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Sarah's Story

The entity had one more person before it could feel safe. A potential future had shown Holly, Ben, Glen and John as well as Jane and the final child would threaten its possible rescue from earth as their work lead to its discovery and it being destroyed. It couldn't allow that future so had worked out possible futures where it would remain safe from discovery and interference. So now it had to deal with Sarah. The entity put all its resources into considering how best to deal with Sarah. Sarah thankfully knew nothing of all this planning as she enjoyed her life as a very very bright teenager in another part of the country. However, Sarah was soon to be taken ....

Sarah had been accepted for a top university and had changed her course to one which would potentially threaten the safety of the Entity because of the area she was looking at. So bright was she that her tutor was encouraging her to do her own research in her spare time so that she would go straight on to a Ph.D. The Entity now had to remove Sarah as a threat to it. It had moved into a now abandoned derelict hospital some distance from the university town where Sarah was studying. Despite being such a 'book worm' and so devoted to getting a starred first degree, Sarah had met a really nice student called Peter who was on the same course as her and who also believed that study was really important so study came first and dates together came second to that. Sarah had just turned twenty and Peter had been planning a picnic out near the old mental hospital as the area was in lovely countryside. Peter told Sarah about the picnic lunch on the Saturday and asked if she'd go with him. She was delighted to be asked and so looked forward to the Saturday, hoping for fine weather and even putting aside some work to make time to go. Due to various issues, they'd arranged to meet there since they had to use public transport or bicycles as the university forbade its students to have cars of their own. Peter couldn't ride so he'd planned on going by bus, but Sarah, ever independent, decided to cycle over there. Peter got a text from the Entity purporting to be from Sarah saying that her tutor had suddenly asked to see her and could they postpone the picnic until the next day? The Entity also managed to block the reply agreeing to that from Peter.

Sarah set off to the old hospital in high spirits as she was genuinely fond of Peter and could see a future together with him. Her long brown hair tied in a pony tail streamed out behind her as she rode her bike across the flat countryside. Arriving at the elected spot near the walls of the old hospital which provided shelter from the wind yet was pleasantly sunny, Sarah sat down to wait for Peter's bus to drop him at the stop not far from where she was sitting. Suddenly the sun went in and dark clouds came over with a cold wind. Sarah, dressed for the summer, shivered and wondered what had caused this unexpected weather anomaly. To her horror, she was grabbed from behind and started to be dragged towards the old hospital. She cried out for help as she was being abducted. As she turned her head, she saw she was being dragged back by two nurses dressed in old fashioned uniform with two others in slightly different uniform standing waiting to render assistance. Sarah called out, "Stop! I'll come quietly." The nurses allowed her to get to her feet but, with one each side, she was still frog-marched into the now open gates of the hospital. Sarah had hoped to explain that there must be some mistake when she got to wherever she was being taken, but that idea flew out of her mind when she looked through the gates of the hospital and found it flourishing rather than derelict. There was a hospital ambulance with another hospital's name on it standing inside the main entrance with the doors all open. One of the nurses said, "You very nearly escaped from us, Sarah. That was very naughty of you to try to run away. You know we're transferring you here for your own good. You need treatment which our small hospital can't provide. So please don't try to escape again!"

Sarah would have thought that she was dreaming were it not for the pain from where the two nurses were holding her arms as she was marched into the main building. Inside, the two nurses who had grabbed her turned to the other two who had been joined by a ward sister and matron, "She's here now after trying to escape" .

Matron smiled at Sarah, "Now then Sarah, please don't do that again. We want you to be happy here but if you try to run away, then we'll have to put you in a strait jacket and hobble you. You don't want that, do you? So promise to behave and that won't be necessary." Sarah was thinking furiously quickly. If she ended up in a strait jacket, she'd have very little chance of escape so she'd better agree to behave! "Matron, I don't belong here. I'm not mentally ill or anything like that. I came to the hospital wall today to see my boyfriend from the university and I certainly didn't escape from that ambulance out there." Matron gave a kindly laugh, "Oh Sarah, your delusions are why you're here. You had a nervous breakdown. Your parents had put you in a local hospital but they couldn't give you the treatment you need so you've been sent here for us to help you." Sarah asked, "What year is this, please?"

