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Jeff's first experience with the pillow diapers

Jeff Mitchell started Bueana vista in 1960. Like his classmates, Rhonda and Richard he too had cerebral palsy, needing help with bathing, eating, dressing and toiletting. Besides of being very bright Jeff was also very spastic, contributing to his difficulty in relaxing which is typical with folks who have Cerebral Palsy. Seeing Jeff at school and on the bus Mrs. Smith (Rhonda's mother) thought he would benefit from what her daughter, Karen had been doing to Rhonda to relax her and improve her physical abilities. In talking to Rhonda's mother about the wonderful things that were happening to Rhonda and Richard, Jeff's mother Sherry decided to visit their homes and watch Richard's mother Loretta and Elaine work with Richard and Karlene and pam work with Rhonda.

Like Loretta, Sherry was reluctant in getting into something that do more harm than good. After all Jeff was only eight years old. But after talking with Loretta along with Karlene and personally seeing the effects that the therapy had on Rhonda and Richard, Sherry decided to try the same techniques on Jeff hoping they would teach him to relax.

On Loretta's and Karlene's advise Sherry found two reddish pink round foam rubber pillows at a department store along with some diapers and rubber pants. Sherry decided to try the therapy on Jeff one night when he goes to bed.

What was just an ordinary Thursday night turned out to be an unusual and traumatic experience. Sherry had just taken Jeff's shirt off and put his pajama top on. Then swinging him from the Wheelchair to the bed she lays him down. Then she proceeds to take his shoes, socks and pants off. Grabbing the pajama bottoms she slid them on him. Expecting his mother to pull the covers on him, Jeff pulled his arms to his side. But his mother went to the closet instead and brought out the two pillows, a diaper and a pair of rubber pants. He never had seen them before and wondered what in the world They were for?! Sitting on the side of the bed Sherry laid these things beside him.

"What are you going to do?" Sherry smiled while saying, "I thought I'd try something that Richard's mother and helper do to him and Rhonda's sisters do on her and it relaxes them".

"What do you mean?"

"Well, first of all, I'm going to take your pajamas bottom and under pants off and put this diaper and rubber pants on you." Sherry said as she slips them off. She pins the diaper on him then slips the rubber pants on.


"It's going to make what I'm going to you more effective and it will help keep your legs separated. Then I'm going to take one of these pillows and massage your pee pee with it." Another thing with people with Cerebral Palsy is that they tend to lock their legs together. The diaper and rubber pants provide the padding needed to keep them separated. Eventually Jeff's mother will place a proper placed pillow (shaped like a diaper) between his legs to be worn during the during the day.

"Where did you get these pillows?"

"I got these at the thrift store. Loretta and Karlene wanted me to find two foam rubber pillows, with plenty of padding to use on you." He was beginning to become apprehensive. Shirley took one of the pillows and scotched it tightly behind his neck. The pillow quickly cradled his neck and he could smell the foam rubber that filled the pillow which he didn't particularly liked. He really began to become anxious when Shirley lifted his bottom up and p "Mamma, what are you doing?!"

"Now just lay back and relax, everything will be all right". Realizing that she had to act quickly, Shirley picked up the other pillow, spreads his legs and put it between them and slowly started rocking it back and forth. The pillow was soft and cool. The pillow conformed around Jeff's private. As with Richard, as Shirley massaged Jeff with the pillow it became a nuisance and Jeff was beside himself.

"Mamma what are you doing? Stop!" A strange feeling was creeping all over his body. Shirley rolled the pillow back and forth. Jeff begged his mother to stop. Esctasy made Jeff so tense that he could hardly stand it. But she continued until he had his first ejaculation. It worked, just liked it did with Richard. Jeff was exhausted and after a few minutes he perfectly relaxed. He was glad it was over with and never wanted to go through it again! Jeff was puzzled at his mother as to why she did it. Little did he know that it was going to become an every night ritual, at least for a while.

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