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Jeff's Second Experience With The Pillow Diaper

The next morning was like any other. Sherry, in her usual good mood, got Jeff up and off to school. Jeff tried to be extra friendly and helpful to his mother the next morning, thinking the night before will be long forgotten. In the meantime Sherry was amazed of how after just one massage Jeff was unusually relaxed. He was much easier to dress and feed! He had the usual good day at school. That afternoon Jeff's mother got him off the bus. They discussed their day to each other. Sherry fixed him a snack and Jeff started on his homework. After supper Jeff finished up his homework early and was able to watch T.V. for a while. Around 8:45 Sherry got Jeff to wash him up to be put to bed. Jeff had been thinking about this time all day hoping what happened the night before would never ever happen again! He was extra nice to his mother. Sherry, knowing what he was doing played along. They got through in the bathroom and Sherry rolls Jeff into his room and started undressing him. She got his shoes and his outer shirt off. After getting his pajama top on Sherry swung Jeff in bed. By now his heart was pounding. Straightening his legs out Sherry unbuckled and unzipped his pants. After sliding them off she reached for the pajama bottoms and slid them on. In pulling the covers up over him she tucked him in bed and gave him a kiss. Getting up Sherry leaves Jeff's room. On the way out she turns out the light. At last Jeff felt that he was safe. He breathed a big sigh of relief, turned over and was going to sleep. Just when he was about to dose off the light came on. Coming out of the brief slumber Jeff slowly turns over to sees what's going on. Vaguely seeing his mother, in her house robe heading toward the closet jolts him into reality. (Thinking to himself, no, she isn't going to do what she did last night? Is she? I don't want to know what she's doing!) Shirley reached in his closet and pulled out the two round foam rubber pillows, a diaper and rubber pants. She then headed toward Jeff's bed. (This reaffirms Jeff's fears and he starts squirming. After just one night those two round pinkish red pillows, a diaper and rubber pants have become menaces, invading Jeff's secured life.) Shirley, in her house coat, wearing her usual warm and pleasant smile, tossed these things on the bed beside him. Jeff didn't appreciate these menaces being so close to him. He could feel their coolness and softness next to his arms. Pulling the covers to one side and moving Jeff's legs over, she sat herself down on the side of the bed. With her soft and loving voice Shirley said, "We almost forgot something". Hadn't gotten a straight answer since the night before, with his heart beating like a race horse, Jeff, half scared, anxious and half mad, decided to get to the bottom of this asked, "Why are you doing this?!?"

"This is going to help you learn to relax", Shirley said smiling as she picked up one of the pillows and scotched it tightly behind his neck.

"I've seen how relaxed Richard becomes when his mother and helper do this to him. Rhonda becomes real limp when her sisters do this to her".

"You were real limp when I was dressing and feeding you this morning." By scotching the pillow tightly behind his neck, Jeff can't do anything but watch his mother, "I can't tell any difference!" Also he couldn't hide what his mother was going to find out. When Shirley pulled Jeff's pajama bottoms and underpants off she notice the erection that he was having. This reaffirmed what Loretta and Karlene had told her that this was the first sign this therapy was having its effect.

"That is why you need this. By massaging your pee pee with this pillow, it's going to help you learn to relax."

"No mamma, don't do this. It hurts."

"You better get use to this."


"Because these pillows are going to become your bed buddies."

"What do you mean?"

