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My Dream Come True ... in Nightmare Form

I have had a fetish for diapers for as long as I can remember, but never truly acted on it. I would always read the same stories on the internet, and watch the various videos over and over again. I never really had the guts to actually try it. That was until last winter.

To start, I am a 19 year old, middle build distance runner, who stands at 6 feet tall. I was still living at home, and my brother had just gone off to college. My parents decided to travel to Jamaica for their 20th Wedding Anniversary, and left me alone in the house. I thought it was going to be the greatest two weeks ever. I had a slow week of school coming up, and the second week was my reading week off from college. The first week, I stuck to my normal school routine, and spend most of my free time with my Girl friend Jennifer. She too was 19 years old, and at 6 feet tall, had the perfect build, sweet ass, and 32-D breasts. We spend most of the week at her house with her parents so they would not get suspicious with us spending all the time at my house which never happened. That Sunday night, I was driving home from Jennifer's house when it hit me, this would be the perfect time for me to actually try wearing a diaper and playing into my fetish. With a quick detour, I headed towards the nearest 24h drug store.

Once I shifted the car into park, my heart started pounding, I could not believe I was sitting in the parking lot and was actually about to purchase diapers for me to fool around in. Thoughts of embarrassment started to run through my head. I had no idea how I was going to do this. Then it hit me, I had a grocery list that I had not fulfilled yet. I quickly grabbed a pen and paper and began to write various things down. Once I was completed, I walked into the store and grabbed a cart, and began filling it with various things I knew I needed. Once I was down to the last few items on my list, I asked a clerk, "Miss, where can I find diapers? I am trying to get my mothers groceries done before she gets home." I figured it was the perfect line, she would never know they were for me, especially seeing as they were not the only thing I was purchasing. She pointed me in the right direction of isle 2 and I was off.

The moment I turned down isle 2 , I almost chickened out. There was very little selection. Of course I really could not complain it was now Monday morning at 2am. I started looking at the adult diapers, but then feared that if I grabbed them, someone would think they were for me, so I moved down the isle and found the youth diapers, there was only one problem, they were sold out of boys. I almost gave up, when I noticed a package of XXL girls bright pink diapers, which supported weights of up to 130lbs. I figured I had come this far, and the waist size listed on the package was 28inces, I figures I could stretch them to 33inces, and I was not intending on soiling the diapers and staying in them for long, so the weight limitation should not be a problem. I grabbed the diapers, not knowing where I was going to hide the 36 pack, as I knew I would not use all 36 in the remaining week, and 36 was the smallest package for sale.

I got home and quickly unloaded my car, and put everything away neatly, and proceeded up to my bedroom, where I proceeded to strip down to nothing. As I grabbed the package of diapers I again could not believe that after so long I was actually about to wear one and fool around with it. As I opened the package I got the hardest boner I had ever had. I slowly slide one out of the package and slipped it on. For about twenty minutes I just walked around the house with it, and I loved the feeling just as much as I thought I would.

At around 4am, I figured I should probably get to bed, as I had planned on breakfast with Jennifer the next morning, but I still had a huge erection. I decided I was going to jerk off in the diaper, and what better to do it too than Diaper porn on the internet.

I ripped open the diaper, and sat down on my bed on top of it, and opened a web browser, and found a diaper video which I had seen at least a hundred times. I began jerking off, and before I knew it I had spewed cum everywhere. It was one of the best ejaculations I had ever had. I quickly cleaned up, and put the pack of diapers in my closet behind some other junk, only intending it to only be a temporary hiding place. As I slid a pair of boxers on, I just rolled up the worm and cum covered diaper and just tossed it on the floor with the intention to dispose of it in the morning.

I woke up after the great adventure the night before feeling refreshed even though I had only had about 4 hours sleep. I jumped into the shower, got dressed and left for breakfast. Jennifer and I enjoyed a fabulous breakfast, and then proceeded to run various errands around the city. That night I offered to make Jennifer a special dinner at my house. So at 5pm we got back to my place and while she watched TV, while I cooked.

