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Adrian's Dare

(story contains aspects of wearing diapers, humiliation, diaper punishment)

"Ring......," the alarm clock on the mahogany bedside table set off with a merciless shrill that pierced through the silence of the early morning in the Osford household. Adrian groaned aloud and stretched his arm out to turn off the alarm. He lifted off his bed covers and tottered off to his bathroom. After the refreshing cold shower which awakened his senses and boosted his energy, he donned on a pair of jeans and t-shirt, and walked down the stairs to the living room.

"Hi baby, I'm leaving for work now so remember to be back home before 11pm if you're hanging out with your friends after school," his mom said cheerfully as she went out to the garage. Adrian cringed as usual at hearing his mom's endearment to him at calling him "baby" as it humiliated him to a certain extent that at seventeen years old and a senior in high school, he was still being called by this name. With that, he wolfed down his breakfast in a hurry to catch the morning bus to his school.

As the usual daily routine, lessons were boring and it didn't help that he always scored 'A's in his term tests and examinations though half of the time in class he was only physically present and his mind was drifting off to what to do after school. Finally, the bell which seemed to be an angel to the students rang and the students cheered in rapture as they rushed out to meet with their friends. Adrian met his close group of friends, Eric, Taylor and Josh (who he had acquainted with since they were freshman) in the café, playing Truth or Dare. Adrian greeted them and joined in the game.

"Truth or dare, Adrian?" Eric asked him.

Adrian was not one who backed down on challenges and in past games they've played, he had broken into the teachers' office to "amen d" the test grades of his friends, and he'd even once sneaked into the principal's office and change his meeting time with the department heads on his notice schedule which caused the principal great embarrassment.

"Dare. Nothing ever is too difficult for me," Adrian answered in a confident tone.

His friends exchanged whispers with one another before they looked back at him with a smug look on their faces.

"We have reached a consensus, which is that you will wear a diaper, wet it and wear it to school tomorrow until lunch break when we will be checking you."

"What! You can't expect me to wear a fucking diaper, no way man," Adrian all but shouted out to his friends in anger.

It was then he realized how loud he was and glanced around to see if anyone had heard him but as it was a Monday, most of the other students had rushed off to have fun, most probably to heal their 'Monday blues'.

"Why, you chickening out?" Josh taunted in a snide tone.

Adrian was definitely not one to chicken out of anything and ruin his reputation, so he finally said, "Fine, but where are you going to get a diaper anyway?"

"Wait here a while and we'll be back." His friends then rushed off in the direction of the nurse's office. After five minutes, Eric and Josh were running back as Adrian was texting on his iPhone.

"Where's Taylor?" he asked when he noticed that the group was missing him. Suddenly, he heard his zipper of his backpack being pulled open and something was slipped into it.

"I'm here dude, we've got the thing you need for the dare, prove to us that you're as brave as you claim yourself to be," Taylor replied from his back. They parted off in different directions and as Adrian was walking home, he contemplated about just what he had gotten himself into.

Adrian greeted his mom as he entered the house and hurried upstairs to his room.

"Baby, your dad will be waking you up in case you turn off your alarm clock again and arrive late at school. I'll be leaving earlier tomorrow for an early staff meeting," his mom hollered from the kitchen.

Adrian shouted his acknowledgement of his mom's notice and closed his bedroom door before setting his backpack on the floor beside his bed. He opened his backpack and took out the soft white diaper which has 2 tapes on each side. To his dismay, he became aroused from the feel and the sight of the diaper as his cock swelled to the point that his jeans was tight and constricting.

"What's happening to me? I can't be aroused by such a babyish object," he thought frantically as he struggled to stop his erection.

He laid the diaper on his bed, then took off his belt and stripped himself of his t-shirt, Calvin Klein boxer shorts and Levi jeans. He picked up the diaper, opened and laid it on the bed under his crotch area. He was embarrassed further as his cock hardened even more as the soft, comforting touch of the diaper on his skin. He adjusted the diaper until both sides were roughly the same length, and pulled the front side of the diaper over his hard-on and taped both sides onto the front plastic layer. It was the weirdest feeling having to be in a diaper since he was potty trained at four, to actually think wearing it as comfortable and pleasant, and make him feel safe and secure. He got up from his bed to look at himself in the full-length mirror in his wardrobe. He could actually hear the laughter and teases of his classmates if they were to see him, a popular and having handsome pop-star charming looks high school senior to be in a diaper instead of a pair of cool-looking boxers. He did some homework, going online on Facebook and posting comments on his friends' wall as the day ended to welcome the night.

"Alright, just lie down and sleep, all will be well tomorrow," he muttered to himself non-stop as he got into bed and pulled his covers over his diapered state before he gave in to exhaustion and drifted off into deep sleep.

