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My name is Melissa Metheart. I'm 36 years old, married, and two children who live with their grandparents out in New York. My husband, John and I are currently renting out a small apartment in Denver, Colorado. We moved here partly for business, but we're still looking for a home that all of us can live in. I work as a dental assistant for Dr. Douglas Adam and my lord is he adonis compared to John. Doug has wavy blonde hair, tall, muscular, beautiful light green eyes I can see myself swimming in, and we're the same age ! John is 38 short around 5'6, pot belly, clean shaven head, and just plain lazy. Me and Doug have been messing around for a while now and I'm ready to take it to the next level.


I'm John Metheart. I'm 38 years old, married, and a daughter who lives in Phoenix with her aunt. I have a beautiful woman for a wife, Melissa. When I first laid eyes on her she got my heart racing and my dick throbbing. Her beautiful long cherry red hair and small tender figure and her beautiful sky blue eyes. Now we don't have any children together, she has a daughter and a son who live in New York and I have my daughter, and we're looking for a place to live in, so for right now we live in an apartment. I work as a construction worker even though I'm not that fit. I have a medium sized pot belly which Melissa hates ! But I can't help it, she says I'm lazy, I say she's crazy. But we're a happy couple I guess. I walk out of the port a potty on the construction sight when my phone starts to ring and Melissa's beautiful face is on the screen.

"Hey baby, whats up?"

"Hey honey nothing much I'm at the supermarket you want anything?"

"Um no I'm on a diet" I say with a chuckle

"Yeah right John okay so what do you want for dinner?"

"I don't know babe its up to you."

"Well I want some of that big thick cock" she says seductively it gets me stiff.

"Well honey I do get out before you I'll be waiting on the bed" I say

"See you then" she hangs up.

I get back to work with my mind on Melissa.


I stop by the supermarket to pick up some groceries, little does John know I'm also picking up his adult baby clothes,furniture and diapers. I just got off the phone with him, god I wanted to gag when I told him I wanted his small cock. Turns out last week on his computer history I found him talking to a large number of young girls on AOL, and some rather dirty pictures in his email. I was so furious until I came across a website talking about Adult babies and diaper lovers. I planned it out. This is going to be my revenge on him. I told Doug all about it and he was in. He dislikes John too. So it was perfectly planned.

"Are you ready to do this sweety?" I ask getting into the car.

"Hell yeah, Mels I've always wanted a little boy with you." Doug says.

"Well okay let's do this"

I say with anticipation as we drive away to my apartment.


I drove home as fast as I could, waiting to have sex with Melissa. To be honest, lately I've been thinking she's pulling away from me, but last night was awesome and made me forget those thoughts. I take off all my clothes and dump them into the hamper, leaving me in my Clavin Klein boxer briefs. I lay seductively on the bed waiting for my greek goddess to come through the door.

"Honey I'm home" she says.

"I'm upstairs waiting my princess." I shout

I hear her running up the stairs my god I just want to cum right now.

She walks in a beautiful red tight fight dress. She starts to strip and I start to talk off my underwear with my dick rock hard inches away from her mouth when someone presses a cloth towel on my face I panic and breath in and black out.


"Nice work babe!" I scream with joy at doug. "Let's get him cleaned up and settled in to the guest- oh I mean nursery" I say with a smirk.

Doug carries John on his waist as if John is a real baby! I'm so excited! Doug is moving in and we'll have our little baby John in the next room. It's just like a game of house, but with adults ! Doug sets him down into the tub and together we start washing our new "baby" I apply Nair to his legs and underarms and Doug applies it to his pubic and thigh area. Doug lifts him up from the tub and I dry him off with his small penis and clean body, I apply baby lotion and I lead them to the nursery. We step into the old guest room which has now been turned into a baby boy's nursery. Baby blue is everywhere a small window is right above the crib, a large playpen in the middle filled with stuffed animals, in front of that is the Tv, the Tv rests on top of a dresser and next to the playpen is the changing table. Doug straps him in and I grab all the supplies our little baby needs. I apple baby oil, powder, and lotion. Then I tape his sesame street diaper and doug pulls a basic white t-shirt over him which barely fits, so it shows a little bit of his tummy and then his diaper under.

"Our little baby" Doug says while strapping him into the crib, I stick a pacifier in his mouth and watch as he starts sucking it !

I lead Doug into our bedroom now and we start to have rough sex.


I'm sucking something that is plastic-y and smooth. I start to open my eyes. I see large brown bars around me and a baby blue ceiling. I try to get up and find myself strapped to leather straps. "What the hell" I say as I look around the weird room. I see a large playpen in the center a dresser with a TV in front of that, and on the other side some table. The playpen is filled with a ton of toys and stuffed animals. "Oh my god" I say in horror. There is a wet spot in my midsection and I look down. "A DIAPER!" I scream, I thrash, I shout "Melissa !!" I pissed in a diaper and I can't get it off because of these weird mittens I have on. I start to thrash in frustration, when A tall muscualr blonde dude with Clavin Klein briefs walks in. "Aw my poor little soldier wet his diaper, don't worry Daddy's here." he says lifting me up from my chains. I stare at him with awe. I want to punch him in the face and ask where Melissa is, but I can't something in my head is telling me Its okay you're safe. I play with his long blonde locks as he changes me. "Aw babe you're doing your first diaper change with the baby, I'm so proud." Melissa says walking in. I want to kill her shes the one that did this to me, but my head is saying Mommy and Daddy they'll protect you. "This is my baby's punishment for sending those naked pictures to those young girls." she says in baby talk. Oh god. I knew she found out. How could I not notice ! I start to cry, but I don't know why. Mommy-Melissa! Hands me a large overgrown blue bottle filled with chocolate milk. Daddy whos name remains a mystery, sets me in the playpen leaving me with mega blocks, teddy bears, and Elmo and Cookie monster and Big bird. He turns on the tv to a teletubbies episode and drink my chocolate milk while holding Elmo. I'm a grown man for crying out loud ! I should not be in this situation! I just can't stop. What did Mommy do to me?!?


Doug's sweet hot sperm fills my tight pussy. I moan and moan, until I hear a shout from the next room. "Great don't worry honey I'll get him." he says putting on some briefs. Doug's stuff is all moved in and John's old stuff is out. The only thing we kept of John was his underwear apparently Doug said he needs some more. John's been sleeping for about 5 hours, during that time I've been injecting him with a drug I found off one of the adult baby websites. The drug, regresses the person back into the age of 2 and the first man and woman he sees he automatically calls them Mommy and Daddy no questions asked. I walk into the next room to find him playing with Dougs hair. Doug is such a great father. I love him. We set baby down to watch Teletubbies and drink his baba and play with elmo and we walk out the room to our room and watch some tv. I got bored quickly so I take off my t-shirt and pull down Doug's underwear, and we start to fuck.


John becomes fully regressed to a 2 year old. He depends on Doug and Melissa ALOT. And he's a little bit of a cry baby especially when Daddy leaves for work. Melissa is at home taking care of John and has two twin boys on the way ! Jace and Simon. The End.

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