After dinner, Jennifer and I were sitting on the couch when she started feeling me up, I quickly got excited, and my boner proved it to her. As I started returning the favour, Jennifer replied, "Not now, I'm just teasing you, maybe later!" I absolutely hated when she did that too me, she enjoyed exerting a sense of control over me, which, I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed. Over the next fifteen minutes, I continued to make various advances, until she turned to me and said, "Ok, if I strip and let you finger me and clean up my cum, will you leave me alone for a while?" I quickly responded in the positive, and began to take off her pants, to reveal an almost see through thong. I left the thong on while I took off her top and bra, exposing her perfect breasts. To get her excited a little first, I began sucking on her nipples, and then slowly moved downwards, and began to slide off her thong. I fingered her wet pussy for at least 5 minutes, making her cum twice. Then out of nowhere, she grabbed my head and shoved my face into her pussy, and demanded I lick up the mess I made. I quickly obliged, enjoying every bit of licking her wet pussy, making her cum once again. Once she had had enough, I stopped and gathered her clothes for her. I wanted her to stay naked, but she complained of being cold, so as the gentlemen I am, I helped her get dressed.

As we continued to sit watching TV, I adjusted by boner a number of times, it having only gotten harder after the recent events, when she turned to me and said, "I'm sorry cutie, why don't you go upstairs and relieve the pressure, I just don't feel into it right now." Enjoying her control of the situation, and the idea of getting permission to jerk off, made me even harder. I quickly jumped off the sofa, and ran upstairs. I sat down on my bed and striped and began rubbing my cock. After a few minutes, I was at my peak, with my eyes closed I had not heard or realized Jennifer had come upstairs and was standing in my doorway watching me rubbing herself. Right as I came, Jennifer walked into the room and knelt down and began sucking my cock, sucking up all the cum that was on it. I grabbed her head and held it there a while, before releasing. She stood up, and I opened my eyes.

"Love you" she said, and I responded, "me too, that was amazing!" Jennifer stood there staring at me, I looked at her, and realized the cum filled diaper was still on the floor from the day before. As my eyes opened in a panic, Jennifer realized I was looking at something behind her, and she turned around.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" she yelled while pointing to the bright pink diaper on the floor. I was absolutely speechless, how could I have forgotten to throw it away. She bent down and picked it up, "Care to explain?" she said. But before I could answer, she got a strange look on her face, and quickly sniffed the diaper.

"You jerked off into this didn't you?" The room fell silent for a moment before she threw the diaper at me and yelled, "ANSWER ME!"

I stayed quiet on the bed, still naked, but she knew the answer with how red my face was.

"Where are the rest of them? I know you cannot buy just one. Where are they?" I stayed quiet on the bed until she stepped closer to be and grabbed my balls with one of her hands and squeezed slightly, just enough to make me flinch. I pointed to the closet and she let go, and walked over, opened the door, and saw the pink package poorly buried. She slid one of the diapers out, and told me to lye down on the bed. With me being naked, and her knowing my little secret, I had little choice but to obey.

Within about a minute I was lying there in a bright pink girls diaper. I don't know if it was because I had just finished jerking off, or fear of what was next, I had no erection this time.

"Put a pair of pants and a shirt on," she said. I did as she asked, and followed her downstairs. She handed me my wallet, and car keys and told me to go to the drug store and buy baby power, and baby wipes, as I was going to need them. As I tried to argue, and apologise that I had hid this from her for three years, she slipped her hand down my sweatpants and grabbed my balls again, "Go, or else," she said angrily. So once again I obeyed.

After nearly having a heart attack walking into the drug store wearing one of the diapers I had purchased the day before, I returned home with the items Jennifer had requested. I walked in the door and was told again to strip to nothing but the pink diaper. I proceeded to hand Jennifer the items, and removed my shirt and pants. She then grabbed me by the waist of the diaper and pulled me to the living room, where she proceeded to sit on the couch and bend me over her lap. She undid the tape on the diaper, and grabbed a metal ruler she had found in the office and began slapping my ass so hard, that the ruler was leaving marks.