"Eventually I'll be stuffing this pillow down your rubber pants" , Sherry said as she lifts up his bottom and spreads his legs so she could tuck and pin the diaper on him. After slipping the rubber pants on him, Sherry picks up the other pillow she spreads his legs apart and gently but firmly puts it between his legs. Even though the pillows was just 14'' in diameter, to an eight year old child they were big, heavy and bulky! The way she squeezed the pillow, all of the shredded foam rubber was squished in front creating a bouncy clingy pillow with hundreds of prickly surface that's going a take a hold of his genitals and drive him nuts! After a moment of holding the pillow there Sherry pulls it away to see if Jeff was becoming susceptible to it as he did the night before. Seeing that he was Sherry sets it down again. As she did the queer and queasy feel was beginning to flare up. Jeff was beginning to get scare. He thought the pillow was doing harm to his body. Jeff asks his mother the second time to remove the pillow: "Momma, please take the pillow away! It's doing something, — I don't know what but it doesn't feel good!" She removed it to look at something, at that time he didn't know. What she was doing was seeing if he was having early stages of erection that would eventually hurt like the dickens! Seeing that Jeff was becoming susceptible to the pillow sherry sets the pillow back down between Jeff's legs pressing it a little firmer than she did before. About a half of a minute later Sherry removes the pillow again and discovers that, as with Richard, Jeff was in the latter stage of an erection. Continuing on her plan of action, Sherry sets the pillow down between jeff's legs the third time pressing it as firm as she did the last time. By now Jeff hates the sight of this pillow and looks on it as a villain that's doing something he doesn't want done. After a minute of holding it in one place, Shirley starts rolling it back and forth. The queer and queasy feeling shoots up ten thousand times all over his body. Out of being puzzled, scare and frustrated Jeff pleas with his mother to stop.

Instead of adhering to his pleas, Sherry started squeezing and twisting the pillow causing the queer and queasy feeling to shoot all over his body and Jeff becomes motionless and speechless. He wants so bad for his mother to stop but she wouldn't. Quit.

"Mama you're hurting me!"

"Just lay back and relax." After five to seven minutes of massaging, just about when Jeff was beginning to cry he had an ejaculation. He was completely exhausted. Sherry putting down the pillow goes and lifts him into her arms and assures Jeff that everything is all right.


that she is only trying something that she thinks will help him. Jeff realizes that his mother really does love him and for some strange reason this had deepened his love for her. After cleaning Jeff up, Sherry pulls the covers him up and leaves the room. At long last Jeff can go to sleep now consenting to the fact that the same thing will probably happen the next night.

Even though Sherry showed extra affection toward Jeff during the first two or three weeks of helping him with this new therapy, Jeff became afraid of her. He felt pressured to do his best and yet he didn't know exactly why. He soon found out that the massages was going to become an every night ritual, at least for a while. Because each time Sherry helps him with this therapy she became more confident that it was having a positive effect on him. So much so that after about two months she became a firm believer in it. In the meantime, Jeff got so aggravated with his mother that he got his dad to help him to bed. Even with this Sherry would come in to kiss Jeff good night. Then she would go to the closet. Seeing her going to the closet Jeff starts getting

anxious. His whole body starts to tense up and his legs starts twitching. Then she grabs the three pillows that she's now using on him, along with a diaper

and rubber pants. As she comes toward him Jeff whole body twitches and squirms and he starts whining "Mom, I don't go through this tonight, it hurts."

"Now you know that you need this. It's helping you to relax and sit up straighter."The way Jeff's mother held the pillows they bounced around like three little menaces anxious to cause problems. Sherry uses as much affection toward Jeff as she possibly can trying to calm his anxiety, reminding him that he has made so much progress in relaxing. At the same time she remains firm in carrying out the two or three nights-a-week ritual. Coming to the bed, she pulls down the covers and sits on -the side of the bed while tossing the pillows, diaper and rubber on the other side of him. Grabbing his arms she pulls him up in a sitting position. While holding him there with one arm, Sherry grabs a pillow and places it at his lower back and lays him back down. By easing him back down over the pillow, it will stretch his lower back muscle. Grabbing another pillow she raises his head and wraps around the back of his neck tightly. He gives a hard kick as his mother slips his pajama bottom and underpants off.

"You better stop kicking now! You know what happen the last time?"

"After I get through massaging you, I'm going to take the pillow and stuff it down your diaper and make you sleep with it all night." She done this before and Jeff hardly slept a wink that night. One night Sherry did this. After she left the room, he reached down inside his diaper, grabbing the pillow, pulled it out and tossed it on the floor. To Jeff's surprise, Sherry came back in the room for something. When she found this out what he had done she rolled him over and gave him a hard spanking! Then she rolled him back on his back and stuffs the pillow back in. This was especially hard on him after she had the pillows covered with tan rubberized material. Although soft, it generated a lot of and cling to the skin like glue! With everything in place, Jeff's mother picked up the third pillow, spreads his legs and gently places the pillow against his crouch. Feeling its soft coolness against his crotch was kind of a shock at first but as she holds it in one place for a half a minute or so it quickly becomes a nuisance! He hates the sight of it and wishes it would go away but it doesn't. After holding it there for 30 seconds she takes it away finding Jeff is becoming susceptible to it. Then she lays it down again. After holding it in one place momentarily, Sherry starts to slowly roll it back and forth. This infuriates Jeff but he can't do anything about it. With each roll the escasity multiplies 200. After slowly rolling it back a forth 3 or 4 times Sherry picked up the pace making each roll more deliberate. This is terribly hard on Jeff as he begs his mother to stop!

