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The House Series: Jake - The House

My name is Jack Venice. I'm 23 or 24 i can't remember. I have 2 older sisters and one older brother. There are 4 of us here being taken care of by our "parents". Lets backtrack a little to 2 years ago. I just left the my childhood home to head out to the country, i always loved the country and its sweet smell and bright stars. I said goodbye to everyone I knew and the people I grew up with. I started out all alone in the big state of New York, i was headed to Idaho or one of those secluded states. I began my trip and listened to some tunes on whatever station I could find. I would live in the country and work on a farm and have a dog and fall in love. I was ready. Turns out, I wasn't. I had stopped by for gas in Iowa 9 days into my trip and little did I know it was abandoned. I knocked on the door to the station's grocery store, but no one answered. I turned around back to the car, but a woman about my age came out with nothing on but a short tank top and little shorts.

"Oh yeah I have gas in the back, but I need some help carrying it." she said

"Oh-um sure I'll help." I replied.

I followed her to the back of the store and found 2 cartons of gas.

"Oh perfect" she said. I turned around, but some big club hit me to my side and I blacked out.

I woke up maybe hours or days or even weeks later. I was chained to the side of a very high bed. I looked around, but it was to dark to see. I started fidgeting maybe I could get the chain off and get the heck out of this place. Each time I moved around though, this weird plastic sound came out. Weird. I put my hand down to see if I could reach my jeans, and found nothing but some sort of plastic underwear, and under the plastic was a cloth. Not just a cloth, but a cloth diaper !! I was in plastic pants and a diaper!!! "Great" I said. Then the light switched on. I looked around to find myself in a white room with no windows just me in a bed smacked in the middle. I started to fidget more.

"Stop" a loud manish voice said from the door. The door was opening and a tall man with hair that went up to his ears stood there with his arms around a lady about as tall as him with long red hair then reached to her waist. Then crawling in were two girls, one with blond pigtails and another one with a brown ponytail both my age, and a guy with blond hair, blue eyes sucking his thumb, him, about my age too. The girl from the gas station walked in with a leash tied around her neck.

"Hey! Let me go I don't want to be here you guys all look weird!" I shouted, fidgeting.

The tall man undid the collar on the gas station girl and gave her a hug and said "Thank you Alice, my little sex slave you don't have to suffer anymore you have found me and my wife four beautiful children. Take the gas and his car, good luck out there." She cried and kissed him and ran.

"Wait , what are you talking about?!?"

" I asked

"Nothing my child, Daddy and Mommy are here, nothing to worry." he said

"Can i at least get an explanation?" I asked whining

"Fine. I'm your new Daddy and this here is your new Mommy, and here are your sisters, Juliet (the blond), and Milly (the brown) and here is your brother Dylan."

"But, wait why?!?"

"Mommy can't have any babies, so we kidnapped them and we wanted four."

"Oh so i'm the baby?!"

"Yes your the baby my sweet son." he said. I was scared and I wanted to go home.

"Please let me go I don't know who you are, I just wanted to live on the country and have a farm and a dog and listen to music and re-"

"JAKE!" He shouted, the other babies looked up worried. he came by the bed and grabbed me by my long black curls.


"*sniffle* Yes" I said starting to cry .

"YES WHO?" he said

"Yes Daddy" I this point i was sobbing. I wanted to go home, but I never had a father figure in my life since he left when I was 7.

"Good, now Mommy why don't you take Jakey to the nursery and change him and I'll get dinner served." he said smiling picking up all three of the other kids in his big muscular arms. The tall red head mom undid my chain and picked me up. I was so sacred, she was so tall, but on the other hand I am fairly skinny and only weigh about 105 which is underweight for my age. She carried me downstairs then led me to a side door by the kitchen where the others were and carried me to what I assume was the basement.

She lied me down on this big mat I looked around the room to see that everything was adult sized. 2 big pink cribs were aligned on the left wall and 2 big blue ones on the other. In the middle of the room was a giant changing mat and a giant tv with a toy chest to its side. At the far back of the room there was a dresser, and a small rectangular window on the top left corner on the far back wall. My "Mommy" undid my now wet diaper and I started to cry and kick my legs.

"I'm not baby! Please I'm a grown man, I don't wear diapers!"I said

"Oh hush up little one, let Mommy change you if not I will get your father in here" she said calmly.

To be honest, I'm scared of the tall man, aka my new "daddy" , he was tall with tan skin and soft green eyes.

"Fine" I say under my breath. I really don't want to do this, but I have no choice if I refuse they might kill me or torture me in a cage.

I want a companion. I guess I could get a teddy bear or something. Those are comforting right ?

"Um hey Mommy can I get a teddy bear from the toy chest ?' I say in the best baby voice possible although it was awkward.

"Sure my little one let me just fasten your plastic pants and then you can go get whatever toy you want."she said kindly.

She helped me get up and I walked or rather wattled to the toy chest. I have to get use to a diaper, look at me. I remember it now, the toy chest was so big and tall compared to a man my size, 5"4 with short blonde locks and dark eyes. I opened it up and the first toy a saw was a medium sized white teddy bear. I grabbed in a hurry. This probably the closest companion I'll have in this psycho home.