At around midnight, she asked me to drive her home. I went to grab clothes, but quickly stated, "No, no I don't think so, your driving me home just like that." I went to question her, but my ass was still hurting and a I feared more punishment. I slipped on a pair of shoes, and walked into the pitch black -21 degree night with nothing but a pink diaper on. To make things, worse it seemed the diaper glowed in the dark. I sprinted to the car, hopping that none of my neighbours saw me, as I knew they would tell my parents. As we started to drive, Jennifer turned to me and said, "Ok, this is how it is going to be, I have taken every single pair of your underwear, so you are going to stay in that all night, and I do not, you hear me, do not want you using the washroom, or changing yourself. I will drive my self over in the morning to change you." I slowly nodded in acceptance. The rest of the drive was in silence.

I got home, and locked the door and ran up to my room to open my underwear drawer to find it empty, I spun around and began digging through my dirty clothes hamper, to realize she had taken all the dirty pairs as well, unless I was planning to wear nothing, I was stuck in this diaper. Then it hit me, I had drank a ton over the course of the evening, and I felt the urge to pee. I walked into the bathroom to open the toilet to find it locked shut. I ran to my parents room to find the toilet locked there too, Jennifer was going to make sure I used the diaper.

After panicking for a little bit, I just let it go, and filled the diaper with hot urine. It actually felt quite good. As I waddled around to make sure it was not going to leak, I figured, what was the worst that could happen, so I went to bed in the wet diaper.

I woke up the next morning to the door bell ringing. I panicked and ran to a window where I could see the driveway. I saw Jennifer's car, and snuck downstairs so that none of the neighbours could accidentally see me in the pink diaper. I opened the door, and to Jennifer's delight, she could tell I had wet the diaper. She closed the door behind her, and dropped her school bag on the floor. She felt my wet crotch and then proceeded to slap me on the cheek with her urine smelling hand and said, "Good boy, you know how to use a diaper for its proper purpose, now get down on all fours and crawl like your supposed to you baby."

She demanded I follow her, so I did. She led me into the freezing cold garage, where she told me to lye down. I hesitated only for a second, before lying my semi-naked body onto the freezing cold concrete floor. She knelt down and took off my diaper.

"Oh my, I've made a mistake, I forgot your fresh diaper inside, you stay here for one sec." I made the mistake of believing her. She left me lying on the cold floor and entered the house and proceeded to lock the door leading into the house. Once I heard the lock swing closed, I stood up, thinking I would be left in the garage for a while, when after about twenty minutes, the main garage door began to open. I began to panic, I was naked in the garage, and now anyone on the street would know. I quickly ran and knelt down behind the stack of summer tires, attempting to hide myself from whoever was about to enter the garage. The door remained open for 10 minutes but no one entered, the garage was now just as cold as it was outside, a freezing -30. As I stayed hidden behind the tires, the door began to again close. Once it was fully closed, Jennifer came back in from the house.

"I'm sorry muffin, I hit the wrong button when unlocking your car. I don't know why I thought your fresh diaper was in there anyways, I knew it was in your room."

Before she proceeded to put me into a brand new diaper. She reached into her bag, and pulled out what I though was a small Dildo. However I was terribly wrong. She informed me that it was an anal but plug, as she did not want to be cleaning up any of my shit. It wasn't just any regularly shaped anal plugs, it was a penis shaped anal plug with inflating balls at the end to keep it in place. I attempted to protest but I was freezing cold and just went with her punishment fearing a worse outcome. She then proceeded to slowly push anal plug into my ass, which I found oddly arousing. I did not fight her one bit, as at this point I didn't care, I was freezing, and just wanted to get back inside. Once inside my ass, Jennifer inflated the end ever so slightly causing me a odd discomfort. After re-taping the new diaper, she brought me back into the house and took me to the kitchen, where she demanded that I sit on the floor. After obliging, uncomfortably, because of the anal plug, she handed me a bottle of warm milk.

