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The Cottage

Part 1

"How big a bag do you need?" Helen asked as Laura heaved a rather heavy piece of luggage into the trunk.

"We're only going to be down at the cottage for a few days."

" know, bathing suits, towels, clothes to bum around in. It's better to have more than less. It's not like we can just run to a 7-eleven or anything while we're down there." Said Laura. Helen shrugged, Laura's logic made sense to her.

"Alright gang, are we ready to roll?"

"Yes Dave." The two girls replied in unison. Everyone smirked. Dave probably had the biggest grin. He and Laura had devised quite the plan.

Helen got in the back and Laura sat up front with Dave. They pulled out of the driveway and we're off to the country. The drive usually only took about 2 hours, but Laura had suggested leaving at rush hour to aid in their scheme. It was a hot day, but Dave wouldn't turn on the AC. Laura handed a Helen a cold bottle of water. Helen drank it down quickly and within moments of her finishing Laura tossed her another bottle. Helen only sipped at this one.

Traffic was pretty heavy and they crawled along on the highway to the Vermont border. As they approached the border, they saw a long lineup. It was probably going to be 30 minutes or so until they could get across. It didn't bother Laura and Dave. They were taking turns picking songs and mocking each other's quirky taste in music. Helen on the other hand was getting a little anxious. She always had a smallish bladder and it appeared that the water she drank was running right through her. She gritted her teeth and started to squirm. Laura caught a glimpse of her in the rearview mirror.

"Everything okay Helen?"

"Yup. I just have to pee. Hopefully I can hold it. I just hope this guard hurries up."

"Please try." Said Dave with a smile.

"I don't need you peeing all over my seats." He laughed.

"That would be very naughty." Everyone in the car laughed, Helen somewhat uncomfortably.

"Anyway, there's a grocery store right over the border. We need to grab some beer and food. You can use their washroom while I do some shopping."

It was taking agonistically long to get across the border. The guard was asking all kinds of questions to the people in front of them. Helen shifted back and forth to relieve pressure on her bladder. She knew this was going to be a ‘photo finish.' When it was their turn, the process was pretty painless and they were through within a minute. Helen exhaled deeply and was filled with a huge sense of relief knowing she wasn't going to have an ‘accident' in front of her friends.

Dave didn't exactly pick up the pace on their way into the grocery store parking lot. In fact, he was taking his time, ‘just barely' missing a few a green lights and keeping his backseat passenger in distress. He was actually quite enjoying her helpless squirming. Just as they entered the parking lot, Dave slammed on the brakes just before a stop sign. Well that was all Helen could handle, she lurched forward and start peeing in her jean shorts. Laura looked back.

"Oh no! Poor Helen. Dave look what you made her do."

Helen just hung her head in shame as she couldn't stop the flow into her panties and jean shorts.

"I'm so sorry Helen. I didn't mean to-"

"No, Dave. I-I-I..." All Helen could do was bawl. Laura reached her hand back to touch Helen's leg.

"It's okay Helen. We'll go in and get you cleaned up." Said Laura.

Helen wiped her nose.

"But I'm all wet, everyone at the store will see that I went in my pants. It's so embarrassing."

Dave parked the car some distance from the front door of the store.

"Well, it's better than sitting there in wet pants. You don't live here, no one will know you. It's going to be okay. Laura will be there with you."

"Yeah, come on sweetie." Said Laura in a cooing voice, which Helen thought was inappropriate considering their situation. Either way, the two girls got out of the car and started making their way into the store. Dave grabbed his wallet and went in behind them.

Immediately Helen could feel people's stares burning in a hole into her wet crotch. Some people sniggered. Some people even pointed and laughed. Helen's face was beet red as she and Laura entered the bathroom. Helen went into a stall and stripped off her stained clothes. Laura went to the sink and wet some paper towels for Helen to wipe herself.

"This is so embarrassing." Whined Helen.

"I can't believe I-"

"Sssh." Said Laura handing her the towels.

"It's going to be okay, you'll change and then we'll enjoy our trip."