"That shows part of why you're here, Sarah, you've lost touch with reality. It's 25th November 1949. What date do you think it is?" It's 10th August 2011 ...." Sarah trailed off as she looked at the pity in the faces of the nurses, sister and the matron. The matron spoke again, "That's right, Sarah, you have lost touch. I always try to meet new patients so I hope you'll be very happy here and that we can help you. If you'd go with sister and her nurses, they'll get you admitted."

The sister held out her hand as if to a child, "Come on, Sarah. Come to your new ward with us." Sarah was confused and frightened by all this. The problem for her was that this all seemed real and solid yet so had 2011, so which date was right and was she really suffering from delusions as this hospital, very much open and teeming with people, seemed to show. Sarah took her hand and allowed herself to be led down long corridors with sister locking and unlocking doors along the way. Sarah was now very frightened as she seemed to be in a very secure part of the hospital where escape would be almost impossible and, anyway, if it really was 1949 outside, what would she be escaping to? She was taken to a ward where the sister let go of her hand and locked the door firmly behind her. Sarah noted that all the windows had bars across them so escape that way would be impossible. Sarah looked at the nightingale ward with rows of beds along both sides filled with women in various forms of mental disorder. She had not noticed the sister pointing to a side room which had an open door. Sarah and the nurses walked through the door. There was a chair in the centre with straps to hold the patient down firmly attached to it and a trolley with a rubber mattress at the back of the room. The walls were lined with cupboards and there was a sluice and sink as well.

"Now then, Sarah, remember what matron said. If you fight, shout out or cause trouble, we have ways of dealing with you which you won't enjoy so please promise to behave. Can you do that?" Sarah swallowed hard, terrified by this and what might be to come, replied, "I'll be good. I don't want you to hurt me."

"That's a sensible girl!, the sister said.

"now, take off all your clothes and hand them to my nurse who'll fold them for you and put them away safely. It's hospital clothing from now on until you get discharged." Sarah reluctantly removed her bright summer dress and all her remaining clothing, handing it to the nurse as she had been told to do. Sarah noticed with some surprise that the room was warm so, despite wearing nothing, she wasn't cold.

"Please sit in the chair, Sarah, while we do some checks and I'll give you an injection which should help you to relax a bit." Sister had been preparing a hypodermic syringe while Sarah had been undressing. Sarah sat on the chair which was covered in black rubber which did strike cold against her back and legs. The other nurse spoke, "I cannot understand why her other hospital allowed her to have her hair long like that. It must have been a nightmare to take care of. I'll check her hair now, sister." With that, the nurse took a very fine comb and started to comb Sarah's hair on her head. After a thorough going-over, she announced to the sister, "Her head is free from lice." Next she started to comb Sarah's pubic hair. Sarah was about to protest when she saw the nurse looking up at her as if to remind her of her promise to cooperate with them.

"She's clean there too with no sign of bites anywhere." Sister smiled, "That's good, Sarah. You've been well looked after then at your old hospital. Now, I'm going to give you an injection to relax you a bit. Would you go and lie on your front on that trolley with your head to one side, please?" As sister had spoken to her so kindly and politely, Sarah did as bidden without a word. She laid down on the cold rubber mattress of the trolley. Sister said, "This will sting a bit." Sarah was facing the sister who had a syringe in one hand and a swab in the other. Sarah realised that the syringe was made of glass and metal and not at all like the disposable syringes she had had used on her in 2011. She swabbed a spot on one of Sarah's buttocks with the alcohol swab and left the swab on top of the 'target'. She then knocked the swab to one side and plunged the needle deep into Sarah's buttock before pressing the plunger. The chlorpromazine slowly soaked into Sarah's blood stream as she became affected by the drug. She relaxed and felt very sleepy. Her mouth was dry too.

The sister waited for a few minutes for the drug to take effect.

"Would you please sit back in the chair?" The two nurses helped the by now very unsteady Sarah. She had never been drunk, but guessed that the feeling might be very similar. Once seated in the chair, the sister said, "We need to put a couple of straps on you simply to stop you from falling out. OK?" Sarah nodded gently, worried that her head felt as if it might fall off! One of the nurses passed a strap under her arms and across her chest and then a second strap across her hips. Sister turned to the nurses, "I can leave you to sort her out from here. Call if you need help but I don't think you will. One of the nurses said, "Sarah, we need to shave all your hair off. Normally your hair would be cut short on your head but your doctor has requested treatment which needs your head to be shaved."