"Drink it all up, it will help you grow up to be big and strong." With how cold I was, I didn't hesitate for a moment. I chugged that bottle, trying to warm up. Once I was finished, I handed it back to her, and she placed it on the counter, "Good boy, you stay right there, I will be back in a moment." She said as she walked around the corner, where I heard the bathroom door close. I cursed under my breath with the idea that she was using the toilet. When to my surprise she walked back into the kitchen completely naked. As I stared at her naked body, I could not help but get an erection, even with the situation I was in.

She walked up to me, and grabbed my head and shoved it into her pussy, "Lick, I want to cum. Your getting pleasure out of this fetish of yours, I should get pleasure out of this too." So I licked her wet pussy until she shoved my head back into the cupboards . She squatted down nearly on top of me, and said, "OH MY! I need to pee." With that she pulled open the front of my diaper and began pissing on my lower chest, which ran right down into my diaper. I do not know what it was, but I still had an erection. As she continued to pee on me, I opened my eyes, and too my horror, my parents were standing in the doorway to the kitchen in shock. For whatever reason, they were home from their vacation early!

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!" my father yelled, when Jennifer quickly stood up and spun around attempting to cover up her naked body, and revealing me in a pink diaper. My mother grabbed Jennifer by the arm and pulled her out of the kitchen and sat her down on the sofa, and my father did the same with me. While we both sat there staring at the floor while my mother was on the phone with whom I could only imagine were Jennifer's parents. As my mom hung up the phone, my dad returned from upstairs, and tossed the package of diapers onto my lap. My mother entered the room and said, "Jennifer, did you put this specific diaper on Mathew?" Jennifer shook her head, 'yes' but remained silent.

"Good, then you can put one on yourself, hurry now we haven't got all day." Jennifer stood up and grabbed a diaper out of the package and slide it over her exposed body, and did up the tapes and sat back down.

"Good, now both of you follow me," my mother exclaimed.

We followed her into the garage, where my dad had parked the SUV. My mother opened the back seat doors, and indicated for both of us to get in. As I waddled towards the SUV with my wet diaper, my mother placed a plastic bag on the seat, so that any leaking urine would not ruin the leather seats. Once we were all in the vehicle, my dad opened the main door, and drove out. Very quickly Jennifer and I realized we were on our way to her house. The 30 minute drive had never been so fast, as before we knew it, we had pulled into her garage, which her parents purposely left vacant for this moment.

My mother opened the back doors of the SUV and indicated for Jennifer and myself to get out.

"Mathew, you enter first, Jennifer, you follow right behind him." My mother said as she closed the SUV door again, and jumped back into the vehicle. As the garage door began to reach its fullest extent of being open, Jennifer and I both opened the door to her house, preferring to be exposed and humiliated to her parents than Jennifer's neighbours.

I waddled into her house, to see her mother, father, and older sister standing there waiting. Jennifer followed me into the house, with her face just as red as mine. Jennifer's mother proceeded to grab her by the wrist and pulled her up stairs. While her father looked at me and said, "take that wet diaper off, I do not want you dripping all over my floors." I stood there motionless, not knowing what to do until he yelled "TAKE IT OFF!"

I began to slide the wet diaper off revealing my naked, and butt plugged body to him and Julia, Jennifer's older sister. I was in no way physically attracted to Julia, but being an almost exact twin to Jennifer (other than being 3 years older), I quickly got an erection. I don't know if it was because I was embarrassed or just at the idea that I currently matched the definition of an exhibitionist. I could not believe it, as if I was not already embarrassed enough, I had to get an erection in front of Jennifer's father.

"Mathew, I want you not to dispose of that diaper, and because I like to compost, I want you to take it to the compost in the backyard." Fearing his wrath again, I slid my shoes back on and opened the back door. After taking a deep breath, I began walking towards the far corner of the yard where the compost bin was located. Attempting to prove that this did not embarrass me, I walked instead of running. I was also hoping that the cold would get rid of the boner I had. Little did I know, my walking instead of running would expose the butt plug.

