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The Cottage

Part 2

As he carried Helen towards the chair, Laura went over and removed the plastic tray. As soon as her diapered bum made contact with the chair, Laura and Dave went to work fastening straps around her crotch to make sure she wouldn't be able to get away. Dave held her hands down as Laura re-attached the locking tray. Her legs were tied and her hands were now under the tray leaving her completely helpless. Dave looked at Laura.

"This is probably going to get messy, why don't you get our little girl a cute bib."

Laura went over to the counter and picked up a big bib that had babyish lettering across the front that read ‘Whine and Dine.' She walked behind her friend and tied it around her neck.

"This is going to be perfect." Laura patted Helen on the head. She went back to the counter where she had placed Helen's dinner. She brought back two jars of baby food; one of strained carrots and the other full of strained peas. Laura handed Dave a plastic baby spoon and he dipped it right into the jar of carrots.

"Now baby, I expect you to eat every single bite." Mocked Dave.

"Here comes the airplane." He brought the spoon to Helen's lips, she reluctantly opened her mouth and accepted the baby. Within seconds she knew that feeding time was not going to be very pleasant. The carrots tasted awful and she could barely swallow the first taste. Too bad for her, the next spoonful arrive quickly. She helplessly squirmed, but the spoon found it's mark and more baby food was travelling down her throat. She gagged and pouted, but the spoon kept entering the jar and coming back to her mouth. As the first jar was nearing completion, Dave started to have a little more fun, intentional missing or smearing the yucky food all over Helen's face. He cooed and laughed. Once the carrots were done, the strained peas followed with no intermission. The peas were even worse than the carrots and Helen could not stand the taste. It was humiliating, but merciful that Dave was making it a point to get more and more food all over her. Even still, many spoonfuls of the yucky peas were making their way into her mouth.

"Here we go, almost done your peas baby, one last spoonful." Dave scraped a heaving spoonful out of the jar and jammed it into Helen's open mouth. She reluctantly swallowed it down and was thankful that her feeding was over. Laura came over and kissed Helen's baby food covered cheek.

"Awwww. What a good girl. She ate every bite...but what the baby doesn't know is that this was only her appetizer." Helen's eyes opened wide and she looked around as Laura walked back to the counter carrying a bowl with her.

"This is a nice special pablum that will be good for your tummy sweat heart." Laura cooed. Dave stepped away and gave Laura the pleasure of spooning the horrible mush into Helen's mouth. Helen couldn't believe that anything could taste worse than those peas, but as soon as the pablum touched her tongue, she realized that this was going to be awful. Laura did not intentionally miss Helen's mouth once, but plenty of pablum still dribbled onto Helen's chin. As the bowl neared it's end, Helen's face and bib were covered in all kinds of baby food. She really did look like a helpless infant, messy and confined in her high chair. Helen coughed and gagged.

" mo...I be goo." Helen said in her best baby talk hoping that would garner her some sympathy.

"Okay baby." Replied Laura.

"Now we'll just have to get your bottle." Dave walked over with a baby wipe and started cleaning off Helen's face and shoulders. He removed her bib and finished wiping her down. Laura came over with bottle. Dave unhooked the tray and untied the leg restraints. Laura went and sat down in the rocking chair with the bottle. Dave carried Helen over and placed her into Laura's lap. Laura placed the nipple into Helen's mouth and she began suckling. Once again at first taste Helen had an awful realization. This wasn't regular milk, it tasted oddly sweat, like..."Does baby like her formula?" Cooed Laura. Helen knew there was no fighting this and just kept suckling. Her hopes of washing out the awful taste of the baby food were crushed, but she just kept swallowing the formula. The bottle didn't last for long and before she knew it, she'd taken in all the formula.

"What a good baby!" Said Laura. She sat Helen upright, putting her face over her shoulder, and starting rubbing her back. Helen knew what was coming and realized there was no controlling it. She let out a loud burp. Laura kept patting and rubbing and out came another loud burp. It was embarrassing, but actually made her stomach feel much better.

"Good girl." Whispered Laura.

"You've earned a treat." Laura popped her nipple back out of her shirt and placed it into Helen's mouth.