"No!" Sarah cried, "Please don't shave my hair off." The other nurse, in a cross voice, said, "Sarah, you promised not to shout out. If you do that again, I'll gag you so you can't shout out again. Do you want that?" Sarah burst into tear and relented, "No. Please don't gag me. I'll be quiet." The first nurse set to work with electric clippers until all Sarah's lovely brown hair was lying on the floor around her chair while the tears poured down her face. The nurse then took a shaving brush, soap and made a lather using a shaving brush and then lathered Sarah's head so that she could start shaving it with a safety razor until not a trace of stubble was left. She gently washed the soap off and dried her head for her. She looked into Sarah's eyes, "I'm sorry, pet, but I need to shave your other hair off too." Sarah nodded her assent. The clippers removed her pubic hair and the razor finished off. Sarah sat there, strapped down and less upset than she might otherwise have been had she not had the sedative, but this still rated as the worst day of her life as far as she was concerned. Once shaved, the straps were undone and Sarah was helped out of the chair and back onto the trolley. Her legs didn't seem to want to do as she wanted and said so to the nurses. The nicer one said, "Don't worry, Sarah, it's the injection which causes that." Back on the trolley, the nurses proceeded to wash her from head to foot. When this was done, with Sarah still completely uncovered, the sister was sent for.

"Now then, Sarah, I hear you've cooperated with the nurses. That's good! In a moment the nurses will put you in nappies and rubber pants. That's what all our patients wear even if they aren't incontinent or bed-wetters as the drugs we use on our patients can cause you to loose control and wet yourself. You don't want that, do you?" Sarah mumbled her assent to this. She found the drug was now making it hard for her to think straight and to give sensible replies: she had had a large dose of an anti-psychotic drug which was intended to sedate her and also to stop any attempts to run away. With the dose she'd been given, she wouldn't have got far at all until the nurses caught her – a few steps at the most.

"So Sarah, do we need to put you into a strait jacket or will you stay cooperating with us?"

"Please,"Sarah mumbled, "!I don't need the strait jacket. I'll behave."

"Good! I'll be back to get you ready for your treatment. Your doctor is keen for us to start as soon as possible to help you."

"What are you going to do? Sarah asked.

"Now then, Sarah! You don't ask questions like that. Your job is to do as you're told so we can help you as quickly as possible."

Sister left and Sarah was helped into a pink rubber halter top to cover her breasts which struck cold at first but quickly started to warm up as she felt herself starting to sweat under the rubber. The nurses put a really thick layer of nappies on her which forced her legs apart as if she were a young baby. Next a pair of very large pink rubber pants were pulled over the nappies and all the terry towelling tucked inside the enclosing rubber to prevent leakage. Finally a semi-transparent rubber night-dress was offered to her to put on.

"You'll get cotton night dresses and halter tops after your treatment is finished, but this will be your clothing for the next few days while you're getting your first course of treatment." the nicer nurse told her. The other went to say to sister that they were ready.

Sister came back and stood over Sarah as she laid on the trolley.

"This won't be exactly pleasant for you, but we do need to do this otherwise .."

"Yes, I know," Sarah replied, "You'll put me in a strait jacket and do it anyway."

"That's absolutely correct! Now, first I need to put some pads on your head. Would you look to the left, please?" Sarah turned her head to the left and felt a wet gauze pad being placed on her temple on that side. A metal disc with a long wire attached to it was next and then the disc taped over the gauze onto her head with waterproof adhesive tape.

"We couldn't stick that on if you still had all your hair, Sarah. That's why your hair had to come off. Turn your head to the right, please." Again Sarah did as she was bidden and the second electrode assembly taped down.

"Now Sarah, look upwards and lift your head up for me. I need to put a rubber swimming under-cap over your head to help to hold those pads in place. The sister stretched the rubber under-cap and put it over Sarah's head so that the electrodes were held firmly down by the white rubber cap.

"I'm now going to put a special cap over your head. It's like a swimming cap but has a special chin strap to support your jaw."The white rubber over-cap was put in place.

