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Cabin in the Woods


It was a Friday. The boys were packing up ready to go. Alec 5''5 chiseled body, blonde hair, spray tan, and blue eyes. James 5''6 little pudgy, hipster, light brown hair and black eyes. Don 5''5 chiseled body, sandy brown hair, and sky blue eyes. And Augustus (Gus for short) 5''6 chiseled body, dark red hair, and light green eyes. The 4 of them have been friends since high school and went to the same college in their small town of Portland, Oregon. They're now traveling the country. They're in Colorado driving in the middle of no where let's see what there up too:

"I told you to turn left on Black beach road! Now we're in the middle of the woods." James shouts

"Hey! I'm the one driving so shut up!" Alec says

"Guys shut up and be quiet lets just keep driving and stop by a house and see if they have any gas for the car." Don says sternly from the back of the mini van. Augustus was sleeping so yeah. The boys kept driving. "Whoa watch out!!" James screams. Alec sharply turned to the left avoiding the deer that they were gonna hit. They crash into a tree. Alec screams into his airbag "Shiiiit!!!". They four guys tried to get a signal on the one cell phone they had, but it was a dead zone. "Well lets start walking, hopefully we find a place before it gets dark." They started to walk down the rocky road. They were walking for at least 20 minutes before James said "Look guys there's a house down that hill!" All four guys ran down the hill towards this big cabin. Gus knocked on the door so eager that the boys became nervous. A tall 6''4 man opened the door.

"Hello sorry to bother you Sir, but we need a working phone because our car crashed about a mile up this hill." Gus said

"Oh okay come in." He said in this deep Russian voice.

The boys looked around at the place. It was pretty big. A large stairwell covering the left side of the wall, the living room in the middle, a dining room behind that and the kitchen and door leading to the backyard all the way in the back. "Wow" Alec said in amazement. "This place is wicked!" James said while doing an air guitar. The Russian guy said his name was Yuri, Yuri Vanbeck. "Well Yuri do you have anything to eat ?" Alec said in a sheepish voice. "Oh yes yes." Yuri went to the kitchen and cooked up something in the microwave. "I hope you like Rovalis." he said while putting the plates on the dining room table. "Eat up he said." He came back with glasses of water while Alec asked "Where does that door lead to?" pointing to the door at the side of the dining room table. "Oh that's the basement." Yuri said blandly.

"MMM Yuri you make some good ravoli." Gus said while drinking his cup of water.

"Hell yeah you do !" Don said in agreement

"Hey so where's the phone?" James asked

"James ! That's rude don't say that!" Alec said elbowing him in the ribcage.

"Oh yes yes." Yuri said while walking away. "Here you go." Handing Don the phone.

Beep Beep Beep "It's dead." Don said sadly.

Yuri collected all the plates while the guys started to yawn. "Yuri whatever you put in this water is amazing." James said sleepily. "Yeah I agree" Alec said while yawning. "You can say that again." Don said stretching out his arms. "Mhm" Gus said while rubbing his eyes. The boys eventually passed out falling out the chairs. It was time for Yuri to get to work. He called Beck and Tom (his only two sons) in from the basement and told them to help him get his new patients ready. He called Susan which is his beautiful blonde hair Russian wife in and kissed her on the lips. "What age should they be my dear? Yuri said. "Hmm" Susan tapped her chin while thinking "okay I'll write it down."

Alec- 2 years old.

James- 7 years old.

Gus- 4 years old.

Don- 1 years old.

"This is perfect my dear" Yuri said while sucking at his wife's neck. Little did she know, Yuri will use these little ones for pleasure.

The Next Morning

Alec woke up groggily and his vision took time to adjust. "W-Where am I ?" He looked around to find strange white bars around him and a window to his right. The room was painted blue and a what looked like a big long table was on the right. He looked across to see another weird bar thing. His vision finally adjusted. "Where the hell are we?!?" He shouted "HELP HELP HELP!" He felt this warm spot in between his legs he looked down and saw a diaper! He was wearing a pampers diaper that had a big yellow bird on it! "omg no this isn't happening I did not pee in a diaper!" in fact, he did.

James woke up groggily also, but sprang right up looking for his friends. .." What the hell ?" He was in a giant blue room with a two racing car beds and posters from the movie "Cars" on the walls. He looked down to see race car pj's on him. He was wearing a sweater and pants and they fit him! "Omg I need to find the guys!" He stood up but noticed this wet moist spot in between his legs he pulled down the rather tight car pj's to find a pull up with a car on them ! He started to scream.

Don was awoken by Alec's screams. "Oh my god Don what are you wearing?!" Alec shouts. Don looked down to see yellow plastic pants and a binky wrapped around his mouth and tied around him so it was more like a gag. He started to scream even more when he saw that he was wearing a wet diaper ! His muffled screams panicked Alec even more.

