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Lisa's Initiation

Jazz was playing in the background, as I sat in a dark corner of the bar nursing my beer. I could see anyone who entered the bar. The place reminded me of a scene out of a 1920's film. I was excited and nervous as I waited for Lisa to arrive. Lisa and I met online almost 5 months ago; we had been planning this meeting for almost 3 months. I easily recognized Lisa as she walked into the bar from the photo she had sent. Lisa seemed to glide as she strode through the room she is as graceful as she is elegant. Her black dress showed off her long supple legs. Her breasts weren't large but her body was lean and fit. Lisa is 26 yrs old with brunette hair standing 5'8" with legs that seem to go on forever. The photo she had sent didn't do her justice. I walked up to her and grabbed her hand she turned and looked into my eyes. My heart raced this angelic creature had traveled a long way just to be with me. I couldn't believe my luck. I pulled her chair out and sat her down. I let my hand trail down her arm and rest on her bar leg The sensation of her warm skin and the knowledge of what was in store already had me bothered. Standing I grabbed her slim waist and pulled her too me looking into her eyes, and expressing my approval of her attire. I sat her in the chair next to me. I guess I should introduce myself. I am James 34 yr old 6'0" 190lbs with a build that you would expect from a Soldier.

I bought us a round and then began pressing Lisa on her desires and her limits. I could tell Lisa was nervous, excited and a little scared. I attempted to relieve any fears she had. She seemed to relax a little as she sipped her margarita and we talked. We set some ground rules and discussed her limits and her desires. We agreed once she was at my house she wouldn't be allowed to back out; she was mine for the whole weekend. I offered her my hand she took it squeezed and with almost a squeal she hugged me. I returned the warm embrace not believing how fortunate I was to have someone so freely give of themselves. I grabbed her bag and walked her toward my truck buckling her in. I then filled up a baby bottle and handed it to her she smiled from ear to ear as I gave her the bottle. I told her to finish it prior to us stopping.

I pulled into an adult store on the way home. Lisa seemed nervous as I escorted her out of the car and into the store. Grabbing her hand I walked her around until we found the paddles. This was one of my favorite stores it carried a large selection of BDSM equipment and paddles. I found a couple of paddles I thought would work. I looked around no one was paying attention so I whispered to her to bend over she shook her head no. I once again told her to bend over she pleaded with me no. I shook my head in the affirmative and with a little more force said bend over. This time she complied. Since she was brazen enough to argue with me, I decide to make my point and grabbed one of the slapper paddles it was made with two separate leather paddles it was designed to make a lot of noise when it landed. I put some force into it in order to get her attention the whole store heard the paddle land on her back side. Lisa flinched as it landed. I was impressed that she didn't jump up; she was however turning three shades of red. I was so aroused I wanted to just take her right there. I whispered to her next time do what I say and don't argue. Now stand up. I don't know what she was thinking but I really was afraid I would run her off. That wasn't my intention but I was going to be obeyed or this wouldn't work. I searched around for another possible choice. I found another possible paddle, I looked around no one was paying attention. This time I held her shoulder and grabbed a leather paddle with a padded side and a stiff side. I then gave her two moderate smacks one from each side and watched her reaction. I realized this was turning her on. I then grabbed a third paddle once again telling her to bend over. This was a plastic paddle with holes in it didn't make as much noise but it did make her squirm. I then gave her a choice between the three paddles. To my delight she chose the two sided paddle. That is when Annie walked up she was the store clerk on duty and a friend of mine. She asked us if we needed any help. I asked her for a basket. She seemed to be sizing up Lisa as she walked away. I then took Lisa to the restraint section there I found at thin pink studded leather restraint set. It came with collar wrist and ankle bracelets. In the vibrator and anal toy section at my direction Lisa picked out two vibrators and two butt plugs. She chose two medium sized vibrators and two small butt plugs. I found a couple more of each that, I thought we should have Lisa started to turn red again.

