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Defiant Dawn's Diapering

Part 1

Brittany taught for a boarding high school as the teacher for all the senior girls. She was a beautiful woman with jet black hair and a curvaceous body. Brittany liked her job a lot save for one thing; she had a very defiant student named Dawn. Dawn didn't follow the dress code, she spoke out of turn and she got into trouble often. Brittany was getting fed up with Dawn's insolence she was eighteen years old but still acted like a spoiled brat. Brittany was near her limit if Dawn slipped up again she had a surprise for her to help keep her in line.

The surprise was a taste of Brittany's life, Brittany was incontinent. She wore diapers twenty four seven. None of her students knew and she hid it well. She had always been incontinent and had never been out of diapers for more than a few minutes. She had grown to like it now but she knew for Dawn it would be a good to keep her in line. Not to mention she would get to see Dawn wearing and wetting diapers and the mere thought of that had Brittany dripping wet with excitement and a little urine.

Brittany was teaching the new lesson when Dawn walked into the classroom ten minutes late. Dawn was already breaking several rules: she wasn't in proper dress code, her skirt was much shorter than it should be, she was chewing gum, she was late and she was wearing high heels. Dawn didn't care the skirt and heels showed off her legs and ass, she liked chewing gum and she didn't care she was late. She was a beautiful blonde girl with a perfect body.

Dawn sat down at her seat and zoned out as Brittany spoke. This went on for the whole class until the lunch bell rang. The students began to filter out but Brittany stopped Dawn.

"Dawn we need to talk." Brittany said standing in front of her desk.

"We always need to talk." Dawn said sarcastically.

"I'm done with this." Brittany said finally pushed over the edge by Dawn's lack of respect and rule breaking. Brittany grabbed Dawn's hand and pulled Dawn over her lap. She flipped her short skirt up and began spanking her naked ass. She spanked her for several minutes while Dawn cried and begged her to stop. Brittany didn't stop she spanked until she saw urine starting to stream out of her pussy and down her long legs to form a puddle on the floor. Dawn couldn't believe it she had just pissed herself like a baby.

"You're clearly not old enough to wear panties wetting yourself like that." Brittany observed. Brittany reached into her purse and pulled out a pull up.

"If you're going to act like a spoiled infant you're going to dress like one too." Brittany said holding Dawn down as she tried to fight her but it was no use. Brittany was stronger than Dawn and soon the training diaper was on and Dawn had a training diaper under short skirt she was wearing.

"There you're going to wear that diaper until I decide you have turned your behavior around. And you will not take them off, do I make myself clear?" Brittany stated knowing the answer.

"But what if someone sees it!" Dawn whined.

"Well if you followed dress code maybe this wouldn't be a problem." Brittany returned.

"What if I have to use the bathroom?" Dawn questioned hoping she didn't know the answer already.

"I'm not putting you in diapers because it makes your ass look good, I'm putting you in diapers for you to use them and learn a lesson about acting like a spoiled baby!" Brittany exclaimed.

"And if you keep acting up I'll make it worse. Who knows I could have you topless in a real diaper, not a pull up, with a pacifier and bib. You would look so cute as a baby."

Dawn was shocked at her predicament. She left the classroom and went into the bathroom to examine herself in the mirror. She lifted her skirt and looked down at her pull up. It was covered in princesses that would disappear when she wet herself and hugged her shapely hips and ass well. She turned herself around and noticed the pull up made complimented her ass and legs well.

"Miss Brittney was wrong, the diaper does make my ass look good." Dawn said to herself.

Dawn left the bathroom being sure not to walk too quickly so her training diaper wouldn't make too much noise. Dawn arrived at the classroom and sat in her desk with a slight squish and a warm sensation between her legs. It was nice, but Dawn then realized she had wet herself. She had never done this before and she didn't even notice. Dawn began to panic a little and started sucking her thumb. She then noticed herself sucking her thumb and she panicked more.

Brittany watched Dawn intently and was curious of her behavior. She seemed even more stressed than before she left. Brittany kept a close eye on Dawn for the next hour. Dawn grew more and more uncomfortable.

Dawn shifted in her cold wet training diaper. She shivered a little the warmth of her first accident had long since left. Dawn truly felt like a baby, she just couldn't cry she had to wait in a cold wet diaper until she was changed, she felt helpless. Finally Brittany declared a ten minute break. She walked up to Dawn's desk after all the other students had left for the break. Brittany placed a liter water bottle on Dawn's desk.

"Drink all of it before the break is over, you may not leave this desk and you will be done by the time I return is that understood?" Brittany asked the humiliated Dawn.

"Yes, but will I get a diaper change?" Dawn whined.

"Finish the water and I'll think about it," Brittany said then walked out the door to walking toward her office.

Brittany walked into her office and quickly retrieved her diaper bag. She only had five minutes to get in a fresh diaper. Brittany laid out her changing mat and grabbed a pacifier as well as her changing supplies. Brittany suckled the pacifier while she untapped her warm soaked diaper and threw it away. She grabbed the baby wipes and carefully cleaned her thighs and pussy, and grabbing the baby powder she gently rubbed the powder into her skin. Taking a fresh diaper she sat on top of it and taped it back into place. In a fresh diaper she stood up diaper crinkling loudly she took the pacifier out of her mouth and with her left hand she pulled her new diaper aside exposing her lips to be stimulated with the pacifier in her right. Gently she caressed the pacifier in and around her pussy for a few minutes until she finally climaxed on the pacifier. Satisfied she put her diaper back in place and dribbled a little in it. Brittany loved the feeling of a warm diaper around her hips. Brittany took the pacifier and put it in a plastic bag and took it back with her to class.

Brittany rushed back into her classroom and saw she was two minutes late. She began teaching and noticed Dawn had finished her water except for the last two ounces, she could tell Dawn was trying her hardest to keep from flooding her diaper.

Dawn couldn't keep this up forever she drank the last bit of her water and shifted again in her cold diaper. Dawn checked the time and noticed there was only an hour left in class. If she could hold off having an accident she could hide that she was wearing a pull up a soaked pull up at that. She placed her hands in her cold pull up over her pussy in a vain attempt to keep from wetting her diapers like a toddler. She for some reason felt very excited about the situation she was in.

A half hour passed and Dawn couldn't take it anymore she tried to wet herself just a little but to no avail she couldn't stop the flow and she filled her training diaper. She sighed from relief and her diaper was warm again. She could feel her pee on her inner thighs and skirt and noticed a small puddle of pee under her desk. She blushed and knew Brittany knew what happened too. She hung her head in shame not wanting to look at her new mommy.

To be continued...

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