like designs on it. the diamonds lined up top to bottom touching the tips. The diamonds were hollow so most of the dress was black. I tossed it on, gave a quick look, and then went out the door. I twirled for them and they looked me head to toe.

"Very nice that one suits you." Stated Amanda. I hopped back into the changing room and threw that dress in the keep pile. The next dress was a blue plaid dress that reminded me of my middle school years. Oddly enough I like it so again I threw it on and ran out the door.

"hmm, that one make your rear end bulge a bit. I don't think it's a good choice." Jill calmly said. So reluctantly I tossed it in the no pile. The last dress was a plain very light blue one.

"Jill this is gona be the same as that Hawaiian one I tried on... can I just skip it?"

"Go right ahead Hun." The rest of the day was spent trying on dresses and skirts. This included plenty of no's a good amount of maybe's and about 9 yes's.

The sun started to set; I knew this because the shop faced west. As I got out of the room to show off this dress I was nearly blinded. I fell down and I was sure my dress went up leaving my diaper fully exposed. When I got my vision back Amanda didn't seem to have notice anything unusual.

"Here let me help you up." Amanda said with a hand extended to me. I grabbed her hand and was lifted up.

"Oh crystal it's time to take your vitamin." I was confused at Jill's statement for a moment. She was looking out for me, not wanting to tell Amanda I was on an antibiotic. She tossed me the keys to the car and I ran out for my meds. Just like every time before, I took my meds with a ton of water. I was quite thirsty any ways. When I was out at the car I noticed my leg starting to get wet.

"Shit I'm leaking." I said quietly to myself.

I walked into the store being careful not to let any leakage get on the dress that wasn't even paid for yet.

"Hey Jill, I need to go to the restroom again how about you?" I said.

"Hmmm now that I think about it yeah I could go for a freshener. How about Amanda can we get that key again?" Without answering she went to the front of the store and grabbed the key. We got into the restroom and I tore threw off the dress I was wearing. Jill started to lay out the changing towel for me. When I laid down on the towel I heard a loud squish. My diaper was so soaked it leaked all over the floor. She teasingly peeled off the tapes of my diaper. Everyone threatening to send me over the edge. She pulled a small remote out of her pocket and pushed a button on it. The vibrations began inside me once again. From behind the restroom door we heard "I need to step out to make a call will you 2 be ok alone?"

"yeah we will be fine." Jill responded.

With Amanda gone I was free to cry out all I wanted. The vibrator in me seemed to go into overdrive. I was going nuts! It turned me on so much but didn't allow me to cum. Jill rested her chin just above my crotch.

"To cum or not to cum... that is the question." I was dying at this point.

"Please! Please! I need to cum!"

"I don't know it's easy to let you cum, but that's no fun for me. What will I get out of this?"

"I will do anything. Please I'm dying!"

"Hmmmm.... What could we have you do for me?" she asked herself. Her vibrating vocal cords tickled me in the most teasingly way.

"I got it. call out of work this week; tell them you need personal leave time. Then stay with me all week. I like having you around too much to let you go."

"ok, fine, just finish me please!!!!" She looked down at my awaiting and lightly vibrating vaginal area and inserted two fingers into me. It wasn't long until she had all my muscles in my body tense. I arched my back and cried out in ecstasy. Not wanting to waste any time she slid the diaper out from below me, and slid into my awaiting crotch. She started to lick me like a child licks a lolly. Finally I just let it out. I came all over her awaiting face. She laid me back down and continued my diapering.

I was still panting quite hard by the time she finished.

"Stay down till you catch your breath I need to use the restroom myself and wash all these juices off my face." Lucky for me it looked like she would be some time on the toilet. As I laid on the towel I felt so relaxed. My eyes began to close and I started to get tired. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Hey you two I just locked up shop and I need to check you out. Want to get some dinner after?"

"Sure sounds good, I'm almost done we will be out in 5 mins." Replied Jill. Surely enough, about five minutes later Jill and I were walking out of the bathroom. I was clinging onto Jill's shoulder because I was getting so tired.

"Is she gona be ok?" asked Amanda.

"oh she is just fine, that spill earlier just gave her a migraine is all." I nodded my head in agreement. Jill lead me back to the fitting room where all the maybes and yeses remained.

"Ok Hun, pick out 15 you like and meet me up front." Jill made it seem like 15 was nothing? With all 15 picked out I made my way up to the front where both girls were laughing about the old days.

"Go out to the car we will be there soon, I don't want you to feel bad about the cost of anything so u can't see the total. In fact I'm cutting all the tags off before you can wear them again." I did as Jill instructed.

