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Thinking on Her Toes

Scarlet's best friend Amber surprised her by showing up at her work as she was ending her shift. It's not the first time that Amber had drivin three hours and shown up unannounced, however Scarlet was especially horny and was looking forward to fucking her husband tonight. Scarlet had been planning this all day. Her last bathroom break was at lunch, and since then she had drank 3 cups of coffee. She would get home, change into her sissy pink party dress, with white anklet socks, black Mary Jane's, and an abu cushie diaper. She was wanting her husband Red to come home, see her sucking in her favorite purple pacifier, and then wetting her diaper, so that he would take her right when he got home.

Now she had a kink in her plan. Red would not be rude and have sex with a guest in the house, and the two of then had never shared their fetish with anyone. Still Scarlet had this urge to fuck that would not recoil. Scarlet's mind was racing for a solution when her coworker Kelly asked for a ride home. Kelly was a bit younger than Scarlet and Amber, and worked part time and was on the college cheerleading team. Scarlet obliged to give Kelly a ride home. As they were leaving Scarlet had an epiphany. She remembered back to when her and Amber were in college and nearly made out. Her and Red had talked about it and it usually made him horny. She decided to go for it.

"You have anything going on tonight?" Scarlet asked Kelly.

"Nothing, why?"

"Want to come over for a few hours, have some drinks?"


Part one of her trap was set.

Amber followed in her car as they drove to Scarlet's home. Scarlet pulled her car into the garage and closed the door behind her. Amber pulled into the driveway and waited for Scarlet to open the front door. Scarlet welcomed Amber into their home and made drinks for everyone. Her and Amber had a glass of wine and mixed up a rum and coke for Kelly. Scarlet excused herself to change. She rifled through the closet in the master bedroom to find a kinky yet subtle outfit. She grabbed her black and white plaid, pleated skirt, and a white blouse. While changing, her bladder screamed at her so fiercely that she nearly wet herself where she stood. She quickly dropped her panties and took one of her diapers of the shelf, and swiftly diapered herself. She slid her skirt up over the diaper, it was low enough to conceal her diaper from view as it hung just above her knees. She pulled on her white anklet socks, and Mary Jane shoes, then buttoned up her blouse before heading back to Kelly and Amber for more drinks. Scarlet's bladder was losing it's battle for control, she had been dribbling into her diaper as the ladies drank their third round. Amber excused herself to use the guest bathroom. Kelly asked too use a washroom as well. Scarlet snapped at the opportunity as the second part of her trap was ready to be sprung. Scarlet led Kelly to the master bath and swiftly secured her to the shower. Left in a standing position, Kelly begged to be released so she could relieve herself. She had to work quickly so not to raise suspicion with Amber yet. Red was also due home any minute, Scarlet removed Kelly's work clothes quickly and replaced them with the green and black cheerleader uniform Kelly had with her, complete down to her spanky shorts. This gave Scarlet another idea for later. Kelly was nearly crying, begging Scarlet to release her just long enough to pee. Scarlet heard the garage door open, she lifted up her skirt above her waist exposing her diaper to Kelly and proceeded to let lose the torrent of urine she'd been holding back. Scarlet lost herself and had an orgasm right there. Shocked, Kelly couldn't think of what to do. She had just watched her coworker completely piss a diaper. Her bladder shook her back to reality, all Kelly could think to do is ask Scarlet if she could use a diaper.

"No, you have to earn it." Responded Scarlet.

Scarlet retrieved her pacifier that Red would tie around her, and secured it into Kelly's mouth. Scarlet considered changing, but knew her diaper could take at least one more wetting before risking leaks. She closed the bathroom door leaving a desperate Kelly bound in the shower. When Scarlet returned downstairs Red and Amber were in the kitchen catching up. At seeing his wife dressed like that he knew something was up, yet kept silent as to not seem to rush Amber out of the house. He caught a glimpse of Scarlet's ass as she was sitting down, he thought he seen her ass bulging slightly as if she had a diaper on. Was she crazy? They had never shared this secret with anybody, now here she was diapered in front of her best friend. Scarlet made Red a bloody Mary, refiled the two wines and made her way into the living room with Red and Amber in tow. Red and Scarlet sat on the couch, Amber sat on the love seat. Scarlet quickly drained her wine and began massaging Red's penis through his pants. Amber was a bit off guard, Scarlet saw her uneasiness and told Amber to come onto the couch. Scarlet undid Red's belt and lowered his fly. She knelt down between his legs and proceeded to give him a blowjob with Amber sitting next to him.

"Oh my god." He exclaimed

"Your turn.", Scarlet instructed Amber.

Amber got on her knees and took Red's cock in her mouth. As Red and Amber were distracted, Scarlet stole away to check on Kelly. Scarlet reached under Kelly's skirt to check on her panties. They were slightly damp, Scarlet was not sure if she had started to leak or if she was getting turned on by being trapped. Scarlet removed the pacifier, Kelly asked, "May I please have a diaper like you so I don't wet my panties?"

"No! I told you to earn it you filthy slut!"