Sherry gave Jeff a massage every night for the first week. She then slacked off to every other night the second week then twice a week after that. Loretta and Kathy talked to Sherry over the phone about once a week to check how things were going. Just as Richard was being bombarded with pillows and pads, Sherry kept Jeff in an upheaval all the time by padding him with pillows. Many times when Jeff is sitting in his chair, Sherry would put one of his pillows behind him to help him sit up straighter. She got a piece of foam rubber two feet square and an inch thick. Folding it she formed a rectangular

pillow a foot long and eight inches wide. Covering it with a white rubberize material made an excellent diaper pillow for stuffing down his rubber pants when he least expected it, which she did.

A month had gone by and even though Jeff had somewhat consented to

the fact that he was going to be massaged periodically he still didn't fully understand why his mother was doing this and long for this phase of his life to be over and forgotten!!! Little did he know that this was only the beginning for the rest his of life!! In meantime Loretta and Karlene had been keeping a weekly contact with sherry to see how things were going. A month went by and Jeff had somewhat accepted the massages two or three times a week by his mother although he dreaded them very, very much!! the next thing Loretta and Karlene wanted Sherry to do was trying massaging Jeff with a hot water bottle. Like the pillows Sherry decided to spring it on him as a surprise.

Jeff Gets a Warm Surprise

It was on a Thursday night. His dad had just got him ready for bed and had pulled the covers over him. Al though he wasn't looking forward it, his mother would probably come in and kiss him good night and give him massage. Sure enough about ten to fifteen after his father had left Sherry came in.

She was also carrying a half filled hot water bottle. Jeff, seeing it laughed as he asked his mother, "What is that for?"

"I think I have something that you're going to like," Sherry said as she lays the water bottle on the bed beside of jeff. Having never had any experience with one he reached over and touched it. It was hot and real soft! In the meantime Sherry went to the closet to get his two pillows, a diaper and rubber pants. Coming back she tossed them to the side of him then pulled the blankets back then sat down o n the side of the bed.

"Karlene and Loretta suggested that I try something new on you". This couldn't mean anything but bad news. Jeff hated his mother even mentioning their names. Jeff suddenly found himself being pulled forward as she takes one of the pillows and lays it under his back. Then Sherry lays him back down. Jeff could feel his back being stretched as he is lain over the pillow. As Sherry takes the other pillow, she puts tightly underneath his neck, Jeff begins to wonder if

his mother was going to use the hot water bottle to massage him like she does him with the pillow. Those fears became substantiated? As Sherry pulls Jeff's pajamas bottom and under pants off and slips a diaper and rubber pants on, Jeff becomes extremely apprehensive, afraid of what his mother was going to do with the hot water bottle. In an awkward position because of the pillow under his back and he had pretty good idea what his mother was about to do jeff started pleading with his mother: "Momma please don't do this!" With everything in place, Sherry picks up the hot water bottle, spreads his legs and gently lays it in the middle of his crotch holding it firmly in place as she says in her usual, pleasant and soothing voice: "This is going to be like your pillow, soft and warm". Even though the bottle was soft and warm the rubber texture of it made his whole body feel very, very strange almost immediately Jeff wanted his mother to remove it! Sherry did remove it but only for a few seconds, then she slowly and gently lays it back down between his legs again. The second time Sherry was amazed just how quickly the water bottle brought an erection on him. After the third time she lays is back down, holding it firmly in pace. Then she started moving it up and down, squeezing and twisting it. The esctasy multiplied 20 folds driving Jeff out of his mind!! He pleaded with his mother to stop but Sherry continued until Jeff had the biggest ejaculation ever!!!!! Jeff now was really afraid of his mother but what was he going to do? He still loved her very much!!! For the next six months Jeff had to contend with being massaged three to six times a week by the pillow or hot water bottle. He never knew which one it was going to be.

