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Diaper Punishment from Celebrity

Once, I had met, and become friends with a girl named Jojo. In case you're wondering, the Jojo I'm referring to is the singer/actress Jojo. Anyway, I had known Jojo for about a month, and it wasn't until one night that I discovered the hard way that if you said the wrong thing to her, you could be in big trouble. One night, Jojo and I were hanging out at her house. For the last week or so, I had not been my usual self. I had been acting rude, nasty, disrespectful, and so on. At one point, Jojo had said something to me, and for whatever reason, it rubbed me the wrong way. What she said wasn't at all bad it just wasn't something I wanted to hear, so in response, I called her a bitch and a whore. Needless to say, she was not happy. She said "You know what Cory, that's it! I've had it with your attitude and your mouth! You stay right there!"

So, Jojo ran up to her room. About a minute later, she came downstairs with a Depends in her hand. I got really excited, because what she didn't know was I had a fondness for diapers. I enjoyed wearing and using them. However, I became a little apprehensive, because part of me didn't want to wear a diaper in front of a celebrity, especially as beautiful a celebrity as she was. On the other hand, the thought of being embarrassed turned me on, but I didn't want her to know that, so naturally, I resisted. Another reason I resisted was because I was testing her to see if she would take control, and make me wear a Depends, whether I wanted to or not. Well, after I resisted at first, she took her left hand, and grabbed my face, and she said "Listen, you're going to wear this, or I'm going to keep squeezing your face." She tightened her grip, and I said "Ow, ow, ow, okay, okay, I'll put it on." She said "You're damn right you will. I don't want you wearing anything else." I said "Jojo, why are you doing this?" She said "Because I'm sick of your attitude, and your mouth, and if you want to act like a baby, you're going to be treated like one. By the way, you are to use that for pee and poop." I said "What?" She said "You heard me. You are not allowed to use the toilet. You have to either use the Depends or hold it. When you use it, if you want to be changed, you have to ask me to change you, and I will change you when I'm ready. For instance, if you wet the diaper, and I tell you that you have to wait 20 minutes to be changed, then you'll have to wait 20 minutes. If you don't like it, too bad!" I said "Come on Jojo, don't make me do this." She said "Cory, do you want me to squeeze your face again?" I said "No." She said "Well, by the time I count to five, you better be in there, putting on your diaper."

She didn't have to count to 1. I rushed right into a downstairs room, and took off everything, and put on the Depends. As soon as I put it on, I was on cloud nine. It was SO comfy. I was still a little nervous about wearing just a diaper in front of Jojo, but I figured let's just do it, and get it over with. So, I went out to meet her, and she started laughing. She made fun of how fat I was, and how goofy I looked in a diaper. I said "Okay Jojo, what do I have to do now?" She said "You just sit and behave yourself. Also, you are to call me ‘Miss Jojo.' Do you understand?" I said "Yes Miss Jojo." She said "Good. Now you stay here, I'm going to get you a drink." So, Jojo got me a Pepsi. I was pretty thirsty, and I drank it right down. However, about 20 minutes later, I felt a bad pain in my stomach, and then it hit me. Jojo laced the Pepsi with laxatives. I grabbed my stomach in pain, and Jojo said "Your tummy hurt?" I said "Yeah." She said "Well, you might as well go." I said "You laced the Pepsi with laxatives." She said "Of course I did." I didn't have time to be upset, because I dropped a huge load in my diaper, and Jojo mockingly said "Awww, what's the matter, did the widdle baby do a boom boom in his didee?"I said "Yes Miss Jojo. Will you change me please?" She said "Sure. Let me go get a new Depends and some wipes and powder." So, she went upstairs and got the wipes and powder, and Depends. She said "Lay down." So, I laid down, and Jojo unfastened it. She said "These are Depends Refastenable undergarments." So, Jojo cleaned me up, and put me in a new Depends. She kept saying how bad it smelled. It was pretty erotic having her change me. I was worried that I would accidentally let on how much I loved this whole thing.

After Jojo put me in a new Depends, I asked her how long I would have to wear Depends, and she told me as long as she wanted me to. After about an hour, I wet the second Depends. I wet it pretty good. She said "Before you ask, wait about 15 minutes." So, I waited 15 minutes, and I said "Please change me Miss Jojo." She said "No, I'm not ready." I then started bouncing my butt on the floor, saying "I want my diaper changed, I want my diaper changed." Jojo said "Does someone need a spanking?" I said "No Miss Jojo." She said "Well knock it off then. If there are any more outbursts, you will be spanked!" So, I waited another 10 minutes, and within that time, I flooded the Depends again. She then changed me again. She kept commenting on how much I had peed.

It was getting more and more difficult to hide my excitement. Jojo had put me in a Depends for a third time, and I was starting to wonder how many more I would have to wear. After about another hour, I dropped a big load in the Depends, which surprised me, because I thought I had pooped as much as I needed earlier, but apparently not. I asked her to change me right away, and she did. The excitement of using a diaper a third time, and her changing me was too much to bear, and when she opened the Depends, she could see I had a huge boner. She laughed and said "Oh my God, you love this!" I said "I hate to admit it, but yes I do." Jojo smiled and said "Well, let me help you out." I watched in disbelief as she started giving me a hand job. She said "Just relax. I'm almost done." It wasn't much longer until I had an orgasm. Jojo smiled and said "Wow, you were really horny there honey." I replied "Yeah, I guess I was." She said "If you want, you can put on your regular clothes. Your punishment's over." I said "Thank you Miss Jojo." So, I got up, got my regular clothes, and put them on.

After I put on my clothes, Jojo and I had a long, interesting conversation. I said "You know I'll be honest. When you came down the stairs with a Depends, I got really excited." She said "Really?" I said "Yeah. I'm sure you've figured it out, but I have a fondness for diaper wearing and using." She said "I had a feeling, but I didn't know for sure until I changed you the third time." I said "Yeah. I still can't believe you gave me a hand job." She said "It was fun, wasn't it?" I said "Yeah it was." She said "There's something I don't get though. If you really like wearing and using diapers, why did you resist when I told you to put one on?" I said "Because the thought of wearing a diaper in front of you, to a point, was not very appealing." Jojo asked "To a point?" I said "You see I also like getting humiliated. However, part of me really did not want to wear and use diapers in front of you, so that's why I resisted. I also resisted, because I was testing you to see if you could dominate, and take control of the situation, and you did. You really impressed me." She said "Well, you had it coming." I said "You're right. I've been a real jerk lately, and by the way, I'm sorry I called you a bitch and a whore. I didn't mean it." With that, I hugged her, and she said "I know you didn't. I'm sorry for making fun of your weight, and saying you looked goofy in a diaper. Truth be told, your weight doesn't bother me at all, and you looked kind of cute in your Depends." I blushed and said "Really?" She said "Yeah, you looked cute. Listen, all I want is for you to be a good boy. I really like you, and you're really sweet, and I just don't want you to turn into some kind of monster." I said "Well, I think I learned my lesson." She said "I hope so. I don't want to have to do that again. One, because I want you to be good, and two, it was so nasty changing your poopy diapers. I didn't mind changing your wet one, but your poopy ones, totally gross." I said "Well, I'll try to be better." She said "Please do, because you know I will diaper punish you again if need be. I won't want to do it, but if I have to, I will." I said "Okay." A little while later, I left her house and went home, and I couldn't stop thinking about one of the best nights of my life.

The end.

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