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A True Story

My whole life I have worn diapers. I hadn't met a girl that I wanted to share my secret with until I met my wife. When we were dating I told her through text that I wore diapers. She didn't believe me until I showed one of them to her. I was still embarrassed to tell her the truth, so I told her that I only wore them to bed when I was sick, or stressed, because I would wet the bed. She believed the story, but I was soon to find she found out the truth.

One Friday when I came home from work she was waiting in the living room for me. She told me that she wanted to have some fun. I asked her what she had in mind? She told me that she wanted me to put on a diaper and we would go out for a ride. I hadn't been out in public in a diaper for a long time, so I told her I didn't want to. I don't care what you want to do she said. I want you to go put it on right now, or you'll be sorry. I knew what she meant by that, so I went upstairs and put on my diaper. I decided to cover up the sound by putting on some briefs over the diaper. I did up my pants and went downstairs.

Take off your pants so I can see your diaper she said. When I pulled down my pants, she was angry I had underwear over my diaper. Take off your underwear right now, or I'll make you sorry she said. When I wouldn't move she started coming my way. Forgetting that my pants were around my ankles I went to run. I fell right down, and she was right there taking off my underwear. When I was fighting her she slapped my legs and told me told me to knock it off. You're going to do exactly what I say for now on or you're going to be sorry she said. Once she got me down to just my diaper she put back on my pants and said lets go to the car.

When we got in the car she told me she was in charge, and any back talk would lead to trouble for me. We got on the freeway and headed north. She said she was going to Wal-Mart to get some things. We stopped off at a gas station. She went in and got me a 44 ounce drink and a bottle of water. When she got back in the car she handed me the water and told me to drink it before we got to the store. I finished the water off just barely before we got to the store. When we got in the store we got a shopping cart and headed for the hardware isle. She got a thing of rope which seemed odd to me. When I asked her what it was for, she told me to mind my own business. Where we went next was a shock to me. We went straight for the baby section. She grabbed a set of baby bottles, pacifiers, bibs and baby food. She then went to the formula, and asked what kind I thought the baby should get. I knew she meant me, so I pointed at a small amount of the parent's choice. She said good idea and then got the biggest one they had.

When we got back in the car she told me she wasn't leaving till my soda was all gone. I started to drink it slowly, and the look she gave me meant business, so I drank it as fast as I could. When we left the parking lot she started down the back roads. I knew she was trying to make me wet my diaper, so I tried not to think about it. But as time went on I started to have to pee. When it got bad I started to hold myself. She slapped my hands and told me babies don't touch their diapers. She then told me that if I touched my diaper again I would have to take off my pants till we got home. When we came to a railroad crossing she hit the gas. The bump caused me to grab myself without even thinking about it. She then told me to take my pants off this instant. I took them off and she told me to hand them to her. When I handed them to her, she put them on her side of the floor of the car. When we got into the parking lot of our apartment she said to close my eyes. When I did she jumped out of the car with my pants and headed inside. I sat there in shock not knowing if she was coming back or not. When she did return, my pants were nowhere in sight. She grabbed me by the ear and said get out. I was so embarrassed to walk to the door without my pants. To this day I still don't know if anyone seen me. She lead me into the apartment and right out the back door. She told me she was going to tie me to the fence till she was ready for me to come inside, and that I better have a wet diaper when she got back. She started by tying my hands up, and then spread my feet apart and tied them to the fence. As she was walking away she said, looks like my baby already wet himself. To my shock somewhere along the walk I really did wet myself. I was tied to the fence for what seemed like forever. When she came out she untied me and took me into the kitchen. She then told me to crawl up to our bedroom, because babies can't walk. When we got up to the bedroom, she had a black bag on the bed, and a towel. She told me to climb on the bed and lay down on the towel face down. She had tied some of the rope to the legs of the bed, and attached them to my legs and arms. She then reached into the bag and brought out a mouth gag. She told me to open my mouth. When I did she put the ball in my mouth, and strapped it behind my head. She then took out a blind fold and put it over my eyes. I was as helpless as a baby, which is what she wanted. She then took out some scissors and cut my diaper off. The next thing I knew my ass was getting smacked with a paddle. I tried to yell at her to stop, but of course I couldn't get a word out. She then started to smack my bottom even harder until I actually started to cry. After my spanking was over I felt her get off the bed. I heard her getting into the bag, and then she went into the bathroom. When she returned to the bed, she started to put something onto my bum, and then began putting her finger into me. The next thing I knew I felt something vibrating on my back. I knew what she was going to do, but hoped it wasn't going to happen. She forced the large dildo into my ass and started to pound me like I always wanted to do to her, but she would never let me. I told her it didn't hurt and it would be fun. Which I guess she remembered me saying because now it was happening to me. When she was done pounding my ass she put something smaller in me, and told me if I didn't do what she told me next that wouldn't be the last time this happens to me. She asked me if I understood, and all I could do is shake my head yes. She untied me and told me to roll over onto my back. When I did she tied me up again. She told me that I had an inflatable butt plug in. She then started to rub the lube onto my penis and started to stroke me. As she was playing with my penis she started to inflate the butt plug. When she got it as big as she could she started to stroke me even faster. As I reached an orgasm I felt something near the tip of my penis. She left once again without saying a word. When she returned she took out my mouth gag, and told me to drink my bottle. I hadn't had formula since I was a kid, so the taste was a little gross. When I finished the bottle she told me that she caught my cum with the bottle, and I just drank it all gone like a good little baby. When she was done laughing at me she took the butt plug out without deflating it, and put me into a fresh diaper. When she took off the blind fold I seen that it was a diaper with baby print on it. I later found out that it was an ABU cushie. She then untied me and told me that I was going to wear this style of diapers for the rest of the weekend, and longer if I ever lied to her like I did about wanting to wear diapers, instead of just wearing them when I was stressed out.

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