Around 12am, Adrian felt his bladder full and as much as he did not want to pee in his diaper, he knew that he had to win the dare and so he gave in to peer pressure. It was initially difficult to untrain his mind to relax his sphincter muscles and finally after 5 minutes of trying, he felt the first squirt of pee in to his diaper before the flow increased to a quick gush. He reveled in the relaxation of not having to get up to go to the bathroom and the warmth in his diaper which aroused him again. Soon, he was back into his dream world and throughout the night, he flooded his diaper a few times.

"Adrian, get up, you're going to be late in another thirty minutes time," his dad's voice intercepted his deep slumber and brought him back to the present as his bleary eyes opened to adjust to the sunlight pouring in from the windows beside his study table.

As he turned over to face his father, he suddenly remembered that he was wearing a a diaper and not his boxers but it was already too late. The plastic crinkling of the diaper reverberated through the room like a blare horn. His father walked forward to his bed and said in his sternest tone, "What's that sound coming from under the covers, you'd better not be bringing food onto your bed to eat. Now show me what you're hiding there."

"Dad, it's nothing, what's for breakfast today, is it......," Adrian's attempt at diverting his dad's attention was cut off when his dad pulled off his covers in a quick swipe, revealing him lying on his bed in a wet diaper with a yellow stain at his crotch.

"You'd better give me a satisfactory explanation of what this's all about, Adrian Michael Osford!" his dad roared at him in anger.

His face flushed red with mortification as he answered, "It's a dare which I had to do, dad. Nothing else, I promise across my heart." This was the statement that he always used which convinced his dad in the past when he was caught in trouble, but his dad's reply turned his face ashen white.

"You need not have to do this dare and by doing it, you've admitted that you are a willing party of this and from tonight onwards, you'll be wearing diapers 24/7 for this entire year and use it as its intended purpose. Until you prove to me that you are a grown-up and a responsible young man, I'll be confiscating all your boxer briefs and boxers and I hope you will learn your lesson through this." His dad then packed all his underwear in a plastic bag and went out of his room without saying another word.

"Damn you!" Adrian shouted after his dad and slammed the door shut. He took off his wet diaper, had a quick shower and dressed back in it followed by a pair of baggier jeans (to prevent the bulge from being obvious to sight) and a t-shirt. He grabbed his backpack, slung it over his shoulder and rushed off to the bus stop to catch his bus.

Throughout his classes, he managed to hide his diaper-wearing from his classmates and keeping himself as still in class as possible so as to prevent any audible rustling from his diaper from being heard. Finally came the bell at 2pm and the exodus of the students had the stairways caught in a human jam.

Adrian lingered back as Eric, Josh and Taylor approached him.

"So how's it?" Eric asked.

He led them to the toilet and pulled down his jeans to expose his used wet diaper.

"I can't believe you had actually wore a diaper and peed in it," Taylor exclaimed.

"Maybe we should get more diapers for you to pee in," Taylor teased.

Adrian actually shivered at the innuendo as it was indeed that he would have to be wearing more diapers from now onwards and he laughed off bluffly so as to show that he was cool about it.

"Alright, let me get this disgusting diaper off." Adrian went into the cubicle and tore the diaper off before going commando under his clothes and disposing it into the bin. He hung out with them and a few of his classmates at the nearby shopping mall until he announced that he had to be back home for dinner at six.

He reached home at the nick of time and the moment he stepped into the dining room, the foreboding look of trouble on his parents' faces made him falter in his steps. Under the oppressive silence, he managed to choke down his dinner and help to wash the dishes.

It was then that his dad announced, " I have discussed the issue with your mom and we have purchased a year's supply of Abena-x-plus diapers which the store assistant recommended for higher absorbent quality. Your childish act earlier in the morning shall not be tolerated and come to my room now for I'd like a word with you."

As Adrian preceded his dad into the room opposite the hallway of his, his dad then closed the door behind him.

"You will receive a spanking from me for acting like a childish 10 year old kid instead of reflecting on your actions, get your butt over here or I can guarantee you that it will not be pleasant if I have to force you to do so!"

"No fucking way am I going to be spanked like a toddler," Adrian yelled at his father. His father who's a personal gym trainer was well-muscled and grabbing him by his arm in a steel grip, pulled him over his knees.

*spank* *spank* *spank


Adrian was bawling by the time his father's palm landed on his butt for the twentieth time.

"Please dad, I... I will not do it again. Jus... Just stop pleaseee..."