"Mommy" puts a navy blue onesie on me and its uber uncomfortable. It keeps riding up my thigh and I keep pushing it down.

"Mommy" carries me back upstairs and I see everyone sitting at the table. Juliet and Milly and Dylan are in there high chairs. I wonder how they do it. I should ask them.

"Ah look at my new precious son."

"Daddy" says.

"Mommy" is about to sit me down in the high chair, but I really refuse to I'm a grown man. I start to cry because one I don't want to sit in a high chair and two my high chair is right next to Daddy so I'd rather stay with Mommy. I bawl and bawl until Mommy says I could sit on her lap, but instead of food I have to get formula cause big boys eat food like Dylan who is eating Mac and Cheese right now.

Mommy lays me across her body and supports my neck with her arm. Her boob is so huge in front of my small figure. She takes out a bottle almost buy magic and sticks it in my mouth. I start to suck on the nipple of the large bottle and the formula actually doesn't taste that bad, I mean at least its chocolate flavor. I drink up while everyone is eating an conversing on the large tall table. Its like everything in this house is supersized to a regular person, but not to mommy or daddy since they're both so tall. I finish up the bottle and boy am I full. Mommy leans me against her shoulder and starts patting me on the back. So humilating but oh well. I burp almost a minute later and everyone laughs cause it was so loud. I blush and then Mommy sits me in this tall walker thats green with spaceships all around. Wow. A walker.

"Okay so you sit here like a good baby and walk around the living room and dining room, but don't go into the kitchen !" She says pointing a finger at me. I nod. While the rest of the family finishes there dinner, I walk around the living room in my cart and observe things. The living room has a huge white couch and a plasma tv on the other side. One wall of the living room is all glass so its one big window wall which is beautiful cause you can see the field of corn and wheat from here.

I walk back and examine the artwork on the walls. Its mostly Picasso. In the middle of the living room theres a giant cage playpen, it lies maybe a few feet away from the T.V. I walk back to the dining room after that very nice living room trip. I stop halfway because thats when the cramps start. I hold my stomach as if that were to help. There must of been something in the formula. I run towards Mommy, when she asks whats wrong I point to my stomach. When "Daddy" asks whats wrong she replies oh the laxative is doing its job. Laxative what the hell, oh m god just get me out of here. She lifts me out of the walker and I start to scream/cry because one huge cramp just came along. She carries me downstairs and we wait until I do my business then she changes me. I cry because cramps hurt. Daddy brings Juliet, Milly, and Dylan downstairs and sets them down on the floor. I look at them with my puffy big red eyes.

"Its 6:00 now so one hour of playtime and me and Mommy will be down in an hour." Daddy says. Yes finally I get to talk to the other ones. I crawl over to Dylan and say hi in my regular voice. He looks at me with a warning look.

"They have cameras you know" he says back.

"Oh well i just wanted to ask how do you stand all of this?"

"Well I've been here for 2 weeks about and all you have to do to get by is act exactly like a baby and do what babies do, if not then they'll beat you. But I mean the place is pretty cool, free food, comfort, security, you don't even have to worry about bathrooms anymore, its so peaceful. Oh and we get to watch Barney!" he says clapping.

"Um wow okay okay, I could do this. It cant be that bad all I have to do is poop,cry, and eat right?"

"Yea and playtime! And bathes with daddy." He says

"Um what?"

"Ugh. We take bathes with daddy, and Julie and Milly take bathes with Mommy." We should be taking one tomorrow.

"oh god no, I can't let anyone here see me naked."

"Why not, its not that bad. Its only a bath and theres bubbles !" he says

"Ugh okay" I say. Dylan goes on to play with his cars and I play tag with milly. Time does go by quickly when you're having fun cause the next minute, Daddy and Mommy came down to check our diapers and put us in our cribs. Mommy lifted me up and put me in the large crib. I stood up cause to be honest, I'm afraid of the dark. When i lived in my apartment I wouldnt go to sleep without the tv on.

"Whats wrong my baby?" She asks. I say softly "I'm afraid of the um dark mommy."

"Ohh my poor baby okay why don't I turn on the lamp okay?" I nod. Thank god for light.

"Goodnight my children~~" they both say and then mommy and daddy go upstairs.

I lay down and hug the white teddy bear close. Everyones sleeping but me. Im thirsty, I need water, something, I'm also hungry, but I don't want to wake everyone up because in order to get mommy and daddys attention I need to cry. I should've told her to get me a bottle filled with water. Ugh, this diaper and onesie is uncomfortable I really want to take it off so bad, I want to go home, the lamp doesnt help. Im scared its too dark. Im still thirsty, ugh so frustrated. I want to cry and scream because I need water or milk or even better chocolate milk ! Ugh but what Dylan told me. I don't want to take a bath with that man. Ugh i guess I should just fall asleep.

End of part 1 of 2 of Jake ~

Part 3 & 4 = Dylan

Part 5 & 6 = Milly

Part 7 & 8= Juliet

Part 9 = finale

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