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Adam had been born to rich parents before the war in 1934. His mother had been devoted to him as he was their only child. His father hardly saw him as he owned a large engineering firm and was very busy running that, and also had a large country estate with a grand title to go with that, passed down through his family for years. As a Lord, he was very proud of his lineage.. Adam lived in a large house with an enormous garden and was very happy. Then World War 2 started. Adam's father was fine: his firm was switched to war work – making guns and mobile armament – so he continued being very busy. His mother felt a deep sense of duty decided that she should do something to help during the war. So she joined the air raid wardens. One huge raid happened and after that a police officer appeared at the door to tell his father that his wife had been killed in the air raid after a bomb fell on the post she was working at.

His father did not seem over-moved by his wife's death but Adam was very, very distressed. This was made worse when his father, just two months later, married his young secretary. Adam felt that this was too soon and didn't 'take' to his new step mother at all. There was a great deal of friction in the house as his father now seemed to be spending more time at home with his new wife. Unbeknown to Adam, he had been the cause of discussions between his father and step mother. Whilst Adam had been at boarding school, he was still at home for long periods during the holidays. His father didn't want his son in the house as Adam had accidentally come across them kissing and cuddling each other on the sofa in the drawing room. His father had been furious even though Adam had apologised profusely and hadn't been at fault anyway. His step mother wanted him out of the way completely. This was because she was now pregnant with his child and neither of them wanted reminding of his previous wife and off-spring. Adam's father had discretely asked around and put his preferred choice to his wife, "Darling, a friend of mine says that we can get Adam sectioned as mentally incapable and then kept in a mental hospital for the rest of his life. It will cost, but I think it's worth it."

"But what if he gets out and then makes trouble for us?"

"Don't worry, dear, I understand that the 'patients' are locked up better than convicts in prison and, if we get a son and heir, the doctors will treat Adam so he will not remember anything about who he is or ourselves."

"Let's do it!" his wife cried eagerly. Her husband said that it would take a few days to make the necessary arrangements but he was in complete agreement that this is what was needed for Adam.

So one night, when their servant took Adam up his night time drink of cocoa, this was heavily drugged with a sleeping compound. His father insisted that he wear nappies and rubber pants over the top as Adam had wet his bed several times immediately after his mother's death. So the servant made sure that Adam was wearing these under his night shirt and then tucked him into bed. The servant felt very guilty as she knew that there was a drug in the cocoa. She was devoted to Adam's real mother and to Adam too, but also valued her job, so didn't want to make trouble. Adam, who tended to stay in his bedroom out of their way as much as possible, drank the cocoa, making a face at its strangely bitter after-taste that night, and laid down to sleep. Later, an ambulance drew up outside the house. His father, waiting and expecting it, let the attendants in, along with a nurse who was carrying a case. In his bedroom, the nurse took out a syringe and filled it with a drug to pacify Adam should he wake, but that, and the sleeping draught, should ensure that that did not happen. She pulled down his rubber pants and nappy, exposing his buttock on one side. Swabbing it with alcohol, she then plunged the needle in deeply into the muscle and injected the drug. Because Adam was so heavily sedated, he hardly twitched as she did this. A ball gag was placed in his mouth by the expedient of holding his nose until he opened his mouth to gasp for air. That was to make sure that his transfer was done as discretely as possible. Adam was then wrapped in a blanket and carried out on an ambulance chair to the waiting vehicle. Once laid on the stretcher inside, the vehicle drove off rapidly to take Adam to the private mental hospital out in the country some miles away.

When he woke later the next morning, he found he was in a room in bed with high cot sides so he couldn't fall out. There was a lid to the cot which hadn't been put in place. There was another bed in the room with a young girl asleep in it. She had been there a few days before Adam but had been drugged that night to make sure she didn't disturb Adam as he was admitted to the hospital. There were pale blue rubber curtains which could divide off the beds and, in the corner, a strange shower with a round seat and, again, surrounded by blue rubber curtains. Disturbingly, he saw that the window in the room was sealed off with metal bars buried deep inside the masonry so escape through the window would be absolutely impossible. A nurse sat on a chair in the room waiting for Adam to wake. The gag had been removed from his mouth when he had been put in the hospital bed. Adam, not surprisingly, asked, "What's happened? Where am I?" The nurse smiled at him, "You have been committed to a private mental hospital because of your distress at the death of your mother. This will now be your home for the rest of your life."

"But why? I'm not mad or anything?"

"No, you're not, but your parents don't want you at home any more so had you committed here. The same thing happened to Heather in the bed next to you. Her father died and her mother remarried . Heather's new father didn't want a teenage child so she was brought in here. She'll stay here for life like you!"

"But that's not fair!"

"No, Adam, it probably isn't fair, but you're here and the quicker you get used to it, the better it will be for you. You're both wearing nappies and rubber pants and that's how you'll stay in here. New patients often wet themselves at night anyway and nappies are what has been decided for you both, so, again, there's no point in fighting it, Adam."