Annie walked back up I could tell she approved of Lisa. I then started noticing Lisa was rather jittery and crossing her legs. I bought a couple of other items and escorted Lisa up to the counter Annie started to ringing us up. When we were finished Lisa walked over to the door looking rather impatient for me to join her. Annie asked me if this was the one I was waiting on I replied this is her. She wished me luck I asked her if she had a back room I could use. She told me there was a room in the back we could utilize. I went up and grabbed Lisa's hand as I escorted Lisa to the truck and put away her toys. I then told her that it might be awhile before we get to where we are going. I asked her if she need a diaper or could she hold it for the time being. She raised her eyes from the ground, and looked me in the eyes and proclaimed her desire to be diapered. She then hugged me I pulled her in close I was so turned on.

I reached into the back and grabbed the diaper bag I had assembled for her. I then escorted her back into the store. I looked at Annie and she pointed to a door in the back. I escorted Lisa to the backroom. I told her to hold perfectly still, I then slid my hands up her smooth soft skin, lifting her dress up to her waist and then removed her panties. She watched as I tossed her panties into the garbage. I grabbed a diaper out of the bag and used my feet to push her ankles apart. I then pulled the diaper up between her legs, I held it in place by pushing her bottom into me, I then secured the tabs on the diaper pulling the diaper tight around her tiny frame. I escorted her to the truck when she started to get in I pulled her short dress up exposing her diaper making sure she sat on the diaper not her dress. I filled another bottle full of tea and gave it to Lisa prior to pulling out of the parking lot. Lisa sucked diligently on her bottle as we drove to my house. I could smell the faint odor of urine I reached in between her legs and ran my hand into elastic leg band of her wet diaper. I patted the outside of her warm diaper and said does my baby girl need to be changed; her faint smile said it all.

I pulled into the drive way and assisted Lisa out of her seat. When we reached the foyer, I closed the door behind us and ordered her to hold still. Reaching up I untied the strap to her dress. It floated to the ground leaving her standing in nothing but her high heels, bra and wet diaper. Her skin felt so good. My hand traced her back until it reached her bra, I removed it as well wrapping my hands around her, I grabbed her nice firm breasts. She smelled so good, I kissed her warm neck as she seemed to melt into me. I put pressure on her shoulders forcing her into a kneeling position. I moved in front of her, she quickly started to loosen my trousers. She grabbed my manhood; I told her this was her special bottle, she should always take special care with it. She greedily sucked on it, it didn't take long before I was releasing my load into her succulent lips. When she was finished she pulled back looking up with a grin cum was dripping off her ruby red lips. I breathed a sigh of relief, I really was fortunate.

I pulled out one of the bags and brought out her restraints. As Lisa knelt down, I got down behind her and placed the collar and other bracelets on her. I then attached a collar and told her to follow me. She crawled behind me as, I introduced her to the living room it was as any other but the coffee table had a compartment in the center and antique looking rings on the corners. One end of the sectionals ended in a foot rest, the room also contained an armless high back chair.

I then started telling her the rules of the house:

1) The living room was a crawl area only unless given permission otherwise.

2) You will not dress yourself without permission.

3) If you need to pee use your nappy

4) If you need to dirty your diapers you will place your hands on the back of your diaper and ask permission to use your diaper. Very seldom will this be authorized. Utilizing your diaper this way without permission will be punished.

5) Use of furniture is only authorized with permission excluding your furniture and the couch.

6) Chores will be done on time.

