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Vicky's Unwilling Baby Girl

Part 2

Dawn woke up she rubbed her eyes and her vision cleared. To her surprise she didn't recognize her surroundings. She examined the room she was in, it was like a baby's nursery. Confused she looked around more spotting everything you would need for a baby; changing table, diapers, powder, wipes, pacifiers, toys. Then she realized she was in an oversized crib. She looked down at her feet but couldn't see them blocking the view was her schoolgirl skirt and bulging out from underneath was a double thick overnight diaper. She tried to calm herself down and figure out what had happened. All she remembered from the night before was going to the party. She examined her diaper more closely it was white with tapes and secured snugly around her hips. To her shock it was soaked, the wetness indicators were gone and it was close to leaking. Dawn began to panic she got out of the crib and waddled to the door only to find it locked from the outside.

Dawn not sure what to do slumped down to the floor with a squish sound as her thick wet diapers hit the ground. As Dawn contemplated her situation she heard footsteps outside the door, she froze and awaited what would happen next. The footsteps finally reached the door and a clicked sound followed by the door creaking revealed a woman who looked familiar to Dawn. Vicky walked in and closed the door behind her. Suddenly it all came flooding back to Dawn she remembered what happened and how she got here.

"What the hell is going on here!?" Dawn demanded.

"Oh nothing, you're just my new baby is all." Vicky said casually walking over to the changing table to get supplies to change both their diapers. Vicky was much taller than Dawn and much stronger with relative ease she took the infantile Dawn and put her on the changing table. She then handcuffed her ankle to the table. To Dawn's surprise Vicky didn't immediately start changing her diaper. Vicky pulled out a camera from a diaper bag she had next to the changing table and began to take pictures of Dawn dressed like a schoolgirl with thick wet diapers on.

"What are you doing!" Dawn exclaimed.

"If you disobey me or try to run away I will post these on facebook I know how to get into it so don't tempt me." Vicky said. Dawn was stunned she didn't want anyone to see her like this. She conceeded to obey her new caregiver. Given her situation she couldn't do much about it now. Vicky retrieved a bottle from her diaper bag, it was full of baby formula. Vicky shoved the nipple into Dawn's mouth and tilted it up forcing her to drink. She let Dawn hold the bottle and she kept drinking as began to change Dawn's soaked overnight diapers.

Vicky untaped the old diapers and threw them into the trash can.

"My little missie, you certainly have a bad rash. You must be allergic to the disposable diapers, dont worry we will go to the store and get you some nice cloth diapers and plastic pants for you." Vicky said smiling. Vicky wiped Dawn's pussy with a baby wipe and cleaned her legs. Vicky then began rubbing baby powder all over her diaper area. Once she was ready Vicky took out a cloth diaper.

"This is the only cloth diaper I have and I don't have any plastic pants, so try not to have to many accidents. Now. let's get you into some more appropriate clothing and get to the store." Vicky said pinning the diaper around Dawn's slender hips. Dawn finished draining her baby bottle and left it on the changing table. Dawn took off the handcuffs and stood her up. She walked Dawn over to the closet and removed Dawn's schoolgirl costume leaving her naked save for a thick cloth diaper. She stood there eyeing herself in the mirror, no longer was she the petite attractive girl she was. She was wearing a thick cloth diaper under Vicky's control she turned red with embarassment and hoped she could figure a way out of this.

Vicky opened the closet door and examined the clothes inside, Dawn was mortified they were all oversized baby clothes. Vicky selected a red and blue baby dress and put the garment on Dawn. It was a short dress that didnt even reach the top of her cloth diaper with puffy sleeves that came to her elbows and a pink ribbon around the middle. Dawn looked at herself in the mirror and turned redder than her infantile dress. Vicky wasn't done yet though, she tied a baby bib around her neck and she placed another bottle of formula in Dawn's mouth and instructed her to drain the bottle. Dawn was starting to get nervous hoping she could hold all the liquid until she got into a pair of plastic pants or she would be leaking everywhere. Dawn's bladder was already feeling a lot of pressure from her first bottle.

While Dawn drank her second bottle of formula Vicky left her in the nursery and got ready herself. She came back as Dawn finished the bottle, Dawn was surprised by Vicky's appearance. She looked like a woman in her twenties but was dressed like a girl who was in a Catholic school. She decided to wear her schoolgirl costume again with a few differences. She still had her tight shirt and maryjanes, but this time she had hemmed the skirt even shorter and was wearing a size seven baby diaper. It hugged her skin tightly and drew attention to her diaper and her perfect ass. Satisfied they were ready to go She took Dawn and walked to her car driving off to the store.

Vicky got out of her car and took the infantile looking Dawn by the hand like a child and walked into the store. Vicky knew exactly where to go. Dawn and Vicky got a lot of attention, two women wearing diapers, but Dawn especially. Dawn was more out of place; wearing a baby's dress that didn't even reach her cloth diapers, a pacifier was in her mouth, around her lips were formula stains which were also on her dress and bib. She looked like a baby in an attractive woman's body. She began to feel like it to the pressure in her bladder had finally become too much She stopped in the middle of the aisle and put her hands over her pussy on the outside of the diaper. Dawn flooded her cloth diaper accompanied by the sound of running water. She moaned in relief as she wet cloth diaper after several seconds it finally stopped and Dawn turned red from embarassment. She has just lost control and wet herself in front of Vicky and she couldn't do anything about it she felt so helpless.

Dawn examined her soaked cloth diaper, it hung heavily from her hips and was now yellow, warm and hanging down even further. Now everyone would know she had wet her diapers like a baby. To make matters worse Dawn noticed she was beginning to drip on the floor. Vicky had never been so turned on before. Her baby girl had just had a huge accident right in front of her so much so she was dripping. Vicky couldnt take it anymore instead of heading to the plastic pants Dawn was dragged into the bathroom. Vicky took her into the handicapped stall and closed the door. Vicky grabbed Dawn and pulled her close she kissed her passionately and thrust her hand into Dawn's soaked diaper. Vicky felt the warmth as she took two fingers and began to stimulate Dawn's pussy. Dawn taken by the moment followed suit rubbing Vicky's wet pussy inside her warm wet baby diapers. Vicky and Dawn kissed and rubbed each other's pussy until they both came to a climax and came into their diapers. Both relieved Vicky felt her diaper getting warm again as she wet herself. Relieved she noticed Dawn didn't look so happy. Vicky instantly realized when a large puddle began to form under Dawn's diaper on the floor.

To be contiued...

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