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Forced To Be a Baby Boy!

We finally got to the summer house. It was Laura Tiffany and I. We were all 21 and were here for the weekend. I grew up with the girls and went to school with them. My gf Samantha had to work all weeknd and she coudn't join us unfortuntly. So we arrived at the cabing early Fri evening and we all got settled in unpacked a few things started all to relax on the couch watching tv. Next thing I know Laura and Tiffany are talking how cute baby clothes are.

And how cute babies look dress in baby clothes. They both shot me a weird look. They asked me If I could be a baby again would I? I was like sure. It probably be awsome to have everyone take care of me. Laura turned to me and told me If I really want to be a baby she can arrange that for the weekend. I said Sure jokingly.

The next thing I know Laura and Tiffany got up and grabbed my arms. They Said lets go and turn you into a baby. They pulled me into a locked room closed and locked the door. The light was turned on. I see a big baby room but the crib and changing table were alot bigger. I even see a highchair thats larger. I back away from them and said whats going on I thought you were joking! Laura and Tiffany giggle at me too bad your gonna be our baby this weeknd. Laura comes over to me and grabs the bottom of my shirt pulls it up off me pulling my arms up. Tiffany is unbuttoning my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles. Laura pushes me down on to the changing table and locks my wrists into restraints. Hey hangon You cant do this. They told me just let this happen its gonna be so fun and relaxing. Tiffany pulls my pants competely off. Laura reaches under the table pulls out a diaper. I say no way let me go. Tiffany comes and shoves a large pacifier in my mouth and straps it around my head so I cant spit it out. Laura says your gonna look so cute dressed like a baby! All I could do was mumble into my pacifier. Tiffany pulled my underware off the rest of the way and I saw Laura unfolding the diaper. It had a real baby print on it like a adult size pampers. Tiffany picked up my legs and Laura put the diaper under my ass. They powdered me with baby powder and pulled the diaper up between my legs.

I laid there with a pacifier shoved in my mouth and wearing a diaper. I tried to get up but my wrists were locked down. Laura came over and put white socks on my feet. Then Tiffany held up a blue onsie with a baby print pattern with big baby blocks and letters on it.

Oh my god he is gonna look so cute and Laura unstrapped one wrist at a time and helped put my onsie over my head then she buttoned it up between my legs over the diaper. What a cutie he is. He looks like the cutest big baby!!! They both giggled at me and pulled me up. They dragged me over to the high chair forced me in it and strapped me in. Tiffany got a blue bib and put it around my neck. Laura giggled what a cute baby boy you are.

Laura cameover with a bottle. she pulled my paci out and she shoved the bottle in my mouth. She yelled drink it baby. I had no choice to suck on the bottle. There was milk in it and she forced me to drink it. I finished the bottle and they both told me I am such a good baby. I'm Not a baby I said. Tiffany comes over to me. You look like a baby!

Then They both take me out of the highchair. They both held me by the arms.

Stop it Imnot a baby I said. Laura says dont babies wear diapers. It looks like you have baby pampers on. They both giggled at me. They pushed me in the crib. They handcuffed my arms to the crib bars. Laura says so his baby hands dont take off his diaper or anything.

Lets go get ready for the other girls to come over they said and they left me in the crib locked dressed like a baby. I couldnt belive who else is coming over? I tired to get out but i couldnt. I cant belive I am dressed like a baby boy and locked in a crib.

I must have been in there for about a half hour? Laura comes back in the room.

Hey Baby boy she giggled. Tiffany comes in behind her. DId the baby wet his diaper? they both giggle. I yelled no i didnt. Laura reaches into the crib and feels inside my onsie on the diaper. It feels dry she said and even poked her finger inside and poked at my dick. They both giggle. Do you want us to let you go they ask? Yes I said.

Then listen to us this whole weekend and we wont show anyone the pictures of how cute you look. Then Laura snaps pics with the camera. Hey no delete those I yell.

They both laugh No You are owned by us this weekend. Do everything we want and you will have fun and maybe stop being a baby. Tiffany comes over to me with a blue collar thats says baby boy on it. She puts it on my neck and straps a leash to it. she unlocks my wrists and says get out of your crib. I step out. Crawl she syas. I get on my hands and knees and crawl to Laura. Tiffany smacks but but throught the onsie and diaper Good Baby boy. Then she checks my diaper by giving me a reach around and says I think he likes haveing his diaper checked. We need to get you ready for the other girls coming over. Who is coming I ask. You will see.

To Be Continued.

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