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Lily's New Thoughts

"Blake, I have a surprise for you after school," Lily said.

"what is it?" I replied.

"it's a surprise," she replied.

"I can't wait to see it."

Soon it was getting closer to after school. I started to wonder what she could have in store for me. After school I joined her in the art room. She started taking me into the other room.

"be quiet ok," she said. Nobody else was in this part of the room.

"I wanted to know what you think."

"think of what?" I asked.

"what I'm wearing."

"I find you to be the most beautiful being within this dress." She had a white to the bottom, green to the top dress.

It was lovely like her light blonde hair.

"aw, thanks but it is something else. I know how you like it and some how you told me, and I saw it at the store and wanted to try it. It's underneath my dress, it's ok, you can look." She then grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it up. Revealing a white diaper underneath. She began to smile and blush.

"you like it?" she asked.

I nodded and reached over and hugged her, while pulling her dress back down.

"you didn't have to," I said.

"yeah, but I wanted to because you do so much for me and I wanted to do something for you."

I leaned up and kissed her.

"you didn't have to though."

We smiled and walked out of the room. I kept an eye out to see if anyone could tell, but nobody could. I was worried about her. I hope no one else knows. We walked out of the school and got into her moms car. Her mom picked us both up from school. Her mom trusted me very much to let me over at any time. We soon were back at her house. We walked in and made it to her room. Lily closed her door and walked towards the closet. She pulled out a package of depend diapers.

"how do you like my diapers," she said.

"I like them, but you don't have to," I replied.

"yeah, but I kind of find it comfy now. I think I am going to like wearing them."

We smiled and she placed the package back in her closet. I swept her off the ground and placed her on her bed. I then sat next to her.

"you don't have to pick me up you know."

"I know, but I wanted to."

"I must weigh a ton, I'm so fat."

"no, you truly are not."

"hm, I guess so."

We turned on the wii and began to play some games. Hello kitty was quite the cute game, she liked hello kitty a lot. Her cat was also very adorable. I loved coming to her house. I soon concentrated on the diaper she wore. I kept looking towards her dress to see if I could see a glimpse of her diaper.

"whatcha lookin at?" Lily said.

"nothing," I replied.

"you want to see my diaper again huh." she then pulled her dress back to reveal the front of her diaper. It looked like she was comfy wearing it.

"you can look under my dress whenever you want you know. I'm alright with it."

We continued to play our games and soon I noticed Lily started fidgeting. She was crossing her legs back and forth. It seemed she needed to go. She started to blush even further.

"do you need to pee?" I asked.

"I have to piss so bad," she replied blushing more.

"well, what are you doing then. Go to the bathroom silly."

"wait, you don't want me to use my diaper." She smiled even more.

"no, of course not. Only if you were comfortable with it."

She paused the game and got up. She stopped at the doorway and continued to fidget.

"get going before it hurts you," I said. She still didn't move.

"what are you waiting for, don't you need to use the potty."

"I just did," she replied. Coming back to her bed she sat down.

"you went in your diaper, are you comfortable with it."

"yeah, it felt good actually. Since I do have many diapers, I guess I won't need to worry about using the bathroom."

"what if you have to poop?"

"I haven't thought of that yet."

She looked confused now. It was a good question. If she wanted to just use her diaper, she would eventually have to poop.

"you don't have to do it you know," I said. She smiled again.

"thanks, I wouldn't really know what to do if it wasn't for you."

"I love you." we kissed.

"oh, since you went already, shouldn't you need a change."

"yeah, I feel I totally soaked this diaper."

"ok, is it alright if I changed you."

"oh, you will. I wasn't sure if you would."

"yup, even if you pooped I'll still change you."

"aw, thanks."

"just wait here while I grab some things to get you changed."

I walked out of the room and headed towards the bathroom. I entered and looked in the closet to find a towel. It would make an ok changing mat. I also looked under the sink to find baby powder and wipes. I returned with the items. I laid out the towel on her bed.