"This is the nasty part, Sarah. I'm sorry to ask you to do this but, once it's done, I'll give you an injection of morphine which will relax you further. I need to put this in your mouth and between your teeth." The sister held up a 'Y' shaped black rubber device unlike anything Sarah had ever seen. It had a circular section with grooves for her teeth and a hole between the grooves. Sticking out from that was a tube which something attached to it which bent away from the mouth part and, on top of the tube, was what looked like a funnel.

"If you open wide and let me put this between your teeth, I'll give you the injection which will stop it all from being so unpleasant. I know that you don't want this in your mouth, but is is part of your treatment, so please cooperate." As sister was saying that, Sarah decided to be as helpful as possible and opened her mouth as wide as she could. The sister eased the teeth section onto her top teeth and gently pushed her lower jaw so that that too had the teeth in the relevant slot. While sister gently held Sarah's lower jaw closed, the nice nurse put a rubber cup over her chin and then strapped that to the 'swimming cap' on her head so that her jaw was gripping the rubber gag firmly but not painfully. Sister patted her arm, "Good girl! That was brilliant. You can breathe through a hole in the gag so don't worry about your nose" as sister placed a nose clip over Sarah's nose so she could only breathe through the hole in the gag which led to the funnel. The sister then flipped down the mouth guard on the tube so that it sealed her lips to the gag.

"Well done, Sarah," the sister said as she injected the morphine into Sarah's leg. Again, it was a large dose to make her as relaxed as possible. By now, Sarah was sweating copiously in her rubber nightgown and the thick nappies were warming up too.

Sarah hadn't noticed the other nurse had left the room. She came back with matron. The nurse was wheeling a trolley which had a white cloth covering it. Matron spoke, "I'm going to give you your first treatment. I hope you're feeling nice and relaxed from the drugs." The nurse took the two wires which emerged from under Sarah's rubber cap and connected them to a lead coming out from under the white cloth and another lead from under the cloth into a nearby power point.. The sister took Sarah's arm while matron rubbed until a nice vein appeared and then injected a small amount of lignocaine local anaesthetic into her arm, saying, "This will sting a bit!" After the local anaesthetic had taken effect, the matron inserted a steel needle connected to a glass bottle of saline which the 'nice' nurse had been getting ready and primed. The glass bottle was hung from a stand moved next to Sarah's trolley while sister helped matron to tape down the intravenous needle and splint Sarah's arm so that she could not accidentally move and cause the needle to come out.

"I think we're ready!" Said the matron.

"Sarah, your doctor has asked me to do this for him today as he is not in the hospital and is very anxious for your treatment to start as soon as possible. In a minute, I'm going to put you to sleep so you won't feel anything! Hold her head vertically" she said to the nice' nurse. The 'nice' nurse supported Sarah's head. Matron said to Sarah, "We're giving you some fluid to keep you hydrated during your treatment. Don't be surprised if you wake up with a wet or even a wet and soiled nappy. It's what we expect and we certainly won't be cross with you for it!" Sarah was terrified as to what was to happen to her even though she had had a large dose of morphine and an anti-psychotic drug as well. Matron reached over to the trolley and took a pile of gauze swabs which she placed over the funnel emerging from Sarah's mouth gag. She then picked up a glass tube with rounded ends and a lever arrangement at one end. She held this over the centre of the funnel and said to Sarah, "You will find that you can taste the anaesthetic. But please take as big breaths as you can. It is much nicer for you if the anaesthetic works quickly." Matron pressed the plunger and a fine spray came out which soaked the gauze over the funnel, Sarah could taste the difference and gagged at the first breath which was very strong. She took a second breath and found that it didn't make her gag as much and the third deep breath didn't make her gag at all. Matron sprayed some more of the ethyl chloride onto the gauze as Sarah took another deep breath. She had decided that she was powerless to stop this so get it over with as quickly as possible and appear cooperative, hoping that this would make them careless and give her the chance to escape she was hoping for. The fourth breath made her suddenly feel 'strange' She couldn't exactly say how, but she knew instinctively that even if she held her breath and didn't take the next one, she would become unconscious. She did take a big fifth deep breath and a sixth with a buzzing in her ears as everything blacked out. Matron sprayed some more of the ethyl chloride onto the gauze and then poured some anaesthetic ether from a dropping bottle onto the gauze as well. The ethyl chloride provided a quick and relatively smooth and not too unpleasant induction. Ethyl chloride was a common way to get children unconscious before they were asked to breath the much more pungent ether. She looked at Sarah until she was sure that she was deeply unconscious, flicking her eyelids to look for a response. She leaned over to the machine which was plugged in and pressed the button. The electric shock caused Sarah to have a violent seizure which arched her back off the trolley. As soon as that happened, the button was pressed again and again so that she had fit after fit after fit – something which would never be allowed today. One of the nurses, when the matron had decided that Sarah had had as much as she could take, asked the matron, "Matron, I'm very new here. Could you tell me why she is wearing a rubber nightdress, please?" Matron laughed.