It was then that Sherry who had become a firm believer in the therapy. She was very interested in Karlene's method in helping Rhonda's problem of scissored legs.

Having also gotten a stadium pad through the mail from a cigaret company, which was a 14'' square piece of foam rubber (3'' thick) and covered with red plastic, Sherry had seen how Loretta and Karlene folded them and put them between Rhonda's and Richard's legs at night to keep them separated. Sherry was very interested in this because Jeff too had problems with scissored legs. Sherry decided that she would use it after she massages him. Knowing how Jeff kicks and rolls over at night Sherry knew that the pad wouldn't stay between his legs anytime. So she sewed tabs on two sides of the pad. This would allow her to pin the pad to his pajamas, one end to the front part and the other end to the seat.

Sleeping With The Abduction Pillow

One Thursday night after Harry (his dad) had just put him to bed, about ten minute later sherry came into the room in her relaxed and casual way. Seeing her Jeff braced himself for what seemed to be inevitable. She goes to the closet. Besides of grabbing the three pinkish red round pillows, a diaper and rubber pants Sherry gets a lark pad and heads towards Jeff's bed. Pulling the blankets back, she sits herself down on the bed while tossing the pillows, diaper, rubber pants and lark pad on the bed. Jeff starts to whine about the what's about to happen. Sherry hated to see Jeff get upset over his therapy. She thought he would have gotten used to it by now. Little did he know he will eventually wear some kind of apparatus (pillow or stadium pad) every where he goes, even to school. Taking him by the arms, she pulls him up in a sitting position. Reaching for one of the three pillows, she sets it under his lower back. Then easing him back down over it to stretch his back muscles. She proceeds taking his pajama bottom and underpants off. Sherry grabs one of the pillows and putting it under his head and scotching it tightly around his neck. During this time Jeff gets tense, doubling his legs up and curling up in a ball. After straightening out his legs, she slips his pajamas bottom and underpants off. After putting a diaper and rubber pants on him Sherry grabs the other pillow. While spreading his legs she forces the pillow between them and holds it firmly against his crouch. Although the pillow was cool and soft it quickly became nuisance creating a queasy feeling all over his body. After a minute sherry lifts the pillow momentarily then lays it back down. She then starts the massage by slowly moving the pillow up and down, squeezing and twisting it. After five to seven minutes of this Jeff has an ejaculation. Even though he was completely exhausted and at the panic stage in begging his mother to stop, Jeff was relaxed. Sherry gave him her usual hug and kiss, reassuring him that things are all right. After cleaning him up sherry goes to the dresser and get a couple of safety‑pins, comes back and sits on the side of his bed while say, "I got a surprise for you". Taking the stadium pad sherry folds it and pins one end of it to the seat of his pajama bottom. Then she tucks the pad through his legs and pins the other end in front of te bottoms. In total amazement Jeff asked his mother, "What are you doing?"

"This pad is supposed to keep your legs separated and from crossing" Richard's mother and Karen suggested that we try it".

"Isn't this nice and soft?" Jeff's mother said as she pulls the blankets up over him. Although the pad was real soft, after a while it became a nuisance creating that queer, queasy feeling all over his body. Unlike the pillow he couldn't get rid of it. He pulled at the pad trying to remove it. Of course he couldn't and had to wait until she came back. Sherry let him lay there with the pillow for fifteen minutes the first night, then increasing the length of time by five minutes or so each night after that until he could sleep with it. She did that with him for about 6 weeks until he was able to sleep with it the whole night through. Although he slept with the pad all night Jeff didn't like it one bit!! although it was soft it was also bulky and hot. After about 5 weeks of doing this Sherry was very pleased with the results the pad was having. Not only has it helped keep his legs separated but with the heat that the pad generates along with him kicking at night the pad causes him to sometime ejaculate during the night. This, in Sherry's opinion, made him more relaxed the next day.

