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A Modern Relationship

By B.R.S

Allison pulled into the driveway at about 5:45 p.m. on Friday. It had been a long week. She broke a heel on Tuesday, had a flat on Wednesday and got passed up for a promotion on Thursday. She was excited for Friday, because Friday meant the next two days were to be spent with her recently moved-in boyfriend Will.

She took the keys out of the ignition and grabbed the bags from Wal-Mart that sat in the back seat. She climbed the stairs of the apartment complex to the top floor. She could see Will from the window, sitting and watching some show.

"Hello William," Allison said as she opened the door. Will got up, kissed Allison, took the bags and placed them on the counter.

"Did you get me anything?" Will asked, walking back to the sofa. Before he sat down, Allison caught a glimpse of Will's backside – his stained backside.

"Oh, nothing special. Hey babe, can you come back of here? I'd like a hug," Allison asked with a secret motive. She stood at the counter as Will sauntered over and placed his arms around her.

"Bad day Alley?" asked Will.

"Nothing you don't already know," Allison said, hugging Will tighter. While she had him in her grasp, she sniffed to see if her assumption was correct. Pulling away, she began to wag a finger in his face.

"Little boy, did you make a poopie?" Allison said, unbuckling Will's jeans before he can answer. With his pants on the floor, Will stood in front of Allison like a toddler in front of a young mother. Allison patted the back of the Depends fitted brief, making a thwack that echoed in the high ceilinged apartment.

"Yes mommy, I had an acc-i-dent," William whined, mimicking a three-year old.

"It's ok sweetie, that's what your diaper is for! But, I think you should be wearing the plastic pants all day," Allison asked rhetorically.

"I don't like the plastic pants! There pink. Pink is for girls," William complained, stopping his feet on every word.

Allison pulled him in, but this time it was more forceful, breaking the characters they had established.

"I thought you liked being a sissy?" Allison whispered, licking the lobe of his right ear as she pulled back.

"Ha! You broke first!" William exclaimed, reverting to the 28-year-old boyfriend he was when Allison entered.

"What can I say? Being a mom turns me on a little," Allison smiled and grabbed the package of Depends sitting along with the bags she brought in.

"Now come one," Allison said, grabbing Will's hand "I got to change you before we go eat." Will kicked off the pants that sat around his ankles and let his girlfriend lead him to the Nursery.

As Allison guided her beau down the hallway she recalled meeting William. They both had been members of a fetish site for years and started dating after a period of corresponding purely online. They tried a lot of different things during their time together, but they always reverted back to the adult baby paradigm. Allison loved being a mommy, William loved being her baby.

Allison guided William up on to the reinforced changing table, and went towards un-taping the diaper, but stopped herself.

"Are we still playing or is this a quick change?" Allison asked, rubbing her hand on William's stomach. William looked over to the oversized Elmo clock on the wall.

"We have time Alley," William said.

"Good," Allison said, sticking a pacifier between William's pursed lips.

Allison began by un-taping the sides of William's diaper. As she pulled it open, Allison plugged her nose and looked at William.

"Mommy's boy is quite the little stinker. Huh?" Allison said, tickling William's thigh. She picked a pampers wipe from the container and with a masterful, motherly swipe she wiped the poo of William's right leg, and then his left. With another wipe she cleaned the shaved area above William's penis, which, by this time, was most un-baby like. With the next wipe, Allison cleaned William's testicles and wiped the rest of the poo onto the diaper.

"Get that bum up mister!" Allison said and William obliged. She pulled the diaper from beneath him, rolled it up, and dumped it in the baby pail they shopped for at Babies R' Us. With the last wipe, Allison wiped both sides of William's bum.

"Now it's time to make sure your still not messy," Allison cooed, grabbing the damp washcloth from its container. Alley spread Williams's legs and slowly stroked the washcloth between the crack of his butt. After playing with him for the moment, Allison wrapped the cloth between her fingers and inserted it into William's anus deeply, causing him to gag on his pacifier slightly.

After making sure William was appropriately clean, Allison graciously poured the baby oil over him. Rubbing it into each nook and crevice with her hands, William's throbbing tip glistened with anticipation; noticing it, Allison smiled at William and guided her hair behind her neck in a ponytail. After making sure her hair was fine, Allison leaned over the table and William's eyes grew wide with anticipation as Allison's lips stopped short of his wailing willow. Allison's eyes pierced up towards the painful gaze of William and she sensually peeked her tongue out of her lips, destined for his head of kings, quickly retreating prior to entering the throne room.

Feeling gracious, Allison broke her gaze with William and focused on the one thing between him and a fresh diaper. Her tongue appeared again as the satin cushion on William's mommy allowed it to once more. The tongue licked the top of William's tip, removing any traces of pre-cum with the saliva sliding down Allison's tongue. After a moment, Allison gave in and kissed William's raging erection. Slowly her lips overcame the head of his penis and she sucked on his shaft until William finally could not hold out any longer.

With an exaggerated swallow, Allison finally covered William's bum with a fresh diaper, plenty of powder, and the pink plastic panties he was supposed to be wearing.. She left William strapped to the table and went over to the dresser.

"Nothing too revealing Ally," William said muffled by his pacifier.

"You promised," Allison sighed, reminding him of her week. She picked out loose fitting jeans and a tight t-shirt, knowing William's diaper would definitely be on display. Unstrapping William and helping him to the ground, she kneeled in front of her submissive baby boy.

"Can you get dressed like a big boy so mommy can get ready?" Allison cooed.

"Yes mah-me" William exclaimed proudly. She kissed him on the cheek and went to her closet to find the dress she wanted to wear. Unhooking her bra, she glanced behind to capture a moment of William desperately trying to find a way to hide the top of the Depends. Looking back to her closet, Allison smirked, she knew tonight was going to be fun.

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