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When I was young, maybe 8, I had this problem with messing up my underwear. From 6 years old I was made to clean them out in the bathroom sink. Well at 8 I guess my mother had had enough. This time when she discovered what I had done she immediately told me to go get a bath. The whole time in the bath tub I was nervous and worried about the punishment. When I was almost done and was getting ready to get out my mother told me to just dry off and wrap up in the towel and come to my parent's room. After I arrived in their room she helped me finish dry off a little more and put me on the bed. It was then that I was told what was going to happen. My mother said that I was going to wear a diaper to bed with only a t-shirt over it. She then put the diaper on me and gave me my shirt to wear. The next morning I woke up with an unsoiled diaper. As I walked to the kitchen I met my mother and she called me over to her. She put me up on the counter and explained her decision to put me back in diapers. She asked me if I had done anything in my diaper, I told her no. She decided to check it herself. She lifted my shirt up and saw that it was dry and checked the back as well. She then explained that if I wanted the diaper removed, I would have to use it because she wasn't going to throw away an unused diaper. It took me a couple of hours but I finally wet the diaper. I had it removed and took a bath and allowed to wear my normal clothes.

As the years went by I started to steal diapers and wear them secretly. Every time I got caught with them I had no explanation for why I had them. After being caught a few times my mom decided to once again punish me by making me wear diapers. At first it only lasted 3 days and as time went on and my hiding techniques didn't work the punishment got longer. When I started buying my own adult diapers I tried to hide them in places that I thought no one could find them. They were discovered several times and all she did was throw them out and tell me not have them again. Well I got caught one time too many. After a few years of constantly catching me with diapers I got discovered one morning wearing one and it was wet. I didn't know about it until she come home and had pack of blue medical diapers. She then made me go change in to one of the diapers and could only wear a diaper and t-shirt at home unless we had family over. I had to use all the diapers she had bought and the rest of what I had left.

After I went 2 ½ weeks of wearing diapers the want to wear diapers wasn't there for some reason. A few months later we have a family matter come up and it really bothered me. Almost a week later the urges came back to want to wear diapers again. I went out and purchased I pack of diapers, ones with the cloth backing on them so I can wear them without anyone noticing. I had also found the perfect hiding place where no one could find them. After going through about half of them it finally hit me why I had urges to wear diapers, stress. While wearing diapers I didn't have a worry in the world. As I got close to the end of the pack the family matters had gotten a lot better. One night everything that I thought was good turned bad very quickly. All of sudden the stress level sky rocketed and the urge to want diapers was as strong as ever. With one diaper left I had to get some more, except the kind I was wearing was temporarily sold out and I had to buy regular diapers with the plastic backing.

I was already half way done with almost half of the diapers when the unexpected happened, my stash was discovered. This time when asked why I had diapers I just come out and explained the stress situation. After listening to what I had to say she simply said to give her some time to think. After about 5 minutes she came back to my room and told me that while she is trying to decide on what she is going to do that I needed to go to the bathroom and put on one of the diapers and don't put my pants back on. If she decides to allow this then I should get used to wearing them around her. After an hour she called me into the kitchen to talk. While she was explaining her decision I had wet the diaper. She wanted to know a few things first, like do I use them and for what purpose. How will I dispose of them after they are used? After I answered her questions she decided that if I am going to wear diapers at home then there will have to be some ground rules set. When I am working I am not to wear the diapers to work for worry of someone finding out. When I get home from work I need to change in to the diapers. On my days off if I wear them they will need to be exposed for now. When we have company over I am to make sure that my diapers are covered where no one will see them. She then told me that she was leaving and would be back later. When she returned she had a Diaper Genie with her. She told me that I was to keep it in my closet and that was how I was to dispose of the used diapers.

Finally after so many years there was an understanding between my mother and me.

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