Introducing Jeff to the Spreader Pillow

Shirley had been looking through books of physical therapy equipment that Karlene had given her. In thumbing through the book she ran across a device called an "Spreader Pillow", a sling type of device consisting of a 14 to 16'' square pillow with two straps that are attached to one side of the pillow, crosses the chest, runs over the shoulders and fastens to the other side. It's designed for young toddlers with frog‑like or crossed legs. Looking at it, it occurred to Sherry that her 'diaper pillow' would make a soft pliable pillow ideal for inserting in Jeff's pants for him to use around the house.

One Saturday afternoon Jeff was in his walker at the kitchen table playing with some of his toys. Sherry figured that this was a good time to try out her idea. Jeff mainly got around in a walker. It was a frame like device made of metal tubing. There was a padded ring attached to the middle of it that held Jeff in a standing position. Attached to that was a bicycle seat that allowed Jeff to scoot around while seated. Getting a stadium pad or 'diaper pillow' from his room, Sherry walks up behind eff asking, "what are you doing?"

"Building a fortress for my soldiers". Admiring his imagination, Sherry leans over his shoulders to give him a kiss. While she puts the lark pad between her legs to free her hands so she can detatch the seat. Telling him to "Stand up a minute", jeff stands up, allowing his mother to undo his seat. Being inquisitive as he is but not surprise at anything his mother may do, Jeff asked his mother, "what are you doing now?" in unbuckling and unzipping his pants, Sherry in her usual soft and loving voice said, "I thought we would try an idea I have". Taking the stadium pad Sherry folds it in half, reaching around with the pad in her left she tucks through Jeff's legs. She pulls the pad up from the back so it would be snug against his crouch. Even though Jeff has slept with it for several months now, it still gave him a queasy feeling, especially using it this way. In closing his leg, un-expectantly, this gave sherry a chance to pull his pants up, buckling and zipping them up. She quickly lift the seat in between his legs and re-fastened the seat to the walker. Sherry was real pleased of how well the stadium pad fitted inside his pants.

"Qua-La" – The "PILLOW DIAPER" was born! Jeff was beside himself. He couldn't believe what his mother had done. Although the pad was real soft it quickly became a nuisance as it generated heat making things hot between his legs. The pad gave him that queasy feeling all over his body. He begged his mother to take it out but Sherry wouldn't think anything of it. If he got too insistence about it, his mother would take the pillow diaper out. Then she would pop him hard on the bottom with a hairbrush, then she would stuff the pad back in his pants. He'd still be subject to massages at bedtime. Jeff's mother was pleased of how the 'pillow diaper' was working. Jeff was becoming really relaxed. With that she got 5 stadium pads so Jeff would have a clean one to wear around the house each day. Jeff was embarrassed when he came home from school and see 3 or 4 'pillow diapers' hanging on the line. He would have to explain to everyone on the bus what they were for. One afternoon, Jeff was terribly upset when his mother brought him inside after taking him off the bus. There on the livingroom floor, he found a sheet spread on the floor along with 30 1 pound bags of shredded foam rubber and several yards of dark gray leather. Like Loretta did for Richard, Sherry was making pillow diapers to be placed in every room of the house to be used on him.

Jeff Wears His Pillow Diaper to School

After about eight months of doing this, Sherry wanted to take this segment of Jeff's therapy a step further; get him to wear his 'pillow diaper' during the day at school. She talked to his teacher and aid. They said it was all right with them. Shirley even conferred with Miss Brown, Jeff's therapist. She thought it was a marvelous idea. Sherry thought the best time to do it would be on a Friday. ‑ ‑ ‑ That Friday came. It was a typical Friday morning. Sherry had gotten Jeff up, dressed, fed and had him looking out the livingroom window for the bus. Sherry hears Jeff in the kitchen saying the bus had arrived. She goes to his closet and grabs a lark pad. Coming into the livingroom Sherry sees Jeff opening the door. Tossing the pillow diaper onto the sofa Shirley goes to the door and closes it while grabbing Jeff's walker, saying, "We're not ready yet". Jeff, in his inquisitive attitude, looked puzzle asking, "What's wrong?" Sherry, pulling his walker back a bit while asking him to stand up said, "Oh nothing I just want to try something". She then unbuckled his seat. When she began unbuckling his pants, Jeff began to panic saying, "What are you doing??!?!?!!??" Pulling his pants down, Sherry quickly grabs the 'pillow diaper' from the sofa, folds it and tucks it through his legs while saying, "I want you to wear your 'pillow diaper' to school today".

