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Doctor Daddy (Part 3)

"There goes my boy!" Doctor daddy's loud voice boomed. I looked around the room, I was in a large room and everything was huge like it was fit for a giant. The bed was larger then life and it was comfy and like a cloud. I looked down to see me in my Clavin Klein boxer briefs. Oh thank god no more diapers. "Looks like someone has to go potty." Doctor daddy says. I turn to my right to see him in his lab coat and tighty whities. I suddenly got the urge to pee, I jumped out of bed running to the bathroom, but the door kept getting taller and taller until I could not reach the door knob. I felt a hot stream of piss filling my underwear "Daddy no please I''m a big boy I promise!" I say looking down, now I was wearing Cars undies and a plain white tshirt I'm a little kid !!! "Waaah No please daddy I'm a big boy...

I woke up breathless to the bright morning sunlight seeping in through the large windows. I look around to find Johnny sleeping head behind mine and Simon curled into a ball sucking his thumb.I shift left to right uncomfortable. I don't know why. I unbutton the bottom of my blue onesie to find a large pee stained Elmo diaper!! I scream out loud and it seems to wake everyone. They wake up screaming to!

~ They released a chemical in the room to make your bladder that of a 1 year old. ~

"Well well someone is wet" Ronaldo says picking me up.

"Let go of me!! I'm not a child ! " I screamed and thrashed about.

I start to cry while Ronaldo changes my wet diaper. Everyone either pooped or peed in their diapers, so I'm not alone. Ronaldo changes me into a Cars diaper and I groan at the sight of it. "I want to go home." I say grumpily, like a 2 year old nearing a tantrum.

"Well my little soldier, you cannot this is what you signed up for~" he says softly like a new father speaking to his baby. I have to admit Ronaldo is pretty nice. He's tall , chiseled body, natural tan and long black locks. His eyes are a greenish blue and his laugh is pretty funny. He snorts sometimes. "Fine" I say crossing my arms looking across at Johnny getting changed. This is my 2nd day as a adult child, but I have already become friends with 2 guys. Johnny is a 36 year old guy with a shaved head and sky blue eyes. His wife left him along with his twins, Augustus and Christina. He started eating out his feelings and now he has a thick belly. Simon is a silm quiet 24 year old boy with blond short hair and hazel green eyes. His mom died of cancer a few weeks back. His mom meant the world to him and that's how he became depressed. These three are my only allies and I make sure I keep them close.

Ronaldo sets me back down in my crib labeled 32 and hands me my schedule.

1. Breakfast outside it's a nice day !

2. Playtime

3. Bath

4. Lunch (bottle of warm milk or juice)

5. Nap time

6. Story Time

7. Dinner (Mashed peas or a banana with a side or warm milk)

8. Bath

9. Sleepy time

"My little soldier I have a surprise for you today so you don't have to follow this schedule" he whispers in my ear. So close it tickles. "Okie dokie" I say.

Trust him. It's gonna be crazy~

Ronaldo dresses me up in a Mickey mouse shirt that doesn't fit so it shows part of my belly and my Cars diaper. Everyone seems to be wearing this outfit today. Some have basic plain white t-shirts. Simon and Johnny are both wearing a baby blue shirt. Ronaldo attaches the child leash thing to my back and we're off.

We step out of the plain white elevators of the hospital and into the 1st lobby where a bunch of uncles sit at a large circle desk filling the center of the room answering phone calls and doing things on the computer. We reach outside which is just a adult playground. We are all given a milk carton and some cheerios and me, Johnny, and Simon sit down on the grass and talk about stuff.

"Did you guys see last months Playboy?!" It was to die for. It had Megan Fox on the cover ! Johnny says. "Shit man I squirted all over that magazine!!" "Now look at me. An thick bellied middle aged guy in a diaper. Great."He says with a sigh.

"Well just cause you're in a diaper doesn't mean you don't have to stop.. you know.. jerking it." Simon says with a wink towards Johnny that has me worrying.

Those two are gonna have some wild fun in the future.~ You too.

Silence. "Well guys lets go play! "Follow the leader! Follow the leader" I run around. "But I wanna play tag" Simon whines. "Shut up" Johnny says. "Make me! lalala I can't hear you!" Simon says back. The three of us run around the playground and Ronaldo pushes me on the swings. Then the large bell calls us inside for bathing time. Ronaldo hooks me back on the leash thingys, and instead of leading me to the elevator with the other guys, he leads me into a large bathroom and shoves a blue jumpsuit into my chest. "Put this on." He says. "Wait what'-'' "Just put it on!" he says. I obey his command and he helps me take off my mickey shirt. I pull the teal shirt over me first and then the pants. I look just like a uncle.

This is the fun part~

Ronaldo shoves my mickey shirt into a bin in the bathroom and he walks beside me. I ask no questions cause to be honest I trust Ronaldo. I'm pretty sure we're going somewhere good. We step into the elevator and press the 6th floor. Cool never been there before.

"Don't worry Greg this is gonna be pretty cool." he says.

We step out into this large hallway with windows on either side. We walk down and in those windows are rooms. Rooms with Large Tall muscular guys with hospital stuff around them. What seem like doctors are also in the room examining them. In one room there this tall buff black guy doing a puzzle blind folded. In another one theres a buff hispanic guy playing large cheese with a buff white guy. The weird part is that they're naked ! I look up at Ronaldo who has a smirk on his face. "Welcome to the uncle level." he says.

We turn left into the shower room and its just a large room with shower heads, no small walls for privacy. It's just open and free. I feel weird down there, but I don't know why. We step out of the showers into this large orange room with white couches. "Hey Jace come meet the guy I was talking about!" Ronaldo calls out. A tall muscular guy with blonde hair and soft brown eyes comes up to us.