Later, after Heather woke, they discussed their plight. Heather, who had been there longer, was glad of company who wasn't wearing a nurse's uniform – someone about her own age was much better! She told Adam that they didn't just have the room in which Adam woke up in, but there was a garden outside with a metal cage roof to prevent escape that way, but they could walk and play there if they wanted.

"We get a sleeping drug every night to try to make sure we don't even try to escape overnight. The major crime you can commit here to to be constipated and you don't want to know what happens until you really have to!" said Heather.

Heather and Adam grew to know each other well. The nurses treated them kindly. Even playing ball with them in the little garden area. There were other doors opening onto the garden area so that Adam guessed that other children were being held captive in this way too with those children using the garden when they weren't. He even tried leaving a note to see if anyone would reply to his note which he'd concealed in a bush. It was found and given back to him with a strict warning not to do that again or else. The 'or else' was never quite specified, but Adam guessed it would not be pleasant. He did discover the 'crime' of being constipated, however! The nurses recorded the children's bowel movements and it was noticed that Adam had not 'been' for two days. Heather commented as the nurse bore down on Adam with a large dose of liquid paraffin, "Oh dear! You're for it now, Adam!" Not only did he have the dose of liquid paraffin just before bed, he also got two glycerine suppositories inserted as the nurse changed him into his thicker night time nappies. After the nurse had gone, Adam said plaintively to Heather, "If I have a good bowel movement tomorrow, than I wont get any more?"

"Oh no!" came heather's reply, "You get the full cleansing no matter what now."

"So what's next?" asked Adam, anxiously. Heather laughed, "Oh no, Adam, you'll have to wait and see. I'm not going to spoil your 'fun'!"

The next morning Adam woke to find that the liquid paraffin had seeped out of his back passage along with the glycerine suppository. He could feel the sliminess between the cheeks of his bottom and didn't like it. The nurse came to change him for the morning but, instead of the lighter day time nappies, he had an extra thick pile of terry nappies fastened to him. After the two had had breakfast, the nurse came to take the trays away but, before doing so, demanded that Adam stand before her. With a large chromium plated syringe equipped with a long curved narrow spout, she squirted a very large dose of castor oil down the back of Adam's throat. He recognised the foul taste immediately as his mother had given it to him on a couple of occasions whilst she was still alive so didn't need telling by the nurse to swallow it as fast as possible. He was handed a glass of milk to try to take the taste away and, because he had not made a fuss, gave him a peppermint sweet as well to mask the taste. When she had gone, Adam's face lost it's normal happy countenance, despite his 'imprisonment', as he remarked to Heather, "I'm for it today with a dose that big, aren't I?" Heather told him that he'd be best on the bed when the cramps started as he'd be doubled up with the griping pains as he filled his nappy with the oily stool from the castor oil. Adam had hoped that he might get a mid morning nappy change, but no such luck. It was just after lunch that his nappies were changed and the castor oil had really done its work, filling his nappy with copious oily stool which had spread all over the nappy and Adam underneath the rubber pants. The nurse, wearing rubber boots, an ankle length rubber apron and long gloves right up her arms, took him over to the shower area and pulled the blue rubber curtains around to screen Adam from Heather's watchful gaze. The nurse pulled down the rubber pants and unpinned his nappies allowing the sticky mess to drop onto the floor of the shower tray. She turned on the water and proceeded to wash him off. Adam thought that would be the end of his purging, but he was wrong! She told him to sit on the seat in the shower now he was clean and dried his top carefully.

The nurse wrapped a dry towel around him and disappeared outside the blue rubber curtain for a few minutes. Adam could hear Heather laughing but didn't know why. He knew the answer when the nurse came round the curtain holding a large enema can filled to the top with suds of soap, a long tube and a very large nozzle. She hung the can up and told Adam to stand up, and then bend forward with his hands on his knees. She passed the nozzle and tubing up through the hole in the shower seat and then rammed the nozzle into Adam's bottom. He gasped as the large nozzle was forced in and there was a narrower section behind it with a shield so that it was held in place. Then, to Adam's horror, the nurse pumped the nozzle up inside him until he was sure he would burst. The nurse then opened the clamp and ignored Adam's protests that the very hot water was flowing too fast. Heather called out, "Adam, I did warn you what would happen!" Adam looked down and could see his belly swelling hugely with all the enema. Once the can was empty, the nurse clamped it off and told him he'd have to hold it for a few minutes but the plug would help with that. Adam by now was squirming on the seat as the soap irritated his colon and demanded that it be released. After what seemed like an eternity, the nurse let the air out of the plug and pulled it away sharply as Adam gratefully emptied himself. Eventually the nurse led him back to bed and put him back in his nappies and rubber pants. He was so glad to be in bed as the enema had left him empty and exhausted. The nurse left them to get an afternoon nap. Heather was lying in bed with the covers over her mouth as she chuckled at Adam's discomposure. Adam spoke to her, "All right, have your laugh!" Heather came out from the covers, "I'm sorry, Adam, but your face was a picture! They really do want us emptied, don't they? I've had that done three times now and each time I hope it will be the last."

