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Sarah had always been mean. Rude and nasty to others. little did ahe know that she soon would get a taste of her own medician.

She had always had acidents. day and night, wet or mess she did it all. One day she was at school and forgot to peepee at passing period and in the middle of math she felt a tenceness in her blatter. Soon a puddle filled her seat and dripped onto the floor. She was lucklie in the back where no students had noticed, but unlukily her teacher did. The bell rang and sarah was about to dash for the door when the teacher said for her to wait.

"Sarah, i saw you piss your pants like a baby. So now im just gonna have to take care of this. Im gonna have mrs.lily, and mrs.nat come help and now you need to follow me as we retrive them." Sarah had no idea what had just hapened and as she waked threw the halls people stared at her soaked pants.

Soon the reached the teachers lounge. Mrs.kilm grabed sarah by the ear and tured to mrs.lily and mrs.nat and said, " I am so sorry to disurb you 2 but it seems we have a baby who can not control themself so she is now to be properly punished." mrs.lily and mrs.nat had agreed and tight there picked her up like a little baby and carried her to mrs.lily's closet. When they entered, sarah's jaw droped, she saw an oversized crib, a changing tabel a closet labeled punishmen a bath tub a rack of cloths pacifires, an oversized changeing table and huge piles of dispsabe dipers, cloth dipers and plastic pants. the layed sarah on the ground and striped her to her bra and panties. mrs.nat asked, "should i take these of or do you want to?" sarah said they shall stay on then mrs nat said "I knew you were to much a baby to do this." so she yank off her bra and panties.

Sarah sood there naked and mrs.kilm said, "you are dicusting! I think you obvoisly need a bath! " the other ladies filled the tub and forced sarah in. they washed her in baby oil and shampoo. mrs.lily soon exclaimed, babies do not have this hair!" so mrs.nat and mrs.kilm spred her lages and held them as mrs.lily shave every littled hair un till her vigina was bald.

they rinsed her and dryed her and all had to carry her to the changing table. she was straped down and her legs were liffed high in to the air. mrs.lily rubbed baby powder on her bum and all over and in her vigina. and tightly straped a fairy prinsess diposable diaper on her. Sarah had stated to squirm and sceam! Mrs.lily then but a pair of plastic pants on her and sarah began to cry. they unstraped her and carried her to the play pen. sarah stoon up and took her cloths and ran for the door. mrs.kilm grabed her and said, "we were going to let you where a long big girl shiry, but now you get nothing!" sarah pushed her in another atempt to run the mrs.nat grabed her pulled down her diaper and hit her bottem. she said "now you will be punished!" tje other 2 teachers held sarah to the ground and then mrs.nat got something from the punishment closet and walked over to the sink and turned it on. a few minites later she came back with a 2qurt. ennama bag filled with warm soapy water. they slid the plug deep in sarah's bowels and then pumed it till the bag had compptyly emptyed. they told her the would be right back and if she let out a single drop she would have to run some arens in only her diaper. they left.

sarah layed there, swaeting. she cryed her eyed out! she could not take it any more. with in seconds, her bowles empted. she kepted crying. soon the 3 teacher returen to see a huge mess. they cleaned her up and mrs.lily sat in the rocking chair as mrs.nat and mrs.kilm lay sarah stomac down on her. sara at the time was naked and mrs.kilm told her," you were warned and now you must pay up." she smaked her bottem hard until it was deep red, and sarah was crying histaricaly. Then the put on a new diaper and said be for you can servre the rest of your punishment, you will need to drink all 3 of these bottles and then from me. sarah had finished the bottles and then started to lay down and then mrs.kilm called her over to lay in her arms. she did so. mrs.kilm unbutuned her blouse and undid her bra. sarah refused but was thretened a spanking if she didnt. so sarah drank for 5 miniutes. then they gave her a t-shirt that just cover her diaper. they told her to diliver this note to the nurse and stay till she finished reading it. When sarah got there the nurse read the note. by now, Sarah's blatter was very full, and she asked for the bathroom. the nurse was awre of the punishment now and told her to do so right where she was. sarah said i need a tolit. the nurse, "you are where a diaper little baby! now use it or be spanked in front of your peirs!" At this point, sarah had no choice but to peepee in her diaper. the nurse saw she had and took her to the teachers longe, and layed her on her back on a table. She pulled out a new diaper sarah reach for it but the nurse hit her hand and said you are only a baby! sarah asked her to at least close the door but the nures refused. she pulled of the diaper and put on the new much thicker one. she was now off to the closet but the new diaper was so thick she had to waddle.

when she retured she was dressed in a school girl uniform and sent off. now in her classes again all her teacher knew about her diapers. in her class she had to go to the bathroom but when she went up to her teacher she said you may only use your diaper, if you need to be changed tell me and i will send you to your nersury if you dont tell me and it starts to stink, i will have have one of your 3 mommys come get you in a buggy. ok? sarah had almost started to cry but went to her seat and lifted her bottem to empty herself, but did not tell so she called for mrs.lily and she came with a buggy. mrs.lily said, "sarah! it smells like you made poopys in your diaper! i think you need to come with mommy so we can get you cleaned up and i bring your boncer i with back to this class! come on now lets check that diaper!" she bent sarah over her knee and pulled down the diaper revealing her but then she stood her up stright witch also revealed he bald vijina.

"looks lile we have some poopies!", will you please excuse us? "of corse" she replied. sarah was lifted and layed in the buggy and brought back and changed. when she was brought to her next class, she was put in a boncer chair.

sarah was so happy when the day was over because she could go to her doorm and put on real cloths! but much to shock she ran into her 3 mommies. they brought her to the nersery and told her that this was her doorm and if she try to escape once she would be changed in class for a week and if she try twice or more, she would be spanked by every student with a paddel in class and you would recive enammas in class and she would be bathed in class and changed for 2 weeks and it her peirs would help doing so.

Before sarah went to bed she was spanked and she peend on the floor and that was 1 week of changings in class.

End of Part 1

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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