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This story has been flagged by the automated processing system as potentially being hard to read. The main causes of this flag are that the story may be very badly formatted or where a NLP program was unable to intepret an unambigious and consistent plot in the story.

It was early spring I had enough of the social life it was time for me to free myself. I arrived home from work I decided a 3 day weekend I will start it off with a bang. I pulled the grill out cooked up a steak with an ear of corn and some stuff along with a cold beer. After eating I cleaned everything up and jumped in the shower. I then packed the six pack cooler for the jeep with beer and ice so it was ready. I also pulled out my best butt plug. I lubed up my butt plug and slide it into place. I wiped off the extra lube so my bottom would be dry from lube. I then went into the bedroom pulled out the thickest diapers I had I put 2 in my backpack that I used for a diaper bag I put one on threw on a pair of baggy shorts and a long t-shirt. I was now starting to thinking of what I was doing and how erotic it was for me. I grabbed the cooler and diaper bag along with the keys to the jeep and off I was heading to do some four wheeling and hiking. As I arrived to the woods I thought I rarely ever see anyone here so why not take a risk I stopped the jeep and took off my shorts. Now romping around the woods in nothing but my diaper and t-shirt having a great time drinking a few beers. It now was starting to get dark out I had been roaming around for about 2 hours having a great time alone blowing off steam. About a mile down the trail. I had to stop the jeep because of the intense orgasm I was having in my diaper from the plug in my ass and the diaper rubbing all over from the bouncing of the jeep on the trails. I had finish my 5th beer and was soaking wet from peeing and climaxing in my diaper. I pulled out a fresh new clean one from my bag as I was taping up the last tape a flash of light soared over head and seamed to go just the other side of the hill followed by a huge bang. The light disappeared I thought holy crap a plain just crashed I started running up the hill to see once at the top looking down and there was nothing there. Confused and thinking wow I my be really drunk I'm seeing and hearing things. At this point I was thinking if I am this drunk I better start heading back at it will not be long before I just want to crash and burn of this drunken state. I started back down the hill about ½ way the light repapered looking up to the light as it stopped right over the top of me lighting up the whole woods in a 10 foot radius. I heard noises from behind me like people or animals walking towards me. I started getting nervous and thinking crap I can not let anyone see me like this drunk and diapered with a plug in my ass. I then started running for my jeep the fast I moved so did the noises behind me and the light never let off me always on me. Now in a panic as I leaped for the jeep starting it up and speeding threw the woods. Forgetting I had no shorts on and still just in a diaper and t-shirt I was now speeding threw town heading for my home that light still on me reaching my driveway slamming on the brakes and turning off the jeep I made a made dash for the house. Once inside the house safe behind the door I had notice finally I was very wet to the point I was almost leaking from my diaper confused as to when I had started to fill it. I crouched behind the door all of a sudden the room filled with a blinding light having to close my eyes. A few moments after the light died down I slowly started to open my eyes. I was now thinking where am I as I could swear I was next to my door but it felt like I was laying down in a bed. Am I drunk and blacking out ? Even though it strangely felt like I was just waking up in my bed. The more I opened my eyes the more clearer things became to me. I was not in my house I was in a large babies crib as I looked around. What I was seeing was not only scaring me as I did not know were I was how I got there or even why. My bottom was cold and wet from the diaper I was in but when I looked it was not my diaper thinking were did this diaper come from and what brand as I did not know it or have ever seen a photo of it. It seemed 3 thicker then any I knew and I could not close my legs together. There was only 1 tape there and was the loudest crinkliest diaper I ever had on even the scent of it I was starting to get turned on but still very confused. I sat up grabbing the rails of the crib and pulling myself up. It turned out to be a task larger then I thought as this new diaper kept my legs apart making me unstable. Standing there holding the rail of the crib looking around I noticed a changing table play pen and small stand filled with the diapers I was wearing. All of a sudden the crib started to shake and rattle as I was wetting my diaper. I feel to my bottom and was freaked out the sheets covered the top part of my body and pinned me down. The sides started to come apart and the rails them self's started to change almost like they were growing hands on one end. They came down and started to untapped the diaper and pulling it out from under me as I started to panic and scream the rest of the bed started to come alive. All the upright rails started to move growing in girth on bent over finding its place in my mouth