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Doctor Daddy

My name is Greg Donald. I'm 37, bank manager, not that fit, but not that overweight either I'm in between with a small belly. I'm 5'5 and compared to most guys I'm a child. I have jet black hair and light brown eyes. So, I get out of work at 6 pm, I begin work at 5 in the morning and boy howdy, its a long day. I get into my small apartment and make some coffee. Truth is I'm going through a mid-life crisis, I have no wife or girlfriend, no kids, and my parents scowl me for this because I'm 37 and I need to make this world bigger, blah blah blah. I'm pretty depressed. I sat down and watched some tv while reading the paper when an ad strikes my attention: Depressed ? Mid life crisis? Well the doctor will see you now ! Doctor daddy's depression center can cure anyone and you'll leave smiling. (123) 445 5432 52 Doctrine lane. Twenty minutes outside Phoenix . This ad is pretty weird, but it seems like its my only chance. I've tried everything to get rid of my depression, pills, therapists, and I come up with nothing. I rip the ad out the paper and put it on my fridge, I take off my suit leaving me in a white t-shirt and white briefs. I decide to take a nap, so I lay down and drift off.

"Looks like someone did peepee in their undies." My Papa's loud voice booms. I look in the mirror to find me in a t-shirt and briefs, but somethings different. I look down and notice a big yellow patch on my underwear! I look in sheer horror " Gregory Donald if you don't get here right now you're getting an extra 10!" I walked out the bathroom to see my papa standing over me, a billion times taller. He drags me into this large room painted baby blue with a crib in the corner! Its an oversized nursery! I start to whimper and I don't know why. I'm 37 for crying out loud. He sets me over his lap "But Daddy I'm a big boy!" I scream. what the hell is going on?!? "Well big boys don't pee their big boy pants! You need to be potty trained again, starting with diapers!" He starts spanking me when- I woke up from my weird nightmare. I'm shocked and in shear horror! I WET THE BED ! I peed all over my briefs and my sheets are yellow and stained. I get off the bed and clean myself up. I take a quick shower, and drop my sheets and underwear in the washer.

"That's crazy" I say walking to the kitchen, when I pass by the ad. The picture of Doctor Daddy looks nice and welcoming. I decide to call the number I might've pissed the bed because of depression.

"Hello Doctor Daddy's office." A man answers.

"Hi um I saw your ad in the paper and-"

""oh great! We would love to set up an appointment for tomorrow" he cuts me off.

"Umm sure, is 3 okay?" I say.

"Yeah, perfect, name ?"

"Greg Donald."

"Thanks, see you tomorrow." And that was it! This is my big break! Finally! no more mid-life crisis for Greg Donald! I went to sleep pretty quickly after that. I woke up happy and smiling , today is the day my life is gonna change. I took the day off and stayed home, I couldn't wait for 3:00 so I stopped by early. I was too excited. I drove about a mile outside the city, road and an abandoned gas station In the middle of the desert.. I turned left on Doctrine lane. The building looked like a hospital/abandoned school building. It's in the middle of no where! I step up to the stairs and ring the bell. I wore a suit and brought my briefcase to show the Doctor my records of depression and stuff. A tall 6''6 chiseled hispanic guy opens the door, he wears a teal jumpsuit, like a nurse.

"HELLO MY NAME IS: Ronaldo" his name tag says.

"Oh hi, I had an appointment at 3, but I came early if you don't mind."

"Sure, sure follow me." he says. Its one big lobby with a desk in the middle and 4 elevators on either side. The whole place is white and has cheesy wallpaper, like a hospital. We take the elevator to the 1st floor. I notice that's there's only 7 floors in the whole building. We step into this long hallway, one side labeled Doctors and the other Intensive care. I don't know what that means, so I just ignore it. Ronaldo leads me to the last door in the doctor hallway.

"Daddy should be in there." he says.

" Ummm okay thanks." I walk in and see a tall 6'7 man with blonde hair and chiseled. What's with this place and tall guys. His office has a desk, a medical table that you lie down on, and looks exactly like a doctor's office except that there's ABC 123 blocks wallpaper on the walls.

"Oh Good morning, Greg is it?" He says "Um Hi yes, I saw your ad in the paper and I've been depressed for a while now so why not right" I say with a laugh I just blurted it out.

"Um, okay lets get started, strip for me.'' Umm okay this is normal, a doctor can see a patient naked right ? I strip my clothes and leave it on the chair I was sitting in.

"Okay you seem in great shape." He says while standing up. He listens to my heart and says: ''You're in good shape, no need to worry about that little belly going on there." He says with a chuckle. Okay here comes the weird part.

"Okay Greg we are going to place you in with the new class, 6 months which is where all our babies start."

"Umm 6 months, babies,excuse me?"

" Oh didn't you see the website ? This is a Adult Baby center, where we turn men ages 21-44 into happy people again. And babies are happy.


"Um, I'm sorry I need to go."

"No stay, you just got here don't you want to be happy ?" I make a run for it BUTT NAKED I'm sure as hell not being a baby for him.

"Guess were going to have to do this the hard way." Doctor Daddy says.

I run to the elevators where Ronaldo and two other tall dudes block me.

"Hey, you should stay." he says "This is a chance at something new."

"Um no this isn't for me." I try to run, but he picks me up!! He settles me on his waist like an infant! "WHAT THE HELL DUDE?!?, PUT ME DOWN!"

"Now now, calm down Gregory, we only want the best. You guys always make a big fuss."

"Because were looking to be happy again! We can't be babies!" I shout.

"Well this is what you signed up for, Ronaldo get our new baby settled in with the 6 months old. The new class.

"You can't do this let go of me!!" I scream. Doctor Daddy goes back into the Doctor hallway and Me Ronaldo and the other buff guys walk into Intensive care. We step in and I'm speechless. The whole floor is one big nursery ! Its painted baby blue with a few windows. They're so many cribs and changing tables lined up in rows of 4. And there filled with people ! People my age screaming at the top of their lungs.

"Help me !! I'm not a baby!"

"I have a wife and kids at home!" One shouts.

" Please I don't want to wear diapers!!" another one shouts. The sight is horrible !

"Welcome home." Ronaldo says. He sets me down on a changing table. At this point I'm kicking and screaming. He's just to strong, he's pinning me down! He applies all these different things to my ''area'' and one of them was baby powder! And then comes the most tragic part of all. The diaper ! It's white with a sesame street character on it! I cry even louder !! " I hope baby likes Big Bird!" Ronaldo says with a cruel smile.

He lifts my ass up and slides the diaper under. Then he attaches the tape and done! I am a big big baby.

"I don't want to be a baby, I'm a big boy." I say softly. I'm so tired of fighting, even though there is rage inside of me.

" Well this is what you signed up for!" he says. He applies this special tape to my diaper, keeping it in place since I might try to take it off. He puts large mittens on my hands. And sticks a pacifier in my mouth. I try to suck on it, but its a little rough.

"Okay so, tomorrow it's shaving time!" he says.

Oh god, the horror. He places me in a crib labeled 32. Across from me is a fat buff dude with a diaper on ! And to my right a small skinny kid who looks like he's not a day over 25 in a diaper. There's a small mirror in the crib and I look into it. I don't see Gregory Donald anymore. I see a grown man with a big bird diaper on. I start to cry. This is what I signed up for. This is what WE signed up for.

To Be Continued ~ Part 2 coming soon! -Jace

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