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By: - (Based on some real life events. For feedback or for more stories email me).

Natalie grew up in a nice middle class family. Who shared and cared for her. Her parents were relatively young as were her aunts and uncles, who also had children. They all lived in the same area and often Natalie's cousins would stay with her whilst her aunt and uncle went out for a meal, or to the cinema and then the following weekend roles would switch and reverse, Natalie would stay at her aunts and her parents would spend the evening out.

Natalie's cousin Kevin had a secret. He was a year younger and at the age of 8 still wet the bed; his mum put him in nappies at night. When he stayed at Natalie's they were in separate rooms but at Kevin's they shared a room. Natalie teased Kevin one evening and his mum Corrine forced Natalie into a nappy that evening as well. Natalie was not amused and but didn't want her parents finding out she bullied her cousin.

Corrine had strict rules for Kevin; if he wet his nappy he wore nappies for the next day. He generally spent about 3 or 4 days a week nappied. Natalie didn't know this rule and decided she'd wake up early and wet her name just to annoy her aunt. It back fired and Natalie spent a day in nappies.

The exchange evening continued and every evening at her aunts Natalie had to wear a nappy. Most nights she wet them in protest. Using the "treat me like a baby, I'll act like a baby" justification to herself.

The summer holidays when Natalie was 10 were however horrible. Her parents agreed a two week stay whilst they went on holiday. Natalie moved in to her aunts and was immediately rude to her aunt; she didn't want to be there. Using her excuse out loud was the mistake thou. Her aunt Corrine simply responded "well if you're going to act like a baby, I will treat you like one". For two week Natalie was treated just like that. Nappies, Dummies, Bottles, at home and in public ... this is the story of her revenge.

Natalie had grown up reasonably well adjusted. She did however have a wicked sense of humour, and a good ability to laugh at herself. She was however sceptical of her relationship with her extended family, she loathed her aunt and uncle and had longed for revenge for the two years she was in nappies at weekends, and some of every school holiday she spent as a baby. The fact it didn't stop till she was 12 she really didn't like.

She enlisted the help of a friend, Ben. He had his own flat and knew about her experiences. He also felt a need to punish Natalie's aunt and uncle. Together they hatched a plan. At a family party Natalie had invited Ben and agreed to share a car with her Aunt and Uncle. The journey to the restaurant was quiet, Ben was secretly wondering if they could pull it off and Natalie was thinking about the room they had constructed in Ben's flat. A giant Nursery, sound proofed and fitted with everything they'd need. Cots, Changing tables, Playpens, High Chairs, everything in fact that Natalie could remember being brought out the loft during her summer holiday visits.

That evening at the meal Natalie slipped two strong sleeping tablets into her aunt's and uncle's drinks. The tablets took a good two hours and Natalie and Ben timed the journey home perfectly. Ben carried the aunt and uncle upstairs whilst Natalie removed all their clothes and placed them in thick disposable nappies. She also placed large modified dummies into their mouths and strapped them in around the back of their heads. The dummies slowly trickled a diuretic and muscle relaxant into her aunts and uncles mouths. This strong mixture along with a specially purchased hypnosis cd would ensure that her aunt and uncle used those nappies. Natalie's plan was to not change those nappies for at least three days. This should ensure a healthy rash had developed and that the cd had been firmly implanted into their sub conscious.

Natalie and Ben ensured that her aunt and uncle were asleep for three days, there nappies were well soaked and full by the third day and the smell of the nursery room was terrible. Natalie slowly woke her aunt and uncle and introduced them to what would be happening for the next month...

TBC if people would like!

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