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Lily's New Thoughts

As Joe drove to the pharmacy nearby his house, he was about to do something he had done hundreds of times before. He parked and went inside. He used to be nervous about doing this, but he had finally come to the conclusion that nobody in the store cared that he was buying or wearing diapers.

25 years ago, Joe would wander around the store for half an hour before he could muster the courage to walk down the aisle where the adult diapers were, and select the brand and size he wanted. That was easy compared to what he would have to do next: stand in the check-out line with his diapers to pay for them. 25 years ago, Joe was a 15 year-old teenager without a job or a driver's license. He would have to ride his bicycle to the Eckerd's Pharmacy 5 miles from his house because he didn't want to risk anybody he knew see him buying diapers. Once he was walking out with his purchase when Willard Santos, one of the kids in his youth class at church, walked up and started talking to him. Joe thought to himself,

"This is it! Willard's going to tell all the other kids at church that I wear diapers!" Joe began to sweat profusely, fidget and stammer as he was trying to think of some excuse should Willard ask what he was doing with adult diapers. After a minute of friendly chat, Willard said his goodbyes and went inside. Joe let out a sigh of relief as he tried to reassure himself that Willard didn't notice the box of Attends Briefs that were clearly obvious through the thin; barely-opaque white plastic bag the clerk stuffed the pack of diapers into.

Disposable diapers for babies had been on the market for almost 20 years, but disposable diapers for adults were still a new product in pharmacies. Before that Joe had been wearing baby's diapers that he got by any means necessary; mostly by stealing diapers from his infant cousins, nieces and nephews that his mom and her sister babysat. Although they didn't fit him, he wore them under his white Fruit-of-the-Loom briefs. When he couldn't get diapers that way, Joe had to take more desperate measures- digging through the dumpsters at the nearby strip mall for used baby's diapers. Looking back at that time in his life, Joe realized what a stupid and dangerous thing that was! He could have gotten all manner of diseases and infections from wearing used diapers, but when your urges are so strong that they control your waking thoughts... desperation quickly takes over. You become a virtual slave to your desires, a puppet to an overpowering force that will not rest until its lust is satiated. On one occasion, mall security caught him digging through the dumpsters behind the stores and escorted him off premises. Another time he had found a diaper and put it on before he realized that the dumpster was full of ants. Joe had gotten a mile down the street on his bicycle when the ants began to bite his genitals. He stopped and pulled the diaper out of his underwear and began brushing ants off his crotch. Those were the young and foolish days of Joe's youth that he was not proud of.

"That'll be $17.95, sir!" said the clerk as he brought Joe's mind back to the present. Joe swiped his debit card, completed his purchase, took his diapers and walked to his car. He opened the pack of diapers and grabbed a small backpack from the back seat. This was his travel kit. The travel kit is what Joe carried spare diapers and wipes in when he was away from home. He always kept it stocked with 6 fresh diapers, Johnson's Baby Oil and a travel-size Pampers wipes. He preferred Pampers wipes, because they were soft and comfortable and smelled babyish. As he restocked his travel kit, he felt that warm, wet feeling that he loved so much. Joe was wetting his diaper. He didn't even stop what he was doing as he released his bladder while he bent over into the back seat his car, filling his travel kit from the opened pack of diapers. Joe didn't even have to think about it anymore. Wetting in his diaper had become second nature. In the old days he had to stop and relax his bladder muscles and wait a minute for it to flow. Now, without even thinking about it, Joe just started wetting. He relished the feeling as the hot urine trickled down his testicles in orgasmic pleasure and the warm wetness spread across his crotch and between his legs. Joe still got an erection sometimes when he wet, but not always. This particular time was especially pleasurable and in less than 60 seconds after wetting, his penis was rock hard. Recently Joe had been trying something new- adding baby oil to his diapers when he changed. As he wet, it created a slick feeling that was simply heavenly! The movement of the oily wet diaper gently caressed the head of his penis as he walked. The feeling was almost as good as having his cock gently sucked and fondled by his girlfriend... almost!!

Joe grabbed his travel kit and went inside. He went into the restroom and locked the door. He untapped his diaper and the smell of baby oil wafted up and greeted his nose. It was a pleasing smell; the baby oil masked the smell of urine and at the same time it reminded him of the scent of Pampers diapers- that infantile smell that he loved so! The baby oil also created a pleasurable sensation in the diaper itself, so soft, wet and slick. Joe knew he couldn't let this opportunity pass him by! He folded the diaper over, sandwiching his rigid cock inside the warm, wet mushy diaper and began to masturbate into it. Joe had known the pleasures of women, and nothing feels as good as a warm and moist vagina against the skin of his cock... but this was pretty damn close! He liked to fuck his diaper like a wet pussy! It felt so good and the smell of the baby oil was like an aphrodisiac. In less than a minutes time he could feel the orgasmic pressure building. He was about to cum into his diaper. Joe pushed the diaper against his grateful dick harder and faster until he at last reached the climactic moment. He quietly let out soft moans and grunts as he felt the semen surging up through the shaft of his cock and shoot into his wet and willing recipient like a lawn sprinkler. He loved fucking his wet diapers. He continued to stroke and grind until his penis grew too sensitive and he had to stop. Joe stood there for a moment, relishing the aftershocks- the muscles in his penis continued to contract and release until it slowly subsided. Joe's diaper had served him well, but now it was time for a new one. He took the wipes out of his travel kit and cleaned himself up. He unfolded a fresh diaper, added a squirt of baby oil and taped it up around his hips and fastened the tapes snugly for that perfect fit. Joe pulled up his jeans and buttoned them, washed his hands and grabbed his travel kit and headed back to his car.

To be continued...

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