Life continued as 'normal' for them for a couple of days after this. The next day, both children were given their late evening cocoa to drink with the nurse standing to check that they'd drunk it all and the mugs safely returned before putting out the light and leaving them to sleep. On this occasion, Adam thought that the cocoa tasted slightly bitter, but thought no more of it. The nurse waited outside of the door until she thought that the extra large sleeping draught would have worked. She went in to make sure to her satisfaction that they were soundly asleep. She went to tell sister who came back with a small trolley and another nurse. Both children were lying on their sides with their noses almost buried in the pillows. She lifted the white cloth covering the trolley and picked up the spray bottle of ethyl chloride from a kidney dish on top of the trolley. She went over to Adam and sprayed a liberal quantity onto Adam's pillow beside his nose so that he would be suitably unconscious. She then did the same to Heather and the second nurse released the brakes on Heather's bed. The two nurses wheeled Heather out of the room while sister checked that everything linked to Heather had been removed from the room. She then joined the nurses in the corridor and picked up a hypodermic syringe in a second kidney dish. One of the nurses exposed Heather's thigh while the sister injected a large dose of a drug to render Heather docile and quiet. After all, they didn't want to wake the other patients in the hospital!

The next morning, Adam woke and discovered Heather was gone. He asked the nurse where she was. The nurse said that Sarah had been moved to another room as another girl had arrived and the hospital hoped that Heather would be a companion for her and comfort her. Adam asked why she had been moved in the middle of the night and was firmly told that this was hospital policy as Adam might have made a fuss. He was also told to expect a male companion in the next few days. The nurse, of course, knew what had happened to Heather but certainly wasn't going to tell Adam!

Three days later, with still no companion, Adam was given his night time cocoa which, he noticed, tasted slightly bitter again. He stopped drinking it and complained to the nurse. She told him not to be so silly. The hospital was trying a different cocoa for its patients and that was the reason for the slightly strange taste.

"Drink up!" she said and Adam decided to do as he was told. The same happened to him as had happened to Heather some nights previously. The difference was that as there was no other person in the room, he received his injection in the room he had shared with Heather and otherwise received exactly the same treatment. The reason for this was that his step-mother had recently given birth to two very healthy male twins so that he was no longer needed and was to be changed for a cheaper stay in the hospital.

When he woke, he found that things were very different. The first thing he felt was the mouth gag holding his teeth apart and a strap under his chin holding his jaws together. He was also wearing a rubber cap of some kind on his head and, from the feel of things, his head had been shaved too. He then realised that his hands were in mittens so he couldn't touch anything, his arms and legs were strapped to the sides of his cot bed and, apart from his head covering, he was naked except for his semi-transparent rubber pants and nappies. In the past, he had been wearing blue rubber pants over his nappies and Heather's had been pink, appropriately. He wondered why the change. From the feel of them, as his back didn't touch the mattress, he had been put in extra thick nappies for some reason. In fact, this was so the nurses would later know when to change a patient in the ward in which he would end up. They didn't change patients there more than they had to. He also had a drip in one arm running. As he started to look around, slowly because he was still rather dizzy and disorientated from the large dose of anti-psychotic medication he'd been given, he realised that the room in which he was was rather more clinical in nature than the one he'd been in. He could see what he guessed, correctly, was an anaesthetic machine with its black corrugated rubber tubes, big black re-breather bag and a large red rubber face mask. Next to that was a stainless steel trolley with a box on it which had a cable coming from it ending in a plug and was also connected to the mains electricity. On the other side, he could just see the feet of someone in a similar cot bed to his who was being wheeled into the room by two nurses. One spotted Adam was awake.

"Oh dear! You were supposed to stay sedated until you'd had your first treatment. I don't know what we'll do now. I think we'd better wait until the doctor comes and see what she says." Fortunately for that nurse, at that moment, the door to the room opened again and a lady dressed in a green tunic and trousers – what we would call 'scrubs' today – came in and said "Hallo" to the two nurses. The worried nurse spoke to her immediately, "Doctor, we've brought both patients for their treatment today, but Adam has woken up which wasn't supposed to happen." The young lady doctor came over into Adam's field of view. She smiled at him, a nice smile, "Hello there, Adam. I've got to decide what to do about the fact that you're not still sedated. Would you like me to sedate you so that when you next wake, your first course of treatment will be over?" Adam shook his head furiously to indicate his dissent to that suggestion.

"OK, then, young man, do you want me to tell you what's going on?"

"Adam's nodding confirmed that was exactly what he wanted.