"That's easy to answer! The anaesthetic I used along with the violent seizures she's been having cause her to sweat profusely. If she were in a cotton gown, it would be soaked by now, but, for patients such as Sarah for whom we are aiming to destroy all their previous memories, a rubber nightdress keeps the bed drier and saves washing! She won't be complaining in a couple of days as she won't be capable of complaining because of her treatments." Matron gave Sarah an injection of cyclizine to make sure she wasn't too nauseous on recovery.

The gag was removed from Sarah's mouth and she was rolled over onto her side to aid recovery. Whilst still unconscious, she was wheeled into a small side room on the ward so that her recovery wouldn't disturb the other patients. Matron decided that, as it was relatively late by now, Sarah would have just the one treatment that day and have two treatments a day thereafter until the desired effect had been achieved – that is, to wipe her memory completely and leave her fully dependent on care - incontinent of both bowel and urine. Sarah woke in the side room with a young nurse keeping an eye on her. Regrettably for the hospital, the nurse had not been told not to be honest with Sarah is she asked questions. Sarah woke up and saw the nurse sitting there, looking at her. The nurse came over to her and laid a hand on her shoulder, "Hallo Sarah. How are you feeling?" Very confused, Sarah said, "Is that my name? What am I doing here?" The nurse answered honestly, "You've been transferred from your local mental hospital to a bigger hospital. You arrived here today and your treatment started immediately to try to help you."

"What treatment? Why am I so confused?" The nurse responded, "Part of the confusion is that you've had a general anaesthetic- that tends to make people drowsy and sometimes confused when they wake. In your case, you've had electro-convulsive therapy – a lot of it – which is intended in your case to wipe out your memories which are the cause of your condition." Sarah propped herself up a little, fighting the post-operative nausea which tried to stop her, "So the idea is to wipe my memory? How far will that go? How much of me will I remember when my treatment is finished?"

"Your doctor has ordered a long course of treatment which is supposed to wipe your memory completely. You won't remember anything and often, when this is done, the patient has to be in nappies for life as the memory wipe basically makes them return to a baby like state."

"I don't want that!" Sarah declared firmly. The nurse realised that she may have said far too much., "Oh but Sarah, your parents had you committed into our care. They have approved your treatment and you have no choice in this. If you resist, you will be forced to have this treatment – that's what being 'committed' means – you're in our care and we decide what is best for you."

"Can I appeal against that? Do I get any say in this?"

"I'm sorry, Sarah, I think I've said too much already. You can't appeal and you have no say in what treatment you're given." Sarah was not stupid and her brain was trying hard to work properly, "Will I have any more treatments today?"

"Oh no! Just rest in here and we start again in the morning. As you're awake now, I have to go to tell sister and I expect she'll want me back in the main ward. Please don't say how much I told you!" Sarah assured the nurse that she would say nothing and, anyway, with the planned treatment, she wouldn't remember anyway. The nurse looked so grateful and thanked Sarah for that as she left, shutting the door behind her. Sarah struggled to sit up to look around her. She realised that she was wearing a wet and soiled nappy and hoped that the nappy might be changed soon. She fingered the rubber nightdress and wondered why she was wearing it – the rubber inside was slick with her sweat and it was not exactly comfortable. She realised that she was not restrained in the bed and a dim memory of her promising someone that she'd behave.

