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Is Fantasy Sometimes Better Than Reality?

Chapter 1

It all started when he was younger and his brothers and sisters wet the bed. He was the good one, he was always dry. Then one day his mum decided that they would be taught a lesson, she would make his brothers and sister wear cloth nappies and plastic pants, she thought this would embarrass them from stopping.

He stood there and watched as each one got diapered, young children being diapered like 6 month old babies, instead of feeling smug he felt jealous. As the weeks went on he just craved to wear a nappy and plastic pants, he would sneak spare plastic pants and wrap a towel between his legs... oh it felt so good. If only he could wet them too!!!

That was the beginning and after long breaks and short periods in his life wearing (often home made diapers) he discovered the internet and his life changed.

Suddenly he found many styles of plastic pants and diapers, he started to wear with caution and full enjoyment.

As his confidence grew he became reckless, he wore at work, in the car, at the supermarket and even down the gym. He sat in the Jacuzzi and watched his diaper baloon so much he could barely walk, he leaked at work and his diaper showed on one of his many trips out.

It was getting silly, this was an obsession, yet he did not wear every day sometimes going weeks in between.

Then one day he was in the supermarket and he was trying to buy some Huggies Dry Nites (8-15 years) without being obvious. A middle aged man commented about how his 10 year old needed them so often, he wished that he could just think about them being on him and they would appear.(this would save him so much money) I agreed and said I wish I could do the same and if it worked in the day as well it would be magic. We both laughed.

As I picked up a pack he passed me 2 vouchers and said I should use it for a discount but I should read the terms and conditions. I paid at the till and used one but did not read the terms. When I got home it all started...

Chapter 2

When I got home I unpacked the Dry-Nites and could not wait until the evening to wear. As always (when I wear at night) I put on a Dry-Nite followed by a Tena or Abriform. The Dry-Nite does most of the absorption and bulks out really big but always leaks so the others give the comfort of being able to let go.

It was a wet night and I got up and changed as normal. Back into regular underwear and trousers and off to work. Half way to work on the bus I felt as though I had a Dry-Nite on me. I felt and it was true !!!!! When I got to work I took it off as I was worried it would show. Later it appeared again.

It seemed that every time I thought about diapers they appeared on me. Just as the guy had said in the shop "think about them being on and they will appear" . It seemed as though what I wanted had happened. My dream come true ... or was it.

The problem I now had was I had to stop thinking of diapers or wishing I was wearing one as it was not convenient to have one on against my will.

I tried and tried but to no avail , suddenly I had one on all the time. In the bath in the shower, when I undressed, at work, even at the beach. It was not so good.

I read the small print on the remaining ticket and it had warned about this. Also there was more: It said "If you can control your thoughts you can control the diaper wear and never have to buy any again, if not and you think too much, the control will be reversed" Not only will the diapers be a permanent feature but your bladder will assume you are a baby again and you will start regressing." It started to happen, I began to trickle at first but then it increased, even to the point I was not aware I was doing it. My fantasy was not turning out well and as I was an adult. The Huggies Dry-Nites could not hold my day time pee and were leaking.!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to speak to that old man and rushed back to the shop, could I change this or would I be a baby forever... to be continued.

Chapter 3

As I reached the baby diaper aisle I saw the old man "it was as though he was expecting me". I told him my story and he smiled and said "you have got what you wished for". I explained that I could not stop thinking about diapers and they kept appearing on me. He said, you need to have control, it's a vicious circle, the more you do not want them on the more you think about it.

I was wetting myself more and more, not realising I was doing it. I constantly had a child diaper on me and I was leaking. It was a mess and not what I had wanted. Well ...... not all the time.

He suggested I drive him to the Adult incontinence aids shop and explained that the nursing home he was in used it for supplies. When we got there he explained his proposal ...

He suggested that to stop the leaking I should purchase some adult diapers, Abri form or Tena. He explained that if I used another voucher they would appear like the Huggies Dry Nites but give me the Adult protection from leaking.

That was fine but then I would have a constant huge Diaper , a snug but very absorbent child diaper and a bigger absorbent adult diaper - this would be there whenever I took my clothes off day and night - like everywhere. Everytime I thought about diapers they would appear together in tandem . What should I do ?????

He was very persuasive and let me know that if I moved to the adult diapers it would slow the regression and give me time to control my thoughts. If I managed it I could be diaper free most of the time and then when required wish a thick bulky diaper on me (all for free) which would be pure bliss.

I took his advice and the suggestion of using his hypnotherapist to control my thoughts and went for it "Hook/Line and Sinker.

Suddenly I was standing in a very thick padded diaper and to make matters worse, as I had purchased both Abri form and Tena (thinking I could alternate or make a decision on which one to use later) they both appeared on me. I was just a sorry looking adult in a triple big baby diaper and felt like I could cry.!!!!!

I bought new baggy clothes which did little to hide my bulging mass and as I wet myself more and more the bulk got bigger. I was even starting to waddle L

I attended the Hypnotherapy sessions and was given 3 weeks to control my thoughts or remain in a regressed baby like control of my bladder forever, and subsequently remain in my triple diapers all of the time...

As we neared the end of the 3 weeks I was gaining control and seemed to have turned the corner, life was good and it seemed as though I would have the best of both worlds

No diaper or thick Diaper it was my choice – yeeeeesssssss

As I left the last session the old man appeared and led me through a door by the Hypnotherapists office ( this door entered the care home that he belonged to) . As we entered there appeared to be a mix of young and old patients, really weird.

At this point he explained that for every person that "Wishes to be like a baby and have no control of their bladder", seemingly regresssing in both body and mind" one of the older patients would regain control of theirs and have the freedom of Adulthood control in their later years.

All the young patients had wished for more than they bargained for, had lost control and as they had regressed their bladder back to babyhood had inexplicably begun to regress in both mind and body. The care home took them in and effectively gained control of all their possessions and finances.

It was an odd site seeing all these adults in nothing more than a big diaper and often wearing a variety of plastic pants, some in control, others in another world.

I decided to look in envy as I had done when I was very young but I did not wish it was me this time, I think I had learnt my lesson and would carry on enjoying my new gift "On my terms"

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