Gus awoke to James' screams. He shot up and ran to him "James calm down ! Wait... What are you wearing!" Gus looked at James then looked around the room filled with a big car toy chest and car posters on the wall. He looked down at himself to find out that he was wearing little boy pj's that were his size! They were blue and airplanes on them. He felt a very wet spot in between his legs. He pulled them down and screamed "I'm wearing a wet diaper!" "Haha I have pull ups!" James said mockingly, even though it was not the time. "We have to go find Alec and Don!" Gus said.

Alec had on a sky blue long sleeve sweater that read : "I'm a big boy at 2"

Don wore a plain white t shirts, mittens, and white booties.

James and Gus ran to the door to find it locked on the outside. Alec and Don were not able to get out their cribs for it was to big to climb over.

Yuri called Beck and Tom to hold Gus and James while Susan talks to them he will talk to Alec and Don then they will switch.

"Hello hello my new sons." Yuri said darkly. "Dude let us go, you can't do this!! I swear I will kill you when I get out of here." "Alec ! That is no way to speak to your father! " "You're not my father!" "Well now I am, so let's begin." Don was screaming through the gag/binky. " Alec you are now going to be treated as a 2 year old." "Don you are going to be treated as a one year old." "Let fucking go of me you dickhead! I'm not your slave!" Alec screams. Don screams through his gag. "Well Well guess were going to have to spank you after you meet mommy. Yuri walked out the room while Alec was screaming. Susan kissed him on the cheek while they past in the upstairs hallway. Yuri walked in.

"Hello my new older sons." "Dude what the hell we are not little kids!" "I don't wanna be Fouuur!" Gus whines. "Well Gus you sound like one." Yuri says. "Now I'm pretty sure Mommy explained everything so first lets get you two changed. Beck set Gus on the floor, pinning him down he was squirming about. Yuri untapped the diaper and Gus blushed as he was naked in front of a person he doesn't even know! He looked down to see that his pubic hair was gone. He started ti cry when Beck stuck a large binky into his mouth. Yuri finished taping a new diaper on and dressed Gus into a cars shirt and overalls and car skechers that light up. James was next. Yuri threw out his pull up replacing it with a new one with Mater on it. James started to kick and peed on Yuri. Yuri gave him about 20 good slaps and James sobbed. Tom stuck a large binky in. He dressed James up in a cars hoodie and jeans. With light up sneakers also.

Susan changed Alec's dirty diaper for a new one. She was way taller than him so she pinned him down, and he was too distracted by her large boobs and luxarious blonde hair to care. She tapped up the diaper and dressed him in as short sleeve shirt that said "My dad is stronger then your dad!" She put him in shorts and little white sneakers. She picked him up and put him in the crib "Mommy will be right back!" she said. Don was the same. He stared at her long silky hair and large breasts. She changed his diaper and took the binky out his mouth. She teased him a little, but not enough for him to cum. She can see Alec was red and puffy with jealousness. She dressed him in a baby blue onsie. They both noticed that they're pubic hair was gone and they both turned red.

She gave both boys a bottle with a special chemical: Pattenmore

Yuri did the same with Gus and James.

Pattenmore regressed people into the desired age labeled on the box. Each box had a different age. It took at least 30 minutes to kick in. Beck and Tom pinned James and Gus down in little seats and made them watch Sesame street. Susan put both boys on the floor and made them watch Baby bears adventures. She circled around them stripping. Each time she circled them they looked younger and younger and they didnt notice! 14 year old Alec had enough he stood up and took off the diaper showing a little erect penis. Susan started to laugh and Alec noticed and started to cry getting younger and younger until he stopped at 2. The clothes still fit him and he had short wavy blonde hair. "Hey! I'm suppose to be 25 that's not fair! I'm telling da-da! waaah" he wailed running out the room. 9 year old Don stared at Susan with watery eyes and ran after 2 year old Alec telling him to wait up and stop crying! They both ran into Gus' and James room. 16 year old James laughed at 2 year old Alec and teased him while he was getting younger. 12 year old Gus laughed at now 2 year old Don while getting younger.

They both started to cry and regressed faster. Susan came into 1 year old Don crying on the floor, 2 year old Alec running around, 4 year old Gus throwing a tantrum, and 7 year old James play chasing 2 year old Alec. "Mommy ! Mommy! they shouted." Susan hugged them and Yuri joined in the group hug. They became one happy family.


Yuri and Susan raised all 4 boys as their own. James and Gus were sent to school a few blocks away and Alec and Don stayed home with Susan. Yuri rewarded "Tommy" with a carrot. Tommy is Yuri's pet deer, he trains him to run onto the road and make drivers crash. He also eats electrical wires. That's why lines are always dead. The End.

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