I returned to the house to find her father watching football on TV. He indicated without saying a word, that I was to continue standing there naked. I stood there for about 15 minutes, with total silence other than the TV. I could only imagine what was happening with Jennifer and her mother upstairs. Then out of nowhere came the question I had been waiting for, "Matthew, turn around and tell me what is in your ass?" Jennifer's father asked.

Before I could answer, Julia told him it was an anal plug, intending to keep me from taking a dump in one of the diapers. As she was finishing, Jennifer's father was turning back to me and before he could ask for more of an explanation I said, "Jennifer did not want to take the chance that she would have to clean up any crap, but I never intended to use the diapers for such." I decided to leave out the detail that it had been Jennifer who had inserted the butt plug, as I felt it was need to know information, and he really did not need to know.

Then Julia stood up and said, "Dad, I'm going to the washroom and then I will be ready to go." He acknowledged with a nod of his head, and then stopped her.

"Julia, take one of Mathew's new diapers with you, and fill it with something for him would you please?" Julia stood there is shock for a second, until her father continued.

"Well its not much punishment for a boy who enjoys diapers to wear a clean one." I stood there in shock, hoping she would refuse, but to my horror, she shrugged her shoulders and left the room.

As I stood there waiting, Jennifer and her mother returned from upstairs. Jennifer was dressed in a nice formal outfit, but the skirt was shortened to reveal the bright pink diaper if she bent over a certain way. As I stood there horny at the sight of Jennifer dressed as such, I controlled as best I could not to get another boner.

"You look good" I said, trying to keep the moment as normal as it could be in this abnormal situation. Jennifer's father told her to go get her coat and shoes on, as they were getting ready to leave for a family dinner. Horrible thoughts about them bringing me either naked, or in a dirty diaper began to rush through my head. Then to my horror, hopping that she would not be able to soil the diaper, Julia returned carrying the diaper with fully extended arms, she had filled the diaper beyond its limitations. It was obvious she didn't get any in the toilet.

To my relief Julia thankfully hadn't taken a crap in the diaper, that just would have been disgusting. Without even looking at what Julia had done with the diaper, I was ordered to put it on by Jennifer's father. Fearing the wrath of a worse punishment, I disgustingly obeyed. The pressure of the diaper pushed the anal plug a little further into my ass, and I gave out a weak shy. Knowing of this discomfort, Julia gave me a slight tap on the ass as she walked by.

As I stood there in the soiled diaper, I was led to the basement by Jennifer's mother. Where a plastic bed had been made up.

"We are going out to a family dinner, you are to stay here while we are gone." With that she turned around and went back up the stairs and I heard her lock the door to the basement. Surrounded by nothing other than darkness, I proceeded to lay down in the soiled diaper that was not even mine, and closed my eyes, and could hardly imagine the humiliation Jennifer would face at the family dinner if her diaper was exposed.

Meanwhile at Dinner...

The car ride was in complete silence with the exception of the radio. Jennifer was constantly tugging on the skirt in an attempt to hide the pink diaper she was wearing, however, the leather seats, and the tilted angle of the rear passenger seats made it difficult for her to achieve her goal of hiding it completely. As they pulled into the parking lot, perhaps on purpose or maybe just by coincidence, her dad parked the car so that Jennifer would have to exit, facing a large patio window. Before anyone exited the car, and to her surprise, Jennifer's mother spoke up, "Ok, everyone listen. This is a very odd situation I think we can all agree, but this is part of punishment, not a humiliation, so unless the diaper Jennifer is wearing is seen by anyone, no one is to mention it. Is that understood?" Everyone nodded their heads in agreement, especially Jennifer who was ecstatic at the prospect that she could get through this evening without her cousins and grandparents knowing that she was in a bright pink diaper.

