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Doctor Daddy (Part 4)

I look across from me. I see a short stalky thick bellied man in Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Johnny ? I see him playing with a huge red ball laughing and giggling. I want to go play, but I'm stuck in the corner, and I feel that if I get up from the tiny red stool I'm sitting on, I'm going to get punished. I get up anyways and walk towards Johnny so we can go play, but then a tall blonde haired muscular figure walks in and grabs Johnny and I by the ear. He sets us down on the soft ABC playmat and rips off our Clavin Klein boxer briefs. Johnny starts to scream and kick and I try to tell him it's no use. Then the figure changes me, I start to cry and bawl, but I know its no use either. Then he sets us both into our cribs and I stare at Johnny crying, and I start to cry too. We are both helpless babies.

I wake up from my scary nightmare, and look around. Everyone is sleeping. "Figures" I mumble. I always wake up in the middle of the night now. It's been about 2 weeks since I was forced into babyhood, and since Ronaldo, my uncle, kissed me and told me his story. During these past two weeks I've been having dreams about babies and diapers and Clavin Klein underwear. One minute I'm at home relaxing in my boxer briefs, and the next I'm dressed up in a diaper drooling and speaking baby talk. I have been regressing further and further each day. I'm now in love with sesame street, I usually pee and poop in my diapers without evening noticing, I cry whenever I'm scared or confused, and just yesterday I had a tantrum in the playground about how Jim and Ted weren't sharing the blocks. Also I carry my pikachu everywhere.

I stare out the window, it has to be about 4 in the morning by the way the sky looks. I cling on to pikachu and whimper. Honestly I'm scared I want Ronaldo. Ronaldo is my uncle who I'm having a little fun with. Last Saturday I went to the uncle level with him, and he let me try on his big boy clothes and put boxer briefs on me. Then the kissing came, then the roleplay of who's daddy, then more kissing. I don't know where I'm going in life. I su- The double doors open. Letting a stream of light.

I look up to see a bunch of Uncles (no Ronaldo) and Daddy. Oh yeah, him. He's the one that got me into this mess. Everyone calls him Daddy now because we're all brain washed. I wonder what they're doing here especially at this time. I close my eyes and pretend to sleep, while they all walk around with some start of patch sticking it on each and everyone of us. A blonde uncle passes by Johnny, then me next. He places it right on the back of my shoulder. Oh, by the way everyone is wearing nothing but a diaper since there's a heat wave going on around town. I keep my eyes shut until they leave. Then I feel the back of my shoulder and rip out the small square. I examine it, but I have no clue what its use is. I shrug and put it under my my small pillow. I sit in my crib for about 20 minutes until I have to pee. I just let it go since my diapers dry anyway. I start to cry into my baby monitor hooked up to Ronaldos alarm clock.

Ronaldo rushes downstairs with nothing, but boxers on.

He lifts me up and onto the changing table while humming. I just play with his jet black hair. I lean in for a kiss, but he pushes away and puts me back into my crib. Ouch. I start to cry softly and fall asleep.

I wake up to my schedule being placed on the side of my crib.

1. Breakfast 2. TBA
3. TBA
4. TBA
5. TBA
6. TBA
7. TBA
8. TBA

"What's with the empty schedule?" I say to myself. I ignore it for now. I eat my cheerios and drink my chocolate milk while talking to Simon and Johnny.

"I want to watch MickeyMouse Clubhouse !" Simon says.

"No! Sesame street !" I say back.

" No! Rollie Poly Ollie!" Johnny says, grinning. This is what we have become.

Our Uncles dress us, and Ronaldo's still ignoring me, when a strange noise comes on over the speaker.

"What's that?" I say. Everyone, baby and Uncle sits up and start marching. Ronaldo grabs my hand and kisses me on the forehead.

"I'm glad you took that patch off. I did too, just follow my lead." He says. I do my best to march along side Ronaldo as I look around everyone looks so lifeless.

Ronaldo and I follow the crowd as we all line up into the lobby. I look around as best as I can and see all these other boys who are roughly maybe the same age as me. They're dressed up in clothes, but not baby clothes but toddler ones. And and the other 2 groups next to them are dressed a little older. And we're the babies. Oh god its not just us here ! There are other guys, but they must be a different age group.

Daddy stands up in front of all of us.

"My children!" He shouts

"Today is the day you leave the nest!" He says

Oh god maybe he's letting us out !!

"Today we shall expand our adult babyness and spread it across arizona !" he shouts

Wait what?

"You will all leave the compound with your uncles and raid the homes of men and capture those on the streets." He says

"You will capture every male you see and shoot them with the diaper shooter which is a huge diaper that wraps around them, so they can't get out."

I'm scared.

" We will rule the world ! We will capture every man and turn them into babies. We will lock them up in cages and send them to the new Doctor Daddy HQ which has just finished being built its massive! And it features everything our little boys need." He says

"Now lets do this!" he shouts, and as if on queue everyone claps and whistles and shouts.

A large screen comes own from the ceiling:

1+2 year olds: Casa Grande, 3+4 year olds: Phoenix, Uncles (without babies): Globe

= Grab a gun from the a Uncle will be at your bus handing both you and your uncles a diaper shooter. Board the bus and sit next to your uncle. Good luck !

One by one we board the bus. Its a jumbo military truck with tinted windows. I step on holding on to Ronaldo, strapping the diaper shooter across my chest and we sit down on the cold metal floor. There are cages in the back and a ton of them so I'm guessing we put the poor men in there.

"Daddy's taking a helicopter with a net shooter at the end of it" Ronaldo whispers in my ear. I nod ever so slightly

I look across the room at Johnny and Simon with their Uncles, Peter and Don. They all look like zombies. The truck starts and we begin our way to Casa Grande.

Its a short drive, about half an hour. The uncle driving the jumbo truck speeds down the empty desert highway. Until we stop. The whole back part of the truck slides down and we all jump into the street. The large cages that might fit about 10 men are behind us. There is about 50 of us Uncles included. A lot of people stare at our get up. When a man talking on his iPhone walks down the sidewalk......

The first shot is fired. The War has started.

What will happen to Greg, Johnny, and Simon!?? The war has started !

To be continued

Part 5: Part 1 of 2 of the epic final chapter, coming soon, Jace.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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