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Doctor Daddy (Part 2)

Characters so far:
Greg - Main character forced into babyhood
Ronaldo - Greg's 'Uncle'
Doctor Daddy - headmaster or what not
The voice - Greg's past life holding on to survive and help greg.

By: Jace Locking (Email:

"There's my little boy"! A voice booms. I'm back home on the country, except something's different. I try to get up, but I can't. I look around the big blue room with rudder ducky wallpaper.

"Where am I?" My soft voice says. I look down to find myself diapered and strapped to a changing table ! I start to panic, when I feel a stream of hot piss around my midsection. I cry out "Please let me go !"

"This is what you signed up for Gregory." a familiar voice says. At that moment a tall man with Blonde hair, and blue eyes walks in. Its HIM. He has a lab coat and tightie whites on. He has some abs. Compared to me, He would look like my father. I'm so short.

"Okay time for a change !" he says. I struggle with all my might and burst in to tears screaming "No I'm a big booooooooy!!"

I woke up to bright lights and screams. It takes a second to remember where I am. Then I remember. It was HIM who put me in here, and now I have no clue what will happen to me, my job, and my apartment. I look around, it has to be around noon the sun it out. My first night was pretty bad. I woke up 5 times, and I cried myself to sleep each time. I need to get out of here. A voice says in my head. I look around, every guy is screaming they're around 21-44. Ronaldo comes around to my crib number 32.

"Good morning sleepy head, someone had a bad night!" he says with a cheerful smile. I start to cry.

"Oh sh sh, its okay with enough training you'll be happy again." he says.

"Okay so today. This is your schedule he tapes it by the side of my crib.

1. Breakfast. (Milk with a side of dry cheerios.) & Sesame street!

2. Bath

3. Play time in the backyard

4. Lunch (Apple slices with a choice of Juice or Milk)

5. (Back to nursery,) Movie

6. Nap time

7. Dinner ( One banana and a side of warm milk)

8. Bath

9. Bedtime story (optional) or Night Night.

** Diaper Changes Can happen anytime of the day, so its not on the schedule.

I look in shear horror. This is crazy! He comes back with a large bottle and plastic bag filled with cheerios. I scream "Ronaldo I'm not doing this !"

"Yes you are, I am your new assigned Uncle and you follow everything I say if not you are punished and sent to Daddy for a beating!!" he says sternly, with so much authority I cringe in my crib. He's big enough to hurt me and I'm the one in the diaper.

"Is that clear ?"


"Yes what? " He says sternly.

"Yes Uncle."

I look around me. Everyone is assigned an "Uncle" and the Doctor must be in charge of everything. I look at the mirror in my crib and see a flash then the theme song comes on. I cringe away, but I can't I'm glued to the colors and lights of sesame street ! I try to look around and everyone is glued to their screen too! This must be some sort of weird hypnosis. I can't cry because I'm actually happy! I'm smiling and laughing while drinking my ba-ba and eating my cheerios. I need to stop, I'm not a baby I'm a grown man who does not drink out of "Ba-Ba's" ! the voice tells me.

"Okay so , you stay here my little Greg, Uncle will go help warm up the baths."

" kay kay shh" I say in a childish voice. He chuckles while walking away. They're proud of your progress, but you're not a child you are Gre-" I block out the voice for once. I'm watching sesame street !

After that weird hypnosis its time for a bath. I'm so self -conscious about my appearance. I'm way too short, with my belly and I don't want anyone staring at my you know ! I start to groan and squiggle when Uncle Ronaldo picks me up.

"Don't worry they're curtains in the bath hall." We step into a new room right next door to the main one. It's a giant bathroom! Tubs are in rows with shower curtains. We head to the one labeled 32 and he stands me up to remove my dry diaper. You're a grown man you don't wear diapers, you're 37! the voice says. He lifts me up and puts me down in the tub. It's a little warm, but its like a sauna in here! It's so steamy and relaxing I smell fresh soap and shampoo. Its another hypnosis snap out of it! The voice says. I can't. I fall into another hypnosis and I start to play with a rubber ducky, and a toy boat while Ronaldo washes my body and shampoos my hair. I didn't even notice that he shaved my pubic hair and armpits. I look like a fresh new born baby with soft tender skin from the baby oil. I snap out of it just in time to hear yelling.

"Gregory you peed in the tub!" Ronaldo says sternly. I got scared for a minute and feel my bottom lip quiver. Grown men don't cry. Their hypnosis is regressing you to a 2 year old. the voice says. I start to cry out loud screaming and kicking the water. Ronaldo tries to calm me down but I can't! Then he sticks a bigger than life pacifier in my mouth and says "Here take that, it should calm you down. Sorry my poor baby." with a solemn look on his face. I accept his apology by squirting water from my rubber ducky at his face. He starts to laugh, a laugh bigger then life. And I start to giggle. Dude they're regressing you come back !