Jennifer, somehow, she forgets how, managed to exit the car without showing the dozen or so people inside the restaurant seated by the window the diaper she was wearing. As she was walking towards the door, Jennifer's mother surprised her again, when she grabbed her arm and whispered into her ear, "This is still a punishment and as such, you are not allowed to use the restroom this evening," and with that walked in front of her to hold the door open and smiled. As Jennifer walked into the dinning room still adjusting the skirt to hide the pink diaper, which she feared would be glowing at this point because of the dim lighting, she began to remember that the diaper was only rated to 130lbs. Now Jennifer was not much heavier than that, but she knew that depending on how much she had to "go" things could get awkward. She intended on not going over the course of the dinner.

They all approached the table as a group, and Jennifer's grandmother asked where I was, and Jennifer's father responded before Jennifer could.

"Matthew's parents came home early, and he is dealing with some things because of that." Jennifer's heart began beating a little slower thanks to her dads answer. Jennifer's grandmother indicated for her to sit beside her, but Jennifer knowing her grandmother has a tendency to place her hands on ones thighs , Jennifer lied and said, " I will sit across from you grandma, as I am trying to work on my posture, and would prefer a chair to the booth seat." Without argument, her grandmother agreed. They all proceeded to order.

Dinner was almost half over, and there had been no incident as of yet, but Jennifer knew she needed to pee badly. When she noticed her mothers eyes indicate for her to meet her in the restroom. As the dinner plates were being picked up, both Jennifer and her mother excused themselves before desert. As they walked to the washroom, Jennifer, knew that Julia was watching closely to see if the diaper would make an appearance, thankfully for Jennifer it did not.

As they walked into the restroom, Jennifer's mother turned to her and said, "Well, have you wet your diaper yet? I have watched you drink 3 glasses of water, I don't think that was very smart if your trying not to wet it"

"Well grandma keeps asking for a refill, and I keep drinking as if nothing is wrong, but I really have the urge to pee mom, and the diaper is not rated for someone my weight and age!" Jennifer responded.

"Well, in reality you should have thought that before you got yourself into this mess, but I will make you a deal, take the diaper off, use the toilet, but you do not get the diaper back after, I will dispose of it here in the washroom." Her mothers response surprised Jennifer, she quickly contemplated the issues of going commando in a very short skirt, but felt that the risk of exposing some butt cheek was better than bright pink diaper, especially as it would just look like she was in a thong. Jennifer took the deal, and she proceeded to undo the diaper, when her mother stopped her.

"What do you think you are doing?" she asked.

"You said I could take off the diaper" Jennifer responded with a confused look on her face.

"Yes, I did indeed, but those who wear diapers can't just take a diaper off from under their clothes, they have to take off their clothes first to remove the diaper" her mother responded. Jennifer stood there shocked that her mother now wanted her to strip naked in a public washroom. While she was still thinking about what her mother wanted her to do, her mother said "Well? The family is going to wonder what is taking so long. What is your decision?" Jennifer did not even respond, she lifted her dress over her head, and undid the diaper tapes. As she handed her mother the diaper and expected her mother to hand back the dress, her mother pointed her towards the stall naked.

Thankfully for Jennifer, no one entered the washroom while she was in the stall, but to risk exposure even more, her mother made her wash her hands naked before she received her dress. At which point a older lady entered the washroom as Jennifer stood naked at the counter. The woman nodded to them both and proceeded into a stall. Now humiliated, Jennifer slid her dress back on, the two proceeded to return to the dinner table.

The rest of dinner went off without a hitch, besides the fact that on the leather seats, Jennifer's ass and pussy were sticking, making her have to adjust herself every minute or so. On the car ride home, Jennifer sat cross legged to avoid flashing her very wet pussy to any of her family members.

Once they got home, Julia came to the basement to "release" me from my plastic "holding cell" and asked "so, how are you doing?" I looked up at her, and did not want to tell her what was going through my head when she asked again, "Well? I can see it on your face, what's up?"

"Where is Jennifer?" I asked, hoping for a response.

"Don't worry, she is being taken care of, if there is nothing, come on, were going upstairs" Julia said, right before I interrupted.

"I need to go to the washroom"

"So? Your wearing a diaper, go" She said.

