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Maybe Someday

Brittany squirmed in the seat of her truck. The air outside was hot and humid and in the short walk and time it took to get the air running the seat of her diaper was already damp. She was sure that she couldn't have wet it already, but checked just to be sure. It had been a long stressful week at work and she wanted to be fresh and clean to meet her Daddy. Traffic through the city was pretty light and with the exception of a few cabs cutting her off it was a very pleasant drive through the park. As she neared the ranger station she saw a sign that read "Road Closed Saturdays and Sundays 8am-8pm," and her mood changed from nervous anticipation to frustration. She had forgotten that they shut parts of the area down for bikers on the weekends and this would add another 20 minutes to her trip, but it was nice that it limited traffic - less traffic meant less people and more privacy. She picked up her cell phone to send a message off to her Daddy and explain that she was running a little late. Meanwhile, Brittany's Daddy was already at their meeting place preparing for her arrival. He had a screened in tent set up that could be drawn closed with flaps to give them more privacy if needed but for now he left it open because of the heat. Daddy too had butterflies in his stomach about seeing his sweetheart and his heart leapt as his phone buzzed. When he saw who the message was from her, he half expected her to have changed her mind about their day together and was thrilled to see she was on her way. He had spent the day and night before preparing a few light meals and some surprises for his babygirl and would have been disappointed if they went to waste. He set up the grill and then went to the car for the last bag of supplies as a truck pulled in next to his.

The pretty young lady sitting behind the wheel stared at him and froze him in his tracks. An exchange of big smiles assured the two of them that they were both in the right place and indeed, finally meeting. Brittany's stomach was in her throat as she thought about what she was about to do. Wearing her diaper out to the truck had been nerve wracking enough, but now as she sat there in a damp pamper beneath her bathing suit with nothing else but shorts on, the reality set it. She reached for her bag in the passenger's seat, took a deep breath and stepped out with the timidity of a frightened child instead of the confident professional she was.

"Hello babygirl," said her Daddy.

"Hi," Brittany squeaked as she stared at her feet.

"It looks like someone needs a hug," he said.

"Yeah," came another squeak. With that, the two embraced and the energy of so much time thinking about one another radiated through them.

"You're shaking babygirl, you can't be cold!"

"I'm fine, I fine."

"Alright, well let me grab one more thing from the car and let's make you even finer," said Daddy.

Brittany stood there with her toes pointing inward watching her Daddy grab a bag from the back seat and then take her bag in one hand and her hand in the other. He leaned in and whispered, "if you're as nervous as I am squeeze my hand." She looked into his eyes, squeezed and then felt as if all the tension in the world left her. Something about the way he looked at her made her feel extremely safe and comfortable and she giggled.

"Is that stuff over there for us?"

"You bet yer bottom little girl. We've got everthing we need set up for the day. Are you excited?" Brittany bit her bottom lip and nodded up to him.

"Great. And I hope you're hungry too because I brought food for the whole day." They walked toward the picnic table and Daddy set the bags down in the shade.

"Why don't we have some brunch to start and then maybe we can play some games?"

"What kind of games Dadddy?" Brittany whispered as if someone might hear.

"Well, I brought a frisbee and a couple of board games and if you're a good girl a coloring book," he replied. He couldn't wait to give her the coloring book and hoped it would make her happy. Maybe after nap time he thought.

Brittany sat down at the picnic table as her Daddy pulled out food and drinks from the cooler. He glanced over and noticed her fidget in her seat. He hadn't been able to tell if her bottom was diapered as they walked from the parking lo but it looked now as if she at least had it on her mind.

"Brittany, do you have to use the potty before we eat?" he asked.

"No Daddy, I'm fine."

"Well, do we need to worry about and accident or were you a big girl this morning and wore at least a pull-up?" Brittany blushed and looked at the table. Obviously this was going to come up but actually being asked about her diaper made her suddenly embarassed.

"It's OK Daddy, I think I'll be fine." He gave her an inquisitive look and said, "Alright sweety, but we don't want any accidents and the potty is way over there so I need you to say something if you need to go." Brittany looked down the field and saw how far the porta-potties were. She also noticed that there was a picnic table between where they were and the potties and it was sure to be occupied later today. She thought about running over to it to pee and dispose of her pamper and shifted in her seat. She looked up at Daddy who was smiling at her and realized that he had heard her diaper crinkle beneath her.

"I'm glad to see that you did the grown-up thing this morning babygirl, I'm very proud of you." The heat began to build up in her diaper and she could feel it getting wetter by the second, but she wasn't peeing.

"There won't be anyone around for awhile sweety, do you wat to take off those shorts and just wear your bathing suit?"

"I do but I'm scared," she replied as she rubbed her legs together. The diaper was bunching up in the perfect place on her button as she slowly gyrated her hips and looked deep into his eyes.