When I got into the car I decided to turn on the radio. One of my favorite songs was on. The seat was so comfortable and this day was so long. Before I knew it I heard the engine start up. I was too tired to even look and I fell back to sleep almost instantly. Sometime later I awoke to hear my cell phone ringing and instinctually reached for it in my pocket, but my hands were taped together. I got worried and opened my eyes to see I was in a small dark place, my own trunk. Struggled more and found my legs were also taped up tight. I started to thrash about the trunk while my cell started to ring again. I heard a slight beep and a very faint voice.

"Crystal? Hunny? Talk to me!!!! why did you drive off?" it was Jill on the other end. I tried to call out for her but my mouth was also taped up. As loudly as I could I screamed into my taped mouth.

"Stop screwing around with me and talk to me please!" Again I screamed into my taped mouth.

"If you are messing around stop it now or else I'm calling the cops and reporting the car stolen." This time I stayed quiet as I was out of breath and feeling dizzy.

Using Amanda's cell phone they called the police.

"Hello I would like to report a kid napping and a car robbery. My friend went out to her car and waited for me. I think she fell asleep and someone stole her car with her in it."

"Ma'am, how do you know it was stolen and she didn't just leave you?"

"Well I called her several times and her phone turned on, all I hear it muffled screaming nothing else. Please you have to help her!!"

"ok we need a full description of the car and anything that might help."

"Well it's a dark blue Nissan maxima, I think it's a 2001 model could be wrong though. I don't know the plate number since it isn't my car."

"is there any distinctive marks on the car that can help us find the car?"

"hmm now that you mention it, I think she scraped against a wall or something a while back. The rear passenger wheel hub has pink bondo on it and rust. If it helps I think her phone is still on with me."

"A cell phone number would be excellent give me the number and we can start a trace on it." Jill gave her my number and the police had a decent idea where I was.

"Crystal, hunny, the cops know a general idea where you are and will be there soon. Amanda is driving me in your direction now too. Just stay calm I'll be on the line until the cops get there." Soon I heard some police sirens from behind me. The car sped up and the chase began. A particular turn slid me across the trunk and I hit my head on the side. I was hurt and I started to cry from pain and because I was scared. Soon it seemed we were going a thousand miles per hour. Suddenly the car stopped. It didn't skid to a stop but it completely stopped. I was slammed into the back seat of my car and felt an intense pain bellowed my waist. It felt like all my bones in both legs and my hip were shattered.

"get down on the ground, show us your hands!!! Do it now!!!" Suddenly I heard several gun shots then a dog. It all seemed to vanish in a few moments.

Eventually I heard from the trunk.

"Ma'am this is Officer Blake, I'm with the state police. Stay calm we are opening the trunk." The trunk opened and a bright light was all I could see. I thought to myself I was either dead or sleeping, this couldn't be happening to me.

"Ma'am I need you not to move at all I'm gona cut your hands free and remove the tape on your face. Please don't move and just look at me." He cut my hands free and took the tape off my mouth. He positioned the flashlight so I could clearly see him. He had dirty blond hair and was tanned. He looked like a surfer you would see in the movies. I would have died laughing if he said "whoa dude totally."

"I am Officer Blake, what is your name?" I hesitated for a moment, "ma... My name... is Crystal."

"Well Crystal I would shake your hand but I can't allow you to move until the paramedics get here. Do you know what happened tonight?"

"No, not really. I was really tired so I fell asleep in my car then, well.... I was in the trunk taped up." I was so dehydrated at this point I couldn't cry.

"Well I'm not going to upset you with the details, but your car was stolen when you slept. Is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable?"

"Well... if you don't mind... I think I have some water in my back seat. I'm very dehydrated I can't even cry right now."

"Keith!!! Bring up the cold water from the car bring the one with the tube." Shortly after, another gentleman brought over a black bottle with a tube coming out the top.

"Don't suck on the tube ill squirt a little water in your mouth. I can't give you much."

Just after the quick drink of water the paramedics arrived.

"Ok, Crystal I'm going to give the flash light to Keith, he's my partner. Keep your head still and look at him please. I need a word with the paramedics." Blake disappeared and a new fellow appeared in my line of sight. He looked worried but friendly. He had the most handsome green eyes and boring black hair. He was less tan than Blake, but still very cute. Blake came back and stuck his face next to Keith.

"The paramedics are going to take you away now. Before they come is there anyone I can call for you?"

"Yes, please, can you dial the last number on my cell phone? Ask for Jill and tell her where I'm going."

"Sure thing when I find your cell phone I will call Jill for you." The paramedics put a neck brace on me the first thing they did.

"Crystal I've been informed of your situation. I won't lie, this will hurt but it must be done." He shoved a back board under my back and tried to straighten my body. When he grabbed my feet, a sharp pain ran up my entire body. This pain was so intense I passed out.

To be continued......

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