"We'll see about that!" Sarah thought. As she looked around, she noticed that the bars were fastened to the windows, not built into the wall. One window had a broken catch and, as it was a sash window, she reckoned she might get that open far enough to escape. The needle in her vein troubled her, but she thought that she could always remove that later once she had got out. With the thought of escape in her mind, she settled back to sleep and recover as much as possible.

Later, the nurse came in with a colleague to change her which made Sarah, at least temporarily, feel a little more comfortable. She did ask how long she had to wear the rubber nightgown and couldn't she have a cotton one? She was told that she'd be wearing that until her treatment was finished in about a week and then she'd be very much better. That was the older second nurse saying that: the younger one said nothing and just blushed. She was told that she could have nothing to drink or eat until her treatment was over, but she'd be getting plenty of fluid from the drip and also that she'd be getting glucose drip as well to keep her fed. Sarah thought about when to make her escape and decided that during the night might be best as she could hardly escape in daylight dressed as she was. She decided that her garb was possibly to make escape more difficult but she'd have a go at escaping and try to get some clothing off a washing line or something, The night shift came on and, during the drug round, Sarah got another injection of the drug to pacify her which left her feeling weak and uncoordinated. This rather spoiled her plan as she was hoping that she wouldn't be getting that again. Her nappies were changed for the night into really thick ones so her legs were forced apart by the thickness, meaning that she'd waddle rather than walk because of the bulk of the nappies between her legs enclosed by the pink rubber pants. Her drip was changed for a new one as she struggled to stay awake so that she wouldn't sleep through the night from the sedative drug.

The ward became quiet and she climbed over the cot sides on her bed – thankfully she wasn't in one of the cot beds with a roof to keep the patient in the cot. She made it over to the window and slowly started to push it up to open it wide enough for her to climb through. Unfortunately, the window stuck part way up and made a loud screech as Sarah battled to open it. The door to the room was flung open and several nurses appeared. Sarah's arms were grabbed and pulled wide apart so she couldn't kick the nurses holding her. One of the nurses ran out of the room, then came back holding a pre-filled emergency sedation syringe. Another nurse lifted Sarah's nightgown and pushed down her nappy so that the nurse with the syringe could plunge the needle deep into Sarah's buttock. All the nurses held her until the drug took effect and she collapsed in their arms.

When Sarah woke, she was back in the room where she'd had the ECT. This time she was wearing a rubber strait-jacket fastened over the top of her rubber pants between her legs and firmly keeping her hands and arms encased in the rubber jacket so she couldn't move them. with her legs held wide apart by an ankle spreader. She was now in one of the cot beds with a strong steel mesh cover over the top to prevent escape. Sarah sighed inwardly as she knew she was trapped for good this time. Worryingly, she had the funnel gag in her mouth. A nurse who had been keeping an eye on her went to telephone. A few minutes later, the night matron and the on-call doctor came into the room. The nurse who accompanied them was given permission to leave and to shut the door behind her. The matron spoke to Sarah, "I know you can't speak, but you can nod and shake your head. Why did you try to escape? Are you frightened about your treatment?" Sarah nodded furiously.