"I can't because of the anal plug. It needs to be deflated first" I said as my face went cherry red of embarrassment. She indicated for me to wait a moment as she went upstairs, before returning a moment later.

"Take off the diaper" she said as she walked back down the stairs. Without hesitation, or knowledge of what was going to happen, I undid the tapes, and the soiled diaper fell to the plastic bed below me. Julia directed me to stand up, where she proceeded behind me and began to wipe off the plug. After she had finished, she decided to have a little fun, and jolted the plug around my ass a bit before releasing the valve that I could not reach to deflate the anal plug myself. With a firm jolt, she pulled the plug from my ass, leaving a fairly large gapping hole. I now stood there naked in front of Jennifer's sister.

"Dad says you can take a crap, but only in a diaper" she said. I had never planed on soiling a diaper, and now I was about to have to take a crap in one. I was directed towards the stairs.

Not even asking, as I knew I was to proceed up the stairs naked. I proceeded, when Julia asked me to stop. I did so two or three steps above her, when she slid the anal plug back into my ass and inflated it even larger than it was when she removed it. She said it was as a precaution so that I didn't soil the rug on the stairs, but I think it was her way to get more involved in my humiliation.

Uncomfortable with the larger anal plug now in my ass I proceeded up the stairs and stopped when I was directed to. I was handed a new neon pink diaper from the package. Julia again, only deflated the anal plug partially before pulling it out of my ass. I was then instructed to put on the new diaper. Once it was secure, I knew I would not be given any privacy, especially as I was standing on medium sized piece of plastic in the living room in front of Jennifer, Julia and her mother and father.

With my face turning red with embarrassment, I proceeded to soil the diaper. Once I was completed, I continued to stand there in silence, until I realized, what everyone was waiting for, "I'm Done" I said very quietly under my breath.

"Ok then, Jennifer take Mathew to wash him off, and put him back in a clean diaper." Jennifer's father said as my mouth dropped in disbelief. Jennifer got up from her seat, and as she did I realized that she was no longer wearing a diaper beneath her dress. The millisecond glimpse of her pussy was all I needed for my dick to jump rock hard, something her father did not enjoy. As a result, he, to my understanding, changed his demand.

"Make sure you put that thing (meaning the anal plug) back in his behind." He said while watching the television.

We stepped outside into the backyard, where the darkness and the cold night air gave a shiver. Before I could say anything, Jennifer spoke up, "I'm sorry about this, its all my fault for punishing you for this."

"Not at all, its my fault for not telling you about this fetish of mine, that way you would not have reacted so harshly." I was directed to take off the diaper, and place it in the compost bin. As I opened it up, I could see the now frozen piss filled diaper from earlier in the day. After dropping the diaper into the bin, I was directed to face away from the house, where Jennifer turned on the hose, and the ice cold water began hitting my ass, cleaning the crap off of me. After I was completely clean, and frozen, the butt plug was returned to my cold ass, and I was directed to put on yet another diaper.

The worst news of the night was awaiting our return to the house. As we walked in, I was handed a pair of pants, and a shirt.

"What's going on?" Jennifer asked.

"Your grandmother called, and wants us all to go to her place for dissert and watch the lights show from the balcony," her mother responded. I never expected anyone other than myself to ever know about my fetish, and now my family, Jennifer's family and now her extended family had the possibility of discovering my secret.

The drive over to her grandparents condo, which usually felt like an eternity, felt like it was over after one song on the radio. I walked extremely cautiously, trying not to make the diaper crinkle with each step. I was just grateful they allowed me to wear a clean diaper, and not a dirty one. Things were going well, as I made it to the condo without getting any looks from the other residence. Things went sour when Jennifer's cousin Courtney, the same age as Julia, opened the door, "Hey guys, come on in, Grandma's got some great desserts!"

Thirty or forty minutes had past without incident, before I became completely humiliated. Courtney was attempting to refill my coffee when she tripped on the edge of the rug, sending the burning hot coffee all over my lap. I immediately jumped up, and without thinking, undid the button of the jeans and slid off my pants to avoid being scalded, and revealed the neon pink diaper I was wearing to the entire house.

