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Sadie's Story

by Iminpampers

This story has been flagged by the automated processing system as potentially being hard to read. The main causes of this flag are that the story may be very badly formatted or where a NLP program was unable to intepret an unambigious and consistent plot in the story.

I was heading to my car after doing some shopping when I spotted my friend Mike who I haven't seen for about 5 years. One of the first things I noticed was that he was carrying a bag of Depends, then I looked at his midsection and could see what looked like a diaper bulge under his pants and I could also see about an inch of white plastic sticking up out of his pants. I asked him what his plans were and if he wanted to come for a few drinks with me. He said he'd love to but he had to stop off at home and get a few things. After he got in the car and we had been driving for a few minutes I could smell pee. We made idle chit-chat until we got to his apartment. As soon as we were inside and he had locked the door I asked him how long he'd been wearing diapers. At first he tried to deny it but I pointed out that he was carrying a bag of Depends and that I could smell pee when we were in the car. He was still trying to deny anything when I grabbed his diapered crotch and squeezed it which caused his diaper to leak. I fingered the wet patches on his pants before I undid them and let them drop around his knees exposing his soaked diaper. As I placed my hand on the front of his diaper and rubbed it lightly I could feel it getting warmer. I continued to rub him through his diaper even as it reached its containment limit and pee started to trickle down Mike's legs. By the time he was done peeing, urine was flowing down his legs in streams forming a puddle at our feet. I asked him where his changing supplies were and when he told me I went and got them and told him to lie down. I popped the tapes on his diaper to reveal a massive hard-on. "Not only do you lie about wearing and wetting your diapers but you REALLY enjoy wetting your diapers." I squirted some baby lotion into the palm of my hand and within 30 seconds made him cum into a baby wipe. I cleaned him up, slid a fresh diaper underneath his tush, gave him a thorough dusting of baby powder and secured him in his diaper. I kissed his diapered crotch and told him to get his things together so we could go for our drinks. He got dressed, grabbed a backpack which he threw his wipes, lotion, baby powder and 3 spare diapers into, he was just about to zip it up when I thrust another 4 diapers into it. He looked at me questioningly and I offhandedly replied, "No idea how long we're going to be." So we jumped into my car and headed to the liquor store. Once we were in the car I had to roll down my window because the smell of baby powder was overpowering. We stopped and picked up our booze and were off. About 3/4s of the way there Mike asked me where we were going. I just smiled sweetly and said, "It's a surprise." Mike laughed, surmising that we were headed to my mother's house. As I expected mom wasn't home when we arrived so we went inside and began drinking. After I had returned from my second trip to the washroom I asked Mike if he was wet. He said he didn't know so I told him to take off his pants so we could see his diaper. He took off his pants and revealed a fairly yellowed diaper that was beginning to sag. I made him lie down and changed his diaper and during the course of the next couple of drinks I hid his pants on him. When my mother arrived about 20 minutes later I poured her a very large glass of wine before leading her into the family room to introduce her to Mike who was sitting on the couch facing us with his diapered crotch on full display, just as he began peeing in it. "Mike, you've met my mom before and mom, this is my friend Mike. Mom looked over at Mike, "Sadie?" she began, "why is Mike wearing a diaper?!? A diaper that he appears to be wetting?" 'That's something I just found about, it seems that he enjoys wearing and wetting diapers.'"And what he does for fun maybe you should do out of necessity. " mom added. At first I didn't know what she meant but then I felt the urine running down my legs and realized I was peeing my pants. "Does he have any more?" mom inquired. I sheepishly handed her Mike's backpack. Mom peered inside and said to herself, 'Excellent. This is perfect.' Next she told me to slip off my underwear and hike up my skirt. After I did as I was asked she had me lie down then she cleaned my crotch with baby wipes before unfolding and sliding a diaper under my butt. She then powdered me and fastened the diaper snugly around my hips. I had no idea it would have felt so good, as soon as mom's attention was focused on Mike's diaper I gave a little push on my bladder and emptied the other half of its contents into the diaper. It felt heavenly, I couldn't wait until I had to pee again, the back of my mind was screaming at Mike for not telling me how good this felt years ago. I got up and grabbed my drink and gulped it down before heading into the kitchen to grab another. As I fixed my next drink I watched as mom began changing Mike's diaper, she had the tapes open and pulled down the front of the diaper and was looking at Mike's erection. What happened next shocked the hell out of me, she had Mike's penis in her hands and was making small talk with him when suddenly she took his whole penis in her mouth and started sucking him off. I stormed into the room and was hit by yet another curve ball, my mother asked if I could help her with Mike's erection, she wanted me to help suck his cock at the same time. The booze must have caught up with me cause the next thing I know mom and I are both licking his dick which brings him to orgasm in no time. Suddenly feeling horny myself I began rubbing the wet material of my diaper up against my clit while mom goes back to changing Mike's diaper. As I look over I notice my mother leading Mike's hand under her dress, I wanted to protest but I couldn't stop the waves of pleasure my diaper was giving me. When I looked back mom was sitting in a small puddle, the puddle was small but it was growing and I realized at the same time mom flipped up her dress exposing the underwear that she had Mike's hand on as she squirted urine through his fingertips that mom was deliberately pissing herself. Then she asked Mike, "Will you diaper me??" At that moment my body exploded into orgasm and I collapsed in a heap. I barely registered Mike diapering my mother as the fog of my orgasm slowly left my brain, what I did register though was the signals my bladder was sending out. I didn't even notice at first but somehow my thumb seemed to subconsciously made it's way to my mouth I just remember sucking it as I flooded my diaper. I don't remember much more of that evening I just remember waking up the next morning, with Mike absentmindedly suckling my breast then I realized that although we were in mom's bed she was nowhere to be seen. She just left us naked except for the extremely wet diaper that each of us were wearing. Even though my diaper was soaked I awoke with the strong urge to pee so I let it flow into my diaper which couldn't even begin to hold it. I wanted to get up so as not to soak mom's bed but my legs were so intertwined with Mike's that I couldn't. As I lay there feeling my urine flowing out of both my bladder and my diaper I felt the diaper push against my clit while the sucking on my breast became focused just on my nipple and suddenly it felt as though it was getting a lot warmer under the covers. Then I realized that my wetting had woken Mike up and he was not only playing with the front of my diaper and sucking my nipple but his diaper was leaking just as much as mine was. His mouth came off my nipple and made its way to my mouth and as our tongues touched he slid his hand down inside my diaper and lightly stroked my clit. I arched into him as I felt my pee bouncing off his hand and back against my pussy. I felt my stream of pee dying out as he began stroking my pussy. I thrust my tongue deep down his throat and my hand deep into his diaper. I felt his stream of urine bounce off of the palm of my hand as my fingers curled around his penis. I felt his stream of pee die off and his cock come to life while he continued to finger my pussy. I ripped my diaper open from one side and ripped his open from the other and then I screamed, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME MIKE, FUCK ME NOW. We both came to a mind numbing orgasm just as mom came into the room with several packages of diapers. Mom diapered us both and the three of us stayed in diapers all day.

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