two others bending over one at each nipple and then two one on each ankle wrapping around and pulling my legs out and upwards. Then my butt felt a little funny and I remembered the butt plug at was being taken out of my ass also at this time another rail came down right over my erection and I felt something else at my ass. The on in my mouth started to move in and out slowly and deeply never coming fully out and slowly leaking sometime forcing me to swallow a little like I was sucking on it. The two at my chest started to milk my nipples and they had grown very sensitive to the point it was very enjoyable. The one over my cock slipped over it and started to move and it was very warm as if I was getting a blow job from a warm moist mouth. And then the final straw was the two that had removed my diaper and plug wear now the same thickness as my plug at its widest point working my ass over in and out up and down all over my body the feeling was so intense I must have came at least a half dozen times and everything I came all the rails were coming as well filling my ass and mouth leaking around my cock and breasts I could feel the juices running and dripping everywhere I was in total bliss. As I started to pass out from the electrical orgasms I was having. The crib rediaper me and went back to the form of the crib and I drifted off to sleep. I was waking at a clod feeling on my bottom as I was opening my eyes I had noticed I was yet again being changed by the crib itself. Just as fast as I was waking I fell right back to sleep. The next time I had awaken I was very hungry the sides to the crib were lowered at some point in my sleep. I was slowly able to get myself out of the crib and having a hard time walking with this diaper on. As I feel to my bottom I sat there a few second trying to get back up to my feet for the first time I truly felt like a true baby I fell to my bottom a second time trying to stand so I decided there the diaper need to come off. I pulled on the tapes of the diaper and was not able to pull them apart. the rooms light started to get brighter again this time just to the point things were hazy looking. I noticed what seemed to be 2 figures coming towards me and helping me to my feet they towered over me as I was looking up holding a hand of each of them as we walked my legs still spread from the diaper I waddled so bad. I was placed in a seat and feed something then I was returned to my crib. Once back at the crib and very much wet I had noticed a new feeling I had messed my self at some point now I was very confused in myself and started to cry. Once I had cried enough I fell asleep. Again once I woke the crib came to life and yet again my diaper was removed I was cleaned up and it started again I had a rail in my mouth one on each breast one over my growing cock and the two taking turns working my ass over this time one rail was the thickness of my plug at its max and the other slightly bigger as I was being fucked at every sensitive part of my body is was yet again having multiple orgasms and every time I had one the crib did as well this time the sex was stopped one orgasm before the last that I had tired out and fell asleep. The 2 figures reappeared in the room and started to talk to me. We have the ability to read your mind and you have been very fun to play with. So we have decided we will part you with a gift. This room is our gift to you it will be placed in your earthling house and be fully functional if the power ever runs out you must put the fuel celll in the sun for 6 hours and it will last for 8 earth years before needing its next charge as you can tell every time you get sexually aroused the crib will know and take care of that for you and will be no stopping until it runs threw one of 3 programmed cycles a morning and night cycle and a weekend holiday cycle. The crib will know what cycle you are on as it is genetically synced to you any guest you may have will only see a twin sized bed and a large and small cabinet. The diapers are genetically made so you will never run out anyone other then you will always see just a towel less you are wearing it on you. They will not come off less they are filled . So once you put one on or the crib puts it on no one may remove it by any means till it is filled. The crib is feed from your orgasm's it has reproduced enough of you seamen that you will never run out so every time you have an orgasm you are refilling it as well as cumin on and in yourself. We will now place you back in your home for your last night cycle and you now know the next you wake you return to this work you belong to and you first earth cycle will begin. I asked at that time how will I be able to return to my work if I can not even walk due to how bulky these diapers are? I was inform my cycles will know as to what I will need for my diapers and my morning cycle of days I must work will be as thick as the earth diaper I arrived in but night cycles they will be my waddle thickness and they will always be adjusting my muscles so I will always need them and will always waddle in them. With that I was lead back to my crib and placed in it as the crib started up undressing me the light grew very bright and then dimmed back down now I was use to the crib having its way with me as it was reading my mind every time I have moved into more positions to me fucked and sucked in.

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