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My Unexpected Summer Vacation

My name is joey I'm 15 years old and now love diapers... so like every year mom and dad left me at my aunt's house for the summer, But something was weird about it this year, My aunt Susan had told me shortly after I was dropped off "your mom said you've been saying swears and been failng in school" I replied so? She said so I'm gonna straighten you out...

I knew then Susan wasn't joking, Later that night "Joey come in here" and so I walked in the kitchen, while my 2 cousins Elise and Jamie were sitting in the living room, She explaind what she had planned for my summer, So I was nervous an scared but I pulled through so she made me hold her hand walked me upstairs into the bathroom, I said in a very nervous voice "Wha.. What are you doing?" She took off my clothes and put me over her knee and spanked me hard, I started crying, She then said alright time for a bath, I was still crying she made me to sit down in the nice warm bubble bath she had perpared for me. She walked out of the room so I thought I could clean myself privatly, But she came back in and started to bath me and said "Don't say any words you will talk like a baby for the rest of the summer, You will be sleeping in the gust room in a crib you will be in bed by 6pm will get up at 8am and takee 2 naps each day, Am I clear

" Yes I understand" I answered, though I didn't really. She told me to stand up wrapped a towel around me walked me to the guest room but it was not the same as last year, Baby diapers a crib a warm bottle in the crib of formula, She the took the towel off me, And yelled Elise and Jamie get up here, Then came up laughed a little [Jamie is my age and Elise is 17] She said if I'm not around either one of you can feed or change his diaper, I kinda liked it, I can tell Jamie is gonna like this too , So Jamie kissed my forehead and said nite Baby-Joey gave me a little smile...

So my aunnt said alright time for the diapy, both of you go back down poured powder all around my butt and fromt aera I admited to her I really like the attention, She said that's nice but no more big people words I nodded my head, She said crawl up in bed [my own crib] plastic sheets, a teddy bear, a bottle? I smiled she covered me up even tucked me in, Then played some tape that she said will make me act a little more baby-like she put a nite lite on kissed me goodnight and said in a sexy voice "nitey nite my new baby"

The next morning, my new mommy woke me up and said your diaper is full! I'm gonna let Jamie change you so Jamie came in Changed my diaper got the powder and a new diaper, got out a wipie cleaned my bottom off ans said "you like that?" I whispered so my aunt didnt hear me taklking yes, and she began to breast feed me then finished changing me... I said this is gonna be a great summer, she fed me gerbers carrots mush and said your a good baby I said I lub u she smiled and laid me down for a nap...

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