"You don't have to do anything that will make you scared little one, but don't you sit there in a wet diaper for too long, especially in this heat" he said without blinking an eye.

"Daddy, you're making my diaper all wet right now," she whispered.

"I had a feeling," he said as he reached down to his groin. There was a chance that either of them would be going anywhere for awhile given the tent in his shorts and the sagging diaper around her bottom. They stared at one another and Daddy continued to praise her for being such a brave girl for wearing her diaper to the park. After another minute he leaned across the table and kissed her gently on the lips."Do you want to come over here and sit on my lap while we talk?"

"Yes Daddy," she whispered back. She lifted her bottom off the bench and despite the bathing suit could feel it sag between her legs. She waddled around the table as he spun around on the bench. She sat gingerly on his knee and they could both feel her diaper squish around her bottom.

"Is that a better?" he asked as he bounced her lightly on his knee.

"Yeah, but maybe we can just lay on the blanket, I don't want to leak on your shorts," she said in almost a pant. Her breathing was increasing and she was squeezing him tighter and tighter with her thighs.

"That's what that stream down there is for, you sit tight." She hugged him and began moving back and forth on his knee. He could feel the heat between her legs and as she let out a slight whimper he kissed the back of her neck. Brittany suddenly went tense and grabbed the side of the table. With a shudder and a sigh, she went limp in her Daddy's arms. As he hugged her he could hear and feel her having an accident in her diaper. She looked up at him with a pout and a look of complete relaxation. He lifted her up and carried her into the tent. He could feel that her pamper had leaked into her shorts a little and patted her wet bottom. As he pulled down the curtains and then her shorts he smiled in anticipation of her first change....

He could feel that her pamper had leaked into her shorts a little and patted her wet bottom. As he pulled down the curtains and then her shorts he smiled in anticipation of her first change.

Brittany looked over her shoulder at Daddy as he spread her damp shorts on the arm of the chair in the corner. She looked away as he turned back toward her. Her diaper sagged heavily within the confines of her bathing suit. The two of them were still nervous with anticipation but had become very comfortable around each other almost instantly to the relief of them both. Brittany dropped to her hands and knees and crawled to the far side of the tent. She curled up on the blanket and looked back at Daddy with a little pout.

"Come on now sweety, you know we have to get you out of that wet diaper so you don't get a rash."

Brittany tried to fake a pout but broke into a grin. Daddy picked up the diaper bag and laid the changing mat out on the blanket.

"Alright little girl, get that squishy bottom on the mat for me so we can get you cleaned up." Brittany scooted on her butt across the blanket and landed on the mat with a ceremonious sqlat. She laid back and stared up at Daddy who was taking out the wipes, oil, powder and of course a fresh diaper. He set them down beside her and she stared at the diaper.

"Daddy! What's that? I don't wear cloth diapers," Brittany said in a near whine. Her eyes went even wider when she saw him pull out a pair of plastic pants that had little Winnie the Poohs in pampers all over them. She realized he was trying to be nice but she was still apprehensive about the bulk of the cloth diaper. There was no way she was going to be able to fit that under her bathing suit, let alone her shorts.

"Hush babygirl," he whispered as he leaned forward. At first Brittany thought he was unfastening her diaper but his finger went inside it by the tab and then he slowly slid it down until he was just above her button. His thumb began to rub on the outside of her diaper and in a flash, she had forgotten about the cloth diaper. Her eyes closed and she moaned aloud. His thumb continued to work in a circular motion on her button and the crinkling of her pamper became faster and faster. He kissed her tummy as he pushed his thumb hard against her diaper. Brittany clamped her eyes shut, bit her upper lip and began thrusting her pampered button into his thumb.

"Oh my god! Uuuuuuuugh!" she nearly yelled before clamping her hands over her mouth and erupting into her diaper. She pushed his hand away with her knee as she continued to spasm. She was too sensitive. She was overwhelmed. She was in heaven.

As the spasms subsided Daddy brushed the hair from her eyes and wiped her forehead. She looked up at him with soft eyes and smiled and as her expression changed slightly he knew that she was once again flooding her diaper. Her eyes went a little wider as she stared upward "Is someone's diaper leaking up her back?" he asked. She returned a nod and he helped her off the mat. Let's get this mess cleaned up and then tend to that pamper of yours huh?" As Daddy cleaned up, Brittany stood there in just a wet diaper wondering if it was possible that just two hours ago they hadn't even met in person and now she had already had an accident, orgasms and a leaky diaper in front of this man. Her head was spinning as he peeled off her pamper and wiped her button and back before having her return to the changing mat. Apparently it was possible.