"I understand. Is it loosing your memory which frightens you most?" Again Sarah nodded violent and tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I'm not surprised. In your situation, I think that would terrify me too. We don't want you to try to escape again so the doctor and I will carry on with your treatment now so that you won't have periods when you are lucid enough to realise that your memory is disappearing. The doctor has brought a new machine which works better so I hope you won't have cause to be upset when you wake up this time." Sarah's tears poured down her cheeks. It was a lady doctor who gently mopped away Sarah's tears. She smiled kindly at her, "I'm going to give you two injections to relax you and then we'll start. Hopefully, when you wake, you won't be worried any more." Sarah shook her head from side to side. This wasn't what she wanted at all! She wanted to keep her memory intact. Meanwhile the doctor was drawing up two hypodermic syringes and brought them over in a kidney dish to her cot and placed the dish on top of her cot. Swabbing the rubber tubing leading to her cannula needle, the doctor squirted in the first injection, then the next and turned up the drip so the fluids ran into her quickly. Sarah visibly wilted as the drugs did their work. The doctor turned to matron, "Will you anaesthetise her while I work the ECT? This one delivers a high power d.c. Pulse instead of an a.c. current so is much more effective. I'll set it onto repeat so that we do the maximum damage to her memory tonight." Matron went to the cupboard to get gauze, the ethyl chloride spray bottle and the ether dropper bottle. She placed them on a trolley and wheeled them to the side of Sarah's cot. She lowered the head end of the cot and wedged Sarah's head and the funnel vertically with pillows while the doctor connected the wires to the ECT machine which she then plugged into the mains. She pressed the 'test' button and then went to get some saline to recharge the saline pads under the electrodes. After doing this, she checked again and nodded with satisfaction as the machine showed a good circuit. She turned the voltage to maximum and set the machine to repeat pulses. She turned to the matron, "ready when you are." The night matron placed the gauze over the funnel leading to the mouth gag which was firmly in Sarah's mouth, held there by the rubber chin strap. The matron started to spray the ethyl chloride onto the gauze until Sarah's reactions showed she was unconscious. The matron then replaced the ethyl chloride with ether dropped onto the gauze to deepen the anaesthesia and to make it longer lasting. She nodded to the doctor who pressed the 'on' button on the ECT machine. Repeated shocks coursed through Sarah's brain as she was having fit after fit. One of the drugs was a relaxant so Sarah;'s body did not convulse as much as the first time. The matron continued to drop the ether onto the gauze to keep her anaesthetised. Eventually, the doctor turned off the machine and indicated to the matron that she could stop the anaesthetic too. The doctor spoke, "That should have obliterated much of her memory. I doubt she'll been know her name when she wakes, but we'll do this again in the morning. I suggest, however, that we keep her sedated (as the doctor made changes to Sarah's medication chart) between sessions."

In the morning, when the 'nice' young nurse was on duty, it was part of her job to change Sarah's nappy and to wash as much of her as was outside of the strait jacket. Because she was heavily sedated, the mouth gag was left in place and a drug administered to stop her over-salivating. The doctor and day matron arrived to administer the next course of massive ECT to cause mini-strokes on Sarah's brain to erase all her memories and her own self. The matron turned to the young nurse, "You're new in the hospital. Ask sister if she can spare you as I would like you to watch this." The nurse went to check with the ward sister and came back to say she had been given permission to stay. It was much as the previous night with the nurse being asked to support the funnel vertically so that the matron could place the gauze over the funnel mouth to spray the ethyl chloride onto the gauze so that it would evaporate to be breathed in by Sarah and so quickly anaesthetise her. Because of the heavy sedation, the matron was able to switch over to ether quite quickly. The doctor the proceeded to administer shock after shock to poor Sarah's brain as her body convulsed from the artificially induced fits which the shocks were causing. After this was completed, the doctor spoke to the nurse, "I think we can have her in a nightdress – the latex one – instead of the strait jacket. The sedation and the damage to her brain should make sure she won't be capable of escape. Our plan is to reduce her to the level of a new baby, doubly incontinent and requiring life-long care."

"Please, doctor, may I ask a question?" Matron interjected quickly, "I'm sure the doctor is far too busy to answer questions."

"No," said the doctor,"She was invited to learn and so, yes, I'll answer your questions."

"Please, why is this lady being deliberately brain-damaged to such an extent? What happened for her to be needing this?" The doctor nodded, "That is an excellent question! We do need to ask why patients receive the treatment they do. In Sarah's case, she was foully raped over several hours. This left her so traumatised that she cried constantly and had several times tried to slash her wrists to commit suicide. As you know, it is a crime to try to commit suicide and she could have been sent to prison. However, when she was taken into her local general hospital, it was decided to have her sectioned and treated rather than sent to prison. As she was so distressed and wanting to die, this was thought to be the kindest treatment for her." The nurse blushed, "Doctor, have you physically examined the patient, please?" Matron interjected again, "That's enough questions, nurse, go back to sister for her to find you a job to do." The doctor spoke again, "Matron, may I be the judge of what questions I answer? No, I haven't physically examined her. Why do you ask?"

"Please, doctor, I have washed and changed this lady several times. May I show you?" Because of the leg bar and the strait jacket, Sarah had drop front rubber pants over her nappy. The nurse undid the crotch strap of the strait jacket, unpoppered the pants, unpinned the nappy and lowered the nappy to expose Sarah. The doctor guessed why the nurse had done this and looked carefully,.