"Well now, Adam, you can't speak as you realise because you've got a mouth gag in your mouth which is to stop you biting down on your tongue or breaking any teeth during the treatment. The rubber gag has a groove in it into which your teeth fit and a hole in the end so you can breathe either through your mouth or nose. There is a strap under your chin which holds the gag in place and in attached to a rubber cap on your head. Your head was completely shaved while you were drugged and two metal plates put either side of your head with salt water soaked pads of gauze underneath them. They are held in place by a thin rubber under cap – rather like is used at swimming pools. Then the rubber over-cap was put on with the mouth gag and strapped into place." She picked up the wires attached to the electrodes and showed them to him, "These two wires are connected to the metal plates either side of your head and will connect to the cable coming out of my box over there (pointing to the box on the trolley). In a few minutes, I'll put you to sleep and then I'll pass some electricity through those wires which will help you forget who you are. It will take several treatments, but in the end you won't remember anything about who you are or anything else. You will be well looked after here for the rest of your life." Adam, not unnaturally, looked horrified by this. The doctor carried on, "I like to be truthful as you won't remember any of what I've said anyway in a few days. However, and I suspect the nurses may disagree with me, as you're awake, you deserve to know what is happening to you and , above all, why. You know, of course, that your father remarried and you were brought here because they didn't want you any more. However, as the only male heir, your father wanted you still fully aware to inherit the family name if he and his new wife didn't have any male offspring. As they now have a pair of healthy male twins, they decided that they didn't want you able to claim your father's title and money when he dies, so I am going to start your treatment today. This way, when he dies, you won't be competent to inherit and the elder of the twins will inherit his title and lands. It's tough on you, but at least you'll be alive! In the past, unwanted children often had 'accidents' which killed them so, at least, you won't be dead. You remember your room-mate Heather? Heather is going to start the fourth day of her treatment and she won't remember you at all." It is hard to say whether the doctor wanted to be cruel or just thought that she was being helpful to poor Adam by telling him the dreadful things which were to happen to him. The doctor herself pulled Heather's cot next to his. Adam could see that the person in the cot was covered with a sheet unlike himself. The person was lying on her back – the shape under the sheet showed that the occupant of the bed was indeed female. He could see the white rubber cap on her head with the rubber strap and chin cup under her chin with the black rubber mouth gag protruding through her lips as a short black rubber tube. She also had a thin semi-transparent rubber tube up her nose and taped in place. It had a stopper in the end. The doctor gently turned Heather's head so that she was facing him and he did, indeed, recognise her face as her head was turned. But to his surprise and the doctor's as well, Heather appeared to recognise him and tears came into her eyes as she saw Adam in the same plight as herself.

"Good heavens!" the doctor remarked "She has recognised him after the treatment she's had so far! That is most unusual." She turned to Adam, "Well then, young man, we were planning for you to go first. Do you want to go first or should Heather go first?" She realised that he couldn't answer because of the gag and so asked "You first?" Adam shook his head.

"Is that because you're frightened and want to postpone what is going to happen?" Again Adam shook his head.

"Are you trying to spare Heather having to wait and see you treated?" Adam nodded furiously. The doctor gave Adam a pitying smile, "You're a good lad. Neither of you really deserve this. OK, so Heather first then. Would you like me to sedate you again so you won't see anything?" To her surprise, Adam indicated that he didn't want that.

"Would you like me to sedate you when Heather has been treated?" Again, Adam indicated the negative.

"You're a brave young man! I'd have wanted to be sedated immediately as you know you can't escape this, don't you?" Adam nodded. The doctor spoke to Adam, "If you promise not to do anything silly, I'll remove the mitten from one of your arms and unstrap it from the bed. Then you can hold Heather's hand while I anaesthetise her. Would you like that?" From the way Adam nodded, the answer was obvious. The doctor turned to Heather and asked her if she would like to hold Adam's hand. With tears in her eyes, she nodded, making the doctor realise that the bond between these two must have been very strong for Heather to remember him after her treatment so far.

The cot beds were wheeled together and the children allowed to hold hands. The nurses also removed the head end of each of the cots so the doctor could anaesthetise them and also connect up the ECT machine to deliberately damage their memories and their brains, causing lots of little small bleeds inside their brains like many tiny strokes. Adam was crying too for Heather and the loss they both would have of forgetting each other. The doctor told them that she was going to prepare the anaesthetic to put Heather to sleep. She explained, mainly for Adam's benefit, that the ether in the anaesthetic machine was very hard to breathe at first and children often coughed and held their breath, making things unpleasant for them and more difficult for the staff. She showed them the first device used to put them to sleep before the ether was used to get them deeply unconscious. The device was a large red rubber mask with a roll rim similar to the one of the anaesthetic machine, connected by a short length of corrugated black rubber tubing to a large re-breather bag. Also connected to the re-breather bag was a rubber squeeze bulb to fill the bag with air and a rubber tube with a valve on the attachment to the bag. She was standing at the foot of both beds as she showed them, mainly Adam as Heather was possibly not able to fully understand, or so she thought, that there was a valve on the mask which switched between air and the contents of the re-breather bag. She took a glass vial, explaining, "This glass tube contains ethyl chloride which is a very fast acting anaesthetic. It will put you to sleep very quickly and then I'll switch over to the ether over here and change the mask over to the one attached to the anaesthetic machine. . I pop the glass tube into the rubber tube and break the end off with the valve open. I hold it up so that the liquid drops into the black rubber bag and then, as soon as it is all in there, I close off the valve. The liquid evaporates quickly and, as you can see, the bag is slightly inflated from the anaesthetic. Next I remove the rubber tube and one of the nurses will empty the glass from it for me. I then pump up the bag until it is full with air by squeezing this smaller rubber bulb and then, as you can see, we're ready!"