7) No arguing,

I pulled on her leash and she followed me into the bedroom. As she crawled I look down at her sagging diaper that displayed a good portion of her bottom, "so darn cute". I sat her down near the foot of the bed. I then started to get dressed I decided on a simple black T shirt and loose fitting black pajama pants. I then explained to her, that she still needed to be punished for arguing with me at the store. Grabbing her leash I lead her to her room. I reached down and picked her up. She seemed as light as a feather as I placed her on her changing table. The room was light pink with a hello kitty theme. I reached underneath the changing table grabbing the pacifier and putting it in her mouth and tying the ends around her neck. I then spread her legs, undid her diaper and pulled it down. I then went to the kitchen and found one of the large baby bottles; it contained a half litter of tea. I warmed it up prior to taking it to her. I replaced the paci with the bottle. I then grabbed her legs and attached the two ankle bracelets together and raised her legs until her ankles were almost on her chest. This raised her bottom of the table and left her completely exposed. I then had her use one hand to hold her ankles and informed this should be done every time I changed her. I then grabbed the wet wipes and began cleaning her up. I placed a disposable diaper under her. Unhooking her ankles I pulled them down and spread her legs and then cleaned her front. I then put a stool at the end of the changing table and pulled her to the edge of the changing table leaving her clean shaven pussy directly in my face. I took my time tasting every sweet ounce of juice that was flowing out of her. She arched her back as I pushed her knees back to her chest as I drove my tongue into her and spending my time sucking on her swollen clit. I used my tongue to clean her up then powdered her and secured the diaper around her. I sat her up and put a pink hello kitty T shirt and matching socks. Picking her up and putting her down on the floor. I then took her to the basement. The basement was my creation there were no walls in the basement. In the center was an armless couch which you could see anyone in the kitchen or bathroom from its simple vantage point. In the left corner was a shower head and garden hose both controlled by an electronic temperature control system In the center of the shower was a chain extending from the ceiling back to a ratchet that was located next to the temp control center. On the wall on one side of the shower was a large tub capable of holding three individuals on the other wall was a stainless steel maternity table in between sat a toilet without a seat. All four items sat on a floor that drained down into a central drain. The table doubled as a changing table and would allow me to secure Lisa in any position I desired. In the far right corner was the kitchenette with bar, bar stools, fridge stove, large screen TV and a high chair. Further down there were bean bags and other shaped foam objects. On the couch side contained three restraining systems all were leather padded. The entire area was well lit with remote control allowing the manipulation of the lights and music.

I took her over to the high chair and secured her in it in such a manner that she could see the whole area. I knew all the equipment both excited and scared her simultaneously. I had spent the last four months preparing for her arrival. I then removed her shirt with the excuse we didn't want to get it dirty and then put a hello kitty bib on her. The bib barely hid her nipples. Which I reached around and played with, she had a ring in both nipples. I spoon fed her a bowl of applesauce, with a large wooden spoon. I then gave her a large slice of ex lax laced chocolate pudding cake, of course I didn't give her any eating utensils. I sat back and watched as she ended up with chocolate all over her. Taking a warm wash cloth I washed her hands, face and chest. I then kissed her passionately; prior to giving her a large bottle of chocolate milk it also contained a mild laxative. I knew it would take several hours before the laxative would have any effect on her. When she finished the bottle, I removed the bib and released her. I picked her up put her over my shoulder a couple of smacks on her back and then few more on her bum caused her to let out a belch that even surprised me. I set her down and ran my hand down her diaper noticing she was wet I couldn't help but rub her clit prior to removing my hand. I smacked her padded bottom with some force and then picked her up and took her to the maternity table. The stainless steel table has a soft vinyl top . I then grabbed her hands and attached them to the rings at the head of the table and placed her binky into her mouth. I then took each ankle and secured them in the stirrups. The stirrups could be put into a multiple positions and heights. Running my hands down the length of her body, enjoying the feel of her silky smooth skin, spending time to enjoy licking and pinching her hardened nipples. I placed the stirrups so that Lisa's ankles were over her head and spread ankles wide. Running my hand on her bottom I rub my hand on her warm bottom pulling back and smacking her bottom taking the time to rub her bottom prior to landing another smack alternating cheeks with each blow. She squirmed vigorously as I laid into her. My hand even started to feel the tingle as I warmed her butt with six swats per cheek. I ran my fingers between her legs wiping up her juices, and then licking her sweet juices of my fingers. Unable to resist I ran my tongue between her legs tasting her sweet juices. Then, I put on a rubber glove and began to rub lube into her anal cavity. She squirmed as I pushed the fleet enema into her backside emptying its contents into her bottom, quickly replacing the tube to the enema with a butt plug. The plug entered her rather easily attached to the end of the plug was a leather strap.

