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Campfire Family (Part Three)

Bill whipped me hard and I had to force myself to stay bent over the old well and take it. As he punished me, he explained that I needed to stop pretending to be "grown up" and accept that my parents knew what was best for me... and that after all this was what I wanted.

"Stay down." He ordered when the whipping finally stopped. I shook from a mixture of discomfort and the morning chilled air as I guessed at what was coming.

"After you fell asleep, Cindy and I discussed the rest of your ‘needs" and your Mom said she's known you were gay for a while. But until you find a Daddy your own age, I'm going to meet ALL your needs like I used to when we first met. We don't want you trolling the internet to be used by pervy men, so when you need "it" you tell me, understand?" I nodded that I did.

"Good" he said, and just then I felt the tip of his penis against my anus.

"Do you still need it rough?" He asked and I let out a shame-filed "Yes Sir" before he plowed into me, making me squeal with pain and delight.


We walked back towards the cabin, me limping and moving gingerly from my sore and violated bottom. When we reached out campsite, I was surprised to find Mom laying a rubber sheet over the picnic table.

"Get Chad striped down for me, will you. He needs a bath after playing in the woods with you." Mom told Bill and he quickly obliged, taking my clothes and pull-up off before picking me up in his strong arms and laying me in the rubber sheet.

Mom picked up a bucket and set it between my legs before removing a soapy sponge which she squeezed the excess liquid from before beginning to wash my feet and legs.

"Lift your legs" she instructed and when I did she washed my bottom and between my legs. I turned red from embarrassment as she rinsed a small amount of blood from the sponge.

"Are you still okay with this?" Mom asked softly, speaking for the first time to the adult me. I nodded and she continued, washing my front, moving up to my chest and arms.

"Daddy will do your hair when you go swimming later, but we must keep a diaper boy clean so you don't get rashy."

I sat up on the rubber sheet as mom dried me from neck to toes with a towel and we talked a bit about how long I had felt these "needs." I told the truth, that I had always felt I needed more strict discipline and that the sex aspect only came with puberty. Mom laughed and said "Well trust me, there were many times I felt like giving you a good whipping... it's just not the ‘way' to parent these days according to the experts... but what the fuck do they know?" I couldn't help but laugh hearing my mom swear and we shared a hug before she laid me back down and put a fresh diaper on me. She put socks on my feet, but no other clothes.

"Okay baby go play." I smiled and hoped down from the table. I wrapped mom in a big hug and thanked her. She kissed me and sent me on my way with a pat to my padded butt.

As I skipped down toward the sandy beach I heard Mom call out to Bill.

"Okay Daddy, time to give Mommy some attention!" and looked back to see them heading into the cabin. Before, the knowledge that Mom was about to have sex would have grossed me out to no end... but now it only seemed fair that Daddy take care of her too!

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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