The doctor turned to Heather with a slight smile on her face.

"Heather, would you like me to give Adam the chance to have a quick smell of the anaesthetic first so he can see what it's like before I put you to sleep. There's more than enough in here to let Adam have a quick smell and then put you to sleep!" She winked at Heather which Adam missed. Heather looked at her as she thought this out and then nodded slowly. Adam who had been mainly looking at her anyway, asked, "Heather, do you really want me to try it first? Wouldn't you rather get it over with?" Heather shook her head. Adam continued, "You want me to have a quick smell of the gas to see what it is like?" Heather nodded rapidly so Adam would be in no doubt of her opinion. Adam turned to Heather again, "If you're sure you want me to try the gas to see what it's like, I'll gladly do that for you!"

The doctor asked one of the nurses to remove Adam's other mitten and free up his arm.

"Adam, you can help hold the mask over your face. OK?" Adam nodded for her. With Heather there, he wasn't going to make trouble or show her how desperately terrified of all this he was. The doctor gave the bag another pump of air so the thin rubber was really stretched quite hard.

"Adam, I've got the valve on air and I'm going to hold the mask over your face now. OK?" Again Adam gave his assent. She placed the domed red rubber mask over his face, covering his nose, mouth and clearing the black rubber gag in his mouth, and also covering his eyes as well. This was a special children's mask designed for sedated patients so they wouldn't see what was happening when they were put to sleep. Adam held the mask around the rubber dome. The doctor said, "This needs to be pushed over your face fairly hard so the gas doesn't leak out and make us all sleepy!" Adam obliged by pressing down hard to make a good seal and the doctor held the top of the mask to make sure that it stayed in place.

"Good lad! That's right. Now, when I tell you, I want you to breathe out as very far as you can, then I'll open the valve, you get a smell of the gas, and we can then deal with Heather." Still holding the mask down as well as Adam, she said, "Breathe out now!" Adam, who had been brought up to obey adults, breathed out as far as he could. The doctor said, "Breathe in now!" as she turned the valve to connect the mask to the re-breather bag. What Adam hadn't realised was that she had actually put a tube of the ethyl chloride in earlier so there was a double dose in the bag. Also the extra pressure forced the gas into Adam's lungs as he breathed it in. As he breathed in the very strong dose of the gas, he realised that he'd been tricked and let go of the mask, but it was firmly held over his face. He couldn't see the doctor's face, of course, but both the doctor and Heather were smiling at the subterfuge. His head was spinning from the first breath which was enough to make sure that he couldn't stop himself from breathing in and out again and again. In a matter of a minute, he was unconscious as his body relaxed and his grip on Heather's hand slipped as his hand fell away to be tucked onto the bed by one of the nurses. and the doctor switched over to the ether mask which was strapped to his face since he'd get the ether all the time she was shocking him. One of the nurses commented as the doctor administered the ethyl chloride that he had passed urine and stool – a very common occurrence with ethyl chloride if the person hasn't emptied bladder and bowels before surgery. She injected the drug to stop him from feeling too sick from the ether when he woke and a drug to help relax his muscles. While she was injecting Adam, Heather was being given both of these as well as a strong sedative. The doctor wasn't cruel and didn't want Heather to see what was happening to Adam either. The nurses then placed the rubber padded restraints either side of Adam and a rubber pad under his head and neck to try to prevent injuries when he fitted.

The doctor connected the plug from the ECT machine into the socket connected to the two metal plates either side of Adam's temples with the saline pads to aid conduction. She pressed a button on the box and the needle flicked over satisfactorily showing her that there was a good connection. She looked at the box and decided that, since the idea was to permanently damage Adam's ability to think, probably rendering him doubly incontinent fort life and so reliant on nappies and rubber pants to deal with that, she would use the highest setting to inflict the maximum damage. She pressed the button and Adam's body heaved and twitched as he fitted from the result of the electro-convulsive therapy. As the name implies, convulsions were expected. Still keeping Adam breathing the ether, she pressed the button again when the first fit subsided. She checked his pulse and listened to his breathing, deciding that she could give him a third shock. Each shock lasted around four minutes – proving that he really was getting a huge shock and convulsion. As the muscle contractions were diminished by the effect of the sedative drug she had administered so she had to judge the effectiveness of her 'treatment' by the length of convulsion produced. In the end, she shocked him for a total of half an hour – a tremendously long time and one never allowed today. She turned the ether off and allowed Adam to just breathe oxygen. When he was showing signs of recovery, the nurses inserted a naso-gastric tube just like Heather's, (The tube running up her nose into her stomach) turned him onto his side, freeing up the bonds which had held him flat on his back and placed a shallow pan under his mouth in case the ether caused vomiting – a very common side effect, despite the anti-nausea injection the doctor had given him on induction.

