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Vicky's Unwilling Baby Girl

Part 1

By - (This is a work of fiction).

Vicky sat at her computer desk wearing only a long t shirt a pacifier and a thick wet disposable diaper. She surfed the net checking out pictures of women wearing diapers. Vicky was a young woman in her early twenties she had straight black hair, a curvaceous body and caring eyes. Vicky stopped for a moment and shivered in her chair. Her previously warm diaper was now cold. She stood up and her diaper sagged. She stretched and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked adorable she thought her t shirt covered only down to the tapes holding her diaper in place around her hips, suckling pacifier and soaked disposable diaper. She examined herself more closely, turning to her backside she noticed the diaper especially when this wet made her ass look big. Sighing she pulled out her diaper bag and retrieved the changing mat, diaper, wipes and powder. Vicky threw away her old diaper and cleaned her pussy with a baby wipe. Vicky had liked wearing and wetting diapers since she was a little girl, so much so she was now completely incontinent as a result she wore diapers twenty four hours a day. But recently she had an intense desire not to just wear diapers but baby another woman. Powdering herself and taped on the fresh diaper and crawled back to her chair and climbed into the seat suckling her pacifier.

She continued to search the internet for hours looking for the perfect girl through social sites and dating sites. Finally she was happy she found the perfect girl. She was beautiful, she had C cups, a nice ass, short black hair and a pretty face. Her name was Dawn she was only about 5 ft tall in her picture she was wearing a school girls outfit she was going to wear to a friends costume party on Halloween. Halloween was only two days away and wearing a costume Vicky could easily sneak in. She made her final preparations to her plan and prepared to execute it that night.

Vicky was completely prepared for Dawn, it was Halloween night and Vicky had herself a school girl costume as well. Sitting naked on her floor suckling her pacifier on a necklace she sat in front of her costume and a pair of girl's goodnights with princesses on them to protect her from wetting herself. She thought this would help people think she was with Dawn. Vicky put on her costume and examined herself in the mirror it was the same costume Dawn had purchased. The costume hugged her hips and breasts tightly complimenting her body. The skirt left her ass and pussy handing out the back and the tight shirt was so low cut he breasts practically hung out. She slipped on the training diaper and put on her high heels. She left the house and headed to the party with everything she needed in her car.

Vicky pulled up to the house in the address and parked among the many cars. She took her purse carrying two extra training diapers, an extra pacifier necklace and powder. Vicky walked through the house intent on finding Dawn. She got many stares from the party goer's until she finally found Dawn playing a drinking game in the kitchen. She and Vicky looked like twins save for Vicky's training diaper and pacifier. Dawn had already been drinking and was a little drunk. As soon as the game ended Vicky grabbed Dawn and pulled her into the bathroom and locked the door. Vicky then turned to Dawn and grabbed her kissing her and squeezing her perfect ass. Dawn returned the kiss not exactly aware of what was happening.

"Who are you again?" Dawn asked starting to slur her words.

"Your old friend Vicky remember we went to high school together, we agreed to dress like schoolgirls wearing diapers with pacifiers you forgot to grab yours remember?" Vicky said trying to convince Dawn of her story.

"Oh yah!" Dawn said even though she had no memory of this.

Vicky took the training diaper and pacifier out of her purse. She placed the pacifier in her mouth and put the necklace around her neck. Vicky removed Dawn's skirt and panties. She threw the panties away and placed the skirt aside. Dawn stood in front of Vicky bottomless wearing a revealing shirt suckling a pacifier. Before Vicky could put the training diaper on Dawn she was interrupted.

"I...think I need to go to the bathroom." Dawn said and immediately a stream of urine ran down her legs and formed a puddle at her feet. Dawn looked like she was about to cry.

"Shhh, don't cry remember that's why I got you these." Vicky said cleaning the urine off Dawn's legs and pulling the training diaper on to protect her. It still didn't make Dawn feel better she started to cry.

"Look, I wet myself too!" Vicky said trying to calm Dawn down she took Dawn's hand and put it in her diaper letting her feel the warm wetness covering her pussy. Dawn reassured by Vicky's similar situation was able to calm down.

"We can go back to my house and get you cleaned up." Vicky said putting Dawn's skirt on over her training diaper. She took Dawn by the hand before Dawn could protest she took Dawn to her car.

To be continued...

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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