"No, please Momma don't do this!!!!!!!" since the reflexes of Jeff's legs automatically closes as soon as he feels the pillow between his legs, this gave sherry time n to pull his pants up, zip and buckle them. Before Jeff knew it, he was on the bus and on his was to school. His heart was racing like a race horse because he was so embarrassed!! nobody said anything. Because of the extreme anxiety that he had and the high increase of involuntary movements that he had that day brought on Jeff found himself having an acute ejeculation every 15 minutes. Jeff was glad to get home that afternoon to tell his mother this but all that she said was, "good". Since Jeff was ejeculating every 15 minutes at school, he was practically wore out by the times he comes home from school. This pleased Sherry because she knew this relaxes Jeff allowing him to do things for himself that he may not otherwise be able t o do.

Six more months had past by since Shirley discovered the wonders of the diaper pillow . She did cut back on the times she made Jeff wear it to school to about once every two months because this was such a traumatic experience for Jeff. The frequency of making Jeff go to school with his diaper pillow went back up to once a month when Sherry decided to make some pillows that were longer, wider and thicker in order to keep his legs further apart. Sherry bought some slabs of foam rubber which were three feet long, twenty-two inches wide and four inches thick. She bought several yards of heavy gauge blue plastic. She cut the slabs into shapes of a hour-glass and covered them with the plastic. She sewed wide velcro straps at the waist for the pillows to be fastened. In the spring and summer months Sherry didn't even put pants on Jeff when he went to school or was at home because his pillow diapers covered everything up.

Using the vibrator In the meantime Karlene revealed her newest method of relaxing Rhonda by using a vibrator. She told Sherry how the vibrator took little or no effort on her part while producing the same results of the pillow and the water bottle. Plus its make the person more dependant on the therapy. As with the other things sherry was interested in trying it on Jeff. One Friday afternoon Jeff had just gotten home from school. Sherry had given him his usual after-school snack and had put him on the sofa to watch T.V. She decided to forego making him wear his abduction pillow and give him a break. But then it occurred to her that she had just bought a hand vibrator and she was anxious to try it out on him. So she goes to her room where she had the vibrator. Reaching in the closet she got it and took it out of the box. After reading the instructions she snapped on a couple of rubber heads that came with it. Sherry stops in Jeff's room, reaches into his closet and gets one of his pillows. Going into the livingroom where Jeff was, she lays the pillow at one end of the sofa and goes to the other end, bends over and plugs the vibrator in. Seeing his mother with the vibrator and one of his pillows, Jeff automatically got suspicious. Puzzled of what his mother was about to do but yet afraid to ask, Jeff reluctantly ask, "What are you going to do Momma?" in her usual calm, pleasant and loving voice, sherry said, "Karlene wants us to try this to see how well it works".

"What do you mean?"

"She wants us to put this vibrator down your pants. It's suppose to do what the pillow does only quicker and be easier on me." Shirley starts by reaching over Jeff and grabbing his pillow. After pushing him forward, Shirley slips the pillow down behind him.

"Mamma, what are you doing?!"

"PLEASE, take the pillow out from my back!" She knew that by doing this the pillow would give him a buoyancy effect, throwing him off balance thus making him more susceptible to the massage. As expected Jeff complain having the pillow behind him fearing that he might fall forward and asked his mother to remove it. Shirley proceeded to unbuckle and unzip his pants. She was surprised to see that he was already having an erection. Taking the vibrator she puts it against his rubber pants. Holding it firmly in place Sherry turns the vibrator on. She was amazed how the escasity formed almost instantly as Jeff folds over with his arms and legs becoming stiff as a board and his eyes about to pop out of his head! As he begs her to quit. In a minute and a half flat, Jeff has an ejaculation. On Karlene's advise, Sherry checked Jeff an hour later. Sure enough to her utter surprise he was ready to go again. This was the last thing that Jeff wanted! ..... which shirley did. Jeff had a fit!! she wound up having to lye him on the sofa with one of his pillows under his back and the other tightly cradled around his neck. It wasn't long until he was relaxed and calm.

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