After releasing Lisa's bonds I lifted her off the table and told her to sit on the toilet. She had to spread her legs wide in order to sit on the toilet do to the lack of a seat. I bent over and kissed her prior to pulling the cord that would remove the plug. She started to lose her bowels and then I relieved my bladder into her chest. To my surprise she grabbed my member and directed the flow of urine to so as to cover her face. As soon as I finished, she started sucking on my member her menstruations soon had me filling her eager mouth with cum. After flushing the stool, I ordered her to move over top of the drain. I then ordered her to assume the position, she looked quizzically at me. I then informed her that whenever I said assume the position she was to put her hands on the ground and put her ass in the air and spread her legs. As Lisa waited for me I took the hose and cleaned up our playground prior to hosing her off. I then ordered her into the tub and proceeded to wash her. Slowly soaping her up and washing her hair spending time enjoy washing her body. Afterward bathing her, I made her get on all fours and spread her legs enjoying the view of her swollen cunt. Getting behind Lisa I rode her hard until she started to let it be known she was on edge. My cruel side took hold as I slapped her ass and removed myself prior to her orgasm. She looked up at me with a half crazed and forlorn look in her eyes. I took the shower head down and put it on pulse and began to rinse her off. Afterward I dried her off and picked her up laying her down on the big rug in front of the couch.

I then placed a large baby bottle in her mouth and a large cloth diaper with insert under her bottom. Leaving, Lisa exposed and waiting to be changed. After dressing I looked over at my baby girl sucking on her bottle and holding her blanky just made me feel good all over. Taking some skin moisturizer I rubbed her entire body down. Then powdered her prior, to securing the diaper around her bottom, then dressed her in a a silk baby doll top that came down to her navel. After she finished her first bottle, I went to the fridge and brought us both back a bottle. I opened my beer prior to putting her on my lap and inserting a bottle into her mouth. She snuggled into me as she worked on her bottle. I felt her bottom warm and her nappy expand she looked up at me looking for my reaction, I just smiled. After, she finished her bottle, I stood her up with her back to me I wrapped my arm around her grabbing her petite firm breast, pinching her hard nipple, I pulled her into me. I then pulled her diaper back and inserted myself into her nappy, and relieved my bladder. Her nappy was soaked and hanging low. I ordered her to crawl to the fridge and get us both another bottle. I watched as Lisa crawled away her nappy hung low pulling on the leggings and swaying as she moved her swollen cunt was visible every now and again. I smiled as she waddled back to me with my beer and water. When she returned with her bottle, I had her stand in front of me as I put a pair of plastic pants over her diaper and then pushed her down on her soaked diaper. I informed her that her punishment would begin at her next diaper change. She could request a new diaper anytime after she finished her bottle but prior to my finishing my six pack. I also informed her that it was best for her sake that she not wait too long. I sat back and relaxed sipping on my beer and water.