"just lie back on this ok," I said.

"ok," she replied while laying back. I shut the door and locked it to make sure no one would know. I then grabbed another diaper from her package and placed it underneath her. I then pulled up her dress and untapped her now yellow stained diaper. She began to smile and blush. As I pulled it back I pulled the new diaper in place. I took the wipes and wiped around her vagina. I then poured on some diaper powder and patted it on her. She giggled a little. Next I pulled her diaper up and tapped it nice and snug.

"there, now you can get up."

She was smiling and blushing. I smacked her diaper butt and she giggled. I hid her dirty diaper in my bag to dispose later. We then continued on playing video games.

Three hours later and Lily's mom called us out for dinner. We went out and sat at the table. We ate chicken with rice. I of course sat next to Lily. Afterwards we returned to her room. We started to work on our homework. She struggled on math.

"hey Blake, can you help me with this?" asked Lily.

"sure dear, I'll help you on anything," I replied.

I helped her through her whole math assignment which took an hour. It was now 9. Lily and I were now done with our homework and I was able to stay the night. Lily laid back and we continued with our video games. The levels were all flashing by. One by one. Soon ten minutes were up and I saw Lily fidget a little but she then stopped. After a minute she gave a big sigh. She must have wet herself. I could tell by her blushing and smile.

"did you pee?" I asked lifting her dress. Her diaper front was all yellow indicating she had wet.

"yeah, it felt so good," Lily said. She then sat up.

"uh oh."

"what, did you leak, do you need a change hun?"

"no, I gotta take shit."

"well, go to the bathroom then. You don't need to use your pants."

She blushed and stood up. She took a few steps towards the door and stopped. She looked confused. Her hand then reached for the door and she closed it and locked it. She started to smile as she released a big fart. She then squatted down and I knew now what she was doing. She began to grunt as I could tell she was pooping her diaper. I got up and then she stood up.

"feel better?" I asked.

"yeah, much better,"she replied.

"I suppose you need a change."

"yeah, I shit myself."

"you didn't have to you know."

"yeah, but I thought why not try it. It actually felt good to be honest."

"it sure does stink though, alright on to the changing towel then."

She laid on the towel and I placed a new diaper under her. With her being like a baby started to turn me on. I grew an erection and she could tell. She smiled as I untapped her diaper. As the diaper fell down, her bottom was messy with her brown poo. I took the wipes and wiped her completely clean. I took the poopy diaper somewhere it would not be found.

"all clean, ready for another diaper dear?" I said.

"well, with you changing me has kind of turned me on," she said.

"so I was wondering if you wanted to do it tonight?"

"only with protection, remember I do not want you harmed," I said. Her parents also trusted me because I would want her pleased like they would, but also safe.

"it's ok, I have birth control ok."


I pushed her new diaper aside and quickly laid on top of her. I began kissing her slowly and romantically. She then took her shirt off and I took off my pants and my shirt. The erection I had was very noticeable now. I reached behind her back and removed her bra and her bra fell. Her boobs then flopped down. She had a nice E cup bra sized boobs. I continued to kiss her as I removed my underwear. As my underwear was removed I stuck my finger down her vagina. I could feel her make a slight noise as I continued to kiss her. She was very wet already, so I decided to go in. As I stuck my penis in her vagina, she bent back and let out a moan. I started thrusting and she started moaning loudly. I leaned down and began to kiss her as well. She then got on top of me and rocked back and forth. I felt it was soon time. I flipped her back with me on top and she yelped with joy.

"I'm about to cum," I said.

"ok, you can cum inside me," she replied.

I thrusted harder and harder. As she moaned louder and louder I felt my limit. I began to release my sperm inside her.

"uh, I came," I said.

"yes, oh it feels so good," she said.

"I love you Lily and there is no one else I would rather be with than you."

"aw thanks."

We then slept together happily.

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