"You will come to me for your diaper changes till you learn to act your age before I allow you the responsibility of changing your diaper yourself," his dad said in a tone that made him feel like a seven-year-old kid. His dad released him and after he undressed himself, his dad came to him holding a white diaper that seemed to be almost twice thicker than the one he wore. He felt humiliated but yet at the same happy as his dad diapered him and he became aroused in his diaper again. His face turned beet red as he realized that the thickness of the diaper between his legs was causing him to waddle like a baby and simultaneously he felt relieved for the diaper helped to assuage the stinging pain on his butt. Throughout the course of the night, he became more relaxed in peeing in his diaper and in the next morning, his diaper was damp to the extent that he felt the weight of the it pushing down on his waist and he had to hold the diaper at its sides to make it easier for his movements.

As he dried himself after shower and hurried to his dad's room (it was cold in his naked state), his dad had already prepared the diaper on the floor and besides it was a pair of transparent plastic pants.

"What's that pants for?" Adrian asked as his dad finished taping his diaper.

His dad then had him step into the pair of plastic pants and before he knew what was happening, he heard a click behind his back.

"This is a pair of plastic locking pants, I know that you will be tempted to use the toilets in school and therefore this helps to remind you that this punishment is so that you learn to be a mature 17-year-old and know just how much freedom is given to an adult."

As Adrian donned his pair of jeans and t-shirt, he noticed that the crinkling of the plastic pants was even more conspicuous and during his classes, he was careful and discreet about his movements so as not to allow others to pay attention to the crinkling.

Adrian and his friends went out to McDonalds fast-food outlet near his school for their lunch and amidst the eating and chatting, he felt a sudden build-up of pressure in his bowels which was mounting with every passing minute.

"This can't be happening," he said to himself in his mind like a mantra, hoping that the pressure will just ease by directing his attention away to other matters.

To no avail, when they returned back to school for their biology lesson, the pressure reached his climax and before he stop himself, his shit spread through his crotch and as he was sitting on his seat, his shit was forced in under his butt into a mound of mush. He was all too engrossed in hoping earnestly for the odour to not dissipate out of the diaper that he did not hear the repeatedly asked questions fro the teacher.

"Adrian, tell me what homework did I assign to the class just now?" Miss Nate, the class' teacher-in-charge asked him in a stern tone, which was then that he realized that the teacher must have caught him not paying attention.

"Class, remember to complete the presentations during tomorrow's lesson in your groups, you may all be dismissed except for Adrian, I'd like to meet you at the office later on." As Adrian reached Miss Nate's office, she led him to the pantry area where there were tables and chairs beside the shelves of biscuits and coffee powder.

"Adrian, your father has called to inform me that you are wearing diapers as of today onwards, and during every meal break, you are required to proceed to the nurse's office to change your diaper and that your dad has already delivered a carton of the brand you are wearing to the office, so I believe that from the odor of your diaper, you are in need of an immediate change, so do proceed to the nurse's office immediately to prevent you from getting a diaper rash."

Adrian was embarrassed at having his teacher found out (who was young and pretty) and the fact that he was wearing a dirty diaper humiliated him further. He then took the longer path to the nurse's office which was always deserted after lesson hours and as he entered the office, he discovered a wooden table with a rubber sheet placed on it and it was the label that horrified him the most.

It read: 'Adult Changing Table', please use the restraints if he/she is unwilling to cooperate.

"Hi, you must be Adrian, lie down on the changing pad please, and just do as I say so the restraints doesn't have to be utilized. Don't worry, you're not the first guy I've put on a diaper for," the nurse, who was in her forties, said in a calm tone.

Adrian reluctantly obeyed and stripped off his clothes and laid on the changing pad in his dirty and by now, foul-smelling diaper.

"There's no need for the locking plastic pants from now, I will be checking on you every break to see that you're duly diapered and to change you if necessary." The nurse then unlocked the plastic pants (his dad had given to the nurse) and cleaned him with diaper wipes which made him get a hard-on and he used his hands to cover his embarrassment, but the nurse swatted his hands and told him that it was because he enjoys being in diapers which is why he is aroused.

She then laid down a new diaper, lifted up his butt and pulled the front side over before taping it snugly around his waist. Adrian was getting off the changing table when suddenly, Eric appeared from the curtained-off partition wearing nothing but only a diaper.

Adrian and Eric gaped at each other and it was hard to tell who was the one more shocked to see the other in a diaper as well.

"Adrian, sorry that I've been keeping this secret from you but I've discovered recently that I love to wear diapers and so I started sneaking diapers back home last year and when my parents found out, they punished me and requested the school nurse to check on me," Eric said sheepishly.

"So you're the one the nurse was referring to, actually the same happened to me because of they found out about my diaper dare, so here I am and to be honest, I get turned on by diapers and like how they feel," Adrian admitted abashedly.

This was how Adrian became a 24/7 diaper lover and even as he graduated into college at eighteen, he still continues wearing diapers and with Eric, they've become diaper-wearing buddies and the best of friends, all which started because of ADRIAN'S DARE.

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