I didn't wait too long before Lisa lifted her bum off the ground, I watched as she once again wet her already soaked diaper fortunately she had on her plastic pants keeping the floor dry. She crawled in between my legs and pulling her special bottle out of my pants and began sucking looking up she asked me if I would change her. This is what I had been waiting all night for, fortunately the night was relatively young and we had time to spread out her punishment. I took her hand and then pushed her down on her soaked diaper. After removing her soaked diaper, I cleaned her up with wet wipes and took my time powdering her especially between her legs, placing her ankles to her chest, taking two fingers I lubed her anal cavity and then powdered her bottom. I then sat down on the couch were there was no arm rest and told her to come to me. I took the time to admired her firm hairless body as she stood before me, she wore only the silk top and plastic pants that were pulled down to her knees. In her mouth was a large pink and a binky. I placed a fresh diaper on my lap and then pulled her over my knee. Rubbing her firm bottom, I started to softly spank her bottom. I was getting hard as I spent the time to enjoy rubbing her soft skin in between swats. I slowly increased the tempo and strength of the swats every now and again I would give her a moderate spank that would make her squirm. Soon her squirming was more like thrusting as she moaned with pleasure. I placed my fingers into her dripping cunt and licked her sweet nectar off my fingers I continued spanking her for a couple more minutes then laid a succession of five hard blows she writhed on top of me I rubbed her clit and inserted me fingers into her. She screamed her pleasure and then relaxed her juices flowed onto her small diaper. I then fastened her diaper around her waist and escorted her to a leather covered table that put her into a slightly inverted position with her bottom in the air. I then pushed her diaper aside and inserted myself into her, grabbing her wrists I pulled her into me as I rammed deep inside her after a couple of minutes I pulled out of her and inserted myself into her anal cavity. I was starting to sweat as I plowed into her, finally I was able to lubricate her anal cavity with my special lube. Feeling exhausted I left her bent over as I sat down on the couch and nursed another beer. About twenty minutes later I pulled her off the bench and laid her down, she had once again wet her diaper. I proceeded to change her out of the wet diaper and clean her up once again. I cleaned her as I had before but used my tongue to clean her sweet cunt, then powdered and lubed her once again. Afterward I had her once again position herself over my knee. Once again I began the process of increasing the strength and tempo of the spanking. After a couple of rather smacks I spread her ass and poured a little more strawberry lube on the butt plug. I then pushed the plug in slowly as she spread legs allowing the plug to settle in her sphincter. After cleaning and powdering her bottom I once again began to lay into her. Beads of sweat started to appear on her back as she writhed on my lap. Taking another break, I once again put the diaper on her now slightly red ass. I escorted her to a corner; standing behind her I once again soaked her diaper then grabbing her diaper I pulled it up giving her a wedge and then pulled her top off and began to fondle her swollen tits. Her red bottom was now clearly visible as she stood with her nose in the corner. I gave her another bottle and told her to finish it. I sat back down on the couch and nursed a cup of coffee. I wanted to stay up late with this little angel. I once again prepared her to take her punishment. This time though I laid the leather paddle by the couch, her ass was going to be bright red when I was done. I completely disrobed so that our skin was touching as I pulled her over my lap this time there would be no diaper. I started off with my hand picking up where I had left off. Each swat was rather hard it quickly had her writhing in pain and pleasure. She then tried to bring her hand around to protect her bottom. This was a mistake. I grabbed her hand and put it in the small of her back and then laid three hard swats on her bottom. The next few swats were not near as hard and in a standard pattern that she could prepare for. I then rubbed her warm bottom feeling her soft smooth skin. Then spread her legs apart to feel the moist nous hidden within. I liked her juices off my fingers prior to inserting a small vibrator into her. The vibrator and the butt plug were working in concert. Taking the paddle I started off with a couple of tentative swats and then started to increase the tempo. She cried out as she squirmed on my lap. Keeping a relatively constant pattern I would break it up every now and again with a couple of hard swats that she wasn't prepared for. I could tell by her breathing and her movements this was getting to her. My leg was dampening were her juices were now wetting my leg. I would stop every now and again to rub my hand down her sweet spot and lay a couple of hand spankings to her thoroughly red bottom. As she squirmed I finished up with just my hand enjoying the feel of her fiery red ass. I soon realized she was ready. My cock throbbed but I knew I wouldn't be able to cum anytime soon. I stood her in front of me admiring her small frame prior to turning her around and making her grab the coffee table in front of me. Her ass was at eye level and had a rosy red glow. I slipped my tongue into her dripping wet cunt taking care to suck on both lips and her clit. I then pulled out the vibrator and poured a little more strawberry lube at the top of her crack. The lube ran down around the butt plug and further down. Using my tongue ventured further north ward cleaning up the lube wherever it appeared. She started to raise up with menstruations and my hand came down hard on her already red ass. She immediately put her hands back on the table as I continued to use my tongue to clean her up. I then pulled the plug out and cleaned her bottom and the plug with wet wipes. Once again I lubed her bottom. Standing I grabbed her petite little waist and inserted myself into her dripping cunt. I easily entered her and lifted her off the ground as I pulled her into me. I then dropped back on the couch with her impaled on my shaft. She screamed out as we landed. Soon thereafter she was giving me the best lap dance ever working in and out of me as I sat with her back to me and my hands rubbing her hard nipples. Soon she cried out as her orgasm racked her body. I was getting more and more frustrated unable to release my load. I stood her back up and this time I inserted myself into her anal cavity and repeated the procedure we had just done. Sweat rolled down her back and she seemed spent. I then grabbed a large vibrator and inserted it into her cunt. The felt the vibrator between the thin wall separating her. I grabbed her small waist and began slamming her onto me. She once again screamed and sat panting on my lap, I pushed her exhausted body onto the couch and laid on top of her as I rammed into her with all my strength just begging for relief. I finally released what little semen, I had grant me the relief I needed. I got up leaving her spent on the couch and picked out another beer leaning over I rested my weight around her waist and ran my cold beer between her legs. She just laid still as I rubbed ointment on her red bottom.

