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Terra (Part 1 of 5)

Terra eyed herself in the mirrors as she got ready for work. She started with her face her makeup complimented her beautiful features. She adjusted her long brown hair, moving down to her large breasts she made sure they wouldn't slip out her tight fitting uniform. Satisfied above the waist she turned around to check to make sure her tight ass was covered by her short skirt. She tugged her uniform down to make sure she was ready and left the bathroom.

Terra worked for a casino as a cocktail waitress she made her living off her looks and revealing dress she wore to work. With her six inch high heels on she had to carry multiple drinks all while being ogled at. She didn't mind her job she just didn't care for the long hours and lack of breaks. Sometimes she would work all night without as much as a single bathroom break.

With relative ease Terra worked through most of her shift. Nearing the last few minutes of her night Terra began to feel a strong pressure building in her bladder. She had to go and soon. Terra finished her shift and rushed straight for the bathroom. The pressure in her bladder became too much she sat down in the stall and before she could get her panties off she was peeing. Her panties were instantly soaked. She was relieved to be able to use the bathroom but also very concerned by the fact that she had never had this problem before. Terra now wearing dripping wet underwear took them off and hid them in her purse. Terra drove home so worried she decided to visit her doctor.

Terra described what happened in detail to her doctor who informed her that the strain from not having any breaks to relieve herself Terra was putting too much stress on her tiny bladder. She informed her that due to the strain she had caused permanent damage to her bladder and would have to wear some kind of protection to keep from wetting her dress. Terra was mortified at the prospect of having to wear diapers again especially with her uniform she was worried everyone would see them. Her doctor recommended goodnights, a training diaper meant for preteens, she would get the protection she needed and they were easier to hide than adult diapers.

Even the prospect of wearing a training diaper didn't do much to appease Terra. She picked up a case of extra thick girls goodnights and went home until she had to work the next day.

The next evening Terra got up for work stripped naked and pulled on her training diapers. She examined herself in the mirror, the diaper hugged her hips tightly and, she thought made her ass look more attractive. What she was worried about though was the thickness, she decided to put on her uniform and see. Terra slipped her uniform over her head and pulled it into place. She examined herself again, the diaper wasn't visible unless she bent over and she hoped from a distance it just looked like pink underwear. Satisfied with her appearance she put an extra diaper in her purse and left for work.

Terra began her first shift wearing a diaper. Everything seemed to go well until about two hours into her shift she felt the need to use the bathroom. She figured she may as well get the most out of her diapers and while waiting for a drink to come up she wet her diaper. It felt warm and wet against her skin as her pee quickly filled her training diapers. Her bliss was short lived and soon she was back to work.

After another hour her diaper had become cold and she was beginning to get uncomfortable and to make matters worse the customers were being very handsy that night. After she brought a man his drink as she walked away he spanked her ass. Instead of hearing the expecting slapping sound he was treated instead to the sound of a crinkling, wet diaper. Terra immediately turned away from the man and blushed so hard she swore she was as red as a lobster. She hurriedly went to return her drink tray and get the next round when one of her coworkers noticed a stain on Terra's dress where she had been spanked. Terra hurriedly came up with the excuse a customer splashed a drink on her and excused herself to the bathroom to dry it off.

Reaching the bathroom Terra rushed into the stall and discarded the wet diaper and replaced it with a fresh one. She dried the stain from her pee from her dress and went back to work.

A few hours passed and pressure was building up in Terra's bladder again. She took the first free moment she got to stop and wet herself again, but this time it was much more and she prayed the thin training diaper could hold it all. Her prayers were answered and her diaper didn't leak, she only had an hour or two left in her shift anyways, she convinced herself she would be able to do without a diaper change until she got home.

Everything was going well for Terra until one of the customers pointed out something to her, her diaper was hanging out the back of her dress, soaked and sagging for everyone to see. She felt like an infant because everyone knew she needed a fresh diaper. One of the customers called out asking where her pacifier was.She couldn't believe she forgot that the diaper would swell when she used it. She felt very stupid but to make matters worse she was stuck wearing that sagging exposed diaper until her shift ended ... in two hours.

Terra tried not to panic she ran off to the bathroom and hid in one of the larger stalls. She looked at herself in the mirror and realized how much of a problem she had. Her training diaper was hanging out the back of her tight dress by almost six inches. It was still warm but she had to make a decision quickly. She looked at herself in the mirror again and decided that her diaper would have to come off. She had nothing to change herself into so she would have to go diaper less. Terra began removing her training diaper and stopped halfway through when she realized she was still wetting herself. She was stunned she didn't even feel it this time. Terra couldn't believe her eyes she suddenly had second thoughts about removing her wet diaper. She hesitated for a moment then removed her diaper and threw it away.

I only have thirty minutes left until my shift is over I can make it she thought to herself. Terra pulled herself together and went out to pick up empty glasses and take orders. She grabbed a few cups from the nearest table and took a few orders. She went to the back to place her orders and while she was waiting she chat with a few coworkers. After a minute or so they got their drinks and left leaving Terra waiting. Terra's order finally was finished and before she took her tray she made sure her uniform was in place. When she looked down she didn't just see her uniform she also saw a stream of urine sliding down her legs and making a pool at her feet.

Terra tried not to panic as urine streamed down her long legs into a puddle between her high heels. She decided she would rush off and claim ignorance if anyone asked. Terra quickly walked over to her boss and told her she would leaving now because of a family emergency. Her superior accepted the excuse and let her leave. Terra quickly walked into the bathrooms again and locked the stall behind her. She checked herself in the mirror and luckily no damage was done to her uniform. Satisfied with her acessment she cleaned her legs and feet with a damp paper towel and without making eye contact with anyone she walked out of work and straight to her car.

Terra drove home as quickly as she could praying she could hold it in until she got home and into her training diapers. Terra finally pulled into her driveway and as she was about to get out of her car she noticed her seat felt much warmer, she looked down and cursed, she was wetting herself in her driveway!

"Damnit I couldn't have held it for another five minutes!" she cursed to herself pee running down her legs again. Tired defeated and rather damp Terra walked into her home. She stripped naked took a long shower, the hot water caressed her naked body while steam filled the room. Terra took her time in the shower to think about her situation. After pondering the situation over while she dried off she decided she would have to get used to bringing more diapers to work and changing more often. She couldn't afford to have an accident on the job.

Terra took one of her training diapers and put it on. She looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. The training diaper hugged her hips and ass tightly and it felt soft and warm against her quickly moistening pussy. Terra sat down on the edge of the bathtub and began rubbing both hands against the front of her training diaper. The stimulation of her hands rubbing her diaper against her pussy made her tremble and moan in ecstasy. She rubbed more and moved her right hand to the inside of her diaper. Fingering herself for several minutes Terra finally came to a climax and came in her diaper. She felt relieved and relaxed with one hand still in her diaper something unexpected began to happen it started as a trickle into her diaper at first but soon she was flooding her diaper thoroughly. Terra never felt so good until she looked down and saw that her diaper was beginning to drip on the floor.

"Hmmm," Terra said to herself. "I'm going to need thicker diapers."

To be continued ...

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