The doctor now turned her attentions to Heather who has watched Adam's treatment with tears in her eyes. The doctor stood at the end of Heather's cot, "It's your turn now. Would you like me to try to burn away your memories and have a long course of shocks like Adam had?" Heather nodded. She remembered some and what she remembered was so painful, showing her what she had lost, that she wanted to forget it all since good memories would not be allowed to her again. The doctor anaesthetised Heather with the ethyl chloride and quickly switched to ether. Heather had cooperated by breathing the anaesthetic in deeply to hurry it up and bring on the inevitable. She too survived a half an hour of the electric shocks. When she too showed signs of recovery, the two children were wheeled out of the large treatment room and towards their ward. This was so different to the way the children had been cared for before in their double room. This was a long 'Nightingale' style ward. There were cot beds on both sides with children – a few boys at one end nearest the door and girls at the far end, but there were a few adults in the female end. Most were lying there, just staring into space while some twitched and convulsed constantly. They were all being fed by the tube up their noses and just lay on the cots naked apart from their rubber pants and nappies and, for the 'females', a breast band for 'modesty. One or two still had i.v. infusions running. The nurse saw Adam looking around him, "The ones with the drips running are still having the treatment like you, but you won't be like that for long!" Adam didn't know whether this was meant to cheer him or not, but, again strapped down to the bed, there was nothing her could do to escape.

Meanwhile, Adam's father was being visited by the matron from the hospital. His father handed her the documents of a well provided trust fund for Adam's life-long care. Despite what he had caused to be done and the reason for it, he actually did love his first-born son, but the pain of seeing his first wife in him was more than he could bear. She, however, spoke to him, "This is very generous and is more than necessary. But I do have a question to ask of you concerning his care. It is normal that we emasculate all the males in our 'special care': are we to do the same to Adam to prevent him from ever siring a child?" His father asked, "What exactly do you do?"

"We castrate him and remove his penis, re-siting the urinary output in the same place as for females under general anaesthetic and then he gets female hormones which will produce breasts so he looks like a female at first glance so we can hide his identity in case of investigations."

"Yes, do that. Make it so," his father said, albeit with regret for his son and what he had done to him. Adam had thought his father cold and distant, but that was they way his father had treated him and he knew no different. He was fond of his son, but his new wife would not even hear his name mentioned. It was her offspring who must inherit, according to her demands and he loved her so much that he willingly gave in to her.

The doctor who had treated Adam was waiting to see matron when she returned from seeing Adam's father.

"I have a problem with the ECT machine. Firstly, we have to share it with the main hospital and secondly it really isn't as effective as it should be. There is a new one available which delivers a much more powerful shock. You remember Heather? (Matron nodded) She remembered Adam despite the usual course of treatment which should have left her virtually brain dead. I have requested the loan of one of the new machines which delivers a powerful d.c. pulse instead of an a.c. one. What is the chance of purchasing this, please, for our use in this wing?" Matron gave her a big beaming smile, "Go ahead and submit the invoice! Adam's father has just made sure that there is more than enough money to keep Adam for life so he can be the first to have the new machine used on him. How appropriate!"

Adam had been left on his 'drip' overnight and had not received any feeding through his naso-gastric tube because he was scheduled for another ECT session that day and for the rest of the week until his memory and ability to think was completely obliterated. He had been kept sedated by means of injections of drugs through the drip line so Adam lay there, spaced out on the drugs and quite placid. Sister received a telephone message that Adam was to go for treatment. However, she had been asked to make sure he was thoroughly washed and wearing drop front rubber pants over his nappies. Sister knew that meant that Adam was scheduled for the emasculation surgery that day and possibly more as well as his electric shock treatment. She called two nurses and told them to get Adam ready. An hour later, the phone call came for the nurses to take him to the treatment room which was also capable of minor surgery.