After awhile I finally decided to pick her up and place her on the changing table. This time I put her into one of the largest cloth diapers with inserts possible. This diaper would keep her from being able to cross her legs or walk normally. I then placed pink plastic pants and socks on her as well as a pink T shirt that barely covered her diaper. I lifted her off the table and took her to the couch she cuddled into my arms as I fed her another bottle. After finishing her bottle she relieved herself, I then stood her up and relieved myself into her diaper. Lisa turned around and planted a moist kiss onto my lips we sat back on the couch kissing like a couple of teenagers. It felt so good. I then lifted her up and took her to her crib.

When I entered the room the next morning Lisa was laying on her stomach she was completely soaked. I dropped the side to the crib and had Lisa crawl into the bathroom she was having difficulty crawling due to the large expanded diaper. I helped her brush her teeth and then had her crawl into the living room she settled down on the large rubber mat I had laid down for her. I then gave her a sippy cup full of hot coffee. Shortly thereafter she crawled over to me with her hands on her bottom she told me she needed to go potty. I then informed her that normally I will allow her to use the potty for this but this time she was going to have to use her diaper for what it was intended. I gave her another cup of coffee and told her to finish it. Shortly thereafter she gave up and assumed a kneeling position to allow herself to empty her bowels. It took her awhile but the laxatives had done their job and soon her diaper was full. I pushed her down so that she sat in her own mess. A little while later I escorted her down to the dungeon.

Once again I put her on the table and secured her ankles to the contraption and raised her buttocks. I placed the cloth diaper in the pail and threw away the disposable inserts and began cleaning her up with wet wipes. I then raised the head of the table slightly so the water would drain down and started washing her down with warm water. I then inserted a tube into her anal cavity. It took a few pumps but the balloon sealed off her rectum, I then lowered the head of the table and raised the foot of it so her body was lower than her bottom. It took a simple turn of the valve to release the warm fluid into her bowels. After all the fluid had drained into her I rubbed her bloated belly, I then raised her body and brought the movable basin under her. The basin was made of stainless steel with rollers and a drain hose that ran into the main drain. The head of the table was raised to almost a 45 degree angle with her ankles attached to the stirrups; I rolled the basin so it sat below her and released the air from the balloon. Her bowels exploded into the basin, her insides were now clean. I took the hose and began to clean her up with warm water and a wash cloth. After cleaning up the area, I dried her and powdered her and put some soothing salve on her bottom prior to diapering her.