While the girls were in the bathroom, Dave set to work on the ‘grocery list' that he and Laura had thought up. Of course there were the staples of any good trip to the country. Chips, burgers, beer, marsh mellows, chocolate, and a whole mess of other tasty treats. But it was when he pushed the cart down the baby aisles that he found what they needed for their little plot. He started buy grabbing a few bags of goodnites, pull-ups, and little swimmers for their little pants wetter. He also picked up plenty of baby powder, oil, bath soaps, and wipes. He found bottles, bibs and pacifiers that he tossed into the shopping cart. But it was when he strolled down the baby food aisle that he really had a chuckle to himself. He piled jar after jar of strained vegetables and fruit into the cart. He must have taken over 60 jars of various baby foods. He then added about two dozen boxes of pablum to the mix. Finally he threw about a dozen jars of various formulas into the cart. It was going to be a great trip to the cottage. He headed to the cash to pay for his unusual purchases.

Just as Dave was on his way through the cash, Helen had just about gathered herself in the stall. She had cleaned herself up and put herself back together emotionally. Laura had been so supportive of her. She really loved having such a supportive friend. As she was contemplating her wonderful friendship, she had a realization.



"I didn't bring anything to change into." Whined Helen.

"Oh my. Haha. Yes, I can see how that would be a problem. Do you want to me grab you something from the car?"

"Please, could you?" begged Helen.

"No problem." Laura sauntered out the door with a big smile on her face. The plan was working perfectly. Right on cue, Dave rolled by the bathroom with his cart full of goodies. He and Laura exchanged a quick glance and they didn't need to say a thing. Dave reached into the cart, pulled out the bag of pull-ups, and tossed them to Laura.

"These are great." She said.

"We'll meet you in the car." She went back into the bathroom and went right into Helen's stall.

"Here. Try one of these on. It kills two birds with one-"

"Oh my god." Cried Helen.

"No, you can't be serious. It was an acciden-"

"That's enough out of you. You little pissy pants baby. Now put these on or I'm walking you back to the car naked." Scolded Laura. Helen was taken aback by the change in tone and with a very red face, she let Laura pull up the training pants. They fit snuggly over her hips and looked very cute with princesses all over the front.

"Aw, look how adorable you are." She pinched Helen's cheek.

"Now, let's get you back to the car."

"Not like this, everyone will see-" moaned Helen.

Laura gave Helen's bum a firm spank. Helen took notice. Laura grabbed her by the hand and started walking her out of the bathroom.

"Come along now baby or I'll make you crawl out of here." Helen had no choice, but to go along with her friend. She braced herself for the 3 minute walk to the car that would no doubt be wrought with humiliation. Much like on her way into the bathroom, she got quite a few stares and sniggers on her way back to the car. She could hear her pull-up crinkling as Laura dragged her along.

Dave took some sympathy on his friend as he pulled the car around to the front of the store, so that Helen wouldn't have to show off her toddler attire to the entire parking lot. He had already loaded up the car and Laura helped Helen into the back seat, even buckling her in and giving her a little kiss on the forehead as she closed the door. Dave looked back.

"Well don't you look like the cutest thing I've ever seen in your little training pants. I guess we won't have to worry about you for the rest of the drive."

Helen decided to go along with what appeared to be a practical joke.

"Haha. Thanks Dave. I'll be good."

"I certainly hope so." Dave said with a grin.

"But, I think something is missing from this picture." He reached down and grabbed a baby bottle full of water. He tossed it into the backseat.

"You're probably thirsty. You should drink that down while we finish the drive."

"But Da-" whined Helen.

"No buts, consider it punishment for staining my car seats. Now drink!"

Laura plopped into the front seat and watched as Helen put the nipple to her lips and started to suck.

"Aw...what a cutie pie." She mocked.

"Now make sure to finish your ba-ba baby." Dave and Laura giggled as they pulled out of the parking lot and headed back to the highway. Helen just kept sucking.

In the next 45 minutes. Things were pretty uneventful. As Helen finished her bottle, Laura took notice yet again and tossed her another with apple juice in it.