Adam was wheeled in and two nurses in surgical garb were waiting there along with the doctor. Despite the drugs, Adam realised that something nasty was going to happen and became agitated. The doctor noticed that so gave him another dose of medication through the rubber drip line, opened up the drip so that the drug washed quickly into his veins so his agitation subsided. The doctor asked the two nurses to stay as they would need help lifting Adam onto the operating table. The sides, top and end of his cot were lowered and the nurses lifted Adam onto the table as he struggled feebly. As soon as he was lying on the table, the nurses passed straps across his chest to hold him down. One of the surgical nurses picked up a metal stirrup and plugged it into the operating table and then did the same the other side. The surgical nurses then raised Adam's feet into the stirrups which forced his legs back so his bottom was easily accessible. The end of the table was lowered so Adam's bottom was right up to the edge of the table. Straps were passed around the stirrups to secure his legs to them. The doctor thanked the two ward nurses who then left. She pulled a trolley up to the head of the operating table by Adam's head. She picked up a syringe with a blunt rounded tip and went to Adam's head. She peeled back the edge of the rubber cap on his head and injected saline onto the pads under the metal electrodes to ensure that there would be a good contact. She next picked up a nose clip and clipped it on his nose so Adam had to open his mouth. Immediately the doctor pushed the rubber mouth gag into his mouth and held his chin while one of the nurses placed the rubber cup under his chin and then pulled the straps tight, fastening them to the rubber cap he was wearing so his mouth was firmly fixed around the gag. The doctor then removed the nose clip and connected the wires from the new ECT machine to the two electrodes side of his temples. The doctor spoke to the nurses, "I'll anaesthetise him, then we'll do the surgery and finish with the ECT." The doctor picked up the large red rubber mask which was then strapped over Adam's face, covering his whole face so he couldn't now see at all. She picked up the re-breather bag attached to the ethyl chloride tube and made sure that the valve to connect to the mask was closed. She connected the bag to the anaesthetic machine, a different one from last time, and filled the large black rubber re-breather bag with oxygen. She broke the ethyl chloride tube and tipped the liquid into the re-breather bag, turned the tap and then removed the ethyl chloride connector and handed it to the nurses.

"Ready!" she said to the nurses and connected the metal tap connector to the red rubber mask on Adam's face. She opened the tap and Adam started breathing the ethyl chloride and oxygen mixture. Adam quickly became unconscious, so the doctor closed the valve, removed the ethyl chloride device and plugged in the black rubber corrugated tubing from the anaesthetic machine. She had already turned the oxygen on already and, when the tubing was connected, she turned the ether lever on the vaporiser up to full. The re-breather bag on the anaesthetic machine inflated and deflated as Adam breathed in the anaesthetic.

Leaving the machine, she asked the nurses to lower Adam's rubber pants and nappy and then to clean him up so she could sterilise him. The nurses painted him with antiseptic and then suitably draped him with sterile sheets to prepare him. The doctor started by inserting a reinforced catheter into his bladder. She was multi-skilled and well paid – able to do this sort of surgery, anaesthetise patients and also act as a psychiatrist for the hospital. Very quickly she had cut away Adam's scrotum, pulled hard on his testes, one at a time, tying them off as high as possible, then cutting the spermatic cord and releasing the cord so that the end went up inside Adam. She cut away the root of Adam's penis so that it was separated from his body with just the catheter uniting them. Carefully cutting his penis away from the catheter. She then carefully reconstructed the section between his legs so that the catheter emerged from between his legs. She had a last look at her handiwork before asking the nurses to dress it. When this was done with a collecting bottle connected to the catheter, she switched on the new ECT machine and started to give Adam shock after shock. His fits lasted around 4 minutes each time and she shocked him again before the last fit had completely finished. When she felt he had had as much as he could stand with his body soaked in perspiration from the exertion of the fits, she turned off the ether and switched to pure oxygen. Finally, she injected another dose of the sedative medication then a huge dose of female hormone so he would start to develop breasts to fool any people enquiring for Adam. All patients had their hair cropped very close to their head so the only way to quickly identify the women was that they had breasts. The hospital did this to boys like Adam so that anyone asking questions of this new 'girl' would have to physically examine 'her' to find out the truth. When Adam started to show signs of recovery, she told the nurses to take him back to the ward. He had been put in clean dry nappies in theatre with drop front rubber pants and the catheter coming out of the side of the pants. He would keep the catheter until her had healed and could be back in nappies for his excretions like the other patients on the ward.

Back on the ward, Adam had been moved into the female section of the ward after his castration and emasculation. She told her nurses to tell her when Adam was showing signs of recovery. As soon as this happened, she went over to him to ask him ten questions, starting with his name. On this occasion, he answered all ten, showing sister that much more electric treatment was needed. Had Adam realised why she was asking this, he might not have answered the questions correctly to avoid as much ECT as hen ended up getting. His honesty caused him to have four more days of two sessions a day of the ECT under general anaesthetic which left him completely incapable. He couldn't speak any more, he had to be fed and given water as he was incapable of doing this for himself and, of course, was completely doubly incontinent. The amount set up to cover his care at the hospital by his father made sure that he was well looked after. The female hormones had produced a reasonable set of breasts for him so that, at first inspection, he would pass as female and was nursed with them in case anyone came asking awkward questions. The doctor was sad that both he and Heather, two lovely children, had had to suffer so much at her hand, but, at least, she thought, neither of them were aware of the terrible state they would be in for the rest of their lives.

Time passed, but, of course, Adam was completely unaware of this. A year later, his father made an early morning appointment one Monday to see the matron and the doctor who had treated Adam. He arrived in a taxi with an envelope under his arm. He was shown straight in where matron and the doctor were waiting for him.

"Sir Joseph, how lovely to see you again. What can we do for you? I hope you are satisfied by the way we have been caring for Adam after our doctor here had treated him according to your instructions?" matron asked him, slightly worried about why Adam's father had visited like this.

