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Mistress Michelle

As I hung up the phone with my mistress, I was both excited and nervous. I stood there pulling on my purple panties and she instructed, and started to think about the last time I had seen her. I wanted to be in control for once, and she allowed me to do so. I stopped on my way and got some princess pull ups, my heart racing at the chance to 'put my master in her place.' As I arrived to her house, she was ready for me. She wore cute frilly purple panties that made her seem years younger. I told her she needed to piss her panties and then we would begin. After some struggle, she was finally able to let loose while sitting on the toilet. As she stood, I reached down and felt her wet panties.

"You are a bad girl, and need punished," I said. I laid her down and pulled her piss soaked panties down her legs and smelled them. I raised her legs and slid the diaper underneath her. After I taped it up, I told her to wet her diaper and that she was not allowed to sit on the toilet. In the middle of wetting, I called her a filthy slut, and that's when the tables turned. She quickly grabbed my throat and stared into my eyes.

"You do not call me a slut, you worthless pig," she told me. I was shocked as she then threw me on the ground and pulled down my pants.

"Move, and I will cut it off," was all I needed to hear to comply. She took out a diaper and slid it underneath me. My mistress told me she was going to enjoy every second of this and finished taping up the sides. I was told to get on all 4's and lick her feet. I did, and was greeted by her shoving her piss soaked panties in my mouth.

"Look up at me you sissy,". I looked up and she led my hands to her diaper tapes. I untaped her diaper and it fell to the floor with a thud. I looked down at it just in time for her to step on the back of my head and force my face into her full diaper.

"How dare you speak down to me, you little bitch." She leaned down and sat me up on my knees staring at her shaven pussy, I tried to lean in and pleasure her but I was met with a slap to the face.

"Give me that diaper," she told me. I handed her the pull up my face was just buried in.

"Look at me, you little faggot" I looked up and she was ringing her piss out of the diaper onto my face, "Open your mouth". I did as I was told and my mouth filled with her piss. After she was satisfied, she spit in my face and told me to stay put. I was scared and covered in piss and wanted out of there. She returned with a surprise for me.

"Since you don't know your place, I have decided to make you understand you are my bitch, now open your mouth" She then grabbed the back of my head and started ramming her purple dildo down my throat. As I coughed and gagged, she laughed explaining to me that this was only the beginning. After she was satisfied that my mouth was properly fucked, she told me to get on my hands and knees like the dog I am. I was shaking with fear and excitement. She undid one of the tapes on my diaper and shoved a finger inside me.

"I hope you like it rough" She reached around and felt my rock hard cock, "My oh my, it appears someone enjoys being a piss covered, diaper wearing slut, don't they sweetie?" I could not lie to my mistress "Yes ma'am, I wish I could live every day like this" After this was said she rammed all 8 inches of her dildo inside me, while slowly stroking me. I couldn't control myself, it felt so good that I was screaming out in pleasure, just like a girl would. She fucked me harder and harder until I was close to cumming.

"I'm going to cum mistress," she laid her used diaper in front of me and told me to catch it all on there. She fucked me hard until I finally came, crying out in pleasure.

"Now my little slave, eat all of your cum off of this diaper and get out." I quickly licked my cum off of her diaper, got dressed and left. After revisiting that memory, I found myself slowly stroking my panties, playing with the precum on my dick and bringing it to my lips. I met her at Walmart and we walked in together as I finished my 5th bottle of water. She reached her hand down the back of my shorts and pulled my panties up over the top. We walked around the store until I found a girl I thought was cute, per my master's instruction.

"Piss your pants, slave" she told me. I was taken back until she grabbed my balls and told me to start to wet or she would squeeze them until they popped. I let loose a stream, until a puddle formed around me feet. My mistress went and found the cute girl and asked for some paper towels and assistance. The cute girl looked at me and laughed.

"I'm sorry this worthless human being pissed his pants on your floor, but I will make him clean it up." my mistress told her. As I was bent over cleaning up the mess, the girl that worked there said "Is he wearing panties too!?" My mistress took this chance and called me out.

"Not only are you pissing your pants like a child, but your wearing my panties too? It seems that since you aren't able to control yourself or be happy wearing boxers your best friend will become cute girl diapers." She then asked the girl to escort us to the diapers, my head down the entire way, my piss soaked shorts in clear visibility.

"Oh look at these, they have princess diapers, or ones with butterflies." Which do you think he should wear?" my master asked the girl that works there. The girl then asked if I liked princesses or butterflies more. I gave in and told her princesses, which is when she handed me a pack of pull ups.

"Maybe you should get both since your obviously going to be a cute little girl for a while." I was horrified, and the only thing I could say "Yes ma'am, whatever you say." My mistress then took me to the back of the store to the family restroom.

"Having fun yet, little one?" I didn't know what to say, but she could tell by my hard dick I was getting some enjoyment out of it.

"Lay down my sissy princess" I laid down and she proceeded to diaper me. She made me smell my pissy panties the entire time we were in the bathroom, and I knew I wouldn't ever live this down. She then escorted me back to the cute girl, and made me ask her for help in selecting some panties to wear. The girl replied with "Sweetie, I think you need to wear diapers for the rest of your life" Satisfied with my humiliation, my mistress informed me that it was time to go. Before we left I had to thank the girl for understanding what a little sissy I was and thanks for helping me pick out my girly diapers. I thought I was home free when we got in her car and started driving home, until we pulled up at a 'Toy Store'...

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