"No pacifier for you, you get mommy's tit." Laura had her hand firmly placed on the back of Helen's head making sure that her nipple stayed plunged into her friend's mouth as they rocked back and forth. Helen found it very comforting to have the nipple in her mouth. She figured the humiliation probably wasn't going to get much worse than this, laying across her friend's lap wearing nothing put a pair of diapers, with a stomach full of baby food, and a nipple in her mouth. They stayed curled up like that for 10 minutes while Dave worked away in the kitchen.

Just as Dave was putting their dinner on the table, Helen had an all too familiar feeling in her bladder. She squirmed just a little bit in Laura's lap, but her friend knew immediately what was about to happen. Much like had happened all afternoon, Helen was completely unable to control her muscles and began filling her diapers with urine. As she was continuing to shame herself, Laura pressed her hand right into the padded crotch of Helen's diaper making it even more uncomfortable as the wetness spread.

"Aw! The baby peed her diapers again!" Laura exclaimed.

"Should I change her?" she asked.

"No, she's double diapered. She won't leak. Dinner is almost ready. Put her in the playpen and we'll take care of her after we eat." Replied Dave. This was not music to Helen's ears as she was really not enjoying being in her wet state, but once again, what else could she do. Laura walked her over to the playpen and put her inside. She wrapped a baby blanket around her friend and placed a teddy bear in her arms. She walked over to the fridge and pulled out another baby bottle. This one was full of juice. She gave it to Helen.

"Drink up while the grown ups eat." Mocked Laura. Helen brought the bottle to her lips as she cuddled with the teddy bear. She leaned against the side of the playpen and watched as Laura and Dave sat down at the table for plates of delicious looking adult food.

Dave and Laura were drinking wine, laughing, and enjoying some nice steak while Helen could only sit, drink her bottle, and stare. They were sitting very close together and as they moved onto their third glass of wine, Dave reached down and felt Laura's crotch under her skirt.

"Your panties are a little wet."

"Yeah, I know. While she was sucking on my breasts, I was getting really excited." Said Laura sheepishly.

"Ha. It must be uncomfortable. You don't want to put on some fresh clothing?" asked Dave.

"Honestly, this is really turning me on." Said Laura.

"Even if I put on clean panties, it won't take long for me to get them moist again, so what's the point?"

"Well I don't want you getting stains all over my furniture." Joked Dave.

"How about this?" He got in close and whispered.

"We have all those goodnites that we probably won't use on our baby. Why don't you put one on? Then you can take the all the pleasure you want and my furniture will be safe."

Laura blushed.

"I don't know. She's supposed to be the only one in need of protection." She pointed at Helen who was still working on her bottle in her wet diaper.

"Yeah, but you deserve to have a good time, why bother holding back?" Dave retorted.

"How about this? For every goodnite that you put on, we'll put double the number of diapers on the baby. You'll essentially have complete control of how thickly diapered she'll be. I'll have no say, for giving up a little something, you'll get allot of control."

"Now that I like." Admitted Laura.

"So if I put on two goodnites, I can orgasm all I want and she'll have to wear..."

"Four diapers." Said Dave.

"And if I wear three?"


"That is something to think about." Laura stood up.

"What's the catch?"

"Ha. You are a smart one. I guess the catch would be that I get to change you and I'll only change you after she wets herself the amount of times equal to the goodnites that you're wearing." Said Dave.

"So if you're wearing three, that means she'll have to wet herself three times before I change you and then you can change her and pick however many diapers she'll wear based on how many goodnites you'd like to wear."

"Interesting." Laura replied.

"Let me think about it, I'm not sure how long I want to be walking around in wet training pants." She walked over to Helen and looked down at her helpless friend who was just finishing her bottle. She already had her friend diapered and regressed, but she liked the idea of having her friend even more diapered than she did already. If she played her cards right, Helen would be unable to walk, possibly unable to crawl, making her completely dependent and the idea of being able to let loose and keep herself completely pleasured for the rest of this trip. Almost on cue, Helen looked up and blushed. The all too familiar sound of urine hitting her diapers filled the air. Laura giggled, this girl had absolutely no control over her bladder and was wetting herself constantly meaning that Laura probably wasn't going to have to spend much time in an overly wet goodnite. She turned to Dave.

"Okay, done deal! I accept. The baby just wet herself, I don't want her to get a rash. Let's get her changed!"

"Great." Dave smiled.

"Let's get both of you changed."