I sat at the breakfast table Lisa sat between my legs sucking on her special bottle as I nursed my coffee. Picking her up I sat her in her highchair and placed a bib on her that sat between her swollen nipples. I continued to play with them as I sat her breakfast before her. Her breakfast consisted of an eggo with syrup a canned peaches and watermelon of course she wasn't given any eating utensils, the juices from the fruit flowed down her hands and mouth. I took her soft hand and sucked the syrup and juice off of each finger one at time. I cleaned her off and gave her a bottle to suck on. After she finished her bottle I picked her up and laid her down on the table taking her wrists I attached them to her collar with a small chain. I then spread her legs and pulled down her diaper it was still dry then I took a pan cake and tore it up placing some on her nipples and on her mound soon I had turned her into a pan cake breakfast complete with whip cream and three cherries. I took my time devouring her, my tongue caressed each nipple in turn. When I was about complete I grabbed her ankles and attached them to her wrists forcing her to be completely open. I spent my time nibbling her cunt and cleaning the remaining syrup off her. Soon she was screaming for relief and so was I. I stood up and rammed my manhood deep into her. I felt like I was tearing her small frame apart as I viciously slammed into her. It didn't take long before I had expended my load into her. I then released her bindings, cleaned, powdered and diapered her once again. I took her to the couch and fed her another bottle.

It was about nine o clock in the morning when I started explaining what her responsibilities were. The list of chores she was to accomplish daily was few but would result in punishment if they weren't accomplished correctly. First, she was to do laundry her diaper pails first then our normal clothes. Second, the dishes were to be done after each meal. Third, her play area was to be washed down, bleached if necessary and straightened. Finally she would clean one room each day starting with the kitchen. A clean room included straightening and cleaning floors, walls, windows and dusting along with the associated restroom. It took her a couple of hours to complete most of the work that was assigned to her. I watched as she cleaned the kitchen floors she had wet herself sometime in the last few hours as the diaper hung low as she scrubbed the floors her flower pedals showed every now and again as she scrubbed the floor. I decided I needed some relief. I told her to assume the position she seemed a bit reluctant but she put her diapered bottom in the air. I grabbed her pulled myself out and then pulled her diaper off her. Then grabbing the thin waist of hers I pulled her off the floor as I took her from behind she yelped as her whole body came off the floor it wasn't long before my arms started to grow tired and sat down with her still impaled on my manhood pushing her into the wet floor I continued to take her. Spinning her around I slammed in to her wet body a few more times. I stood up and grabbed her by the hair and pushed my manhood into her losing my seed into her waiting lips. I then ordered her to finish her chores. About an hour later she had finished up and stood before me with her hands resting on her crotch. She informed me she needed to pee. I asked her if she needed a diaper and she went to her knees grabbed my manhood and said please. How could I resist such a sweet request.

After putting a diaper on her, I gave her another bottle to finish; I then explained we all have to exercise to stay fit that being the case, after chores we would always exercise for at least an hour. I had her on treadmill as I worked the rower. It was nice watching her run on the treadmill my seemed to be able to row for a lot longer stretch of time. We then did one of the extreme workout sessions. She wasn't able to keep up with the instructor but neither was I but she did have my full attention. Afterward I took us down to the basement to shower and bathe. We both soaked in the tub together scrubbing each other off and relaxing in the hot water. She was going to get used to the routine after getting out of the tub; I had her on all fours as I scrubbed her down and rinsed her off.

I dressed her in a thick cloth diaper, plastic pant and a pink footed onsie along with a large bottle and her blanky. I put her in front of the TV and let her watch cartoons and relax for the rest of the afternoon. Her chores were done and she had earned her right to be taken care of as the baby of the house. I then explained to her that she had three different kinds of diapers to choose from. In this way she would also tell me what kind of mood she was in. I would decide whether or not that is what she would receive but it would influence my actions. If she wanted to be left alone and just treated like a baby all she had to do was bring me the large cloth diapers. If she brought me the regular disposable diaper expect to be taken whenever. If she chose the tight disposable diapers she wanted to play and her bottom would be sore before the end of the day.

For three days we enjoyed each other's company, then came decision day. She would make her decision as to her intent on staying or going home and under what terms.

To be continued

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