He lifted her legs in the air and slid the cloth diaper beneath her. She had nearly forgotten about it and would have protested had it not felt so soft. Daddy poured baby oil above her button and began massaging it around, allowing the oil to flow across her beautiful mound and down between her cheeks. The cloth diaper absorbed the rest and before she knew it she had been powdered and the diaper was drawn between her legs. He pinned each side with two pins and then had her stand up. She almost toppled over because of the amount of cloth between her legs but was able to navigate the bulk. He had her step into the plastic pants and pulled them up nice and snug, making sure her diaper was completely encased.

Daddy then retrieved her bathing suit and as Brittany began to protest he popped a pacifier between her lips. She did as she was told and to her surprise the bathing suit fit around her new diaper. She didn't realized that it hung out by the legs in the back which was what Daddy had been hoping. He couldn't get over how cute she looked. He kissed the back of her neck and squeezed, then patted her diapered bottom. Brittany waddled over to the other side of the tent to see how awkward walking would be. Her knees didn't even come close to touching and she knew it would be obvious to anyone that saw her that she was in diapers. She waddled over to Daddy and gave him a hug.

"Thank you for changing my diaper Daddy," she said.

"Anytime at all babygirl. Now, would you like to go outside and play in the stream? It's pretty warm in here babygirl."

Brittany's eyes went wide...

"Nooooooooo, Daddy! I want to stay in here with you!" Brittany squealed.

"I was hoping you'd say that babygirl," said Daddy as they embraced and locked in a passionate kiss.

"Daddy, I know I usually need to wear my diapers but this one is hot and I was hoping for some grown up time today."

"Say no more Brittany, I was hoping for the same thing," he said as he peeled off her bathing suit once again.

"I have to say though, you look adorable in your diaper."

"Thank you Marley, I could tell you liked it by the look of your shorts," she said teasingly as she moved her hand to his crotch.

"What do you suppose we do about this?"

"Well, that remains to be seen. First things first though, let's get that diaper off of you."

"I can do it," Brittany replied,"why don't you track down that cooler I saw out there with the bottle of wine."

"Done." Brittany smiled as he walked out of the tent. She loved the fact that when she came out of her little girl persona she took complete control of any situation as though she were at work. She did not smile however, when she realised he had left the flap open and that anyone walking by could have seen her standing there in just a diaper, and a wet one at that she realized looking down. She walked to the flap and saw that unless someone were standing in the creek there was no danger of her being seen. I should have known that she thought. Still, she got Marley's attention and stuck out her tongue at him. He smiled knowingly and said, "It's nice to see the grown-up in you come out." She pulled the tent flap shut and shed the diaper to the floor. The oil and powder had caked to her skin so she got to work with some wipes and in no time was clean as a whistle. Marley seemed to be taking a little more time than expected so she donned her bathing suit once again and slipped outside. He was sitting at the table cutting up fruits and cheese with a goofy little smile on his face.

"And what are you so happy about?" she asked.

"Who me? Happy? What on earth would make you think that?"

"Well, for one thing, you haven't stopped smiling since we got here."

"Oh, well I'm glad you noticed. You seem like you're enjoying yourself as well, quite a coincidence." Brittany laughed. It was such a relief that things were working out this way.

"So now that we're both "grown-ups" what shall we do?"

"I think the first order of business would be something to eat and perhaps this," he said, handing her a glass of wine.

"After which I could suggest some light petting and perhaps an opportunity to lick that beautiful pussy of yours." The wine that didn't come out of Brittany's mouth nearly came out of her nose.

"Wow! Well alright then," she choked out.

"Why don't we bring this stuff inside and we can put you to work?" It was a matter of seconds before Marley had bottle and cutting board in hand and was slipping through the flap in the tent.

"Don't forget those peppers there on the table," he turned and said with a wink. Brittany followed him through the flap, peppers in hand, and once inside food and wine were dropped to the floor and they tore the clothes from each other's bodies. Brittany's legs were in the air once again only this time, instead of a diaper between her legs it was Marley's head. And then it was his hand. And then his head again.

Marley brought Brittany waves of pleasure but was careful not to bring her quite to climax. He playfully teased her clit with his tongue until she finally grabbed his head and said "Please, just please...."

And with that he pushed her ankles over her head and drove in, as a gentleman at first, and then as an animal. As his thrusts quickened Brittany began matching his movements with thrusts of her own and their rhythm melded perfectly. When the frenzied pace slowed their panting turned to soft moans. Brittany turned over on her stomach giving Marley a perfect view of her gorgeous ass. He grabbed her hips and slammed into her.

"Brittany! I'm going to cum!" he said hoarsely.

"Cum with me!" she snapped back. Their bodies, drenched in sweat, aching for release, finally came to an epic simultaneous climax and they collapsed beside each other. They laid there without speaking for nearly an hour.......

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