"Why, matron! This nurse is right! She is still a virgin and most certainly hasn't been raped. Most strange!" The nurse meanwhile was quietly freeing Sarah's arms from the strait jacket and laid them, wrist upwards, across her body. The doctor and matron gasped with horror as the doctor spoke, "There are certainly no scars from any attempted suicide – she has never slashed her wrists. What is going on here? I think we should stop and investigate this further as this patient appears to be receiving treatment she does not need. Nurse, remove the mouth gag and all head coverings, then put her in a normal nightgown for the moment while matron and I investigate. Meanwhile, do not, under any circumstances, discuss this with anyone, staff or otherwise. Understood?" The nurse gave her full assent to this.

Later the matron came back to tell the nurse what had been discovered. The patient they believed had been transferred form the other hospital was, in fact, still a patient there as she had shown considerable improvement. The ambulance had brought a male patient from that hospital along with a female patient from that hospital, but certainly not Sarah! Matron stressed again to the nurse that she must not discuss this with anyone, including her ward sister – matron and the doctor excluded, of course. Meanwhile, Sarah had been taken off all drugs to assess her condition. She was kept in the treatment room and matron had told the young nurse to stay with her and that matron would square that with sister. Sarah started to come round but it was obvious from her eyes that she was effectively totally brain damaged. When the nurse tried to speak to her, Sarah just gazed vacantly at her and showed no sign of comprehension. The nurse went for her lunch, leaving Sarah alone in the side room. When she returned to the side room, the nurse found Sarah had gone. She went to sister to ask if Sarah had been moved onto a new ward or onto the main ward. The sister looked horrified, "No, no-one has moved her!" There was panic at a lost patient, but the search revealed that Sarah was not in the hospital and certainly had not got past any of the locked doors. This was indeed a mystery!

So where was Sarah? She was found outside the old mental hospital in 2011. The police officer in charge of the case, after she had been rushed to hospital and the terrible condition of her mental capacity discovered was well connected and soon managed to link Sarah with Holly, Ben, Glen, John and Jane. He drew the attention of his superiors to this and that Sarah was the last of a series of similar cases where the missing person was found effectively totally brain damaged and dressed in older style clothing and nappies in the grounds of a hospital. The officer knew a top scientist at Cambridge and went to see her. He explained about all the cases and showed her the case files. She had a very open mind and immediately realised that time travel had happened, no matter how impossible it might seem and that some entity must be causing this because the similarity in the cases seemed too alike to be merely coincidence. She asked if she and her team of students and researchers could go to the 'crime scene' with monitoring equipment to try to get to the bottom of the situation. He asked his boss who asked up the chain of command and permission was given. The team set up special aerials and sensors all around the hospital, pointing inwards as well as transmitters capable of generating a strong bubble shaped electric field.. Very quickly, the presence of the entity was found as it sensed itself being probed. This is what it had hoped to avoid! The electric field was activated as soon as the entity had been discovered, trapping the being inside the field. The professor was in charge of the science but she had been joined by a contingent from the police force and the chief constable. The professor spoke to the chief constable, "This entity has been responsible for the permanent damage to several people - children as well as a police officer. So do you want me to collapse the field as that, I believe, will trap and destroy whatever it is inside that field. Do you want me to do that?" The chief constable turned to her, the anger clearly visible in his eyes, "Yes! Do it! I don't care what it is, I don't want it harming anyone else." The professor turned to her team and gave the order. The electric field slowly started to collapse. The entity appeared inside the hospital as a dark cloud, twisting and turning to try to find a way to escape. The field collapse speeded up and the entity was contained totally inside the field which constricted around it. A terrible sound was heard and felt in people's brains as the creature died. The professor was glad she'd been able to help but, turning the the chief constable, saying, "It may well be our first encounter with an alien species and we have had to destroy it. What does that say about us as the human race?" The chief constable replied, "Yes, but look what it did to innocent children – what does that say about the entity? You did the right thing." As the equipment was being packed away, the demolition team moved in to demolish the old hospital ccompletely. pointing to a side room which had an open door. Sarah and the nurses walked through the door. There was a chair in the centre with straps to hold the patient down firmly attached to it and a trolley with a rubber mattress at the back of the room. The walls were lined with cupboards and there was a sluice and sink as well.

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