"Drink baby girl. We'll be there soon. Not saying a word and not really being able to resist her friend, Helen started to work on the second baby bottle. However within moments of starting the apple juice, her bladder started to act up again and it didn't take long before she was on the brink of another accident. Laura and Dave glanced back and saw the same awkward squirming as before. Except this time, there was no holding it back. Before she could say a word, Helen's face turned fire engine red as her friends could her the sound of urine flooding her pull-up. She started to cry and hung her head again. Laura looked back and gestured to Helen.

"What are we going to do about this baby?"

"Well for one thing, we should probably change her." Dave said with a glimmer in his eye...

They pulled off the highway at the next exit and found a little picnic area. There were a few people around, but they hardly took notice of the car pulling up. Once they parked Dave turned to Laura.

"Okay, let's get her changed. We still have plenty of pull-ups for our little baby."

"Please guys. No. I can do it myself. I really don'-"

"That's enough." Said Laura firmly.

"We've given you a chance, but you've wet yourself twice in the last hour. You're acting just like a little baby, so we're going to take care of you. Now put you're bottle back in your mouth and keep suckling or else..." Laura let her sentence hang in the air as she exited the car. Helen sheepishly put the nipple back in her mouth. What else could she do? Dave stepped out of the car as well. He met Laura at the trunk. He and Laura were talking about their next move while they rummaged around the trunk. Laura walked over to Helen's door with an armful of supplies. Once she opened the door, she reached in and unbuckled her embarrassed friend.

"Lie down." Without hesitation Helen lay down on the backseat. Laura lifted up her friend's legs and slid a towel underneath her. She then giggled as she removed the wet pull-up. Helen started to squirm.

"Stop that baby! If you don't make this easy, your punishment will get worse." Helen thought this was about as bad as it could get, so she just kept wriggling around as Laura tried to wipe her with they newly purchased baby wipes.

"Okay, I warned you..." Laura pulled Helen's leg and literally dragged her out of the car wearing only her t-shirt and nothing on the bottom.

"Dave, can you take the towel over to that picnic table, so that I can change our baby girl?" Dave immediately grabbed the supplies as Laura led Helen over to the picnic table. Dave laid down the towel and Laura laid Helen on top of it. She made a point of slowly rolling up the bottom of Helen's t-shirt to show off her belly button. She proceeded to thoroughly wipe Helen's bottom, crotch, legs and stomach. Helen just helplessly sucked her bottle. They few people around started to notice the scene, but didn't really approach. Dave handed Laura the bottle of baby oil which she applied generously all over Helen. Then came the baby powder, which she spent quite a bit of time patting onto Helen's bum. Helen was beginning to reek of baby. Dave handed Laura not one, not two, but three pull-ups which she easily slipped onto Helen. The three training pants created quite the thickness on Helen's crotch. The change complete, Dave took the supplies back to the trunk, but Laura wasn't done just yet. With Helen's stomach exposed, she bent over and started blowing Helen's tummy as if she were a baby. Helen kicked and laughed and squealed as her friend was humiliating her in public. Laura just kept going and going and soon Helen found that her bottle of apple juice was empty and making it's way for her fresh set of pull-ups. Surely, she wouldn't wet herself again, but with Laura's persistence blowing on her tummy she found herself right at the brink. With one last blow and tickle, yet again Helen found herself flooding her pull-ups. Laura stopped and smiled.

"Again? Wow. You really are just a little baby girl, aren't you?" She pinched Helen's red cheek.

"Well, I've changed you enough, you're just going to have to sit your wet pull-ups until we get to the cottage. Then we'll have to figure out what to do with you." She grabbed Helen's hands and helped her to her feet. She held Helen's hand as they walked, Helen somewhat uncomfortably, to the car.

When they got to the car, Dave had a new surprised for his embarrassed friend. While Laura was inducing another wetting, Dave setup a child's car seat in the back of the car. Helen stopped, but Laura and Dave grabbed her and strapped her in tightly to the car seat, make sure to apply pressure to her wet crotch. Helen couldn't believe what was happening and just as she opened her mouth to protest, Laura shoved a huge pacifier into her mouth. Dave took a ribbon and tied at the back of her head.

"Mmmph....mmmph...." Helen moaned as she struggled to get the nipple out of her mouth.

"Hush baby." Cooed Laura.

