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Defiant Dawns Diapering

Part 2

Dawn sat in her desk her own pee warming her soaked training diaper and dripping down from her desk chair. The large empty bottle of water on her desk had been the final straw it had all come flooding out. She hoped no one in class would notice it. Her skirt was wet and it was already getting cold. She touched the front of her diaper, it was squishy and wet to the touch. Dawn was uncomfortable she only had thirty minutes left of class and was going to have to spend it wearing her soaked diaper.

Brittany while the students were reading their text books she was pretending to grade papers while she had one hand with a pen in her hand and the other down the front of her diaper carefully observing Dawn's perdicament. She stimulated her pussy gently underneath her desks making sure not to draw attention to her exctasy. Brittany was excited by Dawn's state she had broken her she was her baby to control now. She could make her do anything she wanted. On top of that Dawn seemed to be regressing in behavior she had already noticed she had an accident and she had sucked her thumb, this was more than she could have hoped for. She thought of the possibility of taking her out of the class and make Dawn her full time baby for a while. Brittany grew closer to an orgasm, Brittany thought of the possibilities of how long it would take to unpotty train Dawn. At this rate she was guessing two weeks at most. Brittany's concentration on her orgasm and the thought of having baby Dawn by the end of class bell.

Quickly all the students stood up and left the room except Dawn, no one commented on what Dawn had done. She was relieved until Brittany walked up to her desk. She stood in front of her and Dawn hunched and looked down submissive to her mommy.

"Will you change me now please?" Dawn asked timmidly.

"Hmm, no I think your going to stay in that a bit longer until you learn some respect, now come with me." Brittany said firmly grabbing Dawn by the hand and leading her down the hall. The movements caused Dawn's diaper to leak down her legs as they walked. She felt so young being lead by the hand by a teacher wearing a diaper. Little did Dawn know she wasn't the only one.

Brittany lead Dawn to her private dwelling and locked the door behind them.

"Get on your knees and crawl, babies can't walk. Crawl around and play while I get you a bottle." Dawn obeyed and crawled around the floor not wanting to disobey Brittany. Dawn soon sat down and began sucking her thumb. Before long she was almost looking forward to the bottle. Brittany soon brought in an adult size baby bottle full of formula.

"Drink all that and maybe I'll change you." Brittany said authoritatively. Dawn obeying her new mommy she began suckeling her bottle. Dawn drank the warm formula quickly wanting to get out of her soaking wet training diaper.

Dawn finished her formula and looked up at Brittany expectantly. Brittany didn't acknowledge her pleading look she went into the kitchen and started cleaning leaving Dawn to sit there in the living room.

Dawn couldn't stand it anymore she wanted a fresh diaper badly and was frustrated that Brittany was ignoring her. Something welled up inside Dawn and she began crying like an infant. She bawled for several minutes before Brittany walked into the room and shoved a pacifier in her mouth quietting her sobbing. Brittany rewarded Dawn's infantile behavior she laid out a changing mat and grabbed her diaper bag. Brittany removed Dawn's soaked diaper and threw it away as well as removing Dawn's wet skirt. Brittany cleaned Dawn's pussy and instead of grabbing another diaper she grabbed a pair of white panties with princesses on them and slipped them on Dawn.

"If you can keep these dry until tomorrow morning you don't have to wear diapers anymore, but even if you have the smallest accident you will have proven yourself not worthy to be a big girl and will become my baby girl full time meaning; diapers, pacifiers, bibs, breast feeding, diaper changes and spankings. Do you understand?" Brittany asked standing up Dawn.

"Yes mommy." Dawn said keeping her head down looking at her panties. Dawn last week would have said she could have kept them dry easily but with her recent accidents and behavior she wasn't sure of her future. Brittany pushed Dawn in front of the mirror and inspected her. Dawns panties were skin tight and her tight shirt showed off her breasts.

"No this won't do." Brittany stated removing Dawn's shirt and bra she replaced them with a baby bib that didn't come down to her breasts. Brittany put the pacifier back in Dawn's mouth and smacked her on her tight ass.

"Much better now get on your knees and start crawling dinner will be ready soon." Brittany told Dawn plainly.

Dawn obeyed and got on the floor suckling her pacifier she began to play with some blocks that Brittany had laid out for her. Brittany meanwhile dismissed herself to the kitchen and prepared Dawn's dinner. Dawn wondered how she had gotten into this predicament she probably shouldn't have acted like a spoiled brat. Dawn's reflection was soon broken by Brittany standing her up and taking her to an oversized high chair. Brittany locked her into the chair and began feeding her baby food. Dawn soon had baby food all over her face, bib and breasts. After the baby food was done and half of it was on Dawn, Brittany gave Dawn another bottle of formula while Brittany cleaned up.

Finished with her bottle Brittany announced it was time for bed and brought Dawn into a seperate room with an adult sized nursery. Brittany placed Dawn in the crib. Dawn looked around the nursery and pined to be put into a diaper. Dawn knew she had to stay dry tonight if she wanted to return to her normal life and that was her last thought as she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Dawn awoke and immediately felt the front of her panties to her dismay she wasn't just wet she had soaked the crib thoroughly. She sighed and saw Brittany now definitely her new mommy standing over her.

"Well, well, well. Looks like someone needs a fresh diaper." Brittany said gloating at her victory over her infantile student.

To be continued...

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