I believe in an attempt to make me feel better, Jennifer's grandparents and two Aunts and Uncles went furiously to work cleaning up the spilled coffee and pretended not to notice what I was wearing. I could see it on Courtney's face that she was extremely sorry for spilling the coffee and embarrassing me, but there was a sense of joy or excitement in her eyes, which made me think the entire mishap was planned, perhaps by her and Julia together.

None of the other men present that evening were close to my size, or had a spare pair of pants. Jennifer's grandmother, threw my pants in the washing machine as quickly as she could, but I was stuck sitting in a T-shirt, and a neon pink diaper for what seemed like an endless evening.

For what seemed like a millennia of silence fell upon the table before Courtney asked, "So Matthew, why are you wearing a diaper, and a girls pink one at that?"

Before I could come up with an answer that I deemed appropriate, Jennifer's father spoke up, "It is a punishment for him getting caught wearing them. His parents caught him in them and are making him wear the entire pack 24/7 until they are gone."

While I was humiliated even more with his answer, I was happy he stopped there and did not reveal any more information.

Another silence fell back on the table before Courtney spoke up again, "so are you using them as diapers? Or just wearing them?"

Again before I answered, Jennifer's father finished his sip of coffee and a said, "he is also not allowed to use the washroom, as his parents figured if he wants to wear diapers, he should be using them too, it would be a waste not to."

He opted to leave out the part about Jennifer being involved, but I figured why let his own daughter be humiliated as well. I could see the joy in Courtney's eyes knowing that I was not allowed to use the washroom, and had to use the diapers. I was just thankful she would not be more involved in my punishment.

To my horror, Jennifer's parents indicated that we were leaving, and my pants had yet to come out of the washing machine. I was hopping that they would have waited until the dryer had at least a minimal chance to dry my pants, and allow me to walk out with at least a minuscule amount of dignity, if I had any left at all. Jennifer's grandmother, attempting to be polite, indicated that we could come retrieve the pants at a later date. The pants were the least of my worries, I was dreading the walk down the long hallway, and the elevator ride out of the building, and the walk across the parking lot. I guess it was because no stranger had yet to see my diaper on this humiliating day, and I was not looking forward to it happening any time soon, or at all if possible.

I had miraculously made it to the car without being seen by anyone who had not already seen me in my diaper. The drive home felt like a normal ride, perhaps because I had already been humiliated enough, that I was no longer thinking about the diaper I was wearing. I expected to return to Jennifer's house, but her father passed their exit on the highway, and I quickly realized that they were taking me home. This worried me, because the penis shaped anal plug was still in my ass, and I was positive my parents were going to want me to change diapers before I went to bed. How was I going to explain a penis shaped anal plug!

The car stopped at the end of my driveway. I was hoping I was to be let out in the garage again, but that obviously was not going to happen. That was when I realized I did not have a house key, and would have to stand under the outside house lights in nothing but a pink diaper and a t-shirt while I punched in the garage door code and waited for it to open.

I said my good nights to everyone, squeezed Jennifer's hand gently to indicate my apologize for this evening, and opened the car door. I took a deep breath and began walking up the driveway to the garage door. Thankfully it was just before midnight, and the street was deserted, I was doubtful anyone was going to see me. My first lucky break of the day came when I got the garage code to work right the first time and the door began to open painfully slow. I waved good bye and entered the house.

I walked up to my room in a dark house. It was obvious my parents where in bed already. In my room on my bed was a new diaper with a note. The note read, "Mathew, please put a new diaper on before bed, 28 remaining following this one!"

I quickly undid the tapes from the diaper I was wearing, I had pissed a little in it during all the questioning at dinner. It was hardly used. But I figured this was an opportunity to get through one more diaper. As the diaper slid to my feet, I realized that I still could not reach the deflation valve of the butt plug. I was in no way about to walk into my parents bedroom and ask for help, so I strapped the new diaper on, leaving the butt plug in place, and crawled into bed.

To be continued if feedback merits a continuation

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