Laura lifted Helen to her feet. She took the bottle from her and tossed it to Dave. He put it on the counter. He walked over and put his hands under Helen's armpits. He lifted her up and put his arms around her. He carried her over to the bedroom where Laura was already setting up the changing mat. Dave lay the diapered girl on the mat. Laura went to unfasten Helen's tabs, but Dave stopped her.

"Ah ah first. That way we'll know how many we're strapping onto her." Said Dave.

"Okay. Whatever." Without hesitation Laura pulled down her panties.

"So, how many?" Asked Dave.

"Let's start with two."

"Great." Replied Dave. He walked over to the shopping bag that he'd brought in earlier and pulled out the goodnites. He ripped open the cover and pulled out two of the training pants. He went back to Laura. She placed her hands on his shoulders and he pulled up both goodnites individually. When he was done, he pulled her in for a big hug, and patted her butt.

"You look cute." He said.

Laura caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and couldn't help but agree with that sentiment.

"Well darling. You held up your end of the bargain. You pick the diapers and strap them on. I'll pick her out an outfit said." Dave said.

Laura walked over to her diapered friend rubbing her hands together deviously. She grabbed a big yellow pacifier and popped it into Helen's mouth. It amazed Laura how little resistance her friend was putting up in regard to this treatment. They must have really crushed her spirit. She undid the tabs on Helen's second diaper and pulled it off. She then got to work and the extremely wet diaper that was in contact with Helen's skin. She un-taped it and was very impressed that there were no visible sign of a rash on Helen's skin. Dave must have done a great job rubbing in the oil and powder. She pulled out baby wipes and starting cleaning up her friend. She went to the closet and found a package of very thick Cushie diapers. She pulled four out of the bag and walked back to the bed. Dave just stood and watched in amazement as Laura slid one diaper under Helen and started applying baby oil to Helen's diaper area. She effortless pulled the diaper between her friends legs and fastened it snugly. She grabbed the second diaper and once again effortlessly taped it over the first one. The third diaper took a little more work as she had to adjust it a few times before achieving the fit that she wanted. She took a step back and surveyed her friend. The thickness between Helen's legs was already incredibly apparent. Laura knew that she could another one her friend. She placed the last diaper under her friend and with a little bit of a struggle that involved rolling Helen back and forth got the fourth diaper taped tightly around her hips. She stepped back again and clasped her hands together. The thickness of the diaper had Helen's legs separated and pushed up into the air as if she were a helpless baby.

"That is amazing!" squealed Laura.

"Totally helpless. Baby, try to put your legs together." Helen struggled to move her legs inward, but was completely incapable. Laura laughed.

"Baby, roll over." Once again Helen tried to move herself, but due to the thickness between her legs, she couldn't get any momentum to get on her stomach.

"WOW! Adorable. Dave, come here, help me turn her over." Dave came over and the place Helen onto her stomach. Her diapered butt was enormous. Laura started to unleash a spanking onto the bottom. It created an incredible loud hollow crinkly sound. It appeared that Helen couldn't even feel it.

"Baby, get up on your knees and try to crawl." Helen was able to get up to her knees even though her legs were at a diagonal angle, she was able to drag herself forward on the bed.

"Perfect. Okay Dave, let's get her dressed."

"Here you go." Dave handed Laura a yellow onesie with ducks on it.

"This is great. Here, help me sit her up." Dave came over to the bed and sat Helen up straight so that Laura could pull the onesie over Helen's head. Once it was pulled down, they lay her on her back and with some difficultly snapped the onesie shut across her puffy diaper. Dave grabbed a pair of matching yellow booties and put them onto Helen's feet.

"Okay, I think she's good to go." Said Dave.

"Absolutely." Replied Laura.

"Let's go have a drink on the deck."

Dave stood Helen up, got behind her, and put his arms under her armpits.

"Okay baby, let's see how you walk." Helen's legs were so far apart that you couldn't even call what she was doing waddling. She would take a small step, lose her balance, and fall into Dave's arms. He would catch her, bring her back to her feet, and encourage her to try again. It took about 5 minutes to move 15 feet. At which point Dave said, "Alright baby. It looks like you aren't ready to walk yet. Time for you to crawl for daddy." He placed her onto the floor and she gradually started to crawl towards the deck. Her diaper was so thick that her crotch was essentially dragging on the floor. She was not heading anywhere in a hurry. Dave and Laura just admired their friend's gigantic diapered ass bobbing up and down. Finally she got to the screen door...

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