"I have no complaints whatsoever. You carried out my instructions to the letter, but I come about something completely different. I don't know if you had heard that my second wife and both our young twin boys were killed last month in a road accident? They were in a taxi which was run into by a large lorry so they were all killed, so I have been told, instantaneously."

"No, Sir Joseph, we hadn't heard. Please accept our condolences." Adam's father continued, "I have been thinking hard during the last month, have seen two psychiatrists who confirmed I am of sound mind and also consulted my lawyer who has drawn up the necessary documents for you. I destroyed my first son because I was infatuated with my second wife who wanted nothing to do with poor Adam. Hubris means that I have now lost my second sons and heirs, leaving me with no-one to hand my title to, or my engineering firm as well, of course, as loosing my second wife. After the way I have treated poor Adam" – Sir Joseph held up his hand to silence the doctor - "I know it is irreversible as I requested and that is my blame," he continued, "I have no wish to marry again and life, for me, has now no meaning or purpose. I have sold everything and set up a trust, if you are prepared to cooperate, which will pay the hospital £40,000 a year for the rest of my life and, at the end of my life, the residual of my estate will be donated to the hospital. In addition, at the end of this week, if you two have carried out my requests to the letter, which will be checked by my lawyer at the beginning of next week, you will both receive a cheque for £20,000." Both matron and the doctor gasped at this. Matron spoke, "But what is it that you want us to do?" Sir Joseph replied, "It is simple. I did love Adam dearly even though I found it difficult to show him that, especially in the time after my first wife died and before I remarried. I destroyed him so he will spend his life here and I want you to render me into exactly the same state." Both the doctor and matron gasped again, but for a very different reason this time. The doctor spoke, "Sir Joseph! Are you sure? You will be completely dependent for care, have to wear rubber pants and nappies as well as you will almost certainly be doubly incontinent. Is that really what you want?"

"Yes, absolutely. I can no longer live with the guilt of what I asked you to do to Adam and do not ever want to think about him and my other sad losses ever again. Here. Read these please." He handed the doctor and matron copies of the reports which stated that he was, indeed, of sound mind. They studied them and the doctor pronounced herself satisfied. Sir Joseph continued, "You will need these, of course, for your records. Here are my instructions and the contract to sign which will confirm the trust fund. Matron, if you do sign that, then please return that to my lawyer whose address is on this envelope which I have taken the trouble to have pre-stamped. Sign and we can start. I requested an early morning appointment so we can proceed, if possible, as soon as we can. I stand here in just the clothes I have and all my money now in the trust fund for the hospital. I have nothing. My lawyer even paid the taxi fare here. I am determined to do this." Matron called in the hospital's secretary to read the documents. He confirmed that it was all legal and acceptable to the hospital. Sir Joseph signed, as did matron, the doctor and the hospital secretary. Copies were kept for the hospital records. Matron turned to Sir Joseph, "I will ask you once more. Are you determined for us to do this to you?" Sir Joseph confirmed, "Yes, I want you to render me incapable of thought just as I asked you to do to Adam."

"Then," matron said, "may I offer you a final drink? Whisky?" Adam's father replied, "Please, and half water if you don't mind." Matron turned her back on the others in the room as she fixed drinks for all present but, because of the rather special nature of her drinks cabinet, was able to add a large dose of a sedative to Sir Joseph's whisky. She handed it to him with a kind smile, "Enjoy this as it will have to be your last." Sir Joseph took the tumbler which was well filled and drained it in one. He turned to matron, "Thank you. A good whisky as well!" Then he started to realise that he had been drugged. Instead of complaining, he smiled as he knew that his request had definitely been accepted.

He woke to find that he was lying in a cot bed with bars over the top as well. He was wearing the same sort of white rubber cap as his son had with the black rubber mouth gag between his lips. He had his hands in mittens strapped to the bars at the side of the bed, his legs likewise were strapped to the end so he could not escape, even had he wanted to. Around his waist was a pair of semi-transparent rubber pants covering a thick layer of nappies. He felt the urge to pass stool and guessed that he had had one or more glycerine suppositories inserted to he would have to soil himself. He also had a drip running into his arm and an urgent need to pass urine as a lot of fluid had been run in. A cable went from his head to the doctor's machine. She leaned over the top of his cot, "We're ready now." She nodded to one of the nurses and between them, the two nurses removed the head end of the cot. The doctor put the large red rubber anaesthetic over his face so he could no longer see. The nurses helped to strap the mask firmly to his face. She picked up the ethyl chloride device which she had pre-filled with the ethyl chloride and oxygen in the re-breather mask and plugged it into the mask. Sir Joseph could smell the anaesthetic and gladly took deep breaths so that he would be anaesthetised as soon as possible. As he started to drift off, he felt his bladder and bowels release into his nappy. He thought briefly that he'd have to get used to that.

The smell of that anaesthetic would be the last thing he ever remembered: the doctor made sure his mind was almost completely wiped leaving him much like his son after only the first treatment. After he recovered from the anaesthetic, he was wheeled into the same ward as his son with the other mind-wiped victims.

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