Ronaldo leads me to a new room while drying me off. My towel is blue with bears and rubber duckies. This new room has a tall Uncle standing in front of a dry cleaners rack machine. We are all lined up in different lines 1 2 3 4. Me and Uncle R. are in line number 2. The line moves pretty fast and he grabs my day outfit in no time! We head back to the main room where Ronaldo sets me down on the changing table. I start to whimper when he says "Oh hush up and gives me a small Pikachu doll that triggers another trance. Everyone else is given a teddy bear some even have action figures while our Uncles diaper and dress us. Told you so, Each trance is tearing away at your age. They're regressing you.~ The voice says. I look down to see Elmo on my diaper this time. I groan, but quietly so Ronaldo won't here me. At least I haven't peed in them yet, that would be gross. I let my arms crawl into a sky blue shirt that has a billion rubber duckies on them. I step into overalls. Ronaldo locks something in the back of my overalls, but I'm too distracted by my pikachu that I don't notice. I'm pretty nervous to go in the backyard I don't know how it will look but I just stick close to Uncle R. he lets me walk while having me on this child leash thing. I feel infantile, but secure and safe. We step outside the Intensive Care unit and at this time I'm really nervous. I start to whimper, then my whimper becomes a cry. Ronaldo picks me up and settles me on his waist. I play with his curly brown hair at the ends. The soap and shampoo he uses is another trance.~ the voice says. There are about 16 of us so 8 go in one elevator and 8 in another. I cling onto Uncle R.'s shirt when we step outside the elevators. Mostly the Uncle's are talking , but a few guys are crying about how one took the other one's teddy.

I cling onto Pikachu at the thought of it. We step outside to this gorgeous lawn with a mini waterfall and a oversized playground. Ronaldo takes out the ring and lets me go. I look at him for a second in fear, but he gives me a reassuring look to go have fun. The playground. The colors and grass its a trance this is the big test that will regress you more.~ the voice says. I run around with pikachu sliding down the slide and playing Hide-n-Seek with a small kid named Johnny he says he's 32 and his crib number is 33 the one behind me. I said my names Greg through my teeth since I'm suddenly sucking my thumb. Me and Johnny play hide-n-seek when we see the small kid no older then 25 sitting all alone in a corner. We approach him and introduce ourselves. "I'm Simon" he says.

" Do you wanna play with us Simon?"

"Um okay" he says with a smile. We play hide-n-seek and tag and swing on the swings with our Uncles pushing us. Then a large bell rings calling us to lunch. Me, Simon, and Johnny sit together and laugh and play with Pikachu, G.I. Joe, and Barney. The food! Doctor Daddy will come next period! The voice tells me. Not now! I'm to busy making friends!

So we head back to the nursery and our Uncles set us down in our cribs. Simon is to my right and Johnny behind me. I lay down sucking my thumb , holding onto Pikachu. Our Uncles left the room onto lunch and were here to watch Barney's amazing Egg adventure through a projector. Then HE walks in with his lab coat and tighty whities. He has sharp black boots. He means business and I'm scared. He passes by each row one by one checking in on us to make sure where not doing anything suspicious. He passes by me and says with a smile "How are you liking your treatment Gregory?" I stick my thumb out my mouth and push the pikachu aside to hide my shame a little. I sit up and say "Fuck you. I am NOT a baby and I'm not your slave!" This was the worst mistake ever he's gonna attack me ! He twists my ear and drags me to the comfy story time seat. He stops the movie and tells everyone to look forward. I warned you~ the voice says. He sets me over his lap and I can see all eyes on me. He pulls down my overalls leaving me in a shirt and diaper.

"This is what happens when Babies speak out rudely!" He says. He gives me ten good hard quick slaps with the paddle.

"This is what happens when Babies don't listen to Daddy!" He shouts. He gives me at least 50 more hard spanks with the paddle. He gets up leaving me on the floor sobbing softly. He gives me a quick kick in the stomach with his boot.

"Now this is Doctor Daddy's AB camp! I am your Daddy whether you like it or not! I control you now! you will be all my little sons and a select few my daughters. Thats right! Half of the class will be sissies ! And Daddy makes sure his little girls and boys get the best!" He shouts.

"Understood children ?"

"Yes Daddy" Everyone says together. He bends down next to me. He grabs my hand and holds it to his midsection where his thing becomes erect with pleasure.


"Yes Daddy" I say weakly.

After that rough experience Uncle R. bathes me. I'm quiet for most of the bath and when I return I'm changed into a new diaper and a sky blue onesie and pikachu is back ! He is my only companion.

"Look I'm sorry, I'll talk to him, But you be careful my little soldier if you get in trouble I do to." He says putting me in my crib while handing me my Ba-ba of warm chocolate milk. I nod my head while he leaves the room. I turn around and see Johnny Turned around too. He said he's sorry for what happened and says that I don't deserve that. Simon joins the conversation too. I tell them I'm alright and We just have to stick together and not let HIM get to us. We change the subject and talk about cars, and our old lives, and hot celebrities. I can see a good future in store for the 3 of us. And hey Uncle Ronaldo's cool too. We finish our ba-ba's and drift off to sleep.

I will be back Greg. You cannot escape your old life~ You are a grown man! Not a baby!

"That was uncalled for Dad."

"Well the kid talked back, he deserves the punishment, plus its good to set some discipline in them. Fear is a great way to control."

"What are you planning anyways ? Were running low on money and our classes are dwindling!"

"Don't worry, my son it's gonna be a Great plan! We will own the world!"

"Um okay any details ?"

"Not yet, my son but I will give you a hint:"


What does Doctor Daddy have in store ?!? What will happen to Greg, Johnny, and Simon??

Part 3 coming soon! ~Jace

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