"Oh so your Greg, Ronaldo's patient, cool cool he told me all about you."

"Um really? Cool this floor is pretty awesome dude!"

"Yeah these are where the uncles live." He say spreading his arms out. Note remember that they're naked? Yeah Jace's large junk is in my face just swinging there. No biggie right?!

"Yeah I thought I would show him more of the camp get to know his new home." Ronaldo says.

"Cool well I have to run me and Alec have a bet to see who can hold there breath the longest. see ya around!" Jace says leaving.

We walk through the large lounge where a bunch of naked guys are sitting around talking, drinking, watching tv.

"We don't have to wear our uniforms until we get outside so yeah." Ronaldo says

"Good to know" I say shyly.

We enter a large room filled with bunk beds and we reach Ronaldo's. ''Okay let me tell you my story." He says while changing into a plain white t-shirt. I sit on the bed across from his.

"Okay so I had no choice but to come here. It was October 2007 when me and my girlfriend Kayleigh were driving down after coming from my friends crazy halloween party. We were driving down the road when a deer crossed and we crashed into a tree. There was no signal for our cell phones, so we walked. When this large van pulled up. A man in a lab coat and white t-shirt told us to get in and he'll take us wherever. We told him to take us to town and we'll walk home from there. He said it's to far if we had money he'll take us that way. We did not. I told him I'll do anything to get us home. And he agreed. We walked out the car into the bushes. He stripped off all his clothes and forced Kayleigh and I to have sex with him. Afterwards, he had some buff naked guys kidnap Kayleigh and he tied me up naked into the back of his van. A year later, Doctor daddy's depression camp started. I was one of the first ones here. I had to go through training and experiments like the ones you saw at there. I always ask him where did he take her. But he replies that he does not know." He says through tears.

"Oh Ronaldo I'm sorry."

"But then I saw you. And you, you're different my little soldier. You are." He says leaning in. I don't know what to do. I'm not gay am I?! Oh god, but Ronaldo and his tighty whities and the naked uncles. Oh god Oh god. He kisses me. It felt like a eternity, but it only lasted a few seconds. He pulls away and I can feel myself turning red. He has a huge ear to ear smile on his face. "Let's get you back downstairs."

We head back down to the first floor using the back elevator in the Uncles cabin. We head into the bathroom where I change into my clothes and Ronaldo notices I peed my diaper, even though I have no recollection of it. I start to whimper and my whimper turns into a cry. He lifts me up and I bury my face into his neck. We go back into the elevator and hit the 2nd floor. He lays me down in my crib. Thank god everyone is asleep. I don't want them to see me cry! Ronaldo hands me a warm bottle of milk and I lay down on my back looking up at the spaceships going in circles on top of my crib. I drift off into a dream state.

"Gregory, Gregory what did I tell you!" A tall curly haired cute woman says. I mumble "I'm sorry Mommy" I look around. I'm in a large room with a couch and a flat screen tv on the wall. I look out to the large window wall overlooking the city of Phoenix. I look down at myself. I'm wearing Elmo pj's and on my midsection is a large wet spot. I must've peed myself!! I start to cry "Well sorry is not going to cut it Mr. so no tears I'm getting your father!'' I start to sob and kick and scream at my mothers legs, when a tall tan naked dude with chiseled abs and long black locks walks in. Ronaldo. Then if that's Ronaldo then my mother must be Kayleigh!! He picks me up on his waist and I scream "I'm a big boy I'm a big boy!" "Well big boys don't pee their pants, this is what you signed up for" his loud voice booms I start to cry even more. "Please Daddy I'm sorr-

I wake up with sweat on the back of my neck. I want to go home. That dream was too creepy. I look around most of the guys are up, looking at something towards the front. I look up at what they're looking at. A pink floral list is projected on the wall.


1. Danny CRIB #34

2. Doug CRIB#15

3. Augustus CRIB #17

4. Alex CRIB #14

5. Ronny CRIB #12

I sigh. Relived that I am not being transformed into a baby girl. I look back at Johnny and across to Simon and they look relieved to. We play Simon Says for a while until storytime. The story of Lightning Mcqueen and Mater's friendship reminds me of the three of us. Ronaldo walks by my crib and hands me a bottle of warm chocolate milk. I look up at him and smile. He his just a nice guy who's girlfriend is no where to be found. He smiles back and hands me Pikachu. For the second day here, its not that bad. I fall asleep sucking my thumb.

Greg I am dying as you turn more and more into an infant~ good luck my friend.



"Yes my son." he says paying his attention to his laptop.

"Dad please you cannot do this to them to us."

"We will rule the world Ronaldo!! We will start from Phoenix and move into the rest of the country. And lucky for you, you don't have to be drugged. But the rest of the Uncles and babies will. All the children will be drugged to be invincible!

"Dad, but the 1 year olds have just made it here and the 2 year olds aren't ready and so are the 3 and 4 year olds! You can't do this!"

"Well Ronaldo I am. I want to become the head daddy in charge and I will let no one stop me!" he shouts slapping me.

"Is that understood Ronaldo?" he says. He takes my head and pulls down his Clavin Klein Boxer briefs.

"Yes Daddy" I say through tears on my knees.

What will happen with Greg and Ronaldo?!?! Will we find out where Kayleigh is?!? Will Greg, Johnny, and Simon be part of this Army!? Part 4 coming soon! ~ Jace. P.s: Make sure you guys check into my short story "Cabin in the Woods''! It has an important element that will make it's way to this series. Thanks! ~

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