"We'll be at the cottage soon..."

Dave and Laura got into the front seat, started the car, and they were back on the road in just a few moments. They knew their plan was just in its infancy...

As they drove down the gravel driveway to the cottage, Helen was becoming increasingly uncomfortable in her wet training pants. They had absorbed the wetness, but she could feel a certain stickiness in her crotch and was getting itchy. She tried scratching herself, but detested the feel or touching her wet pull-up. She was probably just going to have to wait this one out. Dave pulled the car up in front of the cottage. He cut the engine and got out, Laura followed suit leaving their infantilized passenger strapped into her car seat.

"So Laura, I didn't fill you in on this part..." Dave said.

"But I was down here a few weeks back and kind of made some extra preparations for our plan."

"What kind of preprations? Why didn't you tell me?" Asked Laura.

"I could have made some helpful suggestions."

"I wanted it to be a surprise for you and for Helen. Help me get all our stuff inside, I'll give you a tour, and then we can get our baby changed." Dave grabbed a few pieces of luggage and grocery bags from the trunk. Laura did her share too. He unlocked the front door and had Laura set her things down in the foyer. They went back to the car and grabbed the rest of the supplies. Helen could only sit and watch, trapped in her wet uncomfortable prison of wet training pants and a car seat. She couldn't see what was in the bags, but she was starting to get an idea of what to expect from her ‘vacation'.

Dave helped Laura get the bags into the kitchen. Her eyes went wide with amazement as she surveyed the changes he made to the cottage. Firstly in the kitchen she spotted an oversized high chair with a big locking plastic tray. Looking into the living room, she saw a large playpen filled with toys and stuffed animals. Out on the covered deck, he had setup what appeared to be an infant's swing, except with a seat designed big enough for an adult woman. Laura ran into the bedroom where she found an oversized crib setup next to the king size bed.

"Do you like it?" asked Dave.

"I love it. This is perfect!" Replied Laura.

"Just wait until you see this. The pull-ups, goodnites, and little swimmers that I got at the store were just the tip of the iceberg." Dave opened the closet door revealing bags and bags of adult diapers. From very babyish print Bambinos and Cushies, to simple Depends and Attends, and even numerous pairs of plastic pants.

Laura laughed out loud.

"Oh my gosh! We're going to have her so thickly diapered she won't even be able to walk! It's going to be a riot. Thanks babe." She gave Dave a deep kiss on the lips.

"You should see what I brought." She proceeded to open her large suitcase revealing all kinds of adult baby clothes. Cute t-shirts, onesies, footed pajamas, baby-doll night gowns, sun dresses, short-alls, rompers, and a few other babyish items like booties, bonnets, and all kind of bows and ribbons.

"These are adorable." Cooed Dave.

"Our baby is going to be the cutest little thing on earth. I'll unpack the bags. You get her into the cottage and take her straight to the bathroom. She needs a bath, we don't want Baby Helen getting a rash."

Laura cackled as she walked off. She couldn't believe how badly they were about to punish and humiliate their friend. She got to the car and found Helen squirming and fiddling with the restraints on her car-seat. Laura calmly walked over and pulled Helen's hair.

"Mmmmp....mmmmph." Cried Helen.

"Now baby. That is very naughty of you. I didn't want to do this, but-" She undid the car-seat straps with total ease and proceeded to pull Helen over her knee right in the middle of the lawn. Helen kicked and squirmed, but Laura started reigning down spanks on her friend's padded bottom and her not so padded legs. Helen couldn't figure out why she couldn't get out of her friend's grip. She didn't realize that she'd been given a little something in all her bottles to weaken her just enough to be completely physically manipulated. She kept struggling, but soon the tears started rolling down her face as she realized it was futile. Soon she just lay still as Laura continued the spanking. Once Helen was docile, Laura stood her up, patted her bum, took her hand, and walked her into the cottage.

Helen barely took notice of the new furniture in the house as Laura led her into the bathroom. Laura stripped off Helen's shirt and then pulled down her wet training pants. The fresh air felt so good on Helen's privates that he knees became a little weak.

"Now baby." Cooed Laura.