Scarlet replaced the pacifier into Kelly's mouth, closed the bathroom door, then summoned Red and Amber to the master bedroom. Both of then met Scarlet, there she instructed Red to lay on the bed in the center and Amber to get on his right side. Scarlet got to his left. Following Scarlet's lead both women removed Red's pants. Scarlet took his cock into her mouth and positioned herself so Red could rub her wet diaper without raising her skirt. He reached for Amber's crotch with his right hand so he could play with her box too. Amber was nearing orgasm when Scarlet stopped Red's hands. Kneeling over Red, Scarlet began kissing Amber. She had never crossed that line before, but now there was no turning back. Amber slipped her tounge

into Scarlet's mouth. Scarlet pulled off Amber's shirt releasing her big breasts. Both Red and Scarlet were surprised to see that Amber had not worn a bra today. She had 38D breasts with nipples about the size of Ritz crackers. In one move Red removed her pants and satin panties. He positioned himself between her legs and began to eat her out as Scarlet and her continued to make out. Amber moved to go down on Scarlet, her hands were slowly working their way up Scarlet's legs to the hem of her skirt. Amber lowered her head and flipped up Scarlet's skirt. Red, knowing what Scarlet was wearing moved for a better view of Amber's reaction.

"What the ___." Amber paused.

Before she could react anymore Scarlet grabbed her head, shoved it into her diapered crotch and let loose another torrent of piss. Amber attempted to eat her out through the diaper.

Once Amber came up for air she asked Scarlet if it was worth trying. Scarlet didn't answer. Instead she went into the bathroom. After two heavy wettings Scarlet knew her diaper could hold little to no more without risking a leak. Once arriving at the bathroom Scarlet saw that Kelly had lost her battle with her bladder. Kelly must have found a way to squat because the back of her cheerleader skirt was wet. Scarlet undid the bounds that kept Kelly held.

"Go fuck my husband in what you are wearing, but do not allow him to cum." ordered Scarlet. Kelly left the bathroom to find Amber slowly stroking Red's shaft. Kelly did as she was ordered, climbed on top of Red, slid her pissed panties to her left and eased onto his penis. She was surprised that it went in so fast, "the pee is like a lube," Red informed her.

Scarlet changed her diaper in the bathroom and grabbed two more to bring to the bedroom.

"Are one of those for me?" asked Kelly.

"I told you to earn it." Scarlet answered while nodding towards Amber.

Amber took the cue and laid down, spread her legs slightly, and allowed Scarlet to diaper her. She noticed how tight they were, when she attempted to close her legs she noticed the bulk of the padding making it difficult.

As Kelly and Red were busy watching this, she became distracted and rode Red harder, no longer aware of how near orgasm he was. Scarlet went to fetch her purple sissy dress for Amber. Red watched her shake her ass as she walked away. Kelly was getting carried away grinding on Red. Scarlet heard him moan and knew he had blown his load. He filled Kelly's twat with his cum. Scarlet had anticipated this and brought the paddle back with her. Kelly was nervous about what Scarlet would do because she had broke the rules. Kelly decided to stay atop of Red's cock and hope his orgasm went unnoticed.

Scarlet laid the paddle on the floor and dressed Amber in the purple sissy dress. The shirt barely covered Amber's diaper. Scarlet finished her outfit with a pair of white tights and a pair of satin ruhmba panties that matched the dress.

Once Scarlet had dressed Amber, she ordered Kelly to stand up. Scarlet didn't need to look but still could see Red's cum dripping around her panties, down her thigh.

"Bend down and touch your toes!"

Kelly obeyed. Scarlet took the paddle and brought it down across Kelly's small tight ass. She winced at the first couple swings, by the fifth, her eyes started to tear up. By ten Kelly was bawling in pain. Her ass was turning a deep red, Scarlet was showing no signs of stopping. Smack! Smack! Smack! Kelly's weakened bladder once again let loose and as Scarlet struck her again, Kelly began to spray urine into her spanky panties once again. Red was instantly hard watching this girl piss herself in front of everyone. As Amber was watching she realized that the wine she had drank had worked it's way through her, she relaxed and let her pee soak into her diaper. Her hand found it's way between her legs. Red spotted this and reached between Amber's legs and took over rubbing her diaper.

Once Kelly had finished wetting herself, Scarlet laid her down on the floor, raised her skirt up and removed her wet spanky panties. Scarlet took the second diaper and slid it underneath her. Before bringing it up and tapeing her in, Scarlet drew her tounge up Kelly's slit. She was amazed that she didn't taste as bad as she expected. Scarlet licked Kelly to an orgasm before powdering her and finally securing the diaper around her.

Now it was time for Scarlet to get hers. She ordered the other two diapered girls to take care of each other. Scarlet sat on Red's dick and wet her diaper. He could feel the heat from her piss warm his balls and the under side of his prick. He moved her diaper over just far enough to slide his dick up into her. Being he had just recently shot a load of cum into Kelly, Scarlet was able to ride him long enough to have several orgasms before Red came again.

It had gotten quite late, so all of them slept together in the king bed. Red between Amber and Scarlet with Kelly across the feet of all three.

Amber woke at about 7am the next morning, needing to pee, was about to get up when she realized she was still diapered from the night before. She climbed onto Red, slowly planting kisses until he stirred awake. Once she was sure he was awake she let loose into her diaper. It was so much pee that she began to leak. As the urine hit Red's lap his dick sprang to life. Amber shuck her diaper and positioned herself onto him and rode him to orgasm. During their romp they had woken Kelly, who wet her diaper as she lay watching. She played with herself as Red and Amber were fucking. Once he was spent again, he woke Scarlet and informed her that all her little girls were in need of a diaper change. Scarlet rediapered the other two girls, then laid on her back to be changed by Red. He undid her diaper and ate her out before diapering her again. Red gave Kelly a ride home on his way into work. Kelly couldn't stay with Scarlet and Amber because she had to work. Kelly laid down for a nap before work. She couldn't get to sleep right away so she released whatever she had in her bladder and masturbated until she passed out.

Scarlet and Amber packed a backpack full of diapers, lotion and powder and went shopping, to the movies, out to eat, all the while changing each other when one or the other was wet.

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