"We're going to give you a nice bath and you'd better behave or else..." All it took was little spank on Helen's red bottom to have her crumble into her friends arms. She just sucked her pacifier obediently as Laura turned the taps on. As the tub was filling up, Laura put in plenty of baby-wash to make the water very soapy. She lowered Helen into the warm water and got to work bathing her helpless friend. Helen squirmed as Laura's hands and fingers traversed her from head to toe. She spent extra time on Helen's bottom and crotch. Laura grabbed some baby shampoo and rubbed a generous amount into her friend's hair. As suds started running into Helen's eyes she found herself crying yet again.

"AWWWW. What a big baby! This shampoo isn't supposed to make you cry. AWWW." Cooed Laura.

Dave came into the bathroom and made sure to thoroughly appreciate the scene he was walking into.

"Is she all cleaned up Laura?"

"Yup." Replied Laura.

"All squeaky clean." She kissed Helen on the forehead.

"Great." Said Dave.

"Why don't you let me dry her off and you can start getting dinner ready?"

"Sure." Laura stood up, patting Helen on the head, and walked out of the bathroom. Dave grabbed a big fluffy towel. He threw it over his shoulder. He put his hands out for Helen. She took hold and he pulled her to her feet. He wrapped the towel around her, giving her a big hug in the process, he lifted her up out of the bath and carried her over to the toilet, where he sat her on his lap, rocking her back and forth as he dried her off. He didn't really say much, he just held her close and rocked her in a comforting way.

"Helen, I'm going to take out your pacifier, but I'm warning you, if I hear anything besides baby-talk, it's going right back in. Understand?" Helen nodded.

"Good girl." He untied the pacifier and she stretched her jaw. She looked up at Dave with a pouty look.

"Don't give me that look. If you behave and be a good girl, I promise you'll have a pleasant surprise waiting for you." Helen couldn't imagine what kind of pleasantness could come of this situation, but at this point, what choice did she have? "Okay sweetie, let's get you dressed."

Dave carried her into the bedroom where he had already setup a changing mat on the bed. Helen looked around and saw the crib. She knew where she'd be sleeping tonight. Dave lay her down on the mat. He grabbed a bottle of baby oil and start massaging it into Helen's skin. Not just on her bottom and crotch, but all over her body. From her little toe all the way to her ears, he rubbed it in softly, but firmly on her back, front, and sides. Helen liked being touched in this way, no matter how humiliating it may have been. When he was done with the oil, he sprinkled a generous amount on her crotch and bottom, making sure to pat her bum as much as he could. He walked over to the closet and grabbed a pair of Bambinos. Helen saw the diapers and realized the training pants were just an appetizer, it was these thick diapers that were the main attraction. Dave slid them both under her, lifted her legs, and expertly taped them both onto her hips. Helen tried to squirm around in her new underwear, but Dave held her down.

"Okay baby. Repeat after me, you call these your diddies."

"My diddies!" Said Helen in her most babyish voice.

"Perfect. You can also call them your diapees!"

"My diapees." Replied Helen.

"Great. Perfect baby. You look adorable. Let's get Laura in here." Dave backed away from the bed leaving his diapered friend on display. Laura came into the room and her jaw dropped.

"Oh my goodness! Aren't you the cutest little baby?" She went over and began patting Helen's padded crotch and pinching her cheek.

"Oh, I can't wait to put you in a cute little outfit."

"But first." Interjected Dave.

"I think she needs something special from her mommy."

Laura looked at Dave and knew exactly what he meant. She took off her shirt and unhooked her bra. She got on top of her helpless friend and dropped her nipple into Helen's mouth. Helen understood what she was supposed to do and no matter how embarrassing it was for her, she started to suckle Laura's tit. A few minutes went by and both girls were writhing on top of other. Dave was enjoying the show as both of them were getting very worked up. He walked over and patted Laura's bottom and Helen's crotch.

"Okay girls. It's time to get Helen some ‘real' food." Laura pulled her breast out of Helen's drooling mouth. Dave and Laura looked down at their drooling diapered friend and giggled. Dave picked her up and headed towards the kitchen. It was only now that Helen noticed the high chair...

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